we are always asked
to understand the other person's
no matter how
foolish or
one is asked
to view
their total error
their life-waste
especially if they are
but age is the total of
our doing.
they have aged
because they have
out of focus,
they have refused to
not their fault?
whose fault?
I am asked to hide
my viewpoint
from them
for fear of their
age is no crime
but the shame
of a deliberately
among so many
Crazy Beautiful Mar 2015
Lately, I've been craving the pain
the crave of what consumes me and drives me insane
looking over photographs in which you appear
and slowly notice my heart in fear
scared of your love for me, to disappear
How can a person so perfect pay attention to me
I've always been broken, why can’t you see.
if I drove roads or swam in seas
I would still have difficulties to sleep in ease
wrapped up in miserable thoughts inside these empty sheets
thinking of you and how my heart starts to beat
as if I never have been alive before,
I love you and day by day, I love you even more
my feelings increased
I got hard to be ceased
to a point where I think, life got better than any movie or fiction
I smile so hard, I get scared of dying from an overdose of satisfaction
your affection is what flies me away from this depression
you’re a beautiful soul and in your eyes, I find passion
but I get lost, as if it was a wide ocean,
filled with secrets and notions from other dimensions
And still at nights like this
I fall from thousand skies
I hear the angel’s cries
I crave the pain, I crave my bliss
I need your heart, to prove, my love fits
better than any other, my heart has been made to resist
any hate or love, I just need yours to persist.
At nights like this,
I crave what has never been mine
it all just happens before the sun starts to *shine
Are you a friend?
A wolf
A fuckin sucker?
Your aim my money,
Your happiness,
When you get me well off
You kiss me tight
When everything is right
You say honey
When in my wallet is money
You say hi
When you think I'm high
Just get to know
That my heart is No
More a joke!
My mind You choke
You always leave it bleeding
I now go weeding,
All the suckers
All the parasites
All the untrue friends
The cheats
The liars
Are up rooted
I am now new
I am genuine
Faithful to myself
In need
Of a true
Self coexisting
And a mutual benefiting friendship!
Defined by true love,
Love unconditional
Who,who can still lead a tiresome life?
For my case,enough is enough
Someone Apr 2014
Stay humble my friend.
For you won't be here one day.
And although you think you might have left a legacy,
In due time it too will fade with you.
You want to be remembered as someone who
Was kind.
And above all humble.
So take the compliments nicely.
Try to always be kind.
And try to be forgiving.
Although I know it can sometimes be hard.
Help others.
Stand up for one another.
Because those are the true legacies that impact lives.
Not just some material thing that will fade faster than you think.
her smiles shines like diamonds at the bottom of a clear cool lake.
her eyes like hazel tulips fluttering in the wind while she dances to the beat of the drums constructed by her soul
Roy Vazquez Dec 2013
When I was younger
I liked to spin and spin
I would get dizzy and fall
and I would laugh
because things were good
and life was kind

When I was a little older
I liked to follow my brother around
I would get tired and fall
because no matter how hard I tried
I couldn't keep up
but things were good
and life was kind

The day I became a teenager
I began to internalize
and I would get dizzy and fall
because I was different
things were not good
but life was still kind

When I was a little older
I made peace with my struggles
I got light headed and cried
God made me different
but things were good
and life was kind

When I became an adult
I met my first love
We would kiss and I would fall
because I knew he would catch me
things were very good
and life was kind

When  I was a little older
I made too many mistakes
I was so sorry but I didn't fall
because I had ruined his life
and mine
and there's nothing to be done
things got really bad
and life was not kind

Now the days go by
but things are different now
and when I think about it all
I get dizzy and I do fall
because not a day goes by
that I don't think of you
and how sorry I am
for the idiot I was

but life goes on
there's not too much I can do
the little that could
was done
and we've moved on

The day I'm a little older
I'm sure I will see you that day
and I will probably get dizzy and fall
but I hope enough time has passed
where we are able to smile
because things are good
and life is once again kind
Kristen Ordonez Aug 2014
I've never been a huge fan of hands
But to have yours, any place and every place
Would satisfy the surge coursing through me
Are those grocery bags heavy?
Here, let me give you a hand.

You might fall!

Do you want to take my plane ticket?
Take it. I don't have time for vacation.

Thank you so much for this check!
Anything to help the homeless.

Thanks for donating so much!
Kids need books, don't they?

You have helped out so much!
*All in a day's work.
I try hard to achieve this, but I think I'm just not good enough.
I am so perfect
That's what you said
But one day I wake
You suddenly left

I want us to last long
Tell me what I did wrong
But you wanna be alone
So who am I to say No

Yes I did everything
To keep us working
Thought you did same thing
That's what I'm thinking

Now that you are gone
I guess now I am done
Done with one sided love
The love I always have
Quenniebells Apr 2015
Your face is always into sunshine;
It gives hope and clear aura to everyone.
The way your eyes say Hi whenever you smile;
It lessens up a bad vibe not just for awhile.

You are clothed with strength and dignity.
And you laugh without fearing the future and reality.
In the darkest days of your life;
I know you’ll stand tall to find the sunlight.

You won’t bloom to where you’ve planted.
I know you’ll explore more to get started.
It’s your goal for a better life to get;
Pursuing to reach your dreams and to be contented.

You are a flower that will not wither.
It’s because you know how to get yourself watered.
Even in cloudy days turned rainy.
You still know how to make yourself shiny.

Your influence is like spreading seeds;
Planting good vibes to the ones who are in need.
You are a sunshine that lightens up a day.
A sunflower that smiles, feeling like summer.

© Quenniebells, 2015
Sensual healing
Remote vibrations
Contemporary beliefs
Dissolve within a great force
Of electro magnetic Sun's charge
Fantasy ride over the ridge on the horizon's
Flickering tales and there aware beauty satiates long lost
Trust in human kindness which is unmasked is a true longing
Immense need borne into a trembling moment revealing thy
Love energy is dancing as one giant leap in the realms of
Levitation on my shy sound wings as they soar magnificent
Wondering why thy tiny serene particles open
Everlasting desire to be as one luminous
Mandelbrot's rainbow reflection on
Edges of a pure cosmic droplet
Effervescent dark magic is
This darkest intelligent
Deep pertinet gaze
Absolutly free
ˇImagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic Loveˇ
Chloe Jul 2014
You could fill me with dick,
balls deep in my ass.

You could fill me with cum,
semen dripping down my chin.

You could shove the entire
fucking world in my vagina,
But I'll still be empty inside.
It started out as a joke but now its just sad
Antionicia May 2017
Just like your handwriting
You’re a mess
You hide yourself
By cunning words
Trying to disguise how you really feel
But that’s okay
I see right through the facade
You are the type of guy
Who sometimes cries alone
In his room
The type of guy
Who teases and messes with girls
Making them feel awful
Because it’s hard to express how you really feel
You are the type of guy
Who never shows his inner thoughts
You don’t believe anyone will understand
The chaos in your mind
But that’s okay
I see right through it
I am the type of girl
Who’s willing to put
My heart out there
You are the type of guy
Who never sees
A girl like me.
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