Pagan Paul Mar 20

How I wish I could lay my head
down gently on your thighs,
to make you moan and sigh aloud
and slowly close your eyes.

How I wish I could use my tongue
and give you more than rhyme,
to bring a flush up to your cheek,
of feelings beyond space and time.

How I wish that I could speak
in words of feathered certainty
and so entice your curious mind
to lay down with me for eternity.
© Pagan Paul (2017)

For the Muse I have yet to meet.
For the Lady I have yet to undress.
For the Lover I have yet to eat.
For the Goddess I have yet to impress.
I continue searching for you.
vaishax Nov 2015

The pain of solitude is no longer painful
When you know
That your love isn’t meant for the undeserving
But for yourself
Forever and more...

Nicole Mar 2016

Rapture of laughter
Painting stories with our lips
A little longer

© Nicole A
Shazz Manji Mar 2014

It wasn’t until I was certain
that you were gone
I realized how much it hurt
to know your presence would be
by my side
no longer
You let me go,
and now you linger on
in the bittersweet sense
of every breath
from here on out
refusing to let go of my mind
long after It was certain
you were never coming back.

Elizabeth Fruin Nov 2014

I have a fairly small confession to make
My heart is fine, its not about to break
My eyes no longer glisten as much
And my smiles are from loves' gentle touch

I no longer find myself faking grins
Or forcing blades to rid me of my sins
I no longer wish for that eternal silence
No.. I no longer act against life in defiance

- E.A.F

To the people who have been dragged through the dirt by life, but are still here! ♡

She fell from the skies
Couldn't keep floating on the lies
Pretending to be
What everyone wanted to see
An angel with papier-mâché wings
She was a Lamborghini riddled with dings
But to all she was a hottie
Driving around in a stolen Bugatti
Saying all the right things in your ear
If she couldn't have her way shed a tear
All those around her wanted
To give her all she desired undaunted
None the wiser
The next burst from this geyser
Could obliterate them all
It seemed she would never fall
From the clouds she rode
Even as her halo no longer glowed
Because all were blind
None the secret could find
But all this caught up to her
Only so much could be hidden
Behind the sheer gossamer
Of their eyes a veil eaten away by lichen
Truth be told she was still a breath taker
But the joy ride was over for this faker...
© okpoet

Clindballe Dec 2015

with veins like creeks
and a heart that lays on a deserted island
where a voice calls like a mother calls her child
only this mother despises her child like poison
I swim in a lake of thoughts
disappear in the fog
I am drowning

Written: December 18. - 2015
Jeg svømmer ikke længere

med årer som åer
og et hjerte der ligger på en øde ø
hvor en stemme kalder som en mor gør sit barn
blot denne mor afskyr sit barn som pesten
jeg svømmer i en sø af tanker
forsvinder i tågen
jeg drukner
Overwhelmed Oct 2010

let’s read
ancient tombs
in the afternoon

happy laughs
and witty
meant for no
at all
flow freely
into the warm summer
and jump
into the minds
of our smiling

we are
not aroused
by the bodies, nude,
in front of us
and yet
the love
in between
is hotter
than the lust
of a thousand

you pick the camera up,
an old
and nostalgic
and I change little
when you tell me to
and the shutter
clicks open and

we’ll find
that picture again
old and wrinkly
these days
with the wraith
of years

I am smiling
and I can’t see
but you’re
more so than I
we’ll remember
for once
the warm
youth that at one time
meant something

Keen Sep 2015

I did love you darling,
you were once  my everything.
But a sudden twist of faith,
You were no longer my Babe.

- 08042k15

A Thomas Hawkins Aug 2010

Is it my lot in life
to want that which cannot be
to want things others deem too difficult
but yet seem simple unto me

Is it that I'm too willing
or unthinking in my haste
that I see little point in waiting
or have less time to waste

For everyone thats in my life
who came along and chose to stay
I wish I'd known them longer
even if just one more day

for when I shuffle off my mortal coils
and the time comes to depart
you'll find you cannot add time at the end
only at the start

Alexis Apr 2014

She no longer
Imagined them
Kissing, cuddling on the couch
One day.

She no longer
Waited anxiously
For him to reply to her message
Sent an hour ago.

She no longer
Spilt her secrets and feelings to him.
Expose her other side.
She kept it all in.

For she knew
He had left.
Just like everyone else.

She no longer cared
About him.
She tried not to,

Her cold, distant gaze at the distance.

The ecstasy
within her.
She wanted to laugh,
to cry,
to scream out loud
At this perfect moment
of climax;
she was whole,
she was alive—
It no longer mattered
If her eyes were

#ecstasy #exploded #laugh #cry #loud #moment #climax #whole #alive #longer #eyes #open #closed
Bret Desrochers Oct 2011

I was wondering, will it be alright
If you and I could sleep tonight
Side by Side
We no longer have to hide

We can come out and say
That we no longer can keep our love at bay
Your smile lights up my world
As feelings and fear swirled

We no longer will remain unknown
We no longer can compete with whats grown
What happened to our curiosity?
As you run into my arms, at extreme velocity

I could hold you all night, maybe even forever
This bond, nobody can sever
Girl your a page in my book of love
Next to beautiful and an ever lasting dove

Thinking remains an unbeatable task around you
Can you just one more time take me through
On how you were able to love me
Baby just one more time pretty please

We no longer will remain unknown
We no longer can compete with whats grown
What happened to our curiosity?
As you run into my arms, at extreme velocity

Copyright; Bret Desrochers
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