Christopher Lowe Oct 2014
There is the man on the corner
With his sign spare some change
But when people gave money
He turned it away

The next day he was gone
But he left a sign
*Think less literally
The world could use a little more change
Change is necessary.

Change is a good thing?

Change is
Scary and confusing.

Change scares the hell out of me.
Change leaves me in a state of frustration.

Change can heal the soul and tear it apart.
Leaving little pieces scattered about.

But I must think of little caterpillars that turn into beautiful butterflies.

Change is necessary.
These are my thoughts from my morning commute. The city was tearing down a house I have passed by thousands of times. It was a landmark on my life path and now it is gone. Will the memories associated with that house be ripped from me as well?
Peeka Jul 2014
Clouds know true desire.
Gracefully lifting childhood hearts.
Pat adults on the back who miss days of old,
Fishing for simple strings to hold on to.
Don't fool a heavy heart,
Can't love somebody one day
Then the next, never could.
Clouds understand what motives are.
Do we act the same- no,
Will we admit it- no.
The sky winks though, as fire and nature collide.
Don't mind showing mankind that nothing stays the same.
Things change.
ML Jun 2014
Seasons change by month
I change day by day each year
Seasons stay the same
DarkEyes Sep 2014
Incoherent because of your doings.
You've changed a lot.
I am an introvert person now.
Because I don't want to be invulnerable.
Michelle Oag Oct 2014
The world is changing....
Everything is changing....
Everyone is changing...
Pretty soon..
There won't be anything to change....
Because we'll all be dead.
Levi Andrew May 2014
I'm changing today.
You are in shock and dismay?
Well, that's great.
Because, I'll do whatever it takes.
I'm saying sorry.
And hoping you'll forgive.
Because, we all make mistakes.
And I'm not grey anymore.
I'm sorry, Jess.
I'm sorry, Laura.
I'm sorry, Kaitlin
I'm sorry, Elizabeth
You know what?
I'm sorry to anyone who has been hurt by me.
But this is what change means.
Rockie Oct 2014
Sometimes for the good;
Sometimes for the bad;
Sometimes for the riots;
Some for you, us, them, and everyone;
Sometimes for the best.
Just Me Nov 2014
Something happened
Maybe it was the distance
Maybe it was the time
All I know is that we aren't the same

Everything we were
Memories we created
All have faded from your mind

You said always and forever
I don’t want to give up on you
But it looks like you have already *given up on me.
This was inspired by a change in a friend I have seen. This is NOT a poem about a breakup or heart ache. However you can read it that way, but that is not it's original intent.
fasi Feb 2015
As dawn broke,
came a dragonfly
to sit on my window sill
Change is come,
or more rain to fall, still?
Raktim Baruah Jun 2014

a word with a world within
With the power to transform
Visions into victories
Opportunities into accomplishments

Some fear it; some resist it
But not us
We are a breed apart
We challenge the limits of action
We dare to explore new dimensions
And transform tomorrow
With courage and absolute conviction

We DREAM fearlessly,
BELIEVE resolutely
And ACT decisively

And when the odds are against us
We even it out by transforming
all we have & becoming who we are.

Alicia Jun 2014
things are
to change
and i'm not
i'll be able
to handle
the harsh
all of us
WritinginStars Nov 2014
People are leaving me
New people are joining me
People are meeting new people
Old friends are breaking up
These are all common examples
Of a thing called change
A thing that my mind is just not ready for
Because I can't take another goodbye
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