Realeboga M Feb 2015
1.You're simply amazing that it becomes impossible to use complex words to truly portray your beauty since no amount of words in the world could ever define you.

2.Wewe ni ajabu tu kwamba inakuwa vigumu kutumia maneno tata kwa kweli kuonyesha uzuri wako tangu hakuna kiasi cha maneno katika dunia inaweza milele kufafanua wewe
3.Jy is net amazing dat dit onmoontlik komplekse woorde te gebruik om jou skoonheid werklik uitbeeld aangesien daar geen bedrag van woorde in die wêreld ooit kon jy definieer.

4.   Vous êtes tout simplement incroyable qu'il devient impossible d'utiliser mots complexes à véritablement représenter votre beauté puisque aucune quantité de mots dans le monde ne pourrait jamais définir vous.

5. È semplicemente incredibile che rende impossibile utilizzare complesse parole per davvero rappresentare la tua bellezza poiché non quantità di parole nel mondo potrà mai definire .

6.   es simplemente increíble que resulta imposible utilizar palabras complejas para verdaderamente retratar su belleza ya que ninguna cantidad de palabras en el mundo nunca te podría definir.

7.    Είστε απλά καταπληκτική ώστε να καθίσταται αδύνατη η χρήση σύνθετων λέξεων με πραγματικά απεικονιστεί ομορφιάς σας δεδομένου ότι κανένα ποσό των λέξεων στον κόσμο θα μπορούσε να καθορίσει ποτέ σας.

So if words couldn't possibly be enough then perhaps if I write it in another language it would be enough, but unfortunately it isn't. Words no matter how I put them out its simply not enough.
You're Adored greatly,  
You're simply Amazing.
And I thought you deserve to know.
You must know
Ashley Feb 2015
I want to feel.
I want to feel you,
your arms around me,
my arms around you,
us holding each other.

But I don't know you,
or who my "you" is.
I'm just feeling
a tad sentimental
for things I've never had.

But dancing under
the brilliant stars,
to our favorite songs.
This is what I would
fall in love for.

Simple things,
and simple words,
I'm easy to inspire,
with loving words
and loving hugs.

I feel nostalgic,
for things I
haven't experienced.
But that's all I have,
feelings and love for "you".
I'm just feeling romantic for some reason. I don't expect this poem to be liked as well as some of my other poetry, but like I said. I'm feeling sentimental.
Cath Williams May 2015
Sometimes you do not
Need to 'look' or 'be good' but
Simply look and be.
Simply Wanting

Our need was evident
Simply wanting
a shared dream
lost in passions paradox
between the crevices of paragon
kisses so bent around the others dreamy night
lure of diamond light insight with the other
in a tortured love song our need
simply wanting the love of you..

Arvind Krish Mar 2016
Notes of papers
modules, graphs, maps and scales
me lost in dreams of fairy tales
hard to count
rush to the exam mount
endless cups of coffee in vain
shallows, brooks of caffeine

The clock runs the marathon
eyes dead '
brain washed
AmberLynne Jul 2014
Your blithesome nature
overwhelms my aching soul.
If I am honest
I must tell you that you are
simply extraordinary.
Wendell A Brown Apr 2014
My heart embraces you daily
As your smile sweeps me away
And I am now as always
Of your love a willing slave

It does not take much to please me
For its easy when it comes to you
You provide such simple pleasures
With everything you say and do

I try not to ever think about
How my life would surely be
If I spent it alone without your love
Right here so close to me

So I speak each day in silent prayer
To my God who has blessed me so
Who graces my life daily with your love
Making it a treasure I will never let go
A heart speaks of a genuine love
Samir Jul 2012
cliche, boring, bland and weak
based upon a foundation of chic

you distract from your lack
with your apathetic crap
entomology and intonation
i call it character masturbation

you do it too often, many of you
just be who you are so we can shine through

i just have to get this off my chest...
your subject matter concerns love
who would've guessed

it rhymes and chimes and deliverance isn't best
and if one skims just beginning and end
there is no need for the rest

lacking originality
either resolve or contradiction
not cryptic nor a riddle in sight
not an original thought nor display of risk

you can learn here from this one write
what you could never tell east from west
and even though, you'll be better so
it will never be
as clever as thee
so just hide behind your traditional text

its not that i seek to pick on the weak
its quite the contrary-

start over with command
so you understand
it is the fraudulent that i detest

it is lack of interest and tact
and i won't take it back
your technique is as the rest.

you slack in approach
you couldn't hold my attention
from the first line
to the next

no captivation
no eccentricity
no enigma
flooding, you are, a pest

parasitic in your relentlessness
attention seeking for all the wrong reasons
leading poetry to its death

you bore me truly
insincerely yours,
unafraid to best.
Brent Feb 2015
On cold evenings,
I just want to walk with you.
On a breezy sidewalk.
Holding hands.
And not saying a word.
Not even a whisper.
Silently pacing.
Side by side.
Stepping in sync.
I'll even let you put your head on my shoulder.
Not caring about the world.
Just letting the moonlight gleam.
And let it shine on your beautiful face.
Just letting the stars glimmer in the sky.
And let them twinkle in your eyes

*But that's just simply impossible.
random thoughts. daydreaming while walking at night.
Morgyn Harris Feb 2014
Once again feeling lost and so alone
Time has passed and I thought I had only grown
I can't escape the past that seems to haunt my soul
I can't find a better half that completes me and makes me whole
It's just me, myself and I, trying to make it in a cold world
People looking down on me thinking I'm just an ignorant little girl
Everyone so judgmental because of all the lies you told
This feeling of being worthless I can't shake off and it's getting old
Let's make it clear I didn't steal from you, that's not how I spend my time
I simply just took back what was already mine
So stomp on me and try to dispose of the person I am inside
It's only going to make me ignite my flame and I'm going to shine
Bring light to the evil coldness of your frozen heart
Keep trying, I'm binding myself and all the pieces because I won't stay torn apart
I can fix myself and the damage you've done within
I'm a fighter and I'll keep on fighting because I know I have to win
I need to be myself, all of the beauty and darkness that I am will stay til there til the end
I'm in the world to make my mark and I can do without a friend
In pieces now but with just myself, the only one I trust I can handle the reconstruction
For I am not a daughter a sister a niece or a cousin, I'm simply the product of reproduction
J M Surgent May 2014
There is a beauty
In saying things, simply.
Alexa Dark Nov 2014
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You said it's over
But I still love you
That's the simplest way I can say it...
Arlo Disarray Oct 2016

I can stand
on my own
two feet
and pull
myself forward

I don't need your sympathy
because, simply
I do much better
without you
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