Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Show me Silence and I will make it scream.
Enjoy my muse, because this is my dream
Rockie May 2015
I may be smiling
But really,
I want to scream,
For the hatred I have,
At myself,
For feeling this way.
Presence May 2014
She sits in her room
  all alone
shivering under her bed
in desperate attempt
     to stay hidden
from the monsters that scream in her head
What I came up with whilst I was supposed to be revising
Smiling* on the outside
Crying on the inside
Everyday I smile
But it's just a way to hide

Laughing away the hurts
Cutting away the tears
Smiling at a way to
Forget all my fears

Dancing till I bleed
Inside my head I scream
I can't take this anymore
Only Smiling in my dreams
A-S Oct 2014
Curls become straight
Hair flows beautifully
until it wraps around me
Holding me down
Fighting against my will
Enjoying the pain
Of the screams
My heart makes,
Styles Jan 2017
Creep in the night
Resists as they might
to their bodies invites
to reap what they like
Prisoners of flesh
until their souls delight
His big black cock between her thighs
Her tight white pussy squeezes and he sighs
He wants to turn her out without a doubt
Teach her what real loving is all about
She screams out loud
he covers her mouth
The climb max raises
as the pressure amounts
Daddy doing it right
laying the pipe so deep
It may never come out
The pleasures out of sight
She’s so wet from being tight
He’s hitting her spots like a spot light
From the look on her face the pleasure is out of sight
He uncovers her mouth and she screams for her life...
Daina Apr 2015
In some cases
money doesn't just talk
it screams.
Quite frankly it has a big mouth.
Rebecca Hattaway Nov 2012
I could just devour you
like Saturn, but essence not flesh
swallow up your sour soul like lemons
lick the sugar off my lips,
a shot of bourbon, flat coke candy

I was like milk
and you brought in your bitter.
Now I calm my sickness,
chamomile and ginger.
Tea in my sweatpants,
in my cold apartment
without you.

Recalling the way your skin smelled,
a cold front meets a heat wave, turmoil
made me believe I was someone
that I wasn't. I loved you
but now you're just a picture
just The Scream under an angry red sky
a painting. Maybe a silent moving film.
Never a photograph.

Biting my lips to keep from screaming
blood is like metal
and the part of me that you were
is rotting and black.
Gore in an cheap horror flick
is sickening enough for me to drown in
and it just fits right now. It feels right.
eliza bonnet Jun 2014
The hospital lights flicker across the street
The room is foggy but if I close my eyes I can feel you here with me
I try to stay awake because reality has become my dream
It took me years to realize things are what they seem
Put your face close to mine and I'll help you see
This worlds insanity
I am a little bit twisted
I am a little bit obscene
I want to feel you in tight places
And everywhere in between

I'd tie you up and leave you there
Until I can't hear you scream
Then slit your thighs and roll in your blood
And lick it up like cream.
Hailey Nov 2014
My scream is silent, heard only by listening ears.
But there's no one around so I let loose my tears.
My emotions manage to awaken my fears.
Would you notice if one day I disappeared?
Ksm Mar 2015
Why cant you just understand?
Why do i have to say it out loud ?
Why must u hear the words with you ears ?
Listen to the screams and tears of my soul .
Listen to my silence . Hear it . I beg you . Hear it
Please just hear it

Ashley Somebody Jun 2014
“Why do you listen to metal,”
I'd always wanted to ask.
“It's because I always want to scream...
No one lets me, but I'm glad you asked.”
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