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Daisy Marrow Jun 2014
You lay in a field of flowers counting each bird that passes overhead.
You've erased concern and decided to live for the moment because you always would say, "we might be dead by tomorrow."
Flowers grew from your heart and bloomed across your lungs,
creating a garden that sang the most beautiful hymns,
while my garden was withering.
Each breath you took was never wasted,
but I couldn't help but count mine like they were birds passing overhead.
Every night you would view the stars and moon with pure amazement as if it was your first time seeing them.
You gave all your love to me and each kiss was coined in my pocket.
You fell in love with me every night and I fell for all your hymns.
Soon enough the world would pass us by but I wouldn't blink because I could live off your touch for the rest of my time.
You showed me there is more in life than just one color,
but instead, the world is a whole painting with colors that can't be described.
You showed me just how beautiful the world was.
You taught me how to grow beauty from my eyes but lately, I've been dreaming and falling for stars.
Imagining what it'd be like slow dancing with the planets, getting lost in constellations.
But I'm just not ready to go but I don't control time.
You showed me that dying can be beautiful.
That we'll be okay because when we leave we all become one with the earth and nature.
So love, love me until time runs out,
until I become one with nature.

And many years later as time starts to fly by and you slowly start to watch your clock tick down, you'll know where to find me, my love.
I'll be up with stars.
Somewhere lost in the cosmos.
I'll be spinning with the planets dreaming about what it would feel like to be able to walk on flowers again.
Daisy Marrow Dec 2013
I do not love the touch of your skin.
It no longer feels like silk.

I don't want to lie to you.
I don't want to hurt you.
But I don't think I can longer love you.

Your voice is monotone.
I can no longer hear the summer warmth in it.

When I'm with you I feel lonely.
I don't want to hold your hand.
I don't want you to see me this way,
so why am I still with you?

I no longer look at you the way you still look at me.
I don't want to break your heart,
but I don't think I can longer love you.

You were once the light in my eyes,
but I always feel a sliver of ice keeping me cold.
You see I found this other
who makes me feel warm
even when I'm frozen to my very core.

You were kind and you are beautiful,
but you deserve someone who will call you lover
and every time greet you with a kiss.
A kiss that'll make your head spin,
but trust me, darling I am not that kiss.
Julie Smith Jun 2017
A photograph
It makes the present stay alive
Makes a distant past revive
Happy faces, words unspoken
Dreams held so close, now passed and broken
A second's glance will last forever
When sweet words of future turn to never

A photo
It conserves the love when the magic is gone
Reflecting diamond days done like the last rays of sun
Memories of a summer when friendships were made
Forever on paper, though the colours may fade
Stains of coffee, to cover the memories
Hidden in bookshelves, lost, precious remedies

A picture
It makes a kiss never end and hopes never cease
A life eternally carved on a frieze
Two souls, once connected, now we're apart
You are an image burnt in my heart
It's love's and life's most prominent curse -
Pictures last longer than words
A poem inspired by Eric Martin's song "Pictures"
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