Faith Jul 7
I rip myself apart,
Piece by piece.
I place bits of my heart,
Into your hands.

I tear my soul,
Little by little,
And gift a morsel:
But when will I realize,
You never asked for me,
Or my vulnerability?

Remaining transfixed.
You step on my soul,
Dirty it,
Bury it,
Beneath soil,
Without a second glance.
No mercy,
Or pity,
In your eyes.
Simply and only,
A slight surprise.
You never asked for my care,
And were never aware,
Of all I invested,
All that manifested,
Beneath my shell,
Deep within my heart.
So why would you mind,
Tearing it apart?
English Jam Jun 16
I feel absolute - sometimes
I feel abused - but I say I'm fine
It's getting harder to find words that rhyme
I feel incomplete - can you spare some time?

There'll be no more suicide under my roof
There'll be no pretending you're depressed, that's the truth
Your mental health is OK, go to school
I'm not gonna talk about this anymore
Just go into your room and close the door
You say you're suffering from depression and cutting yourself
Well I say leave depression on the shelf
And no, you're not getting professional help
If you really want attention, just say so yourself
Just be happy like a little child
It'll go away if you try smile

Think happy thoughts

This isn't another argument I will let go
I don't believe in shouting, I believe in salvation
I don't believe in punishment, I believe in patience
I don't condone diversity, I promote
I'm not the one to complain, I vote
Yet I still don't share pain, I joke
Because apparently young people's problems are just a hoax
Because apparently I can't talk about my problems freely
Apparently if I do, it's worse than drug dealing
It's the fractured state of mind
That I try to to hide
This is your decision to remain blind
You call these protests teen rage
You call these problems teenage
If you're gonna dismiss this with a yawn
And ignore the child with guns drawn
If you're gonna prioritise getting rid of pot
And ignore the school shooter firing another shot
If you're gonna waste time
Wondering if the ten year old black kid is spreading gang signs
Just don't be surprised
At another teen suicide

Think happy thoughts
There's a lesson you gotta learn, but I don't want it to be taught
The lesson that young people can experience suicidal thoughts
It's the one thing everybody seems to be missing
But it could be solved if you just stop and listen

Apparently if I have sex
I'm either a slut or a player, depending on my sex
My body's for rent
In my cheap apartment
At my tender age, love is too complicated a thing
My mind can't handle the complex emotion it brings
Yet at this tender age, I need to know my career
Of course, a lawyer or a doctor is what they want to hear
Cause my real dreams are "unrealistic, dear"
They're willing to whisper in my ear
That's not mature
But if we start speaking about things that are serious
We get looked at like we're delirious
And face responses like "you're too young to be so serious"
However,  I wanna talk
About how if I walk
Behind a white woman in a parking lot
She's holding the panic button, hoping she doesn't get shot
Thinking that she's gonna get robbed of everything she's got
And I wanna talk about how a rapist gets off easy
Because apparently now apples make him queasy
And being in prison might ruin his reputation
But I get shut down, cause this isn't suitable topic for conversation
So I'll quote my mother to deliver the message of our generation
She always told me "prevention is better than cure"
And the youth are the future
And there's nothing any doctor can do
About the suicide they're succumbing to

Think happy thoughts
It's the one thing everybody seems to be missing
But it could be solved if you just stop and listen
There's a lesson you gotta learn, but I don't want it to be taught
The lesson that young people can experience suicidal thoughts
The result of spending the day listening to Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly album (if you can read this as a sort of rap, it works out perfectly)
Eva Aloezos Jul 26
I was a Red Queen
starring in my own circus

Dazzling in authentic velvet
being looked upon,
but more importantly looking

Sitting on a mighty pedestal of white winter smoke

Gazing down on my misunderstood subjects,

Wielding a rosary, I never once believed in
stepped in water, that caused me no spiritual awakening
Sneaking through the haunting open corriders

they should know how empty the life of monarchy is

please let them see” much of this life is fake

they must see* there is much to live for, but also lots to die for

However, all this was a THC induced thought

Which stemmed from a memory of myself, a child of four years old

Creating little soap operas, with the cards from a card deck

Mumbling to myself on the bathroom floor, wise beyond my years
mc6lm Mar 2015
We were raised by shopping malls and cigarettes,
A decade of downtime
Searching for significance,
Changes in abundance;
Physical and emotional.
Tugging at friendships that
Tear through our fingers.

We weren't built to last
But damn we strutted invincible;
Walking lines,
Side by Side,
Not one left behind.

Even though we lost
We won for a time;
Jumping trees into ponds,
Chasing sex with lies,
Living molding mind,
Averting lover's eyes.

We milkshaked reality
And laughed a great mess,
We fought for our love
Expecting no less,
Stumbling grace and cheating tests;
We were raised by headlights and silhouettes.
An ode to my teenage years and the bonds of the misifits that always stuck together, forever, as we were young.
Pyrrha Jul 16
They say I am too young to understand the way the world works.
They say it as if I'm not already aware of the wars in foreign lands or violence in our homes.
As if I don't know of the fear of death.
The price of freedom.
The cost of living.

They say it as if I don't know about the shootings or the homicides.
As if I'm unaware of those making a living off of selling poisons to others
Or of the ones who sell themselves to stay alive.
They think I don't know about sex, drugs, death, fear, pain, or life itself.

Nothing is hidden in this world.
Your children grow up knowing about horror and crime.
Its ridiculous to shelter them from what they already know.
You believe they are innocent until they turn 18,
But little girls and boys grow up with pain.
There are no thoughts that you can contain.
They will find answers to the questions even if you dont want them to be found.
I have never understood why people these days are so reserved and offened by the truth. My parents raised me to be informed not to be afraid of the truth or speaking my mind.
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