Ashley Somebody Apr 2014
It was just perfect
And then you laughed at her joke
It was beautiful.
Styles Sep 2016
Feeling your hands
on my skin
is when living my life
started to begin
so it was a struggle
but you let me in
i wanted to breathe your air
and you became my wind
Esperanzavenisia Sep 2014
This is nothing but another depressed soul

Typing away all that I know

See I've been months clean

But there is things unseen

A smile that is fake

A laugh they can't take

Beneath it all something I couldn't take
Maria Villalta Sep 2014
I don't know you well
I only know that you have a pretty face
you got me with just one thing.
your laugh is one of the sweetest things ever,
your smile is like a sunshine
and you probably don't know what I am talking about
you probably wouldn't believe me
but I am just saying the truth,
you and your laugh are driving me crazy.

They have spent their
content of simpering,
holding their lips this
and that way, winding
the lines between
their brows. Old folks
allow their bellies to jiggle like slow
The hollers
rise up and spill
over any way they want.
When old folks laugh, they free the world.
They turn slowly, slyly knowing
the best and the worst
of remembering.
Saliva glistens in
the corners of their mouths,
their heads wobble
on brittle necks, but
their laps
are filled with memories.
When old folks laugh, they consider the promise
of dear painless death, and generously
forgive life for happening
to them.
Krista K May 2014
I think she was laughing
And rolling her ocean blue eyes
And smiling
Just to do it all over again

And I think I stepped outside because I was scared
But she just kept laughing

And I couldn't even contain myself
Watching her be so energetic

No one knew
No one ever knew

And I just wanted to know

How can you be so sad and alone?
Ivy Leigh Aug 2014
They're your friends.
You tell them anything and everything,
but it hurts when your misery,
your mistakes,
becomes the butt of the jokes.
And when they turn to you
you'll be laughing
they can see you laugh,
but they can never see
your stomach twisting
or the bile
rising in your throat.
I slapped your
back so hard your heart fell out.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~samples of my other works.


The snowflakes
swirled and danced on an
ocean of foam.


He said his
waxed mustache was his upside
down smile.


Bogs of my apathy
camouflages my sarcasm
lost on you.

amateurs (10W)

Do not try reverse psychology on our love just hug.


Tears falling on a mirror.
Cleansing tomboy times of terror.
AFJ Oct 2014
Most schools have projects, in science classes and such.
Most of us, mastered the science of surviving in projects.

It's those at the bottom who need the most help, but cant even get proper school supplies.. where's the logic ?.

But oh, the rags to riches story is prevalent isn't it? Nope, the only rich I know is Professor Richard.

And that's not even something worth mentioning, he does more lessening than lessons lets paint the picture..

But these young kids don't understand, they try to curse them, place them in prisons, its a trap from birth..

Give them these Rick Rosses as role models, knowing they don't have fathers, instead of Tupac Shakur, showing them worth..

My bestfriend Tony once questioned his dark skin, just like i once questioned my brown.

how profound, a couple 4th graders at the time, having to prove that they were "down".

Crazy how Tony proved he was down, now i visit his site yearly on November the third.

And things aren't getting better, but nobody gives a fuck, haven't you heard..

The prayers our mothers chant, ritually every night.

Praying to the Sun gods, perhaps one day we'll all unite.

Life's a Beach Jan 2015
Your laugh was a cloud
Mist which covered me without the
slightest resistance
I needed assistance to breathe

Your laugh shows I'm useful
shows there's a need
For us
as I feed on the delicious awkwardness we
Caught unawares by being liked

It's a shame your laugh
was the cloud which hid
a trucks headlights


Your laugh a narcotic cloud I refuse to repent
old poem completely mixed up and switched
Jackie White Jul 2015
Your laugh brings out mine
i miss it so much
the way you would lean back as you laughed to a joke
you say you hate it
something about it not sounding right
but to me
its perfect
i miss him. his laugh is only part of it
Megan H Aug 2013
Today was different.
I laughed.
I smiled.
I lost my frown.
I was different.
Yes, today was a good day.
Because today was different.
It's an urgent emergency
We're out of Vanilla Cake
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