Batool Jan 2016
They were perfect strangers
connected through words
not knowing the names
separated by worlds
helping each others find
the lost pieces of their souls !!
Roni Shelley Apr 2013
We are doing quadratic equations again in math.
Find the domain when x is on the bottom of the fraction beneath 1
All "real" numbers, negative infinity to infinity....
not including 0?
It can either be that or this, it cannot be "what is normal?"
I think you're wrong.
I'm finding something made up
You're telling me to read your mind
Well I can't.
What about this... Let's say that I'm "x"
Now find me other than undefined.
Nemo Outis Sep 2014
Tell me about
your bicycle lights,
do they shine?
like embers in the
dark of night
or are they faded?
like far away stars
who omit some days
that they are there.
forget your bike.
I'll come find you.
Kara Ashley Jan 2015
You are strong
So strong
Stronger than you think
If you can't find that strength
Find it
Find it through God
Find it through others
Find it in your heart
Find it somewhere
Because it's there
Lilly frost Jun 2015
If you're lost
I'll lead you home
If you're lost
I'll lead the way
If you're lost
I'll help all I can
If you're lost
I'll follow you
If you're lost
I'll be lost too
Julie Grenness May 2016
Yes, there is football again today,
The melodrama in the usual way,
Like ancient dramas, the crowds,
The roars and chorus, free kicks allowed!
His team are losing again,
Do they have a winning vein?
Television the negative conduit,
He enjoys being sad, leave him to it!
Find something else to do in another room,
Yes, chicks can have crafternoon,
That's craft and reading for me and you,
Just throw chocolate at him and  zoom!]
Why? It's  a football afternoon!
Feedback welcome.
Sombro Nov 2015
I found three heads
Rock toils from the earth
Their eyes expressive with sculptor’s mistakes
It seemed as if the forest had let slip
Its fantasy into mine
Why heads? Why just three?
I don’t think they were meant to be there
As the trees hear you coming they hide their playthings
Perhaps I was too quiet.
A poem I wrote a while ago. I love it because it tells me that there are amazing things lurking behind every fog and every dark night.
Sienna Nov 2012
I think it worries me more that I might be finding faith,
Than spending the rest of my life without does.
I think I'd be more likely to shun,
A believer of the lord- than a psycho with a gun.

But it's not something I'm proud of anymore,
It's not something I want to admit to.
I don't want to have to hide my comforts from myself,
I don't want to find my comforts in this spell.

Deception is too much of a safety net,
I want to work and then achieve.
I want to be independent without -
I want to not have to believe.
L E Dow Aug 2010
“I’m just confused.” You say.
“About?” Is all I volley with, throat still clogged with tears.

“Your writing, I feel like I know you, then suddenly I feel like I don’t know a whole part of you.”
How do you think I feel, Love? I thought you only had pretty words for me, then surprise, and your doubt, fear, lies, love, are all exposed for the world to see. My faults and yours for everyone else. Our relationship falling apart as your fame grows greater. Pain gets reads.

“I don’t know where it comes from.” I say.


“It’s like I put my pen to paper and it pours out.” I continue.
Your brow furrows, digging for something more.
“It’s not even just that, It’s how you act around people it’s different with everyone. I don’t know if you’re real with me.”
I don’t either, I think as the tears spring forward faster. I’m frantically searching for a shade of me to hold onto, one I like. It’s hard to find, personas slipping through fingers like sand.

“I just…” I trail, hoping for an interruption, but you wait.
“I’m a people-pleaser; I know what makes them feel good. I can read them well, I can understand their wants, so to ease some pain, I’ll be what they need.”

Still Silence.
The fullest, noisiest silence.

Am I real? I thought so, with you, yes. With others? No. My parents need a good girl, who loves them like a child. My roommate needs someone to bitch with her, bend to her will, be her punching bag. Your roommates need a girl with balls, someone to shoot shit like they do. Someone to ignore sexism, and racism, hate speeches, and penis jokes. My school friends need a quirky weird girl who’ll never say no. My teachers need a hard-worker. My boss needs more availability.

I need quiet. I need love. I need to find myself in a maze of personas. Each only slightly different. Then I realize, I’m me already. I don’t need to find myself, I’m here waiting, I just need room to grow. RoomToBreathe. So I light a match, set fire to the maze, and watch as all the lies go up in flames.
Copyright 2010 by Lauren E. Dow
Samantha Nov 2014
sometimes you need to fall
for you to know what's in all
you also need to roll
for you to find them all

Dena Dec 2014
Brick walls are incredible structures
The builder must realize the need for the wall,
then for many days must painstakingly
place mortar between bricks.
They must build with intention.
If not, it is no longer a wall
it will be left to decay in the rain.
once finished it will stand strong against the weather,
impede prying eyes and thieves,
dissuade creatures and man alike,

The nature of the brick wall is this:
It only takes a single person
willing enough to remove that brick,
to break the mortar and push the brick through.
Their motivation
does not matter
so long as they find the reason for it being built.
Lunar Jan 2015
Trace the scars at her back.
You'll find a constellation.
Trace her tears when it streaks down her cheeks.
You'll find a lonely river.
Trace her hair strands.
You'll find an aromatic flowerbed.
Trace her fingertips.
You'll find hurricanes and tornadoes.
Trace her soul.
You'll find yourself.
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