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tmh Dec 2014
the scars will f
but the                   e
sadness s
Sarah Isma May 8
I’ve now grown and I turned out alright
But now I realize that this flow isn’t a smooth flight
The scary things that I see is the reason I held to my seat so tight
Here are the few things
That made me hate this horrible ride
        the fact you realize that your parents are never right.
To see that they are flawed beings, with broken wings and ****** mistakes.
To realize the truths and the smiles they fake,
Growing up to see only the image portrayed- was only for your sake.
They hide the tears and shower us with laughter
They told us stories and happily ever after,
But just as soon
Only that I realize they were telling their own dreams,
        That had slipped right out their fingers
So ask me what’s the saddest part growing up?
To see the hollow sadness from the two people,
who once i thought was happiest.
i never really knew how much things could effect parents, the slightest action i could now see their subtle response- i understand now. Its just the fire in them burning out, only dim enough for them to keep me going- so i don't burn out too.
Jaycee Sep 2013
I'm sitting alone once again,
Those words of hate filling in
the holes in my heart that were
left open,

They sink deep in and make me feel lost,
I'll never understand that lacking of trust..
I feel so alone,
Like I'm never even noticed.
As if I'm fading away in the distance,
and I just can't take it.

I want to be loved,
but once someone sees,
They gasp and they grieve..
as if I'm any different.

I may have pink; red lines
painting my thighs;
but trust me..
I'm the same.

I have feelings that I can't control,
Causing me to turn on myself;
On my veins,
They bring me relief.

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