Olivia Jul 11
Our city is painted with thoughts and feelings
Walls unkempt and overrun with expression
Made to fit movie screens with their perfection

Our city is lit by lovers and dreamers
They hold hands without caring and kiss in the daylight
Unlike me, they wouldn’t mind who was staring

Our city is a film still in my memory
Growing more valuable with time
The white becoming a little more golden with age

Our city is a privilege to me, a sacred moment
Not a city anymore but a nostalgic pang of laughter and a dull awareness of seconds
Always passing too quickly, like a reservoir that everyone knows will soon be emptied but that is drained anyway

Our city is bookstores and mountains
Dark cars and dim statues
Nightwalkers and busy streets

Our city is happiness and fear and youth and color and reckless and forward and awesome

But maybe Our City

Is just mine.
elaine Jul 19
empty houses and car-less streets,
this town holds beauty without residence.

people move into this town of beauty and run up and down the streets damaging little by little slowly.

the people take away the beauty and throw it all away for their selfish needs,
they build tall tall buildings and put gas into the lovely clean air.

leaving this town a horrible disease.
Ylang Ylang Jan 4
Went down, slippery cold stairs
Spiraling down, words on walls,
The paper sheets?

Heard the music down there...
Down... Down...
I've heard it before;
Down... Down...  Rumble down...
An underground celebration,
                      So I went - down.

        (the cave)
Infants were there, dark rooms,
Bathing in the boiling red wine,
Laughing madly in the fumes,
The ceiling and walls were moist and dripping.

These babies, visages of chimera,
Evil grins cutting their faces,
Evil smiles, gruesome masks
and cigars in their hands, claws...

This I will unleash,
One day, whiskey, liqours,
Beers, drinks... rumbling.
Calm dark surface of the lake
At night
And the carnival nearby,
Mile away or so...
you can hear their sounds,
muted slightly;
faint lights of torches,
at the other side of lake.
Weird tribesmen
Praising the summer solstice
With howls, maracas,
Tiny bells, dance,

-But listen to me now!
Now, when you hear me,
Look here, look closely.
Put your hand in me,
Can't you feel I'm almost boiling?
I'm no mud, I'm a clear water,
Almost as a spring!
Swift and clear - and hot.
                           ­        and dark.
Beach city by the cool sea
not so easy city
not too busy, too sleazy, or greasy city

to take off
your shirt
to feel the breezy - city
I am
curiously lost in,
excitably exploring you
engorged asphalt-hard city  
different from my boyhood memory

not so scary-big - city
a great place to grow-up
kind of city
open roads bike rides
on my schwinn
safely suburb city

she's successfully savvy
sophisticated city
evolved from understanding
Downtown pity
No border walls
Chaps are diggy
Navy city

city of girls who can be
as manly and boys are as
pretty, gritty
of individuality
like a quirky
cousin, sissy, brotha, niece
with Cali.-valley speak! - city

there's so much i want to see,
learn and believe in
this city,
i am a long lost twin city
just a baby,
friendly city, sucking your full titty

care for me daily
wish me luck a lotto city
even in my muck and shitty ditties
unconditionally cradling me with love
this LEGO city...
californicating sea world and zoos
old town wanderlust
Carmen on the trolley

San Diego by the sea,
in my blood,
this city by the beach
This city
that I love...
Final edit. Repost.
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