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Sparkle in Wisdom
Do I have a tongue,
Can I speak too?
In this strange world,
Am I a human too?

Do I have a heart,
Can I live too?
In this strange land,
Am I alive too?

In the midst of Oblivion,
I search my visions,
I once used to dream,
As a young teenager,
In Sea of Paro s
I try to remember,
The faces of people
I had once lived with
Father, mother, brother
Of all those people
I had once called family.

I came here as girl,
I am shared in the family,
I born plenty children,
I am sold and re-sold
In and around
To any men who
Can afford to buy,
I am kept but
Seldom married,
Each street have
it's own paro,
They all have
But the same story.

After some years
I cease to exist,
For the people
Who bought me
I am an old cattle
Who no longer
give them pleasure,
I am now a burden
A liability soon
To be shedded..

They don't throw
me though,
They leave me alone
In a small room,
I have become a mother
Of a girl or two
I have new family
But no identity
fits me ever,
When I come here
I became a Paro,
When my times up
I die a Paro!!

Paro is short for
Pardesi, a foreigner,
I am the girl
Bought for men
From another land
Into there land,
To born son's
For there motherland.

This is ordeal of
A soul that once lived,
Now it's just a body
With no role,
No fiction this
It's a real story
A reality of some
Distant land !!

That land for you
Is so very strange
Where eight young man
**** a pregnant goat!
And the strangest
thing is they
go away and
Roam scot free..!!

Soon the elders in the village
Will have a big meet,
They will give compensation
To the owner of the goat,
And free from the sin
There precious young boys
The martyred goat
Will also have new name,
And so it will soon
Be christened to
A new species of
a first of it's kind
A Welcome from
an animal world!!

And so I ask again
Do I really exist?
What form of life
Do I have here?
In this strange land
Are they human too??
Does even a little atleast
A thing called
Humanity exist???

Sparkle in Wisdom.
Timur Shamatov
I watch you smile for the last time
Your fragile heart is growing still
With tear soaked eyes
I place my lips upon your brow to say goodbye
One final breath and then you’re gone
I look to the sky about to see you off
Across the line your soul has passed
Through darkness into light
You take your place in galaxy of stars
And it fills my heart with loving joy as
You ascend to Heaven’s Gates above
Wrote this for a friend who’s grandmother has passed away.... imagining how she felt as she watched her loved one move on.
If there was one word
One word, isolated by itself
That I cannot stand above all others
It would have to be "Okay"
I despise "Okay"
Is how your millionth day at work went
Is off-brand raisin bran
Is how you say school is going
When you don't want to admit you spend
Every second of it
Wanting to die

Is packed to the brim with
Hidden implications
Like a treasure chest
Filled with bottles
With little subliminal hatreds
Written on tiny slips of paper
Passively aggressively pushed inside
To discover later
As I pull out a treasure map
And try to decipher
Where I went wrong

Is a one word dismissal
That feels like an essay a thousand pages long
Is a poison dripping with disinterest
When I dared to share with you
Something I thought might make you smile
Is like trying to talk to a wall
While watching the paint on it dry
Takes two seconds to write
Yet I waited days
For that dreaded word
To grace my notifications
Should be used sparingly
As if each time you send it
You **** the receiver just a little bit
Should not be said so often that
I know what you're about to say
Like I saw it in a crystal ball
Is not looking up from your phone
When I tell you about my day
Is not the proper response
To "I love you"

They say that the opposite of love isn't hatred
It's indifference
And I can't think of a response
More indifferent to pouring out
My heart into your hands
Than "Okay"
At least the last thing you said to me
Before we parted ways
Showed that you cared
At least a little bit
"I hate you"
Stung less
Than the thousands of times
Over our countless conversations
You responded
Dennis Willis
Things get out
'at shouldn't

izzat a melting inkyness
rubbing its catness

on your
put together

put on
we know

what's melting
on the sofa

finger fast
nightless time

searches me
for day's devil

I have it here
with me now

I'll run right

Copyright@2018 Dennis Willis
her marked atonement
for many a crime
seemed to console them
at least for a time

but soon that too faded
right back to the dark
right back to the epithet
the Beast with no Heart

that gave her no option
but to whip up a spell
for that is all she knew
that devious belle

the noxious, thick vapors
soon spread like a fog
and none were the wiser
A Queen’s monologue
Miss you, you
are my sunlight
the rays of unlimited warmth
now gone cold
as my long hair grays
becoming vast storm clouds
waiting for the coldness,
to take over
So we are reunited,
once again
wake up wanting to cut your ear off. the moons the only thing laughing at you for not being able to sleep. you're reminded of the eyes you've fell for. sway with them for a bit. drink red paint to ease the pain. cut it off. give it to some girl you just met. playing only the white notes on a piano. drink more paint. cut off the nose this time. give it some other girl you just met. read Tolstoy. to ease the pain.
Poetic T
We are all hurricanes with a tight environment,
             Sometimes we pass each other..

                      Low pressure meets high pressure,
and all that happens is a storm within a tea cup..

                                       But even they overflow
and condensing emotions..
                      that don't descend causes a friction
that can  release a static discharge
                                      that doesn't only
hit once but twice...

             And all hit the ground with a failure of restriction.

Where all a weather system
               of contemplation.
Emotions either glide on the wind
                                   or release on the unwitting below.
No matter everyone will feel the brunt of a storm sometime
Feeling of not being good enough to have a close friend.
Even friends
Alone in the  worst possible way.
No coffees

You feel different
People treat you as if you don't belong
Reject you

Been like this all my life.
I try to make friends.
Either are not reliable.
So just land up feeling more lonely than you did before.
memoona kazmi
nothing can hold me back now,
neither any luxury,
nor any love,
neither any goal,
nor any determination,
don't tell me now,
that you will be there for me,
when i have stood alone,
in the breathtaking storms,
watching my sail,
being blown away,
don't tell me you love me,
when i know you don't,
don't tell me it's all gonna be better,
when i already know,
you will always be you,
and i'll a;ways be me.........
Hadrian Veska
Rise and fall
Ebb and flow
As tide does come
And tide does go
Raise on up
And settle down low
These are the things
That we do know
Everyone needs to feel like they have secrets.
I loved you.
That’s my secret.
They put me in today.
I think it rained.
My emotions will decay.
Loneliness is all that remains.

They put him in, too.
He is sad, as am I.
He said, "I am just as lonely as you."
Is this where I'll die?

It seems I am here to stay.
I long for a friend.
I await the end of this day.
I want it all to end.
ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew
I'll see what I can make
out of the leftovers I have.
Although, it's never too long
until the milk turns bad,

until a love turns sour
in an online second;
since, an online minute
wastes a real-life hour.

But in a snap-shot moment,
I can find life for weeks
on my stash of sugar truths,
until I forget to eat;

forget to breathe;
'til I don't even need to sleep
because the lovehearts on my photos
sing such soft melodies.

And despite the fact
that often I can't sit at ease,
somehow this perfect madness
always tastes so bittersweet.
a poem about the addictive nature of social media
Beautifully Broken
Here today gone tomorrow
A true clich'e
None the less

If it were you
What word would be you?
Would you leave
With love or Depart with sorrow
Damian Murphy
What they see is my public face;
What I want them to see only.
Much more lies below the surface
Known only to those dear to me.
The real me, if they look closely,
Lies hidden in my poetry.
sometimes i call hello into the darkness
just to prove to myself that no one is there

sometimes people reply
Masha Yurkevich
It all started
with one kind word.
Just a thank you,
a you are so kind,
a you made my day
that ended up
making my entire week.
Pass kind words on :)
it's on the days like this
when the sun shines through
and every song is a good one
that i remember why i stay
i may not feel like this forever but i'd like to bask in it for a little while
I fell into the arms of the night
Hugging the shadow of her silhouette
She pulled me in
And swallowed my eyes

Her fingernails
Traced my lips
As she took a bite

And I caressed her darkness
Without the need for light

Over curves and starkness
My hands were sight

Then she stood tall in the sky
Thick and wide

And as she laid over my body
She cloaked our delight

We played in sweat and Fahrenheit

And as she pitched black
She arched her back and began midnight

A few more hours
The sun came bright

       Then she disappeared
       And spit out my eyes
Do you guys ever just realize out of nowhere that you exist!?
There's a hole in my heart

A void in my mind

A deep desire for nothing but want

A need for something like fun

Adventure and thrills

Seekers and pills

Falling into a blackness

So dark I'm turning blue

Such stark it's only true

Helpless and innocent

Forgiving and iridescent

I bond with strangers

Act bold, I'm not the tamest

I am stuck, so stuck

I don't know how to get out of here

This place, this room, this hide

This mask, this facade,

This glass, this wall, this broken bridge

It is all burning up into flames

Watch it, sink

Down it goes deep into

Black Waters

- soulwriterj
Written in a state of fragility and lostness.
IG: @soulwriterj
Akshi Hargoon
You glistened like gold
When I first saw you
I was elated
T'was as if I had found a pirates treasure

You brought with you high promises
So high that even you were unable to reach it
You pursued me to help you for your own
selfish needs
Yet you failed to observe I was a smoldering piece of coal
Almost burnt-out
Burning yourself to brighten someone else
esther fraser
“everything will be okay.”
you were right.
everything will be okay.
after the 1am heart wrenching tears.
the ear-piercing screams and the cries of wanting you to come back.
after the over-excessive arm scratching stops and the fingernail scars in my palms are gone.
it will all be okay.
just like you said.
“everything will be okay.”
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
Daniel Ruiz
I'm here sitting
the smell of coffee runs through
my veins,
some music i probably will forget
in a few years arguing with
the thought of you,

But I'm here,
I'm here,
writing about what's happening

pretty boring huh?

i call myself a poet
but i can't use high metaphors,

i call myself a poet
but i can't describe fully
how you make me feel

i call myself a poet

but what am i?

I'm just a kid
scared of life
finding new ways to cope
searching for someone to love,
not holding unto my dreams
how can i choose with my mind
what's right for the heart to choose.

and you see?
don't you see?

don't worry i can't either

i can't see how great i am
i can't see how other people see me
i wish i could.

i want to believe this was a dream
a nightmare at that.

But at last.
I'm here wishing that in another life
i could be with you,
maybe in other deaths,

i crave your touch,
i crave you..
with coffee waking up my senses
like a kid in summer waking up early
to go play with his friends.

i wish things were different,
so i wouldn't have to wish.
elle jaxsun
i always have
the urge to run.

but what is it like
to be a tree?

to be confident enough
to root yourself
and grow with
wild abandonment,
being unapologetically

i'm still running,
but i wish i knew.
She controls her laughter,
lets it slip from the edge of her mouth,
the corners of her lips lift ever so slightly,
then, she makes a sound,
seamlessly, her fingers graze my thighs,
smoothly, her eyes meet mine,
and in her eyes, I see my reflection—
aflame, abashed, and fiery,

She is the answer I’ve scoured the world for,
and yet, she, herself, remains a mystery,

Ah, I see,
She controls her laughter
as easily as she controls me.
my vocabulary is not small
nor my imagination weak
but every time you seem to call
I find no words to speak
I was just
a cookie
drenched in
melted in
in her cup
of tea.
Dennis Willis
I admit
my inner brain

is very clear
on this

Rex likes

And seizes
my consciousness

like a newly minted fed
seizes an Escalade

wafting clouds
of coke

when one rounds
into sight


And I am barbaric

The man no woman


Blood draws down

Into the past
of have no words




have worth

Says the DNA
spending you

to see
in time

to save


Copyright@2018 Dennis Willis
Mar Orellana
I want you to be here, next to me,
like the flowers that daintily grow
in the sand by the ocean.

I want you to be here, to cherish me
with your bright colours when I’m
nothing but grey stormy waters.

And I will be there, to soften the cold,
making sure you don’t ever lose
your petals with the January weather.

We could live an endless winter.
į̴̳͓͇̤͉̮̯͔̓̐͆͝ ̷̼͚̳͔̜̋̏́̓͗͑͗̾͛͝
I never knew my name sounds sweet
Until I heard it from your lips.
Jordan Ray
I'm worried that
I spend so much
time thinking
about life.

That I'll
run out
of time
to live
constricted by an ophidian
i slither away, just to live
is this where new life begins?
is this where i shed my skin?

bitten by fangs of chagrin
where to win is to never forgive
hiss with this abyss within
i'm living in a pit of sin

with my vision wearing thin
venom is a gift to give
i slip beneath the rocks again
this is where i shed my skin
I am happy to say that a musical artist has featured my poem at the beginning of their video. I had pretty much given up on writing, and she breathed new life into me. Her name is Razakel and she is also a poet. She is breaking through, and considered by many as the queen of her genre. Watch the video and give us some love. She has a cool sound, and is better than most modern music. I now love this website. (i still hate most poetry) I never got much support at this site, so do not let that bring you down. They pay for popularity here and it is all an illusion. This will be ignored because poets are a jealous and envious bunch. I actually posted this last night, and lost followers, and was blocked by someone who i thought was a true friend. You don't need their approval. All you need is to show your own voice and the will to stand alone...then you will find true hearts. I hope this inspires you to keep writing and never ever compromise. Also, never take advice from anyone. lol
Mike Hauser
Right here, right now, right off the cuff
I must say that I have stuff
Possessions or obsession
Either way it's way too much

I've been collecting all these years
Moving forward, grinding gears
Stuffing boxes here and there
Piles of purchase everywhere

Knick knacks piled on top of shelves
Collecting dust above all else
Each one seems to be mid scream
Could it be a cry for help

I even buy extra stuff
Where I can stuff my stuff
From massive sheds with metal lids
And still it's not enough

A problem for me I say maybe
But at least it's one I love
After all as I recall
Is there ever enough when it comes to stuff
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