Softmoon Oct 2015

From all the things
I have held throughout my entire life,
your hands are my favorite.
For they have known
the map to places
inside of me,
where no one else knows
a single whisper about.

M Ann Murray Oct 2014

Your hands,
Brown and thick and strong
Belonging to one laborious being.
But when I think about
The delicate and cunning things
Those hands could do to me
I shudder
With delight.

October 1, 2014
Nathan Jun 2016

I am a man
Who screams by night
And smiles by day.
I look at myself, I don't see me anymore
Just a shell from before, empty and haggard.
My eyes have lost their shine.
The path ahead forgotten
Trudging through mud, looking to the sky.
Now I know for certain, soon I will die.
Not from coincidence or neglect;
From these hands of mine.

Fuji Bear Apr 2014

Hands have a power,
unlike any other.
They can lend a hand,
Or hold people down.
Spend years to build cities,
Or press the button,
that destroys them.
They can touch and feel,
yet they can also strangle.
Our eyes give us two dimensions,
Hands give us the third.
But the real problem is,
That hands never hold enough hands.
Only because,
we are too busy,
holding them in fists.

I know how much you love hands.
**Took me a while to get this one how I wanted it.**
Izzy Sep 2015

She was the poet, her hands stained with ink
He was the soldier, his hands stained with blood

The gentle hands of a dreamer intertwined with the rough hands of a fighter.

saranade Jul 2014

A favorite color, too bright for my eyes,  a
  favorite food.

A fruit left longing for a rhythm
   a rhyme.

Sit down and dirty with rinds under nails

Citrus acid and sweet juicyness drips down
   my hands.

Chloe Elizabeth Dec 2014

It just makes me sad, oh so incredibly sad, to see him with someone else who was able to hold on to him longer than my poor hands could bear.

By Chloe Elizabeth

Marta Rampini Oct 2014

and when you look at me
i swear i can’t breathe
because your eyes are like hands
which choke me while i dream

-AS May 2014


we will

join hand in hand

when the time is


Tom Leveille Apr 2014

let it not be confused
let no one else's name
ring throughout these sentences
let this be a hatchet
let me put this to rest
this is not a test
i don't want to think
about shipwrecks anymore
i am tired of folding apologies
into origami birds
and placing them
at the headstones to your tantrums
this is not is not geology class
these are promises
written on razorblades
      & if you are getting choked up
        then maybe you should be

maybe we should be buried
with our telescopes face down
my mouth is full of sorry
all for being honest
we are falling out of orbit
we are burning bystanders
so cast away your callous condolences
because no one is clapping
in this waist deep water
this is not a baptism
so do not tell strangers
that this was a chance to drown
any differently
i am not a catalogue
of constellations you cannot name
this is not mythology
so stop believing your horoscope
i am not a wishing well
i am just a wall for you
to paint post nuclear fallout & antonyms for catharsis on
we destroy the things
that are not ours-
the wanton ways
we embody wrecking balls
and then cry over the rubble
this is not a heap or a mosaic
this is leaping
off a thousand story building
with no one to catch you
at the bottom & maybe
that's why some quiet moments
are so fragile, maybe that's why butterflies have mimicry
your words are black powder
and poetry is your musketry
i guess that makes me your blindfold

Dear God Jan 2015

The hands can say a thousand words,
if only they were able to understand them.

I Love your Hands
Eleanor Rigby Oct 2014

Wooden hands
Bruising random shapes
On my bare thighs.
Wooden hands
Leaving me covered
In rainbow lies.

And when wooden hands
Cross my mind,
They come in the form
Of sunshine.


Olga Valerevna Aug 2014

When everything is heavy but you cannot feel the
You must've put the balances on someone else's
And that was the beginning of the end that you will
A shallow recognition of the life you chose to
It happens all too often, people give themselves
Accept the hands of others when they think they cannot
But even if the truth puts reassurance in their
The power they possess is like a prison for the
Because you aren't walking and your feet are not your
You haven't the ability to set a different tone

for me, for those who give it all away
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