You're not a mirror
You're not a books

Even not a songs
And not a portrait

Yet  you inspired me
Set a fire inside

Lost but now found
My soul strengthen

Awaken and alive
Through, the words to ponder

Seen myself again
Boastful ends

So, when you stand
I give an ears again.
Free Bird Jun 2016
Always pay attention
When someone else is speaking
If it didn't mean something to them
They wouldn’t talk about it at all

Always listen closely
For the answers you are seeking,
May be closer than you think
Found in the ramblings of that call

Imagine if you will
A world where everyone cared
Where they leaned ear in intently
Instead of filling our heads with doubt

Maybe we'd all be happier;
Collectively less scared
We could solve all of life's problems
If we just heard everybody out

You see confidence builds greatness
Yet we continue to put each other down
Jealousy and rage keep us from turning the page
Even when the story could teach us something profound
Alan Vollmer Mar 2010
Choose wisely

keep up the goodness
bring in more
let in more

purple panda bears laugh in the trees
they see all
and hear less than is normal
because their ears are so small
for their massive heads

they’re, like, really tiny
in comparison
to the surface area of their cranium
which is big
Another purposefully awful poem
Mackenzie Feb 2015
The pounding in my ears was so foreign to me.
I thought,
at first,
there was construction
going on next door.
I lifted my head from the pillow to check.
it was my blood;
my walls breaking inside.
It vibrated so softly in my ears.
The way my earbuds did
with the volume too high.
My eyes burned
as I lay awake hating myself
for taking the last of the melatonin
leaving the jar empty
and myself restless.
PrttyBrd May 2010
Clouds roll in and thunder roars
Tears, they fall in rage
burning rivers down the face
Of the once innocent
Humanity ripped from souls
The heartless rise
The careless linger
What was once is no longer
What should be, never was
Ineffectual words
Counting down to nothing
PK Wakefield Apr 2010
subtle fear
the skin of a deer
tear off your flesh
pull me near

pearly whites
rip and bite
sharply plunging
fly your kite

silent tears
praise your peers
speak only in whispers
cut off your ears
People were dancing
while others would sing,

In the midst of the action,
Church bells would ting
And they would tong.
It was always a familiar song.

And an old man in black
Tells us of the faith we all lack.

I am guilty of that infraction.
Because I can see
That the multiple hells
Lasting forever in this world
Has been brought to us, and bound
By our      greedy owners.

That is the meaning.
After all of the spoken and written word,
We must suffer for one man's treason.
       Our redemption is no man's call.
WistfulHope Jan 2015
There's a ringing, ringing in my ears,
You can't hear it, the people don't hear it.
I draw rings, the ringing in my ears.
Dark circles appear under my eyes;
I am so tired from doing nothing.
The lights flash and we don't blink,
Forces clash and we don't blink.
I can't hear what you're not saying,
What you're not praying, proclaiming,
For there's a ringing within my ears.
It drowns out the stars,
It drowns out all fright for
I am so tired from doing nothing.
Peace and retreat drive me mad;
Retreat is not peace, it is pieces.
There's a ringing, ringing in my ears,
You can't hear it, the people don't hear it...
Yet another example of how I don't pay attention during lectures.
...I'm tired of the seemingly unanimous refusal to fight.
- - -
I'm tired of talking about marriage, on a completely unrelated note.
Kenzie Jul 2014
i have stopped
into empty rooms
it is  
the same as
into full rooms
of people who
have said they were listening
C S Cizek Jul 2014
Everything she said hit his eardrum
like a rimshot. Maybe he was losing
his hearing or she was just losing
his attention. Dinner conversations
across a two foot table flew past
him like houseflies. With her soft,
blonde hair blanketing his collarbone,
her mouth seemed to pantomime
more the closer he leaned in.
Hearing loss.
Mia Eugenia Aug 2013
Of course I stay up waiting for your call
Any chance I have
I take it
Missing your call is like missing
A shooting star
because I know
You aren't mine forever
You are here for this moment
But who knows what the next will bring
Maybe it will bring you everything you've been searching for
And am I wrong to want to stop that?
I am wrong.
But I am always wrong.
I ruin things.
I would ruin you
And I would ruin us
For me
That is just another day
La Mer Sep 2014
The sight of you
brings jazz
to my ears.
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