lX0st Aug 2014
Please Midas,
Take the golden gun
And shove the golden bullet
Right through my golden skin
And tell me a story about
"All that glitters.."
Dhia Awanis Jan 2017
Maybe home,
is not a place
not even a person
but instead a feeling

It is a feeling where you can finally
adapt to your society and
be comfortable to walk in your skin
without being afraid or scared anymore

And now I'm homesick
lX0st 4d
Paint me a picture
Of your skin
Does it bronze beneath the sun?
Or sizzle and blush
Like your cheeks
When you’re in love?
Is it soft to the touch
Like when your palms graze
The smooth surface of water?
Or rough around the edges
Like your favorite book
And its lovingly worn corners?
Does it melt in the heat
Like sweet syrupy treats
Dripping through your fingers?
Or does it welcome the winter
With wide open arms
As if greeting a lover?
Paint me a picture
Of your skin
Eva Aloezos Aug 12
In his eyes,
reflects a way of life I despise

he is narrow minded,
by a 6 foot tall statue of christ

I do not have the heart to break it to him
that in his lonliest hours,
dark showers
pain and defeat
his savior, he will never meet

instead I retreat,
let him be who he is
there is no sense to try
convincing him all he has faith in is a lie.
When he looks into my eyes,
he sees a misdirected sinner
barefoot and wild
a silly child

the irony spans for miles,
because I am far more selfless
all he fails to realize
is beauty I see

I do not mind
that he is not kind
or that his “all seeing eyes”
are in fact blind

I am me,
and he is he

at the alter
the soul next to me will be,
drastically different
someone lovingly free
Daisy Marrow Nov 2013
Unfortunately, the sun does set at night
and I am no longer able to see your face in the sunlight.
As I reach out my hands to find your cheeks
silk honey skin greets me.
You open your eyes and I see them perfectly.
They're blue like water that has frozen over
I see myself drifting away in the seas chillingly.

Sweetheart, don't leave the bed tonight.
Lose yourself in the sheets
and drown in all the oversized blankets.
It's too cold outside to be alone this time.

It's 10 pm and I want to stay here forever
I will not grow tired of you
It is not possible, you see I smile all the time when you're near.
Let's grow old to the grey,
Never let this get boring.
But for now, sleep with me here until the morning
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