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Carmen Jane
My fangs grew overnight
And when I tried to hide my smile
It poked my lower lip
From it, a bit of blood dripped,
It tasted sweet.

I walked over arched bridges at night
The ones, that mold around the moon light,
My fangs were longing for a match
To graze your lips, your mouth to touch.
On you, to latch.

The knock woke me from my deep sleep,
I heard some kids say trick or treat,
I realized it's Halloween!
I gathered candy from under couch
I didn't need my plastic fangs
I had my own and the costume matched...
Remember Ikkyu every day,
Poems written on leaves then cast away,
While we in another time and place,
Consign our efforts to cyberspace.
Ikkyu Sojun monk and poet
Jessa M Saquin
the saddest part is
I still care

Life is unfair
you now care for someone else
been years but im still here
Nolan Willett
A heavy, inward sigh,
As I stare at all the passerby,
Each with their own lives,
I wonder if they think of mine?
Together we are strong,

Solid and uniform, 

But something now is wrong,
The heat is turning on


We no longer belong, 

This close when it gets warm,
So I shall say so long, 

Be free in liquid form.
The physical phenomenon of melting from the perspective of an atom.
Maybe if you didn't have a bad sleep?
Maybe if I had wore a different jumper?
Maybe if you liked your coffee differently?
Maybe if I didn't listen like that?
Maybe if you didn't know her?
Maybe if I was less interested in the Terracotta Warriors?
Or more? Or if I didn't miss you pointing out that ***?
Maybe if you weren't in a relationship.
Maybe if I wanted one.
Maybe if you also ordered the raw fish?
Maybe if I drank gin, neatly?
Maybe if you wanted me, like you said you would?
Maybe if I wasn't so greedy for the romanticisation?
Maybe if you didn't think I would break this beautifully?
Maybe if I didn't think I would break this beautifully?
Maybe if.
To Shannon. Keep it going, don't let it die.
Daisy Ashcroft
I know you.
And so I know that you are not from here.
And that you want to go back to wherever you came from.
But you won't admit it - to me or to the world -
Because you are afraid:
Afraid of being rejected by that place and then
Having nowhere to go.
You can't believe that any longer;
if you continue this belief, you'll get nowhere.
And eventually this world will realise that you don't
Belong here and banish you anyway.
So don't keep lying
Because I can't be bothered
With this anymore either.
Good day to you.
And I hope you make up your mind
For it won't be long
Do I really have to tell you?
If I had a dime,
For every time you sighed.
I would have built us a new paradise,
Where I would drown you
And die.
ranveer joshua
running with the pack
wagging their tails endlessly
full of excitement
Scott Montgonery
You never told me what was to come
You couldn't, my mum.
You couldn't because you didn't know
You couldn't
I can't decide if missing you
Is more painful because
I expect you to be here
Or because I know you won’t be
Du du du...
do you remember me yelling
I love you too
out of the car window when
I dropped you off for the last time

I wish I would have let you kiss me.
‘What’s the worst sin you’ve committed?’
He coaxes
Entranced, she falls into the trap of his tricks
And words tumble and run from her lips
Falling right into his hands
he grins a wicked smile full of evil promises
She obeys like a good girl
Because the dark is alluring, and tempting
And is somehow familiar to the darkest depths of her soul.
For everyone has a dark side owned by the devil.
Whispers of the devil
can drive you to sin as
everyone is capable of evil.
life's a stage
Full of acting and doubt
We're put in a cage
always pushing and pulling
Just wanting to get free
Just wanting to get out
This is obviously inspired by Shakespeare's The world's a stage, I was watching dead poets society and i came up with it when Neil was about to **** himself,it's how I felt Neil felt when he was about to **** himself,or at least the sad side of how he felt
You gave me hope
In a time where I did not want it
Where I refused its glimmer
And was sealing my fate
With the kiss of Death..
All from a poem
You wrote
wasn't meant for me.
Anna Josephine
I am afraid of the scariest of things.
I am afraid of the past and what the future might bring.

I am afraid of your eyes they all have a story.
Some of pain some of love
And some just ignore me.

I am afraid of judgement the things that you see.
I am most afraid of what my friends think of me.

I am afraid of the dark, my mind and of being alone.
I don't like to remember things that happened at home.

I am afraid of all this and of so much more.
But the one thing I know is I'm brave to the core.
When was the last time you look into my eyes to admire me
BJ Donovan
Post the poem even though you
fear judgement and ridicule
and they always follow, but
post the poem brave.
highschool was never for me
and I guess here is too

for real I was fighting
don't I deserve someone who's fighting too
I'm tired of getting tired

There is ecstasy underneath the pain

of a coldest kiss, a fantasy born in the dark

between shadows, a lifeless spark

leaves me thirsty and longing forever-

But kiss me I implore!

I am tired and old

and life does not play anymore

where you are in love with this soul-

October 20, 2019
“What died in that room was not that woman. What has died is the last breath in me that was human.”
( Louis) Ann Rice “Interview with a Vampire”
Lost myself
In the moment of it
I fell in love
With you for a minute
i ran to you
the way rivers run to the sea,
a steady rushing flow
toward the delta we created—
the world where my white rapids
danced into your carolina blue,
pouring my entire existence
into a body that didn’t need me

and the hardest thing i’ve ever done
is rewrite gravity
to change the course of my heart

a hard
but necessary
the sea will survive with one less river...
but i won’t.
i need my love a lot more than you do
Because the earth’s round
Doesn’t mean it’s  having a ball.

Because waves crash
Doesn’t mean that they aren’t in control.

Because the sea is deep
Doesn’t mean that it’s thoughtful

Because land meets the sea
Doesn’t mean that they agree

Because you float my boat
Doesn’t make me the captain.
Five little ten worders to ponder.
i want to know if
you will ever love me
but i don’t need to know
i guess
i can’t make you love me
but i really want to
i can’t sleep
i am breaking apart
all i want is to be happy with you
this is a bad poem but im trying to get this feeling out
all my poems
are deep and depressing
but people dont get
the feelings
im expressing

i talk about love
about acceptance
about love
about things i actually
strugge with

i havent quite decided
if i want to keep
hiding the monsters
in my head

or if i want to
open the door
and let them all out
because theyre killing me
I have carved your name
On every bone that lines
Beneath my skin
And darling, I am at peace.
These words are for me,
For I'm the one who's hurting,
I'm just healing myself.
I often wonder why we can't understand other's poems sometimes, but deep down it is the one who writes it knows the value of it.
U N Owen
If demons looked like demons,
evil would be rare.
It's the demons dressed like angels,
that you must beware.
let the vast seas be
    where our heavy hearts could
because the distance between us
    are never empty spaces;
think of it as wider plains to grow,
    a place for stronger souls

not mind the waves that crash onto us
    for we will be looking at the same
nor the clocks that tick at different
    for we will be meeting half way
Inside my heart, inside of me,
There is a place longing for poetry.
I wish you would understand me
You say you do
but you don’t
I wish I could say no to you
You say I can
but I can’t
I wish you would just let me be
You say you will
but you won’t
I wish I wasn’t so lonely
But why am I
when I’m with you
it pierced your chest
crossed your mind
told you what
you wanted to hear

it cleared the way
and you met relief
the pressure release
hides the mess

it's healing you need
but hurting you do
more and more pains
find themselves along
your neck and sleeve and heart

but pain follows
it always does
and you're left to wonder
Why it never hurts
Imagine impaling yourself to release stress.
Because sometimes,
paper is the only one
who listens.
The sun and the moon
Are still playing their traditional game:
They gamble on a little man
Who is robbed of his name.
Vicious happiness they seek
When they crucify and blame
A new soul that dared to speak.
Whether a comma, or colon:
Punctuation slows my rolling
I need no period. When I end
no Capitalization when I begin
Rulelessly I flow my art
  Not a single!
Explanation mark
Are you not the one
Who'll know?
Where a question mark
No longer goes

Warp the structure
Bend the lines
Put in repeat
Let emotion unwind
Make yourself
Your poetry's the best
Be your own ruler
Pass your own test

Take your own road
Where ever it leads
Lover or hater
It's all poetry!
Traveler Tim
No matter who you are
You have my deepest respect
I love you all!!
Emma Price
Would you mind if I stayed here forever?
Your embrace protects me from the weather
Your insults don't hurt, they're just clever
Your gentle breath make me sleep better
Your faith prepares me for whatever
~much love
I wore it again
and people complimented me
they say red is my color
and it suits me.

it's too thick and dark
did I overapply
no, it's the right amount
just enough
to make them think
I'm fine.

I look at myself
in the mirror,
and they're right
red shines on me,
so I applied
another layer,
and another
until my lips felt too thick,
but my eyes still see
the scars beneath it.
It's not insomnia but I skip sleep on regular nights.
I hear voices in the soulless nights…

Aren't you lonely?
Aren't you worthless?
Aren't you depressed?

I feel inferior.
I feel lonely.
I feel needy

But why do I always look happy but not feel it?
It’s empty in me, but why does it feel so heavy?
Sometimes I just hate my own presence...
Reject my love as you may
Slowly break my heart
Each and everyday
Beautifully Broken
Here I lay

And with
In my poem
All that could ever be
Remains unknown
Cryptic in origin
The soul's entries

Be still
As I convey this hug
Engulfing you
In my love
Close the blinds
Lock your legs
Read not these words
I insist to say

Hit like
Just to be nice
A heart that's been broken
Hidden behind
Star struck eyes
Traveler Tim
Alex Teng
We fell in love by chance,
We stay in love by choice.
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