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Jamie Jul 2013
I wonder if you think of me
As I do of you,
I wonder if you miss me
I'm such a fool,
I wonder if you'd tell me
What I've put you through,

Soon I will be just a memory
Of someone you once knew,
As I fade away know that,
Once upon a time
I loved you ...
Did you ever love me too?
Brighter than the blinding flares of the sun, shimmering outward with power of thousands of stars
yet comforting
yet soft.
Filled with oceans crashing and wild, turning over ships, rushing under a powerful storm.
yet still
yet calm.
Filled with wonder and curiosity, yearning for the unknown, desperate for enlightenment
yet wise
yet content.
Eyes so wide, so deep, filled with delicate roses, the power of mighty warriors, elegant as Venus's flowing dress, filled with souls of thousands, with passion, with yearning, with desire.
Filled with beauty
Filled with you.
ryn Mar 2015
Wonder if when constellations do align
And universe would finally see.
Would it be presumptious of me
To claim that then, finally you'd be mine.

Wonder if my sense would triumph over
So that my heart would be muted.
With all its contents looted...
Would I only seem sillier?

Wonder if I walked away
In due course.
You'd then take my hand in yours
So that a minute longer I'd stay...

Wonder if you'd understand
When if these feet
Should choose to retreat...
That they had to... It wasn't planned.

Wonder if it'd make a difference
If I said that I had to...
Not for me but more for you.
Would we still be able to love in silence?

Wonder if you'd wish that you made it all clear.
Before the gravity of reality would crush us,
Before the vastness of uncertainty swallows us,
Before my presence would diminish and inevitably disappear.

Wonder if you find my pessimism exhausting.
The volatile nature of my moods...
Especially when I dive deep in solitude
And resurface with a trove of words that are no less than exasperating.

Wonder if you loved me enough
In a day...
To stop me from walking away...
Or loved me too much to plainly say


Future's days would see us apart...
Future's moon would glow but not for us...
Future's stars would sing but not of us...
Future's sun would dry out the passion in our hearts.
Marco Buschini Dec 2016
Lie within chaos, and create comfort
In visions of endless love.
Riding slowly on the crest of a morning fling, and flutter,
The body stutters
Like a street dancer.
Shine in different directions
And end the yearning
For a love of creativity
By stripping off
And darting
Into a sea of uncertainty,
with a sense of
Unimaginable **** for what keeps you
Ticking like a sturdy clock.
Find the rhymes that combine
With what lies inside the mind,
To stumble upon the future pleasure,
That you unearth with delight,
As you wonder.
Inspiration is born out of desire.
Fuel to fire the birth of creation.
The mind quakes for a taste
Of the cake, that is blessed with greatness.
charley gwenn Mar 2015
i wonder, when you think about me
and all the things you think i was, and did
do you remember
that i was seventeen?
do you know that you traumatized me?
do you know that there is a year
that i don't remember
because of you?

i wonder, when you think about me
and visit all my old haunts
lurking, looking for a weakness
a nearly healed wound
to open back up again
i wonder, do you still see me
as the predator
and not the prey?

i wonder, when you think about me
do you remember
what really happened
or just what you told them?
have the lies transformed
changed shape, through sheer will
and become the truth?
what am i to you?

i wonder, when you think about
what happened in southern california
do you remember my words
my trembling body in your arms
the tears that never seemed to stop
the photos you cropped me out of
or just the things you'd decided
that i'd done?

a painting knocked off the wall
while i slept on the couch
that i couldn't have reached standing up
a statue that i did my best to fix
the ***** in the sink that nobody saw
the nine panic attacks that just had to be fake
do you even remember the truth?

i wonder, when you think about me
in the night, wherever you live now
do you still hurt, deep down
like a scar that never healed
do you carry regrets in your heart
or is there just the satisfaction
that nobody will ever know
what you really did to me?
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2017
The cosmos's gold dust
the earthy depth triumphs.
Ahead of the moon
ahead of the stars
ahead of the day at the noon.

****** her black box
is chalk full wrapped up.
With a million dash
of curiosity evermore
it paints on every new sunrise!

Yet has it room for everyone.
Guess, with her longhand
what did it take inside?

You too can be in the know
It's the feminine beauty all in all.
Forget if you have already
seen million and one.
The earth is eyeing on only one.

Her closest admirer is the star
of the very luminary bunch
with open eyes in the hearts.
Her dead man is waking up
sniffing the daylight by her.
Yet to make the discovery
both are still wondering outside!
A Sad Alex Aug 22
I wonder if you dream of me
If you remember me at all
I dream about you sometimes
It´s all I have since you are gone

I dream of us alone
People are so much noise
They distract me from what I want
You smile, your kisses and so much more...

I wonder if you think about me
If you can even think anymore
I think about you often
The cuddling, the hugs, the walks...

And it fills me with memories
Of things that can´t return
I yearn for remedies
For the malady of your loss

Yet what my heart aches
Is nothing compared to yours
I hope you can think of me, my love
As you lay dead on the earth
And you mind on the void...
Well time to honor my pen name with a sad poem, I find that now I just think of verses and try to build the poem around it, before I just felt a jolt of inspiration and poured it onto writting, but now I´m growing more methodical, guess reading as many poems as I do now to seek inspiration does that, regardless of that I hope you fine folk enjoy it nevertheless!
oh delirium, how much I have grown in-love with thee at this hour near morning twilight all hazy in the brain in deciding whether to see you or to drop my head asleep, accustomed to the bewitching time and longing to see that lingering daylight break, a dreamy state of thus, this moment wondering...
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