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Jude kyrie
Touch me. In the night
Like starlight lights the room.
Softly as their light
Falls upon us in its bloom

Touch me in the night
As the starlight sparkles
the darkened hours
Softly with its breath as
it submits to its gentle powers.

Touch me in the night
As a spark lights raging fires
Burning tender in passions bright
Smolder me in sweet desires.

Hold me close so all is right
Touch me in the night
We are not made to sleep alone
Ralou Babiss
Hey dear lady, what are u caring in that big suitcase?
Hey little child, I am caring some pain.
Oh, I thought it was full of candies and toys for me to play.
No little kid. There's no candies inside.
Hey lady with the pain, can you tell me what pain is?
Hey little kid. Pain is something that makes big people like me feel little like kids like you.
Is this what everyone is caring inside their suitcases when going to work?
Mostly yes..
Oh, ok then. Thanks lady with the pain. I hope your pain is not too heavy so I can still see you around caring the suitcase.
Ok child, goodbye..
You're not a good person,
Why did I ever think that you were?

You lie.
But not about your feelings
I lie
Because of fear

I play it off like it's nothing
You see through me.
You always know something
That somewhere
I feel.

But these same feelings you give
That I give
You've never given to anyone else

I only wish that they saw
How I felt.

You make me feel warm

But I don't know if I would ever feel appreciated.

I feel like you will use me,
I'm a match,
You will burn me,
Consume me.
Set my core on fire

Until I feel ashes build up in my lungs

And you will leave me,
Just as you always have
The tiny cigarette ends.

The only remnants of myself being the leftover ash on your fingertips.
For when you burned me alive
Inside and out.
Krista DelleFemine
If birth control pills could give a buzz
"Unwanted" pregnancy would no longer be a
before i told you goodbye earlier,
i almost added "love you"
like we have been together for awhile
and i don't know what has gotten into me
but it's confusing
i almost typed those words
like it was just a natural thing to do
and i'm sorry, honey,
but i shouldn't let myself fall for you
Madeline Harper
As these forlorn cadences await- unfold
To compose a disbanded vow
Yielding unto harrows of gates untold
Charms death to disdainful plow

Death is plowed to a forgiving halt
While silver moonlight and whiskey dances remain
Glittering gold in this crimson vault-
Feeble souls conjure grace as graceless minds abstain

Counterfeit conceits ravish this open cellar
As the night’s last dance ceases to a disgraceful plea
The dweller’s disdain is akin to my killer
And heaven yields blood to salt the earth for thee

Come away now with your anguishing defeats
Seek not a jagged spike as the heaven’s conspire and wake
Glory and gold may turn us black as deceit
But deception admonishes the dancers in their quake

Spellbound nuances of this reality await at every turn
Mourning and fighting the finality of this grave
Orchestrated knives are rosined like honey, beckoning our blood to burn
At last, a burning reckoning comes to ravage the brave

But abstain, oh killer- host of this crimson vault
Enlist a memoir for our sins
Recalling the pieties of our gracious faults,
Enough to make this blood go thin.
This poem was abstractly written to describe a scene of death among ballroom dance and the last dancer responsible for the tragedy.
Haiku Donna
I woke this morning
all snuggly warm wrapped in
my lovely blanket

Then I heard blackbirds
tweeting with the rising sun
Was a lovely sound

Before I knew it
I was as small as a blackbird
standing under an

old tree!  I blinked once
than twice , I couldn’t believe
it, I was so small

And wow!! the tree looked
like a big planet and the sky
was bigger than it

ever was! The blackbirds
began to tweet again so
i picked up a twig!

I became there new
conductor , I swayed the twig
from side to side which

made the blackbirds sing
even louder , they sang so
beautiful just like

dear Pavarotti!
I wore a dress made of red
autumn leaves and my

hair was curled with pink
flowers , I even spruced up
the twig with a few

golden leaves and it
twinkled like glitter under
the bright morning sun

Even the pigeons
stop to join in , they coo coo
in the background whilst

crows cawed and sparrows
played the harps like angels! I
gently closed my eyes

to listen to there
song but when I opened eyes
I was snuggled up

in bed wrapped up in
cozy blanket , I quickly
looked out the window

‘‘Twas there I saw a
twig in golden leaves lying
on outside window

ledge twinkling like
glitter under the rising
morning yellow sun
A couple of gardens up from me loads of blackbirds sing early in the morning so I made up fun story :)
Been a busy day I’ll catch up soon :)
This is for you:

-the girl who is so ashamed because of her acne,
-the girl who cries in front of her mirror because she doesn’t
look like Picasso’s muse,
-the girl who forgot how to smile because of her problems,
-the girl who cries her eyes out every night because of him,
-the girl who is so terrified to attach because of her past relationship,
-the girl who is different from the others,
-the girl who wants to save every soul she meets, except hers,
-the girl whose heart, blood and soul runs wild,

-you are so much more than the sprinkles from your skin.
-you're not Picasso’s muse, but you definitely are God’s muse.
-don’t waste your life being so stressed, just enjoy the journey.
-you need to be strong.Cry your heart out, but stop,your tears are too worthy , make them rare, for the real ones.
-try to love yourself first, then someone else.
-your future is not defined by your past.
-you need to save yourself first.
-run with them, darling, and never look back.

This is for you, girls.
You, no matter what, are good enough.
You are lovable.
You are strong.
You are independent.
You are different.
You are rare.
You are you, and that is your power, learn how to use it.
love yourself, girl
Alexis L Rowan
You take my breath away

With one thought;
my head clouds and spins like a flood after a hurricane

With one kiss;
my stomach turns in knots like a field of butterflies just after it rains

With one touch;
My heart clenches and I feel a rush of euphoria scatter through my body

With one hello;
I realize you’re the one, but I will never let you know

You take my breath away, but I will never let it show.
I don’t want to keep living without you.
You told me to wait.
I’m doing my best.

Everyday I’m dying without you.
It’s hard to breathe.
It’s hard to rest.

Every time I see you smile,
I wonder if you miss me.
Or if I was only a burden.

I don’t want to keep living without you.
We were one.
We were us.

I never wanted to lose you,
Now I don’t want to live without you.
You made me smile.

I don’t want to keep living without you.
Not one more second.
Please come back.

I scream and I cry and I pray all night.
The moment you come back.
The moment normal will be back.

It’s harder and harder and harder everyday.
Why leave me in this place in hell?

I lost you.
I lost more.
The most I need is for you to say everything will be okay.
I don't know what it is about you.
You have this...
I don't even know how to describe it.
Whatever it is it's driving me crazy.
I want you.
So badly.
My heart aches whenever you're not around.
I want to kiss your lips and whisper sweet things into your ear.
I want to feel your skin.
I am mesmerized by you.
The way you move.
The way you talk,
The way your hand intertwines with mine.
The way your hair moves in the wind.
The way you look at me.
Everything about you.
It's just so captivating.
I don't understand why.
I don't think that I could ever understand.
The only thing I know is that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Maybe it's a bit too early.
But I have never felt this way before.
So I just wanted to let you know that you are the one I go to when my mind is clouded in darkness.
You are the reason.
Dear Dad.
I wish that I could tell you,
That I'm doing okay.
And that I'm getting along just fine.
I wish that when you look down,
Upon my life that you would see,
I wish that I could say.
That I'm doing okay.
But the truth is dad,
Every day is a struggle.
To get up and get dressed.
Running on auto pilot all morning.
Hoping I don't forget to pack,
Her lunch for school.
It hasn't gotten easier.
It hasn't dulled in any way.
I still hurt,
Just as much as that day.
I wish that I could tell you that,
I'm okay.
I wish that when you looked down,
You saw how happy I am.
Im sorry I'm letting you down.
I'm sorry I'm not doing,
The best that I can.
I am trying
But every single day I end up crying.
I miss you.
And it doesn't get any easier.
E Lynch
It arrives,
Unnoticed, unannounced.

At first.

Seeping, dripping.

I put it down to a few stressful weeks.
I carry on.

It unpacks,
Worries, anxieties.

For now,

Whispers, creaks.

‘It will leave soon’ I think ‘It always does.’
I keep going.

It settles in,
Getting comfortable.

Getting louder,
And louder.

Banging thoughts,

‘Please don’t be happening again’.
I shuffle along my daily routine.

Claws in,


Shame, worthlessness,

‘Please go away’.
I’m barely coping.

Growing roots,
Into my brain and heart.

Blossoming pain,
With every beat.

Emptiness, loneliness,

Silence, Stillness,
‘I can’t move, I can’t cope.’
Sonya Ki Tomlinson
The countless times
I've left you for this
fleeting world

Ancient Love

It's a sin you even
take me back
always with the same
tender gaze
warm inviting kiss
ardent ambrosial embrace

Standing on the shoreline of my Soul
Mighty Breakers rushing toward us

Take me now
Ancient Love

Sea petals and a thousand promises
scattered across the empty beach
i wrote you
a letter every day
letters to tell you
just how i feel

written in neat, curved
writing i told you
just how sweet
i thought you were
how you made my heart

letters in which i wrote
with various colors of ink
pouring out my whole being
to you

i wrote you
a letter every day.

i wrote you letters in which
i told you how you made me

i found myself
pressing harder on
the paper
than i had before.

creating tears in them
similar in shape
and size
as the ones
inside of me.

i began to send
with creases
and bumps
and stains
splattered with tears

from my eyes

as i wrote
the anger
bubbling within me.

my last letter
addressed to you
no words

but was blank.
i had none that

could reach
as far

and deep

into the cracks
of my

to describe
what you

had left
of me.
a draft i decided to finish because it took a totally different turn than originally intended.
Dr Baljit Singh
At the train station, thinking process goes
I stopped listening to sad songs
My eyes shall look cheerful
Life is a happy song

Who does not hide?
I try covering cracks
Easy norms tougher
Want to pass every exam

I then looked at the high-rise buildings
The world is still straightforward; to feel is a fruitful mind

Dr Baljit Singh
Monday 15th October 2018
It’s as if the bare branches
stroke my hair
with the comfort of Autumn
Each time
the soft, shushing wind
whispers through the trees.
Beneath a milky moon
I find peace
Knowing that
The heat between
me and Summer
Has fizzled out.
Nat Lipstadt
Why Men Cry in the Bathroom

For so many reasons.
I will tell you the why.
I think you know,
Or perhaps, you think you know.

Men are always O.K.,
Even when not.

We expect the worse,
Accept the worse,
We are forever unprepared.

Wearily, we cry,
In the bathroom, in private,
Lest sighs slip by,
We be unmasked,
Early warring, strife signs warning.

Copious, tho we weep
Before the mirror confessor,
It is relief untethered,
Unbinding of the feet,
An uncounting
Of beaded rosaries,
Of freshly fallen hail stones,
Of night times terrors
By dawn's early edition's light,
and welcomed.

But look for the mute tear,
The eye-cornered drop,
Tit tat, that never drops,
But never ceases formation and
Reforming, over and over again,
In a state of perpetuity of reconstitution,

The tippy tear of an iceberg revealing,
And I see you peeping, wondering,
What is beneath

Look for:
the torn worm-eaten edges of spirit,
thrift shop bought, extra worn,
grieving lines neath the eyes,
where the salt has evaporated,
discolored the skin.
worry lines,
under and above,
browed mapped, furrowed boundaries.
the laugh line saga,
where better days are stored,
recalled, as well as recanted,
publicly, privately.

Why just men?

I don't know,
it is all I know.

Jan 6, 2013
your effusive and lengthy comments are each a poem in their own right.  

Tinkered with June 22, 2013
With a push from Bala,
A serial peeper, thank God!
may 24, 2017
last suicide attempt
everyone blamed you
it was him
he hurt you
why do you even talk to him still?

you were never the reason
you broke up with me that night
and i snapped
the only thing that kept me happy
and i had
zero reason to

it was never your fault...
I feel... Anger
Unbridled rage, undying fury, like a wildfire through Rome
I bring hell to those who have wronged me, sorrow to those who haven't, and death to all who oppose me
Yet, I also feel love
And pain
And excitement
But it always comes back to anger
Those I love leave, those who love me die, and all I love must end
The pain is always inflicted, rarely tolerable.... And rage always follows
Excited for a new adventure, a new romance, a new friend, a new experience
Yet it was all a lie
The adventure led to pain, the partner a liar, the friend a foe, the experience flawed
So all I have is anger
And the fires shall burn forever
(Prose) This was a prompt on a very lovely website called Write The World. I thought I should post it here as well.
eric calabrese
We as poets love harder
Remember longer
Hold on stronger

We as poets feel others pain
Willing to take the blame
Drive ourselves insane

We as poets give someone our all
Struggle with the withdrawal
Whether it’s right or wrong
We always give it our all
You wonder why your life gets darker,
Yet you treat people like you are their master.
You are using scum,
And a liar to boot.
You want love and respect,
Yet only say stuff you?
Grow up you pig,
It’s time to be a man.
They are your children,
Don’t you understand?
You tell them lies,
And feed them with hate,
Yet here you are wondering,
Why are they late?
You reap what you sew,
Or so they say.
By that measure you must be surrounded by hate.
My step children, unfortunately, have an absolute scumbag for a biological father. He is abusive, manipulative and an outright liar
Path Humble
left my phone unlocked
on the taxis back seat,
won't be the last time

called it a few times
finally, the driver picked up

he had a fare immediately after mine,
and was now headed way downtown,
and would call later
when fate returned him nearer my office

and so it came to pass,
very shortly thereafter,

we met on the street,
he rolled down  the window
and with the greatest smile of pleasure,
as if he had won the lottery
handed me my phone

I had two $20's to cover any expense he might have incurred,
neatly folded in my hand  
and offered it right up, right away;
but the driver repeatedly pushed my hand away
as I insisted,

"No sir, no no, not necessary!

Allah sent me a fare
that took me soon back close to you, so,
  no loss of time did I suffer,
so your offer is kindly unnecessary!"

to which I replied,

Allah sent you to me
so I could reward you!"

and with an equally, beaming smile continued,

"our ride and meeting today,
together was pre-ordained it was

Inshallah!" ^

something he could not dispute...

  we parted ways
   each believing,
   each receiving
a heavenly check plus,
each, credited with a mitzvah^^
on our
respective trip logs,
our humanly divine balance sheets,
kept by the
supreme taxi dispatcher
Arabic for ^"God/Allah willing" or "if God/Allah wills," frequently spoken by a Muslim

^^a meritorious or charitable act in the Jewish tradition

NYC taxi cab drivers are suffering economically by the explosion of ride hailing app cars, many unable to pay their bills, earn a living, have committed suicide over the past few months

true story, poetry is there for the taking
eleanor prince
Where are you
my one perfect muse
the shape of contours
conjured in dreams
held since bud was formed

Where do you rest
like me for that
of moments


Are you even
embraced in capsule
located in One

Or are you diverse
scattered like seed on
winds unknown
beyond my reach
as I wonder


Is it pointless to conceive
of your fullness
knowing deep down
you exist only in
poetry of disenchanted idealists

Newly formed realists
whose life work
lies smashed
pointless journey
reaching reality

Or will I glimpse you
in passing crowd
ephemeral but
sharply cut out
from all the rest?
(If not 'muse' then boss, friend, partner... )
I want you to know.
That even in this challenging time,
I still love you.
With all my broken, shattered and torn apart heart.
Some poets write with pen
And others with pain
Just a random thought...
Tyler Smiley
Vulnerability is a funny thing. Everyday people urge us to be authentic- with ourselves, our peers, our passions. Yet when we cut ourselves open for the world to see, they run from us as if we are violent rip currents waiting to take them under. When in reality we are nothing but individual tide pools sometimes puddled into something so much bigger than what others want to openly accept.

But I refuse to not live a life of authenticity. So many souls become comfortable with safety, causing them to become deeply implanted in solely just the soil in which they have resided their entire time of growing. Genuine love for something other than yourself has become nothing but a fossil of a feeling. Streams of emotions have dissipated and turned into desert lands.

As for me, I took the time to disappear within myself. I discovered my flatlands and made them curved. Those rip currents everyone always runs from are big, but so am I. A vulnerable soul may be looked at as someone made up of only dainty fallen petals, but the truth is they're looking past someone with roots dug deeper than sunken teeth into bitten skin.

What's authentic to those who shelter themselves like boarded windows in the midst of a storm might as well be forgery to me. I urge you to not be afraid to put your innermost self into another pair of shaky hands. To not hesitate to whisper your deepest ridden thoughts into caverns of a mind that's not your own. To not second guess putting you're ragged edged heart into someone else's hollow chest.

Vulnerability and authenticity meet at an intersection that you must come to terms with stopping at. I hope to see you there.
I feel too much
and not a thing at all
at the same time.
And its so damn confusing
that I can't even breathe.
Don't tell me I'm pretty
Tell me that I'm passionate
That I have drive
Tell me that I make you laugh
That I know how to make your day better
Don't tell me I seem nice
Tell me that I'm kind and compassionate
Tell me that I'm not afraid to dream and to dream big
Don't tell me I'm perfect
Tell me the you love me despite my flaws
That you want to spend the rest of your life with me
Don't tell me I'm beautiful
Tell me that you'll be faithful and forever true
Love is Emotion
Love is Passion
Love is Rejection
Love is Obssession
Love is Transition..

Love is
Going through the pain
Again and again
Over and over,
yet again !!

Being in love is the best phase
The Missing,
The Craving,
The Feeling
The Thinking,
The Caring,
The Loving....

But soon the phase is over...
And Then follows

The Guilt
The Pain
The Hurting
The Blaming
The Shaming
The Hating
The Name calling..

This is acceptable
The parting shots

Where does it all lead to??
The worst is yet to begin,

The Obsession..
The Rejection
The Vengeance...
The Stalking
The Blackmailing....
The Threatening...

Then the worst phase begins
Love is Lost..
Love is Dreaded..
Love is Goaded..
Love is Loaded
Love is Roasted.
The memory is darkened..
The torment awakened..

The once beautiful Love turns
Suffocating emotion..

Love becomes Unsettling
Love becomes Unnerving
Love becomes Unstoppable
Love becomes Unsympathising
Love becomes Unwanted..
Love becomes Unrequited

Love becomes a question
An unsolved emotion..!!

It becomes a simple
gone wrong forever,

Failing to believe
The love can end..
The relation can die..
The fizz can evaporate..
The things can come to end...

If you ever
loved someone,
wish them happiness,
If you ever
loved someone let it go
If you ever
loved someone then

Sparkle In Wisdom
Oct 2018
Edited... Reposting... Was not satisfied with first version.. "Love dies sometimes".

Thank you for reading.
You’re covering something
Hiding it so patiently
Waiting for the time
To let it out
Painfully .
I can see it in your eyes
I can sense it when you talk
A really bad secret
That You could live without

You mask it so well
Until the blanket gets too hot
The feeling inside
You just want to get out
Bruised emotions
Shaky vibrations
Eyes are leaking
So intrusive
Don’t worry
I won’t judge
Just let me know
What will make you budge
Speaking from the heart
A reall soul seeker
Let me be your healer
Some things just digg  deeper .
Sky Yang
im guilty--
biting my nail, biting my lip,
biting my
t o n g u e

fidgeting, flickering eyes that go
on and off, on and off

im chronic,
in a state of
mind your own

im obsessed with
looking down at my feet as i walk

im forever stuck
in this awkward
b o d y

when i've already
a few hundred times

i dont have breasts
i have two hearts,
beating out of my chest

im fragile,
might just topple over
or burst
into a million pieces of

in my room:
its always somebody's birthday
that somebody is me
but i don't know somebody,
perhaps i used to know me
perhaps i never did

sometimes i want
bright, round, yellow
fresh, spunky, don't-give-a-fuck

ill roll
whenever you put me down

im just a lemon:
yellow, iffy-butty

dont put me down

i just want someone to know me
(love me)

i just want to be an orange:
i wanna be what i seem
nothing to go off about
nothing to get put down about

i come as i am
and i get sent back home for it

you see--
i know nothing
all too well
lemonade gang gang
Like an old friend inviting you to come inside.
Familiar. Comforting.
It will grasp you in its arms and hold you close;
And when you're ready to leave, it wont let you go.
You will beg and plead to be happy,
and it will put up a fight.
It will make you think that the only way to escape it is to take your own life.
If you are lucky, you can break free;
and it will sit and watch you from afar.
Calling your name.
Welcoming you back into it's arms.
It will intrude your thoughts.
Make you think you are worthless.
That you're better off dead.
Just keep telling yourself that it's all in your head.
Keep moving. You will get far.
Depression is not who you are.
DISCLAIMER: This is only from my personal point of view and how my battle with depression has been. Even though I am trying to recover, the battle gets very difficult for me sometimes and I have to remind myself that I am not my mental illness. My mental illness does not define me.
Erica C
never trust a poet's words
they sound sweet at first
but you'll notice the emotion in their words
it all sounds too...
"i love you like the sea loves the shore"
becomes too scripted
you hear the small tinge of love actually left in their voice
hoping it could mean something
but it doesn't
it never does
it's just the way they say it
one day, after they have left
you will find their poems, and they will be the exact words that they had said to you
once long ago
please understand this poem is in a way just me talking to myself, reminding me to not trust a man who i once loved, thank you
Leviathan Andrew
If I die in a school shooting
I'll never go home again.
My room will sit unused,
A capsule frozen in time,
A snapshot of how I was.

If I die in a school shooting
I'll never see my dog again.
She will sit at the front door
Waiting for me and wondering,
Why I never came home.

If I die in a school shooting
I'll never graduate from high school.
My yearbooks will sit stacked
Stopped short of their goal,
Missing years that should have been.

If I die in a school shooting
I'll never see my mom again.
She will sit distraught,
Planning a funeral
For a child taken from her.

If I die in a school shooting
I'll never see my friends again.
They'll sit together, missing me.
One empty seat among them,
A constant reminder of their loss.

If I die in a school shooting
I'll never see my little sister again.
She will sit through high school
Knowing I can't guide her through,
That she has to figure it out alone.

If I die in a school shooting
My school will be stained.
Pools of students lives will sit,
Blood tattoos on the brick structures,
Marks of death ground into it.

If I die in a school shooting
Everyone will wear black.
They'll send their thoughts and prayers
To a town marred by death,
Forever to be the home of a shooting.

If I die in a school shooting
Will the world change?
Or will I become one of hundreds  
Of kids who have to die?
What will it take?

If things continue this way
Children will have to live in fear.
They'll look over their shoulders
Always worried and wondering,
If they'll die in a school shooting.
The state of Florida is now home to the two most deadly mass shootings in American history. Pulse Nightclub was attacked in my city, I have friends who attend Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland. My little sister often fears going to school. I'm afraid to graduate and leave her. I want to be able to protect her if something happens. I hate that we have a reason to be afraid... That it's reasonable to have these fears. I hate it so f*cking much.
how do you know when (a human is too broken?)


human too broken?

like the light bulb, removal from its fixture, a simple shaking revelation of the tinkling filament spent, something that cannot be repaired, the only option is replacement and that makes
you cry

the empty box of oatmeal raisin cookies, you find secret’d,
hid by you, not to be found by you
at the bottom of the kitchen garbage,
but box betrayal, by the chartreuse tipped box lid sided
peeking upwards, asking, silencing screaming,
what did I do to deserve
this degrading

like the blouse now too tight that it brings stares as the buttons strain, unwelcome attention unintended,
you know it but still pretend not to see,
for you both once loved that silky guise that so
heightened the high tender, the match of your pink rose skin letting, no! making
your eyes glisten, like broken filament glass, on the sidewalk,
recalling the pleasured admiration,
rain remembered from the
prior priority of a life consisting of only
perfect gifts

so mean revert to the poseur question; this is how...

remove the human from a fixed place, whimpering-threatened,
you may hear clear the crackle cackling  of the innard shards against the misperception of a body intact,
even if you do,
no repair service you want,  can be found, see it nowhere,
is it even
anywhere advertised?

the body presumed intact is secret’d under a tactile coverlet,
holey scupperrd holy cuttered
so that the cells and bicuspids, the threads
no longer function in a tandem,
you keep it in the closet closed,
in the back, deep hid, where,
when it screams why,
it can be safe ignored,
because  ‘betrayed’ is no longer a word,
in your globe's dictionary,
the parental controls activated by you to
save your own inner child’s unconstrained confusion,
it has been removed

so the broken glass, the clothes you dressed each other,
if not weep-well,
well enough hid,
the fit is off,
the fit is off,
the coverlet ripped so bad and neither cares
an unexpected poem, unplanned, needing work
aug 4-5
Bipasha Dutt
Though the lotus shares a bond
With the muddy and murky pond,

Yet lotus is holy and precious,
As our birth never defines us.

What we make out of ourselves is vital,
Only that aspect is important and crucial.
Cuts on my wrists
hands curled into fists
will i even be missed

Writing a note
i wrote
i love you and it wasn't your fault

That's a lie
i want to die and
its partly your fault

I can't tell you that so i
Sit and i cry

Why do i
Live like this

Will i even be missed
I am not in a good place anymore
I don't want to be here!
it's true--
i don't love you anymore.

but sometimes i catch your eye between waves in the surf,
that same ocean blue i've always known

like summers by the beach, you are long forgotten like my childhood,
days and nights spent drinking the stars

i will never forget what they taste like
i will never forget what you taste like.

it's true--
i don't love you anymore.

i am with another,
he is more than you ever could have been for me but

why do i still crave your inadequacy?
he is my whole galaxy, his beauty is unmatched and

oh how he makes me feel but
why am i still dreaming about you?

i don't love you anymore-- i promise,
we moved on so long ago i forget what goodbye sounds like

i'm lying.
i could never forget the way you said that,

like it took the strength of a million tsunamis to just
keep it together but oh i don't love you anymore!

it's what i've been trying to say i'm sorry but sometimes
the emotion in my own words gets so caught in my throat

i forget how to breathe because
i still see your eyes between the waves.
inspired by pablo neruda...
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