xak Jul 20
he called me
his sunflower
when he said that
my petals never shines brighter
Rox Jun 1
Assigned by angels to be the vessel
of your opal eyes

I don't mind

These days all I want to see
is the radiance you bring forth
a tranquil break in the folds
streaming through me

As I stand in regard
with the threads of yours wrapped around mine
a spatial interlude
long glimpses at your blueprints
in my sights
the daybreak of my existence
the gleaming brilliance of yellow
the daring cosmos of nights’ sky
Those night skies

its expanse I clear with no expense
I only hope for you
for you to notice
the bones of mine that bloom after you
a synthesis so sweet
as I see you
glance back to me as we dance across this field
as I tread light
a nimbus and a kite

the vessel of your opal eyes
a contract laced with gold
dusted with your breath.
(the things I see for you)
Saint Audrey Jun 30
Stake claim, enslave
Falling behind
A wake so odd
Cosmic, wretched truth
Will all compose
With repetition
Til all devolves

Equally wrong choices, with dire stakes
Options weighed, time again

Derived presets, and presupposition
Derivative motion,  placed on this clean slate
And left for a lifetime
Of horrid substitutions
Danneli Aug 6
Look up toward the sky
Through whistling winds
See past the raindrops
For then something begins!

Something is started
That cannot be stopped
It's exciting and chilling
And it cannot be topped

Don't you see it, my dear?
At the top, past the shroud
A castle resides
Hidden only by clouds

It's concealed by the darkness
That remains in our minds
Pluck it out, cast it far
Be never so blind

For bright is the sun
When you look past the rain
And light are the clouds
When you live happy days
What can rival the storm?  If you couldn't tell, this poem goes side by side with Shadows. Two poems, complete opposites.
Moon Fire*      

de Luna climbs up
majestic fir brows
one rung at a time

to feel the shiver
of winter breeze
tickle higher
                         than treetops reach
.                                                          ­­                                            
where moonbeams
know the meaning
the shadows cast
upon the open palms
of nature’s hands

her halo encircles
a shapeless luster
the faint whispers
in northern skies

wishing on
the nearest stars,
set ablaze
a smoldering heart
grown cold

as ...

the last winter moon
full and bright

wild is the wind © 2.22.2016
Fuego de Luna ~ Moon Fire
is a moment framed,
looking out my bedroom window
into the forest,
the final full moon rise
of winter
mesmerizing with a dreamful verve
percolating mercilessly within insomnia
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