PoserPersona Jul 27
Your hair stills heart's rhythmic meter
  For this I wish forever
Strands spun with goddess gossamer;
  softer than touch of mother

Your eyes dazzle with no glitter
  For this I stare o're yonder
Locking jewels with coins of others;
  Leaves throbbing chests emptier

Your form flows as gentle rivers
  For this I grudge past swimmers
Glory bequeathed to the winner;
  drown will the losing suitors

Your voice humbles angel choirs
  For this I listen eager
Songs molding seraphs from satyrs;
  in harmony with nature

Your being stirs wildfire
  For this I bear the pleasure
Ethereal flames dance together;
  fueled by spiritual tethers

You are my love light of summer
  For this I waded winter
Glowing 'bove, spring was made greener;
  blooming nascent desire
Holly M 6d
You are not demure.
Your vocabulary is not pure.
But baby, I'd just like to say
That I wouldn't have it
Any other way.

They look at you and say,
"Pretty girl, but I wish
Her tits were as big
As her mouth is."
But I don't.

I love the way
You wear your hair,
Like you just don't care,
Like you are a lion,
And this is your mane.
I love the way
Your eyes are sea blue
And you haven't got a clue
How these little details
Drive me insane.

They look at you and say,
"Pretty girl, but I wish
She took more pride
So she looked as good outside
As she does on the inside.
Maybe if she took her head
Out of that book, then
Her neck wouldn't be so bent.
Then she'd look heaven-sent."
But I don't.

Don't get me wrong-
I don't love everything about you.
You laugh too loud and too shrill,
You argue even when the point is nil.
Your eyes are too big for your face,
Sometimes your jokes are out of place.
You're regular hurricane of a girl,
But sweetheart, I love severe weather.

So honey, if
What they want is a
Pretty girl
To live in a pretty world,
Hair in a messy (in a cute way) bun,
Skin kissed by the sun,
Coke bottle figure
Who's never pulled the trigger,
Cherry lipsmack kiss
Only knows of bliss,
Then so be it.

They can keep
All of the pretty girls
Living in pretty worlds
Who have given up their goals
And sold their souls,
Because I don't want any part.
Love, it's always been you
I've wanted from the start.
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