Jeff Gaines Mar 16
This girl I know
She is just ... like a book.

Her cover is so beautiful
And yet ... forever changing looks.

But this girl's beauty
Is unlike any that you've seen.

It really comes from all those pages
Those pages in between.

Each page tells a story
Some of sorrow oh so sad.

But for every one of those that you read
You'll find one of better time's she's had.

This girl I know
She rules a realm that no one ever see's.

This girl will never show it to you
And she will never show it to me.

This girl is tough
And dauntless and strong.

This girl she sings
The most beautiful songs.

This girl will never let you see her cry.

This girl will never answer you why.

This girl she doesn't need wings to fly.

Because this girl ... She is the sky.

You will find her overhead
Every day and every night.

Her sun will warm the hardest heart
And her stars they shine so bright.

If you should ever catch her and open that book
You'd better read as fast as you can.

Standing still in any one place
Is never in her plans.

But, this girl I know isn't running from something
And it's not that she's some bird on a wire.

She isn't blindly running through time, you see
This girl I know ... She has a world to set on fire.
Written in the Fall of 2012 about a friend of mine that just means the world to me. I'm too shy, or whatever, to show it to her. With my chronic case of Charlie Brown Syndrome, I am forever in fear that I will be somehow misunderstood. I hope one day, if she ever see's it, that she realizes it is about her.

PLEASE, with all due respect, do NOT tell me to give it to her. If I haven't in 5 years ... I am never going to. That's just me. I PROMISE you that I am THEE most stubborn Aries that you will EVER encounter. My stubbornness has made my family and friends, quite often, call me "The Immovable Object".
Danneli Jul 13
Flowers bloom through waters blue
And rain falls down from the sky
The clouds are gray and the rose decays
But know you will always be mine…

I love her so, that darling girl
That girl in the long, blue dress
Her eyes are bright in this darkened night
As she waits for the chance to confess…

She sings despite the rainy clouds
I smile because of her charm
But with her and me along this beach
I long to hold her in my arms…

Her eyes shine gold in the sun’s soft rays
And are silver when calm and clear
They shine like stars in a shadowed sky
And are green when she's glad and dear

I wish she’d accept my loving words
I desire her heart and mind
I long to kiss the scowl from her face
And to secure her heart as mine…
Couldn't explain this to you if I wanted to. It came up when I was writing a story and this was the end result. *Ahem* I'm straight. (Not that it matters, is my response to all those that rolled their eyes.) Perhaps this is a reflection of the way I want someone to look at me.
jas Aug 2
its you girl
always in my mind
even in my dreams
from the day that i wake till the moment that i sleep
never leaving me
and i've never pushed myself to ever seek
anyone but you
your'e the moment that i started living
that my heart started feeling
i started healing..


its you girl
you're the one for me
its you girl
you're my destiny
its always been youuuuu

damn, always been by my side
kept it real all the time
never had to ever lie
that's true
something i didn't know i needed
can't ever deny the truth
girl , its always been youuu.
morena \ instrumental base de rap prod by la loquera. on youtube  inspired me
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