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Sadie K Sep 2013
I stand there as they

Laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh

And I wonder,
Why can't I laugh too?
Raj Arumugam Oct 2010
laugh a day
laugh it now
laugh as loud
as you want;
it shakes up your body
lets good things flow
through your veins;
don’t think about it
just laugh a minute
or laugh a day
laugh long as laugh-time

you and I
come let’s laugh
ha ha ha ha
just like that
as two humans
alive and meaning well
ha ha ha ha

not the laugh of envy
or derision
or being superior
oh no, never that sort of laugh
but simple laugh
as laugh as laugh

not the laugh of victory
or of I-know-better
or see-I-told-you-so
but just the laugh of being
the laugh of life
the laugh of love
as natural as laugh

you and I
come let’s laugh
ha ha ha ha
just like that
as two humans
alive and meaning well
ha ha ha ha

I brought this laugh
for no rhyme or reason
I heard it in the oceans
and in the trees
and I got it free
so really there’s no fee
but I’d like you to pass
it back to me and I’ll
throw it back to you
like playing ball;
or you can pass the ball
to anyone anyway you like
this laugh as bright
as sun rays on ocean waves

you and I
come let’s laugh
ha ha ha ha
just like that
as two humans
alive and meaning well
ha ha ha ha
so, did you ha ha?
Laugh, and your day will be brighter,
laugh, and your burden will be lighter.

Laugh, and make it contagious,
laugh, and become courageous.

Laugh, and the pain becomes bearable,
laugh, and anything is wearable.

Laugh, deep down from your belly,
laugh, till your legs turn to jelly.

Laugh, and tell something funny,
laugh, and don't worry about money.

Laugh, and create joy around you,
laugh, and touch if only a few.

Laugh, and create an instant bond,
laugh, and even pygmies will respond.

Laugh, and if you don't remember how,
let me know and I will teach you now.

Laugh, and if you need some inspiration,
laugh, and try anti-frustration.
Selena Irulan Oct 2013
Laugh, and your day will be brighter,
laugh, and your burden will be lighter.

Laugh, and make it contagious,
laugh, and become courageous.

Laugh, and the pain becomes bearable,
laugh, and anything is wearable.

Laugh, deep down from your belly,
laugh, till your legs turn to jelly.

Laugh, and tell something funny,
laugh, and don't worry about money.

Laugh, and create joy around you,
laugh, and touch if only a few.

Laugh, and create an instant bond,
laugh, and even pygmies will respond.

Laugh, and if you don't remember how,
let me know and I will teach you now.

Laugh, and if you need some inspiration,
laugh, and try anti-frustration.
Peaceful Soul Dec 2019
Let me laugh,
Let me laugh when I want to,
Let me laugh to forget you,
Let me laugh.

Ha ha ha,
Yes, I am happy,
Let me genuinely laugh,
Let me laugh without thinking.

Make me smile,
Make me want to feel it,
But I can only laugh,
So, please let me laugh.

Indeed, laugh is my painkiller,
Laugh is my medicine when in the crowd,
Laugh is my friend when I feel alone,
Laugh is my sun to my darkness,
Please let me laugh.
Lyra Brown Mar 2014
because he’s just a silly boy who will
never leave her for you
because you’ve been taking yourself
too seriously lately
because your desire for romance
is just a wish to be wanted again
because you could have anyone else
and you know it
because he has no idea how much you write about him
because it’s funny that you only
ever fall for people who can’t love you back
because tomorrow is Friday or should I say today
because this is the best year of your
because you don’t need anyone
because you love yourself
because you are loved
because you are moving mountains
without anyone’s help.
Dylan Apr 2012
How is it that all I see and believe
isn't more than what one can conceive?
Trapped inside these bound'ries of mine,
flipping and flopping down the stream of time,
my thoughts not more than the glint of sunshine.

So I laugh! I laugh! Great boisterous humor!
To laugh and to giggle at the falseness and rumors;
to snicker and snacker  at the play of all forms;
to chortle and chuckle at deviations and norms;
I will laugh at the process as my soul transforms.

So I laugh! I laugh! Though pains may embitter!
To laugh and to giggle at all senseless chatter;
to snicker and snacker at what's caught within;
to chortle and chuckle at all that is sin;
I will laugh at the moment when nothing begins.

So join me, my friend, and forget of your fears!
We'll both laugh, together, at the grinding of gears;
we'll both giggle, together, at prophets and seers.

So join me, my friend, and forget of your aches!
Laugh with abandon at this game and its stakes;
laugh with abandon as this machinery breaks.
Elizz Aug 2018
"You're gonna die ******* laugh" ~ Hasan Minhaj Homecoming King

Laugh you ******
At least this is what I think when I'm trying to get someone to laugh
We all die its gonna happen
Whether you die today or die tomorrow


Don't force it either it has been proven that forcing laughter
Is actually unhealthy for you
I'm not really sure how it works If it stacks up or not


Maybe I'd just have to find out but I also remember
That I've been twisting and pinning my laughter up at the edges
I've been orchestrating the downfall of my vocal chords for so long


There is not a more convincing sound in the world but my laugh
Two things woven together seamlessly
False and true have blended into a new vocal sound for maybe

Maybe its Maybelline
Maybe its sadness and happiness
Twirling each other around on the dance floor


Just laugh today alright?

Take a breath for just a second
And try to remember the warmth of being content and ok

Or if you're eating french fries
Take two and tuck them under your upper lip
Go look in the mirror cause now you're a walrus

And remember.

You're gonna ******* die and time runs through your laughs

So laugh while you still can

And not giggling from your grave cause no one can hear you

Ottar Jul 2013
we all need to laugh,
we all need to laugh more than we cry,
we all need to laugh till tears stream down our faces,
we all need to laugh

we all need to laugh
we all need to laugh till those tears fill up the empty places
we all need to laugh and our heart floats and lifts that vessel
we all need to laugh

we all need to laugh, at ourselves,
we all need to laugh, hope floats a boatload of troubles,
we all need to laugh, so others will get infected and laugh too,
we all need to laugh,

who is firts?

Didya, didya laugh??
It’s funny, how we laugh.
A crippled man with a cane,
We laugh.
As he struggles, we laugh.
We laugh in the face of his trouble,
His struggle to survive,
and we laugh.

We chuckle at the mis-matched student.
Camouflage pants and corduroy jacket,
An orange hunting hat and tan shirt.
We chuckle at him, in his highest fashion.
As he walks proud at his creation.

We boo the gay couple, and shun them away.
We laugh and call them names.
They search for oasis and fall short often,
Their acceptance here will never be forgotten.

We laugh at the difference,
The ones on their own,
We do not like the change,
From our norm society.

We laugh in their face, in their struggle their grace,
Instead of giving them the hand they deserve.
We walk away and laugh with friends,
As they struggle with their crippled acceptance.
© Matthew Albert Perry, 2011
Thomas May 2016
I laugh,
You laugh at me,
I cry,
You laugh at me,
I ball,
You laugh at me,
I scream,
You laugh at me,
I fall,
You laugh at me,
I hurt,
You laugh at me,
I am in pain,
You laugh at me,
I am depressed,
You laugh at me,
I die,
You stop laughing at me.
It's a poem
Little Azaleah Aug 2016
They laughed.
They laugh at my insecurities,
They laugh at my embarassing moments,
They laugh at my face,
They laugh at me.
They laugh, they laugh, they laugh
They don't seem to care or realize
the whirling emotions within me.
They don't seem to care at all.
They just laugh,
And I don't think it's funny at all.

{ E.I }
Riley Finnegan Jul 2013
There's beauty in the little things.

I lay next to you.

And see the hair on your arm.

I see how it lightens in the summer.

I see how it stands when you get goosebumps.

And how it gets matted down when you sweat.


I see it beading on your face.

I can feel it.

wet on your back.

It comes when you are hot.

And it comes slowly beneath your heavy winter coat.

As you laugh with the snowflakes.


Your laugh is big and bright.

You laugh when something is funny.

You laugh at silly things.

It's your own language,

That comes from your heart.


Your heart beats.

As if it were your own song.

It tells me you're living.

It beats fast.

I can feel it when you're pressed against me.

I could fall asleep to its thump every night.

Perfectly in tune with your breath.


I can feel your  breath on my skin.

It tickles my neck.

And gives me a safe feeling.

Your breath looks like a dragons.

As you step out into the wide wintery world.

And your breath is hot as you laugh in the summertime sun.

And it is beautiful.

Just like you.

Just like us.

And as I notice all these little things
I notice something else.
I notice you are all I want.
All I want forever.
I want your
Thin arm hair
I want your
I want your
I want your
And I want your
I want all of you.
Now and forever.

And we will grow to be even more beautiful than the little things that keep me holding on.

You are my world. You are my sweat and my laugh and my heart and my breath. You are someone who makes me.
Makes me complete.
And you make me more and more complete with every breath, laugh, and heartbeat.

Someday it will stop.
Your heartbeat.
Your breath.
Your laugh.
Your sweat and arm hair.

And I pray
That I will be
Long gone
Before that day.
So I won't have to indulge
In the great pain I will feel
When losing you.
When losing my heart.
My laugh.
My sweat and breath.
When losing My little thing, that means everything.
Skye Fall Mar 2014

You made me laugh
and it saved me

you made me laugh
so I threw the pills

you made me laugh
so I saved the bullet for another

you made me laugh
so I loosened the rope til it gave

you made me laugh
so I didn't cut the pain

you made me laugh
you saved me
because you made me

Mateuš Conrad Oct 2017
between a bottle, and a woman... i'd always take to the bottle quicker than might suggest a care for a wife, and had i the mind to mind, i'd think quicker: but then again thinking was never a "mind-game" worth of sprinting to a horizon of known oblivion.

a response to intelligent response:
seems hard then the audience are forced
to laugh...
   how hard to bully an audience into
laughter, how staggeringly similar and
the thrown into the argument:
you're as imperfect as all all of us!
    but not as ******-up as you'd like
me to be, akin to you.
           i still hold unto the stronghold of
a two parent family: you?!
     a disregard in the convention of
the bootsales of divorce: hope you're well:
in that magic act of making your
grandparents your parents,
  and leave me in custard foam
to attest the mud... of a fool's fair share
of cradling the auschwitz innocents.
the auschwitz survivors seem not to matter,
only those who make the image:
the ones mingling the friction of reality:
with the smothering of fiction...
           the unsaid being said,
the said being unsaid...
       i am the perfect forged from the thought
of being perfect...
      the response to "intelligent" comedy
in response = a nervous laugh...
              the result of a nervous laugh:
truancy of authentic laughter -
              comedy is unto laughter what
tragedy is unto crying...
             true comedy comes
with uninhibited laughter: it doesn't
come with canned laughter...
that's cheap... that's really cheap,
and sad... sad beyond wanting to cry...
          the comedy you speak of
is that of inhibited laughter:
  a one of a doubled-up nervousness -
smart comedies and intricacies of
drama spell out the same conclusive
columbo diagnostic;
oh **** me, have the *****,
i have as much attachment to it like
i have to acknowledging
a tissue...
           take this ******* near me and
i'll tell of your "motherhood"...
                 no, i don't acknowledge
an "intelligent" comedy...
drag me back into the rabble...
    the mob rule, the theocratic dream of"
man has no law above the quake,
no law above the wave, no law
above airy twirl dance, no law above
the forest fire, man is included to state
his sensual distaste, but with
the elemental per se: cower my dear,
into a pill shaped box...
                        the response of
intelligent comedy = a nervous laugh...
the laugh of the inhibited -
   never the laugh of the free-fall uninhibited...
and such a shame...
that it should be excused as comic -
to riffle nerves and somehow "laugh"
is no laughter at all...
  a man ought to laugh uncontrollably -
but to make joke into nuance
so that he might laugh controllably -
what's the point of telling the joke,
in the first place?!
    i want to laugh uncontrollably -
than nervously -
   because even though there's a "joke",
i'm half as serious about the "joke"
being a joke, as i am in attesting:
this is worth more a nervousness
in choking on a laugh,
with attempt, than
the uncontrollable lack of effort
that leaves me in paralysis...
        i'm not supposed to excuse myself
at this point, but i am apparently
having to muster up an apology
for comedy, and the comic strip of
of *lee evans
doing the goose strutting...
it's still comedy, but not really,
monty python was clarity in
pig-head ******* cameron phelatio
in eton: outside?
can't be smart: you're not an insider:
it's an insider's joke:
they're not funny, they're eton.
     next time i find them funny
i'll be making the most perfect:
poached egg.
             americans take the **** out
of ***,
the english take the **** out of ***:
the subject matters of:
either - we have enough of the former
and lack of the latter,
or we, have enough of the latter
and lack of the former...
        to say that english humour is
funny is to also say that shakespeare didn't
exist, like jesus!
                     who knows,
give it enough time, enough
*****-akin historiological define-
     (definitive moment) -
   and that being?
is history a convict in the prison of space -
or is time a convict in the same space?
by comparison, is history a medium of
artefacts, with history the one owning a fingerprint,
and time, without one?
      it's silly to talk of an afterlife,
given that we live our lives with the same
impetus of *****: a tsunami barrage of
constant refraction and reflection -
        man in a microcosmos is the totality
of man,
                  man exists in a microcosmos -
what man is in the macrocosmos is what
we deal in terms of the misnomer attache akin
to god...
         it's good to have forgotten
one's original point, having written
such dribble...
        time is only linear in history -
but what are the truer dimensions of time?
if space has its 3...
    then as einstein suggested:
time be squared -
                        i only wanted the first
few words...
  nervous laughter is the response to
"intelligent" comedy...
      but saying that:
        i'd prefer "dumb" comedy
and allow myself uninhibited laughter
than "smart" comedy,
   and only allow myself *inhibited" laughter;
as i'd prefer imagining ***** flicks
than imagining myself welsh,
counting sheep:
   does arithmetic really beat insomnia,
**** me, too bad for the efforts of
the chemists:
  so we did all these experiments
to craft the pills, for general practitioners
to reach for the tarot cards of
       astrological readings?!
              **** it, sign me up for a cave.
Duncan Morrison Dec 2010
When I was 16
My heart was broken
and I felt like I never
love again

the pain was intense
dragging me down...
killing me...

**** that

let the past be the past

if you feel like **** from some text
fb message
or what have you


things wont get better
so **** it


make those people see
that the past is something
you only read in textbooks


at them all


at the mistakes


at everything

The past is the past
and will forever
be that way

Dont let that girl bring you down
dont let that text ruin your day
dont let that ******* who picked on you
get the last laugh


make them see how crazy you are
let them think of you
let them see you happy
let them laugh with you


then when that girl is next to you
that text youve been waiting for
the laughter dies
life will be
Larry McDonough May 2012
I wear my paper hat sing these silly songs

but she doesn't want to laugh anymore

whistle like a fool tell another joke

but she just doesn't want to laugh anymore

there was a time when I was the king of making her smile

she would wiggle and giggle for hours on end

now i would be lucky if I were more amusing than spoiled cauliflower

and she just doesn't want to laugh anymore

I pretend to be a stripper and shake my little ***

but she just doesn't want to laugh anymore

scribble silly pictures and make fun of the unruly cat

but she just doesn't want to laugh anymore

no longer funny I have the comedic status of paint

all her friends make her laugh the media makes her laugh

but I, I am damp socks

and she doesn't laugh anymore........
Mohd Arshad Oct 2014
if you lose the game
among the spectators in the open!

if you fail to catch a falling star
when there is only gloom in the sky!

if a piece of apple slip from your hands
and then nothing is left for your belly!

if meet with a mishap
as you are on the road for an evening walk!

if coins stop clanking in your pockets
and your children don't leave your fingers!

if your wife is not contented with her dress
to charm the guests at a beautiful ball!

for you are alone
and others will jeer at you if you grimace!

for life is a pool of sadness
and balance it with laughter!
Notes (optional)
Roxy DeNoir Jun 2013
The man whom I shall love,
Who will he be?
I don't know yet
I may have met him already
I may have not
I am still young
I have time to find him
And he find me

The man whom I shall love
Will have a heart so large
It radiates outside of his body
A welcoming aura
He will welcome me each day with a smile
He will not need to speak to tell me he loves me
He will hold me and cherish me
And love me so much he cannot help but smile

The man whom I shall love
Will have a spirit
Of courage
And leadership
He will guide my decisions when I am confused
He will strengthen me when I am weak
He will let my cry into his shoulder and then wipe the tears from my eyes
He will help me solve problems and questions
He will protect me and fight with me when we are challenged

The man whom I shall love
Will have a smile of joy
A smile that spreads wide across his face
A smile that expresses what he feels and his thoughts
His smile will warm me
He will cause me to smile
We will smile together

The man whom I shall love
Will have a laugh
A laugh that can be loud
Echoing over the hills with happiness
A laugh that can be as quiet as a bubbling creek
A laugh that will roar like a waterfall
A laugh that will whisper like a summer breeze
A laugh that will spread to everyone around him
A laugh that will make me laugh
A laugh that is caused by mine

The man whom I shall love
Will have a mind of strength
A mind that can be counted on
He will have discernment
He will share his opinions and dreams with me
I will be able to confide in him safely
His ideas will be full of animation
And passion
His mind will never be boring

The man whom I shall love
Will have strong hands
That are firm but gentle
Tough but soft
That work hard
And are honest
His hands will be generous
Kindness will flow from them
But he will also use them to fight
If someone threatens him

The man whom I shall love
Will have a voice unlike any other
A voice that can be deep and reassuring
That can be humorous and happy
That can be silent when it needs to be
That can sing and soar upon the wind
We'll sing together
Laugh together
Cry together
And be silent together

The man whom I shall love
Will be a man of God
Who will be faithful and loyal
He will have a heart for those Lost
Willing to sacrifice anything
Even his life
Together we'll pray and seek God
Together we'll read the bible and deeply discuss it
Together we will serve and love for our entire lives

The man whom I shall love
Will be very special indeed
He is the only man
That could care so deeply for me
jeffrey conyers Aug 2012
Ha, ha, ha
Is the way we write a form of laughter?
Which can be a stress relaxer.
But we all should take a moment to laugh.

Who hadn't laugh at that person fallin' down the steps?
You know you have.
You know you did.
All because it wasn't you.

Yes, the one that fell.
Saw no joy in your laughter.
But it gave you the chance to defend yourself.
By proclaimin' that's why they are called steps.
Instead of dance steps.
Like they were tryin' to do.

Oh, yes.
Take a moment to laugh.
Even if it's after yourself.
Which we have also done.

Who hadn't tripped over the carpet?
And looked down for the reason why?
While never seeing an object before our eyes.
You know  you laughed.
You know you did.
We sometimes laugh even, at a kid.

Take a moment to laugh.

Guess what?
To laugh.
You really don't need a reason's why?
Just try it.
And watch your relaxation eases your mind.

We even laugh at comedians.
Because the story they told remind you of us.
And after you did.
Wasn't for a moment your troubles gone.

Just remember.
To take a moment to laugh.
A moment of joy always eases what botherin' you.
hyenas they are funny the seem to laugh a lot
but there was a sad one whos laugh he had forgot
he just wore a frown when ever he would play
the laugh he used to know was so far away
walking through the jungle he was very sad
he had lost his laugh the only one he had
a friendly little elf who was passing by
he had heard hyena as he began to cry
elf he made a potion  then he made a wish
that hyena he could laugh again with the potion in the dish
hyena drank the potion his laugh it had returned
just to have his laugh back was all he ever yearned
When you put on a smile and laugh
No one can see the misery inside

When you put on a smile and laugh
The hurt you  feel remains trapped inside

When you put on a smile and laugh
You mask the bitterness you feel inside

When you put on a smile and laugh
No one can see the emptiness inside

When you put on a smile and laugh
Your shattered heart seems whole inside

When you put on a smile and laugh
The pain you endure remains trapped inside

When you put on a smile and laugh
You make sure no one sees you
                                                             ­      ...........Dying a little inside.
What I'm feeling everyday my friends
Huda Mar 2015
Hello, I know it's way too late but can I call you dad?
  It hits me when someone mentions your name and I feel the need of that rare hug of yours that could bring the dead back to life, ironically..
I miss you terribly, I can hear you laughing at me right while I'm writing you this, you would laugh that laugh of yours when one of your siblings make a really bad joke, or when your mother hints about how cigarettes are bad for you and that you should quit smoking. I'm sorry, I got drifted away, God I miss that awful laugh so much. Back to the point, you would make fun of this and I would hate it and you'd laugh that laugh and I would hate it, you'd keep the letter and I would hate it as much as I hate that you will never read this or laugh that laugh ever again. I miss you. Your memory is dragging me down again, I wish for a single day with you, just one day where I can tell you "I love you" for the first and last time, where I  thank you for making me the person I am. I'm trying my best to be the good girl you've always told me is hiding somewhere inside me, I don't think she's completely there anymore, just one day of brilliant random advises and lousy little talks about anything and everything that doesn't actually matter, just one more kiss upon your brow, just one last back pat or one last smile, one last hug, one last failed attempt to show you that I do love you, I swear to God that I regret nothing more than taking you for granted, nothing more than not showing you how much you mean to me or for realizing it a little bit too late. I hope you're where we pray to be, I hope God is showering you with more of what you've blessed us with, I hope you're happy, I hope you're happy, I hope you are happy. I miss you. I miss you terribly. Sometimes it feels like I don't have the right to say that I miss you out loud since I've never showed that I could when  you were here when everyone else did, so now everyone has the right to grieve for losing you and not being capable of showing it to you anymore, but they don't understand that  never saying or showing what they have can be way more horrible, and they wouldn't give me the chance to tell them that. I don't have the right to say it or to love you any more than they do, because I didn't when you were here, I'm sorry I didn't. I didn't know how to show it, you didn't teach me how to show it, teach me how to show it! Teach me all the things you didn't for thinking I wouldn't listen, I would've! I'm sorry I'm late. I know I'm late. I'm trying not to be late, always trying in everything, for you. I know it's late for that too but it helps with the guilt I guess.
I am emtionlly paralyzed by the thought of losing you forever.
I keep your advises close to my heart, I'll keep the memory of your beautiful mind and your pretty fake smile even closer and I bet these small thoughts are what will  keep me going, I'll be always proud of knowing someone like you. I shall grow on loving you even if it wouldn't do anyone any good, I shall pass the love you gave me to those whom deserve it. And those who don't, it's enough for all.
You will always have the biggest piece of my heart. Don't laugh at this, this is not a joke and it's okay not to laugh about it, I'll be embarrassed anyway, but it's okay. God bless your splendid soul.
Goodbye? Seems ironic as well. Goodbye.
Akira Chinen Jul 2017
I've laughed the good laugh
and I've giggled and snorted
and I've loved and been loved
beyond fear
and beyond beauty
and I've been broken
and shattered
and lost and found a reason
to laugh the good laugh again
despite the pain and misery of life
and I've been stupid
and done stupid
and I'm not done with my own stupidity yet
and I'll laugh at the joke of my unfunny life
and I'll laugh with death
at the end of it all
and it will be a good laugh
at a good life that had been filled
with good love
and good misery
and good company
that knew how to laugh
and giggle and snort
despite the pain and suffering
of living a good life
Edmund black Aug 2018
All this week
I’ve been dealing
with numerous situations
that would shattered
most souls
I could choose to be crusty
Or I could choose to laugh louder
at whatever challenges  life throws my way
for laughter can bring true healing
to one’s soul
Just laugh
Laugh from deep in your belly
which is guaranteed to keep you
smiling all day long
And the sooner you can do that
the sooner you’ll advance
to the next life lesson
Laugh and laugh often
Laugh like there’s no tomorrow
because tomorrow
is not a given
Just laugh
Laugh my friend as nothing changes
In the world,
Everything's fine, and simple,
Cute and beautiful.**

Laugh my friend as nothing bothers
You in the world,
Every moment's 'be cherished,
Nothing will ever be perished.

Laugh my friend like when you were
A child
And everything's at your feet,
And did not know defeat.

Laugh my friend 'cas it's heaven
To be and simple like
A child,
And the world's benevolent.

And Laugh my friend 'cas
Nothing's impossible in
A benevolent universe,
Impossible means I'm possible.

Laugh my friend,
It's just a matter of Seventeen
Muscles it cost an effort,
And nothing more.

Laugh my friend till you die,
And don't ask me why,
'Cas it's your life's at its high
And never let your hope die.
Graff1980 Feb 2015
We are human
Walking traumas
Left untreated
Open wounds
Being leeched
To treat
The wrong fever
It is incongruous
Being inoculated
Against the wrong disease
Vaccinated with apathy
So we don’t feel
The sores that bleed

But you have to laugh

We are mortal
Not merely men
Nor women
More like
All the things
Around and in-between
For peace
Trying to sustain ourselves
While losing
Everyone else

But you have to laugh

We are little boxes of flesh
Lego people made to fit together
Lost and found
Each stress tearing at our flesh
Rending our skin
Like a thresher
Building internal and external pressure
Till we need release
****** and or emotional

But you have to laugh

Ready to cry
We are ready to die
Till the brain twitches
Till the broken switches
Leave you in stiches
And you see something strange
Irony or absurdity
Life twisted in its purity
On the verge of exploding
Not really knowing
But something hits
Something fits
Presses the right button
Intellectual curiosity
Sanity flipped on its heels

But you have to laugh

A chortle a choking gasp
The tension breaks
The air whooshes past
You have no control
You have to laugh
The world doesn’t change
The feelings are still there
But with each laugh
It gets easier to bare
It’s a chemical reaction
With endorphins and stuff
But I don’t think you care
It’s just what you needed
To fight off the despair

So I say it again you have to laugh
He Said She Said Dec 2013
I laugh a lot.

I laugh at myself because I am hard stuck to find the beauty in the poetry
but somehow to others words flow like vicious currents rip through  ugly ducklings never to be grown to beautiful swans down the river Delta,
the Nile,
we call it emotion, this the true beauty of the words is always flowing page to mouth to mouth to ear,
honey water to be digested by the soul and mind
and some breast stroke some and some do the butterfly and some just ******' drown...
so you could say to some poetry is no laughing matter...
yet here I titter like a child  because I cant help but wonder if Daniel's saying penance or just stuttering the word *****...

So I laugh

I laugh and laugh and laugh I laugh at myself I definitely laugh at you people
I ha ha ha my course thoughts, outwards reflecting anger passion, turning it away
with the yip yawing of jaws and gums flapping in  celestial proportions of denial
snorts and giggles push back emotion drowning out any semblance of fear or hate
because who's to say I can handle it,

call it sociopathic tenancies but I'll make it make belief because we just cant handle the fairy tale we live in
we cant handle that there might be no happily ever afters and we cant handle that we dont have a Prince charming to take care of us
but instead the crown is Crown Royal and you love it, love the burn down your throat,
something to keep you alive something to keep you awake but aren’t the two just one of the same anyway?
What is each day but a dream if automation takes you over rides you out like a machine and pushes 100110101.

So I ask you,
I ask you to listen to the words and the voice,
swim down the river any way you want just get your feet wet because living on dry land is living in fear

But more importantly I ask me
I ask me to do what I asked you to do, but how can I trust me to do what I told you to do when I hardly connect the concept of we and have used it but once in my work, though I am no different than you!

Because what are we if not all the same?
another flippin' spoken word - god I'm so uncreative! - Him
Ciera Nicole Nov 2013
At first it was me getting down.
I worried and worried about you.
About something I shouldn't have.
There you sat, up above everyone and everything.
You thought of yourself as a king of sorts.

But your majesty, didn't you know?
You can't rule forever.
Especially when your subjects are revolting.

Thus I laugh in the face of the sinner.
I laugh when you try to be mighty.
I laugh when you try to supreme.
Your game play is weak and you couldn't rule a kingdom if you tried.

There you think, you can come back?
I laugh.
You think I forgot?
I laugh.
You're nothing now but a jumble of bad memories.
I laugh at it all.

I laugh in the face of sinner.
It's his turn to feel the darkness.
NalaniRose Mar 2016
the stifled sound rumbling on the tip of my tongue eager to come out.
It roars with happiness and excitement from what it seems.
But behind that exotic laugh is a soul. The laugh hides the soul keeping it hidden from outsiders.
The laugh keeps a delightful smile on someones face. Everyone wants to feel happy..even if it is for a split second.
That laugh takes your mind away from the dreadful thoughts of suicide or the painful outlook of what is called you life.
The laugh takes away the pain as if were an antidepressant.
But what happens when the laugh stops...that dreadful pain resumes to what is reality as it consumes your identity as a whole.
Hisham Alshaikh Jul 2018
You laugh
Angels weep out of jealousy
Devils have no single conspiracy
Demons dancing in harmony
Men hearts go broken with no remedy
Women eyes tearing continuously
Violins break out of envy terribly
Composers have no more creativity
Music plays with no melody
Silence starts listening joyfully
Happiness laughters left in agony
Beautiful words describe nothing but misery
Tulip flowers become colorless shamefully
Believers lose their faith immediately
Infidels drop their convictions instantly
Hearts start beating rapidly
Lungs oxygenating quickly
Living ones laying listening carefully
The dead come back miraculously

--Hisham Alshaikh
You Laugh. Version 1.
B E Cults Aug 2019
smoke rings and grocery lists,
ovaries to kicks;
prisons of genetic streaming.

Kings dream of thieves
and thieves dream of
learning shinier schemes.

Laugh when the moon
sings eternally.

Laugh when spoonfuls of sense
are lifted by my shaking hand.

Laugh when anyone spits into
the abyss forever at their feet.

Laugh when the prismatic facsimiles
of mastery are scattering in the winds of change.

Laugh like it's the last cadaver stacked.

No scavengers.

No glass to crack.

No Saturn's curse.

None of that.

So laugh.
Laugh like the mad *******
you act like only exist
in past saturdays spent
in the bastion that was your grandmother's backyard.

Please, for ****'s sake, laugh.
Ravenna Mist Nov 2013
A smile frozen
No sadness there
Time has not broken
We still are not aware

This is just a photograph
A moment taken
Only one time to laugh
Before our love becomes forsaken

Your temper rises
With the length of my shirt
The bruises are no surprises
As you push me down into the dirt

This is just a photograph
A moment taken
Only one time to laugh
Before our love becomes forsaken

No fight left
Just some  broken bones
I'm to weak to heal this cleft
No where to go; I have lost my home

This is just a photograph
A moment taken
Only one time to laugh
Before our love becomes forsaken

Everyone I've tried to fool
Already knows
All they think is that I'm cruel
They won't listen to my woes

This is just a photograph
A moment taken
Only one time to laugh
Before our love becomes forsaken

They think I pushed you to this
Somehow that I deserve to be beat
I feel like I'm falling into the abyss
I'm so tired of your deceit

This is just a photograph
A moment taken
Only one time to laugh
Before our love becomes forsaken
In the dead of night
With hopes not to find
I began my flight
And started to leave you behind

This is just a photograph
A moment taken
Only one time to laugh
Before our love becomes forsaken

But then the case began
And I started to feel hate so deep within
To you This was all a plan
You grin at my scarred skin

This is just a photograph
A moment taken
Only one time to laugh
Before our love becomes forsaken

No longer will I run
I turn with intent to ****
The time to hide is done
This time it's not for thrill

I .
Tatiana Mar 2015
Things fall apart
and here I am, sitting in the dark.
Alone, alone, alone.
I just need something to create a spark
of life.

But you're alright, everything is fine,
keep your wits sharp,
be quick,
and don't forget to laugh.

Other's words can't hurt me,
for I am strong, I am not weak.
Liar, liar, liar.
I can't tell anyone why I gaze into
the distance.

Why aren't you laughing?
They can't hurt you if you laugh.
Laughing is power.

I let a giggle slip past my lips
that I have tried so desperately to keep shut.
Laugh, laugh, laugh.
Maybe it's a good thing that I am alone and
i'm laughing

You are not broken,
You are happy!
So laugh! and don't you ever stop!
But I want to stop... Do. Not. Stop.

I laugh until my stomach hurts and
tears roll down my face.
Stop, stop, stop.
No, just let me descend into
insane laughter.

For if I don't laugh, I will most definitely be torn apart.
I wrote this one about a month ago but I didn't post it even though it was completed. But now that i'm feeling better I want to share this piece with you all. I tried laughing off my problems and well... that didn't work.
Tony Anderson Oct 2018
Don’t laugh at me
I’m just like you
I laugh
I cry
I fall in love to
Yes there are problems that go with this name
They are things I was born with I’m not to blame

Please don’t laugh it hurts me so
Each harmful word is like a nuclear blow
So don’t look on the outside but rather the person within
So we may become the best of friends

Please don’t laugh
Don’t throw your jeers
Don’t get your joy from my tears
I can’t help the way I was born
Please don’t give me all your scorn

Please don’t laugh and give me pain
Can’t you see we are the same
Yes I was born different than you
Yes I have problems this is true
These things are just a part of me
Your hateful words cause pain to me

Please don’t laugh
Can’t you see
We’re all a part of humanity
I wish you could see
How you make me bleed
Just by being so mean to me

Please don’t laugh
I’m human just like you
I just want to be loved to
Phil Lindsey Mar 2017
Laugh through the tears,
For life is short. Be
Quick to forgive, be
Slow to abort friendships built up
Through the years.
Be quick to forgive, and
Laugh through the tears.

Cry when you must,
For life isn’t fair. Be
Slow to give up, be
Quick to repair broken dreams built up
Through the years,
Cry when you must, but
Laugh through the tears.

Slow down, look around,
Life isn’t a race. Be
The best you can be,
Set your own pace, for life is a journey,
Which spans unknown years,
Slow down, look around, and
Laugh through the tears.

Trust in your faith,
Mortal life has an end. Be
Loving to family, always depend
On your friends; They’ll be with you,
When hope disappears.
Trust in your faith, and
Laugh through the tears.
Phil Lindsey, 3/7/17
Life's a Beach Jan 2015
Your laugh was a cloud
Mist which covered me without the
slightest resistance
I needed assistance to breathe

Your laugh shows I'm useful
shows there's a need
For us
as I feed on the delicious awkwardness we
Caught unawares by being liked

It's a shame your laugh
was the cloud which hid
a trucks headlights


Your laugh a narcotic cloud I refuse to repent
old poem completely mixed up and switched
Warren Gossett Dec 2011
We'd laugh at life
if it weren't so serious;
we'd laugh at death
if we weren't afraid;
we'd laugh at pain
if it didn't hurt so much;
we'd laugh at circumstances
but we'd get nowhere.
I suppose, truth be known,
we'd laugh if only we
hadn't forgotten how.


— The End —