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migayle ocuaman Jul 2019
Wait for me,
and I'll come back!
Wait with all you've got!
Wait, be patient and I shall return to your loving arms embrace
Wait, be patient till I may kiss your warm lips again,
wait, be patient no goodbyes and farewell tears,
Wait, for I have kept you close and your love protects,
Wait, until i sing to you once again my love,
Wait for me as I kiss your hand before I go,
Wait, until then remember our fondest memory.

Wait when cheerless yellow rain whispers that you need not.
wait as the leaves fall and flower withers,
wait even as the sky darkens and the moon changes,
wait as the dawn breaks the cold night sky,
Wait when the snow swirls fast, and the bitter freeze loses your warmth,
wait when the sun blazes hot,
wait even if the seasons change and I am not there,
wait for me though you cannot hear my voice,
wait even if we are miles apart in distant lands,
In foreign frontiers and unknown fronts,
wait for me and so we may dance again,
wait when long days are past and others have forgot.

Wait when from the distant place, word does not arrive.
Wait, when all those you face know I'm not alive.
Wait for me, and I'll come back!
Wait for me, don't fret!
When they tell you there's no doubt that it's time to forget,
Be strong have fate for I shall be back,
Wait and keep me in your thoughts for you are on mine,
Even when those dearest to me tell you I am gone and past.
As your eyes swell to tears from their words,
Even if it shatter your heart to doubt if I am still alive,
Even when my nearest give up, claiming it's been too long.
Even if they honor my name and what little I left behind,
Let's raise a glass of bitter sweet wine, to the friend who's passed into glory -  But wait!

Don't share that drink! Wait until the last!
Wait for me and I'll come back, Cheating every fate,
Deciding when to live and past,
Enduring the odds and evading deaths grasp.
Through the anguish and slaughter of the field,
Though my body suffers and tires my soul cries to survive,
For you are waiting for me to come back,
Broken and scarred I shall return to you,
Wait until i can hold your soft soothing hands once more.
They who had lost hope shall be in shock,
"A nice stroke of luck!" they'll say,
those that could not wait.

Only they will never know how amid the strife,
Amid those who now lay in anguish lost and scattered,
by waiting for me, my dear,
and you saved my life,
You have brought peace to my soul.
But the two of us will know,
How you got me home.
Only you knew how to wait,
it was you alone.
Ignatius Hosiana May 2016
Don't wait till I'm tired to encourage me,I won't move on
Don't wait till I'm crippled to tell me about miracles,I won't believe
Don't wait till I'm frozen to warm me,I won't appreciate
Don't wait until I've stepped the trap to caution me, it won't help
Don't wait till I'm shattered to tell me I can be whole, I won't listen
Don't wait for me to yawn to give me food, I won't eat it
Don't wait until the treasures are depleted to tell me if I dig I'll find
its useless to tell me passion will drive me insane after I'm out of my mind
Don't wait till I'm famous to praise my pieces, aren't you seeing them now?
Don't wait until the Antelope has turned tail to hand me the bow
Don't wait for the birds to fly off the tree to hand me the catapult
Don't wait for me to step on the live wire to lecture me about vaults
Don't wait for me to slip and fall to tell me the place is slippery when wet
Don't wait until you've wronged me to preach "forgive and forget"
Don't wait until I'm in flames to tell me not to play with fire, bury my ashes
Don't try shutting stables after they're gone, instead run after those Horses
Don't wait until I'm soaked to give me an umbrella,I won't accept
Don't wait for the storms to wreck me to show me how to sail
who can listen to instructions while battling waves and hail
Don't wait until the snake has stricken to tell me about the venoms
for a dying man has no time and ears for caution then on
Don't wait for the war to devastate and ruin to preach peace
bombs would have deafened or the machetes cut me piece by piece
Don't wait for me to plunge to ask me if I've worn a ******
like a kidnapper freeing hostages prior demanding for ransom
Don't wait until I've dived into the Sea to ask whether I can swim
Don't wait for the end of days to find out whether I believes in Him
Don't wait until I'm bleeding to tell me about the beauty of scars
or until a clear night to praise the beauty of stars
Don't wait until I'm malnourished to bring me aid
until I'm dead and gone to praise the words I said
Don't wait for my life to flood to dredge the silt
that wouldn't be kindness, that would either be mockery or guilt  
Don't wait for me to find someone to feelings for me admit
Don't wait to offer a helping hand when I'm totally deadbeat
why wait to raise a wall when you can fill the crevice
you have something to do, to instill, to say, to caution, to give
do it now while I smile, while I'm strong, while I live
Don't  speak about the adulterations after I've drunk from the chalice
Nora R Feb 2015
With an azure drinking cup studded with lapis, wait for her
In the evening at the spring, among perfumed roses, wait for her
With the patience of a horse trained for mountains, wait for her
With the distinctive, aesthetic taste of a prince, wait for her
With seven pillows stuffed with light clouds, wait for her
With strands of womanly incense wafting, wait for her
With the manly scent of sandalwood on horseback, wait for her
Wait for her and do not rush.

If she arrives late, wait for her.
If she arrives early, wait for her.
Do not frighten the birds in her braided hair.
Wait for her to sit in a garden at the peak of its flowering.
Wait for her so that she may breathe this air, so strange to her heart.
Wait for her to lift her garment from her calf, cloud by cloud.
And wait for her.

Take her to the balcony to watch the moon drowning in milk.
Wait for her and offer her water before wine.
Do not glance at the twin partridges sleeping on her chest.
Wait and gently touch her hand as she sets a cup on marble.
As if you are carrying the dew for her, wait.
Speak to her as a flute would to a frightened violin string,
as if you knew what tomorrow would bring.
Wait, and polish the night for her ring by ring.
Wait for her until Night speaks to you thus:
There is no one alive but the two of you.
So take her gently to the death you so desire,
and wait.
Poem by Palestinian Poet Mahmoud Darwish. My favorite poet of all time and sadly does not have a profile I am aware of on HP.
fray narte Jul 2019
wait for me
on the concert grounds
of the bands we don’t even listen to;
wait for me
‘til you find yourself
singing to the second verse
of a rock song
you hear for the first time —
that one is gonna be our song, darling.

wait for me
in old malls and museums
people no longer come to;
wait for me on the forgotten stairs
'til you see my ragged old skool
and my bad, orange hair
parting the crowd
to give you my bear hugs.

wait for me
in coffee shops that play
my favorite songs;
wait for me with that
black coffee in hand
'til i arrive an hour later
to appease you with
kisses that smell like subways
cause they’re what
i give best.

wait for me
in busy, city streets
valleyed by nameless
wait for me in strangers’ cars
at 5 am 'til a sunray
hits my face a meter across
from where you are.

wait for me
by the shore,
where promises are lost
in the sea spray;
where the starless skies
can watch me drown
in the scent of your hair
when the sea is right before us.

wait for me, darling —
wait for me until
we no longer have to say
our i love you’s
through calls and texts
but in front of each other.
wait for me until
you no longer find
an “i have to go” note at three am
but my arms,
wrapped around your body
and my lips
planted on your neck.

wait for me, darling —
wait for me until
we no longer miss each other
more often than not,
and until the only waiting
we’ll do
is you, waiting for me
to get off work,
and me, waiting for you
to wake up.

wait for me until the moment
you find me
next to you;
wait for me until
your home becomes my home,
and until all we’ll have
to wait for
are delayed flights
and underrated movies to start
and dishes served late
and our hand, finding each other
instantly after seconds
of being away.

wait for me darling —
wait for me until i’m there

and until we no longer
have to wait.
Wuji Sep 2014
I can't wait for you to be thrown away.
I can't wait to see the look on your face.
I can't wait to see you replaced.
I can't wait, I can't wait.

I can't wait until they all turn on you.
I can't wait until they find someone new.
I can't wait until there is nothing for you to do.
I can't wait, I can't wait.

I can't wait until you're just like your old friend.
I can't wait until this all comes to an end.
I can't wait to know I told you so then.
I can't wait, I can't wait.

I can't wait until you're all alone.
I can't wait until no one is home.
I can't wait to turn off my phone.
I can't wait, I can't wait.
But I have to.
Rachel Gosby May 2019
Wait for happiness
Wait for true love
Wait for the perfect timing
Wait for peace
Wait for the sun to shine
Wait for justice
Wait for joy to come in the morning
Wait for a dozen Rose's
Wait for a new journey
Wait for the right move to make
Wait for the right sign
Wait for success
Wait for understanding
Wait for inspiration
Wait for the rain to stop
Wait for spiritual guidance
Wait for a clear mind and a clear heart
Wait for that magic touch
Wait for the right advice
As long as you wait, you will never go wrong
Wait, dont just jump in something, and not think about your consequences, because if you wait something great will come out of you waiting
Wolfey Jun 2013
I can't wait for you to notice me.
I can't wait to spend hours on the phone.
I can't wait for the butterflies to erupt.
I can't wait for you to laugh at my stupidness.
I can't wait for the late night walks,
hand in hand.
I can't wait for the lonely yet romantic kisses.
I can't wait for the cute, ******* photos that I'll remember.
I can't wait to make memories that will never be forgotten.
I can't wait for 'friendly' touching.
I can't wait to fall.
I can't wait for you to say 'I love you'.
I can't wait to say it back.
I can't wait to get heartbroken.
I can't wait for the tears and agony.
I can't wait for the moment your forget me.
I can't wait for the times I can't forget you.
I can't wait for you to actually remember me.
I can't wait for you to say you miss me.
But what I can't wait for most,
is when I fall back in love with you all over again.
Pierre Ray Mar 2012
Only for you! It’s true! These eccentric-poetic and theoretic views! As we breakthrough those blues, those clues, the dues and the hues. I will wait, I will wait. Awaiting, through the chills the pills, the shrills and thrills! I will wait, I will wait. Waiting through the beers, the cheers, the fears, leers, peers and tears! Awaiting through the dreary and weary...

Through the lonely and phony years... Waiting through the erratic and sporadic. The drastic, elastic and fantastic! I will wait, I will wait. As rotting bait! I will wait, I will wait. Awaiting the date the debate, the fate and the weight. Waiting to articulate and procreate! Fascinating this procrastinating! However, I will endeavor and wait,
I will wait and wait.

Horary! Awaiting I say for our hour of power. Waiting for this blissfully and wishfully day that our disgraced, misplaced ways may physically brace with embrace, grace and trace! I wait and I wait. People wonder why I blunder in ponder? You’re like the flu doesn’t that bother you? Answer, father figure I never knew? Still I will wait,
I will wait, I will wait for you…
frankie argenzio Aug 2015
i can't wait too kiss you
and to hug you and jump and annoy you and to comfort you
and to make to smile when you're trying to be mad
and surprise you in the shower
and wake up then fall asleep next to you
and i can't wait to learn to play piano and play for you
and i can't wait to kiss your stomach  and chest
i can't wait to steal all your covers
i can't wait to walk buy you and you slap my ***
i can't wait to walk around in your shirts
i can't wait to walk around naked
and i can't wait to turn you on in public
i can't wait for you to undress me when im sick
i can't wait to get a dog with you
and i can't wait to cuddle with you
and i can't wait to kiss you and kiss you and kiss you
and i can't wait to be drunk with you
i can't wait to talk about absolutely nothing with you
i can't wait to love you
I can't wait to love you loudly
i can't wait to love you softly
i can't wait to love you gently
i just can't wait to love you.
Jade Sep 2015
By the bus stop
By the lake
By the curb beside my leg
In the sun
Or in the rain
In the cold
I'm shivering in
Wait wait wait wait
Waiting for the falling rain
In a drought has never been
I am atoning for my sin
Wait wait wait wait
Waiting for the flowers to bloom
In a winter storm has never been
I am barely holding it in
Wait wait wait wait
For the love of god
My soul to take
I cannot run from my fate
If it is to waste away while I wait
Scot Powers Feb 2013
Everything now turns to grey
sunshine disappears
to be replaced by your fears
I have listened to what you say
drifting lines divide
prejudice from pride

I'll wait for you
won't you come and join me
I'll wait for you
you'll be fine someday
I'll wait for you
till your dreams come true

Darkness now turns to day
light streaming through your eyes
shadows  start to die
now you must watch just what you say
words create your reality
open opportunity

I'll wait for you
won't you come and join me
I'll wait for you
you'll be fine someday
I'll wait for you
till your dreams come true

Now we've seen another way
time to get in your head
time to move ahead
watching you sit there everyday
wallow in your ****
die a little bit.

I'll wait for you
won't you come and join me
I'll wait for you
you'll be fine someday
I'll wait for you...

I  can't wait another day
standing tall
a fortress in my mind
ties that cannot bind
I can't wait to see today
what situation will arise
tears from your eyes

I'll wait for you
won't you come and join me
I'll wait for you
you'll be fine someday
I'll wait for you
till your dreams come true.
Adam M Snow Sep 2014
I Wait for Thee
Written by Adam M. Snow

In stillness -- I wait for thee.
When time beat still -- I wait for thee.
When my troubles are great
and burdens my heart;
if my voice would leave me astray,
still this day -- I wait for thee.
When sickness strickens me,
bedridden and weak -- I wait for thee.
Through many quaint of restless nights -- I wait for thee.
When I'm old and wizened, and my memories flee,
still my Lord, I wait for thee.
In a crowd of many or by my lonesome self -- I wait for thee.
And in my travels through misery,
when the world has grown so dark;
in my days of ridicule, my faith on trial,
I, your bondservant will wait for thee.
And in my final hour with my final breath -- I wait for thee.
With every hour of my life, from now till then -- I wait for thee.
I wait for thee O Lord -- I wait for thee.
Even in my darkened days -- I wait for thee.
JP Goss Nov 2013
Wait for the day
That you finally have the guts
Wait for the day
When words finally come
Wait for the day
When you can hold her close in every regard
Wait for the day
When everything is perfect
Wait for the day
When the moment is perfect
Wait for the day
When your excuses stop making sense
Wait for the day
That you’re the twinkle in her eyes
Wait for the day
When she comes to tell you everything
Wait for the day
When she’s confident to come near
Wait for the day
When she’s holding on to you
Wait for the day
She finally has the confidence
Wait for the day
When she looks at you
Wait for the day
When she’s not with him anymore
Wait for the day
When she’s happy
Wait for the day
That never comes
Wait for the day
When you’re still waiting.
Bubbly Nov 2010
You keep me waiting

I wait, I wait, I wait...

Just a little longer now
I know it
I do

You'll be here

I just have to wait

Wait for love
Wait for bliss
Wait for you

Be patient

Wait it out
Just wait it out

Just wait



I'm still waiting for you

I wait and wait and wait...

Any moment now
I think you'll show
I count on you

Maybe someday
You might appear

I keep wasting time

Waiting on a presence
Waiting on a touch
Waiting on you

Be strong

Wait for my turn
Wait for it to come
I wait



I waited for so long

Waited, waited, waited some more

You never came
I should've known
I trusted

Time traveled backwards
I stared the clock

And waited

Waited for you

I'm in line
I'm last
One day
I'll be
The last
For you.
Mateuš Conrad Jan 2017
you think...
that i don't possess the capacity
to **** you?
that i'm a: once in a blue
moon idiot?
you keep tugging that
the rubber-band long enough...
and one day it will snap...
i like sitting on a window-sill
akimbo like a turk...
        long into the night
breathing the cold air of
       i find it staggering that
people think someone might
be not prone to the intelligence
quotient, without
the risk to actually killing them.
     i mean killing them,
discarding them like garbage into
a ditch,
of course i don't invoke
cannibalism, a ritual, a purpose
for the dead body...
        i mean: garbage,
pigeon **** is worth more.
        people never balance the equation
that you might be intelligent
enough to incubate a Cain...
         because they deem you a helpless
idiot who can do no harm...
it's quiet funny to watch...
         but then it's funny seeing them
teasing you, testing you,
  you just wait... and pounce! lynx with
a human larynx!
               but then again human tribulations
are so stiff that they're beyond dead...
   and mind you: the boredom
of hierarchy...
                     it really does become
so much easier to cut the head and *******
prior of someone who does't map out
the koran with his forehead...
scraping the divan with wrinkle as
his understood claim of a signature...
             first come
the people who underestimate your
intelligence with the capacity to ****...
           you can't be a ******* if you
can comprehend killing someone...
   the first sign of being a recipient of
beyond rubric intelligence is the comprehension
toward this transgression...
              as taboo goes...
                      you have to comprehend
this ******* to its most exactness...
     shame if you deal the wrong card,
and maim rather than **** the thing of interest...
you really have to have enough
competence to comprehend killing someone...
as best instructed: it's better to find
the feminity in that diabolical artefact...
to wind the womb among the testicles...
          who am i?
         i just stated that for anyone to
have any intelligence, they can comprehend
the potential of killing someone...
that's the basis of intelligence...
   killing someone encompasses enough
emotional content to extrapolate feeling
inadequate: jealous...
           but only when you're successful in
murdering someone...
            i hope your people suffer 100 times over
to suit my smile... i hope to
**** your mother in hell....
                                     it's beautiful like this...
i know to whom i write...
                   like you inclined me to deserve
a fact: that your mother shaves the ***** hairs
roosting on your father's back before
she decides to use it for a scrub while she slumbers...
oh i hope for death, like a god...
i wait for death like a god...
                  i wait, for death, like a god...
all i can see before me is men
       waiting for being aged 90 and then death-bound...
i wait for death like a god...
i can't wait for it like a man...
i wait for death like a god...
   i lost the humanity in me to await death like a man,
pickling my youthful and foolish enterprises
   into vitamin pills and other rainbows;
i wait for death like a god;
                    i can't wait for death like a man,
i can't wait for death with an expectation
to live to 90...
   i can't wait for death like a man...
i wait for death like a god, like i'd be standing
at the altar...
   i wait for death like god, like i'd be
awaiting marriage... or the haven sleep, should
the tale of immortality be untrue...
  i wait for death like a god...
                  and in my wait,
i have nothing worth describing as man,
or napkin, or a spare tire...
                                   hear! hear the Finnish mermaids!
there i sleep... elsewhere only custard of
traffic, and the waking world of civilisation
being remindful of its own lack of sleep...
  i wait for death like a god...
and yes, i'm competent in the rhetoric of euthanasia...
i know where Switzerland is...
             i'll die rich enough to pay for
a 5000 quid death...
                    i wait for death like a god...
i'll take the restaurant napkin with me,
    i'll take the handkerchief with the snot with me too!
   well, whatever trivial comes
trivial deserves noting, after all: newspapers
have the genre: tabloids... why should
i feel unable to note down some tabloid
                   realisations in my short life?
CLARYT Mar 2019
While life continues without you,
I ask you please to wait,
While friends and family gather too,
I ask you please, just wait,

While isolation takes a hold,
How dare I ask you, wait,
While work seems like a ******* hole,
I dread to ask you, wait,

While I am here, and you are there,
I plea with you to wait,
While you believe that no one cares,
I boldly ask you, wait,

How dare I ask for such a thing,
Perhaps you shouldn't wait,
Expecting you to wait til spring,
No, move along, don't wait,

Your suffering and loneliness,
You really shouldn't wait,
Take back your life, go out and live,
Don't sit around and wait,

I love you, need you with me dear,
But can't ask you to wait,
You do deserve a better life,
You'll thrive if you don't wait,

Be free, be happy now I'm gone,
I've let you go..

Expecting someone to wait for us is unfair and selfish, yet I do it myself.......
(C)  2019
I might wait for the mail to arrive;
I might not wait for the first snowfall.

But then again, I might wait for the last word;
I might not wait, though, for the last train out.

It might seem fair to wait for the ice to melt;
However, I might not wait for the midnight bell.

But of course, you might wait for the credits to roll;
And you might not wait for the rain to stop.

Or perhaps you might wait for the encore;
Nevertheless, you might not wait for the lights to go out.

I thought you might wait for the tide to come in;
And you knew, if not for a moment, that I might not wait for the sun to set.

And of course, I might wait for you;
But I might not.
lug baggage
push luggage
push luggage cart
push cart
stand & wait
push cart
check baggage
wait & smoke
drink & wait
smoke & wait
board bus
stand & wait
stand & wait
board plane
squeeze baggage
squeeze body
get up
fasten seat belts
get up
change seats
fasten set belts
take off
shake smoke
get up
change seats


squeeze out


Referring to the bad/good old days when smoking was still allowed in airports & on planes - and charter flights gave you free beer & wine
Lyra Mar 2016
“I can’t wait to share lives with you, and go grocery shopping with you and have you offer to carry my books and go on picnics with you and go for two a.m. coffee hunts with you and to be able to kiss you whenever I want and to be able to hold you whenever I want and to be able to crawl into your arms after a long day and to have you hold me after I've had one of my breakdowns until I fall asleep. I can't wait to be able to see you every morning sitting on our couch with coffee and a smile. I can't wait to have you surprise me with flowers for no reason and to have you leave cute notes for me all over the house and to fill your thoughts every hour of the day, the way you fill mine. I can't wait to have you shower me with little kisses and surprise me with bear hugs and spoil me with your genuine love. I can't wait to be the part of your life you can't shut up about, I can't wait for you to show me off to your friends and to have you be proud of me. I can't wait for you to be in love with every part of me as I am with every part of you. I can't wait to wear your shirts and breathe you in after I've had one of my little fits. I can't wait to be the reason you are functioning and alive, the way you are mine. I can’t wait to massage your neck after a long day at work or have you tell me what you found interesting about physics class and spontaneously slow dance after an argument and spend a lazy afternoon in bed with you playing with my hair and me playing with your fingers. I can't wait to be the one you collapse against, after a challenging day of training. I can't wait to be the one kissing you and hugging you and supporting you after every basketball game and every race and every marathon. I can't wait to hug your sweaty body and grab your slippery face and kiss your lips so hard that you can ******* adoration and love for you. I can’t wait to start a family with you and to see you look at what we have and I can’t wait to grow old with you, even if I know you don’t love me back anymore.”
not really a poem, just an unsent letter to my unrequited love.
Ms Levinson Apr 2015
First of all I don't know what to write .Should I wright well Wait Wait sounds interesting.So maybe I could write  about  something  great I did in one day.Wait wait should you have underwear in your hand.Lol just keep going in wait wait,wait do I know what I'm saying pop lol wait wait I'm out wait wait the ending yolo
#Wait Wait
Your'e my missing half
The part I need
The piece that fills
My carnal need

You are the one
That makes me be
The best man I
can ever be

I'll wait for you
If that's your wish
I'll do your bidding
Just for a kiss
I'll cross the sands
and swim the sea
I'll wait for you
If you wait for me

Together we make
One complete
We win together

You are my yin
and I your yang
You are the words
That my heart sang

I'll wait for you
If that's your wish
I'll do your bidding
Just for a kiss
I'll cross the sands
and swim the sea
I'll wait for you
If you wait for me

I love you more
Than one man should
I love you more
Than I thought I could

You are my finish
My one, my soul
Your heartfelt love
It makes me whole

I'll wait for you
If that's your wish
I'll do your bidding
Just for a kiss
I'll cross the sands
and swim the sea
I'll wait for you
If you wait for me
Kristen D Jan 2014
I can’t wait to grow up,
to have the freedom to dress how I want, whether that’s sweats or skirts;
to talk how I want, and have my opinions matter;
and do what I want when I want, and not be held back.

I can’t wait to look back on life,
and see that what I thought was an endless mountain of troubles,
was just a grain of sand in a desert.

To laugh at my old journals and scrapbooks,
admiring the innocence and individuality,
vowing to never forget.

I can’t wait to run my own life,
to be my own authority,
and not be inspected like a creature under a microscope.

I can’t wait to get a job,
follow my desires and dreams from childhood,
and to be able to support myself and be my own role model.

I can’t wait to live on my own,
to spend endless days in a cozy apartment reading, getting lost in someone else’s story,
and playing my guitar, washing away my worries and stress like a waterfall.

Singing at the top of my lungs,
having movie marathons every weekend,
and going to bed whenever I please.

I can’t wait to find my one true love,
to spend the rest of my life with them, trusting like I never have before,
fitting together like lost puzzle pieces.

To exchange the classic vows,
dressed in white and black, with a touch of pink,
our families crying and laughing all night.

I can’t wait to have children,
to give them my heart and soul,
watch them grow up, déjà vu at its finest.

Taking care of them day to day,
from scratches to unstoppable giggles,
their green eyes shining with wonder and innocence.

I can’t wait to grow old,
still with my one love, in a little house with a white picket fence,
watching our grandchildren laugh and play.

Passing down years of wisdom,
young ears eager to listen to our mistakes and stories from a long life together,
helping them prepare for their futures.

I can’t wait to grow up.
I can’t wait to love.
I can’t wait to live.
Wait wait wait
One day you gone meet her
Wait wait wait
No one gone steal her
Wait wait wait
Eventually you gonna forget her
Wait wait wait
Your pain is gonna heal
Wait wait wait
Soon you will be asleep

This lullaby destiny sings to me every...
rained-on parade Apr 2014
Like half written symphonies I wait for you.

I wait for you
like an empty house
so you come and build yourself
in me.

I wait for you
like the flowers wait for spring
to bring them
back to life.

I wait for you
like the rush of blood
my head needs
to feel alive.

I wait for you
like the warm earth
needs the kiss
of soft rain.

I wait for you
like the souls
that walk this earth
waiting for release.

I wait for you
like the heart
that needs a score
to play.

Like purity for
true love,
I wait for you.

I wait for you.
Talarah Shepherd Apr 2014
It's all I could ever do to read this
informative wall scrawl, idle
eyes hiding from peripheral refuse
scripting lines in lines in lines
the lines
engulf and then recede at light speed
inverted to white on black as the last night's
last bright stars erased over our expanse and
while I continue to dig, I await some conclusion or loop
wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait
while I continue to wait, I dig at conclusion or loophole to return
I find only my positive proof to the absolute
Did we move?
I never did
Ashtyn Lee Aug 2018
I can’t wait
for stressful planning
and credit charges
for emptied drawers
and stacked luggage by the door

I can’t wait
for communication hardships
and endless researching
for early exhausted mornings
and lethargic confusion

I can’t wait
for belonging searches
and metal detectors
double checking my facts
and momentary panic that i messed up
I can’t wait
for airplane seats
and window views
long tiring flights
and transfers in unknown territory

I can’t wait
for screeching plane tires
and strange new air
feet planted on foreign ground
doe-eyed awed
and misspoken anxiety

I can’t wait
for looks directed at me
cautious wonder of the one who’s not native
meeting new people
stumbling over rehearsed words
i don’t know if i’m saying it right

I can’t wait
for new apartment doors
and an unknown bed
thriving in the heart of
the place i wished to see
for several years now
where my dreams took root
and blossomed erratically

I can’t wait
for late night calls to family
i miss you from little sisters
backwards sleeping schedules
but finding my way just fine

I can’t wait for all of this
it couldn’t come any sooner

But most of all
I can’t wait to say
I finally made it
Chérie Sep 2013
If there's one thing that I know is true,
It's the patience that I have with you.
I'll wait a second for you,
I'll wait a minute too.
I'll wait an hour just for you,
I'll wait a day and even two.
I'll wait a week if that'll do,
I'll wait a month, even a few.
I'll wait a year, do you believe it's true,
I'll wait centuries and decades only for you.
I'll even wait forever, at least that's what I'll try to do,
I'll wait right here just for you, because I love you.
I'll wait my very last breath, just to be with you!
Mr Zeal Dec 2015
They say that I changed
They gone say I went away-way-way-way-way-way-way.
Wondering how I changed
when they didn't care if I went away-way-way-way-way.
tried to hide the pain
And I tried to make them stay

I can't stand stand this place...
I can see your pain plz wait-wait-wait-wait.
I'll be here okay..
Ill wait-wait-wait-wait-wait
Sad Girl Sep 2013
I can’t wait until you realize
that nobody is ever going to love you
like I did and you have to cry over me
like I have over you for the past 8 years of my life.
I can’t wait to bring my significant other around you
while you pretend to ignore us as we kiss
and fool around under blankets.
I can’t wait to bring them to your house
and **** while you’re in the same room trying to sleep,
pretending to sleep, wishing you were dead.
I can’t wait until you lose your mind
and everyone looks at you like you’re crazy
as you explain how you love me and
you can’t do anything about it
even though I've told you that it’s never going to happen
because you aren't good enough.
I can’t wait to always look past you
as you do everything in your power to try and make me happy,
hook me up with your friends
and give me everything, but receive nothing.
I can’t wait until you beg me and I can be selfish
and make sure you’re giving me what I want,
neglecting your own needs, before I push you away
using “I’m tired” as an excuse.
I can’t wait until you are hurting yourself over me
and I have to tell you to stop, as if I give a ****,
while I continuously put you through pain.
I can’t wait until you drunkenly admit all of your feelings
and apologize for the mistakes of the past.
Even then, I’ll probably still love you, but I won’t give in.
You will never have me;
because the last time I lent you my heart, you ran with it.
I don’t think I’ll ever get it back.
And with no heart, I cannot forgive,
I can never be whole again.
I can’t wait for another chance in another life to break you, like you've broken me.

Wait! Wait!
A pinch of salt in my heart,
Keeps inflaming through the halt.

Wait! Wait!
Some lost in their lives, living with you
Some lost their lives for the pain given by you.

Wait! Wait!
When people meet you,  
To the expectations they live up,
When people breathe you,
To the life they give up.

Wait! Wait!
To some you yield results,
To the most you offered upsets.

With perseverance, I get towards my aim,
As an interference, you send me back with a shame

People exclaim what God say
Why fear when I am here.
But Mr. Wait. You say
Nothing here, when I am near.

Through you, I faced disappointment.
With your end comes my accomplishment

Hello Mr. Wait. I warn you
The more you live with me,
The more I turn rebellious.
The more you give me woe,
The more I become your foe.

Thank you Mr. Wait.
You made me the best Hunter animal with a ferocious killer instinct,
I won't leave this instinct, till you become extinct.

Challenge for a change,
Revenge for an exchange.
I personified wait as a person. In career, what waiting does? This is is what I wrote. Waiting may be sweeter when it is more personal. But when one is rejected chances due to money, poverty or other reasons, a person is pushed to live with that waiting till the end of his life. Waiting has stolen many successes and even life. This is the central theme of the poem. But, beyond it, waiting offers a never defeating strength to attain an insurmountable task. It gives that Hunter and killer instinct to win with that aggressive spirit. That's what I told in the poem.

— The End —