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The Masked Sleepyz
Sympathetic empathas saying words,
That are read from a script,
No one knew how to write,
It's early and cars,
Driving to,
Another paid bill,
Or whatever Thomas said,
Expierences fulfilled by fuel,
Maybe they aren't driving,
Or drinking,
might just be,
making babies in the,
Or whatever Keats said,
Distantly dancing,
To kindergarteners and,
cancer patients,
Just another Thursday,
With mystic music,
Lofting around,
The empty dance halls,
Falling up,
With Christopher Robbins,
To the stars,
The bus is on time
Or whatever Dylan said.
The flower in the garden
will one day be gone
it may be beautiful now
but it wont last that long
So like a flower one day we will see
In the end, How broken we would be
Sona Lachina
A single birch leaf
Floated to my sill

It made my summer
Knees wobble as it sang
September's denouement --

It laughed at me so
Mired in time and

Don't worry
Little one,
You will know
My secret
One day --
Is there no greed in Heaven?
Like the greed we have here on Earth.
Is there no lust in Heaven ?
Like the **** case we have on Earth.
Is there no strength differences  in Heaven?
Like the gender inequality we have on Earth?
Is there no violence in Heaven?
Like the manslaughters we have on Earth?

Is there no sins in Heaven?
Or is there no Heaven?
Yet i do believe in God
Never seen God
But i put my faith into God.
If God lives in Heaven
And God created us
I believe we all are from Heaven.
So ,
Is there no sins in Heaven?
Enigma GD
My smiles not real
Don't be fooled
Not like my heart was
The four walls that surround me
Once freeing now trap me
Nowhere to go
Nothing to do
In this jail that I outgrew

Im banging on the walls
Smashing chairs and dreams
Tearing them at the seams
Trying to see a crack of light
Behind the walls
In this jail that I outgrew

Alas I give in
No matter what I cannot win
My knuckles are bloodied
My chest heaving
I've given it all I've got
And I'm trapped again
In this jail that I outgrew
Did the self-encasing ice
Ever melt enough
To reach beyond,
So you
Stretch your tired fingers
In the cool spring air,
And flicker your eyes open
To the mid-morning mist,

Breathed in just shallow enough
To soothe that rain-like pit-pattering heart
And coo the aches of chilly soul,
Hushing the wisps of winter wither
Beyond the mind and somewhere thither.
As the Earth rotates
We all live on this planet
Our Earth needs some help

Change things that make a difference
Changes that change opinions
Change that can be successful

We can all help out
Help others to encourage
Stimulate the change

Brian Hill - # 235
Are you concerned with our mother?
What is a promise worth when it means nothing at all to a broken person?
An excuse to make people happy?
To make someone believe lies even more?
What is it?
Irina BBota
Next to your footsteps
I feel like an outsider
An unwanted guest
Ashly Kocher
Growing her wings as she makes mistakes and learns that failure is as beautiful as the day she was brought into this world..
"Yes!" Some teardrop moon reminds me,
"Summer's always on her way."
loneliness, an old friend
is knocking on my door again
and I’m trying so hard not to let him in
Neon lights
Bleed my eyes
I've lost sight
I can only rhyme
Whispering voices
Long day gone
Residue of life
Where did we go wrong
Giving we gave
Taken we took
Sinners and savior
All in one book
And so we read on
There's no end
To our songs!
Traveler Tim
that relation
can be grown
through love
and emotion
they govern
and depends upon
individuals intention

©deovrat 19.09.2019
I know the taste of rain
and how bitter herbs cut
in my tongue – everything edible
tasted and destructively processed
into a garden of memories

with paths of love to beds
of friendship and borders of vice
stakes of anger, ponds of sadness
and a smelly compost heap
of failures and wilted ideals

it sounds more orderly than the maze
it is, the web in which I got lost
of which the threads have become thin
and matte, breaking easily
in the merciless sun

that has evaporated
the glittering drops of dew
of the sky-blue illusions from my youth
and everyone calls it wisdom
that comes with age

to detach people
from their desires and last
physical discomforts
but I discovered
it's a secret
Collection “Webgarden”
Niesha Radovanic
when i met you
clocks stopped.
infinity relapsed
like dragon tales in 2002.
wave caps bury blurry nights.
we resurrected with the tide.
mother nature created two constellations
that puzzled,
purposefully together.
i always felt like a choice.
i never felt like an option.
Alankrit Sharma
Do you live your life in a whirling daze?
Because all you feel is a confusing maze.
Perhaps you already know what to do,
Yet you can’t seem to acknowledge it.

Hiding the truth behind a curtain-clear,
Don’t cling to the fake things that you hold so dear.
Perhaps you already know what to do,
But in case you don’t, worry not
For we all have been here.
Don't cling to fake things that you know about.
love is beautiful
between perky pyramids
avoiding the heart
Alexis karpouzos
The stars blink in awe
when the soul gleam from love,
of the gleam of souls
the celestial light
bursts forth
and life miracles
radiate in eternity.
Love was born
and set the worlds alight.
Thomas Moore
I’m sorry I did not see our lives being this way,
Just know you two are my heart and soul I love you both more everyday,
My own personal pieces of Heaven...
I don't Drink
Not because I don't want to
I don't Drink
Not because I don't need to

I don't drink because of you
because of what you did
because I swore that I would never be like you
because you were the monster I feared

I don't drink, because I fear
The monster in you, will become the monster in me
and that monster is something I never want to be.
I still remember the last time I saw you
and I remember the day I realized
it was really over

but life goes on, as things do
however, I still find myself
thinking about you

I’ve seen other people,
I’m sure you have too
but still, I really, truly do
myss you
If eyes could ****
Like lips can lie
I think that I'd be hypnotized
Eloise Rose
they played with fire
because they wanted to get burnt

sad eyes blown away with smoke
sadder smiles drinking false hope

playing spin the bottle
trying to kiss the brokenness in each other

they were so lonely
but at least they weren't alone
Scars well up within, hidden from naked eyes
As foolish as this may seem, It won't stop me
With every defeat, a new and sturdy me arise
Treading down this road comes with a fee

But I'm already jumping into the fray
Prepared to give everything I've got
Dancing along with cupids romantic display
Enacting the role of an Argonaut
What does a dog and
a tree have in common , they
love a good old bark

A cheery up happy poem :)
isn't it strange,
that the most
things in this world
are not what we do not understand,
but the things that we do?
Erin Reed
a fool
i am
  to convince myself
  that the words that flowed
  like the sound of a perfect melody
  from your lips,
  were the words
  of an honest man.
Raj Bhandari
Oh Dear, my heart, is, really pure,
You will love it,my love,I am sure!
I'm eternally striving
to melt away in your sunshine.
But real life has got me
hella salty.

Over cast covers the sky.
Like Winter's silent sorrow.
A fresh blanket of snow always hides
Last night mistakes.

Regret in the morning is stronger than espresso.
So am I loyal

for still loving you
What if
You have been fighting
A losing battle
All along
What if
The silence
Within you
Is only
The calm
Before the strom
It is going to be a fight
You just cannot

my biggest fear.
Alex Teng
So tell me where shall I go ?
To the left,
Where nothing's right ?
Or to the right,
Where nothing's left?
Mike Adam
Hugging wolf

We made you


Mother of twins,


Suckle me now

And walk


Riding a paved rainbow
To a *** of misery
That life has promised me.
im still alive
sorry to disappoint
I’m scared as f*ck
to want you.

But here
I am,

Still wanting you
I read those same chapters
Before I go to bed
For there I sleep
And in my dreams
The story ends
I always awake
With tears dried
On my cheeks
rain spattered
pavements teeming;
one thousand prismatic shades of meaning

graffiti-laden puddles splish, splosh, splash;
as midnight turns
to blue, and
dawn to

‘I walked up, and I walked down, and I walked straight into a delicately dying sky, and finally the sequence of observed and observant things brought me, at my usual eating time, to a street so distant from my usual eating place that I decided to try a restaurant which stood on the fringe of the town. Night had fallen without sound or ceremony when I came out again.’
- Vladimir Nabokov, The Vane Sisters
Buried Words
I want to look as empty as I feel
One bright morning in the middle of the night
two dead boys got up to fight
Back to back they faced each other
Drew their swords and shot each other
A deaf policeman heard the noise
and ran to save the two dead boys
If you don't believe this lie is true
ask the blind man, he saw it, too.
THIS IS NOT MINE. it was written by palmer proffitt
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