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Laura Duran
I wish I were made of stone
So your words would never hurt me
I wish I were cold as ice
Then maybe I wouldn't be lonely

I wish I were made of steel
So my strength would never waver
If only I could turn back the clock
To a time when I felt safer

But I'm only flesh and bone
And your words have left me bleeding
My heart is torn apart
It's a wonder it's still beating

You made up your mind
Given me your final answer
What we shared is in the past
Time to write a brand new chapter

I will fix my broken heart
Some how glue it back together
It may never be the same
It'll bare this scar forever

But I'll be strong, I'll be alright
Though I'm not as hard as steel
And I can't turn back the clock
In heart will heal
I erase my words so often,
I start to question
Whether I actually wrote anything at all.
I stay silent so often,
I question
Whether I've ever actually existed at all.
i'm sorry.

i'm sorry mum for
the late nights and broken hearts,
the bruises and the thongs you don't remember buying.

i'm sorry dad for
the screaming fights and slammed doors,
the eye rolls and the endless amounts of boy tears.

you guys deserve better.
but i thank you for not giving up on me.
i make mistakes so i want to thank my parents for always being there even when i'm being a *****
yes, i want to be with You
Angelic Beauty, You're all i see
You know i'd stay loyal and true
i'll be Yours, have all of me
Your soul, so pure and new
i can't amount, unfortunately
Yz Doo
I adore that fresh air
Springtime drops of love
Yummy sweet kisses
Hair flowing
What a time
To seize the moment and eat some candy
With the endless possibilities of springtime
When I look into the eyes of an animal near death,
I feel their innate humility.

They accept their degeneration as much as the sun that rises, and
They do not ask for opulent eulogies.

No one will stand at the podium and orate their qualities as if by Speaking them into the air they can
Stave off
The decomposition that is intrinsic to mortality;

No, careful embalmment and a final red dress will not disguise the Roughness of dying
In an animal near death.

They fade into pain and disintegration like dust kicked up in an Indifferent wind, and unlike us,
They never ask,

Will I live again?

I see her vision is fading.
Her bones are grating against one another.
Each breath is a struggle,
But unlike us,
There is no space for complaining.

She accepts her fate and
Wags her tail
And I just feel that the world could, maybe,


If we all possessed the simple grace
Of an animal near death.
For my old black dog and all of the others that did slip gently into that good night. I'll remember you even if the world does not.
I'm on another level
Out of touch
and you can't reach me
And frequently
I find I'm on my own frequency
But feasibly
And I believe
quite easily
I could receive
From all who breathe
The same air as me
Before I leave.
Hush, Baby, Hush.
Soothing and Pillowy, Lush is Love.
Waters Rush, Rain Pour, Tears Fall.
Sleep, My Baby, Sleep.
For Dreams, Life's Balm, Soothes.
stephanie burrows
I saw the face of my bully sitting
In the street cup in hand,
Arms full of needles marks begging
For spare change.
Karma gets everyone in the end.
Oskar Erikson
To the God which determines the lifetime of Poets i ask,

let all the poets die with their hearts no longer on their sleeves;

but finally in their throats.
so in our final moments
all the words never written
can, at last,
be spoke.
Dennis Willis
Through white

pressed into dark

Concentrated timeless


Onto nothing

hot skin
She writes

She writhes
She rises

Her time

Copyright@2018 Dennis Willis
For those on this site in the general vicinity of, area of towards the end of the spectrum that is or one of the genders that have the aspect of femininity and transmute their experience into art.
Fred Tabitha
it's a waste of time to try and change her mind
don't even try she's got a guy in mind
it's a waste of effort to try and steal her heart
it's locked up in the dark
don't try and steal her heart
She looked at him like he was the star in a deep blue sea
So far yet he set off an eruption inside her chest
Enough to leave her breathless.
someday it will
come again.
someday someone
will come in.

a star
with the deepest depths in the eyes
with the gentlest of breaths
and endless soul in the smile

one day
i'll forgive this pain
not forget -
we are all destined to love again, i am sure
I sit by the window of my train,
There's a sweet lullaby of screaming kids,
They keep me awake.
I look out, not stargazing, not seeing,
don't know what to look
or what I m searching.
If there is one thing constant it's the sway,
it keeps moving, all through the way.
She's sweet enough to sway my dear train,
but I was not weary enough to give in to the call of tired.
It was a weird trip without a blink of sleep.
Long train trips :)
Masha Yurkevich
Person A
Person B
were together and
very happy.
Then came along a
Person C
and kinda ruined everything.
But to make things
a bit
more crazy,
came along a
Person D.
Now person
A, B, C, and D
are anything but happy.
Who knew that
letters of the alphabet
could be so nasty.
Inspiration came when one of my friends was explaining a confusing matter to me, and was using letters instead of name(which is good in some cases).
We are so capable of love...but still choose to be toxic...
Yes, he is a boy
And a friend too.
You got boyfriend
That goes study with you
There's also a boyfriend
Just as a friend.
Some of the younger generation
Take it the wrong way
We older one
Understand what's
The meaning of boyfriend
I lay my skin out bare
For you to see every vein
Unfold every roll
Meet the aftermath of pain
Caress the white hairs dug deep,
Waiting, for time’s curse
They will try to repel it,
To prevent nature’s call
Anti-aging creams cannot postpone
the growth
Of my soul
Can’t they tell?
The wrinkles in my skin
Are soiled ground
Don’t they know?
I’ve been waiting for a lifetime
To finally say ‘Hello’.
Lord the tears remain deep within
The shame that I carry weighs me no more
It’s a part of me
A feeling I’ve scarified You for
Lord the tears remain deep within
As I find myself numb
To the pain
Always, simply moving through the motions of life
Evan Stephens
I will make us coffee,
& you will make us tea -
in leaves and grounds
our fortunes found,
& and what is meant to be.
Emma Price
Yes, I am adequate
But that shouldn’t shock you a bit
Put on a dress, and they tell you that you look surprisingly adequate. My adequacy has nothing to do with my attire, and you shouldn’t be surprised.
~much love
Mark Upright
The World Requires Edmund Black’s Random Acts of Doughnut Kindness (1/36)


a friend mutual on HP
sent me your poem below
asking me to respond appropriately,
close the tale, he said,
and that I would understand,
thinking by being marked,
I had some expertise in the matter

perhaps you are unaware that the world
exists only because there are at least thirty six^
righteous men on the earth and
personally believe,
there are more

who they are, a well kept secret,
but secrets tend to leak so...

only one,
Mr. Edmund,
employs a dozen doughnuts
(chocolate frosted)
to follow through
on the most important
commandment human
love thy neighbor
with a dozen holies

I’m told that like certain loaves of bread,
a dozen doughnuts
now have along with
wine and water
a place in the repertoire of the selector of the
thirty six

which needs noting,
a dozen
is 1/3 of thirty six

sometimes the answers are in the wholes of the holiest!

Edmund black
Jul 15

My Perfect Morning

The climate in the
World may change
But it will never
Change me
not for a moment
I truly have the most
amazing  life ,
Couldn’t be any better
I get up every morning
Next to  this gorgeous
amazing woman
Get my morning kiss
Maybe a few morning kisses
in my open mouth
If you get my drift
Cause you know I’m in love
Sit back in the back patio porch
Listening to Mother Nature’s  
while reading hellopoetry
Few minutes later
I told my lady  I had to
Go run  some errands
Not realizing yet
What’s up ahead,
Arrived and
While in line at Chrispy kreme’s
A little boy about 5 years of age
Loosing his mind over some
Chocolate frosted
Mother and father told him
They couldn’t afford it
They were only there for coffee
Little boy started
crying hysterically
My Heart Cries out for him
And chivalrously I’ve waited
in line right behind them
Just couldn’t allow
That to take place
I told dad if it was okay
I would love to buy the boy
a dozen chocolate frosted
He accepted and gave
me a hand shake
Mom teared up and dad
wouldn’t Stop thinking me
I hate seeing good
People like this
But anyway,
What an awesome moment
A moment of love sharing
And here’s the most
Amazing part of
my early morning outside
Of my morning kisses
I got the longest hug
From the little man
A handshake
From dad
And a kiss on the cheek
From mom
What can be any better
Than the life I live
I do what I want
And it’s mostly
Helping other people
That’s all that matters.
Having meanings in
Other people’s lives
Fulfills me ,
And what more
Can I say ,
My perfect

I live life
For the inexplicable
Life is love and love
     Always gives
^Mystical Hasidic Judaism as well as other segments of Judaism believe that there exist 36 righteous people whose role in life is to justify the purpose of humankind in the eyes of God. Jewish tradition holds that their identities are unknown to each other and that, if one of them comes to a realization of their true purpose, they would never admit it:
Do you ever feel
Do you ever think
Fight that feeling
And take the
                  ­  rs
                      to the top floor.
i wanted to try something new. Hope you like it and can read it! :D
michael cera
to all the feelings I ever hurt,
to your help from which I turned,
to the pain I probably earned,
a lesson rots,
your side untaught,
so much unlearned:

i'm sorry.

forever words,
i don't deserve.
I wish i was kissing you instead of
Missing you.
Bimsara De Silva
The Cathedral stands
at the heart of the city,
so pure and beloved,
so strong and enduring.

Year after year,
through thick and through thin,
Through revolution and war
Our Lady stays strong.

Just one spark
Inconsequential and small.
Surely it couldn’t
bring her down to her knees.

Pride of the city,
the city of love,
it’ll take more
than just one spark.

But sparks turn to embers,
and embers to flames,
and before we know it,
all is engulfed.

The problem we have
is that things made of wood
may seem so strong
but they always can burn.

We try to save her,
She means too much to us all.
Something so beautiful
can’t just burn down.

But the flames grow higher
and the spire collapses.
Can she be saved?
With all the stories
In my head
Wish I could tell you
It all instead
ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew
Bus Poet Stop
~for those who will read this and weep~

the quiet ones,
the silent Job ones,
who quote not from the
Book of Lamentations,
but author their own,
based on-the-Job experience

localized versions of cryptic elegiacs
accepting the wooden crosses borne,
stepping up to the
unrequested unforeseen,
then buried under, burnt alive,
yet never relieved by dying,
nailed by words, stronger than iron,
promises sworn, promises kept
with no ending date relief,
promises by and to themselves,
but not for themselves!

the wearers of crystal glass shackles,
adorned with decorative locks for which
no key did the maker make,
nor any divine creator
dare conceive an early release,
never no escape contemplated,
for the lock human, unrepentant unbreakable,
a decorative useless metaphor gesture,
a blunt “life *****” advertisement

I compose amidst a
bus pond of mismatched city folk,
a tapestry of ages colors and differing views on god/no god,
none would believe that as the bus sways me,
it’s in rhythm to holy choral music,
hundreds year old,
divinity masses and motets worships,
where one human can hide temporarily
a safe house,
to calm his questioning relentless
from the horrors of no answers,
for when the mind has no solution
to the rough and tumbling lives,
lived in glass shackled confinement,
the poets desperation equals theirs

summon eagles to transport these imprisoned,
but the shackled refuse,
I come to them but they wave me off,
I go crazy for once I was enslaved,
thirty years war that left devastation,
from which so many poems created

so I speak with heightened regard
of one who planned futures for others where his
non-existence was a founding father (ha!)

but the day came and
I was released by my own inactions,
but means nothing until a way to
away found
to release the yet bound early

got a couch, airline miles, hundred dollars
in my pocket and an unrelenting need
to save them, a consumption disease,
the glass shackled, at ease,
won’t rest till all are freed
this my creed
no one left behind

these cyber words do not mock
for they are unbounded, set free,
the flesh connects and the needs of the flesh
are stronger for they are in heart conceived
‘are you lonely?’
my reflection asks,
her fingertips touching mine.
‘no,’ i smile

‘i have you.’
maybe my own company isn’t so bad after all.
Emma P
When I say
that you are my Sun,
I don’t mean that you are
Or even the center of my universe.
I simply mean that
I cannot look at you
Without hurting
silk sheets burst into flames
blood drops of a victimless crime
devour me with your ruby gaze
pray on me one last time.
Dear me,
Your whole life is out there. It's just waiting for you.

Even though your life is still short, you've done so much with the time you've been given. Can't you see? You've written endless poems about friendship and love. You've lived in many places too. Even though it did affect you a little bit, you still did your best to make lasting friendships, despite knowing that you might only have a short time to spend together. Others might have just kept to themselves if they were in your place. And though you got hurt at times, your heart never became angry towards the world. The way I see it, that's the attitude of some of the strongest among us.

That's why you shouldn't be hurt if sometimes you don't get the things - or the people - you love the most. It only means, they weren't right for you...yet. What will be given instead, in time, is not what is right but rather what is best for you. Just trust in it.

You are stronger than you think.



Originally written in Tagalog.

Nandiyan po ang buong buhay mo. Hinihintay ka niya lang.

Kahit maigsi pa ang buhay mo, nakagawa ka na ng marami sa oras na binigyan ka ng ating Diyos. Di mo ba nakikita? Nagsulat ka ng maraming poems tungkol sa pagkaraon ng kaibigan at sa pagmamahal. Nabuhay ka sa maraming lugar. At kahit ikaw ay naapektuhan ng kaunti, pinilit mo pang magkaraon ng kaibigan, kahit alam mo na baka maigsi lang ang oras na kasama mo sila. Magtatago na lang ang mga ibang bata kung palaging ganyan ang sitwasyon nila, katulad sa'yo. At kahit minsan sinasaktan ka, hindi kailanman naging galit ang puso mo tungkol sa mundo. Sa tingin ko, yan mismo ay ang ugali katulad sa mga mas matapang sa ating lahat.

Kaya, huwag kang maging malungkot kung minsan hindi mo nakukuha ang mga bagay - o ang mga tao - na mahal mo ng sobra. Ibig sabihin, hindi pa sila bagay para sa'yo. Ang ibibigay na lang ay hindi yung mga bagay, pero yung tamang tama para sa'yo. Tiwala lang.

Ikaw ay mas malakas kaysa sa tingin mo.
Summer Freewrite Sessions 2018 // A letter to myself. i realize now how much of my work is centered around sad topics and felt I needed to remind myself of a few things.
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
Ciel Noir
I took          a trip
I took                a look
That tree could read me
Like                      a book
And                 open me
Like a             library
Cipher      in the
Still deeper
Inside the place
Where           secret
Knowledge         hides
The twin snakes ladder
Necklace              chain
Make life        by any
Other           name
grace is getting more than you deserve,
whereas mercy is not getting what you deserve.
god grants us both.
as said by our youth pastor
Theres something I need to say
A truth I must share
I believe this true for many of us here

This isnt me
This isn't all I am
I am not only heart break and despair

The me you done see
Is that of smiles everyday
For when im happy I exist elsewhere

When I am drunk on life
And my heart is a fluter
I am out there living for myself
Not dying in here with you
Vanessa Viniegra
In a drop of you, I lost an ocean of me.
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