Love Aug 2014
You see
A person only truly falls in love
Once in their life time
And once that time is used up
There is no more.
You can lie to yourself
And to others
But if you were truly in love with them
That love cannot be undone.
I am in love.
A love that won't go away
With my best friend.
I fell off
The bridge of love
And into the waters
Where he followed
But his love came with strings attached
A bungee
And he jumped back up
And left me sitting there in the waters
While he's up on the bridge
Calling me up there
While I'm wishing him down here
And I have no bungee.
It's a mess.

A great Hope fell
You heard no noise
The Ruin was within
Oh cunning wreck that told no tale
And let no Witness in

The mind was built for mighty Freight
For dread occasion planned
How often foundering at Sea
Ostensibly, on Land

A not admitting of the wound
Until it grew so wide
That all my Life had entered it
And there were troughs beside

A closing of the simple lid
That opened to the sun
Until the tender Carpenter
Perpetual nail it down—
Tryst Jul 2014
Amongst the raging tempest storms,
Dark clouds covered the world
When acorns fell;

Blown hither and thither,
Dented, battered, and broken,
Fields of acorns;

If just one could take root,
Nurtured by hopes and dreams of the many,
To grow from seed, to sapling, to mighty oak;

One acorn could shape the landscape forever,
Changing the views of many,
A memorial to fallen acorns.
For the fallen of MH17
Kayla Whipple Nov 2012
I saw you from across the gym and the second my eyes laid on you I knew I was never going to be the same.
Is it possible to fall in love with a stranger, because I think I just did.
Your posture resembled the self-confidence that filled your bosom
Your hair a blonde hue that I have never been attracted to before.
How could it be, you already have a piece of me.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of you, you see.
For you were already starting to seep into me.
Maybe it was the idea that I can feel love like this, for someone I don’t even know.
Or maybe it is that I looked into your blue eyes from across the room and felt like I knew you.

My emotions were wired, and my thoughts gambled.
I had to remind myself  how to walk and remember that staring in awe isn’t generally socially acceptable.
I can’t believe I just fell in love with a stranger.

You tossed the basketball with such grace, it sliding off your fingers so effortless. Your shoulders broad and your stamina grounded.
The way you slid across the floor so smoothly chasing after the ball that went perfectly into the net.

When the smile grew on your face as your friend shot the ball, my soul felt warm as I looked into the happiness of yours.
Your teeth, strategically placed by God’s fingers. Resembling how perfect we will all soon be.
I can’t believe this is me.

Falling in love with a stranger, what else is new.
The second I saw you I knew
My confidence was back and I began to come to life again.

So maybe you were an angel sent from God.
Teaching me that I still do have hope.
Showing me that my heart is still in enough pieces to love.
What ever the case and outcome of this, I feel happy.
I feel at peace that maybe, just maybe, someday I will lay eyes on someone and know they will embrace me for the rest of eternity.
Oktoberbarn Feb 2014
Tell me how you feel

Instead of telling lies

Instead of telling half truths 

And instead of confusing me

Tell me the truth
Ayman Zain Aug 2014
I fell in love with a witch, yes a witch
It must be a spell she cast on me
It must be.. It must be
She makes my heart pound, head swell and my body sweat
She wakes me up happy and full of energy
Whether she smiles or frowns
I still find her sexy
She glows in the dark
Not because she's using Olay cream
But because her beauty lights up the room
She dresses terrible
Which makes her terribly perfect
She also has a black cat
She's a wizard with all of that
It must be a spell she cast on me
*It must be.. It must be
Untitled Jan 2015
I tripped and fell
Where did I go?
I cannot tell
I fell
This is about the girl who fell in love with the moon.
Resting against the cold glass window at night
To get a glimpse of the light on the side she laid eyes on
And wondered about the darkness she would never get to see.
This is about the girl who fell in love with the stars.
Watching them sparkle and shoot across the sky.
She shed a tear knowing these stars were long diminished
And wondered if she as well would leave such a lasting mark.
This is about the girl who fell in love with the rain.
Falling fast asleep to the quiet drops on the pavement
With colors forming through the heavy mist,
And wondered if she could ever be as beautiful as a rainbow.
This is about the girl who fell in love with the ocean.
Sinking her toes in the sand while breathing the salty air,
Noticing the fish swimming easily through the blue water
And wondered if she could glide through life the same way.
This is about the girl who fell in love with the sun.
Lying in the swaying grass, feeling a soft breeze on her cheeks
Only to be shaded by the birds flying free under the light
And she wondered if she could one day be as free.
This is about the girl who fell in love with solitude.
Curled up with the dusty pages of her favorite book
Reading of the lover’s who share their lives together,
And wondered if one day she might share her solitude.
This is about the girl who fell in love with you.
With the way your body wrapped around hers,
How you could command a room with the warmth of your smile
And she wondered if one day she could call you hers.
This is about the girl who fell in love with too many things.
Realizing none of them would ever be hers,
Knowing she had no one to share them with.
And she wondered if she would always feel so alone.
CGB May 2015
Deeply she fell
Under his spell
The wishing well
Just couldn't tell
Or hear her yells
Right through her cell
Within it dwells
Her living hell
R Dec 2017
And finally,
it happened,
she not only fell in love with herself,
she fell in love with him.
But what was important,
was she fell in love with herself first
Melanie Little Sep 2015
I could never know just how dangerous being a lamb is until I fell for the lion.
He could easily snap me in half, mentally, emotionally.
He is all predator, cool calm and collected.
All harsh lines and sharp tongue
All confidence and cockiness
But the way he moves, so beautifully
It breaks my heart.
And I am the sick masochist that can't bear to let go,
I would run if I wasn't so busy being caught up in him
So busy wanting to put him back together
Because he wasn't always a lion, wasn't always this.
He was a cub once, a smaller version of himself now
Lesser and more
But I will fall asleep tonight thinking of his roar
And what it does to my heart
Not afraid, but utterly transfixed
Stupid, stupid lamb
For falling in love with the lion.
The quote that is the title was written by Stephenie Meyer ten years ago. The poem however, is mine
You are not Icarus
Icarus got to fly
You only got the fall

You are not Icarus
Icarus got to feel the sun’s warmth
You only ever got death’s cold embrace

You are not Icarus
Icarus, at least, got to be free
You didn’t even get to be you
A little poem about how Bucky from Marvel is like Icarus, and how he isn't. Inspired by a wonderful poem by p.d vulpe on tumblr
Genius Monkey Sep 2015
As my tears fell
I bid you farewell;
As the rain fall
I’ll never be whole.
I withered and I die
As we said goodbye.

Everything has an end.
The Song.
The Movie.
Our Love…
Our Story…

So I was shivering
As my tears falling
And it was raining…
Our memories dying.

I can’t smile again,
I hate this rain
My tears all hidden
I’m crying in vain.
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