My llama went out to the cleaners
ya know, I shoulda used Stanley Steemer
she came back real clean
or was it a dream?
who knew that llama's were screamers?
But it ain't easy they say and it gets harder every day
I'm so cliche and I quote everyone I'm fucke sup duck me fuck you fuck this world and HEY FCK YOU TOO BITCH
Thank you chuuwee I'm making chewbacca noises and forgiving myself and making people smile think but here it is I'm here we're here we try to be try I think unless we being bad being bad don't choo know I've always been this way
Breanna Smith Jan 2013
They are at their breaking point when I'm already broken
Yet I am to be the shoulder to cry on,
The person who makes things all better.
I'm invisible now like so many times when others are more important.
My heart is once again shattered and
I'm left picking up the peaces with bloody, tired fingers.
It's not fare but they don't seem to care.
Tired of crying, I want to scream!
If only they could see I'm hurting,
maybe I wouldn't be
invisible any more.
m Oct 2017
It’s hard to find
the truth in the dark.
My thoughts stumble
into others
trying to sort
the real from the fake.
I cannot tell
if the shadows
that are on my wall
are real monsters
or ones of my own creation.
Either way  
I will allow them
to swallow me whole.

While the edges
of the truth blur
you lie next to me.
You are peaceful.
You are silent.
You are motionless.
I want to scream.
I do not have
the courage to ask you
what is real
and what is fake.
I do not have
the courage to
turn on the lights.
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