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just because the star-
fish can grow its arms back does
not mean it didn't hurt.

even though scars heal
and wounds fade it doesn't mean I
will forget the pain.
one day
i might forget
the things you did
to me

and one day
i might not hate you

but when that day comes
i’m afraid
i might love you
all over again


there is nothing more tragic
than the souls falling in love
simply at the wrong time

George Gagnidze
I've been smart
And I've been dumb
And they are quite the same.

I've been talented
And not
But never tasted Fame.

I've been happy
I've been sad
I've been slim
And I've been fat

But I've never been a cat.

No, I haven't been a cat
And that is quite a shame.
Tyler Matthew
The caterpillar
sheds all his skin to find the
butterfly within.
Song: "There is a Mountain"
Artist: Donovan
I did not write this, only converted it to haiku form. This needed to be done. That is all.
you see my scars, but they see my lies
you see my stars, but they just see my skies
Anmol Mago
Even in the
most lucid of my dreams

I just can't stop you
(leaving me alone)
dedicated to (you)
Two texts
Two calls

And yet,
I got no reply
at all.

You left me here
to over think and cry,
And drink
Like why, will I
Never be an important reason
you pick up the phone
When I’m calling?

All this falling for nothing.

answer the phone when I call
u have fire at ur fingertips,
fire on ur lips,
ready to burn me with ur touch,
make me melt with ur words.

u have oceans in ur eyes,
ready to drown me with just a glance,
ready to fill my lungs with salt water when i breathe u in.
These delicate woods
Whispering many secrets
I want to live here
Robert Thomas
A crocodile
From 'long the river Nile
Went thru a turnstile
In a New York City subway station,
But after some heavy contemplation,
He turned round,
Headed uptown,
And stopped in at Cairo Joe's Music Sound.
One day I shall see
that beautiful smile of yours
be happy again
For my beautiful daughter ❤️
3 am makes trees grow taller
i've seen it
falling into the edge of morning
it's gentle like the sway of
my buckling knees
under the weight of
four drinks
and the rush of being in love

i know there have been others
maybe there will be more
that i want to stay awake for -

a play ground at dawn
lost key and found lock,
even the same story
begins to feel
Sergio Esteban
Put your faith in me
And so will I to you
Lean in my dear
For time and space is infinite
In our own world
The atoms will expand
And the stars will glow
But if we don’t make it
Past the first galaxy
Some things were never meant to be
But I’ll chase this feeling
Until I exhaust my options
And until then we will know
If Eternity is meant to be
Sarah Spencer
You see the slump in my shoulders
the way I carry myself
the burdens of boulders
that threaten my health.

When you ask what's wrong
I pull up my guard
don't want your pity or sad song
won't tell you why life's hard.

So if you want to know
I'll bottle it inside
wrap up all remains in a black bow
and tell you I'm fine.
Stephen S
A wooden desk.
An empty page.
A mind that's filled
with fire and rage.

A dash of moonlight,
A lamp on a stand,
Shadows in the distance,
a pen in my hand.

A life shattered inwards,
A stiff whiskey drink.
Endless heartbreak to tell of,
but no drops of ink.

A writer who can't write,
like a groom with no bride.
An unfulfilled person,
with sadness inside.
Still burning for the scars that we never planned on having,
yet dreadfully dreaming that it was all worthy of having.
Love scars

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Someone asked me to draw
Draw what heartbreak looks like
I finally got tired of drawing a broken heart
And I started drawing you
if time is weighed

buoyancy, there will

be that which gives.

the stirred corners of

rooms, your teetering


what love you will or

will not live without.

when life becomes a single

word you keep.
desperate for a love
that will never come.

waiting for my non-existent
lover to return from war.

always the shadow in the dark.

rekindling old flames.
it’s you. it’s still you.
it will always be you.
random lines from 2016
california sea, late august
salt in my eyes,
the statue stood
as a mirage of you and
me, once so grounded and strong
now only the
waves can break it away
Do you think a girl could love a boy who writes for her a million poems?  That's what I plan to do.
Today my friend told me
I was acting strange
I gave her the
of a sugar high
But really,
I was just being
Batten down the hatches
And ask for more overtime
Cause it’s gonna be another
Credit card Christmas.
Amanda Jane
mental illness is the
most expensive thing
i've ever owned but
never wanted
Jacob Pitcher
We all get lost sometimes,
trying to follow a stream of lightbulbs
flickering on in our heads
that lead to a place where you can unlock your heart.
it was strange the way he looked at me
close enough you'd think he were in love
but I don't know much about that
he couldn't fool me
The things you’ve said
The things that happened
Burned in my memories
I close my eyes
It all plays on repeat
Like a broken record
i laugh at the irony
that love broke my heart.
she’s everything i am,
and everything i could be
she gets tired and lonesome,
and she’s suffered for me

she’s strong and capable,
and someone i look up to
her unconditional love is powerful,
and she’s lessened every pain i’ve gone through

time after time again,
she’s forgiven my selfish ways
because she has always been a part of me,
and she’s always here to stay
a letter to myself
Lost in the garden
Leaves loosened from the branches
Nothing sacred but the trees
And the light through your lashes
It is now the moment I feared,
When the ghoulish arms of time
Slowly drags me closer into the precipice of life.
Let the ignorance from that eternal return be
Cloaked with happiness, with memories of joyous youth.
Let the lightness of the clouds
Slowly rock me to that never ending sleep.
Let the winds give me wings
And sway me as the feather sways lightly,
As the long shadows of the setting sun inches into the dark abyss
And may that the journey back be
Calmer than the riotous marching bands of life.
and if love could talk
i don’t think she would
i don’t think she could
she knows
there are no words to explain
what has happened
she would just hold me
stroke my cheek
and let her tears
do the talking
-i hate to see her cry
Dylan Mcconnell
just because i don't fit into your hands
doesn't mean
i don't fit into my own
A poet is no more than a person
A mother
A daughter
A lover  
Someone needing release
Or someone needing to recover

It’s the art they create when that ball of ink or stick of led dances on the canvas they so perfectly prepared.
And when the end result and their purpose become perfectly paired.

as she trudged up the mountain
      / \
    /     \
  /         \
/             \
victory pulsing through her veins

badum badum badum badum

her eyes set intently on the peak

a deathly stare

she knew she could do anything

anything at all

she was anything but meek

this world is not for the meek
The line “this world is not from the meek” I took from a poem I wrote last school year called “Story of a Lonely Bird”.
Noni Winters
I stumbled upon you
Like a child
that finds a pretty stone

Bewildered by your presence
I sat and admired
Counting your cracks
Caressing what makes you glitter

You stood infront of me
Bold and beautiful
Like nothing I'd ever seen

And as you gave me your attention
I think I misconstrued your intentions

I wanted to put you in my pocket
But you said no

So there you sit
Perfectly unpolished
A love

I can only visit
Michael Edwards
She had a seductive pout
Which excited me - I admit it
I thought I might take her out
And just one bullet did it.
annie rose
im over it.
please stop haunting my mind.

when im happy.
when im sad.
when im angry.
when im feeling.

please stop.
when im trying to sleep
after a long day, week, month.

you appear yet arent here.
so please go away.
and stay away.

- i miss you and i hate it
Three hundred and one days
my mind continues to rot
lost inside my head
these dreams are all I have.
Erase Me
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