Montana May 2012
Your lips
Were the first thing I noticed
Gently parted
Breathing in and out

Oh to be your words
Conceived within your mind
Born upon your lips


Your lips are fucking poetry.
Styles Sep 2016
Feed me your mouth,
      so I can satisfy my desires
       with the taste of our destiny.
       I long for the rush,
       from our lips, when they touch.
     symbols of each other,
signaling one another,
    our body language,
   speaking to,

Lost in forever,
the moment consumed,
by passion
Graff1980 May 2015
Today it’s
I am obsessed
With red
Or black
Or smothered
With lipstick
It doesn’t matter
Even though
It will pass
But in poetry
Right now
It’s lips lips lips
ic Dec 2014
when you put your lips
on mine,
that feeling is something

and i though i would
get used to that magical feeling.

but as soon as i experienced it,
you were gone,

and i never tasted your lips again,
or saw your face again,
or heard your voice again.
you were completely gone.

*and i was not prepared for it.
Styles May 2017
feed me with your flavor
fill me with your taste
let your fragrance be my mace
get me tongue tied until my mouth is laced
with that taste of the paste
between your pearly gates;
seal my fate
KAT COLE Sep 2014
Stop these words.
These meaningless, nonsensical words.
As my mind races I hold my hands out trying to catch any falling letter.
As if I'm drowning, I choke on the logic spilling from my lips.
Ellyn k Thaiden Apr 2014
Her lips, tight and curved,
Ready to string up an arrow
And launch it to the sky
To explode into a fine dust
Where a myriad of stars congregate
Just to kiss your freckled cheeks
Twinkle Oct 2014
I shall seal my lips
Never open to utter
For I wonder
What is better
to speak your heart out
and be construed a fool
or to store it in
and be considered a sage
Sometimes what is better, to confront or to deal with the hurt. When I usually do, I fear the risk of loosing. Is it always me?
Al Aug 2014
I used to say your lips were too small.
but now,
after feeling so many,
I realized yours weren't small.
They were a perfect fit,
like a puzzle piece.
Your lips tasted
like the stars
i never got to see
because of the cities
bright lights.
And once our lips connected,
Meteors fell down to earth,
And the ground beneath us started crumbling.
For it was the end of the beginning,
And I couldn't have been more un-afraid.
Bassam A Oct 2014
When i saw your lips
I was wow
to see burning coal
on top of ice

But the coal is still burning
and the ice is not melting
Styles May 2015
Every time you paint your lips;
            with lipstick -- I get jealous.

            I wish we would make up.
Styles May 2014
There once was a boy, who met a girl, saw her smile.
So every once in a while,
when he pictures her crooked smile,
it still makes him smile.
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