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Palak Datta
☆                             ☆                           ☆
T                            H                          E
c r             own   I      we            ar
  c a        n  not  b e     s  e      en;
T h e   K i  n  g   d     o m     I  
    r u l e     stays      hid den.  
  c         a       V      i     t       y
  created by my Queen;
Depicts   the    LOVE
 that was forbidden.
Love is a tragedy!
We grew apart;
With bruises in our hearts.
We were fated;
To be separated.
Fierce comfort of night
blizzard covers my regret
in blue hush, gently.
Mary Anne Norton
There you sit
Paper and pen.
In hand
Ready to write
For you so much easier
Then talking to a
Human being
How come you can't
What you so eloquently
Put on paper
Wisdom Osikwemhe
You make me sad
And you make me mad
You fill my life with sorrow
And you take away all my goals
So I need an escape
I need a drink
But I am not old enough
They say, to drink
So I'll just drown myself
I the sorrow that I have
Kronos laughs.
He sent you,
my other half,
my missing piece,
the air in my lungs,
the reason
my heart beats.
He sent you at the wrong time,
and theres not a thing I can do
to turn back the clock,
to get you back.
My helplessness
consumes me.
Hope is lost.
to have the right person come into your life at the wrong time.
charles bateman
the still morning slumber , the thousand yard stare , the children eat ashes but why should we care ?  the mephitic bodies lye dead on the floor , ten to a pile we make room for more .  Repine by nature , why shouldn't we be . we open our eye's still we're to blind to see . To the lost and those hurting that need to be heard , to offer them healing and a couple kind words . So kneel at the alter , acknowledge your shame , brother forgive me and I'll do the same .
J-J Johnson
My grandpa
             Words he gave
                            To me once upon a full moon
“Son” he said
            “When you go into this life”
“Remember, that love is a language “
             “So find, my son, find someone”
                     “Who speaks your language “
      “So you don’t have to translate your soul”
I looked up at the ceiling
and imagined the stars

as if I was lying on the ground
with the universe around me

As if the wounds
and words
never existed at all
Whether a comma, or colon:
Punctuation slows my rolling
I need no period. When I end
no Capitalization when I begin
Rulelessly I flow my art
  Not a single!
Exclamation mark
Are you not the one
Who'll know?
Where a question mark
No longer goes

Warp the structure
Bend the lines
Put in repeat
Let emotion unwind
Make yourself
Your poetry's the best
Be your own ruler
Pass your own test

Take your own road
Where ever it leads
Lover or hater
It's all poetry!
Traveler Tim
No matter who you are
You have my deepest respect!
I attend college in an apocalypse
I'm planning for a future that doesn't exist
Paying these grandiose establishments
So they can give me a piece of paper
A modern day participation award
this was in my drafts and I don't love it but I'm posting it anyways
I learned
to plant the seeds
of happiness.
There are flowers
where the scars
used to be.

My mind is floating in the breeze
I feel my limbs grow weak
I want to rid of this disease
Is it bad to feel at ease?

I read another poem today
A painful death, note left behind
but I connected with it anyway
Is it wrong to feel this way?

I want to feel emotions
to be able to shed some tears
now I feel like I am broken
Is it wise to remain unspoken?
Dreamer in Hell
"I am so sick of escaping from reality!" he screamed loudly and went to take a nap.
The days may die but the mission never ages
It is heavier than the world
Keep the light on
Jeremy Stacy
I pondered on my emotion as the locomotive set itself in motion
a train ride by the ocean was the remedy I had chosen
observing a tides devotion to a seasides erosion
identified the notion that I cause my own implosion
Instagram jst490_poetry
sunset blood drains
from transient clouds
as a bone-white moon
hangs in haughty defiance
over a jaundiced prairie

and as the life-giving sun
descends into its earthly grave
centuries of ghosts
whisper their secrets
on the northern wind

they speak only of yesterday
having forgotten
the life of the present
and the promise of tomorrow
as darkness gathers
Ryan O'Leary
The surest way of
legitimising a lie
is by making the
truth unbelievable.

waves crashing amidst foam
the sky lost behind cloud
an ocean swelled in my lungs
when her voice spoke aloud
those waters pulled me under
and as i drowned, i gazed above
her magic, unlike any other;
an unspeakable kind of love

To write of love
Is to be naked
To be seen

To be open
And vulnerable
It is terrifying
Broke my wings
So I couldn’t


So I stole his soul
So he couldn’t

Bethany M P
The sand shifts beneath your feet,
Your heart relaxes to a quiet beat,
The waters seem to breathe day and night,
Close your eyes take it in do not fight,
The wind satisfies your soul,
Just relax now you've played your role,
Touch the sand now scoop it up,
Hold it in your hands and form a cup,
Now let it seep through towards the sandy ground,
Your soul was lost but now its found,
The weather you desire will come your way,
Just stand closer to the bay,
Soon life will be eternal for you and me,
Look beyond the ocean and tell me what you see.
                          -open heart poetry
I came,
You saw,
I smiled,
And you fell,
In love..
September 2020
grumpy thumb
If I could
I'd take your smile
put it away until times weren't kind
I'd add it to the wink you left behind
That would carry me through most anything.

If I could
I'd preserve your kiss
Keep it safe until times of loneliness
Reminds me distance keeps you from me
I'd open the lid and let the touch
Carry me to you
Jennifer Ale
Did you enjoy the fire?
The burn that kept you alive,
the wild that made you see
that love lived in her eyes.

We meet again, o' demoted one
at the impasse of our darkest thoughts,
once destined to fly far above-
If only dreams were a metaphor for our love...

You lost her once, you said
now you converse through blank pages
in your head. Trapped by a blessings' curse,
her love was rare, you see... like this verse.

Jennifer Alé
John Wiley
The breeze is fretful today,
typical of early Spring,
sunburst from drifting clouds,
and I sit musing
of winter gone,
hot summer days to come,
red dust stirring on the wind,
the dry land baking in the sun.
your name is
forbidden in
my mouth
or in my heart
because when
i think about

i'll cry a little more,
hurt a little stronger
love a little softer
because you no longer
make me feel sober

i'm drunk on the
memory of you
if only i could chase you with pizza but shots don't work like that
keila skie
I know
You care about me
10 more people do
Yet I can't get rid
Of this feeling
Of doom

I know
I have you
10 more people too
Yet I can't find a person
To talk to
late at night
Joanne Yuan
do butterfly wings
rip at the seams?
just paper scraps
My heart is crying
My mind is screaming
Daddy let me go
Let me go
He says no
You have to watch this
I say
Daddy  do you love me now
He says no
The triggered memorey
Ugo Victor
... And when
They promise you forever
Don't overthink it.

Forever is a second,
an hour and a day.

Forever is until it ends.


Cherish every moment.
Kafir Hucks
I am a figment of my own imagination,
I am well aware of my own non-existence.
Not everything needs a poem
it’s already

good enough.
Rupert Pip
Break my bones;
cut my throat.
Pull me open,
learn the ropes.

Breath me in;
taste the fear.
Shank my skin;
stand and cheer.

Kick my head;
let me bleed.
Unbolt my veins;
enjoy the read.

Gouge my eyes;
punch my face.
Wrap me up
in your embrace.
Get to know me like I do you; inside and out.
If you could read my mind,
You’d see a thousand papers
Filled with broken poetries
And deadbeat proses
Full of woeful verses
With mournful pieces
Of unfinished stories
That are yet to be written
And failed to be spoken;
If you could read my mind,
You’d hear horrible screams
And earsplitting weeps
From shattered dreams,
Kept in a nasty notepad,
Scribbled on a bed
Of bloodstained words,
Ringing in my head.
If you could read my mind,
You’d see the shadows
That lurk within me;
You’d hear the bellows,
Screeching the words
“I’m tired,”
“I’m a failure,”
“I’m stupid –”
I know it sounds stupid,
It’s pathetically foolish
And seems like *******.
If you could read my mind,
You’d feel the tears
I had ever failed to cry;
You’d see the people
That make the weak weaker;
You’d see the monsters
That consume my head;
You’d hear the hollers
That failed to be freed;
You’d see the heart
That still bleeds and bleeds.
If you could read my mind,
You’d see the face
I’ve failed to show back then,
The face I’ve faked back then.
If you could read my mind,
You’d see a character
I had ever failed to become
If you could read my mind,
You’d be able to read
A book you never wished
To touch and read,
But sometimes I still wish
Someone could read my mind.
charles bateman
The jagged edge of a single thought will rip open the flesh ,unrelenting agony at the hands of a heart breaker .
I search my soul at the inner most parts , truth unfolds hardly making a sound , lie's to pass the time , ugly is your deceit .
Your reward shall be utter torment for you would not suffer me to weep as I lost all that I love . Oh my soul why are you down cast ?
You have never known the warmth of true love , you struggle as a fish in a net . When will I be shown mercy ? Where is my portion of bread ? I will not eat it for it is full of discontent , I will not drink the blood of wrath which is given without mixture , but here I sit and wait to be free.
A friend of mine told me
I write when I’m sad
She said it is as if I am in pain
And I said when I write it rains
When I put the pen on paper the clouds get dark
And when I stop
The birds of the sky sings
Coming out to play as the sun is out
I am randomly getting feelings
of impending doom

As if the world will
End tonight
As if someone I love
Will leave me today
As if there is no
I don’t know the names of your children and can’t recall your husband’s face outside of the fact that he has a square jaw and like me he is not classically beautiful
My tongue remembers the spaces between each of your teeth and the distance between your breast and navel is near that of your earlobe and collar bone
Please forgive me for never being able to imagine you conventional a woman who keeps house and walks a family dog before putting kids to bed
I remember the heat of your fingertips and your eyes unblinking wild that summer we jumped fences to explore the intimacy of our friendship
I saw your skin glistening under water moon-drenched and held the small of your back in my palm my heartbeat felt in every part of me
Lips stained mouthfuls of dirt cheap wine sediment on our tongues swirling toward the bottom as we pulled air from each other’s lungs
WIP - would love feedback
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

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