Sarah Spang Sep 2015
I think to be thoughtful
I speak to be heard
I write to decipher
The truth in my words.

I smiled to ensnare you
I laughed to secure
You slipped through the trap
That I built to procure

I kissed to consume you
I hugged to enfold
My arms close on nothing
You're no where to hold

I writhed to entrance you
I clutched you to keep*
Now the place where I hold you
Resides in my dreams.

I write so you'll read this
My hand pens the truth
All that I've written,
I've written for you.
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Shelby Azilda Jun 2014
I barely know you,
Yet my words just spill out with no filter.
I want you to just see me,
Without a mask and a little off kilter.

Crushes are weird.
PrttyBrd Jun 2014
love generates kindness
trust generates peace
open hearts breed understanding
Kody dibble Mar 2015
Time is whatever you manage to make,
Day in day out, we learn from that which takes it,

To silence the fears that make us,
Feel the hatred that takes us,

Continue, in vain,
Like gestures and coins,
Tossed in the great beyond,

Dimes and platelets of greener days,
Rendered the vision of maximum guilt,
Fortrusions for gone the desert a piece
Sarah Oct 2014
Justice is not equality
Freedom is not fairness

It’s better to admit you don’t understand
than to torture the hopeless

Waiting for peace on earth,
you dare to hold your breath

So I’ll let you suffocate;
We are equal in death
Trusting you is not hard.
The rest of the world, now, that’s a different matter.
But I trust you, as I trust the Sun to rise,
Feel free to hide.
Sometimes words fail us,
We cannot find the truth within.
Afraid, we feel unworthy,
Our need is overwhelming,
Crippled with self-doubt, words betray us,
But our hearts are as honest and true as the shining moon.
Fear not, I will always be here.
Sometimes I hide behind the clouds
But I will re-emerge to warm you,
Take heart, I would trust you with my life.
Katie W Jan 2015
Young is the flesh that your body may be
Frail is the mind of a body that cannot see.
Neath Nov 2014
Truth will forever be like grains of sand

seeping through the cracks of your hand
Sometimes the answers are always meant to be out of your reach...
Maya Veilleux Oct 2014
we all seek the truth
walking around blindly
but we cannot find the truth
until we find ourselves
my first poem:)
E Townsend Jan 2016
Lying makes a placeholder for the inevitable truth. The lie will become the truth, as a rectangle can be squeezed back into a square.
SAM Jul 2014
Everyone seeks it
Yet people scarcely
Use it
It is manipulated
By the world we

aaron Jeffrey Oct 2014
Your a dime
Dont let them waste your time
Even though your different
Your difference
makes you shine
Love your independence
Your beauty is Divine
You only live one
While your here
enjoy Your time
Dont let them
Kill your vibe
Dont let them
See you cry
Tell them you'll see them
In heaven as you climb
Yes they're a problem
But karma will soon divide
The truth within your soul
From the lies that they provide

-Jeffrey A.
- Jeffrey a
w r e c k a g e Jul 2015
do something brave
like cross an ocean
or climb a mountain
or *tell the truth
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