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NitaAnn Apr 2014
The truth is that life isn’t fair– it isn’t, but “you do the best you can” – at least that’s what I’ve been told.

The truth is I don’t even know which one of ‘me’ is real and I’m scared of the many times I leave my body and can no longer communicate, it makes me feel unsafe and the truth is it happens every single night.

The truth is I’m scared all the time because at any minute I could change into someone else and bad things can happen.

The truth is every single night my body aches with sharp and persistent pain, and I cannot rest, or find comfort. And the truth is I prefer not to be present when the pain becomes unbearable.

The truth is I feel overwhelmed with the chaos inside my head and the pain in my body – and the truth is I know that no one will be there, so why would I even ‘write’ how it feels anymore?

The truth is DT has no idea what happens now because the truth I don’t think he really wants to know and he wants to believe that because I don’t ‘email’ him or leave him a ‘voicemail’ that I must be doing better. Good Job, Nita, you are doing such a great job navigating through the pain, in a much “healthier” way. But the truth is he doesn’t know anything about my “nightly navigation”.

The truth is no one wanted to know the TRUTH then, and no one wants to know it now. No one wants to see, or hear, about a man fu@#ing a kid. Because the TRUTH is that it’s disgusting and revolting, and horrifying…and the thought really turns the stomach of anyone who hears it. And the truth is, if it makes you feel that way to hear it, then imagine how disgusting it feels to be a kid who was fu@#ed.

The truth is I scared as hell that one day I will seriously hurt or **** myself. Because the truth is that we do tend to hurt and **** ourselves, and if ‘one’ of us does it – the rest of us are scared as hell that it will happen to another survivor!

The truththe truth is a journey into madness…and you can’t handle my ‘truth’. Because your truth and my truth are WAY to different…

The truth is I’m not that scarred when I’m covered up – and the truth is no one wants to see those scars because it’s uncomfortable and perhaps a reality check that the world really is fu@#ed up – and adults really do f@#k kids – and people like me really do hurt themselves and **** themselves.

The truth is everyone ignores what isn’t “spoken” and the truth is everyone is shocked as hell when the unspeakable happens.

The truth is “I” am not the one with the blinders on. And the truth is you don’t see me now because you don’t want to see me. Because you WANT to believe that I’m doing “better” as a result of your “boundaries” and “limits” (what a good doctor you are!- pure genius…she finally ‘accepts’ the limitations –and as a result huge sigh she’s doing so much better) – but the truth is you don’t know because you don’t ask, and you don’t ask because you don’t want to know- because it’s not pretty and it certainly isn’t something you see in a showroom window.

And the truth is you don’t know what my reality is because you don’t want to know, you don’t want to see. Because my reality is covered up with clothing, eyes that hide the truth, the ability to use humor to hide even the most painful feelings, and a bright smile.

And that’s okay – but really….your truth and my truth are as far apart as Earth and Venus.

Smile Pretty for the Camera, Nita ...that's "perfect."
mannley collins Jan 2016
Lies are lies
they deny you the truth.
Truth is truth
it denies you the lie.
when examined closely both are exactly the same.
They are interchangeable.
People that tell the "truth" to you are denying you lies.
How boring and dangerous and malevolent are people full of truth.
Choose your religious truth---
Christian truth.
Islamic truth.
Judaic truth.
Vedic Hindoo truth.
Buddist truth.
Capitalist truth.
Socialist truth.
Free market truth.
Managed market truth.
Monarchist truth.
Democratic truth.
Militarist truth.
Liberal truth.
Fascist truth.

People that tell lies to you are denying you truthfulness.
How boring and dangerous and malevolent are people full of lies.
Choose your lies.
Christian lies.
Islamic lies.
Judaic lies.
Vedic Hindoo lies.
Buddist lies.
Capitalist lies.
Socialist lies.
Free market lies.
Managed market lies.
Monarchist lies.
Democratic lies.
Militarist lies.
Liberal lies.
Fascist lies.
Truthfulness is neither truth nor lies.
It exists on its own.
Truthfulness is free of the Duality of Truth and Lies..
The individual Isness exists in the state of Separate and Merged with the Isness of the Universe.
Permanent Mindlessness is unconditional love--just ask any Dog or Cat.
The Mind separates us from the Isness of the Universe.
The Mind creates Duality which is governed by Conditional Love.
The individual Isness creates Unconditional Love(Consciousness) which is outside Duality.
Mind cannot create Unconditional Love.
The individual Isness cannot create Conditional Love.
If you have Mind/Conditioned Identity in your head you cannot love Unconditionally.
If you do not have Mind/Conditioned Identity then you can only love Unconditionally.
If you have Mind and Conditioned Identity  you cannot be Merged with the Isness of the Universe.
If you are Mindless and Conditioned Identityless you are merged with the Isness of the Universe.
Conditional Love says I love you on Condition I can hate you.
Unconditional Love says I will never stop loving you but I may dissapprove of your actions but I will never hate you because I cannot hate..
Conditional Love is selective--it only applies to Family and Friends and fellow GroupMind members.
Unconditional Love is not selective--it applies to every living being--human or otherwise.
Unconditional Love does not see people as Friends and Enemies.
Unconditional Love sees people as individual Isness incarnated in bodies.
Humans are deceived by the Mind into believing that the Conditioned Identity is their true Identity and deceived by the Mind into believing that they should leave the running of their brains and therefore their lives to the Mind.
The individual Isness is a small but equal individual independent,
nameless,formless,genderless,autonomous portion of the Isness of the Universe that people controlled by Mind are taught to call a Soul.
The Soul is just another Mind created Conditioned Identity.
The Atman is just another Mind created Conditioned Identity.
The individual  Isness is formed from a small but equal portion of the essence of the Isness of the Universe and incarnated in a Human Body of either Gender-_male or female of any skin colour.
Vicki Acquah Oct 2015
When Truth Came A Calling

There's A knock on my door,
I ask "who is there". ?
Standing there are five faces. .
They answer" IN UNISON "Truth"
I ask" Why the disguise"...?
It is I,"Truth" they all refrain.

How will I know which one of
you is to cross my threshold,
Let us all in and you will
figure it out in the end.
"No" I shouted I will never-
I will dismiss the one in
front he is much too "Clever".

Now there are four. Who shall I leave
to come through my door.
The next one began to explain,
every reason he should entrance gain,
a very convincing argument, I exclaimed,
"Go away you are nothing but" Rhetoric";
Everyone knows that the truth is Plain.

Now standing there in
front of my door left three,
The next one to speak
was beautiful, and very ****...
"let me in, and I will prove I am truth.
You knew my mother her name was Ruth".

No! -You cannot lure me with ***
I read the story of your mother
and interpreted well.
If you do not leave my
door I will surely get vexed.

Now that I sent all but two away,
It was easier to tell ,
Who was left to welcome in..
Which of these two should enter my abode?
I had to ponder as to What truth really meant.
Was it something to be applied like a first aid kit.?

Is it true, that the truth is
sometimes ugly, and always plain?
Will the truth set you free after the pain.  
I pondered some more and let them both in.

One was life and one was death-
One was yen and one was yang.  
Truth number one started to speak, He said:
"No" The truth is not always in plain sight
Sometimes you have to search for it !

And:"Yes", The truth
can be ugly at times,
but you were right;
Real truth never wears a disguise.
Some truth is Imagined and
real truth's are universal

Depends on the mindset of the
thinker. What he perceives to be real-
has had many rehearsals;
As his thoughts have been trained -
as to what he see's, knows and feels.

The truth is not convoluted,
nor contrived,and
you will always KNOW
more than you think you do;
When the truth arrives.

When you enjoy the lies,
and the rhetoric,
It's because the lies
you believe, benefit you,
Though PREJUDICE eyes
can barely RECOGNIZE
the TRUTH again ever.

And so you will remain
To the self seeking lies forever.

We are truth,they lamented-
We are the wide and the narrow
THE good,THE bad,


There was a knock on my door--
Someone had come,
disguised as one of truth's
Somehow he has come
to blame the innocent victims.

I prayed for my secret
eye to be opened,
and my judgement
to be discerning.

Because the truth,
as it seems, I am learning.
Is subject to Interpretation.

And before "Truth"
left my home, I was told.  
Man cannot reason out, that
which he does not understand-

If he thinks he understands the proof
but calls upon no spirit to discern -
He alone, is unable to interpret the truth
Copyright © 2015 Vicki Acquah
If we don't realize who we are and why we are here
If we are not happy and just live with stress and fear
If we come to earth and don't realize why we are given this birth
Then, can we say we lived? No, at best, we did exist

Everybody wants happiness, who wants to be sad
Who wouldn't exchange a life of misery for one that is glad
But few are happy with unfullled desires and expectations
They never learn happiness is a journey, not a destination

Are we meant to zoom from our womb to our tomb
Or is life such that we must be locked in a room?
No, life is about living and realizing the Truth
Finding our life purpose, getting to the bottom of the root

The world is chasing success for everyone wants happiness
They cheat, they lie, they steal and cry, and end their life in a mess
They think achievement and money will give pleasure and smiles
Till they learn Success is not Happiness, Happiness is Success

It's crazy but it's true that we earn for others to burn
Silly, we are stingy, we don't spend on what we yearn
Till one day we realize, sadly, that we have money but no life to live
Money that we can't take with us, everything we must give

Achievement creates pleasure, it makes us laugh and smile
But with it come problems that are longer than a mile
With contentment and fulllment, our life is full of peace
There is no stress, there is no worry, just tranquility, and ease

Have you ever wondered why we are anxious and miserable?
We worry about our cough and cold, and how we will pay the bill
The biggest cause of unhappiness is our desires that are not met
We seek something and are disappointed and this makes our eyes wet

What is our life purpose? Why do we come to this earth?
How do these trillion cells together take a magical birth?
If we live and do not nd life's purpose and meaning...
Then we are no better than a tree that is tall but just leaning

Instead of just existing, there are questions that we must ask
Let's make our life interesting by doing this curious task
Where is God and who is He? Is it true that God made me?
Let us nd out what came rst - was it the seed or the tree?

Are we the body that is born starting as a zygote?
Or is the body something that keeps our life aoat?
Fools are those who believe that we are made of bone and skin
The Truth is that we are the Life Energy that lives within

We think and worry and fear, that is our mind
Strange, isn't it, where is the mind, we cannot nd!
It appears like a monkey jumping from trunk to trunk
Spilling thoughts left and right till we make it into a monk

If I am not the body, I am not the mind, then the question is, who am I?
The ego says, “Oh, it's me! This silly question - why?”
The ego tries to fool us with this mistaken identity
The Truth when we know, only then we will be free

We live in ignorance covered by a blanket that is dark
We achieve many things but what is life, we miss the mark
We foolishly live and do not achieve our own life goal
To nd we are not the body or the mind, but the Soul

The body will die, and the mind will y
The soul which is me will leave for the sky
The body will return to dust, that's no lie
That's the simple Truth, I will never die

There is a power that controls this earth and universe
A power that's kind, that's wise, and does not curse
How is it possible otherwise that the earth goes round and round?
Who is the one that causes all the magic on the ground?

We know God exists but who is, where is, what is God?
Why can't you tell us the secret from the skies, Oh Lord!
We know you exist that's for sure, we have no doubt
You are a power that we know, but we pray: please come out

Life on earth is a Cosmic Drama, we come and we go
Nothing is real, it's like a dream, it's just a Cosmic show
Because we think that life is real, we worry and we cry
We ght, we shout, we scream, we suffer right until we die

Karma is a universal Law, what you give is what you get
As you sow, so shall you reap - on this I can bet
Law of Action and Reaction, those who **** will be made to hang
And it all returns back to us, just like a boomerang

Man thinks he can achieve anything but little does he know
There is a mysterious 4th Factor that actually controls the show
Man believes results depend on him, his equipment and his act
Sad it is but the results lie with the 4th Factor, in fact

There is a way to suffer no more, not to worry, not to cry
If only we nd out the Truth of 'who am I?'
Then though the body and mind suffers, that is not me
From regret, fear, worry, pain and misery, I am free

Of course, we all need a good Life Coach who will teach
Otherwise, it is not possible that success we will reach
If we want to nd the Truth and our life to realize
We need a spiritual master, who will open our real eyes

Do you know anybody who has been to heaven or hell?
Are there devils in hell and does heaven have a bell?
The Truth is this, these are not places that anyone can go
Sins or good deeds are redeemed here on earth we must know

If we are not the body and the mind, then who are we?
We are the Soul, the Atman, we are the Life Energy
When the body is born, we enter and we are the cause of birth
We continue to give life to the body till it dies here on earth

We all say that time is ying, but this is not true
We are moving. Time is still. It's stuck like glue
No doubt the clock has a needle. Its ticking doesn't stop
Stop and see time is still. It's we who run and hop

We must realize this Truth that knowledge is not realization
It's the root, it's not the fruit, there must be evolution
From knowledge shall shoot wisdom that will nally make us know
Who we are and why we are here, in our Soul this will glow

What is our goal? All religions say it is liberation
We must realize we are the Soul, whatever be our occupation
Most of humanity thinks that happiness is the goal
No, this is not true. It is to nd that we are the Soul

Where is the mind? We cannot nd but who will make us know?
It is our intellect who is the master to make the mind slow
The intellect discriminates between what is right and what is wrong
We then choose what we must do and sing a happy song

There is a way to stop all our worries and anxiety
If we live with detachment then from misery we are free
It is passion and desire that makes us expect and crave
If we don't live with dispassion, we will take worries to our grave

What is the key to realization? The secret, do you know?
With discipline of mind and body, towards liberation you can go
If you have no control on your body and your mind
In a prison of Body and Mind, yourself you will nd

People think yoga is a physical exercise.
This is believed by fools, not the ones who are wise
Yoga is union. It's a connection with the Divine
That is all that matters, and it is truly sublime

Who is it that kills and destroys our joy and peace?
It is we ourselves who do it. Let's not blame others, please!
When we start, there is happiness and peace all around
But we desire and we crave and anxiety is found

The one who can be happy in this moment, in the NOW
It is he who can be peaceful, grazing like a Happy cow
He doesn't live with regrets of the past that is gone
Nor does he live with the fear of the future not yet born

Why do we nd that people easily believe in the myth?
Why don't they ask questions and Realize the Truth?
Because we believe in rituals and trust superstition
Our life is in turmoil and we live in stress and tension

Maya is a cosmic illusion. It has two amazing powers
With one it conceals the Truth, with the other, it projects the stars
Nothing is real in this cosmic world, everything is a dream
Because we believe in Maya, we fear, worry, and scream

The Law of Causation states that every effect has a cause
Don't just believe it's a gold ring. Ask questions and pause
If you remove gold from the gold ring, you will nd nothing left
The Divine is the cause, the world and we are just effects

To achieve the goal of life, important steps there are three
It starts with the purication of body and mind, then we are free
In the second step, the darkness goes because of illumination
In the nal step we become one with the Lord, that is unication

Every human being on earth has to act and is not free
When we wake up from bed, we wash our faces and be who we must be
While we cannot be free from action and this Truth we do know
We can be free in action and we can let the spirit grow

At death one of two things happen…this is the Divine Truth
If we believe we are body and mind, we will have to take rebirth
But those who realize we are the Soul, from rebirth they are free
At death, their Soul is liberated and one with the Lord, they'll be

Columbus discovered America, the land he could touch and feel
Self-realization can't be discovered. You’ll know it when you peel…
Layer by layer, when you strip apart the body and the mind
You will realize you are neither, you are the Soul that's inside

Even those who realize the ultimate Truth, they are still not free
They still have to ght the war within, then liberation they will see
The Truth you know, you are still prisoner of the mind
When you transcend ego, and mind, then you are free, you will nd
Of course, there is a way to everlasting peace and joy
If we are free from body and mind, this bliss we can enjoy
But rst, we must realize the Truth and know that we are the Soul
Then we can achieve everlasting joy and peace as our goal

Many things are beautiful, with these beautiful eyes we see
And then we can appreciate how beautiful the Creator can be
But when we realize that everything is a manifestation of the Lord
Then we will not just see beauty, but in beauty we will see God

All religions are good for they take us closer to God
But there is one problem, they say their God is the only Lord
Thus, religion is the kindergarten to spirituality we must know
We must go beyond our religion, in spirituality to grow

Realization of the Truth is nothing less than magic
It eliminates regrets, fears and takes away everything tragic
When we realize we are not the body that cries and the rascal mind
This is the realization of the truth, and peace and joy we will nd

When something happens don't wonder, accept the Divine Will
We must trust in the Divine Master, His design and His skill
Rather than hope for something and break our little heart
It is better to surrender to the Divine, just doing our little part

We all have enemies, who doesn't? But the greatest enemy is 'ME'
ME is Mind and Ego, a bigger enemy there cannot be
It bombards us with thoughts and causes anxiety
It makes us suffer in regret and fear and doesn't let us be free

What is life all about, have you ever thought?
Who are we and why we are here, this we have forgot
The purpose of life is to nd the Truth - we are not body and mind
Our goal is to unite with the Divine, and this Truth we must nd

In a transformation, we make a change, though it is better, not worse
We changed our life from what it was, but this change we can reverse
But a metamorphosis is different, it's when a caterpillar starts to y
It can never again crawl on earth as it becomes a buttery

We are all Souls embodied in a body and a mind
Without this body-mind complex, the Soul we cannot nd
Just like mud needs a *** to manifest itself
The Soul too needs a body and mind and can't be seen by itself

Why do we fear, why do we worry, why do we regret?
Because we live in ignorance, we fume and we fret
But once we realize the Truth that we are not body or mind
We dance with joy and peace, and misery we leave behind

It starts with self-realization, knowing who we truly are
Neither are we the body, nor the mind, but the Soul that shines like a
This leads to God-realization, we nd God is a power
He is everywhere, on earth and in the sky. He is in every ower

The human mind can't understand all, it has a limit we must know
The nose can smell, but cannot see and show what eyes can show
And so is the human being created, he cannot think beyond
He can realize the self and realize God, but can't go beyond

I live as the happiest man on earth, what is my secret of life?
I live with peace and joy and bliss. I have no strife
I know I am not body or mind. I am a Divine Soul
To unite with my Lord, My God, is my Life's only Goal.
Spiritual Poem By AiR
Graff1980 Aug 2016
Last night the truth was in the bottle. It may be a tad bit cliché, but the stripping away of my cognitive functions was a relaxing endeavor. Okay, there’s nothing cliché about that last sentence. Still, there I was past the crowded living room, cluttered with soda cans and people, past the small kitchen and the three guys playing cards, past the three wine coolers sipped through a straw, and the mixed drinks, pass all that there was the truth.
Dropping the regular essence of me, I slid behind the idiot clown. I tripped and stumbled, babbled and mumbled. My emotions unguarded, I spewed love almost as much as I spewed chunks of a greasy sausage pizza with little chewed up black olives. It was fun. One moment of not thinking. One moment of not dealing with the concrete and the abstract, the struggles and oppressions, my realistic paranoia and dark observations. I plopped limply down on the couch then slid off the side of it jokingly. The ground shuddered with a soft thud.  My friends laughed. I laughed. The truth is I like the sound of innocent laughter. It is a relief. All those synapse spitting out calming fluids. Till, what little stress that was left disappears.

     Before that the truth was in caffeine induced writing frenzies. There were small interludes of creativity swirling around dark depressive moods. I pushed and prodded the black keys as if I was chipping away chunks of stone on a marble sculpture; exposing myself and my truths.

     Someone told me that to be a great writer doesn’t require me to suffer. I thought it’s a good thing they’re not mutually exclusive, because the truth is I was suffering long before I started to write. The doubt which comes from learning more and more bled me to the verge of insanity. Maybe it was vanity that pushed me to seek the truth.

     Before that the truth was in quiet walks. The strolls down old dirt paths and memory lanes, crossing the mental traffic of past and present. I lingered at the jagged grey sparkling stone markers, sitting on newly grass covered plots, just hanging out at the graveyard because it was quiet. I wasn’t some emo kid. The truth was that I just preferred the quiet. It was the same reason I raced through the day to get to the night. Night was as nonjudgmental as the pine infested graveyard. No harsh sun glaring down. No strangers staring at me until I had to turn my head to the ground. The truth was the quiet, and the quiet was liberating.

      Before that the truth was in books. Kernels of wisdom locked in works of fiction. Little leather bound universes creeping in and transforming my mind.  Now, I prefer biographies; back then I loved the fantasies. Though in truth all nonfiction is fiction, because all reality is perceived relatively and written thusly. So, I stashed book in my back pack and back tracked down old alley ways to read away the lonely days. I sat in those dark corners, the dusty gravel biting my big bubble ****, but I was there for the quiet.

      Before that there was science. Beakers and Bunsen burners burning out atoms, and chlorophyll. I never really felt I had a talent for their postulates or formulas. Yet their subtle certainty, mired in uncertainty was appealing. They offered ever evolving truths. The strange transition from one logical position to the next and I was willing to adapt to any new facts.

      Before that there was god. I was his egotistically elevated idiot child. I could converse with adults on their level because in this they were as juvenile as I was; those ancient books that no longer make sense to me. Then it was the emotion of loving unearned certainty. The comfort of cowering beneath the awe and love of an all-powerful and all-knowing father figure, I called it the truth.

      Sometimes, when I couldn’t sleep, cause a life’s worth of anxiety was hounding me the truth was in the music. Soft sounding syllables serenading me to sleep, moving to the rhythm of a calmly flowing beat. The music gave me something to focus on. It was a converging point to calm the chaos. Once in a while the music would play out some story or point out some struggle. My Tracy Chapman that was the truth.

       Sleep was preferable to the waking madness of daily living. So, if I was tired I slept. People used to make me feel guilty about it. However, I realized that sleep healed the body and the mind. Sleep let me dream. Dreams let me do things beyond reality. They directed me to grand fantasies, or pointed out painful truths about myself. I could wake up crying, or I could go to bed sad and wake up content. That was the truth.  

       In-between all these things I pondered relative and certain truth. Was it constant or changing based on perception? People passed, none returned. I got older. Now my teeth are starting to rot right out of my face, but I still devour information; listening to the wild tales of strangers. Sometimes, I trust too much, other times I trust no one.

      The truth is I exist, amidst whatever this existence is. Beyond that I cannot clearly define this reality. What is the truth?
Neti Neti, I am not the Body
Neti Neti, I am not the Mind
If I am not the Body and Mind
Who am I? This must be defined
Tat Twam Asi, I am the Divine Soul, I find

If the Truth you want to know
Then on a Journey, you must go
You must Realize 'You are That, not this'
Until you realize the truth, there will be no bliss
Then only will Heaven open its door

Ghor Avidya is Gross Ignorance
I lived with the Myth, in a trance
Because I didn't know this was just my name
I got caught in my wealth and my fame
And the Truth just missed my glance

This world is a Leela, a drama I see
We are just Actors, just transitory
The earth is a Stage, we come and we go
Nothing is real, it is all just a show
We must transcend the Mind and Ego, ME

Tattva Bodha is the Knowledge of the Body
We are made of elements five
From dust we come and to dust we will go
This Body is not real, this Truth we must know
To Realize this Truth, we must strive

Atma Bodha is the Wisdom of the Soul
It is the Power that makes us roll
When we realize we are the Atman, the Soul, the Spirit
Not the skin that is outside, but the Power that is in it
Then we achieve our Life's ultimate goal

We must start a Talaash, a Quest
And put all our beliefs to test
We must Ask, Investigate and Realize
Only then will we open our 'real' eyes
And our Ignorance will come to rest

Sravana, Manana, Nididhyasana
The steps to the Truth are three
We must first read and then listen
And contemplate to realize what is within
Then from Rebirth we will be free

Sat Darshana is the Vision of the Truth
It helps us catch the evil brute
It makes us realize we are not the Body and Mind
We are the Soul, we Realize and we find
As we get to the bottom of the root

Maya is a Cosmic Illusion
It makes us live in delusion
It has the power to project the Myth
As it does, it conceals the Truth
And thus, it corrupts our vision

Aparoksh Anubhuti is Intuitive Realization
We experience the Truth and get Liberation
It is not knowledge that we can get from a book
It is beyond what the ordinary eyes can look
But the reward is Divine Unification

Why are we talking of all this?
We don't realize that this is Bliss
When we go on a quest, our beliefs to test
We search and search with all our zest
We must not stop or the reward we will miss

There are many who are caught in this world of pleasure
They think that money and wealth is the real treasure
They are prisoners of their Body and Mind
They are the Soul, this Truth they don’t find
True Peace and Bliss of life they fail to measure

There are some who use their Intellect
What is the Truth, they detect
Viveka Chudamani is a treasure, they find
It kills the rascal, the Monkey Mind
And then in Ananda they rest

Tat Twam Asi, Thou Art That
Not this, not this, we are That
We are not the Body that we seem to be
Not the Mind and Ego that says, ‘It’s ME’
We are the Divine Soul, in fact

We are the Waker, the Dreamer, the Sleeper - states three
From this Ignorance we must be free
We are Chaturyam, or Turiyam, the state that’s fourth
To this Truth we must all march forth
Then the Witness, the Observer we will be

Satyam Shivam Sundaram, do you know…
It is a mantra, the Truth it will show
Translated, it means, ‘The Truth is God is Beautiful’
Without God, there will be nothing wonderful
With Realization, into this we grow

What stops us is Ahamkara, the Ego
Which hides the Truth for the Myth to show
All along we say ‘I', 'me' and 'mine'
And so, in agony we live, and we whine
It's time to let go of the Ego

And then we must know about the Law of Action
Karma is the Law of Reaction
It states, 'As you sow, so shall you reap’
If you sin, you will take Rebirth and weep
From this cycle, we need Liberation

What is the reward if all this we do?
We will be Free from suffering, that is true
Jivanmukti is a state of Bliss
It overcomes all misery, this we must not miss
Otherwise, we will live as if in a zoo

A Steady Intellect can transcend the Mind
When the Intellect is Steady, we are Sthitpragya we find
It is about living with Realization
And not letting go of Liberation
Until we unite with the Divine

To Realize the Truth, we must live in Yoga
Not sink in this world and suffer in Bhoga
Yoga is about transcending the Mind
What the world believes is a myth of a kind
Then we are Enlightened, not blind

To Realize the Truth, all this we must know
If we have to cross this worldly show
Neti Neti, Not this, Not this
Tat Twam Asi will give us Bliss
But to this Truth we must row

What is our Life's Ultimate Goal
To Realize we are the Divine Soul
Moksha, Nirvana, Enlightenment, it is called
Because of Ignorance, this Truth is stalled
Until our Death, we just roll

To Realize this Truth, we need a Master
Then to the Goal, we will go faster
It is the Guru that takes us from Darkness to Light
A Spiritual Master tells us what is right
Reward is Joy, Bliss, and Laughter

And then, our Journey to God we will start
We Realize God lives in the Temple of our Heart
God is the Power that lives Within
It is a myth that he is made of bone and skin
And from all old beliefs, we will depart

I too lived in Ignorance for years
Until I Realized the Truth with tears
I finally realized that this was just my name
And I was glad and ended all my shame
And I got rid of all my Fears

If we want God-Realization
Then we must start with Self-Realization
Are we the body and mind? We are not this
Then, we realize we are That and live in Bliss
And then, we experience Unification

But there cannot be Unification
Unless first, there is Liberation
We must be Liberated from the Ego and the Mind
We are the Soul, this Truth we must find
And all this starts from Realization

Not this Not this, start your Quest
Thou Art That, only then you rest
Till you discover who you are not
You will never Realize, in myth, you will be caught
Don't lose your Spiritual zest
Silencer Dec 2018
Through the fog and through the rain
and the midst of my escape
to seek a hope of rescue I await
that though I fell away
I become the master of the energies I once believed could not be tamed

And So I thank you

Thank you, for setting forth instruction, fufillng the indulges of my desire to be taught
In my adolesence
I listen to The Order of Your Word,
carried out through training
adhereing in self-discipline
I now had learned to crawl..
that in the giving of free will, I be given way to step my foot in straight directed forward path, to spread the power of your Love

Thank you, for the Wisdom to know choice
for even though evil ways I crossed
you granted opportunity
to raise me up and walk

Thank you, for the Wisdom that's your Son
Who descended from the heavens to
to guide the way in sacrifice
that our hearts may see the light, never growing cold, to be overshadowed by the darkness, that fades into the night
A Knowing, Through Jesus, The Law Fulfilling Christ
That in Wisdom we come to know the Truth
Truth that set forth Wisdom descended from the heavens to carry out the Truth
A spreading of the seed that through Wisdom you come to know the Truth
That Truth may blossom like the flowers of the field in hopes you be carried out by Wisdom
To the land that fosters only Truth
Truth that is of Wisdom
Because Wisdom is of Truth
Because Wisdome is the truth
Because Wisdom was The Word guided by the Truth
Because Wisdom is The Word Of Truth
In Ascention, to once again unite
The Trinity
The Infinite Divine
Cause the only path To Truth is Wisdom
because only Wisdom knows the Truth
Because Wisdom is the Truth
And Truth resides in Wisdom
Like Wisdom resides in Truth
And To Find Truth You must Find Wisdom
That it takes,
Wisdom to Know Truth

The Truth that is God

Thank you, that my loving you was my absolute and greatest fear
Whether I be right or whether I be wrong
It was in my sinning That I found the Fear of God
doors that led to my refuge
that I may know liberation
offerings he presents, to represent, his representations, of representatives

In that, Rising from submeregence
Thank you,
Blind that unblinded I became
I come to know the penalty,
A life without a cost, without cause
For such name I could not bear to hold
dissenigration of the deepest realms that had been placed,
       For the Angels of the Fall..

            I'm not meant to be here

Secluded in my hiding I find death, and death cannot be bought
To act against in Sins of He whom I Fear  Most Loved,
That I once more come to Thank You,
For it was there, that I was found to find my self dwelling,
        In the Shadows of The Lost
It was fear I Wed, more so did I know it was a custom of the dead
of those who away from love Fled
married to the absence of those unable to return and just like the memory
the sparkle burn a hopelessly, Only for their Spirit to return to from whom they were sent
Mateuš Conrad Nov 2017
strange, there's always "the" truth, but always "a" lie... i never understood the monism of truth, and the pluralism of a lie (lies), what is interesting is that with the exclusion of articles: there's but one truth... as there is only a chance of lies... when your disregard the use of definite / indefinite articles, you are talking about truth and lies... reworded, as is necessary ti effectuate the purity of language... the truth: a lie... we speak of truth, but then reconsider this truth with: lies - lies have no uniformity, no honing foundation, not (0, 0) vector enterprise to guide a third negation (kant equate 0 with negation) - the third coordinate of negation is impossible... two negations are possible, but a third negation is near impossible, since there's the first negation of a proposition, then there's the negation of the negation of a proposition (second), but a third negation of the second negation (of a proposition) is impossible, because by second negation the third negation has no proposition to negate, only a negation, and a third denial is a contradiction, and how can a negation that's a "proposition", be negated?! magnet dynamic.

telling "the" truth (a truth) is actually
the easiest thing to do,
  truth doesn't erode the memory,
in that by not eroding the memory -
it allows a narrative a continuum
that does not necessarily have to
digress into a regression of overlaying,
repeating a said lie -
truth is hardly mingled with
memory, truth is forgetfulness -
however, lies reveal a strain on memory,
in that they have to be repeated,
to keep a narrative: intact.
    - and that's what my mother always
taught me:
              - unlike a chinese mother
who says: keep your heart small -
no, instead she said:
    don't like -
  conjure that one up against
the ten commandments:
  there's no shall, i.e. you shall
not lie, she simply said:
               don't lie -
                 if i lie i lie about
the most finicky concerns / details...
notably in culinary concerns -  
   i ask whether i under-salted a dish...
i don't lie about my drinking:
yes. to excess,
   in one ear, out the other -
a litre of whiskey is sometimes not
enough, per night,
           but then i act upon
the sober person cordiality -
              i hush my footsteps -
    i encourage bladder talk and
squeeze my **** to avoid
the unexpected gush of soggy
  telling the truth is fun,
at least the narrative is glued together,
it feels almost vampire-like:
   perhaps there's a visage in the mirror
to my body, perhaps even a shadow
in the night, but when i stick my tongue
out from out of my tongue?
i see nothing.
  truth is a honing device -
lies: always shrapnel -
  a lie was never and never will be
a unifying concept -
            since there is
        no definite lie -
               as there is, a definite truth -
for there are indefinite lies -
   but no indefinite truths...
                  well, that's also wrong,
indefinite truths exist
           but their indefiniteness is
historiologically* true, rather than
historically true -
              i.e. history is a lie,
    but also a truth, when empowered
with a chance to repeat: or improve -
yet it is still necessary to denounce
  the article as sole inheritor of being
                 definite or indefinite -
              a chance to see truth (the)
applied to the definite article, as seeing
lies (a) applied to the indefinite article
is not merely singularity honing,
  or pluralism shrapnel...
              but by simple construct of but
three to four words:
  the truth...
                   vs. a lie: which implies
a singularity indefinite - i.e. a pluralism,
the truth resembles only one resolve -
a one inside a one;
     a lie?
              a lie of how many?
     hence the pluralism of a lie: lies.
                         now do we believe in
the signature ending via S?
                                        i never believed
in abstraction per se,
        the only abstraction i ever believed in,
was how to mature with one's use of
              i only believed in listening to
idiots, while reading geniuses -
so much of language is burdened with talk,
that so much optics is lost...
                     i only fathomed philosophy
within the framework of how far
language could be abstracted, away from
the jovial everyday conversations in a marketplace,
thus said: how to unlearn asking
for a kilogram of apples from a country person;
but more importantly:
for to speak a tongue foreign to me,
but in a way,
as to make the native speakers:
feel nothing but shame,
and if not shame: confusion...
to become a tarantula...
for personal reasons, i rather keep
intact in the person i am becoming.
What might the heights of the minds eyes see while the spirit is in motion of the purest emotion of intent and expression of love?

Is it such a state where false has awards and evening gowns picked out for the awards show?

Is it so fake that one might find it difficult to understand real from false?

Or might the fact that when a human being can truly  walk the line of life with grace and demanding ******* while gently caressing the absolutely overwhelming truth that love has ravaged the soul ,

Ravaged this soul,

*****, held, ravaged, run through, righted and scorned in the deepest of waters a soul has yet to express to the world for two thousand years, and all while  the captive ....... Soul,         is critiqued on the devastation wrot in such completeness that is is even to this day savoured as a prized  fetish even unto the sad would self.

Dare I ask simple a question of wondering curious eyes of windowed souls to cast a view into the dew of the greatness of being of truth and grace while respecting the very heart from which such torture pours from?

dare a truth be asked that such a human being be of a dignity in company with the child timid in him self torn, dashed , bruised, named and bolder than the soul that resides in you?

Dare a tasked truth be ever revealed of contemptuous  acts of ***** souls and privacy of ones tiny castles in the  oh so damaged and bitter sands. Of the wombs of mind that we all venture to frontier the very limit of the souls endurance, prestige while being undignified by the raw violence of the act of continued ****, or is a dared truth to harsh a fact for timidness of my self to have swallowed whole as the soul of mine self and mine eyes and mine teeth from which the vengeance did pour a pounding to seek, all to be driving back by the broken and horrorably disfigured child of me that many find more womanly.   For this Ugly Boy of me, this sad sot silly and ***** smaller to the vastness of the fridgidness of ******* through lies and manipulations while taking in the raw ******* of the common God's child , virus this not what we all are the now newly in question not so rarely ***** and sold like ****** in a new church for the dastardly and bastarded ******* that we have come to call complacency of decency?  

Any, how foolish, yes my dear friend , you are indeed a wiser worrier  wafareing wondering wizard of vast skills and frightful  ways and means to tame the beast of such hateful things , so costic as to reach deep into them and quiver their tiny tethers and frail feathers all a mockingly  to the tones and notes left after we vacated the dead crypts of self deprivation and hate as we all found the truth of the emotion as it poured through us when realizing this damaged, torn and frightened child , a man holding the depth of winter killing fields at bay, a man kindly swaying the stars to play a tune so as to grace all who broke his heart a stay of pain for each and every attempted and timidly bold and brazen sway and slanted ****** love or raw truth and powerful motions from which we all find the fancy to ****** the  tool as the goofiest  **** **** as hell fool we all choose to allowed the absolute grace and magesty to ******* Rule our Hearts for even just a fraction of a moment in this prayer of endless time, yet hold with the dared scary and walking naked and alone into the lions den while the wolfs and beasts all gathered their finest clothes, weapons and gold, silver, trinkites and shiny of the shiniest of the things they boldly and brashly slash all with as to command the fear to reside in the human spirit.

As this silly little hill Billy with a **** nice *** *****, were wolf feet and all called out to the proudest and loudest of the tiny little spouts and softly said " what is all you foolish fuss about?"
"Have you lost you most precious toys, only to find victim the Dickson of my sorry and sad state of dieing from the oath and lashing of what you helped  rip from what can only be many peoples and communities and even many families?"

Dare a truth to truth this dare my dearest cud of a bear for a true beast of welcome verosity I be all the while giggling and prancing all about like a happy *** skipping fairy, and of this I most truly rather be for don't you know? , did no one tell you the news?  The horror is scaring but the truth is so amazing, turns out scar gardens are the softest things God has ever created, scar gardens are the hardest element that break far stronger , bold creatures of far fasters tested , cleeted, bust a mother up than most man has ever know to exist.
Scar gardens are the very  spouts from which the truth and grace of the living love of God pours fourth into this majestic ******, animal ,spiritual ,sacred, holy and magnificent place , a place that the very bashing of the flowers that dance you delight even in the pity, plight, laughter , and slight  has done nothing but cast us all from it loving embrace, yet, dear cub of a Billy bad *** nub of a cubbed couger in the final leaps to catch this timid and playful prey of me that you so think you will devour you see,  we, the ones whom truly felt and opened and dare that **** scary *** chance to dance with this devil in the pale moon light have found that they no longer must live in fright, that this very garden is theirs and none to own but to flourish and grow, thrive if you must, but lest get nasty for a real minute, animal to animal ,it ma thrive , sure but it will **** , love ,fight, rise , Smit , right the wrongs that have tortured us far to ******* long and in that moment of exstacy the human race may just finally realize ***, love, caring, kindness and truth of self are the face of God starting through your eyes experiencing all f his loving songs creations and getting ******* goose bumps and he'll yes this Billy Jack goofy *** bad  kat all **** knuckled with bad habits and a lust for loving full ******* spectrum and a lesbian trapped in this fugly *** mans body all crazy *** triple run *** marks the spot moon shine devil of mine were wolf feet and all does truth and whole love the Real Girl and is ,,,,, and most mother ******* who are real and real down with the truth that God is love and loves even your silly but as God loves mine silly *** and the rest of this star studded cast of human **** ups simply attempting to pass and go the **** home at the end of the school bell.

HUA,    I do love the Real artist  you speak of, she knows it, and may just know that I know she is not the one laying **** the silly hill Billy with a rather bad *** wi,,,,,,,, um sorry.     Where were we. Oh yes. Um. Only those who care to let go and allow the truest of flows and are true to self and the love that one finds in the being of anothers breath, thoughts , actions , decisions, and mistakes and graces to right ones self after horrors that tear us and embarrass us, these know the truth ,and my dear friend i love you too, but not like the love i expressed to you in hopes you to feel the love i share to her with out pushing it on her, so that what is rightfully hers to reject or except i gave it all away to all even those whom used it to fuel hate in mine own shape , form and name.  And i have done all of this and a dillion years of pouring stars into the hearts of that goofy *** girl by way of dancing crying and **** it dieing through the very core of you,  yes i got you high, horney, got you off, many times , i gave you memories of sparks you know, i gave you worlds of wonder and ways to flurish and grow, i gave you what you , well many of you , did not even deserve for it was truy meant to be for her, but i felt that the most good it could do and the best love i could show her is i can love all of you and even rock hear heart all the very same ways i moved you , and not loose one silly little drop of the tears in her pain, yet sip them and drip them into her so she may choose to live again, as she has done for you now see? For I C C I said this goofy eyed going man who has done all this in his true and real names,  For I Love You So.

And didn't even eat my wheaties wink , smile I a not mad at ya, just being me, and some times we all have a tax bit of  werewolfand badger **** in us , sorry to offend, smile in the end, we all just might be ,,,,, sort f friends..
Samuel Lombardo Jan 2019
Stories, truths, lies, all these lines,
So confused as to what is happening.
Like riding a rodeo, Dust and rope, rain and shine,
Been a year thinking, and breaking bones,
Healing, taking bumps, watching phishermen
As they try to pick the lock of my heart.
The truth is no one knows my story,
No one knows his story,
They take letters, unscramble them to make a sound
A sound that is not yet proven to be true, either way.
I have time to think and make my move.
No one is rushing it, I am not, he is not,
We are on the same page, but the healing begins.
The only way you will get the answer is not by words, Understanding math, and finding the common denominator
Is the only possible solution.
I am the solution to the problem, not the problem.
Math can sometimes be difficult, because
There are ways to finding the solution,
But if you're not careful, there may be many numbers
Not useful, and the remainders will have to be
Reworked until there is a clear denominator for Solution to this equation.

Rumors have it that I did not show my right to him.
However, truth says that time and space heals wounds.
I do not have to doubt my love,
Because I see where the common denominator is.
Rumors have it that I drove him crazy,
Truth is that I feared love and he opened me up to it.
Rumors have it that I am not right for him,
Truth has it that solutions are sometimes painful,
But only the one can be the solution to my problem.
Rumor has it that I think I am the one,
The truth is the only common denominator that seeks
To make the math problem whole is the one.
Rumors say, that I will not feel loved again,
Truth says, it is love that is opening me up from a distance. Rumors say I do not belong in his life,
The truth says, I already exist in his life,
I am the one he suffered to fix me, and I accept it.
Rumors say I have no peace because I have no love,
Truth says he is the one that opened me to love.
Rumors say I am a broken dream with no hope,
Truth says I am the hope that brings peace to dreams.
Rumors say I am nobody and fat and ugly,
Truth says, my heart opened and my ugliness has Moved on to peace, love, and understanding.

Rumors say, why you like younger people?
Truth says, my youth is what brings me the joy I seek.
Rumors say leave it alone, you will never have him,
Truth says, I already did, and now I am more open.
Rumors say you will never last,
Truth says, true love, lasts a lifetime.
Rumors say you caused the separation,
Truth says, my heart was inseparable and I will prove it.
Rumors say, distance ruins relationships,
Truth says distance is what heals obstacles and barriers.
Rumors say I have some many barriers to open love,
Truth says love is what opened my barriers to freedom.
Rumors say the foundation to my heart is broken,
Reality says brokenness is the foundation of fixing
The broken pieces that will show the one
Who is the one in space and time to fix my brokenness.
Rumors do not believe in love but fear that love exists,
Truth believes that love exists and hope is the key.
Rumors need a reality check,
The truth knows where it is heading on this journey.
Grace Nov 2019
What is truth?
So many people
So many different "Truths"
Being shoved down my throat
What is Truth?
God's word is Truth
But so many opinions
So many versions
So many "truths"
Coming from all directions
What is Truth?
If you look at "Truth" enough times
It stops looking like a word
Just like if you look at
People's "Truths" enough
They no longer look real
What is Truth?

God is Truth
He is beginning and end
He is love
He is alive
He is Truth
Just a late night thought stream.
John 14:6
Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No inebriated comes to the Father except through me."
Marieta Maglas Dec 2011
The defined and undefined truth,
Endowed with knowledge or without knowledge,
Sometimes real or unreal,
Certainly including being and non-being,

Accepting that being is true,
Accepting the non-existence of being,

When the absence of existence means the negation of being,

Accepting that truth did not exist,
And it would have been true that it did not exist, at the same time,
Understanding that truth is eternal,

Imagining the idea of a non-existing world,
Before its own existence,

Accepting the universal and immortal truth,
So interchangeable with being,
While the universal never ceases of itself,

Recognizing the truth always existing in an eternal intellect,
While the created truth is not existing,

Understanding the created truth as not existing,
Remaining truth, when the true things have been destroyed,
Or remaining truth, when all true things can be destroyed,
Or remaining truth, when our minds can not see the truth itself,

Truth, being in sense, always as a consequence of its act.
Truth, not being in sense because
The sense does not know the truth it truly judges,
Even it judges truly about things,

The existent and non-existent truth.......
Nthaby Sep 2018
There is a deep cry in all of us longing for truth, absolute truth.
We bumb into many messages clothed in truth but are not.
What is truth?We ask ourselves daily.
We make up our own version of truth.
How do we recognize truth?
Truth meets the deep cry inside of us and they dance.
Truth touches places that are empty and fills them.
Truth makes a new melody in our hearts.
Truth brings joy deep down.
Truth is love.
Truth is all beautiful things.
Oh But that's my version of truth.
What is truth? We ask ourselves daily.
I choose my truth to be love.
Big Virge Jun 9
That’s RIGHT The Truth HURTS... !!!
When It’s Served To JERKS...
Through Words And Verse....

That DON’T Observe LYING...
And Taking WRONG TURNS... !!!!!

That Preserve FALSEHOODS....
That SHOULD BE......... Removed........ !!!!!!

The Truth HURTS In Ways......
Because It’s... STRAIGHT... !!!

UNLIKE The Ways...
Now DEFINED Today... !!!
As Being... OKAY.... !!!

Like... ****** Displays...
That INDULGE In *** PLAY...
And Of Course Today’s SWAY...

Towards Accepting... “ Gays “...
Whose Actions NOT So Long Ago.... !!!

Were Seen As UNCLEAN...
Being NASTY And Low... !?!

A Truth That YES HURTS... !!!
And DISTURBS Herds...
Whose Truth Makes Moves...
Like... Media News...

One Day It’s... THIS... !!!
And The Next It’s... THAT... ?!?

And Then They Make CLAIMS...
That Their Stories Are FACT... !!?!!

A Truth Now Found...
To Cause Losses of Pounds...
And Dollars TOO... !!!

When These LIARS Confuse... ???
Due To Views They USE...
To Have People CONSUME...
That FILLS.... Balloons.... !!!!

And Cladding For Towers...
Where The TRUTH Became HOURS...
of... " FIRE and POWER "... !!!!!
That EXPOSED These COWARDS... !!!!!

For What They Did...

... DENY A Truth...
That KILLED Elders And Kids... !!!

A Truth That Now Sits...
In Those Who Now LIVE...

That Do MORE Than SCARE... !!!!!!

On... TV Shows..... !!!!!

Where Hosts Quiz THOSE...
Who Dealt DESPAIR... !!!...

Because of How Low...
Their Dealings GO.... !!!!!!!

TRUTH To These Folks...
Seems To Be... UNKNOWN... !?!

I Wish That I Could Say....
That It.... " JUST AIN’T SO "... !!!

But That’s A TRUTH That GLOWS... !!!
Like Homes Now SHOWN...
To Have Been DESTROYED... !!!

Because of... “ Ploys “...

Like... Peace Envoys...
Whose Truth Makes NEWS...
When They’re Found To ABUSE...
People They Were SENT To Give HELP To... ?!?

DON’T Play The FOOL.... !!!!!

That HURTS Like Views...
From... Racist Crews... !!!

Whose HURTFUL Ways...

NO MATTER What The Liberals...
...... TRY TO Say..... !!!

From Brexit' To Trump...
Those Running Gums...
About UNITY And EQUALITY... !?!

Because Their Truth...
Is Based On DENIAL...
of Things Profiled...
And Historically Filed...

Those In... “ Politics “...
When They Part Their Lips... !!!

Sexually... Or Otherwise...
They Deal In ABUSE...
And A Number of LIES.... !!!

And Then Get To Be...
On... " PRIMETIME TV "...

To Talk About WHY...
People Have DIED... ?!!!?

Well It Seems To Me...
That It’s Down To ***** DEEDS...
Making Money And GREED... !!!

NO MATTER What The Cost....
To Their OWN Communities... ?!?!?

Come On Now Peeps’...
It Can’t Just BE... ME.... !!!

That The TRUTH Is Something...
That Humanity NEEDS... !!!!!

NO MATTER What Race...
… Colour Or Creed... !!!!!!!!!

It May Well HURT...
But Also SERVES... !!!
In CALMING Nerves...

Cos' of LIES That FEED...

Things That Now Make People BLEED...
And Have Folks Living In POVERTY... !!!!!!!!

While These LIARS Now PREACH...

Kinda Like These Black Peeps’...
Who Act Like... “ Sheep “...
And SEEMINGLY Don’t Like TO SEE...

... DARKNESS Be...
Where The White Folks Be.... !!!!!!

You See Colonial Themes...
And... SLAVERY...
Are Truths That BURN...
When Black Worms TURN...

Because They WON’T UNLEARN...
What They Have LEARNED... !!!!!

A Truth On Which...
I’ll End This With...

Because IGNORANCE Reigns...
Like... LIES Today... !!!!!

Just Take A Quick Look...
At... Political Games... !!!!!!!!!

Well All I’ll Say.....
Is That Being FAKE...
Is... NOT THE WAY... !!!!!

And That LIES Do WORSE...
Than... Honest Verse.... !!!!

When You READ These Words...

That Simply SHOW How … YES...

... “ THE TRUTH HURTS “...
preservationman Dec 2018
Truth being the actual facts
Timelines that illustrate the stacks
A look back with helping to move forward
But knowing the truth one must be able to except the truth
Believing the truth is real
But along with truth comes lies
However that should be no surprise
A perfect example is when the WHITE HOUSE makes a statement it becomes a questionable though being truth with a lie mixed in
It wasn’t until when
There was no truth from the very beginning
Lies become the forefront
Truth was never meant to be the font
Real truth is real understanding with wanting to expel the truth
But Dr. Dyson explains the truth right out and being direct
“Fact is and it is fact that will stay”
Lies don’t make it right, but they do try with no understanding and guidance behind it
Truth is knowledge within the understanding, and the theory of precise logic in strategy
So what does truth sound like?
Make a Truth statement and watch for the response
Can you handle the truth?
Listen for the facts
This is my review and what do you think of that.
Adebisi Odeyemi Aug 2016
I've lived my life in search of truth
Now I know I've searched in vain
For all I gathered is not the truth
But just the truest lies avail

WHO is here to tell the truth?
Is he the one being fed with lies
Or those that carve some lies as truth
Maybe loyalty is the color of truth

If the truth is truly our freedom
Why are we still trapped in walls
I guess the truth is history
Or just some historical lies

I searched afresh in the house of God
The only place the truth should abound
Only to find that the truth they preach
Are the truest lies avail

In my recent search for truth
I searched relentlessly without
It's not without but just within
The truth is what I say it is

Trust and faith are the elements truth
The claim that loyalists validate
The only ones that know the truth
Are those that know the truth within
Ete Sep 2011
Silence is what truly says it all.
Silence is the answer to all questions.
Silence is the language of God,
total silence.

In total silence, God is heard and felt;
flowing in you, around you.

Or we can say Life,
another word for God.

For some people,
total silence is impossible.

Right when silence and peace are entering the being,
a thought will arise in the mind and distract.

For many humans today,
the mind is compulsively bringing thoughts;
there is no silence and no communication with God.

Maybe i wont become some professional,
maybe i wont become a psychologist or a doctor,
but the love,
the peace,
and the healing that i want to give to the world can still be given wether i go to college or not.

My whole family has their eyes on me,
asking themselves and asking me:
what are you doing?
are you wasting your life?
what are you doing?
they ask me;
because they all expect something from me.

They all expect me to hop on that train,
where you compete,
and work hard to become somebody.

"You have to succeed. You have to become somebody in life!"
is what they tell me..

What can i do about it?
I let them talk.
I listen.
And i know that i am all-ready all that i can be.

We are all all-ready all that we can be.
There is no need to struggle to be-come somebody..
We are all Kings and Queens.
We only need to truly realize it.

We are all Kings and Queens because as human beings,
we are able,
of total freedom.

When we listen to our hearts,
we know what we have to do.

In our hearts we can find the answers to our deepest questions.

We have to come to know who we really are to know what we truly have to do.

And knowing who we are not,
will reveal what we don't have to do.

Because threw years of conditioning on the human mind,
too many have come to believe that we are what we are NOT.

So to know who we really are,
it truly helps to realize who we are not.

And from my own experience,
the only way to do that is to go deep inside one's-self and begin to analyze all of one's believes.

It helps to remember:
that what we believe today,
we do not believe because we ourselves choose these believes.
We did not discover them.

What we believe today,
we believe because it was said by our parents,
that this is true and that this is what we should believe.

And those same believes were told and imposed on our parents also.

And those same believes were given to our parent's parents,
and so on..

So it is important to clearly see that we did not choose to believe what we believe today.
That these believes have been traveling from generation-to-generation.

And i talk about all believes..
From what is wrong to what is right,
to what is pretty and what is ugly,
to what should be and what should not be.

As i see it:
It is necessary that we all come out in-to the world alone,
and see if all of these believes match with the feelings of the heart.

And the way to see,
is to go deeply within,
and be completely honest with what we find.

We will have to doubt all believes,
and begin to discover,
what is real-ly true,
and what is really false.

And we are all capable of fully knowing,
without a doubt,
what is true and what is false.

In my observation of nature:

A tree does not got to any school to learn how to be a tree.

And the ants do not go to any school to learn how to be an ant,
and the ants who go in search of food do not train for this specialty,
and the ants who guard their homes,
do not go to any school to learn about guarding and security.

And the birds do not go to any school to learn how to fly,
or the fishes to learn how to swim.

It is all all-ready in them.

And the same is for humans.

Humans do not go to any school to learn how to be a human,
to learn how to be a King and a Queen and an Emperor.

But as far as history and present day are concerned,
humans go to school,
and have been going to school,
to learn how to be NOT a human,
but a robot,
and a copy,
and a follower.

We are all Kings and Queens,
protectors of Earth,
divine beings,
creators of beauty and love.

According to nature,
It is not necessary for a human being to attend any school in order to learn and come to know the secrets of life and the great mysteries of the universe.

Every human being is born with that enlightened seed,
capable of blooming into a Buddha.

It is only when we decide to follow and do what others say,
that we become afraid and forget all about that seed,
therefor not allowing it to grow.

Because we believe many lies,
fear enters the mind.

We begin to fear too many things,
specially "death".

We simply start to go with societies flow,
the flow of the law,
and we don't go with the flow of life,
the flow of nature,
the flow of love.

So what i am trying to do in writing these words,
is encouraging people to believe only in themselves.

I want to encourage people to start meditating.

Start becoming aware of everything.

And stop living your life automatically.

Become aware of every-thing,
all of your movements,
all of your actions,
all of your thoughts,
all of your habits,
your routines,
your unbalances,

A topic on Meditation or on Truth is a very delicate topic.

Because both Meditation and Truth are experiences that will not be totally understood unless one has experienced them too.

It is almost like a drug inside of you that can be activated in any moment,
that can be tried any time.

Like any other drug,
**** for example,
once you try it and experience the high,
the effects that it gives,
you can then talk about the experience of being high.

But if you talk about it to a person that has never been high,
that person will not total-ly understand what you are talking about.

That person would have to smoke **** to understand you.

And it is the same with Truth and Meditation.

Truth can be the name of the drug that is inside of you.

Just that it is not like any other drug,
because it will not harm you in any way,
it will actually heal you.

It will heal your mind your body and your soul.

Your whole being will be healed.

And you will become fearless.

You will not fear anything in life because you will not fear death anymore.

You will understand that there is no death for the true Self.

That the only thing that dies aside from body and mind,
is the whole illusion of who you think you are,
your whole story,
your ego.

That will disappear.

So these words are simply to help people to activate that drug that is inside of them,
that seed,
that is within us,
so that we can become fear-less,

And so that we can discover that which we are in search of.

Because as i see it,
we are all searching for that something.

And in my believe,
until we find this truth,
there is always going to be a feeling that something is missing in our lives.

And it make take some time to know what that something is.

It may even take many lives,
many life-times.

And one will go on learning from mistakes,
and realizing that,
"Ok, it was not this that was missing,
it was not a partner that was missing,
it was not a vacation,
it was not some car,
it was not money,

One will go on searching and searching,
and until we find this truth of who we are,
which will reveal the truth of what this all is,
until then,
one will not feel complete.

And when one finds IT,
one will know that it has always been there,
that it is always here,
that we were simply conditioned to give our backs to it.

Once we begin to see what is true and what is false,
we begin to see that all of our believes go against IT,
they go against truth.

what we are searching for is here in this moment.

Always is in this moment.

It just can not be seen if we are clinging to any-thing.

One must surrender every-thing to this moment.

Accept death.

Accept the truth that one day you will die,
and that one day your friends and family will die,
and that everything that is alive will die,
and go deep into understanding what the point of it could be.

If at one point we are all going to die,
then what is the point of it all?

Why struggle,
why work,
why stress to be a millionare,
to build a reputation,
what for?

If at some point we are going to die and it is all going to disappear?

Then what could be the point of it all?

As far as i have understood,
one needs to become very silent.

One needs to start watching one's thoughts.

So that we do not have the mind talking to us at all times,
so that we can put the mind at rest.

Because the mind contains too much borrowed knowledge,
the voices that speak in the mind is not your true voice,
it is the voices of people.

We have to pause the mind,
so that we can know what truly is true,
so that we can know the truth about our-selfs.

And the truth is,
that we are not this body and mind,
that we are not any of these experiences that we are living,
that we are somewhere else,
simply aware of it all.

We are the awareness,
we ARE awareness.

We are just watchers.

Watching us speak,
watching us think,
watching us do,
watching us feel,
watching us sleep and dream,
watching every single thing that happens or does not happen in this moment.

And that watcher,
that watching,
is eternally always here,
and always has been.

Meditate and you will know it,
and you will know real peace,
real power.

Deeply study your-self and you will know reality.
Who doesn't want to be Happy?
We all seek Happiness
We search for it from birth to death
But the true treasure of Bliss we miss
Success is Happiness, we were taught
And in this myth, we were caught
We won and we lost, we succeeded,
and we failed But Happiness we forgot
Happiness is like a Shadow, you see
The more you chase it, the further is goes away
But if you stay still to enjoy it
You will see that with you, it will stay
Happiness is not a product or a place
Nor a person that can give you Bliss
Happiness is a state of being, my friend
When will you realize this?
From the time we are born, we seek Happiness
Just as we run away from pain
We start seeking pleasure and then we seek Peace
We seek Happiness again and again
Ananda is that state of Joy
It is true Bliss without a tear
We transcend the suffering of ego, body, and mind
And we live without worry and fear
But this state of Ananda, this state of Joy
Doesn't come to us for free
Until we become conscious of the Truth
In this state we cannot be
It starts with the Realization of the Truth
Overcoming the myth in life
Renouncing all superstitions and rituals
That create misery and strife

When we go in quest, 'What is the Truth?'
It is then that we get to find
All that we were taught when we were a child
Was a lie, but we were just blind
When we are Enlightened with the Truth
It is then we get to know
We are not this body, we are not this mind
This world is just a show
We realize that we are the Divine Soul
That causes us to live until death
The day we leave this physical body
There is death, there is no breath
But we are that, the Divine Soul
To realize this is our goal
Then, we will experience true Ananda,
In Peace and Joy, we will roll
Why is it we don't realize the Truth?
Why the Truth we don't find?
Because we live as prisoners
Of the ego, body and mind
Our quest leads us to the Law of Karma
Our actions make our desires prevail
Then we realize there is no heaven and hell
It is all but a fairy tale
Today science agrees we are not the body that appears
Before this there was no synergy
It had warred with spirituality on almost all counts
But today both agree we are energy
When we become conscious of this Truth
Then the myth we leave behind
It is then that we open our spiritual eyes
We can see, we are no more blind
But soon the mind that's a monkey
Will jump from thought to thought
The Truth that we had realized
Will soon be forgot

The challenge is to stay conscious
And to observe as a witness
Only then the Truth that we have realized
Will give us Happiness
The Truth is the Truth, no one can deny
But we must be conscious of it
Otherwise though we have the knowledge
We will lose sight of it
Consciousness is not an easy thing
It's unknown to the world
Only a few are blessed to experience
What the wise sages had told
SatChitAnanda, they used to say
Consciousness, Truth, Bliss
But what this state actually was
Nobody could understand this
Consciousness of the Truth is Bliss
But how this Joy, can one find?
Unless one realizes the Truth
They remain prisoners of the mind
Ananda is that state of Bliss
It is a state of Joy that's rare
It is eternal Peace and everlasting
Bliss But you must pay the fare
You must be conscious of the Truth
If you want everlasting Peace
Then the triple suffering that makes you cry
Will, once and for all, cease
Nothing will affect you in this world
As you surrender and you accept
The Divine Leela of the Lord
You will realize you passed the test
Nothing is real, it is just like a dream
In the end, we all must go
But if we live conscious of the Truth
We will truly enjoy the show
Those who don't know, they fret and fume
They look at the sky and they cry
They try to make sense from what happens
They pray and ask God, ‘Why?’
But those who live conscious of the Truth
They live a life of Bliss
They have learnt to live in the moment
Forever in Happiness
SatChitAnanda is a seamless Joy
Being conscious living in Peace
Nothing that happens in the world
Can make our Bliss cease
For deep within we enjoy Peace
And conscious of the Truth we live
We know it’s a dream, it’s not real
We love, we laugh and we give
But is it easy to achieve this state...
This state of eternal Bliss?
Oh, no! As long as we have the mind
It’s difficult to achieve this
As long as the monkey mind in us
Creates all the junk
There can be no Ananda
Till the Monkey becomes a Monk
Then, we can live with Consciousness
With Peace, with Joy, with Bliss
Nothing that happens in this mortal world
Will steal our Happiness
SatChitAnanda is eternal Bliss
It is our ultimate goal
It comes when we transcend ego, body, mind
And we live as the Divine Soul
Keely Newton Mar 2019
I act as though im bulletproof
I act as though your words don't hurt me
I act as though im as confident in myself as the most precious thing in the world
I act as though i am tough
I act as though i knew what was coming
I act as though i know exactly what i'm doing
I act as though i don't care
I act as though nothing matters
I act as though it's all going to go away
I act as though i don't love you
I act as though everything you  do doesn't makes me happy
I act as though i never cared
I act as though i can't be hurt
I act as though my life is ok
I act as though my heart is hard enough that love can't affect me
I act as though i thought i would be able to do this
I act as though the sight of blood doesn't make me want to *****
I act as though my feelings aren't meaningful
I act as though everything is perfect
The truth is i'm not bulletproof
The truth is your words do hurt me
The truth is i'm not confident at all
The truth is im weak
The truth is i didn't know what was coming
The truth is i have no idea what i'm doing
The truth is i care
The truth is everything matters
The truth is it's never going away
The truth is everything you do makes me happy
The truth is i cared
The truth is i can be hurt
The truth is my life is shifty
The truth is my heart is empty
The truth is i want to ***** at the sight of blood
The truth is my feelings **** me
The truth is nothing's perfect
Especially me and i hope you can accept that
Aiden Hand Dec 2019
The Truth can be the light
The Truth can create greatness
The Truth can be the blight
The Truth can create darkness

The Truth surrounds us all
The Truth is always watching
The Truth does not ever stall
The Truth is always coming

The Truth can seem clear
The Truth can seem obscure
The Truth can give fear
The Truth can give cure

The Truth has started it all
Yet the Truth will also end it all
Let the Truth guide you.
Amy Foreman Feb 2017
Pilate asked Him, “What is truth?” when Jesus stood on trial,
Bearing witness of the Truth to all who heard His voice.
Though philosophy rejected it, stood in denial,
Still, the Way, the Truth, the Life allowed mankind its choice.

“What is truth?” though, sounds urbane, superior to law.
Hermeneutics of humility smooths out the field.
I seem more sophisticated, cultured, not bourgeois,
If it’s all a mystery, still hidden, unrevealed.

So I claim, “There are no absolutes; it’s relative,”
Disregarding that my statement’s antithetical.
My assertion controverts itself (though tentative),
By proclaiming proclamations “theoretical.”

Next I try, “Who really knows what truth is, after all?”
All my friends agree with me; they wisely nod, concur.
Confident in doubt, with inconsistency banal,
Logic cast aside, to diametrics they demur.

How about “There is no right or wrong; it’s in your head!”
Satisfying concept until I’m the one abused.
Then my default is to judge the wrongdoer instead,
Never asking, “Why impose my ‘truth’ on the accused?”

“Well,” I claim, “I make my own reality; it’s true.”
If you counter me on that, I’ll argue all the way.
Think about it, though, because just how can I undo
True belief with skepticism; how will doubt have sway ?

Really, if I don’t have Truth, I don’t have anything.
Two plus two must equal four, or all the rest is void.
If we have no premise to employ linguistic string,
Then our discourse has no point; we’re barely humanoid.

Truth’s the binding to our book, the glue that holds secure
Logic, Reason, plain Consistency, our common ground,
Making possible each conversation to be sure,
Infrastructure of our culture, verity profound.

Then . . .
Let the relativist hush, he has no argument.
Making absolutist claims without the Truth is mad.
Only schizophrenics would attempt to circumvent
Rationale with their subjective unbelieving fad.

Maybe Truth’s “behind the times,” unstylish, square, uncool,
Maybe if I cling to it they’ll call me “Simpleton.”
All I know is Truth, derided, under ridicule
Still is True, and I’ll be its “minority of one.”

Yes, I’ll make that choice to speak the Truth against the tide.
Orwell’s “revolutionary act,” though I’m alone,
Pilate asked Him, “What is truth?” and history replied, . . . that
Truth, though spurned, remains civilization’s Cornerstone.
“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”
“Perhaps a lunatic was simply a minority of one.”
“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
― George Orwell, 1984
Nels Dahl Dec 2020
To tell the truth
I live in pain
There is part of me missing
And I will never be the same

To tell the truth
I’m ashamed of some of the things I have done
I have lived in a sea of regret
Over what I let myself become

To tell the truth
It doesn’t matter to me
That other people have done worse
I never intended to be anyone’s curse

To tell the truth
It’s still hard to look in the mirror
The reflection is blurry
But forgiveness makes it clearer

To tell the truth
Unconditional love is real
Although very rare
It’s much more than what you feel

To tell the truth
I cry everyday
There is crippling pain
That just won’t go away

To tell the truth
I can be selfish and unkind
I won’t make excuses
Fear can make you go blind

To tell the truth
I never thought I would live this long
I think every day
Am I singing the last verse of my song?

To tell the truth
My daughter is now a wife
She is powerful, smart and frail
Being her Dad has been the great joy of my life

To tell the truth
I have no future plan
I try to stay positive
And spread love where I can

To tell the truth
I hold on to hope
For love and happiness
It helps me to cope

To tell the truth
I’m scared of dying
If I said I was sure where I was going
I would be lying

To tell the truth
I try too hard to please
The fear of rejection
Brings me to my knees

To tell the truth
I know I’m not a bad guy
God is always reassuring me
Not to buy into that lie

To tell the truth
You are defined by your choices
The hard part for me
Has been discerning the voices

To tell the truth
I was created to spread love and to be free
I will never give up
And spread the love that’s been shared with me
The truth is the truth *****
I rather a lie,
Living forever sounds better
Than everybody dies

Cause the truth is the
Truth *****, so just lie
Say you'll see me soon
Even if it's a final good bye

Similar to parents lies
About a kids Xmas gift
Cause more enchanting
Is the idea that Santa exists

Good old st nick
Catholics have it best
Cause heaven sounds good
As no one wants death

Like mutual break ups
Everyone knows ain't mutual
Tell the ugly duckling that
One day she will be beautiful
Tell tall tales of Atlantis
Or a fountain of youth
Tell Pinocchio he's a real boy
....Anything but the truth

Toothfairys for a tooth
Easters famous  bunny
Tell Christopher Robbin no delusion
Made Winnie the pooh eating honey

Cause in truth it's funny
The truth ain't that funny
Say the best things in life are
Free and we need no money

Cause everyday is sunny
Who u love will love u back
Family and best friends will
Never never ever stab u in the back

tell me my career wont match
my social status and ill en-devour
the same respect as a rich man
tell me love is forever

And if not it ends without pain
and will tell everyone its mutual...
Tell the ugly duckling that soon..... will be beautiful.....

but the truth is
The truth ***** so I'll pretend
This is just the poems beginning cuz
good things don't come to an end....

...But The truth is....
...the truth *****....
brandon nagley May 2015
Men stop selling thy empresses to magazines and cheap sell outs!!
Women , stop giving in to buyouts where thy men make you cheap dieouts and slaves to them!!!
Men stop putting grenades in young lads hands, where thou bury your dead in thy sand,
Only waiting for thine next war!!!!
Kings and queens find your amour', not with currency you have collected!!!
Both love each other not as objects but as one unprotected!!!!
Men,  stop thy iccusion of thine own brothers, for respect one another, they are thou, and thou are they!
Mothers, waddle/thine children,
Don't grieve for today!!
Fathers, show thine daughters makeup does not make beauty,
Nor can any fashion bring her rubies, for she's that ruby herself!!!
Sibling lend thy hand, make voice with thy stand, If one screams will thou help?
Leaders, do not befoul thy archaic province, make thine sons and daughters queens and kings of all challice,
Let them grow in purest reverance!!!!!
Truth, men stop thine own lusting, for doth not thou have a wife?
Women don't thou to?
Babies grow up to hear thine folks, for your skin by them was cloaked, Didst thou not know obeying is the greatest commandment?
Boyfriends,husbands and men treat thy dame as if there's no more, call her your mi amour', not thy slave to fix your menu, and clean thine own dish!!
Dreamers dream , and poor ones wish,
For one day you shall rulleth hand and fist to thy rich!!!!

Turquoise Mist Mar 2014
What if
His words weren't actually
What caused the hurt
But instead
It was just simply
The truth
That did it
He slapped you
Straight in the face
With the truth
That he will
Tell you the truth
The truth that
He is honest with you
All the time
The truth that
You have been
More than real with him
So he is giving you back
Even more than you gave
The truth that
He is not
Just another
He is different
The truth that
He has professed
Time and time again
He loves you

And you love him too.

No, his words
The way he said it
That wasn't okay
But boys can be stupid
He never promised to be eloquent or graceful
He never promised to say
All the right things
At all the right times
And I don't think that's even what you want
But he has promised you
The gift of
To treat you like a person
Not a princess
To grace you with
Nothing but
The truth
That he cares
That he loves you

And you don't really know
What to do with it
But you care too

That's the truth

They say the truth is hard
That the truth,
It hurts
He slapped you
Straight in the face
With the truth
And it stung

It's still stinging

But I think you finally saw it
At least,
I hope you see it

But you can't just see it
And ignore it
Pretending you're blind, deaf, devoid of feeling
It won't work
Because it won't stop stinging
Until you accept it
Until you embrace it
This despised
This wonderful

I know you're going to hate this one, but here's some of my thoughts today while sitting next to R when I should have been learning algebra.
Lyn-Purcell May 2018
Your truth is not my truth nor is it the truth.
The truth is the truth is not easy.
The truth is the truth has many roads, many forests.
But the truth will always be the truth:
Honest and harsh and damaging
but alive and freeing.
The truth is the truth can be a defeat as well as victory.
The truth is the truth is a sword and shield.
Short poem I wrote in my journal.
Things are looking up...slowly and steadily granted, but looking up.
Ete Dec 2011
Heaven and Hell don't really exist.

Heaven and Hell are Both states of Mind.

Humanity created this believe that when "you" die, you either go to heaven or you go to hell;
But this believe is simply a creation of the religious intent to control people while they are alive.

They say that if you don't do this and that, if you don't behave in this way or that, then the punishment will be hell.
But that if you bahave this way and that, then you will be rewarded with heaven.

Both heaven and hell have kept humanity in a kind of prison,
because they have created  fear  in you while you are alive.

There is the fear of going to hell and the fear of not going to heaven.

Only the person who does not Believe is free of fear.

To this person, heaven and hell have no power over;
Because he knows his Self and therefor knows that Mind is simply a very complicated tool that helps the Self function in the world of form.

Which is why:
Heaven and hell can only disturb the one who has not gone beyond Mind.
Heaven and hell can only disturb the one who is still IN the Mind.

And of course:
The ones who are still in the Mind can not make sense of what it means to NOT be in the Mind.
Because everything that they see, including this statement, is seen from the point of view of the Mind -
and from the point of view of the Mind one can not see the Mind because it IS the Mind that is looking.

In order to see the Mind, one has to look from the point of view of Pure Conscious Awareness ( Real Self ),
which in other words is the point of view of God.

Heaven and hell have been a device that a part of humanity have used in order to control another part of humanity.

Both the governments and the religions have been teaming up on this intention of controlling others.

When a person dies, if he or she has not lived a conscious life and therefor has not attained the Goal of Life, he or she will simply be born to live another life.

Death does not bring heaven nor hell.

In fact:
Heaven and hell are and can only be while alive.
They are ideas and therefor can only be thought about..

We have said:
For one to go to hell, one has to sin.
And for one to go to heaven, one has to not sin.

If while alive a person has sinned, these being severe sins, like for example those of ******, that person will not go to hell because there is no hell in Truth. In Truth, that person will simply be born again either in an animals body or in a humans body with some kind of misfurtune, such as disabilities and abnormal conditions.
For example, if you have really committed a crime that goes against nature in one life-time, then the consequences of the next life-time can and will be one of many. A person can be born blind, deaf, mute, ect. A person can be born without a body part or with a physical or mental illness/disease.

If a person has not committed any horrible crimes during life-time that go against nature and has been a good person, he will not go to heaven either because there is no heaven in Truth. In Truth, you can be good or bad, but if you have not attained the Goal of Life, which is to become conscious of your Real Self, of who you Truly are, whether you have been good or bad does not make much difference - you will again be born into another body and according to the karma that you carry, which builds from the actions of the present life, will be chosen the circumstances of your next life.

But you will not go to any heaven or any hell because these both are simply creations of the fantasies and imagination of the Human Mind.

Now, heaven and hell still have power over some people because these are the people who are still not aware of their Real Self.

In other words:
Not every-body has gone beyond the Mind, trascended the Mind, into the Ultimate Realization of the Self.

So simply for the joy of expressing myself i say that Both Heaven and Hell are not real but just states of Mind.
Just ideas - believes - thoughts.

The Real Goal of Life is not to go to heaven and not go to hell, the Real Goal of Life is to attain Self-Realization.
Which in other words is to discover, or better said, to re-discover,  your True Self.
To know the Truth of your Self.

To those who do not know,
heaven then is just a hope that keeps one feeling safe in ones own ignorance of death and Truth.

To be born in this world right now one has no other choice but to recieve all the information that has been created by humanity.

And because there is so much information, there will come a point in every-ones life in which he or she will forget what is true and what is not true.

If that person does not have the courage to go in search of Truth, then he or she will simply believe and hope that there is a heaven and therefor there is safety guranteed after death.

This desire to be safe after death exists because of the ignorance of ones own life.

Because one does not know their Real Self, one does not know what is to happen when the body can no longer sustain life.

And the only reason why all false ideas have prevailed is because you have not prevailed in discovering your own Truth.

You have been possessed by the ideas that have been imposed on the Mind, and you have not been able to re-gain control.

You have believed in what ever believes and ideas you have heard and you have lost connection with Truth.

In order to re-gain connection with Truth, you have to go beyond all believes, beyond heaven and hell.

And in order to go beyond all believes, you have to silence the Mind;
Because as long as the Mind is compulsively bringing believes and ideas to your Self, you will remain un-connected with Truth.

As long as there exists ANY question within you, you have not known Truth.

The Goal of Life is to get rid of all questions;
And remember that all questions are of the Mind.

Only the Mind can question and only the Self can have the True answer.

The Real answer to all questions is NOT of the Mind but of the Self.

All answers of the Mind are false and these will only bring more questions.

Your True Self is not the Mind;
The Mind is only a part of your Self.

The Mind, when in search of Truth, will ask all the questions that it can ask and the final question will be:

Who Am I?

"Who Am I?" is the question that begins the journey towards your True Self.

First Mind will ask:
"What is all of this outside of me?"

When Mind has questioned everything outside of you,
the deepest question will finally come:

Who Am I?

And remember:
Only when Mind has questioned all that it can question will it question Itself,
and here you begin to move closer to your Self.

Enlightenment, Nirvana, is when Mind has asked the final question, Who Am I?
and You have answered:

I Am God.

And when you have answered the final answer, I Am God, it will not be Mind answering.

In fact:
This answer will not really be answered;
It will be known.

"Who Am I?" will be the last question because you will now be looking at the Mind from and AS the Self, instead of looking from the Mind, believing Mind to be the Self.

Here you will come to know that you are That which is watching the question happen in the Mind,
and in this moment you will know that you ARE the answer, simply because you are the Silence that answers the question, not with words, but with Knowing.

Remember this:
If the answer is to be the Real answer, the answer will not consist of any words or symbols;
If the answer is to be the Real answer, the answer will be your own Self-Realization.

And so:
The question "Who Am I?" can only be answered by You because it will take you directly to Your Self.

The question will take you from Mind - to - Pure Consciousness, Pure Awareness, Pure Silence, God.

This process of Self-Realization goes through the huge maze that the Mind is, to explore and question the whole universe, to finally get out of the maze, knowing everything that can and has to be known.

The Mind has labeled the whole universe and though the Self/God can be labeled and talked about, It can not fully/totally be expressed with words;
It can only be fully/totally known by Being It.

The question "Who Am I?" will be the final question.

Real Peace and Bliss are attained when the answer to this question is known by You and when there is no other question left in You.
Nomad May 2014
The truth
in so many more ways than one,
because it normally ends up,
with someone in tears,
or hurt some how,
as soon as the deed is done.

The angry truth,
it in the minds of the holder,
and the truth seems to be fabricated,
more and more,
as we get a little bit older.

The truth is,
as most people see it,
is all in their head,
and sometimes they'll say it,
and regret the terrible thing they said.

The angry truth,
is when we're all so frustrated inside,
when we want to punch through walls,
when we just want to run and hide.

The truth is,
we're scared, truth be told,
and we feel so very alone,
we watch our shadows like we watch our backs,
and we watch our footsteps, paranoia to the max.

The Angry Truth...
is angry because we are.
And when we take it out on ourselves,
sad truth is,
we sometimes take it too far.
We take it out on our bodies,
in extremes that only those who survived can tell,
and tears shall always fall,
just as the friends we knew, had fell.

The truth.
We can help.
If we all stood together, side by side,
if we were all here together,
for anyone and everyone who cried.
It'd be a little better,
not matter what kind of weather,
if we all had each other,
to call our sister and our brother.

The angry truth is,
we don't.

The truth, and the angry truth.

Could you handle either of them?
Mermaid Jul 2013
In the second part of my thoughts about Purity,  would like to observe the different stages and levels of Purity. I accept the statement, that here "in this world" we can't be "perfectly pure", but also we should clarify what to understand under term "pure". We can't aim something impossible to achieve, but we can observe simple rules and make definition of "pure". Of course anyone can be "pure" person, if he want that, and it's not hard to be achieved.  Purity does not mean to be "perfect". The fact that we are all in our human body and "here" means automatically that we are not perfect. It doesn't mean we can't be pure. Now I'll determine what i mean with that. First of all, all people are born "pure" or as some kind of "tabula raza" (clear table) and the different circumstances, the different social level and the different connection with God/ or with self-consciousness make them go to a different path. We know very well that children are "innocent" and pure, they are not guilty as far as they are not able to show and express their real "self". they are in stage of innocence, but not of wisdom - which is the choice of will. (Swedenborg *). They are example of purity of heart - they talk and act from inside without any hidden intentions, or if they seem to have any, it's just by "outside" character. They have strong intuition an ability to feel the others heart. That all qualities of children we try to achieve again in our parts of life. What we have to learn and achieve is "how" to be pure. Even it's easy, it requires qualities and patience, and on the first place "will".

I. - Purity of heart :
How to achieve purity of heart? There are several rules you should observe, if you want to have pure heart. First of all the heart is center of the body, it's connected with our emotions, feelings and provides blood to all body. The heart represents actually:
1. truth (to be connected to the truth. Try to always speak out your real mind, show your real self)
2. love (have pure love to others - as first christian principle!) love others and love God
3. believe (when you believe without to want proof, that is the true faith) Believe in yourself and others.
4. God (connection with God, represented by prayer)
5. forgiveness (learn how to forgive and do not seek for revenge! that makes your heart pure of evil feelings) We can conclude the 5 principles inside the understanding of "purity of heart". They are well known and widely spread in all religious principles of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism. First of all, never conceal the truth, which you know, means do not tell lies, no matter if that will harm others or not. Truth is the first step to purity. If you feel very hard to say the truth, as you feel you are harming another, you should first heal your heart, and see that truth never can harm. You should say the truth about others too, if anyone has their "own truth", be aware that the truth of God is one, and he can see any moment your spiritual body. If you know something, which is harmful for anyone, so you don't want to say it, that will cause problems later in your life, for your health -your heart or your throat will suffer, or to the same person you wanted to "protect". In all religions the truth is one of the basis for good life. Do not hide your real face, as that is also equal to lie.
2. Love to others means - do not harm others, do not ****, do not make suicide, do not harm anyone's body or soul -by words or physically. Any human has right and it's here because of God's willing! If you take life for anyone on the planet -no matter the reasons, you play like "God", and that will send you to the bad end and out of spirit. It will remove from you all power. That is one of the biggest sin. You can not play to be God, and all his power will return to you, as there is justice but in "Spiritual" world. Don't seek complete justice on earth. There is not how it works - as all we are in the test, while we live. Can the teacher give all answers for the students, while they are in exam? of course no, but teacher can help for some willing students with clues. So the second principle for pure heart is "love the other - your fellow as yourself. - (as Jesus said) It's really hard to achieve, but if you do, you will be rewarded , because that is the real love. and not egoistic love. When you love your fellow, you allow all negative feelings to "him" and connected to world to flow away from your heart, do not allow anger to possess you, or any negative feeling, as they make your heart "unclean" for a long time. Also it's not good to hide your bad feelings inside, as they will harm you again and again. Release them forever.
3. Believe in God, trust others, and don't be very doubtful, because that will also harm your heart only. The one who really believe- as the most simple and ignorant people - so he is really pure in heart. So try to not be suspicious too much, and doubt in case that is the normal reaction. Of course it doesnt mean to believe in "any craziness' or fantasy, it means simply to choose to "believe" if you have this choice! for example there are many stories of jealousy, burning the heart of someone, when he reach to this point to **** or harm his beloved, and after that the truth reveal he didn't have reason to doubt. But so he lost all!
4. God = faith in God. that is a basis in any religion, and that is how people, who believe get strength from the source. Prayer is the most beneficial and fast way to God, and the only practice to purify your heart. If you do not believe in any God, that doesnt mean you can't pray inside yourself, or to find way to heal your heart. Anyone can find the way for himself. The prayer is the most intimate relation of human with God. - and also with the higher-self and with his pure heart. that how the prayer makes you pure. (if you want to achieve results pray at least 3 times a day, it maybe short prayers inside you, but from heart.)
5. Forgiveness - it includes all above elements of the "pure heart" - truth, love, believe, faith, but also allow your heart to pour out the bad feeling of "revenge", anger, sorrow, impatience, egoism. We should avoid all this feelings and claim them as source of bad energy. If you are "in fire" or in argument with someone, if you have different views, opinions and directions in life, dont allow anger to possess you, as then you are the one who fall in trap. If you are sad from anything, dont allow your heart to be fully in sorrow ,as that is harming you. If you need something fast and your desire is good, dont allow yourself to be impatient, as that will harm your heart. All these feelings are mentioned because of forgiveness. No matter what, you have to forgive others, if they ask for that! if they dont ask, so forgive them inside yourself, because that how your heart will be clean from the evil. If they don't want to forgive you, then their heart will suffer, and it's unfortunate.

observe all this principles, and you'll have the first basic step for "pure heart". Speak always the truth, that will make you happy and confident, don't hide your real face, will release you from the fear, Love your fellow, will make you more open-minded, believe and have faith in God, the prayer will strengthen your heart connection and make you free of bad feelings, be forgiving, don't keep the bad emotions inside you, pour out of your heart anything not necessary for it. In this way you will be very near to be pure!


Copyright © Nina Nour
not a poem ~
Wrong wrong wrong
I'm so lonely
Echoes in the dark

White text on a white page
Lines that no one sees

On the dock in the dark
ON a lake in a park
Just yo uand me

I am the ******, and that is the truth
I am the ****** and that is the truth
Blain is a piain and that is the truth
(It doesn't matter what 's on the insside)

work, the pen crunches into the paper digging a hole into the desk the wood squeals the ink cries out the bblackness washes out in torrents
Crunching, crunching, crumbling, the pen just so many plastic splinters ground into the desk the black inik gushes out in torrents
I am a writer and that is the trueth
reach for the stars and that is the truth
You can never bbe free except within the cage
If you are free in the cage, then you can be free  anywhere
I am a poet and that is the truth
I am a poet and that is the truth
Have you imagined, the feeling of nearness? The darkness? The sighs?
Have you imagined? The feeling? the soooma, sweet soma rushing through your veins?
Tickle me, trip with me, trick me, break me
break me
break me
Break me so I can be free
Blain is a pain and that is the truth
Another hit, that'll tdo the trick, hit me hit me hit me, scooore
When you're strange, faces come out of the rain
ON a dock on a lake, in the heart of the jungle
When the far side of a mountain gobbled up wthe sun
How it gobbled up the sun
And we lay like lovers rocking irocking smoothly
While the mountains gobbled up the sun
Bleeding across the sky, black and purple and blue, beat with bruises on the sky
I am good, and that is the truth

And we shared this moment like lovers, whispered in each others ears like the soft tickle of bats wings, or the delicate abraisinion of worn velvet
And you tickled my ear and I tickled thine
I am a knave and that is the truth
There are other worlds than these, and that is the truth
And you slipped the soma into my mouth and I slipped some into yours and we rode the dock on the lake by the mountains which gobbled up the sun
GNASHING with red teeth smiling GNSASHING and bashing up the sun

And we loved the stars under the covers on the dock

I am a dock and that is the truth

YOU AND ME in and eeeeeeeeendless blanket sea
That is the truth.
We watched the stars shoot the sky, and plucked them down and popped them in our mouths like soma
Oh, so romantic, with the soma stars in our eyes, fighting to get out
I am in a cage and that is the truth
Stillness, slownly, softly, dawn approches
The birds aren't yet awake
Even the sea sleeps
The hungry mountains are ssilent
TGod reached down and brushed aside the Washington clouds
Shook them out
and pulledHelios
In his golden cchariot
And my eyes, they saw you
Your face came out of the rain
Your eyes fluttered open in the maginifcencec
THThe golden glow upon your brow
The soft, soft warmth

ANd my rainy blanket sea revery was shattered
By the beating of the feet of the runner who was burning, screaming, waving, frenzied, flyind, fleeing, crying, screaming, truly screaming

The form sprinted from the shore, pitter patter, pitter patter, the bare feet burning, smacking on teh pine dock
Pitter patter
the flames ROARED
leaping into the air
tshe flung herself off the dock
into the water
went out with a hiss
That is the truth.
I wrote this with white text and no spellcheck so I couldn't see what I was writing at all. I really like it because it's more raw than anything I could write if I was concerned about spelling or seeing what I was writing.

Inspired by:
- Brave New World
- Soma by Steve Roach
- American ****** (movie version)
- The Wastelands by Stephen King (Dark Tower Series Part III)
- "It Will Follow the Rain" by The Tallest Man On Earth
- "People are Strange" by The Doors
- The Gunslinger by Stephen King
- "Endless Blanket Sea" by me
- "The Day Begins" by The Moody Blues
- "My Eyes Have Seen You" by The Doors
Truth is everybody has a sword to send through your heart

Truth is everybody will have something to say

Truth is everybody has something to hate

Sometimes even if it is something you never notice

Truth is everybody has a struggle

Truth is not everybody will make it out

Truth is everyone needs help at one point or another

Truth is you need to stand alone so they are willing to help

Cause always needing it can push some away

Truth is you need to map your own way

Truth is no one can ever really show you how to get there

Truth is riches wait at every end of any route

Truth is what holds at top is easy to break

Truth is no matter what there is never a true easy way on the rise up

But the fall is much quicker if you slip

Stay true to who you are and lead your own way, those who matter will come to follow

— The End —