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tmh Dec 2014
the scars will f
but the                   e
sadness s
Sarah Isma May 8
I’ve now grown and I turned out alright
But now I realize that this flow isn’t a smooth flight
The scary things that I see is the reason I held to my seat so tight
Here are the few things
That made me hate this horrible ride
        the fact you realize that your parents are never right.
To see that they are flawed beings, with broken wings and damned mistakes.
To realize the truths and the smiles they fake,
Growing up to see only the image portrayed- was only for your sake.
They hide the tears and shower us with laughter
They told us stories and happily ever after,
But just as soon
Only that I realize they were telling their own dreams,
        That had slipped right out their fingers
So ask me what’s the saddest part growing up?
To see the hollow sadness from the two people,
who once i thought was happiest.
i never really knew how much things could effect parents, the slightest action i could now see their subtle response- i understand now. Its just the fire in them burning out, only dim enough for them to keep me going- so i don't burn out too.
Jaycee Sep 2013
I'm sitting alone once again,
Those words of hate filling in
the holes in my heart that were
left open,

They sink deep in and make me feel lost,
I'll never understand that lacking of trust..
I feel so alone,
Like I'm never even noticed.
As if I'm fading away in the distance,
and I just can't take it.

I want to be loved,
but once someone sees,
They gasp and they grieve..
as if I'm any different.

I may have pink; red lines
painting my thighs;
but trust me..
I'm the same.

I have feelings that I can't control,
Causing me to turn on myself;
On my veins,
They bring me relief.

It doesn't have to be healthy,
Only street corner poison;
Teeth marks,
Maybe something broken.
It's not about what it is,
But what it leaves.
The quiet skin beneath your sleeve,
The fire that sings me to sleep.
Jaycee Oct 2014
People just don't understand that my scars are part of what make me who I am,
I may have created them out of foolishness,
but they were debated over agony in the purist.
You may look at me differently because of them,
and of course I understand that,
they are not what make me pretty, nor friendly.
But they remind me that I am not always correct about everything.
They remind me that pain is real.
That I can feel whatever I want to feel in this insane world,
and even though I did make them myself,
I can remember the pain that was felt that in fact inspired them.

and now late at night when the silence creeps in,
I cannot sleep because I remember back then.
and the pain that you dealt may have been done in secret,
but either way you knew that I would hear it, and I will not say a word of hate towards you,
because we were small people in the middle of the sea.
And when I look down I have a constant reminder of that,
but I am stonger now, because of all the tears you caused me to cry.
I will stand taller now, because of your cruelties towards me.
I'll know not to cry next time.
Because in that situation it made things worse.
Nikki No Love Jul 18
Tears in the skin
Tears from your sins
Tears in the mind
Tears from what lies behind.

Cut from within
Cut in your skin
Cut down your wrist
Life is so brisk
You like the risk.

They say "sticks and stones may break my bones"
But their the ones who always had homes
"Words will never hurt me"
What if you just left them be?

Deep cuts in the thighs
Deep cuts from your lies
Cut from what you realise
People are evil in my eyes
Hold my hands behind my back with ties

Sticks and stones will break my bones.
Your words will tear my head, my heart; tear my skin.
And I reflect what you have said; your sins.
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