Maggie Emmett Nov 2014
Moonlight swimming
bodies of shadow
wet skin-bright cloth
My Shot poems are modern forms of Haiku
Isobel Leslie Apr 2014
Caught under your humid flesh.
I watch on as if I don't own my own body anymore,
as if no
really meant yes.
But tomorrow I will have to remind myself,
that this really is
my skin.
Myriah Feb 2015
My skin isn't paper
But that hasn't stop me
From cutting it burns,
It stings, it hurts
everyone says your so beautiful
But beauty is only skin deep
I feel low like penny on the ground that's
Been kick around.
Petra Horvath Apr 2014
They can see through the glass
Our lips are dripping blood
From telling all these lies
And we both know
That we've really done it this time

Shilpa Shyam Aug 2014
An ode to Skin,
at first succulent ,finally blotchy,
yet forever a wonderful thing,
keeping the outside out ,
and the inside in...
Roisin Sullivan Nov 2014
I want to rip my skin off
               And crawl into someone else's.
Sylus Fox Oct 2016
All these colors I never saw before burn at my eyes
and I can't take them away now that you pointed them out
skin color stands out like a sore thumb in the media
"Black man shot by local cop. Claimed the man had a gun.
and everyone is trying so hard to have their opinions heard
but no one can hear them over the gun shots
and the crying families all over America who lost their sons
or their daughters. The ones who were denied
and I've sat here so silently in my privilege afraid to speak out
but enough is enough and it's time to help
so I will stand beside every black family in america and
we will try to win this fight
I want to feel your skin on mine
and our hands intertwined
I could lay with you forever
but I know you'd get bored.
Eudora Feb 2015
Such luscious lips, with pinkish glow!
She's beautiful.

Her chapped lips,  faucet like,
cascade only words of kindness..
She's beautiful.

Such pretty,alluring eyes!
She's beautiful.

Her heavy-lidded eyes : a pair of lenses
capturing only great sharp shots,
they see clearly only the good in people..
They never despise.
She's beautiful.

Such a lovely, curvaceous figure!
She's beautiful.

Within the slim figure,  is a soul
who'll share her food with the hungry,
even if it means she'll be left with nothing
for dinner.
She's beautiful.

Beauty is only skin deep..
Inspired by a brief chat with a dear friend today and Audrey Hepburn's insights on beauty
'Look beyond the features, it is reflected in the soul..'
allissa robbins Aug 2014
Your skin is comfortable
Beneath my palms.
Tanned from one-and-a-half

I am captivated.
I want to curl up
Within the pores.

It smells of experience
And trials;
Sad and sweet.

Your skin is soft
From years of having
To be tough.

I am in love
With your skin.

I am in love with you.
Drew Aug 2014
Bury my nose in the crevice of your skin
Deep breaths, taking you in.

Wandering hands start a fire within,
Fleeting kisses upon your chin.

Drawing you close, taking you in,
I trace our stories across your skin.
A Apr 2014
Just skin and bones...I can almost taste that image

Just skin and bones I can see it so clear

Just skin and bones,the dream I want to attain

Just skin and bones,the woman on my wall won't look so smug now
Mirlotta Oct 2014
paint on your
plastic smile
with a brush with
hair like knives

shake off your
crumpled skin
like you're shedding
your disguise
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