TheEndofForever Jan 2015

Mirror, mirror on the wall
When's my turn to finally fall?

Missy Beminio May 2015

maybe I could
help you now
change your life
bring you peace

maybe I should
hold you tight
give you light
make you right

maybe you want
just a taste
I hope you see
that's such a waste

open your eyes
wake up today
then you'll see
what you can be

it's your heart
you will understand
it's beautiful here
everything is clear

forget the pain
make it disappear
just decide to
turn on the lights

Jordan Sep 2014

The feeling of not being able to do anything
That is the feeling that hurts me most
When I cannot be with you to help you
Or when I don’t know what to say
The feeling of guilt builds up inside me
And after minutes, hours, days of that guilt
It becomes too bearable to keep in
And I let it out,
But you don’t understand what’s wrong with me
And then you get the turn of the guilt.

Robert Zanfad Aug 2012

“the nation needs new direction...”
a talking head on television
got me saved as he began
“abandon investigations into global warming,
polar bears and orangutans,
other pseudo-scientific distractions
from proper resource extraction that could save us
from the mess we're in..”

proposing, instead, the latest in scientific experiments:
ascertaining the flavor of blue jelly beans,
or the true origin of belly button lint -
useful information for armchair navel-gazers

now I'm one of them

we want an installation of mirrors on the moon
so we can watch ghetto children clean toilets after class
as they repay their debts
for the free ketchup they get
from socialist school lunch programs
they’ll learn valuable skills for eventual careers
as lifetime sanitary engineers

our right-minded scientists are poised soon
to upend the old myth that earth is round
because out in Texas, anyone can see that it’s flat;
and monkeys be damned
none of those letters are in us,
the old book says it in black and white

but we’ve since adopted the newer testament,
improved through Ayn Rand
(an atheist...imagine that!)
The Savior is an investment banker, job creator
who kept his accounts off-shore
out of reach of commies and single mothers, the whores

we still espouse good christian values
(charity for the poor, yaddayadda)
cooking pots of pasta in church kitchens
to feed them;
God helps when they need more -
like medicine for uncontrolled diabetes -
which is when we lay-on-hands and prescribe
heavy doses of prayer
(the approach doesn't cost a cent)

after all, poverty is the neo-cardinal sin
(greed, by conservative decree, is now good),
unforgiven within gates of the convention
but we’ll guarantee a spray of white carnations
on the pine box at the altar if all else fails,
complements of the congregation...

just not for gays or lesbians ...
or loose women who seek abortions
before we have a chance to peek inside them...

we aim to reclaim freedom
(from guilt and contemplation,
cerebral things like thinking...)
take our country back from
the legions of excess population
who, by some estimations, seem a lot like us
but aren't

we’ll be winners again

Alyssa Sunico Jan 2014

One word is all it takes
To explode a seemingly
Perfect output

Smashed! One nose
Dive after the other

Straight as a pole turned,
Askew with every turn.

A jab, a punch
as scraps appear.

A pinch and a puncture
Hurts like never before.

Until blood and matter
Sprayed on the cold asphalt

While everything occurs,
You watch. Soundlessly

It takes effect but you
Just watch it happen

You realize one singular,
Grand idea whilst pain climaxes
Life goes on.

crazytilde Nov 2014

I wish we could wind back time
Forget the lies and tears
Relive the fun and laughter
But we can't, we can't turn back time
But we can live today as its one of our last

Alyanne Cooper Jul 2014

Today I took a walk down memory lane
With some people from my past.
Your name never came up
But your shadow haunted every
Turn in conversation and we did our best
To ignore it.
In fact we did our best to pretend
That your existence was not real,
But then someone mentioned,
"Hey remember that time we...."
And flashbacks of suppressed visions
Of things I had hoped to never see again
Simply because they're not important
To who I am now
Flooded my stream of consciousness
And I chose to think of you.
To think of that time in that place
Where we did that thing....
And the more I think about it
The fuzzier it becomes.
I can't quite picture
The people, the room, the music,
The embarrassment, the shame, the guilt,
The utter ridiculousness of it all.
And the harder I try to grasp at the edges
Of the fraying memory
To bring it back into something whole,
Something vivid and full,
The darker and slipperier it gets.
And suddenly it dawns on me
Why it was easy to forget in the first place:
It just doesn't matter.
Who you were, who I was,
What you did, what I did,
Just doesn't matter
So what's the point in remembering?
Today I took a walk down memory lane
But decided it was far more enjoyable
To make a u-turn and walk
Away from you again.

Yes I made up the word "slipperier", but isn't that the point of poetic license?
Hassan Haji Jul 2013

You turn me on, you make me misty-eyed,
My nascent science of love, years back,
When I followed you downstream, to bloom it began,
The sight of flowers blossom, in earnest we did invest,
Your frail hands, soft and tender,
Your electric touch, skin-deep not,
You taught me to watch the stars, in reflection I wondered,
The Antares and Aldebaran, caught my sigh,
Provoked, you opened the gates to your heart,
You filled me in, you turned me on,
Oh the Aroma, and the beauty to behold,
Two star-crossed lovers,
As breath-taking as the Maasai Mara, we opened to a new world
Full of life,
Full of energy,
Reasons why you turn me on!

jerelii Jan 2013

Turn da bottles upside down
The bingo linggo is right up here
No need to estimate
Ain't show 'em what you got
Coz the feminine swag is right in front of you

Hit da spot,break 'em low
Erbody's on the floor,hot & cold
The center of attraction is here we go
Sweat like it's the end of the court
Make some noise,the battle is not yet done

Here is the piece of my paper
Sonnet to Haiku,get 'em yours
While i make my lyrics out of it
I bet you to sing this song
Coz It's you that I crack the most

Fly high coz im so high
This super legacy of mine
Is not yet over,bring me to the court
And I'll make you cry while you can run
Too fast to drift out of your collateral words

Pussy bootsy,shakin' ya booty
The tingga ling, bling bling mingle naw to da floor
Ain't gonna lose coz this shit got me pumpin'
Now I can drop ya to the floor
Coz it's fresh like a g6

Now I can flip ma hair to ya gorges face
So wassup now! And you can tumblin' down to my feet
Look what i've got, Its a brand new style
Now spin it while you can
And Open ya eyes coz dis ain't a dream

Mine is a simple yet i can make you blown out of it
From A to Z,the lines are getting ahead
Loads of fans while I can make ma audience jump to their seats
Scream to the screen,while I can star struck you to my voice
Back Off now,while It's not too late

This is a response to Chuck's gangsta poet.
This is just a poem/P.S to the rappers out there not intend meanly.
Cynthia Jean Jul 2016

Turn back
Turn back

He cries
All the day long

Turn back
to your Shepherd

The Guardian
of your soul

The Guardian

Turn back
and follow Me....

cj 2016

I Peter 2:25

The revolutionary ardent
Bordering on a prophet
For democracy's advent,
Up on grabbing
The rein of power,
With a superb
Acrobatic bent,
For a tyranny
An example set
For political thugs to emulate!

Leaders before and after election
Joseph Bruin Jan 2014

The revolving door spins swiftly, taking its passengers by surprise
With its transient metamorphosis. The foreign scenery is at first
exciting in its bold contrast, before boredom ages beauty and
Weathers it away until it's faded and ugly like the peeling paint
On an abandoned house.

Situations that caused tears, blood and agony become but foolish
Memories, as attention and perception shift to new situations
We gladly then sacrifice oursleves to.

A poem I  wrote on graduation day, I Go Back to May by Sharon Olds had been coming to thought that day.
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