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Cello Girl May 20
you are a straight girl,

i am a ***** girl,
a few friends,
acne, lisp.

i know that you’re way out of my league.

but why do you give me hope,
flirty smiles,
when i know that it’s

and why can’t
i move on,
without tearing out
my heart?
Wangui Jul 23
What happens when you fall apart? When you truly cannot see eye to eye again? When you cannot explain how you ended up screaming at each other? When saying am sorry cannot work anymore? What happens?
You know they say love is something to fight for. That you should not give up if you truly believe in each other. They also say that if you love something you have to let it go and if it belongs to you it will come back. So which is which? Which saying do i follow? How helpess must i be for love to work for me again?
Sometimes i can't even take time to breath. It feels like sin. Both of us seem to hurt. One more than the other. Love is like that someone feels it more than the other. There was a time we were inseperable. Like sea to salt now we are like sea to sky. I want to say we are both at fault. That is what she said.
I was afraid of loosing people once. Loosing them to the world. I was afraid of that. Not anymore. People leave anyway whether you want them to stay or not. Fact is no one really stays.
Someone told me once that you should strive to understand more than to be understood. I feel that now.
There so many things i would like to say her. Things i feel she did to me that are not fair but what person would i be if i did?
There is no victory in foolish blame neither is there saving with a heart that is filled with anger and hatred. You must do it with love. I will try.

Love is forgiveness and compassion. I am glad someone told me this.

The Red_Head
i wrote this for my once best friend.
S       I found myself on a sheer rock face of desperate desire.
H      Holding on to her presence, in the danger of my devotion.
E       But I lost my grip. I missed a step
and my heart skipped a beat.
E       Then she was gone...
R      And I was loose! Plunging, caught by a force of nature.
R      White noise filled my ears and dread filled my heart.
O      In the grip of a primal panic, a terrible cry shattered the sky.
C      Her face faded away and I was left reaching for a line --
K      Trying to avoid the rocks below.
F       I tried to find some way back up the mountain.
A      I clutched for the breath in my lungs,
C      The breath that was there before I fell;
E       That moment skipped over,
F       When I lost my grip and you were gone.
A      I carry the pain inside, searching for release.
L       But life goes on and on, day by day.
L       Outside, I am quiet, I hold a steady gaze.
L       But inside, the scars grind like metal on metal,
O      Between a rock and a hard place,
V      Until the edge within becomes razor cold.
E       Like a steely blade inside a silken sheath,
H      The knife buried beneath, poised to draw blood,
O      When the balance is tipped, the pressure too much.
P       Will I crash on jagged agony below or will I let go the dagger,
E       To reclaim the climb? To reach again and find her face, aloft...
Yup, this was the big one. The all-time heart break of my life, circa 1986. Just obliterated, shattered, vaporized me. I am still trying to find my way back up.
Ashari Ty Jul 25
If it wasn't for a beating
I wouldn't have fallen
And felt how soft grass could be

I wouldn't have seen
How opportunities are
As wide as the sky

I wouldn't have noticed
How sunlight can still
Seek around the tree leaves

I wouldn't have thought
How stars are way greater
Than what's in most's visions

I wouldn't have realized
How many one can
Learn from defeat
Defeat is just a process. You might as well embrace its existence. ;>
I wanted to show you
my favorite movie
I was really looking forward to it.

We were supposed to see it together

All of my favorite parts, the ones that would make my heart beat faster...

The music
The colour
The beauty
Once more

All those feelings I wanted to share, but you were so tired and

so bare.

You couldn't hold on
Before I knew it

You were already gone
I had to watch my story alone.
This is about my mother passing away. For L, I will always love you.
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