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Genesis' May 2013
sweet. quiet. obedient.
never once disobeyed your parents wishes.
so controlling they are.
never allowing you to be less than perfect.
Poor child
bullied constantly. taken advantage of.
how can you let this out?
well only you know poor child.
look into your stomach
and take a deep breath.
at your parents who believe
you should be beyond perfect!
don't hold back!
take action!
be rebellious towards
you dear mommy and daddy!
choking you with demands!
scream to those bullies
that never stopped judging you!
because you may never get this chance again!
scream now before life
takes itself away from you!
before you go insane!
before they lock your mind!
the chains you feel now child
wont go away till you resist!
your chains tighten
and restrain your legs!
your arms!
your voice!
the fire you feel in your chest
let it burn it is your freedom!
oh please child,
please scream!
scream for your misery!
your desire to become normal!
child this will only end once
you scream!
use that fire inside you!
don't let this carry on forever!
don't let the oxygen escape without shouts of protest!
for all the pain
you have to endure everyday!
take a deep breath like its
your last!
for that make your heart
ache every single day!
for the freedom that was taken away
because your young!
for all the painful things those bullies said!
for your mind!
your sanity!
do it for your pride!
a chance to become normal!
to be free from their hold!
So please!

The Scream

All my prayers have gone unanswered.
All my pleas have gone unheard.
The demons from you past have found you.
They take bites from your flesh.
You do not notice the damage.
All I can do is watch.
What separates us is too vast
I scream to draw their attention
I call on them to attack me
They laugh at my helplessness, my sorrow
I scream because I don't know what else to do
I scream because I love you
I scream because I'm scared
Terrified of losing you
Because we are good together
And that frightens you
I can't turn away, can't avert my gaze
I reach out for you, thinking that somehow
Maybe I can pull you to safety or least close enough to protect
I scream for you
I die for you
You think the demons are your friends
You turn away, you laugh as they consume you
And still I cannot turn away
I scream for you to remember
I scream
I scream
I scream
Through tears I scream
I scream for you
Because my prayers have gone unanswered
My pleas have gone unheard.
I have failed you
I scream that I love you
I scream
Until all there is, is my scream

Jonathan Parker Bryant
An angst-y, uncertain period in a relationship inspired this. My angst was unnecessary, as is often the case.
The Good Pussy Sep 2014
                             you scream
                          we  all  scream
                          for ice cream. I
                          scream you scr
                          eam we all scre
                          am for ice  crea
                          m. I scream  yo
                          u scream we al
                          l  scream for ic
                          e cream. I  scre
                          am you scream
                          we all scream f  
                          or ice cream.  I
               scream you scream we all
           scream for ice cream.   I scream
              you scream       we all scream
                  for ice                 cream.
Star G Feb 2015
People scream as bombs destroy them.
   People scream as others take their turns with them.
   People scream as knifes greet them.
People scream as fists caress them.

   People scream as their loved ones are gone before their very eyes.
People scream as they realize their treaties were all lies.
People scream as horrifyingly beautiful red liquid flies.

   People scream as they slowly die.
People scream as they get hurt, then cry.
People scream as hunger causes them to go good-bye.

   People scream as others hurt them.
People scream as others **** them.
People scream as the world destroys them.
People scream as everything causes insanity and bloodlust within them.

   *So the cycle once again begins.
Humans can be so cruel,
but only other humans
can stop them.
Lara May 2020
I scream for your attention
But you don’t hear me

I scream out all of my anger
But the wrong people listen to it

I scream
I just scream
Does anyone feel the same way?
Does anybody just want to scream.
Does anyone want to scream with me.

Scream about something
Scream about everything
Just scream

Scream about the environment
Scream about politics
Scream about generations
Scream about social standards
Scream about what is going on in my head

The roller coaster in my head is screaming
My ideas are flowing

And I stop screaming
I begin to overthink
Are you screaming with me or against me?
jessiah Sep 2014
Scream firelight electric skies.
Scream torrential sideways winds.
Scream nonsense and fortified lies.
Scream names in vain and horrible sin.
Scream ****** ****** and bravos.
Scream lightspeed ways that rip the cosmos.
Scream a universal chunk from your mortal throat.
Scream jellybeans, sweet and sour notes.

Scream and I will hold you
            like you were dying
Scream and I will kiss you
            like it were initiation into the unknown
Scream and I will need you
            like you were never coming back


Or don’t scream at all

I’ll still do these things
Syddy Raye Mar 2014

You can't take my happiness from me before I do
Sitting in class, barely breathing
Nobody's listening
Everybody's slacking
She's asking us to nod if were alive
Still at first,
Then I nod my head,
Sadly, I am alive.
I'm starring out the window,
Realizing how selfish I really am
I can't leave him here alone
He loves me
And I actually love him back
The poor soul,
Stuck with a ***** like me.


For get that! (Scream whole line)
***** the depression,
The self pity,
I don't need it, or deserve it.
Don't feel sorry for me,
Listen to me! (Scream whole line 2x)
That's all I ask...(repeat line 2x, 2nd time quieter)


At home lying in bed
Wishing I was dead
Music blaring in my ears
Not caring about all the people, all the tears.
They want help from me,
They want me to soothe them,
To calm their fears,
Break me down,
Make me feel less than human,
Then build me back up...
Just to make the fall that much more devastating...
I won't help them.
They don't deserve it.
Maybe, if they'd leave me alone,
And gather their wit,
They wouldn't need me.
Separate paths...
Gone in a flash
They won't even notice til' it's too late.
By then they'll have decided my fate.


***** the happiness,
The wishing I could be...
This I'm telling you,
I'm sick of the confessin'
Sick of the depression
Done with the last-stand wanna-be's
Saying goodbye to my fair weather friends!
***** those who say they'er trying,
While I'm left here dying! (Lead into scream from 8th line)


Not praying to a God I'll never believe in
Placing plans for what lies ahead
Laughing at all of you when your dead (Scream dead, second vocalist sing dead)
I can't believe you fell so easy,
While I fell so hard
I can't wait so see you brutally mangled and scarred (Scream whole line)
I was stupid to have let you win for so long
You think your safe?
Better watch yourself, because I'm about to do something...
Something I really can't identify as wrong! (Laugh evilly after line)
Leave me alone!
You can't take back the things you've said and done
I want to bury you
And I'm not the only one! (Scream whole line 2x, 2nd time softer)
I'm loading the relief and sharpening the happiness
I'll release you from your high horse,
I'll bring you down back to Earth,
So you can't make anyone's life worse! (Scream whole line)


You can't take this happiness from me before I do
Lying in your grave, still breathing
Nobody's listening, Nobody cares! (Scream Nobody cares)
I wasn't slacking, i did my part!
I am alive, your dying!
And I'm done trying.
I'm starring at the sky.
Waiting for you to die.
Do you realize it yet?
Do you realize how selfish you really are? (Scream whole line, 2nd vocalist sing in sync with scream)
I won't save you.
I hate you! (Scream whole line 2x)
The world is rid of a ***** like you...


Forget you
***** your regrets
Wallow in your self pity
I won't feel sorry for you,
No, not ever! (Scream Not ever)
Your getting exactly what you deserve! (Echo Deserve with a scream)
No! I won't Listen to you! (Scream whole line)
You never listened to me! Scream whole line)
I could never understand some one to cause so much pain,
So don't ask me,
Because I never could...
Johnnie Rae Jul 2012
Just let it all out,
All that anger you couldn't shake before,
Just scream, make that anger a memeory,
Scream, like it will never end,
Just scream, jump off the deep end,
Scream, nothing can stop you,
From expressing such anger,
Please people, give humanity a riveting call of anger,
Throw a riot, start a banter,
Make people see how delusional they can be,
That they're missing out on the depression that they created,
Scream, and let people know, that you're alive,
Alive and fighting,
For all things to be right,
Scream and let people know they have to fight,
Let them know they're not alone,
Just scream, scream out vengance
Let the anger float to the heavens, and let them know,
Things aren't too good down here,
That they're lucky to be there,
Just scream, scream it to the world,
That they need to change their ways, before its too late,
Just **scream
Go out screaming, Go out strong.
Marty Mar 2018
Scream! Scream! To the heavens I scream! For one drop of mercy, I scream! On the parched earth a bended knee raises the dust. Tear soaked eyes refuse to raise the brow. Rivers of love dissappearing upon the cheek. Not a hand reaches down, not even one. As I scream! And scream! From heaven a gentle beam, yet I only scream! The blackest of hearts slowly dies with each agonizing thought. Darkness overshadows the glorious love. Blood runs cold and washes away with a dissappearing love. Upon the cheek memories fade and the ravens devour the soul. And, I scream! For the return of love I scream! No greater agony persist than that of true loves dagger to the heart. For love I scream! For the final breath I scream! For the shadows and confines of darkness I scream! For silence and a deserved rest I scream!
Awkward Nov 2013
I want to scream at him
I want to scream in his face
I want to scream everything I hate about him

I want to scream until he knows my pain
I want to scream until he feels my broken heart
I want to scream until he goes home every day and cries

I want to scream until he understands how I feel
I want to scream until he understands what he did wrong
I want to scream until he feels bad

Because maybe if I scream at him
The voice in my head will stop screaming at me
Isabel Frye Mar 2020
My darling.... are you ever confronted with the universal truth that you won’t ever sink to the bottom of the ocean?
Have you ever been confronted with the fact that you won’t ever touch the validation you seek?
And as you reach the tiled pool floor and you brace yourself
Your skin says no
Like an oily layer you slip and slide back up
Now as you speak to me your voice quivers as if, you never had even touched the thick water before
My darling there is a science to art
And as my density shakes like your lips whenever you become small and fall to the floor, I wonder why I keep fighting for something you just won’t give up.
maybe you truly are a scientist
And as lips touch,
the waves of the ocean cover us and we sink slowly but surely  
Maybe if I jump head first I’ll be worthy enough,
If I make a big enough mess,
a disaster,
maybe if I scratch the surface, or even throw a fit,
I can really be noticed
Maybe if I dance in the hearts of mankind, dance in your shaking veins as I try my hardest to trust you, to give in
maybe then I’ll hit the bottom of the ocean
But I sink because of pressure
I sink because you tell me to
I sink because I want to silence my thoughts
I sink because I want to stay in this moment
Where the vibrations of your mockery and foolishness can never dream of reaching me
I sink because I don’t want to swim
I sink because I want to reach the bottom of this ocean.
Maybe then I’ll touch the feeling of being wanted,
The eerie silence hugging me tighter and tighter, holding me like a new mother holds her child, wanting to shield them from the world.
But in the pool water I only float quickly back to earth
To life
I hate leaving the quiet waters
As my body enters the real abyss I breathe the cold air into my lungs and I scream-
I scream to be heard
I scream to silence these useless memories
I scream to be known
I scream for you to see
I scream for all that was lost
I scream so that you can wake up
I scream for worthiness- I scream to trust.
I scream so that maybe these bubbles won’t surface
I scream for the waves to carry my sighs
I sigh for the ocean to carry my screams.
And I scream to find my voice.
And that I too may
May hit the bottom of the floor
It may be a universal truth that I will never reach the perfection I seek
It may be my death wish, and I am doomed to fail
But I will still wish that maybe,
Maybe I too
Will be told
That science is an art
And I too can be an artist.
My first poem! I would love if you could possibly leave a comment with feedback, I would really appreciate it!
sara Dec 2013
pull me through time pull me through rips in the universe that my gods scratched with harsh voices
bask in the pale of ignorance and the lack of structure in my words
bathe in my pretentiousness
and look for the beauty
in the small things
the spot on her nose and the way a pine tree smells
scream scream scream because i'm almost something scream scream scream because i can't feel who i am from the inside of myself scream scream scream because i have lost so much i have suffocated a person inside of me scream scream scream
whisper whisper because i hurt myself today whisper whisper because there's ink in my veins now whisper whisper there's purple underneath my nails and it isn't my own whisper whisper whisper
i'm turning my suffering down so i can fit into the lives of others and be comfortable i cannot bare to take up all the space my body wants me too
what will happen?
i will slip under the quicksand and my body will go back to the earth
it's 11:57 pm
maybella snow Aug 2013
[screaming]                         [screaming]                       [screaming]      [screaming]        
[scream]               [scream]     [scream]  [scream]           [scream]                           [scream]            
[screams]   [screams]                            [screams]     [screams]                       [screams]                              
[screamed]                  [screamed]             [screamed]           [screamed]  [screamed] [screamed]

*[screaming]                         [screaming]                       [screaming]      [screaming]        
[scream]               [scream]     [scream]  [scream]           [scream]                           [scream]            
[screams]   [screams]                            [screams]     [screams]                       [screams]                              
[screamed]                  [screamed]             [screamed]           [screamed]  [screamed] [screamed]
Solitaire Archer Mar 2014

I scream at the night that offers no sleep

I scream at my arms, hands
that wont allow me to brush my hair or carry my pets

I scream at the bed
the source of safety and rest as it becomes a cage

I scream at these pills and tonics and patches useless USELESS

I scream at friends and loved ones
because they tire of me and recede

and I scream and scream and scream with no sound at all

Solitaire 09/09/09
Sa Sa Ra Nov 2012
I was out and out and with the special ones
but this about ice cream and a special night
special enough that it was chocolate i scream
special i scream special special ones on the run
she was graceful she was delight she did tell me
i scream should be frozen before the abandonment
of plans of the time slip slip slipping of the shortening
night night night; but i was run run running circles of
triple eights nine times in every hopeful delight slipping
tripping into the abandonment of faithless realities better
being forlorn again in all safety the place fearless senseless
madness self abandoning where you know if you know a thing at all what they say
but we are letting it go tonight again like yesterday like it let go of who am i or why
but he and she are better delightful upon fancier flights where our little dependencies
we clutch like they were blood and air or the soul of our spirit as if these were perishable
but i am the overly blessed i come i go here today gone tomorrow matters not why or wherefore
she we the all the core the heart the better the purest finery of fire caressed caressing the all and at once
but she wills it witnessed within multiplicities blessed by two starting the gathering of the flowering flames
cacophonies of loving choirs simply hearts on fire and little i scream ecstasy dreams yet to gather for it was special
with special ones on a special night with the she 'you' can't say was a special delight who warned me yet forgot to remind me and I reminded her just so she knew what I go through by myself when there is no one in my life who's job it is to remind me of any or all the little things like putting the i scream on ice if at all possible when plans change and you can't get your groceries home for the early part of the night.... Norwegian wood she would have been so good good but better boy must be I the longer longer long lone better forlorn forgotten homeward bound road to witness-less-villinessy messy me-vill still again again still looking to let go again so I am here again...and it maybe 1 pm here now but it was 5 am then and there my friends and it was time to find the one grocery bag with the sacred chocolate i scream!!! walla glopping handful surely finally found paper bag poolful broken out and it's near the end and it's reality and my sacred joyful witness of the night is unspeakable and out of touch and out of sight.... so I hugg as well as i am embracing this gloppy ALL chocolate delight trailing troubling travail into the lessening welcoming of the lengthening night
i scream i scream lick lick wipe drip drip lick *** in the silent dilemma of of the late beautiful madness alone you wish were just night but in then knowing the wonder of together with the unmentionable she of delight i scream all over her in the morning of madness in this overly ravenous end of silent witness of insanity truly for the sake of the sane and what that is thinks believes clutches and would defend **** torture and take to the grave for; so here I
scream as the silent witness of all unmentionable and untouchable delights
Violet Jan 2014
i hurt so much
i could scream
and when my family
goes shopping
and leaves me here
all alone
i do scream
let out all my pain
i hurt secretly inside
everybody cares but you
and it's so painful
i wail and wail
i weep and lament for you
but then i remember
you don't care
and i scream
scream it out
scream out all my pain
it makes me feel better
but leaves me weak
and it's all thanks to you
because you left me
all alone
and no one understand
because it seems
no one cares
in my real life
or they don't want
to care
because they offer
no understanding
and so
i scream
scream it out
i yell until my lungs hurt
because i scream
i scream out all of my pain
while tears course down
my red cheeks
and fall to my jeans
the tears keep falling
from my slanted eyes
and sweat moistens
my black hair
Echo of a silent scream
a melancholic scream
a scream no one can hear
but the silence itself
and those lost within the silence

a silent scream
licking at your skin
in a soft breeze as it echoes
origin of the silent scream
no one knows

a silent scream of mercy, perhaps
graceful yet dreadful
it drifts along cold sea shores
under the light of the moonlight
through the ancient mystical forests

unheard by trapped minds
yet heard by those lost within the silence
heard by the ones set free
drifting as if they were this silent scream
Gracie Anne Nov 2014
Whisper to a scream
It doesn't matter anymore.
Whisper to  a scream
My whole life is just a chore.

Whisper to a scream
Someone just come and help me.
Whisper to a scream
All I want is to be free.

Whisper to a scream
I just can't wait to be free.
Whisper to a scream
It won't be that long, you see.

But yet, my whisper to a scream,
I'll still fight to the end.
Whisper to a scream,
I'll fight for you, dear friend.
Story of my life... lol
Sam Toil Apr 2014
a hallway.  offices.  tinted sunlight.  
people who have forgotten my name.  
but i am here.  
and then a room.  and a meeting.  
and i am unprepared.  
“you’re up”  says the leader.  
and my lungs fill with heaviness as they all turn towards me.  
my mind screams.  
my throat locks.  

and then a word fights through the scream.  
and i breathe.  and find a voice.  
and then another word.  
and a thought.  
then relevance.  
i am moving.  
and eyes do not wander.  
but the scream fights on:  
they will find out.  

i was connected at one time.  
so the scream would fade.  
but not now.  
these many years later.  
“we could use you again,”  
he had said.  
and i had relented.  
but why?  boredom?  faith?  
the scream of fear vs. the scream of isolation?  
or a familiar voice dragging me back from madness.  
“what have you been up to?”  
he had asked.  
and i had lied.  
and now my mind all scrambled between work and stupor.  

“what on EARTH are you talking about?!”
demands the one who should have taken over for me.  
and the throat locks again.  
and the scream rises up.  
and he knows it.  
but sympathy has no place here.  
so i struggle with the scream.
and find the words to hide the Fraud  
as he shakes his head in disgust.  

and i remember why i left.  
so i wade in the scream until i am done and take my seat.  
and the scream that never dies whispers, “what else is there?”
jeffrey robin Apr 2013
(Scream scream!).                                            
Are we all gonna die out here!!
                                     ( scream scream!)

I know we Are
I Know we are!


we all gonna die!!

We.      All.      Gonna.       Die.        !!!!!!
we all gonna die out here !
This may sound a little paranoid but it's not



Stop screaming and think!
I think:

out here
Kayley Godek May 2018
Scream o my soul
Howl at the atrocities
Pound your fists on the walls of inner prisons
Hack away the chains that bind the wounded
Scream o my soul
Awaken from slumber
Make hell quiver with fear at the coming storm
Burst fourth with Christ's light burning bright
Scream o my soul
Feel the depths of sorrow
Free the ****** with your passion and love
Scream o my soul
Arm yourself with truth
Sing praise in the darkest of nights
Scream o my soul, scream loud, scream out
Stop holding your breath lest you suffocate
Scream with all your might
O my soul Blaze with Heavens holy light
O my soul you've been called, summoned, trained, and sent
Scream o my soul, scream your battle cry.
Cutezeni May 2017
I scream, I scream,
No one can hear me.
From under the ground,
In the middle of the crowd,
On top of that mountain;
But no one can hear me.
Or see me.
Can you see me?
Can you see the lies drawn
On my face?
That frown forcefully erased
From its place?
Can you see I'm holding
My breath?
Waiting to find an outlet..
And I scream, I scream,
But what's the point?
I'm buried deep
And I'm drowning inside.
There's no way to wake up
Because I'm not asleep,
I'm simply dead inside.
I scream, I scream,
But how can you hear me?
When these voices scream louder
And there's no way to find me.
Are you finding me?
But how can you,
When you don't even know I'm
You see me, sitting right here,
Smiling away my life;
Little do you know,
I'm living in my own
I search for you
In my sleep I reach for you
And my fingers grasp the blankets
My teeth find the plush of my pillow
I scream when I find you're gone

I ache for you
In the night I burn for you
And my fingers try to replace you
My lips tight over my teeth
I scream when I can breathe again

I call for you
In the evening when I get home
And my key still doesn't work right
My hands shaking
I scream when silence is what welcomes me

I wake up for you
In the morning when I'm making coffee
And I wish I hadn't woken up
My mind drifting to dark places
I scream when I find my heart still beating

I stay whole for you
In the moments when the foundation is cracking
And the sink is leaking
My wallet too small to fix what's wrong
I scream when everything remains broken

I live for you
In the desolate hole of our home
And I wish that I didn't
My heart broken
I scream when I know that's what you want

I scream
Angela G Dec 2015
there's a screaming in my mind,
slow, maddening, insanity.
it never goes away, mind you.
when i'm seemingly in the clear,
it suddenly shrieks at a deafening volume.
for four months this scream resides,
within a brain unstable as mine.
no one wants to hear me scream.
i let it out too early, too often,
until everyone had a migraine,
but i only kept screaming,
until someone told me to shut my trap.
they disappeared.
i'm locked in my mind,
in this empty, screaming room.
the scream is louder than ever, mind you,
and i still manage to keep my trap shut.
this spiral of insanity is uncontrollable.
no one to hear me scream, or to care,
or to scream with me.
this nightmare i love has become my worst daydream.
i want to scream.
i must scream.
i have to scream.
i need to scream.
but i may only whisper.
i shut my trap,
and i've held it in too long.
i shut my trap,
and look what it got me.
Enigmatic Puppet Dec 2017
I scream
For none to hear
There is none to hear
My scream

I scream
For none to hear
I dare not let them hear
My scream

I scream
For none to hear
They have grown tired of hearing
My scream

I scream
For none to hear
There is none who will hear
My scream
Andrew Saromines Dec 2014
It seems no matter what I do I cannot control my words
And the stories I have grown on my own are hesitant to be told
I feel a block is in my throat
And a numbness in my hands
And the only thing that grows is the frustration toward this blandness
Rigorous in searching this I've found myself no release
And I scream
I scream
I scream for me to find words that I believe
My anger reaves more than I think
I can't find a ******* break and no one can ******* see
Don't you find beauty in my unraveling?
In a mind swallowed by the sea?
Am I capturing the picture well enough for you to be a part of me
I hope you see
I hope you scream
And scream
And scream until you understand the feelings that I cannot help but be
I do not do this for amusement
I don't do it for you
I don't do it for praise
Or for you to find truth
I do it to avoid release in my youth
From a rope
Or a gun
Or a bus on the move
But boy is it fun
But I want you around
But I love the sound
But it's something I've found
So I scream
And scream
And scream until I write these dreams down
This is my emotional ***** for the day. Not my usual tidy work but it was very necessary.
Kendra B Aug 2014
There is a scream inside me,
And its Angry.
And its Agonizing.
It is ever so Tantalizing.
There is a scream inside me.

There is a scream inside me.
And it's loud.
And it's deafening.
It just whistles through my emptiness,
Never filling.
Cause it's leaking through my bullet wounds.
Lord Jesus,
Help me.
There is a scream inside me.

There is a scream locked up inside me,
And somebody needs to hear it.

Take this scream out of me, Bwana.
Bwana, take this pain off of me.

This scream can stay no longer.

© 2014 Kendra Bowman
Poetic T Jul 2014
I thirst for the shrill
For the last noise before death,
Before the knife was fed
And blood suffocated, the last scream,
A last breath cutting the strings of life,
Honoured, for those who do not release a noise ,
Free to go
But as of yet they all did scream,
No woman or man,
when death was near,
They let out the breath that sealed there fate.
The thrill of the ****,
To cut them deep as they screamed,
I didn't discriminate it didn't matter
They were all prey, that fed the knife,
I came upon you,
With knife thirsting in hand,
I took you with the needle
Jabbing it into your neck,
Sleep momentarily
Waking to find the last moment
Not a man,
But a woman to your last breath,
But you didn't scream,
A puzzled look upon my face,
You all scream,
She looked on, a smile forming on her face,
I the killer felt a pain, sharp in my chest.
The feeling of wetness, I looked down,
A knife protruding from my chest,
I screamed,
My mistake,
Never let out,
As the knife wielded once more, she didn't pity
As my scream cut short,
A throat slit,
I breathed no more, my scream silent
The killer became the hunted,
I let out the thing I craved the most,
And now I lay
As all goes dark
A tear forms,
I died screaming and only one tear did fall.

— The End —