The gold moth did not love him
So, gorgeous, she flew away.
But the gray moth circled the flame
       Until the break of day.
And then, with wings like a dead desire,
She fell, fire-caught, into the flame.
Stanley Wilkin Sep 2016
I watched the fox, rat held firmly in its jaw,
Trot across the street, lithely avoiding the cars,
Ears pricked up.

It slithered under a fence and weaved through the undergrowth,
Not once acknowledging my presence.
Disappearing in the night, it yelped out its echoes in the wood
Licking out worms.

The shadowed moon slung down its light
Like weak silver bristles from the back of a carved out hedgehog
Covered with newly deposited fox saliva.
It had screamed as it was consumed-unable to die!

The crow stabbed at a newly dead rock pigeon
As the stalking cat pounced......
Death mingled!

Joe, who lived near me, waved:
I waved back, wondering why he saw nothing.
Anne Molony Jul 2017
you know the look
the look
when you feel eyes on the side of your face
but you're not completely sure
so you turn
instantly catching them
their addictive
ice blue eyes
and then quickly they're gone
looking somewhere else
like the floor or  
out the window or
pretending to be deep in thought
you know that they've been looking
because you've caught them twice before
Liam C Calhoun Aug 2015
I’d kissed neon once before;
It scolded when it shouldn’t
And took half of what I

I’d kissed neon again;
Come a night with, “Dylan,”
And vodka when the beer
Went dry.

And I’d kiss neon forever;
Come a’grayed hair’s gossip,
Words ‘bout our first night,
And, “we,”

We’d cackle on our backs, jubilant.
Awkward Moments Sep 2010
A single pebble
A blad of grass.
Easy life,
But alas.

A battle feild
Is were I lay.
A place of beauty,
Gone astray.

No one ever stops to think
Of wars effect on everything.
The chaos and blood,
That it may bring.

But I do not have a say
On what happens now.
For i am only a pebble,
And I dont know how.
© Awkward Moments 09/20/10
Ashen Complexion Jun 2015
I cant seem to focus lately
My minds always somewhere else
Caught in a daydream

Because i guess ignorance is more appealing to me than dealing with the day to day struggles
Abigail Ramirez Nov 2013
I'm caught in between,
knowing what i do and don't need.
But this feeling seems to exceed,
whether or not i breath.
So i'll hold my fucking breath,
hoping this isn't another one of your tests.
Because i know i'll fucking Ace it,
and put an A on your chest.
I'm not the same person as i used to be,
I've been through some shit that only i can see.
I'll shovel it up for the simplicity.
It's like electricity,
Girl i know you're gonna miss me,
so stop dissing me.
Nobody has shoveled up your shit, but me.
So trust me, before you motherfuckin' press me.
Don't test me.
You don't wanna be me,
or see what i've seen.
Susan O'Reilly Dec 2013
For an extra dollar

she wears the dog collar

lets him take the lead

she has kids to feed

The father’s her pimp

beats her to a pulp

got her addicted to crack

made sure she’d never go back

She’s no choice but to be submissive

everything makes him aggressive

her clients wants a golden shower

over his face she cowers

I pity her life of vice

she’ll tell you she’s no choice

what chance of her kids got

in a vicious circle already caught
Iampureart Oct 2016
We both are so caught up in our thoughts, that we think that we don't deserve anything good.
Maybe that's our fate, maybe that's the reason why we met.
What if we really met to fall in love at the wrong time, just to remind each other what we actually deserve.
What if we fall so deep,
that everything else ends up
being perfect.
Victoria Ruth Aug 2014
You ask me why I’m dancing
You thought me to be insane
Could you not hear the music?
Or was it only in my *brain?
"and those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."
“Each broken promise is a blackout star” said he
“The light goes on” said she
“Too many, too close, to who?” Thought he

Tuesday came unannounced and declared its importance
ushering hours, sweeping boredom
Tuesday left unnoticed

“Letter by letter, what good your words have done?” said she
“I lie to protect, to protect from sheer ignorance” said he
“Acceptance, For the highest bidder!” said she

O Foster child of infinite dreams
The mind shivers
This is water, and that’s a stream
Certainty, but up to a degree

“Dictate the mind, and the heart will flee” said he
“I reside in paintings and leave hints in old ink” said she
“Seek shelter at the nearest heart” thought he

the rhymes dwell,
between two red cheeks
And the name is spelled
so the face can melt
Duchess Ry Feb 2015
You who have taken my breath away
My life, my everything , my one and only
To you whom I gave my all
I love you with all my heart and soul

You  caught my eye
And become the apple of my eye
I would rather die
Than to cut our ties

The first time I saw you , I was smitten
In heaven , our story is already written
I know, we are match made in heaven
Because we are deeply inlove with each other  , 24/7
Adv. Happy Valentines :))
James Mellin Oct 2013
I can fake a smile.
I can pretend that I'm okay ....
but I'm only in denial.
My hearts been chained I've been imprisoned by shame..

I'm fine F for forsaken
I for insecure
N for neurotic
and E for EMPTY.

A few more fags
a couple more beers
and I'll be able to ignore my pain till Tomorrow
that doesn't change the fact that I'm Hollow.

Caught between empty sheets I lie
awake and think of a way so I can
drown in your tranquil eyes..

The grass will never be greener my heartstrings
tug at a brighter tomorrow.

A few more lonely nights a couple more mind numbing days
and I just might live to see the light without its enemy, sorrow.

Tears run down my cheek today my dear but I'll never blame
maybe tomorrow I'll learn to live without the pain....

Caught between empty sheets the monsters inside my mind
will surely haunt me ,the more the better all
I have to do is understand your honest letter...
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