Jaimi M Oct 2014
You wonder
why I wiggle
so much
why my legs
and my hands
Truth is,
my mind
can't slow down
It doesn't know
how to take a day off,
its far too good
at tormenting me
more and more
with each
passing second.

Have you ever wondered; how eye wonder? Like, what flows around in my mind. If eye could share minds with you; would you be fine?
Jamie Jul 2013
I wonder if you think of me
As I do of you,
I wonder if you miss me
Am such an utter fool,
I wonder if you'd tell me
What I've put you through,

Soon I will be just a memory
Of someone you once knew,
As I fade away know that,
Once upon a time
I loved you ...
Did you ever love me too?
McKenna Rich Apr 2014
The shadows
They follow me
Trapped in my own coffin
Of what others call my mind
I do see the light of day
Yet I choose to ignore it
I see the people around me
But I still stay where I am
I get moments of hope
When I feel like I'm strong once again
But then you disappear
And my pillars of strength come tumbling down
I feel so weak
And so worthless
I wonder if I'm good enough
I wonder if you'll say
I wonder if fear will win again
I wonder if you think of me the same
I wonder if you can handle my life
I wonder if you will truly love me
Or will you just leave like the others?
kinda just what's on my mind right now. Just letting my words flow into a poem thing.
Untitled Oct 2014
I wonder if he ever thinks about me
I wonder if I ever appear in his dreams
I wonder if he knows my love is true
I wonder if he wonders about me too
For a certain someone
MonkeyZazu Jul 2014
We are living wonders.
Our bodies, our minds, our souls,
unfathomably intricate beyond all knowing.
The true essence our being,
a microcosm of unlimited possibility.

Living in wonder.
Behold the marvels of this vast universe.
Consumed by the mysterious unknown,
desperately we seek to understand it,
eagerly trying to grasp all that is.

Wondering why we live.
What purpose is there for our existence.
Many say this. Others say that.
All answers become more questions.
Forever we wonder.

We are living wonders,
Living in wonder,
Wondering why we live.
Grace Yu Feb 2015
As I look into the skies
I saw birds that flies
That have brought themselves miles
As the people walk with smiles

And when I went into the sea
I felt my heart rush with glee
Seeing those debris
That makes me want to see

I went into the mountains
That only soil contains
But when comes the rain
Still it remains

I looked and saw those things
And wonder in my life what it brings
And then my heart gladly sings,
"Oh what a wonderful things!"
ryn Mar 2015
Wonder if when constellations do align
And universe would finally see.
Would it be presumptious of me
To claim that then, finally you'd be mine.

Wonder if my sense would triumph over
So that my heart would be muted.
With all its contents looted...
Would I only seem sillier?

Wonder if I walked away
In due course.
You'd then take my hand in yours
So that a minute longer I'd stay...

Wonder if you'd understand
When if these feet
Should choose to retreat...
That they had to... It wasn't planned.

Wonder if it'd make a difference
If I said that I had to...
Not for me but more for you.
Would we still be able to love in silence?

Wonder if you'd wish that you made it all clear.
Before the gravity of reality would crush us,
Before the vastness of uncertainty swallows us,
Before my presence would diminish and inevitably disappear.

Wonder if you find my pessimism exhausting.
The volatile nature of my moods...
Especially when I dive deep in solitude
And resurface with a trove of words that are no less than exasperating.

Wonder if you loved me enough
In a day...
To stop me from walking away...
Or loved me too much to plainly say


Future's days would see us apart...
Future's moon would glow but not for us...
Future's stars would sing but not of us...
Future's sun would dry out the passion in our hearts.
r0b0t May 2015
the only thing necessary for me
is the stars
something to stare up at
and wonder
but now
you've become my stars
and I stare at you
and wonder
what will come
Liora Jensen Aug 2014
Presently convinced my mind has gone amiss.
Where from me, betrayed, does my current filter lay?
Under the stars? Over the moon?
Locked away in complacent solitude?
I refuse to wonder, or dream, or wander.
I must do what I can with this joke of a hand.
i wonder Feb 2013
I wonder who we are,
who I am.
if I am we, then what is they?
Are we stardust collections? Are they?
Perhaps, perhaps not.
Maybe the better question is not what we are,
but what we do.
McKenzie Sauer Sep 2014
What exactly is "awe"?
Is it something you feel
is it something you saw?
Does it lay in a sunset on a beach?
it felt so close, yet so out of reach.
Does it lay in the eyes of a child
as she discovers something new?
Is it forgiving other people
while receiving forgiveness too?
Is it watching a person grow
as they become a better person
than the person you used to know?
Maybe it's stepping on a stage
feeling excitement no matter your age.
Is it reminiscing on people passed?
Feeling their touch inside of you
a touch that will always last.
Is it touching hundreds of flowers
or laughing for the last time in your last hours?
Maybe it's in music
the beat inside
the wonder glowing on your face
a glow you just can't hide.
None of these answers are wrong.
Find it in a setting or in a song.
No matter where life may take you
make sure you find the wonder
in every little thing you do.
Deepening Wells Jul 2014
I wonder how many times I have to say
*That I'm not you, okay?
Hi! I think the comma clarifies the meaning, but its up to you! Nice poem!
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