Sarani Bella Jun 2012
Even when I'm spent,
I sprint to you.
Your sleeping in the sun,
I shade you.
When your not so fun,
I clown or cry for you,
A smile on your face,
I shape to fill the space for you.

We're far from oxymoron,
Not alone together, a dull shine or honest liars
Pair bonding in oxytocin
Ice my fingers, then you blow'n
Them, cool my body,
Adds to grow on,
The passion we two flow from.
Casper DM Aug 2012
I awoke with the taste
Of tin on the roof,
of my mouth.
From dreams of rotten flesh,
Between my teeth.
Morning's light ,
Cloudy from the haze,
Emptiness brings.
The air thick,
With dead skunk,
Spiders dancing in their webs,
Dangling icicles,
Of deceit,
To foolish bees.
Among Yesterdays catch,
Of the fly.
I focused on the slow,
Crawl of black blood.
Washing the wall red,
In it's March.
And dreamed of you.
The scent of your hair,
Dangling Icicles,
I kissed you.
Laid before me,
Slight lips parted.
Looking through me,
With blue/ brown eyes.
I awoke with the dream
Of you.
And focused,
On the slow crawl,
Of black blood.
Washing the lens,
Of blue /brown,
do we you or i live life? I think so

we live life and experience things like the cosmos – nebula's, constellations and galaxies the speckled white backdrop of purple green on a black satin sky at night – so magnificent

we live life and experience things like that hobo – cold and homeless an image of pure sadness we look at the wretch and feel despair – he smiles, his shallow and sickly eyes say the opposite. So we wonder what is his story, his history – a mask

we live life and experience things like a rainbow – an optical illusion that has no end and no beginning, it is infinite and we reach and reach and grasp and grasp and and we never get a grip – a mirage

we live life and experience things like children – inebriated adults proclaiming a grin of innocence and a smile of sweetness in small form – we cling to our youth, much like the rainbow or the lion seeking his prey we hunt for it – its momentary *

we live life and experience things like exhilaration – riding a roller coaster, a high speed car chase – watching a man land on the moon, falling in love, and the times when childlike excitement fill our bodies – *
the escape

life is so magnificent, who we are behind the mask, how we see a mirage, and its momentary fleeting passing, and our escape –**living for the escape.
K Balachandran Jan 2014
An ecstatic poet, conjured up a full moon night so special.
Pairs of lovers got drunk with moon's white wine, reveled,
danced all night along the sea washed sands in ebullient spirit
till they were completely exhausted,  slept there on the sand bed.
When dawn tiptoed, they transformed to lovebirds, away they flew,
did they want to get back to human lives; no one knows, even if they did-
wasn't possible, the poet that created them, in drunken stupor, had
already forgot the whole episode and was in a hurry for new conceptions.
Are we not the characters left to fend for ourselves in the grand imagination of the cosmic narrator?
Miranda Kathleen May 2013
I spend my time
thinking about death
thinking about sex
licking oxycontin dust off of razor blades
and adoring that stupid beautiful boy
with every fucked up fiber of my being
Shannon Aug 2014
A thousand tumbles takes a bottle in the sea-
a thousand dashes and whirls and swoops.
A million grains of sand takes that bottle in the sea,
to break apart, to come to me
in fragments like a snowflake fractal.
How many mermaid miles till she hands that glass to me?
For I've taken out my very-ness, for you.
- And my crossness.
My judgement and wrath.
I've taken out slight hot breathe
               (for you to melt the ice on your whiskers.)
I've taken out my toes when they are reaching for yours in the cavernous blanket world  through the forest of our lazy limbs.
I've taken out my righteousness
and my second guessing.
I've taken out for you (a surprise, I was going to surprise you!)
all the times you were going to be wrong to me-
          and to wrong me...
taken them out to sea, you see?
In that bottle, pretty bottle. Broken now like too many vows.
I've taken out my knowing best and finding better.
I've taken out the half moon of your thumbnail as well
...I will miss that in my night sky-
(perhaps I'll keep that after all.)
I'll take out the complacency of holding your hand getting out of a chair.
and the mindless strokes
as you explain
my commonplace crazy
simpler minds-
I'll take out the very-ness of me, and the we-ness of us.
and fill a bottle with a the brine of a thousand tears from hundred slights not slighted quite yet.
I fill the bottle and gift the sea
with the softness of you and the brashness of me.
A thousand turnabouts it takes to reach you on the beach,
a sea glass diamond ring, engage me you engaging man-
and the tides tickles my feet in anticipation, marry me. marry me.
just a sea glass promise
for a mermaid bride
waiting for the sailor man to sing her sweetly with salt on his lips
Just a sea glass lullaby from the man who loves me so.
Marry me, marry me
And we drink sparkling water from a sea glass flute
and we drink all the us and we drink all the we
for sea glass could never hold a second in,
sea glass is far too vain not to shine in the sun fanning
your invite out in a spectrum of color that
a small child's hand creates when he holds it up to the rays.
Spills out all of my intentions
Spoiled child, loved child,
Spills out all of my intentions carelessly on the sandy floor for the tides to swallow whole.
My sea glass prism chucked unceremoniously back to sea
and me the mermaid bride left at her own alter...
But a seashell to your ear and her my wailing sorrow calls,
'marry me, sailor. marry me.'

sahn 8/5/14
I write and dream that it will touch somebody one day. I thank you for reading.
Marina Rose Oct 2011
Time is spent
melting into itself.
Roots, like an oak,
extend from me,
a tired stretch.
They coil themselves
around you,
catching your skin.
A sluggish act
of self-preservation.

Prose is spent;
each letter fluxes and fuses --
shaping nonsense.
Words hang in the air,
dangle and drop;
my serifs and cross strokes
litter the floor.
They soften,
and you're ankle-deep in verse.

Comfort is spent.
Restless nights ensue,
doubled over in mourning
for nothing;
to rather curl into you,
like a shell
a beautiful,
disastrous fit.

The future is spent
spread before me,
a rich expanse of black.
I feel the desperate longing
for constellations
nothing to name after you
but a slow, dull ache.

I am spent.
Vacuous at last
I've bled dry.
Like dust,
you have absorbed me.
Press on, press on.
And like everything else,
the tar on my lungs
looks suspiciously like you.
Devyani Mahajan Nov 2014
A time spent, a time well spent.
Woven in prejudices, yet staying on the right path
That’s what I admire most about you
Apart from that giggle that reaches extreme heights
Or the hugs which reach great lows for me
Or the unending conference calls
Or the cross multiplication
There is something more to you, you are more
You are beautiful
Maturity isn’t common
It hadn’t spread across your heart till a few months back
But,I’m glad it finally did.

There is a sense of morose looming over everyone these days
except you
You,love, spread the love
you’re the beacon of hope that most are devoid of
You've been crafted into an enticing sculpture
This is an individual piece of writing for you
It can be for anyone
It can be read for anyone
It can be interpreted by anyone
But it talks of you
It talks of you like the birds that chirp about a particular song but the humans fail to understand it
It talks of you like the giggles shared with everyone yet, thinking of only one person
You,it talks just about you.
I love you
I love you like the sun loves its fellow stars
like the plants that love the dew drops dressing their naked body in the morning
like the colour golden loves the colour pink
I hope for a life with you
A life of disappointments
of cracks and shackles
of bridges and of flowers
of fast currents and stillness
I just hope we always have a life, together.
Today I feel like telling this to everyone :
Let’s screw up
Let’s let go of things and rejoice
Let’s be happy about everything
Let’s knit our friendship with everyone
Let’s not worry for just a minute?
let’s be you

This piece of writing can be for anyone
But it talks of you,who you are
who you will be
who you were
and how beautiful you always are,were,will be.
A love letter for a friend.
jimmy tee Mar 2013
all resolution is slippery,
the firmer the foundation,
with pilings sent deep,
the swifter the undermining.

there is an inertia
in drawing breath that becomes
an immovable focus intent
on repetition alone, always
leading to itself; call it
the myth of life, for this
temporal existence stands
far from our true being.

so says the sage, planting crops
so says the priest, spinning comfort
so says the banker, theatre tickets in hand
so says the poet, eyeing his words
so says the parent, with blind instruction

stand mute before your needs
awareness doesn’t amount to much,
nor does anything else.
Jack Thompson Oct 2015
I've crawled off to die in a cowards shoe.
The culmination of my efforts.
A disheveled shape held together with glue.
What push do I have left?

When I've spent all I have.

My last quarter in the gum ball machine of life.
Looking around at all the others who've given up.
Is it my time? - considering the strife.

Uni projects really take it out of you...
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Brandon Barnett Apr 2012
Into my blood like a poison's sharp bite
you rush into me suddenly and your effect excites
your presence resonates in me with a musing delight
and I give into the death of wanting others, with no fight

I succumb to the mysteries in your almond colored eyes
I pull you in close to me and hold you tight
push your hair back and move past your guise
and realize that here with you no rule applies

I move into you so close I can feel you breathing
so close I find the rhythm to your heart's beating
closer still till I feel your blood heaving
closer than skin touching and each movement teasing

so close but the kiss would be cheating on this
so time stops as I pause an inch away from your lips
with a longing hesitation

Not ready to end the journey to say I've arrived at a destination
not when every hot breath is the perfect flirtation
not when the wait puts me into those eyes with fixation
not yet when I enjoy so much finding the solutions to our complicated equation

but then our lips meet because nothing can stop gravities thrusting
and I dive into your warm kiss with a white hot lusting
with no restraint I come at you with a craving crushing
and I realize with each next kiss that neither of us are rushing

and an hour goes by and then it's been two
and an entire evening unwinds into just us two
and the world is refined to just me and you
and each next kiss makes the night glow a golden hue

I've no place I want to be but here
and my words never seem to make that clear
so I'll tell you tonight with every way I keep you near
and we will just kiss until the hours all disappear
Have you ever been with someone so beautiful that you couldn't stop staring at them and just kissed for hours?
Jellyfish Feb 2012
I caught a glimpse, in the corner of my eye.
My heart told me to love her but my brain still made me lie.
I thought about that lie - "She's not the one for you".
Then I caught me staring, and I knew my heart was true.
I try to let my heart rule now,
my brain's too young to think.
They say that young love's sweetest but
I find that hard to link.
I spent a year in her eyes, but didn't feel it pass.
The feeling overtook me, the feeling went too fast.
Nothing seems to matter now, not with her around,
just a moment in her eyes - I know that fact is sound.

I think I saw him looking, in the corner of my eye.
I didn't want to look though 'cause I'm worried and I'm shy.
I wonder why he's looking, is it something that I've done?
I think it must be nothing, I think his eyes hit sun.
I wish that he was looking mind,
yet heart's too young to know.
My heart says let me love him
but of course my brain says no.
I spent a second in his eyes, and felt it last forever.
But brain said no and brain means so for brain is much more clever.
My heart keeps fighting, shouting - clawing at my head.
It hurts I know but must be so or something would be said.

I wish she would say something...
*I wish he would say something...
Mamihlapinatapai - A look shared by two people each wishing that the other will initiate something that both desire but which neither one wants to start.
Pure LOVE Dec 2015
Along time here on HP
And have become
Friendly with 1, 2, or 3
And there is no better place
To spend some time on the net
Better than FB or Online games
I rather be connecting
With people who share
In the passion of
What their heart dares
To express to millions
Of eyes
Takes a passion only we all
So to all of you wonderful
Poets on here
I wish you
A Merry Christmas
And A Happy New Year
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