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Kirsten Claire
After twenty-one years
I have finally learned
That my heart
Does not have to be left as a gift
On the doorstep of another
And I can leave that special gift
At my own front door

Haadiya Sunasara
The books I read,
The songs I listen to...
All fill me with envy
Such lives they have
Filled with feelings and emotions
I would die to feel
My insides are numb
As if turned to stone
My mind's dead,
My heart asleep
I carry on like a machine
I want to escape my life
Peter Balkus
They said:
Give us a random word,
we want to use it,
make a noise.

Words are never random
- I replied -
Random is only
their choice.
K E Cummins
Smoky breath
Meets yours on the cigarette byways
Electric sound
Floats from the mike in airwaves

Sultry voice
Croons deep velvet in your ear
Whisky ice
Swirls down the brooding glass
Eyes rove
Try to find mine across the room
Keep going
Move on, babe, move on

A dame like that
Black-and-white grain and flicker
Arched brow
Red lips
Dream on, dreamer, dream on
They don’t make ‘em like this anymore
I imagine this as a slow jazz song crooned by a chain-smoking flapper in a speakeasy. No, just me? Alright, well... guess I'm a sucker for a smooth voice. ;)
Shane Roller
Wishes and dreams
    Are candy in the brain
But life is never
     So simple

Flowers are nice
     But a smile will suffice

When you are feeling down

The magic of life
     Is the lips of a girl

A touch of love from your lover
And the sweet sensation
     Of the glow in her eyes

When she wants you

Elizabeth Petersen
A magical friend
Kind, true, comical and real
I can count on you
Michael Djinn Croe
Hello there

insect buzzing through the air

why don't you come & sit in my snare...

                                  ...I mean chair            

I have six legs, see?

I'm just like you

oh, these?  my arms?

why yes, there's two

so come, little one

dawn has begun

take refuge from the sun

in this hammock I've spun

there, isn't that nice?

what?  your legs?

you said they won't move?

there, there my winged friend

I know just what to do!

Beware of insects with arms.
Stevie Ray
david badgerow
and so there she stands
your daughter liberty
alone and weak
because you left her unattended
in a sundress and fireman's coat with blood
on her chin and her face contorted
for the cameras to see
stupefied on the edge of the gravel pit
with the confetti ash swirling in her hair
and her eyes filled with animal fear
as her slack body slams against the railing
and a swan song swells in her throat

they use billy clubs to beat back the rats
under the skull of the moon and
the fickle stars like frantic pouncing eagles
the neighborhood dying has scratch marks all over it
diamonds etched in storefront windows
and rollicking clouds of tear gas to make it fun
there's a ****** taking a **** out in the open street
and where's the flag? oh i remember
it's snagged on a parapet five stories up
burning in the ignored sunset between
the silent buildings

we are an enormous pile of sentient garbage
coming up from the rot wearing life preservers
advancing with the picket line tide
blowing flashbang death on flugelhorns
outside the framework of the 2-party system
invented by the mongrels in hollywood
guerrillas moving in troupes thru the city streets
filled with exhilarating hope and
plumes of smoke insurgents chanting
violence is american as apple pie

i keep my tv dark to reflect the flames
of the grocery store outside and my insides
feel ripped up, i've never had a shave this close
squish my denim body against the window like a telescope
to hear the growl from the depths under the city
this is the moment just before something big happens

this is the flashover
this is when the panic begins
there's a man in a tree out in palmdale and
i need the morphine to tell me it isn't my fault
i need my pastor to tell me god doesn't lie
tonight the fuses blew out on an entire continent
tonight i wept
He was my happiness also my pain,
He was the hell in my heaven,
He was the demon in my sanity,
But I'd lie if I'll tell you I didn't like it.

He was the nightmare I want to have every night.
He was the darkness I will always choose over the light.
He was the devil I want to hug so tight.
Loving him was wrong? No, it feels so right.
I can't stop loving him even if w weren't together anymore
Zack Ripley
Take your time.
Take someone's hand.
Take control.
Take a stand.
Take a bow.
Take a breath.
Then, when you're ready, take that first step.
Dear Aurora,

Beautiful and sun-kissed

Warm and enchanting

Delicate and glossed

Mystically enticing

Dear Aurora

I could never thank you enough for splintering my sorrows away

Letting me rest for another day

You slowly happen

The entire world knows you,


Many people start believing you are weak

And selfish

But dear Aurora,

I know you only too well

I have seen you rise up

And I have seen you fell

You are beauty full of sorrows

You are here today and gone tomorrow

You are healing

Aurora you are liberating

Dear Aurora

As you fly across the sky announcing a new sun

A gleam appears to me as a swift burn

It reminds me I am always apart from you

But you will always be a part of me

Dear Aurora

I love you.
Giuliana Modugno
I know lately I ain’t been the same,
He was all I ever wanted. Alls I really ever needed.
This bottle’s my novocaine.
Al Melaskev
G oodness in the morning dew
O penness in the afternoon
O bstinate in the early night
D ay light fades to black
B eauty is in my dreams
Y earning for this all to change
E nding back to start a new.
Mrs Anybody
dear diary,

today i
fell in love
a stranger
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the day a poet  
falls in love with you
is the day
you know you will live
not in life
but in the love
that your poet
could never seem to
but will
give you
all of

Chris Saitta
Love not the empress curve of your cheek,
The many-storied, empty ziggurat of belief,
The man-handled, baked brick built so high,
Your grotty thighs are pasted with all your lovers,
Your lacquered heart is glazed by luminous grief,
Head-bearer of broken vases as your crown,
Filled with dry dust from liquid stars.
is wondering how the world works
does not know what to do
is abandoned in the universe full of meaningless
blames herself
is beautiful
A beautiful, frightened mess
is desperately searching for love and a purpose in life
we are all in this together. I don't know what I am saying though
Amanda Sant'Anna
It was monday night
When he wrote me a letter
With all the words he could not say
He filled his bag, and left me sleeping
I woke up empty
He told me he was evil
He told me he was saving me
And that he was doomed to be alone
I drank some coffee to taste the bitterness
If only he had asked me
I would have said I'm evil too
I would have said we could be dark together
I would have told him light is overrated
And that his eyes were enough to guide our way
But he just left
And I went to work
The computer screen was so bright
It made me sick
messy poem, just for self expression
can I be your morning coffee
right when you wake up

and your warm cup of tea
before you go to sleep

wishing I was the cup against your lips
held right below my hips

can I be the tears running down your cheeks
and the shadow right under your nose

can I be the music you listen to on a rainy day
and the dimple right below your eyes

can I be your breath after walking up the stairs
and your late nights completely unaware
of all the things I want to be to you

can I be yours?
Pink lip tint smeared on the cheeks
Sweet closeness beneath those cosmetic colours surface
Bringing forth the melody of spring
Nimisha Rana
I saw you standing there
I know you cannot bear
With weary eyes and skin so dry
You looked down wanting to cry

You want to hide in unknown places
Kept running away from your fears
Covering up your ears
To the words you don't want to hear

Storming days suddenly passed
You didn't moved until the sunlight flashed
You looked up and surveyed the sky
Finally found a reason to smile
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I want to save this Princess from Zimbabwe --
because she tells me it is my destiny,
and it is all in the email she sent me.

I want to save this Princess from Zimbabwe --
because she possesses many Riches,
and she has promised me all of them.

I want to save this Princess from Zimbabwe --
from her wretched uncle,
who will steal her wealth and lock her away.

I would save this Princess from Zimbabwe --
but she only needs my Government ID,
Bank Account and Social Security.
Hands up
Don't be shy
Say it out

   You hate the world!

Envy more
Stay jelous

But don't come
       And lonely
When everything is over
Ode to Ignorant humans who destroy mother Earth carelesly
and me,
we are,
unified souls,
simply, united,
an unbreakable set,
underway, sailing,
like ship and sea,
this two-way street,
and me,
we are,
us. [one].
XVI. Committed
your name is
forbidden in
my mouth
or in my heart
because when
i think about

i'll cry a little more,
hurt a little stronger
love a little softer
because you no longer
make me feel sober

i'm drunk on the
memory of you
if only i could chase you with pizza but shots don't work like that
Hugo Pierce
I am swimming in an endless ocean
At the mercy of temperamental waters
My effort dictated by an apathetic sea
The volatile storms give reason to my struggle
But when the crashing waves cease
And the tide is still
I wonder why I am even swimming
There is no land in sight
No clear direction
Yet if I desist
I begin to drown
Sometimes I just hold my breath
Sink into the depths of despair
Just as I am ready to accept my demise
My toes brush the jagged coral
I mustn't rest on this bed
Or I'll sleep forever
I muster what little energy I have left
Launching off the seabed
Ascending through the pain
Gasping for air at the surface
Relief washes over me
I have escaped the jaws of death once more
Only to end up back here
Swimming in the endless ocean.
This poem depicts the struggles of suicidal depression. The way each day can seem like you are constantly at war with yourself just to maintain your sanity and repress the thoughts that try to take over. The bad days often better than the good because you have a justifiable reason to feel bad. Often you get tired and can want to sink into the dark place rather than fight it, but it can get so bad that you are ready to give up. Usually, at this moment you find a reason to survive and carry on. When you have reached rock bottom, it's either do or die. You work to pick yourself up and put the pieces back together, start getting out of bed, eating again and exercising, only to end up back where you started, fighting each day just to be ok.

Scar on regal heart
Her brightness shields her venom
Words she built shall break

New day, new haiku!
This one is for Phaedra, a Cretan Princess and sister of Ariadnê.
Though I know of her, she is one woman of myth I do not like.
After her sister ran off with Theseus, Phaedra herself fell in love with his son, Hippolytus. When he rejected her, she decided to write a letter to Theseus, saying that he had violated her and Hippolytus was killed.

Now the matter of his death varies from myth to myth. In one variant, his father cursed him, using one of Poseidon's curses to do so - i.e. a sea creature dragged him to his watery death. In another variant, his own father ended his own life, and another said that Dionysus sent a bull to do the deed.

To make things worse, Phaedra was his STEP-MOTHER, the second wife to Theseus. *Lyn gaves herself a big facepalm*
Given all this, strangely, she was seen as a tragic character in mythology. Personally, I don’t understand why because I found her to be spiteful [and that honestly hasn’t changed when I read more on WHY she was so ‘tragic’].

In a small variant myth, Hippolytus rejected the Goddess of Love herself to stay faithful to Artemis, for his faith in her was unshakeable. [I still find that to be very admirable as hell.] As expected, Aphrodite was enraged by his ‘snub’ and to punish him, she cursed Phaedra to fall for him. So
I think what makes me dislike her is the whole ‘If I can’t have him, no one can’ attitude. Just because of his willingness to honour a goddess, to stay faithful to her, a woman [or women] sought to effectively destroy him for it! And what better way than with her words, right? Words may be light but they carry so much weight, this applies to us all. Everyone one regardless of gender.

They are the most powerful and dangerous thing in the world in my opinion. Ironically, the name Phaedra is derived from the word ‘phaidros’, meaning "bright" and well, I don’t see much that is bright about her because shes not being painted in a good light. [Pun intended!]

There is a variant myth of Theseus taking Hippolytus’ life after reading Phaedra’s letter and in her grief, she took her own as that is not what she wanted.

I suppose what makes me dislike her is how situations like this happen in day to day life, which is not only sad but also really scary too. Even with the myth of her doing what she did because she was cursed by Aphrodite, to me that is no justification. Words are like actions, they all have consequences. I know we are all human and all, but the lesson I took from this is to mind what I said because it may come back to haunt me. At some point in our lives, we have all said something that we regret. But we live and learn and grow. Especially in this day and age now.

Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
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Much love,
Lyn 💜
I can hear what it sounded like
A million years ago
It was quieter
I can hear a pine needle drop
On the rain battered forest ground
It sounds like the barely audible clink
Of harmonics on a guitar
There is probably greatest virtue in the surrender
Of rustling trees blown by archaic winds  
We could all learn from that sound
To be carefree and beautiful
in the hands of nature and time
Words' Worth
Let us say
As love is mysterious this way
Because I want you to stay

No courage to finish the sentence
There was an angel who fell from the sky
And I mended his broken wings
But it pained me so
When he had to leave
He blessed me goodbye
And kissed me on the cheek
And promised that
He’d come back for me
a late-night written poem
Rupert Pip
Break my bones;
cut my throat.
Pull me open,
learn the ropes.

Breath me in;
taste the fear.
Shank my skin;
stand and cheer.

Kick my head;
let me bleed.
Unbolt my veins;
enjoy the read.

Gouge my eyes;
punch my face.
Wrap me up
in your embrace.
Get to know me like I do you; inside and out.
Nidhi Jaiswal
In rain
when i weep
who understand my tears on rainy water
The thought came on my mind,When i'm in rain and i wish..susshhh
someone in my life who understand when i weep ..they feel
Thanks for reading.
Kelly Hogan
I was told long ago
That my light would attract others.
Maybe that's why I love moths so much.
Fluttering in and out of lives, maybe I am the light and a moth.
believed that she was rare
only to realize
she's one of a kind
sitting inside when the sun is out
close all the curtains for shade
i know the highs gonna come down
i'm sure by noon there'll be rain
so whose pocket
does the universe fold up and fit into?

it could be yours,
if the music hits you at just the right moment
eternalizing the moment in which you were Ready...

you'll know because
a piece of that infinity will break off
and collide with your brain,
reminding you it's really yours--
no strings attached:

this is a steady stream of gravity,
winding through fields of Paradoxes,
rolling into a world...
where that's what they call


i hesitate to face the music,
to me it seems locked up, strange
cold, exclusive, mocking

this can't be the one
that fits in my pocket...

but what's reaching me from across the rift,
over fields of Paradox-daisies
yes, up through the sewer drains!
and straight to my brain?

Aquarius, with her basket of water from Anywhere
taking me just a little closer with every drop
stretching the limit, the border, the shape
illusion soup

now the f- f- fold is ... easy

did i stutter?
answer that one til your savior comes with a sickle,
a novelty, or (dare i say it?)
an improvement.

and you were so sure it wasn't me.

an ineffable kernel belied your definition.
you are formlessness pulling on the fabric just so,
giving rise to form
drinking foreign waters
and not at all considering every possible dimension!
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