-Ben- Dec 2014
kiss me
with bright eyes

look at me
grab my hand
very gently

i hold you
and try to be
what your eyes
makes bright
Serenity Marine Jan 2015
You are my star,
the star that shines brightly in the night sky,
you are the star that will shine forever in my eyes,
You are my star to keep and admire.
*I wish upon a star you'll forever be mine
Isha Kumar Jan 2015
The eyes lost
as the sun began
to dim.
They became less
because of God's
David P Carroll Nov 2016
The Morning is shining
Bright sun shining
Bright your beauty
Is perfect like the
Shining sun your
Truly beautiful
And bright
As the sun.
David P Carroll
Bright As The Sun
celestial Apr 2014
i think you have
clusters of stars
in your veins
because you
are brighter
than the night sky.
Commuter Poet Mar 2015
With dignified steps
Advance cheerfully
Be bright
Respect others
Make today wonderful
Respect others
Be bright
Advance cheerfully
With dignified steps
Written 5th April 2012
Madhurima Oct 2014
The sea, endless, magnificent blue
Reminds me of your deep swirling eyes
Looking at me with mischievous love
Reflecting the big, open skies

The stars of the dark night
Remind me of the scars dotted on your skin
Painting your body in loose touches
Polaroids of everywhere you've been

The Sun, in its bright glory
Reminds me of your smile
Radiating, powerful, from cheek to cheek
Sadly, I haven't seen it in a while.

And finally, I must say, my love
I realize, as I finish this verse
Before, I saw the universe in you
*Now, I see you in the universe
I don't know but yeah.
The great hiway of dawn
Stretching to slumber
pouring out from her greedy
palms a shore, to wander

Hesitation & doubt
Swiftly ensconced

O Viking, your women
cannot save you
out on the great ship

Time has claimed you
Coming for you

And I came to you
for peace
And I came to you
for gold
And I came to you
for lies
And you gve me fever
& wisdom
& cries
of sorrow
& we’ll be here
the next day
the next day

There’s a belief by the
Children of Man which states
all will be well

Search on man, calm savior
Veteran of wars incalculable
greed. Search on man, calm savior
God-speed & forgive you
morning-star, fragrant
meadow person girl
Victoria Ruth May 2014
there was once a girl so bright
the sparkle in her eyes never dull
she had everything she could have dreamed of
her life wasn't perfect
but with him as perfect as it gets
he gave her hope
that one day she would have her fairytale
herself the princess and him the prince
but not after long
the prince turned into a toad
he built the princess a castle of hope
only to knock it all down
he told her about this thing called love
the princess unsure if it were real
he taught her how to feel it
but didn't stay to make it last
the silly toad didn't know what he lost
but the princess lost something that day
the sparkle in her eye burned out
and she was sure they'd never shine again
for he was the reason they lit up
My best friend wrote this for me.
Kristian Wilson Apr 2014
i cannot explain the flames that lick your eyelashes,
bright eyes.
and i adore that you're not as passive as i am.
and that your heart isn't as big.
there's less space to break
and more room for the fresh air of the world to fill your lungs
besides, hearts are wild animals
and that's why we need ribcages
but you, you're a creature of kindle.
and i get the feeling you know how warm you are.
i do.
if a river like me ran all around the world, do you think i'd get golden slumber, or just bronze sleep?
would i be famous, or just used, with more and more boats put on me?
i wouldn't shiver in Siberia, with you
i would replenish the deserts, with you.
but without you, i have no reflection.
what is a river with no sunrise, but a river?
what is a sunrise, with no river?
still so beautiful.
falling Jul 2015
bright eyes
messy hair
falling fast.
and stare.
you catch
my eye,
   b  l  o  w
a kiss,
take my
and here
we go.
bright eyes
into the stars
falling fast
but thin air.
Mari Anjelyn Dec 2014
Clear, bright skies I see
They fill my heart with glee
Somehow they reminded me
So much more than you and me
Kyler Williams Jan 2015
I wish for you
it's all I seem to ever do
Because try as I may you'll think i'll never be true
Though my heart truly only craves you
So I wish I may I wish I might
Wish on a star for you every night
I'll wish my dreams weren't blown away
By my vision that leads me astray
I'll wish my mind wasn't so frayed
Even though this world is unclear to me
Your beauty is what I truly see
You're not as dim as everyone else
because you've clearly got me under your spell
I may not see the colours to bright up my world
But you're vivid enough to light it up anyways
So I lay here watching the days go by
With my mind in dismay watching the sky
So I lay here and here i'll stay
Waiting till I can find the right words to say
Wishing each night on a different star
hoping my wish can get that far
to reach the cosmos and the stars
hoping maybe something from above
will bring back the feelings of love
I just can't stop thinking about you and it's really lame :/
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