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KitaRaizal May 2014
Im single because
I fell apart
Im single because
I cant do it anymore
Im single because
I have no desire to be
Im single because
I need to be dependent on me
Im single because
I need time to myself
Im single because
I need to be
Im single because
I was in pain
Im single because
Thats how its gotta be.

Jamie May 2016
I have no right to feel like this,
But how dare you cancel on me again,
I know we aren't together,
But it hurts when you do.
Luz Hanaii Aug 2016
Death is a single lady,
a workaholic,
a professional traveling agent,
who does not delegate her work.

She'll bring you a glass of peace,
to go with the slice you've been handed
each little crumb must
be consumed, enjoyed
and gratefully tended.

She'll blow out
your last candle,
kiss you on the forehead,
unassuming and gentle she'll
cut down the string
and lovingly
tuck you in.

©2014  Luz Hanaii
Rose Rain Feb 2016
Hold me and tell me
That you love me
because I feel the world is
against me
Umi Apr 8
A bird, earthbound, disabled by birth.
Left out, deserted and even made fun of by the others, because it was not just different, it was also not capable to do what they ever did,
Taking off into the azure of the wonderful heaven, the sky far above,
A tasteless sight of a rainy day, brought from the drought of emotions
A fate, to never take off, unless he finds another to be his other half,
Broken loneliness, dancing in the loitering darkness of their life, infinite shades of punishment, fear and  envy embellished in his soul,
Looked down upon, yet determinded, hopeful of what the future may hold, two single winged herons might be able to melt within love,
Darling, blood flows through the veins of fate, are you my lovebird, the one I'll finally spread the one wing I have with and fly, far away?
Let us melt, like no others have until we are unable to feel alone, dear
So don't be shy, experience the grand beauty of the heavens above with me, after all we are two peas in a pot, crushed by the same fate.
Kiss me now, take off with me, so we may fly through the embrace of the sun which is shining, with every cloud and their silver lining,
It will be alright, Darling

~ Umi
I know one who relied
on a talent for years,
seeming to be the pride
of good fortune; now a silence
naked of tears
suffuses his old age.
The beautiful music played
of youth and middle age -
that beauty is no more.
Senility and a cage
are found on the 4th floor
of a retirement home.

The exuberant rainbow foam,
the sprightly tumult of youth
had no longing, no passion
for self-understanding or truth.
A lazy mind married to a great gift
without wider learning for a friend
was just asking to be betrayed in the end,
his gift abandoning him in the end.
My friend, don't think because you now can shine,
the neglect of deeper learning is fine,
for in the background time still says "You're mine."
Develop many keen interests in your youth
and perhaps your golden years will have a face
that's not intolerable to grace.
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