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Dead Rose One May 2015
let us to the chase cut,
love lesbians
for we
value the same thing...

a woman's beauty,
a woman's way of seeing,
a god-miracle,
walking down the street,
can barely breathe,
his female creatures delightful,
want want want want
the fullness of their presence,
in my life, even just, my eyes,
adoration of the magi

they make me,
they make me,
life worth living,
this is art appreciation,
load and life bearing,
they humble, gentle
this birth-cursed
they make me
who I am...
this is not about sex, if that, is not amply clear...
Sonny Day Sep 2015
Spin a globe
pick a spot
Glide your finger
'til it stops
If we don't land
near ocean blue
Spin again
until we do
Jaycee Nov 2014
I ignore you because I'm sick of your foul words.
Yes, I'm aware of your intentions to hurt.
And everytime you walk by,
I turn away and act as if I were blind.
But I only do this because you hurt me so badly inside.
April Feb 23
When there seems not much to fight for,
Nor many left to fight,
When the dark is closing round us,
That is the time for light!

That is the time for courage,
From those both great and small,
That is the time for love and truth,
For those must save us all!

That is the time for honor,
For friendship's outstretched hand,
For kin to stand together,
One strong, united band!

So now that shadows threaten,
And hate destroys our peace,
Now fear and greed prevail,
Now, now is the time for these!

Now is the time, my comrades!
Now you must heed the call!
Now you must stand together,
Or we must surely fall!

So listen to me, comrades,
Remember my words this day:
Love and peace can triumph,
And drive this hate away!
Never lose hope; It's sometimes all that's left.
msalim25 Jun 20
I can't turn you down
I have every intention
of saying

I can't.
I can't keep torturing myself like this.

But, when the moment comes
I can't resist
It's just the way it is
and we both know it

Because I crave feeling
you close to me,
holding me
for a moment
allowing ourselves
to be one

Because the moment
when you kiss my forehead
my heart beats out
of my chest, so hard
I'm scared you can feel it
pressed up against yours
and melts,
into a pool of your own

I can't turn you down

Not in those
rare moments of
with an honesty
that touch can never
in the way words & silences
can and will

And all my resolve
and self-control
like the sparks flying
into the night sky

As we take off
each other's clothes
entering into our

When the lights turn down
I can't turn you down

But when we wake
to the light of day
we go back to being
just you
and me.

Disentangling our legs
and souls

And after you leave
I lie there still
and vow to myself
that next time
I will turn you down
stopdoopy Aug 24
Many years I've spent in your grace.

Days filled with joy, orange sunsets on summer nights,

but slowly, and then all at once, they turn red.

In the next moment it's over, and you can breathe in the breeze;
Fresh Air.

Free from bindings I carefully crafted, out of a stifling cell, gone is
The Warden.

You know what they say,
"you and me and the devil makes three",
but you're the devil in disguise.

And honey, I'm not in hell no more.
I'm really glad I made the titles of these past poems a pair- because Orpheus is how I used to feel but now it's Eurydice, or at least it's where I'm getting to- not giving a fuck about them or being under their control.
Twilight Zone Sep 22
Now that he is gone
she won't have to say
Merry Christmas anymore.

She did it before
because she loved him.

She knows he won't
apologize for all he's done.

So she won't ever have
to say Merry Christmas again!

She is too depressed
to be merry because
he is gone and won't
ever apologize.

She ain't too fond of mass.

Though she does
love Christ very much.

Her mood as hot
as a poinsettia because her
boyfriend takes delight
in hoarding her fright.

She will just celebrate
celibacy for the rest of her life.

She will be a nun even
though she isn't Catholic.

She will just greet the
winter with an open door.

Yes Santa Claus doesn't exist
and her boyfriend was really
just a myth beyond comparison.
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