Karia 3d
The leaves fell gently, golden
on the first day
of our autumn,

while the past crackled
beneath our feet,
swept away, forgotten.

Your camera stored our moments,
caught the snowflakes,
froze us in time.

And when they were nearly frostbit,
your hands found home
entwined with mine.

But just when spring returned
my fear formed clouds
of acid rain -

I only knew how
much I'd lost when
silence fell again.

Clear as the summer sky,
I knew that we would
have to part,

so I pressed your final flower
into the notebook
of my heart.


The forest clearing
of our autumn
holds nothing at all

but a whispered wish
in golden winds
as the leaves gently fall.
Paul Hansford Aug 2017
Zoe was a clever girl, and I wasn't surprised when she wanted to try a haiku-style piece, but it was even cleverer than I had expected, with a correct syllable count and a delightful punch-line.

Slow-worm in the grass
looks at me with beady eyes
and puts its tongue out.

(Note: the slow-worm is a legless lizard that looks like a small snake, locally quite common in England.)
I love the suggestion that the creature is being cheeky by putting its tongue out, while we all know - don't we? - that lizards do this to smell the air around them.
Michael Briefs Dec 2017
A kiss.
A small thing,
like a mustard seed
compared to the crushing
pressures of our desperate world.
But, doesn't the sweet, small, precious
gesture revive the soul,
heal the mind,
and quicken the flesh?
Oh, yes, richly so!
May the new year give me
thus, this fleeting gift,
that small miracle.
May it come sweetly and
may my longing be satisfied,
to experience a taste
of a unity divine;
when two lovers,
in the twinkling of an eye,
become one.
May the mountain of my
solitude be moved,
may a resurrected heart
rise in it's place.
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