Andy Cave Jun 2012
He calls her his princess, his beautiful queen
yes everything's perfect this isn't a dream.
They are amazing together, a couple so sweet
their love so young is a miraculous feet.
John-Chris Ward Sep 2015
Feet on the floor,
Brains against the wall.
So many thoughts I had to escape them all.
A call for help is all I'll ever be;
Cause no one dares to lend an ear to me.
The saddest thing you could ever be,
Is young and unhappy.
I love the connotation and denotation of the phrase "young and unhappy". The whole concept of youth is something I don't quite fully understand. The general public has this unhealthy obsession with youth  or the their idea of youth. Honestly, it's not all it's cracked up to be. Youth is more of a state of mind more than anything.
sweet ridicule Aug 2015
kiss me with mango sherbet
in your mouth and sticky
orange tinted lips
these car tires are growing old
but I am young with three
dimples on my face
callouses on my fingertips
of my left hand
stop with the
'you're scared'
in which century does
refusal amount to fear
liberation by the pen drawings
on my hand consumes me
individuality is not dead I
am here
with fiery intent occasionally lost in
a girly figure with a small
waist and awkward ankles
don't dance alone dance a soliloquy
like the bruise on my neck

(labors of love are not
merely towards humans)
good night
Reanna Horsley Apr 2014
" I got you some flowers."

" That's so sweet but why flowers?"

" What? You don't like flowers?"

" Flowers die. Isn't that a horrible metaphor for love? something that dies?"

"Well. Fuck the flowers. Lets just hold hands."
I never get flowers anymore
Patricia Tsouros Jan 2014
The time had come for two hearts to go their own way. 

It wasn’t sad; it wasn’t angry; just profoundly honest;

In the whirlwind of young life
Their love sudden
He blew her away
She caught his breath
The lust explosive
Captivated by each others touch
Living the dream
Fancy London apartment
Chanel and Bottega Veneta
Cap D Antibes
Woke to keys of an MG
Squealed with delighted
Vodka and Wine
Yet in the depth of this life
Fighting to be free
To own their souls
Losing sight of love
The power of another life
Kept them chained
In the birth of her breath
It came to an end

The legacy off their passion
A sparkling spirit
In the shadow of that spirit
Never to know
The geniuses of
Her soul
No captured memories
His dying voice
Silent to her life
Danziel Feb 2015
She loves me she loves me not
I love her but she loves me not
She has placed my feeling into a bind
I think I deserve it the way I played with her mind
I love her but something made me stop
I became infatuated with another and I think I really love her or maybe not

We have an idea of what love is
We're 2 young souls who barely even knows
Though we are chasing every little thing we see
Like pups who chases after bees not knowing these bees will sting

We play together and lay together
We play fight and we bite
Here comes something better they popped into our sight
Now off with something better we didn't try to fight

I love her she loves me not!
Now she loves me and and now I love her not
Puppy love last forever but it really does not.

-V.v.V. Ds
LS Oct 2011
The man at the bar
He is a young fart
He's got years on his slate
Double my own

A bottle of scotch
He swishes away
The British way

Born in London
Now a Southerner

Touring the country
With his Wife,

Not missing a thing
Quite the engineer

Laughing away
With each glass
The bartender brings

Flapping his yap
At the pretty young miss
Residing at the bar
Enjoying her dinner
No longer feeling a part
From the crowd
This is more of story... in working progress.
Sarah Spang Feb 2016
When we were young, all things were new
The rising sun, the morning dew.
Through you I saw the ocean first,
From stormy eyes I saw the surf.
I tasted summer in your lips
The flavor of the brackish mist
That lingered on with days and years
That veil of time was thin and sheer.
When we were young the summer months
Seemed everlasting, endless once.
Heated asphalt, mosquito'ed creeks
We dipped our toes to beat the heat.

When we were young, immortal then
I never thought there'd be an end...
I never thought I'd move away
I never dreamt you wouldn't stay...
I never thought when we were young
Your final song would go unsung,
I never thought there'd come a day
Your final words- you'd never say.

When we were young
When we
Were young
I never thought
You'd die.
SRS Dec 2014
I may be young
and often written off because due to my adolescence
but I still feel like everyone else
and I still learn from my lessons
and as the days fly by
and the innocence in my heart lessens
just remember
I was never insane
I just lost track of counting my blessings
SG Rose Aug 2014
With curled lips and a growling hiss, he walks among us;
Yet you say you only see beautiful things now.
With a needle tip you shoot the Devil in
and say he takes you closer to feeling God.
One “e” short of the story you were born to finish.
A young heroine turned heroin.
Aaron McDaniel Oct 2012
Two teens with too much time left to themselves
Both experiences represented by flat lines on hospital machines during sad times
Flipped on it’s ass end quite literally
My youth is my virginity
Finding religion suddenly
Praying in my head “God, if you exist, don’t let the condom break”
Her face in angst
I begin to flake
Spine reverberates
Elbows Shake
Bedside table vibrates
Text message
Mom: When will you be home
Response: I won’t, I’m leaving my old self on these bed sheets
My youth is my virginity
Time becomes an illusion
Not knowing how long we’ve been doing this
Minutes become seconds
Seconds to years
Years are months
Months.... minutes
I alone finish
Quickly getting dressed separately
Previously so ecstatic to slowly peel each others layers away
An eternity of silent eye contact jam packed into countless repetitive heartbeats
A mix of misinterpreted expressions cross our minds as we sink into the realization that we are no longer children
Our youth is our virginity
Your inner thighs have defined the ending milestone of my childhood
In return I thank you and grace you
No other person I’d rather have that connection with
Though we’ve long departed, our current standing is disheartening
Let’s give birth, not to children, but to friendships
I want to to represent my life with a cobblestone road
Being able to get to the end to find success, not regrets
I hand you the first stone
A mermaid found a swimming lad,
Picked him for her own,
Pressed her body to his body,
Laughed; and plunging down
Forgot in cruel happiness
That even lovers drown.
Kyra Woods Jun 2015
How can you miss someone's voice you have never heard and how can you visualize someone'es eyes you have never seen?
These are questions that alter the reality of someone's being.
Even though I have never met you and have no knowledge of your existence, I know you are out there. someday I will find my King.
I know that your lips are softer than rose petals and the Melanin in your skin fills women with desire.
But as I lay in these silk sheets and relish in fantasies I know that nothing between You and another woman  will ever transpire,
Because You're Mine.
The dimple within your right cheek and the mischief in your eyes are all significant marks that you are no else's but Mine.
The sway of your walk and the charm when you talk are characteristics held for a woman who goes by My Name.
Our connection is nothing short of beautiful and  the intensity of our relations make any other love seem inhumane.
I know this, even though to everyone else you still cease to exist.
I know our hands will lock together like the missing pieces completing a puzzle.
Making me Your's, but more precisely making you Mine.
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