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It's been 7 months since I let your sinful filth between my lips.

I still crave you every day.
Lawrence Hall
As Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet did not say with his dying breath:

     No, 'tis not so deep as a Harvey, nor so wide as a
     Rita; but 'tis enough, 'twill serve.
Just because a tropical storm isn’t technically a hurricane doesn’t mean it won’t **** your children or you. Use your brain.
I shouldn't be up this late
I have work in the morning
I hate my boss
I hate my job
I'd quit if I didn't need the money
But I can't stop the drinking
And I can't shake the feeling
Of you on my lips
I'm cursed forever
With the taste of your kiss
And your hands on my hips

I need someoone to help
Did I tell you I'm drinking
I hate this taste
I say hate too much
Is that why you left me lonely
But I can't stop the drinking
And I can't shake the feeling
Of being alone
I'll guess I'll get use to this
Or at least try
Everything feels so strange
And I know I am up too late
I'm smoking the buds of your cigarettes
Just to be where your lips have been
I'm only doing this all because I think that I need it
It's as close as I can get to you

Yeah as close as I can get
(As close as I'll ever be)
As close I can get to you

I'm smoking the buds of your cigarettes
The ones you left in the ash tray
During our last conversation
I'm wearing your t shirts
I'm listening to your favorite mix tape
I'm only doing this all because I think that I need it
It's as close as I can get to you
Written as a song
Kelly McManus
Saying were all safe
and free while giving us all
the trigger finger
              Kelly McManus
I cannot pull a star out of the night sky for you
But I can
With an uncupped hand
Coax every living firefly alive
To glow for you
OG title was going to be - Just To Make You Smile
I’m scared as f*ck
to want you.

But here
I am,

Still wanting you
loriann capra
some of that
"patiently waiting
all night
to hear
your voice"
kind of

Muluuta Mugagga
two bodies tight in an embrace
minds fly in opposite directions
love on deathbed!
love in decline
Body wrapped in a blanket
Like a shield from the darkness
Creeping in the edge of my vision
Lurking and begging me to look

Stay awake
Must not sleep
Or the monsters in my dreams
Will consume me in my sleep

Stay awake
Must not dream
Or my nightmares
Will become reality

Sleep is calling me
With a gentle lullaby
Softly calling
softly Singing “ close your eyes”

Still I refuse
Resisting the tug on my eyelids
I must stay awake
Sleep must not win
Vicki Kralapp
Beneath the hidden water world of pristine turquoise seas,
where sergeant majors flash their stripes and parrotfish swim free,
they dashed before my outstretched hands, their world a paradise,
now live within my secret world where memories are kept live.

I float back to this world of bliss in my imaginings,
a soothing world surrounding me where water gives me wings.  
I float amidst this untouched world of grace and find a calm;
a place inside of soothing peace where oft my soul finds balm.
All poems are copy written and sole property of Vicki Kralapp.
Azumi Rabulan
I love broken things,
But I don't love myself.
I still remember the last time I saw you
and I remember the day I realized
it was really over

but life goes on, as things do
however, I still find myself
thinking about you

I’ve seen other people,
I’m sure you have too
but still, I really, truly do
myss you
Luz Hanaii
Let yourself be vulnerable
for therein lies great strength.
Be so flexible that no storm
can uproot you, in the end
you'll be rooted in the world
in abundance.

Peter Gareth
Lately I've been feeling most odd
Watching the hours slowly go by
Like every day is an endless dream
And I'm just too numb to wake up
Most of my friends moved... or are just too steeped in their own plans. Feels like the world's spinning for everyone but me.
Every single day
words slam love
and yet love
is the Word❤
Irina BBota
Arrogant sunset
Reveals Yesterday’s secret
Promising the Moon
Rachel Rickerman
What pains you
Can you outrun your pain
Epictetus tells us we are souls carrying a corpse
Go dtuga Dia Suaimhneas da anam, Roisin Dubh
     May God give peace to his soul, Black Rose
Chasten with this evolutionary process enigmatic in nature
Gale L Mccoy
I whisper to myself
no, I write to myself
cause the clack of keys
is a sound unreadable...

                 "let me be ****"
Sometimes I feel a little bit lonely
A little bit like the moon on a starless night
Like an owl alone in it's tree
Sometimes I feel a little bit sad
I look at the moon, and it's frowning face
And I wonder, 'why are you sad?'
But other times, I feel happy
Happy like a bee on a sunflower
Happy like an apple on a summer tree
Happy like the scent of cookies freshly baked
Happy like the laughter of children
But mostly, I feel peaceful
Niesha Radovanic
the old woman
scrambles an egg,
the man at the corner
fries his brain.
There’s a darkness inside all of us
It starts out pretty small
But in everything we do, we feed it
Till it grows big and tall

This darkness is our truest self
The face we try to hide
The monster deep inside us
That simply just won’t die
So sick of seeing pictures of all the places
I want to see with my own eyes
I want to see redwood sequoias, gentle giants
Utah mountains and pink African skies
But of all the memories I swear to myself that I will make
To feed the insatiable wanderlust of my soul
I want to share all the sights with you
Adventurous lover,
And I know my heart will be whole
The Nine Doubts
Most days I feel like a slave to your desires
To keep you in my life, I must do as you say
I wish you just loved me for me; It leaves me so tired
I’m so afraid that I’ll lose her if I don’t bow down to her every command... what happens when I have no more to give? Will she move on to the next person who gives her entertainment?
Nikos Apostolou
As you swing back and forth
On your rocking chair
out by the porch

and listen to the floorboards creak
as you swing back and forth
on your old rocking chair

Inch by inch, your chair crawls forth
until you reach the edge
and off you fall
It's so nice to see you I said
but when you turned around it wasn't you
and someone else hurried away, confused
I didn't think anything of it
until I knew
the last time I saw you
it wouldn't even be you.
roses are red
my name is not dave
this makes no sense.
Jasmine dryer
Do I need you to survive?
Is that a lie?
Put your love to the test
Can you survive longer than the rest?
Oh its such a mess!
But, hey!
maybe it'll be all
maybe you really deserve to

hey doll,
wanna play?

"thats all you had to say"
His kiss would be the best death
Suicide aint it chief
The beauty in
a journey traveled,
often reflecting
our pain
our loss,
but it is in these
moments we reflect
in the beauty of our pain
Thomas Moore
Had such a beautiful day,
Then slip into depression thinking about yesterday,
Falling off of the edge of tomorrow...
For the first time in a long time
I grab a plastic sandwich bag
Out of the drawer.
Wracked with guilt
I try to tell myself
It’s not the end of the world
And I’ll try harder
To be greener tomorrow.
I wonder
If that’s what the oil companies think too
Gabriel Bonney
He doesn’t need me, but oh the beauty
That He chooses, us to be tools of
His light, to glorify, and lift Him high
And so I try, to testify the sky
With all my might, but my might will die
And even with all His strength
It still does not quite reach
My capability to make you see
To praise Him in my humanity
But I try to personify, Him and His glory
So one day you can see the full story
BJ Donovan
Promises of treasured recognition
if your brilliant poem is picked
from the crowded field as first rate.
Award is 3000. Entry fee is 20 bucks.
Hmm. I think I'll start a contest. It seems lucrative?
take me back with you
so we can gaze at the stars
one sin at a time.
a haiku
i have so much love,
for the world
for people
and no one
to take it
the greeks would call it agape
It's 4 in the morning. We're tired, lazing, sleepily
awake. It's a subtle, quiet touch that draws me closer;
It's a subtle, lingering breath that brings me near.

I'm not existing, I'm living
in this moment. I'm loving.

We're not you and I. We're a tangled mess
of limbs and warmth and blankets, a whole.
And we won't just exist. We'll live.
Nuzhat Shireen
Swimming in the sea
searching precious shining pearl
to light my dark life
Raj Bhandari
Your darkest day is brighter then my shiny one!
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