Olivia Chafe Nov 2010
These photos are a gateway to my memories;
They're the only remnants of things I no longer see:
The twinkling stars at the peak of twilight;
The terrifying tales around a campfire so bright,
The heart melting gaze of my new born brother,
The crash of waves as I build a sand castle with my mother.
And although they are torn and hard to see,
These photos are a gateway to my memories.
Copyright Olivia Chafe. (me)
Hillary Gurney Feb 2016
People come and go,
But memories will always stay,
As new friends come along,
To make new memories,
Of happiness,
Of sadness,
There's always room for more,
Memories are cherish,
While others walk out the door.
Copyright © Hillary Gurney February 4, 2016
Dhaye Margaux Nov 2015

My love, do you still remember me?
The vow  we made under this mango tree
I was younger then while you were old enough
But in my heart I knew you're my better half
Your face that time, it's painted here inside
After the wedding, we had that romantic ride
We took that road riding on a pretty white horse
You were holding me throughout the journey, of course
But suddenly a storm came while we're on our way
You've loosen your grip, we didn't make our day
A strong wind got me while you were thrown afar
We've been apart, heart-broken like victims of war
My love, do you still remember me?
Two years and more, we're here under this mango tree
Now, I'm tracing the carved hearts with our names entwined
Wishing that like them, you and I have that strongest bind
My love, do you still remember me?
Until now, your memories never set me free...

Musing on sadness :(
Nicole Dawn Jun 2015
Memory hits
Pain in head
Hands clench
Nails bite
Skin breaks
Memory gone

Sometimes I get hit by a horrible memory and I can't like breathe or see or anything until it's gone
Meg Howell Feb 2015
Blow out the candle
Let it go they say
Watch the smoke dance up in the air
And the flames leave
with a simple dance
As the wax hardens leaving a warm spot full of scented memories
But I don't want to let go
They can't make me
Lizzy K Nov 2017
asked me if I
knew you
             A million
memories flashed
through my mind
but I just smiled and said I used to
BY wiz khalifa
Robert Thompson Oct 2014
Morning Sun heats my skin,
awakening memories of you.
Your fevered touch is forever lost,
although the fiery traces remain.

                                                       ­                                              r thompson
cecelia Nov 2014
the miniscule, crystallized phenomena
floating down on their zephyr gondola
to the little children's enchantment.
the wintriness nipping at their stamina
produced petite gloved hands pulling tightly at their jacket.
to rollick the day away was their only commandment.
fast forward a few years, and they'll be learning algebra,
their minds drifting away during lectures on parabolas
to the forgotten days of freedom; they lament
the loss of their fragile frostwork taffeta.
Madisen Kuhn Apr 2014
it’s strange to think
you will only remember me
as the person i was with you

you’ll never learn of my new habits,
nor will i ever come to know yours
i won’t get to watch you grow,
see you become strong,
hear about all of your new
adventures and revelations

no, i am only left
with who you were

we’re both frozen in time
in each others’ memories
written on 10/3/13
Mckenna Lynn Jun 2014
Strangers with memories,
that’s all we are.
Like waves in the ocean,
that drift apart with time.
Carried our separate ways,
following a different current.
Strangers with memories,
that’s all we’ll ever be.
Alexandra Askew May 2014
It happened.
It happened.
It happened.
It happened.
No more fighting against the truth
No more of the denial.
It happened.
It happened.
It happened.
It happened.
Life push me forward.
World steady my feet.
It happened.
It happened.
Focus, hold it.
It happened.
It happened.
Open up your palm.
Memories fall into a holding jar.
It happened.
It happened.
Lock the jar inside.
Darken the lights but remember the presence.
It happened.
It happened...
3 out of 4 of "Stages of My Grief"
Becca Seyoum Jun 2014
Black was there with you

  when you took too many shots

  and passed out at 4am

Black was what you imagined

  before you fell asleep at night

Black stayed with you

  until the sun came up

Black was empty

and full

of ideas


black was


of life

but no light

black was

Adia Heart Aug 2014
The colours bleed through
The skies and into my skin,
Memories - someday.
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