Ruthie Jun 2014
Long brown hair
Foolish eyes
Broken heart
Twisted cries

How the hell am I pretty?

I rely on self destruction as a distraction from real life.

That's not pretty.
Somebody called me pretty......

Not at all.
Adriean New Jul 2014
She wakes up every morning & looks in the mirror.
Not happy by what she sees,
she covers her face with makeup.
She thinks it makes her look pretty,
but I know she's pretty without it
& I tell her everyday, hoping she believes me.
Andrew Kerklaan Jul 2015
Some people really fancy yellow hair..




                           ­          .

                     Could Care Less
Amaranthine Jul 2014
Pretty pretty pretty
But you remain the same
As the childish and petty
To whom living is a game

Ugly ugly ugly
Not a blemish in sight
Because the pretty ones bug me
*What counts is inside
I feel like a flower.
but I never said I feel pretty,
or colorful,
like those flowers,
yellow on a field,
or in the bushes,
swaying peacefully in the wind.
I feel like the flower,
that you step on,
because you don't think it's pretty enough,
to pick up.

Candy Flip Oct 2015
Unlike the tactile trunk of an Elephant,
Or the aerodynamic suit of a Shark,
Or a Skunk's spray-on repellent,
Or the extended neck of a Giraffe,

Or the armoured sheath of a Tortoise,
Or a Snake's poisoned saliva,
Or the flexible limbs of an Octopus,
Or the front pocket of a Koala,

Or the kaleidoscopic coat of a Chameleon,
Or the barbed thorn of a Bee,
Or a Buffalo's four-part digestion,
Or the opposed thumbs of a Monkey,

There's no purpose to a Peacock's plumage
But to provide pleasure to the eye
And to show off the complex beauty
Of evolutionary design.
Look at me pretty eyes,
you do not notice im in dicise,
you quietly stare at skys,
in a dream like hase with love on rise
this is for a boy i used to like he had the most dreamy eyes but never actually noticed me with them ( he had a girlfriend)
JustChloe Mar 2015
I'm fat
My stomache stretches out of its place when i eat
Don't eat
I want to look in mirror and be happy
People shouldn't tease me because I'm not skinny
be skinny
Who cares if I'm unhealthy
As long as I'm pretty
Ashley Somebody Apr 2014
He said that I looked
Pretty, as a compliment
But it made me doubt;
I felt that he shouldn't have
It made me feel insecure.
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
I can draw different pictures ,but                                                                               From where should I start ?                                                                                      I can draw with a pencil                                                                                              As a reminder that I can do something ...                                                                  I can draw pictures ,but                                                                                              In my mind this time ...                                                                                              I can draw with my eyes ,but                                                                                     Through different sights ...                                                                                         My drawings vary from                                                                                             One thing to another ...
Chris Schop Apr 2014
Ah, a gorgeous lake!
Smell the tress, taste the water,
Screw television!
Another haiku...
calion May 2014
how come i only look
pretty in a stupid dress?
The Redhead.
The little auburn braid
wrapped across a freckled forehead,
revealing the natural orange and blonde streaks.
The china doll face,
with porcelain skin.
Pale lips, pink cheeks.
Eyes like the sea,
turquoise with speckles of green.
A crooked, imperfect, perfect smile.
A constant smile.
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