JP Jun 2015
It's easier to wait
When you're told to wait
Than wait
Without knowing if there's still something worth the wait
Jade Sep 2015
By the bus stop
By the lake
By the curb beside my leg
In the sun
Or in the rain
In the cold
I'm shivering in
Wait wait wait wait
Waiting for the falling rain
In a drought has never been
I am atoning for my sin
Wait wait wait wait
Waiting for the flowers to bloom
In a winter storm has never been
I am barely holding it in
Wait wait wait wait
For the love of god
My soul to take
I cannot run from my fate
If it is to waste away while I wait
Ashley Somebody Apr 2014
If you waited long,
And your waiting was in vain
Will you wait again?
Tristan Jan 2015
Waiting for a phone call,

Waiting for a text message,

Waiting for a visit,

Waiting for a time,

When I no longer have to wait.
I am sitting here waiting for you to call me and god, I just want to see you again
Skye Mura Nov 2014
It's been 2 months
Since we parted
But we've been
Together for 2 years
It's probably warm
Where you are
But I'm still here
Recovering from
The coldness of
Your words
It's so hard to
Wait for closure
From someone like you
But you're worth it
So I'll wait.
Jen Jo Nov 2014
The wait has been too long
I've been waiting since I got hold of how reality works
How meaningless life would be without love

Waiting for that mutual realization
Of a common vision of having life spent together
The long wait.
Forgotten Heart Jan 2015
I know that
If you knew
the pain
in waiting
you would
let me wait
for you
IncadesentCat May 2015
As day begets day begets day
The hornier I get, the less I can wait.
Santhosh TechNo Apr 2014
Tears from my eye,
Fall to the ground and die.
I hope my tear drops from heaven fall on her,
And blossom something magical in her,
Something called Love.
I wish that she blows me a flying kiss,
Which if I miss,
I’ll circle the globe to catch it.
I can make wonders with you by my side,
But first sadness is something I must hide,
For you are not mine.
Come back please.
I will be waiting,
Even if it takes eternities.

MV Blake Apr 2015
Waiting for the endless train
With all the other frowning statues,
Eyes to the floor,
The others ignore
The cracks in my feet
And stems in my toes
As I weather the patience
Required to wait;
A typical feat.
The Duckling Jul 2016
I sit at the edge of my bed,
White stocking covered feet
Swaying without breaking a beat,
You laugh and tell me, "no more, sweetie"
I give a smile but continue in denial
In denial that this is a fantasy I created after a while.
After months of late night calls and whispered sins
Months of laughter and cocained induced spins
It was when the truth slipped my lips that fantasies and dreams were locked away.
I laid in my cold bed, staring through a screen.
Your jaw tightened and my eyes fluttered closed.
Moments before we had laughed about our fantasies and I dreamed of a alternative life.
I even said, dreams don't come true and you neither denied it or agreed.
You enjoyed the thought of holding me and brushing your fingers over my skin.
I now enjoy the thought, alone in cold sheets of being loved again.
I messaged you in silent fear, will you ever come near?
Near to what we use to be,
Near to laughter and calling me your little Ducky?
You say you are torn, hurt and distressed.
One little Lie and I have to pull up my dress.
I cover my body and bow my head,
My Love, I am nothing but dead.
You don't know it now but I can see,
A day or so you will forget about me.
Fantasy will be locked behind a door,
Dreams have turned to nightmares since you aren't here anymore.
I wish I could have kept quiet,
But silence isn't my strong suit.
I wish you were dumber, after your nose is abused,
But instead you remain sharp and count the years until I can down a booze.
I sit on the edge of my bed,
Bare feet swaying.
My eyes are glued to the bare stop I wish you were kneeling.
I part my lips to return a sassy response when I remembered;
Fantasies don't become reality.
a man all a-rush...
he's not a man who can wait;
perhaps he should try
© 2011  J.J.W. Coyle
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