Helen Dec 2011
I held you softly
as you slept
I held you gently
as you wept
I held you tightly
as you screamed
I stroked your hair
as you dreamed
I wiped the tears
that would not dry
I cried the tears
you would not cry
I took the demons
in your head
and made them
Mine instead
I need to be
by your side
don’t turn me away
I am not your Pride
I am not your Pity
I am not your Sorrow
I am here Today
I am your Tomorrow
This is one of my oldest and most beloved writes. I never considered adding it to any collections until today. Considering this will be my one true legacy I leave behind, it is as relevant to me today as the day it was written. Enjoy :)
Rockie May 2015
I have no hope
Of tomorrow ever appearing.
J M Surgent May 2014
I missed you today,
A little more than yesterday
But not as much
As I'll miss you tomorrow.
Ruthie Oct 2014
All we are is ink splashed onto a blank page
Tomorrow is never a promise of forever
If you remember nothing else, please remember that.
Rhiannon Grace Jul 2014
by sweet sunrise
fear fades away
by sweet sunrise
hope finds another day
by sweet sunrise
your tears start to dry
and by sweet sunrise
you learn to fly

by candlelight
sadness flickers and fades
by candlelight
you await new days
by candlelight
you start to dream
and by candlelight
words are no longer mean

by tomorrow
you'll find new promises
by tomorrow
you'll use old wishes
by tomorrow
you'll find my eyes
and by tomorrow
no one new will cry
For Andrew
JustJay Oct 2014
Turn off the light,
I'm tired.
Oh please, turn off that light,
I wanna change.
Tomorrow I'll be another man...I promise...
Carsyn Smith Sep 2014
I don't want to think about
What will happen to us.
I don't want to think about
     Next year,
          Next month or
               Next week.
I just want to think about

I don't know
What I'm wearing tomorrow,
What I'll eat for breakfast,
Or if I'll even wake up tomorrow.
What I do know is that
I'll still love you.
a gale Aug 2014
We mess up
We fall down
But we’re always
A sleep away
From a second chance

a. gale
cass Mar 2015
tomorrow is not promised
it is a gift you might not get

tomorrow is not guaranteed
that's something you should never forget

cherish today as if it is your last
make peace with all the sins of your past

speak the words you said you never would
stand in a place where you have never stood

see the world with brand new eyes
remember your lows but bask in your highs
Lady Bird Apr 2015
yesterday went in a flash
today with a blink of an eye
yet tomorrow will go just the same
Wow...how quickly life passes us by
Jaimi M Dec 2014
One day
you're going
to get everything
you deserve
and then some.
It may seem
like tomorrow
is a million
miles away,
but darling,
will be better.
Tomorrow Jun 2014
Thank God there is tomorrow
I may sit in my misery tonight but,
I always know there is tomorrow
A new day
A new sunrise
A new  beginning.
Thank God for new beginnings. A new start, a new sunrise, a new star, a new beginning....not sure where I would be without it!
David Hall Jul 2014
I’ll be there tomorrow
at least one more time
as long as the sun comes up
and continues to shine

I’ll listen tomorrow
if your heart needs an ear
I’ll help carry your burden
and comfort your fear

I’ll kiss you tomorrow
if your lips feel neglected
I’ll lift up your chin
if you’re feeling dejected

I’ll love you tomorrow
more than I love you today
I’ll love you every tomorrow
and at least one more day
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