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i smell afternoon showers and feel my own skin reclaimed amid the storm.

i sip grotesque amounts of coffee in hopes of awakening my third eye.

i sway to sounds of joy and sounds of grief.

i spill my tangled thoughts like ink to take shapes called poetry.

i stash the love notes from the universe at the foot of my bed.

i keep washing my sheets because i want to forget he was ever there.

Christian Ek Jun 2014
I find myself looking for you in other people.
Whether it is in the way they think or the way they appear, I see straight through them to you.
I find you in places I thought I could be alone.
Where once I could go to this view to clear my head, now only causes me distress.
I remember sitting on the beach once and your eyes washed upon the shore line.
I am waiting to go home into your arms.
I need you so much, that another person's touch, practically causes any feeling of attraction.
You held the power to make me smile when no one else could.
And I don't think I'll find satisfaction until someone else can capture my attention.
- Christian Ek
Cress Rosario May 2014
There are some times where I look up in the sky
Wondering and asking myself, why?
Life has so many reasons
I don't know what or maybe soon

But one thing I believe..

I have all the dreams and imagination
To keep my life in action
I can make it happier
'Cause I will love everything forever

I can think of a deep blue see
I can look at the white bright sky
I can feel the calm cool breeze
I can smell fragrances of flowers and trees

And these things made me believe..

Whatever I've drown my mind in thinking
There are more reasons to keep smiling
Sing and dance to heart's delight
Be thankful for a beautiful life

Keep on moving
Keep on swaying
Keep on fighting the fright
Keep on moving through life
Blinking Nose May 2016
I reminisce too much.
Besides, what else is there to do?
Remnants of the past, fragments
Still squirming in my conscience

In some vague room
A flicker of my smile, a candle, a black robe
And my button down shirt
Laid across the floor for you to step on
And you carefully tip toed
To catch me in time, but I wasn't falling

The seasons have passed exceedingly slowly
But now, I am smiling again
My nights are somehow less tormented

It is beautiful today and I have things to do
But before I leave and conquer the week
I pause, if only for a moment, in this sun lit room

I touch the French window
And leave you behind, one last time
Like shabby finger prints on unstained glass
Nickolas Niles Nov 2017
When you turned away from me,
I turned too walking back on.
The saddest thing of all time,
The secrets told between us.
It was then all I could see,
This was a battle not won.
I ask myself even why,
We have this love not so bold.
For now I know I must be,
Not your lover and no one.
Keep on walking with a sigh,
Knowing yourself to grow old.
Time not on your side with glee,
Knowing now I’m far and gone.
Inspired by Sam Smith’s recent “Too Good at Goodbyes,” I couldn’t help but to pump this love song out. And coming across a familiar...
Jeremy Rascon Aug 2016
The endless sorrows,
They sought
Found me here,
At what I call home .
When I cannot sleep,
When I cannot dream,
Everything seems wrong.
I glance around and view its truth
I don't belong here I whisper
Take me away I call out
Into the darkness
The windows are tinted from eons of collected dust and dirt,
The low brown light that seeps through sets the tone,
My vision is almost gone,
I wipe and wipe
But the glass is stained.
The entire house is in a similar state.
Echoes speak to me in the hallway
It's not the house that's alive
It's been dead for years
I am trapped in it's carcass
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