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revenant Mar 5
Disappointment  soon vanishes
    without a visible trace
  We are only who we are ―
nothing more;  nothing else

I've finally stopped wondering
what it's like to be another kind;
in a world you're never enough
you've got to be true to yourself

There is armistice ― found within
believing you've done your best;
let the truth in the bones lay bare,
     understanding you won't
come to realize storms of regret

      Assuredly trying in vain 
        to go back to the start
    craving an unmask clarity
  The only traces remembered;
          a baby thrown out
         with the bath water ―           .
         a gnarled  pathway
          a soul  can't  wend  ― 
... even parsing old beginnings
            with open heart ,..
' The Gordian Knot of it he will unloose,'
           all things Do end

    Those tracks are all behind now,
a final faded fantasy washed away
              ... out of reach
        etched indelibly in heart
          is just a state of mind

It is both egocentric and naive to believe
there was something imponderable,
           palpably touchable ―
imagining an unseen pathway to peace
         on a distant shoreline,
      where wild rivers run free

        Time  has  worn  a hole
       in these threadbare soles
  where  I feel  the bare ground
             through the gap
      spinning on past beneath
          a  black-sheep  soul ―

    It's a long and twisted road
     and the weight of the load
is more than just a man can bear
    Even the strongest succumb
         to the onus of gravity
      'Blessed are the Merciful,
       for they will find Mercy'

       And though I weary be,
      detritus of past moments,
        a simple minutia grit,
        a pilgrim blown away
in the prevailing winds of change
           An unfinished life
and timeworn dreams do aspire
    a paradise still so far away

         All that shall remain
     are only gathered words
from an unsettled soul laid bare ―
Shaped from the blood and clay
                  of Being
       the last of another kind

         March 4th, 2018
Thank you for reading. This piece is published reluctantly in the hope a reader might find some small part of themselves unspoken.  this is very personal writing, and as the author your thoughts are much appreciated should you choose to reflect― as for me i have already purged it it all onto the page.

Many pieces have been written
as life's fleeting moments pass ...
all leading to the inevitable culmination
as the shape of a moment spent manifests ...

"The slow death of a poet":  an intimately personal collection

A personal perception of an unfinished life
at this particular moment in time ... rivers

    ''The Gordian Knot of it he will unloose,'
— Shakespeare, Henry V, Act 1 Scene 1. 45–47

    'Blessed are the Merciful,
     for they will find Mercy'
  — Matthew 5:7
A kind word
is a tree with unlimited fruits,
a sun with its infinite sun shine,
a full moon with its abundant light,
a blue print to an inspiring life.

A kind word
is the 'angel of love' that can
win the heart of an enemy,
It has  power to heal a broken heart,
and change  someone’s life .

A kind word,
is a tsunami that can break
one hundred walls to reach the
heart of a being, and fill it with
with hope, love, and inspiration.

Hussein Dekmak

the magi Jul 30
I...I love you.
That is the only way i can dis scribe this,
i love it when you kiss me,
your lips are soft,
and gentle,
no ones kissed my like this before.
you say you love me,
and my heart roars,
its a gushing volcano of hot lava.
you touch,
plants gardens.

your eyes,
Russet ,
i cant look away.
the way you look at me,
speaks a language,
without words.
You are Virgo ,
and i a Gemini.

you are kind.
and loving.
i cant let you out of my head.

you broke my heart.
desired to date one of my friends,
now im dating your best friend,
i cant handle, what a lie you gave me,
guess what?
i never loved you anyway.
the plants turned to weeds,
Your eyes are the color of ****,
the volcano,
is inactive,
The way you kissed me was terrible.
I can't believe i let you in.
at least i didn't give you anything important.
its just a heart
nothing special.
for Jacob
Robert C Howard May 2016
for Ashley and Trent

Joyous tears lie just ahead,
for Trent and Ashley
will seal their love today.

Pipes, strings, brass and voices
will soar beneath
Saint Peters towering nave

and we'll rise as one to affirm
their pledge of love and faith.

They met in band at Belleville East
and always seemed to know

that on some spring morn in June
they would stand at the altar
to vow their lives to constancy.

We all knew it too and today
we would be no other place

for hope unbounded rules the day
and echoes in our grateful hearts.
Another refugee poem from Poetfreak. The title is from a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins called At the Wedding March.
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