Swimming in the world of black and white,
For we cannot see beyond the rainbow.

Two lines that mean so much to me. Two lines that describe me.
Bad Jokes Inc Jun 2014

I hate white people
who stop me from stealing their stuff
and bring in the po po
who put me in hand cuff.

Now I'm in jail
cannot post bail
eating out of a metal bowl
while being fucked in my bunghole.

Then it occurred to me
what I am supposed to be
so I became a basketball player
and changed my name to Lebron James.

Chris Bosh wants to be more than homies
ever since I was drunk and he groped me
he wanted my dick
i think he was sick.

Spoelstra is an ass
I fuckin hate him.
he needs to die
before I cram a basketball in his wife.

Eric Spoelstra is my love.
Shari Forman Mar 2013

A heart that is pure,
Will be forever more.
A symbol of cleanliness and love,
Lies the color white, from above.
Friendship and trust,
With never a fuss.
Glory and unity,
For numerous opportunities.
Happiness excells,
With riviting stories to tell.
A heart so bright,
Deeply reflects the color white.

SøułSurvivør Jun 2015


wraith of white
you wander wild
the hinterland
Valkyrie's child

your breath pants mist
in icy caves
you have made
10, 000 graves

your image is
in winter skies
its crystal glitters
in your eyes

loping through
the cold chill wood
its secrets you
have understood

born to lead
long of fang
through the glaciers
your voice rang

lonely in your Lycan heart
you made the kill
your kindest art

guardian to
the throne of Thor
you'll reign with him


(C) 2/16/2014
Rewritten 6/12/2015

Cassis Myrtille Jul 2013

Black and White
Black and White
Black and White
Those seem to be dull colors
Colours suggests something
The color that proliferates
says something to me
this place
is a mask
and this is not
it seems like
A place full of poetry
Poetry can have dark meanings too
This place seems dark.

Natalie Neo Nov 2014

White is that winter -
The season we fell in love.

White is this diamond -
The promise we savoured in tears.

White is your lie -
That moment you said You love me more.

White is my meat without its skin -
That day I gave it all.

Brianna Ki Jan 2011

Dark, Dreary
Frightening, Hiding, Scaring
Dead, Silent, Cold, Treacherous
Blinding, Gleaming, Flowing
Peaceful, Pure

J M Surgent Nov 2011

Black and white
No color divides
The lines between the world I see
The words between the lines I read

Deepening Wells Sep 2015

             In it's
Beauty is the same.


They're my favorite flowers.

My world is not of the written word
It cannot be numbered
held captive on a so called page

My world is liquid
as sea , rain , snow or ice
It can be hot , cold , or entice

My world is cloudy
It thunders after it flashes light
My world is wrong , my world is right

There are no words that bind my life
I won't be delegated
to exist in the black on white

I will not be staved
by the limited sways
of the written words upon the page

Dreams of Sepia Sep 2015

A harbor town, just like this one, swept up in fog
the seagulls, ghosts emerging from the skies

the river glistens soft & wide,
the Cranes for now are sleeping giants

he kisses her, the anxious gun pressed tight
against his hand in his pocket

he is a dock worker
she is a seamstress

they're a black & white film
because technicolor here is impossible

he is you & she is me
we speak only in French

the kids on the block
will get you the next day.

I live in a harbor town & it means I always have fog & 1930's french movies on my mind...
Marieta Maglas Dec 2010

A white bird flying at day
Or a black bird flying at night
Or a black bird flying at day
Or a white bird flying at night
Black and white, black over white 
Oh,my Lord, how painful can be 
This need of touch in his absence
White and black, white over black
Oh,my Lord, how painful can be 
This absence of his touch
Black penetrating white
And white penetrating black
Never finding the gray.

Category: Poetry
© copyright Mon Dec 27 19:25:35 UTC 2010 - All Rights Reserved- From The prison of my mind
Nanna Harrow Jul 2014

You live in a world of all black and white.
Not the slightest glint of pigment, not the smallest touch of gray, not an inkling or a semblance of happiness or hope.
You blend in well with the world of black and white, of dullness and lethargy, knowing nothing other than lack of color and eternal melancholy.

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