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Yelling at the seed,
won't make it a flower.
Yelling at the stem,
won't make it grow faster.
Yelling at the thorns,
won't make it tower.


Praising the rose,
won't make it any prouder.
come to me sad soul
i do not promise healing
i do not promise saving
just a temporary shelter
for your temporary sadness
come to me sad soul
together we are alone
together let’s feed our starving souls
together in this temporary bliss
come to me...
Emeka Mokeme
Why are you
even here,
since you can't
put your heart
in love with
me when you
have the chance.
Your heart already
knows the answer
to what you seek.
Don't mock me,
tease me,
whiplash me
with your
wicked words.
Don't shatter
the skies with
your ramblings,
i really can't
stand your smooth
fine lies.
You didn't notice,
i've moved on.
In case you
didn't know,
i'm now taken,
i belong
to the heart
of another.
I've passed
the stage of
no return.
This is exactly
where i belong
and want to be.
See you another time
in another place.
So long!
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
I wanna talk about you
And the things I miss about you
But you see, my pen is broken
And my heart has lost its rhythm
The words are crooked
And the paper is nothing but rejection
But let me just write this down
You were the kind of love
I planted on a flower ***
You were the kind of love I watered with silence
And you were the kind of love
That blossomed from a distance
And you were the kind of love that was just as equally painful
And yet it was also as hauntingly
Raj Gomes
My stories are sad, I am not.
They are like the most beautiful plots
that tragically ended,
in gunshots.

Just because I'm going through a tough time does not mean I am sad or that I have given up. I am the author of my stories and even if this story ended on a sad note, the next one won't.
So come on, baby
Take a ride with me
It’s a big world out there
And there’s lots to see

Just take my hand
I’ll tell you where to go
I love exploring
Hey, wouldn’t you know?
I have a lot of these.  Comment below if you feel like you have another lyric in mind!
the day i met you
in knew from the moments
leading up to it
the feeling of emptiness
was me missing you
and now when we’re apart
even for a little bit
it’s me missing you
i miss you all the time
Mohd Arshad
Hang onto hope
           This is the only happiness-saver
Tony Anderson
Stand up for yourself
Don't let others push you down
Stand up for yourself
Prove your worth

People will say things
To try to put you down
People will say things
To try to make you dislike yourself

Don't listen to them
They just blowing hot air

Stand up for yourself
Prove them wrong
a white dove.
a simple lie.
sweet regret.
a mother's cry.
death's prayer.
a single lullaby.
a crow's caw.
deepest night.
a snowy mountain.
a lover's duet.
burning fires.
a war cry.
a queen's people.
far away.
a storm comes.
a war begins.
Olivia A Keaton
It means that I’m the happiest that I have ever been,
it means that I will call you just to hear you sing.

This is what it means to be in love with you.

It means late nights, layin in bed
it means getting to play with the hair on your head.

This is what it means.

It means wishing to be together, alone
it means yearning to hear your voice over the phone.

Oh but this is what it means.

It means looking forward to every day,
it means not missing out on my chance to say
I love you

because that’s what it’s like to be in love with you.
Call me Oliver
As I slowly drift into the abyss of your love letters
I slowly drift out of reality
I can see roses in your eyes
It calls me
You want me
You call my name
To share a kiss
But know I give only you my bliss
It’s been pluperfect
You say to me
“Nests are hosts to birds, rocks to fish, eyes to handsome boys”
My dear beloved
Suzy Berlinsky
Has anyone painted you? I hope not. I like the color that you are.
I used to be pretty
a flower
until I was picked by too many
I decided flowers were
too conventional
now I'm a rock
and maybe I'm not pretty
but I'm strong
maybe too abrasive
but I call it surviving
Miss Misanthrope
Desperate for attention
He seeks by fooling everyone
But me...

Only truth can calm your storms
Face it like a man
And your heart
And soul will be free
my bloodlines have turned to fault lines
because of lines drawn in the sand.
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
Might be wrong to leave...
But It's best to never go back
i'm a victim, no, a demon
poisoned by my own hand
can't rest from the voices
and high are their demands
so i live in ups and downs
guided by the whispers
i know i do this to myself
but i can't always remember
I love you
Isn't a statement
It's a question
And what you say back is your answer

Saying I love you back
Will confirm a feeling for someone else
But anything else
Can break a heart and crush a soul
Michael K
I think you were right
In the middle of my drowning
I only was hurting you
K Balachandran
Night is a cavern,
For pains retreated from war,
To heal and march back!
I let different boys touch me
Because I wanted to know
Even for a second
What it felt like to be loved
Even if that love was cheap
And it tasted like ***
Like the punchline to a joke
I never got because it was me

I let different boys have different parts of me
Parts that they didn't deserve
But I offered up willingly because I couldn't give anything else
Because you broke me
And I was looking for different fingers
To place different pieces and hoping
That the outcome would be a masterpiece
That maybe one of them would find a way
To cover up the handprints you left all over me

I let different boys touch me because I had to prove to myself that you wouldn't be the only one
That the scars that mark my body wouldn't define my worth to be loved
I am still not entirely sure that you aren't the only one
Who could ever touch me

I let different boys touch me because that is all I have been taught
To be a joke
To be silent
To be ready to give until you have nothing left
- I am hoping one of them will show me
- they keep leaving me and I am to scared to offer up anything more than my body to get them to stay
i don't know
why i still
look at your

get out of my head

get out of my head


He writes poetry
But no one knows

He writes poetry
He writes about love
And loss

He writes about smiles
And frowns

He writes about sorrow
And forgotten towns

He writes about how lost he gets
Caught up in his own mind

He writes poetry to
And about others

But no one knows

Know one knows the depth of his soul
Because they all choose to see the exterior
And that exterior screams

And preppy
Don't have souls

Or so they thought
Until the day he was consumed
By his own poetry
my eyes
charted the course
of your promising star
across the sky of
my heart

but it faded
in the time
you took
to speak
Vanessa Gatley
through the good
through the bad
through love
through pain
you are my constant.
My couch,
Is death,
And avoidance is a second language,
Ask me do I speak it?
Conjoined twins,
Of misery and manipulation,
No calls,
Only cushions and customer's custom complaints,
From tomorrow,
The phone wont ring,
So I'll stay down this road,
Listening to headlines and headlights
Moody music dwelling,
Where the lies and shame met in between,
Cut the cue, end the scene

The stage has been rebuilt,
We talked like teenagers,
And you told me that I've changed,
But the same,
Still that same number,
No more gap,
But your smile still kills,
Pain with palendromes,
We were here before,
And so again we,
Our fighting saying goodnight,
Street lamps in different cities,

I'm just fine,
Playing my part,
My mainstream maybe different,
Obsession has been overcame,
By the rising tide of a smile,
If the teleprompting signs shine through,
Meanwhiles and meditations
What can I do,
Except hope I'm reading,

The couch,
It asks,
Where have you been?
I set down another,
Kind of scattered
Evert night at 2 AM
Different poems are written
Different words are scribbled
Different papers are crumpled
But only one thought she had
Yet, word can't help her convey the feelings
"Empty" has much more than herself
"Sad" is not sadder than she thought
"Broken" is more whole than her
"Hurting" ain't just bleeding just like her
And when words can't take the role
It's the blade that play with her
Every cuts has meaning
Everything is her unreleased feeling
Sometimes, words are not enough to tell what we really feel and most words doesn't fit to the emotions we are holding.
OO Akinyele
Only our atoms collided
And I felt this alive.
i wish
i could forget
your zodiac sign
so i wouldn’t have
to read yours
after i read mine.
zodiac horoscope love moving on pain feel emotion
How can emptiness be so heavy?
i was perfectly empty
until we met
and you became my fill

pouring me your all
all against my will.

and yet
all in became was
just as
you were leaving
just as
i was healing

and as i find another
perhaps then

i'd be emptier
okay please read the poem 'forever on my mind' by Lang Leav I can't remember which folio tho maybe Universe of Us?

anway i've always been her fan and she never fails to make me write whenever i read her works they feel like so much magic
Dennis Willis
I have to have time
to grind

myself into

where everything
is beautiful

even a

Copyright@2018 Dennis Willis
I guess I'll just
Try my best to
Play both sides of
This never ending argument cause
I can't resist the  
Temptation when I
Talk to my demons
About what we're really capable of
Deception isn't my
Preference, but still
At this point I'm just
Trying not to resort to something
More destructive since
It's painfully obvious
That we prefer our own
Illusions over the grueling climb
Towards Truth.
*      ·   
   ✦                      . ˚   
                                                          ✦      · .
  ·     . .   *    *  . * .         ·
·           ·✷ *              +     ·   ⊹  . ˚  ˚    ˚     * . who will mourn the world ˚
+   ·  when there is nothing left?+                ˚
+   ·        *   ✺ ˚ ⊹           ✵      ˚ +    . .          ˚    ✷ ·  .   .       · *      ⊹   . ⋆ ˚
*       *      ·   
   ✦                      . ˚
·           ·✷ *                  +     · ✵           ✫    * .      * .  .
I felt like space
so so alone
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