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Maybe there’s something between us.
A fire that we kindle but try to put out as if we are ashamed,
Blinded by the light.
But as that fire grows larger,
It becomes harder to control.
At some point,
We must accept the warmth that the flames bring us.
Every day I try and keep these feelings at bay.
Rising sun, you awaken me
Peace, love and serenity
Warm to the touch; you caress me
Pulling me towards you, so gently
This feeling so amazing and fulfilling
There may be so many other meanings
But today, as every other day, you've raised me
With each day, there's many more reasons for Thanksgiving
I am living
Dr Peter Lim
The pursuit is in vain
the journey a fantasy
to my inner sanctum I should return
where resides the true me-

everywhere is the clamour
'  this is the true philosophy
   do not walk in error
   this will set you free'

  the public well is poisonous
  drinking therefrom leads to malady
  give me the pure rain-water
   it will keep me healthy--

   alone in the deepest silence of night
   untainted by the voice of rude humanity
   with the moon and stars as company
   I am content and blessed in my serenity.
Commuter Poet
I lie
Observing pulses of pink
And purple light
Behind closed eyelids

I wait on the surface of the earth
Ready to drop into the empty abyss
Of earthlessness below

My mind
Gradually loosens its grip
On the present
And I am no longer here
I am gone
To a better, deeper place
Where I am playful, rested, relaxed

Until, your voice calls me back
And I must return to my feet
13th November 2019
Knowledge Variable
why do I struggle
to be in awe that
I'm alive?
I mean
I suppose love is a disease.

there are the symptoms,
the racing heart
constant thoughts,
and if your a writer
countless poems dedicated to them
or your love.

I suppose love is a disease
but if its you,
its not one I would mine
New Age Traveller
I saw a promise
In a single stare
eyes whispering with certainty
a feeling we both could share.
Your beautiful brown eyes
A window to your soul
I can tell you everything
My mommy, my friend

I know you love me, unconditionally
It is the one certainty
I have always known
Your love for me never questioned

Mommy, you are my anchor
In my happy days
And my darkest days
My mommy, I love you unconditionally
Why i always fall for the funny ones?
I don’t know
If I believe in soulmates
Or fate

But if you told me
That something
Or someone
Had planned for us to meet
And made each of us
For the other

My darling I don’t know
If I would be able
To argue

You are
Everything I always dreamed of
I could’ve never imagined
ok okay
Depression is numbness
Anxiety is pain
When they are mixed
It is like fire and rain
Except the fire never goes out
And the rain only becomes heavier
3am thoughts
You said I amuse you
Ok I'll be your clown

I could do worse
Than turning frowns
Upside down

Cast your eyes on me
From your golden throne

I'll play the jester
Sing tales of the unknown
Ashly Kocher
The moment when
Everything is
But yet it’s
Into place
where does this anger come from?
Ray Dunn
your heart
breaks different
when it beats
idk something that just popped into my head
xavier thomas
When I wake up in the morning, you’re the first thing that’s on my mind.
I get out of bed, stretch real good, & yawn real loud so that you can hear me breathing.
I rush to the bathroom, quickly brush my teeth, wash my face, & run straight for you.
Running down the hallway, staring at your door, only to open it slowly to see if you’re awake.
I peek my head around the corner...
You’re eyes open as they lock onto mines with such joy.
Happiness appears on your face, reaching out for me.
Happiness upon my face, as my heart skips a beat.
Amazed with such excitement, I run as fast as I can screaming out a laugher.
We hug & kiss knowing that’s one of my favorite things.
When I wake up in the morning, our first words are:
—“I love you mommy”
—“I love baby”
We must not give up
when the road has become rugged
there is so much more
to see
to feel
to taste
to hear
to smell
there is so much magic
waiting to be found
and troavaille.
The elegance of this world
is so much more
than the pain
that we feel within
Random Guy
don't know where to go
yet i'm here in this journey
haikus are hard, *****
Carlo C Gomez
the best things in life are free tax
...and recycling fee
Slightly Lovely
You, are not broken.
You will rise again,
so close this book and
guys, im like really fcking sad
Ashlyn Rimsky
In the night
When eyes do not shut
She rides ships
That no longer sail
Explores waters
Unknown or Forgotten
Remembers that the moon
Is a reflection of the Sun
Rises oceans
Always waving
reach for the tides and fall,
            lord can hear me drowning
reach for your love and all
but im still 'lone frowning

break my bones
break my heart
now i cant reach

healing slow
healing fine
at a beach

of religion
and i still want sin
but my world's too thin

             this world's fabric
was designed to
           break your heart and
steal your time too

           what do you still reach for
            with your tears on the floor
said' you'll be safe if you lock the door
but the lies you tell yourself
                                      are so poor

       money is just too thin
to leave you full of happiness
and its true i hate myself
thats why i want you
                                          wanting isnt a need
                                           needing is just a greed
what do i still reach for
with my tears all on my hands
said' ill be good alone
              said' ill be good away from others
Wrap my throat with barbed wire
clip my tongue and yank it out
sew my lips and make me
Jo Pietersen
the wrong one
will find you in peace
and end up leaving you in pieces

only the right one
can find you in pieces
and guide you to peace
Quinn Adaire
“Sanity is not statistical”
According to George Orwell
You cannot measure
Human brain-power
Or any of the like.

No percents
Or dotted graphs
Can show you if you’re crazy.

You might be the crazy one
Or the world is the one who’s wrong.
Rangzeb Hussain
From the heights of freedom's songs,
Seated upon a throne crafted by time,

The plague of war wasting away nations,
Through this darkness a glimmer of light,

The Beloved's uncaged domain,
Solitude breathes over the soul,

A bird sang and a song was heard,
The delicate music so still and lyrical,

Peace was the precious melody,
Glittering unity for one and all.
Manan sheel
Sometimes, I feel
that the modern world
has traded love, for clarity...

has traded flowery gardens,
for deserts.
has traded stars,
for a picture of stars.
has traded dance and songs,
for analysis.
has traded ecstasy,
for mere control.
has traded heart,
for mind.

has traded life,
for death...

© Manan sheel.
Whether a comma, or colon:
Punctuation slows my rolling
I need no period. When I end
no Capitalization when I begin
Rulelessly I flow my art
  Not a single!
Explanation mark
Are you not the one
Who'll know?
Where a question mark
No longer goes

Warp the structure
Bend the lines
Put in repeat
Let emotion unwind
Make yourself
Your poetry's the best
Be your own ruler
Pass your own test

Take your own road
Where ever it leads
Lover or hater
It's all poetry!
Traveler Tim
No matter who you are
You have my deepest respect
I love you all!!

Welcome aboard newbies!!!

Who said explanation marks were merely laughing at your own joke?!

Actually my grand daughter gave me this poem!
Radhika Krishna
I'm thankful
for the
second person
living inside of me,
because i'm lonely
Who would I tell
all my troubles to?
DM Jones
Etched forever in this darkened heart
is the day I woke up to a

All sorrow and destruction hit me
like a wild untamed stallion in an uncontrollable

Dragged through broken glass as I
Stare wide eyed in terror and sad solitude,

Send help...
and i miss that feeling,
i miss that time,
i miss my love,
and i miss those eyes.
Vin DeStefano
You fear you've lost,
Your love at last.
That your full heart,
has come to pass.
The time well spent,
Was not in vain.
The memories made,
Will now sustain.
Hearts will heal,
Mend and restore.
In God, at last,
Do not ignore.
melanie jackson
i sit alone
in a room full of people
i observe the groups
they laugh, they talk
i sit silently trapped
inside a cell i made myself
inside my head
i scream wanting to leave
wanting someone to save me
but lower i fall
i can fake a smile
fake a laugh but
what no one sees is the girl inside
but still i say i'm living
i can say i'm fine
but one day
when im older
i will defeat depression
As deep calls to deep
Earth to sky
Heart to clearing mind
Clouded atmosphere to crying eyes
So also does my breath in quiet panting
Catch itself within my chest
When you are revealed in celestial being as
And your starlight veil has come to pass
Really pretty vision
Jordan Norwood
Stars above,
glistening the sky.
Golden teardrops fall from high.
The weary moon begins to die,
As the city sings a silent lullaby.

The wind blows soft,
the leaves flow far.
The night falls and tumbles hard.
The stars align,
the moon now cries,
As the city sings a silent lullaby.

The sun slowly rises.
The stars slowly die.
The night loses feeling,
the day comes alive.
Morning creeps slowly,
night falls behind.
As the city sings a silent lullaby.
She's an unknown girl
Puts a smile on when she's ready
Walks past you fierce and steady
And you will never know what's going on
She's the one with broken limbs
Scratches and scars cover her skin
And she still remains an unknown girl
That's all she is to the world
Because the earth’s round
Doesn’t mean it’s  having a ball.

Because waves crash
Doesn’t mean that they aren’t in control.

Because the sea is deep
Doesn’t mean that it’s thoughtful

Because land meets the sea
Doesn’t mean that they agree

Because you float my boat
Doesn’t make me the captain.
Five little ten worders to ponder.
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