They put me in the oven to bake.
Me a deprived and miserable cake.
Feeling the heat I started to bubble.
Watching the others I knew I was in trouble

They opened the door and I started my life.
Frosting me with a silver knife.
Decorating me with candy jewels.
The rest of my batch looked like fools.

Lifting me up, she took off my wrapper.
Feeling the breeze, I wanted to slap her.
Opening her mouth with shiny teeth inside.
This was the day this cupcake had died.
farahD Oct 2014
No wise man,
Can ever decide,
What's right for you,
So listen to the voice,
That speaks inside,
Divine Minds Transcend

We must follow
the trail of crumbs
The crumbs of celestial static
Hold on
to the secret truth
it's time to follow the white rabbit

Down, down the rabbit hole
where it leads
few will ever know

I am not what I was
I was what I will never be again
I found myself on the outside
like a mirror looking in
Like an enemy betraying a friend
and then my mind was shattered
Worthless fears crumbled to the floor
then the transformation began
The divine mind transcends

We are mindless souls bouncing off each other
until the gears fit and the machine begins to thrive
Together the powers united can be
connected by a force greater then life
The truth that leads us separately
to a place where our souls are defined
Not by the conflicted mind
but by the spirit that resides inside
to an alternate reality
the more the merrier
break through the dimension barrier
as time and the universe collide

I am not here to control you
I am not here to pass judgement
I am not here to behold you
I am here to join you in flight
I am not like the others
Like you I'm bound by destiny
connected sisters and brothers
the story is ours to write

We few
must follow the trail
the trail of crumbs
The crumbs of celestial static
So hold on to the power you know is true
as the planets and stars align
It is time
time to follow the white rabbit

Down, down the rabbit hole
where it leads
few will ever know
© JDMaraccini 2013
Creep Dec 2014
I'm a photographer, and I can't picture you and I together.

If I were a stop light, I'd turn green everytime you passed by, just so I don't have to see you any longer.

I thought happiness started with an HAPPI. Why does mine start with NOT U?

Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I run and hide.

Do you have a map? I need to figure out a way to get the hell away from you.

Do you live in a corn field, cause I'm just gonna harvest you and sell you to someone else.

Are you a parking ticket? 'Cause you've got Violation written all over you.

You look cold. Good. Freeze to death.

Can I have directions? [To where?] To get the hell away from you.

I'm not drunk, I'm just intoxicated enough to tolerate talking to you.

I was so disgusted by your face that I ran into that wall over there. But thank god I don't have insurance, so don't bother telling me your name and number.

Is there an airport nearby, cause I'm gotta get on the next flight to Antarctica and get the hell away from you.

You look so familiar… didn't we take a class together? I could've sworn we had physical education, where I was educated how to physically hurt you.

If you are a steak, I'd say you are too meaty.

Can I have a picture of you? So I can show Santa what I don't want for Christmas.

There must be something wrong with my eyes, they've started bleeding at the sight of you.
somebody told me
by the killers
Naomie Oct 2015
She'd scream
Come,Come with me!
I'll make your dreams come true
Put your heart in my hand
Follow me into a strange land
Come,come with me, won't you?

Follow me into Neverland
Follow me into Neverland
We'll meet with Peter Pan
Follow me to Neverland.
Follow me, won't you?
Sandile JUNIOUR Jun 2015
now that iv fallen i shall pick myself up
dust myself
clean myself purify myself
wash my spirit and keep moving

walk high be a man

respect myself get success
be a gentleman
respect all but trust non work
hard play hard rewarded
be handsome go internetional
look good  

#look good
# sj # keep cool calm and collected
# move on
# 1 day
evadance72 Sep 2014
My friend Ebony
is like a fire dancing through the night
a cartwheeling clown
she is a bubble that never pops
she has her own crazy style
she crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy
she is my friend
chris iannotti Oct 2010
Feathers strapped on the outs of seem, of pink and purple, of color yet.
Seen around this violent weather, drinks that hurdle, are hard to get.
Together when soaked with prime no better, stoked to find and kiss the daughter.
In law, out law, outlaws fed her, he rather play a love bird tune.
Out the noise, when in the slaughter, eyes of boys are caught in June.
Tenth in line to raise the baby; dropped the world and dropped the toys.
Shashank Virkud May 2012
Songster, not as sinister as they say,
she's no monster, just admittedly
a bit lost in her way.
she caves as I'm walking
down the hall.

I pick her up, off of that flooring,
the rubbery kind, whatever it is,
I guess it's rubber, but the kind that
squeaks when you walk on it after
coming in from the rain; to hell with poetry.

And so anyways I pick her up
and sit her on this bench next to me
and give her about five minutes to come to
terms with breathing and pick shimmering
auburn hair out of the tears smeared across her face,
two, mesmerizing, perfectly blue wells
the source of the streams.
And then I ask her what that
was all about and she blurts out that she

belongs in the Fine Arts Department,
and her car broke down months ago
but her father
doesn't give a damn about it,
because she can't lay up the basketball
or steal the base and so he honorably
lump summed her entire tuition
and sent her to another state
and how fucked she would be
if she had to get a job for the first
time at the age of twenty three
so she wouldn't have to be
dependent on her family and
that she was sick of wondering why
not a single guy had ever given her
a fucking flower
and that if she ever did end up liking one
two weeks later she would find out that he
was exactly the same as the others and

she had a broken look in her eyes

when she said she wondered why we were
all here in the first place, and how we were
made this way, and if people were actually
ever meant to fit together or not;

what if there was nothing as certain
as two halves making a whole?

She wanted to know how everyone's
mind had a different game to play,
she wanted to know why Jupiter
had to be so far away and everything in

We had strolled off of the school grounds by
this time but I still looked twice before pulling out my flask.
I  unscrewed the cap, handed it to her and said

follow me to Deadbeat Hollow,
where we've already thrown
our problems out of the window

and she said

*lets go.
Timothy Oct 2012
From the 16th century Anabaptist Ausbund
Hymn 11 by Jörg Wagner, burnt 1527


Wer Christo jetzt will folgen nach,
Muß achten nichte der Welt Schmach,
Das Creutz er auch muß tragen,
Kein ander Weg in Himmel geht,
Hört ich von Jugend sagen.

Also thät Jörg der Wagner auch,
Gen Himmel fuhr er in dem Rauch,
Durchs Creutz ward er bewähret,
Gleich wie man thut dem klaren Gold,
Von Herzen ers begehret.

Der Falkenthurm ward ihm zu Theil,
Es galt ihm seiner Seelen Heyl,
Er acht kein's Menschen Trauren,
Er acht auch nicht sein kleine Kind,
Noch seiner Ehlichen Frauren.

Wiewohl sie ihm nicht war'n nunmehr,
Und er gern bey ihn's blieben wär,
Hat Liebe und Leids gelitten,
Kein Arbeit an seim Leib gespart,
Nach frommer Ehleut Sitten.

Gleichwohl er sie verlassen muß,
Es war ihm kein geringe Buß,
Daß er von ihn'n mußt scheiden.
Klein Fürst mit seinem Fürstenthum,
Hätts ihm mögen erleiden.

Zween Baarfüß—Möch in grauem Kleid
Jörg Wagner trösten in seim Leid,
Sie wollten ihn bekerhren,
Er wiess  sie in ihr Klösterlein,
Ihr Red wollt er nicht hören.

Der Henker führt ihn an ein'm Strick,
Im Rathaus las man ihm vier Stück,
Darauf stund ihm sein Leben:
Eh er eins widerrufen wollt,
In Tod thät er sich geben.

Der erst Artikel war nicht leicht,
Trauff an die mündlich Ohrenbeicht,
Kein Pfaff mocht ihm verzeihen,
Dieweil er wider Gott gethan,
Der ihm allein konnt freyen.

Der Tauff ist recht wie Christus lehrt,
Wenn die Ordnung nicht wird verkehrt,
Bedeut sein bitter Sterben,
Ist ein Abwäschung unser Sünd,
Dadurch wir Gnad erwerben.

Vons Herren Christi Sacrament,
Jörg Wagner ihn'n auch frey bekennt,
Ich halt es vor ein Zeichen,
Vor Christi hingegebnen Leib,
Redt er ohn alles Schmeichlen.

Zum vierten wollt nicht Glauben thun,
Daß sich Gott sollte zwingen lohn,
Auf Erd herab zu kommen,
Bis er werd halten sein Gericht,
Den Böse mit den Frommen.

Etlich Christliche Brüder war'n,
Redten Jörg Wagner in sein' Ohr'n,
Weil er noch war beym Leben,
Im Feur sterb als ein frommer Christ,
Wollst uns ein Zeichen geben.

Er sprach: Das will ich gerne thun,
Christum den wahren Gottes Sohn
Will ich mit'm Mund bekennen,
So lang als mein Vermögen ist,
Will ich ihn Jesum nennen.

Zween Heker stunden bey der Seit,
Den Ring um ihn sie machten weit,
Jörg Wagner sprach den Glauben.
Zugegen stund ein große Schaar
Von Männern und von Frauen.

Jörg Wagner sh ohn Furcht um sich,
Sein Mund zu keiner Zeit verblich,
Er redt daß manchen wundert.
Geschah im sieben un zwanzigsten Jahr,
Ein tausend und fünf hundert.

Im Hornung in demselben Jahr,
Am achten Tag ganz offenbar,
Hing man ihm an sein Kehle
Ein sack mit Pulver nicht fast klein,
Benahm ihm da sein Seele.

Man flocht ihm auf ein Leiter  hart,
Das Holz und Stroh anzünndet ward,
Jetz ward das Lachen teuer.
Jesus, Jesus, zum vierten mahl,
Rief er laut aus dem Feuer.

Elias thut die Wahrheit sagen,
Daß er in ein'm feurigen Wagen
Fuhr in das Paradeise:
So bitten wir den Heiligen Geist,
Daß er nus unterwiese.


Who Christ will follow now, newborn,
Dare not be moved by this world's scorn,
The cross must bear sincerely;
No other way to heaven leads,
From childhood we're taught clearly.

This did George Wagner, too, aspire,
He went to heav'n 'mid smoke and fire,
The cross his test and proving,
As gold is in a furnace tried,
His heart's desire approving.

The falcon tower became his lease,
It brought about his soul's release,
No human sorrowing swerved him,
Nor was he moved by his small child,
Nor had his wife unnerved him.

They no more his could be to aid,
Though he gladly with them had stayed,
His love and sorrow welling;
No labor spared he on his part,
As righteous partners dwelling.

Although he from them must depart,
No meanly sacrifice of heart,
That he from them be parting,
No prince with all his princely gain
Could him from this be thwarting.

Two barefoot monks in grey array,
George Wagner's sorrow's would allay,
They would be him converting;
He waved them to their cloister home,
Their speech he'd be averting.

The hangman him with rope interned,
In the town hall four counts he learned,
Upon which hinged his living;
Before he one truth would deny,
His life would he be giving.

The article which first would weigh,
With the confession it did lay,
No priest could be forgiving,
For against God would he have sinned,
Who'd only be grace giving.

Baptism is right as Christ has taught,
When this ord'nance is not distraught,
Portends his bitter dying,
In symbol washes us from sins,
And grace us signifying.

Of our Lord Christ's own sacrament,
George Wagner testified intent,
A symbol, it esteem I,
Of Christ's own body offered free;
No flattery spake he hereby.

Fourthly, he would not fain believe
That God should such constraint receive
And come to earth in brightness,
Until His judgment He should hold,
The wicked with the righteous.

Did several Christian brothers near
Speak then into George Wagner's ear
While still he was yet living,
(He died in fire, a Christian true),
Wilt us a sign be giving.

He said: This will I gladly do,
Christ, truly God's own Son, as due,
By mouth I'll be confessing:
As long as privilege shall be,
Jesus him be addressing.

Two hangmen stood now at his side,
The ring about him they made wide,
George Wagner spake his faith strong,
Around him a great company,
Men, women, an attent throng.

George Wagner's gaze did nothing quail,
His lips did never once grow pale,
He spake that many wondered.
T'was in the twenty seventh year,
One thousand and five hundred.

In February the same year,
The eighth day, openly and clear,
Men on a stake then hung him,
A bag of powder, rather small,
There took his soul quite from him.

Men fastened him to ladder firm
The wood and straw was made to burn,
Now was the laughter dire;
Jesus! Jesus! did he four times
Call loudly from the fire.

Elias speaks the truth entire
That he in chariot of fire
In paradise did lighten;
So pray we then, the Holy Ghost,
That He may us enlighten.

Translated by John J Overholt ©1970
Crysta Gingras Mar 2016
I wake up in the morning and see the sun saying hello
I go downstairs and am stopped by an odd fellow
He wore a green hat and carried a cello
He certainly was an odd little fellow
He stopped me and said “Do you want to follow your dreams?”
A little shy I squeaked “uh well, Sure please”
He led me down the hallway and right out the door
Looked back at me with a display and asked “what are you waiting for?”
I shrugged my shoulders with dismay and followed closely behind
He kept right on running I followed suit in kind
He led me to a castle that stood up straight and bold
He looked at me and pointed at it while demanding “Don’t you now fold;
The answers to all your dreams is up there waiting inside
The place is falling at the seams, no time to swallow pride”
So with a leap and a bound I found myself in the castle
Searching far and wide certainly was a hassle
I walked up to a fireplace and saw a burning stew
I turned around to look and who I saw, was you
You stared at me with a challenge, blue eyes boring holes
I stared right back unable to move from those striking blues
You asked what I had come for
I honestly said, “No clue,
Though if I’d take a guess, I’d say I came for you”
That quip made your eyes lose their stony glare
And if I had the confidence I’d swear I saw a sparkle there
You invited me to sit, and we talked for a long while
I impressed you with my wit and even got a smile
It came time for me to leave, so I made to bid adieu
You reached out and grabbed my arm, “life is far better with two”
I was a little taken aback, had I been too far forward?
This woman knew my inner thoughts, perhaps clear-sighted?
I wanted to agree with you, but I lived far from here
It seemed you knew again and said, “Will you take me there?”
My shock must have shown for you shrunk back like I hurt you
“Did I assume too much?” you asked with hesitation
“That all depends” I said with sly smile “do you like blue?”
You smiled again, glowing with confidence, as you leaned forward and said “of course I do”
This time I smiled back, and linked your arm with mine
We walked out of the castle and passed the fellow, now drinking wine
He looked up with a glance and then jumped back with a dance
Shouting for joy at the sight
He grabbed his cello
Before he could mellow
And sang with all of his might
“oh happy days you found your dream
It has all come true to be
For you found her and she found thee
So happy
So happy to be!”
We danced with the fellow
While playing his cello
And moved about all through the night
My hand in your hand
And your eyes on mine
Nothing has ever felt more right
Like the fellow had sung
So happy to be
Right then and there
Just you and me
A story for my Angel
Arcassin B Sep 2014
by Arcassin Burnham

follow my feelings down the road,
and get decapitated,
he wants to have a smirk on his face,
and he became infatuated,
divined and refined,
i don't want to have this irritation,
zero tolerance aligned,
it creates frustration,
follow me,
follow me,
follow me,
follow me,
follow me,
into my words,
follow me.
poetic mafia
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