Dallas Hogue Jul 2014
Happiness is Christmas decorations in April. Good memories  trapped in time that we never wish to release

Happiness is release
Lunar Mar 2014
summer nights
fairy lights
women rights
skinny tights
we ended up with
lovers' fights

plain as day
you took away
a sunshine ray
left me with
no words to say

feelings fade
a girl's parade
to hold her head high
and hide the mess you made
Sarah Spang Dec 2015
All things fade
Rain washes away the deeds done
Somewhere on the earth, in the trees
On a winding path, where the fireflies
Like failing Christmas lights flicker.
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Lichelle Antonio Feb 2016
Ngingiti ako at tatawa
Tatawa na parang di iniwan
Tatawa na parang di nasaktan
Ngingiti at tatawa
..dahil may higit pang darating.
Camila Dec 2014
So I keep moving forward,
with giant strides,
but I have one hand holding the past.
I try to stretch,
to cover all the places my heart wants to be,
my hands like claws,
scratching the lands my feet left behind.
Exactly how I feel, my new job is in a different town from my hometown and the city that became my home for the past seven years while I studied. Although its close from both I still get worried about seeing everyone I´m leaving behind.
Jared Gatten Feb 2010
so i see now you're with someone else,
& finally now i'm free:
you left no excess residue
as you exit me.

i expected to express regrets
as your final vapors left my vents
but now your vacancy sustains me:
i have aptitude in lacking you
& your absence accents my best attributes
because i'm no longer attached to you.

& each step weighs a little less
sans you stealing half my breath,
& when i'm bathing in her flesh
she'll find comfort in my cleanliness,
& she can finally drown inside my depth
as i love her like there's nothing left.
Kim Lang Aug 2017
When is it the right time
To open the closet door
To look in on a journey paused
To risk the truth and find
Boxes taped up with angry haste
Adventures stifled within four walls

When is the right time
To sit with the papers, the moments, the times
To make the decisions
To be brave in the face of pain and find
Cherished moments stuffed haphazardly away
Flashes of beauty smothered by a storm

When is the right time
To laugh, to cry, to hate, to mourn
To acknowledge the truth
To risk the unpredictable path that leads to
A heart ready, open for healing
And a closet - with room for someone else
Kyle Howard May 2015
I plead to you
Let me rest in peace
For my lifeless husk
Is now deceased
The weight of pain
Was killing me
It won the war
It waged on me
So let me down
into the ground
And I promise not
To make a sound
For my withered heart
Beats no more
And my soul has left
The rivers shore
I'll float off now
Into the great beyond
Moving forward and
Moving on
Katrina Aug 2014
Time to sleep.
But man.
Thoughts go thru my mind.
Crazy of what I want.
Crazy of what they want.
Mixed emotions.
Living as much as I can.
Never as much as I could.
But stuck. Stuck in a place I always was.
Yet here happy and thats a plus.
Ill move on cuz thats the next step.
I just avoid being open..
Here I am. Wanting to know the answer to everything. Wishing I could help everyone.

Sadly im stuck in a world where I cant help myself. And no one can help themselves.  
And oddly that makes me not feel alone.

Moving on to what really counts.
Everyday shit happens.

Mind over matter.
And we can all live thru the hassle.
We can all do what we want.
And move on.
Cheyenne Jan 2015
Goodbye to all the friends I knew.
I loved the time I spent with you.
You made me laugh though things were bad;
I won't forget the time we had.
Any song can sound sweet,
if you tune your tone appropriately,
and add a lyric,
with a melody
and I have seen where there is a life,
there is a song
but some songs are not only a love song
that notion was a loop, intense, black and blue passionate song
was not romantic

She was a sad song
and I thought I would know how to make it better
like if I could be the only to love her again,
I believed that everything would fall into a melodious love song
but  I lost a few lines of lyrics
and there was bit melody missing that I couldn't find
and I saw too many scratches on the disc
I couldn't let myself be made no longer
trying to fix her entirety.
@Musfiq us shaleheen
scratches on the disc
SG Holter Feb 2016
For Helene.*

Ashes on the water, now.
Love's bones like dust downstream.  
At least it got to see itself in our eyes,
Feel itself between hand holding hand

And whispered caresses.
From pillow talk to fists raised at
Concerts, glasses of Portuguese wine
On her balcony to the sound of magpies

We named our neighbours.
We were beautiful.
Began beautifully.
Ended gracefully.

I open hands that held hers and see
Nothing but skin worn by labour,
And air.
Ashes on the water, now.

Embers without a chance against rivers  
Cold with melted mountain snow and
Unyielding differences.
Some loves drown with lungs too full

To cry; others float like a funeral-pyre-
Longboat into the night, ablaze.
King and queen, hand upon hand.
Crowns tied from fresh flowers,

We were beautiful.
Began beautifully.
Slid apart the way a glacier parts from
The hills; slowly, but with the force

Of its thousands of tons.
Ashes on the water,
Where the ghost of our union rests
Underneath the surface of our memories.

I will remember you.
Until the stars burn out, raining the
Dust of themselves like snow upon
These waters that always are moving.
Jen Jo Nov 2014
I hate the idea of moving on
Letting go, again
Just so to dive into something else

Letting time split through
And get healed
Just so to get hurt again
I guess we'll always be moving on in life.
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