Christian Ek Jun 2014
I find myself looking for you in other people.
Whether it is in the way they think or the way they appear, I see straight through them to you.
I find you in places I thought I could be alone.
Where once I could go to this view to clear my head, now only causes me distress.
I remember sitting on the beach once and your eyes washed upon the shore line.
I am waiting to go home into your arms.
I need you so much, that another person's touch, practically causes any feeling of attraction.
You held the power to make me smile when no one else could.
And I don't think I'll find satisfaction until someone else can capture my attention.
- Christian Ek
Blinking Nose May 2016
I reminisce too much.
Besides, what else is there to do?
Remnants of the past, fragments
Still squirming in my conscience

In some vague room
A flicker of my smile, a candle, a black robe
And my button down shirt
Laid across the floor for you to step on
And you carefully tip toed
To catch me in time, but I wasn't falling

The seasons have passed exceedingly slowly
But now, I am smiling again
My nights are somehow less tormented

It is beautiful today and I have things to do
But before I leave and conquer the week
I pause, if only for a moment, in this sun lit room

I touch the French window
And leave you behind, one last time
Like shabby finger prints on unstained glass
It's not the shadows themselves that are alive.
The darkened places are where you hide the thoughts you dare not face.

What did you expect?
A Jul 5
You’ve dug up your roots so many times
Clawing them up from the dirt
Nails torn and fingertips bloodied
When you get where you’re going
You realize that you only have the strength
To nail the baseboards of your new life into the soft earth
Shiver at the impermanence of it all

Remember the box you buried
You left it and it’s too late to go back now
The polaroids
The memories
Your half beating heart

They’re 700 miles away and gone forever
Half of my family, my friends, my life, is hundreds of miles away. 25 moves and counting.
Sam Jul 17
|A sequel to 'Firefly days'|

Now it seems to me
that there's nothing I could be
if going back to past
is something I would dream.
I miss all those days
and forever it will stay
as memories in my head
to comfort me
in times of gray.
Today isn't just another day
this is a new day
to create a history
along with the mysteries
that leads me to a victory.
I should think of today.
Though I lost many
back that 'days',
I realized that things
do change
and forever will be.
Today I will work hard.
Today I won't be sad.
Today I'll ease the pain.
Today I'll do things right.
Today I will be change,
but still I will be me.
Today is a new start
to stroke the brush
and paint an art
This is the golden age
of living bright and free.

Noises in Mind, Copyright © 2014
Sam N. de la Rosa
All rights reserved.
It's not wrong to reminice but, still, focus on the things in front of you. There you'll find bright ember.
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