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Please don't say it.
I can't return it.
You should run and hide.
Please stop, you don't understand.
I'm not a good person.
Don't give me that power,
I can't handle it.
If you love me,
Don't trust me.
Meredith Ann
I'm finding room
for less and less pity for you.

However, this makes my remaining feelings all the more infuriating.
Kora Sani
you weave
my words
into a noose
around your neck

i watch
from below
as you take
your last step
Marla Toledez
You can't stay young forever

Life will try to leave you behind anyways
Mary Gay Kearns
Few people can be beleived
The lips are packed with lies
Words fall as if manœuvred
To benefit selfishness’s world.

I carry the dust of deceitful
tongues, swollen, diseased
Where is cleanliness left?
‘The dog’s bowl at the door’.

Love Mary ***
"Come to me," he said one night,
and I will make your world alright;
"I will fill your heart with love,
my precious, little, snow white Dove."
I will calm your weary soul,
never will you feel alone;
Protect you from all types of harm,
wrap you in my arms of warmth.
Cuddle you when you're afraid,
give you what you've always craved;
Dry the many tears you've cried,
give you comfort, give you pride.
I will do all this for you,
because my dear, I love you true;
And if you should e'er need a friend,
on me you can always depend.
Gretchen Lynch
The only answer
Is that we will never
Have any answers
sometimes times things just happen like that
and there's nothing you can do
sitting back while watching the storm pass
but it still destroys you
the only way to save yourself
is to let the poison go
but even then someone else
could deal you a lethal dose
Nolan W
A lovely tree, so carefree,
In serene tranquility,
With it I would spend my day
And let come whatever may.
I don’t have much else to say
Just leave me be, by my tree.
I think I see something in the bark and the leaves
Rama Krsna
seems just a little less
the melody of my flute
the fragrance of the roses
the stars in the night sky
even the wetness of water
just a little less
without you there
my crescent bearing goddess

© 2019
Though it is known that the stars would never worship the sun, she is very important to me.
He wrote her a song, but it never got finished
They both fell in love, but it was soon diminished
She sits on his bed and cries in his lap
He cries back at her, knowing they can't go back.
For some it was poetry
   For me, it was bits and pieces of you
   More of you...and less of me
No, it was everything about you
~I miss bits and pieces of you.
   I miss all about you.
You're my sunshine
When outside
Is just wind and rain

I blow a deep breath
And spell your name on a windowpane.
Nettie Schulte
The robin in the tree
Says with a chirp-cherrie
Spread your wings
And fly young things!
Thanks for reading!
Buried Words
I want to feel this way because,
I don’t know what other way there is to feel.
Jon York
Everyone wants to
                      be the sun,
         to brighten up someones
                 life, but why not
           be the moon to shine
                   on someones
                   darkest hour?

                 And if you are
        to love, love like the moon
                 loves. It doesn't
            steal  the night.  It  only
                 unveils the beauty
                     of the days

                  Love me like
           the moon intended, all
              the  way  through
                   the darkness.

                 The sun loves
            the  moon  so  much,
                 he dies every
          night to let her breathe.

             Never save things
          for special occasions.
                Being alive is
        the only special occasion
                       there is.
                                                                                            Jon York   2019
esther fraser
i fell for you and you only watched.

Your soul is the moon after dawn
A vapour who sings of love as well as pain
A delicate blossom that twirls with zephyrs
Fragrant and enriched by the snow's kiss
The geese have fled from iced lakes
long preserved with whispers of old
In the shade of bamboo, my flute is heard,
carried to you by the frost-kissed air
Your soul, a vapour, the moon after dawn
Hear my hymn of peace,
till winters turn to fawn

My head's still in the clouds! ^-^
I'm trying SO HARD not to freak out about my media course interview...
Lyn ***
Beauty of the moon
Lady of the star filled night
Sunlight does display
Though its true form and splendor
By its phase remains unchanged
Tanka form
You bite the bullet and hold the gun
But you stand in front of the mirror all day
Acting stunned
Help! Cried the money
I am looking for my worth
I feel so empty
Tyler standish
You wanted freedom and now you have it
As I sit here and wonder what happened?
Our love so deep it held us together
Until the time came that we had to ask
Are we better?
Are you happy?
I hope you’re happy.
After months of sleeping next to you, today I woke up, rolled over to see your face, and was __.

a) in love
b) complete
c) nervous
d) alone
e) all of the above
Grace Spellman
hey you
we haven't really talked
in a while
which is funny because
i've memorized every inch of your profile
the softness of your deep eyes
that you hate so much
that i sometimes hate too
lately i just feel so far away from you
pull and tug
tug and pull
why won't you just let me
make your heart full?

on and off as we are, you're the only one i'll ever want. ****** loyal for you bby.
I'm stuck between the
past and the future.
memories and dreams
life and death.
ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew
someday it will
come again.
someday someone
will come in.

a star
with the deepest depths in the eyes
with the gentlest of breaths
and endless soul in the smile

one day
i'll forgive this pain
not forget -
we are all destined to love again, i am sure
Another page fades
Another face aged
Over and under, again and beyond
In time we wither, till we are gone
And unto the meadows, dead with a song
It shall not be long, until we are done.

"They all love, as they dig my grave
They find love, as they dig my grave
We find love, as they dig my grave
As they dig my grave away"

In time, even ashes dissapear.

April 23 2019
May your grave grow deeper still
Nobody, will be there to mourn us
Just the black screen, of game over
And never again, shall we be

all our life, memories, thoughts, dreams, actions
Erased for eternity, not even time will remember us
I’m getting there
Step by step
Breath after breath
I’m reaching there
To the place
Where i once was
Not a stranger to myself.
Laura Duran
I wish I were made of stone
So your words would never hurt me
I wish I were cold as ice
Then maybe I wouldn't be lonely

I wish I were made of steel
So my strength would never waver
If only I could turn back the clock
To a time when I felt safer

But I'm only flesh and bone
And your words have left me bleeding
My heart is torn apart
It's a wonder it's still beating

You made up your mind
Given me your final answer
What we shared is in the past
Time to write a brand new chapter

I will fix my broken heart
Some how glue it back together
It may never be the same
It'll bare this scar forever

But I'll be strong, I'll be alright
Though I'm not as hard as steel
And I can't turn back the clock
In heart will heal
If a third of the number of the angels fell with the ancient dragon, then to which masquerading angel do you hook your wagon?
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
‘are you lonely?’
my reflection asks,
her fingertips touching mine.
‘no,’ i smile

‘i have you.’
maybe my own company isn’t so bad after all.
Somewhere between joy and frustration
Between reality and imagination
Between love and hate, day and night, black and white
That’s where we are
So close but so far
Julie Rogers
And some change
That I’ve been waiting for
Shove it deep into my pocket
Next to letters scribbled
On the back of a receipt
Letters destined for a screen
Two tacos and a tea
Cat food and Zoloft
All my favorite things
Am I happy yet?
Am I happy yet?
Am I happy yet?
Bus Poet Stop
~for those who will read this and weep~

the quiet ones,
the silent Job ones,
who quote not from the
Book of Lamentations,
but author their own,
based on-the-Job experience

localized versions of cryptic elegiacs
accepting the wooden crosses borne,
stepping up to the
unrequested unforeseen,
then buried under, burnt alive,
yet never relieved by dying,
nailed by words, stronger than iron,
promises sworn, promises kept
with no ending date relief,
promises by and to themselves,
but not for themselves!

the wearers of crystal glass shackles,
adorned with decorative locks for which
no key did the maker make,
nor any divine creator
dare conceive an early release,
never no escape contemplated,
for the lock human, unrepentant unbreakable,
a decorative useless metaphor gesture,
a blunt “life *****” advertisement

I compose amidst a
bus pond of mismatched city folk,
a tapestry of ages colors and differing views on god/no god,
none would believe that as the bus sways me,
it’s in rhythm to holy choral music,
hundreds year old,
divinity masses and motets worships,
where one human can hide temporarily
a safe house,
to calm his questioning relentless
from the horrors of no answers,
for when the mind has no solution
to the rough and tumbling lives,
lived in glass shackled confinement,
the poets desperation equals theirs

summon eagles to transport these imprisoned,
but the shackled refuse,
I come to them but they wave me off,
I go crazy for once I was enslaved,
thirty years war that left devastation,
from which so many poems created

so I speak with heightened regard
of one who planned futures for others where his
non-existence was a founding father (ha!)

but the day came and
I was released by my own inactions,
but means nothing until a way to
away found
to release the yet bound early

got a couch, airline miles, hundred dollars
in my pocket and an unrelenting need
to save them, a consumption disease,
the glass shackled, at ease,
won’t rest till all are freed
this my creed
no one left behind

these cyber words do not mock
for they are unbounded, set free,
the flesh connects and the needs of the flesh
are stronger for they are in heart conceived
i owe myself
an apology
for who i used to be
and a promise
for what i will become
Each year
We get a little older
Some might
"More mature"
"More grown"
But that's not it
We celebrate so much now
This day seems normal
The biggest day of our lives
Our Birthdays
Seem normal
We party to much
and care too little
We celebrate
getting closer to death
almost meeting death
and finally
meeting death
So much celebration for one day
Today's my birthday so as I thought about the meaning of birthdays I came up with this, sorry its a bit sloppy but its a quick free write. Hope ya'll enjoy it!
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