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Grace Spellman
hey you
we haven't really talked
in a while
which is funny because
i've memorized every inch of your profile
the softness of your deep eyes
that you hate so much
that i sometimes hate too
lately i just feel so far away from you
pull and tug
tug and pull
why won't you just let me
make your heart full?

on and off as we are, you're the only one i'll ever want. ****** loyal for you bby.
Looking back
on all our
past memories

I'm convinced
we were in love
in a past life.
tina lombardo
I know that you  are nervous
I know that you are werid
I know that your smile makes me happy
I know that all eyes are on me
I know that your lips are mine
I know that you put blame on yourself
I know that your damaged with pain
I know that your quite
I know that you have unspoken words to say
I know that you want to rebuild
I know that you love hard
I know all of that and still have love for you .
Nicole Nory
I don't know if it's
you or the Heineken but
My heart's on fire
Emily M
Out of nowhere
Outbursts of rage
Fists flying
Immediate action

All is silent
Fear to even move
The two gone
Yet the shock remains

Minutes on end
But still
The fear endures
Despite all being over

Voice barely shared
I work
Writing for seemingly nothing
In the middle of the recovering people

- Emily M
April 19th, 2019
There was a fight in my science class. Well, sorta
I’ve been up all night,
Thinking about you.
Are you the one for me,
Is it really true?

I've woken from my eternal sleep,
For now, I do not weep.
I realized you were not the one,
For it wasn’t true.
There is someone out there,
Unfortunately, it's not you.
Meggie Delaney
Being a star-crossed lover isn't all it's cracked up to be.
It's a lot of hurt.
But God,
I'd rather be hurting for him than not have him at all.
Feedback is always appreciated! Thank you so much!
Ray Dunn
This ever-growing exodus
of one-hit-wonders
drifting through the air.
A single word
away from obscurity.

Perhaps it would be better
to never rise, only
to hit the ground with their tears...
and, most importantly—
follower count.
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I've been fighting so long
In this awful, ****** war
I'm deeply tired
Wounded, scarred

I want to surrender

The voices screaming
"Give up," "You can't win"
"You'll never escape this"
"You'll never escape us"

I want to surrender

But there's this force within
Keeping me breathing
Swinging my sword
When my own strength fails

I want to surrender

I am reminded by it
That I can't give up now
There are better things coming
My fight cannot end here

I want to surrender

I suppose, there must be
Courage inside of me
Because despite its allure
I have yet to give in

I want to surrender

And it is the act
Of overcoming this desire
That proves to me
I fight with valor
beth haze
I’m acting on feelings that I don’t have and
everyone around me it's trying to convince me
that I'm playing myself by not listening to
They're forcing them down my throat and
blaming me for not being good enough for
It's actually that I've realized I'm
living someone else's life and that
isn't right.
- breaking free.
I want to swallow myself whole
and feel this pain implode on itself.

I want to bite my flesh
and spit poison on the street.

I want to claw my face off
and look the way I feel: an old onion.

I want to die now
and take this weight off these tired feet.
F A Pacelli
my love burns brighter
when i must reach for my lover’s hand
my heart grows fonder
when the distance between us expands
my wants burn with desire  
while my haves are lost to the fire
Daan Vandelay
Ze deden het al voor de letters,
voor op *** tijd
maar men noemde ze ketters,
het was schijnbaar in strijd
met alles wat ze kenden, wisten,
zonder te weten dat ze zich vergisten.

Your soul is the moon after dawn
A vapour who sings of love as well as pain
A delicate blossom that twirls with zephyrs
Fragrant and enriched by the snow's kiss
The geese have fled from iced lakes
long preserved with whispers of old
In the shade of bamboo, my flute is heard,
carried to you by the frost-kissed air
Your soul, a vapour, the moon after dawn
Hear my hymn of peace,
till winters turn to fawn

My head's still in the clouds! ^-^
I'm trying SO HARD not to freak out about my media course interview...
Lyn ***
tell me a story
one where we're so in love
& make sure the ending is a happy one

because I'm exhausted of turning tear stained pages with shaky fingers
always hoping
this one will be different
Xander Jansen
Are you proud of me?
Did I satisfy your needs?
Or did I fail you?
to be young
and free
what I would give
I am already young
I've heard 18
is a such a tender age
I've heard
that it's ok
to fall in love
with everything
to stay out at night
to watch the sunrise
what a beautiful philosophy
if only I was free
but I am not
the chains that hold me
are too strong
Crimson Falcon
I count the seconds till I close my eyes
So I can see your face once again
When I asked you what your name was
You replied and said, “It’s Love”
Then I asked you what your song is
You then sang the song of a dove
Please chirp to me your fancy
Make me rock to your lullaby
Flap with wings that dance free
So we can sing that Love does fly.
Shelby Marler
Make me an ocean,
So I may still all my dreams,
And my motions' devotion,
For sweet melodies.
For once, the day was okay.
For once, my soul wasn't at dismay.
For once, the sky wasn't gray.

The darkness had faded into happiness,
And the sun came back to life.
The garden was no longer filled with dreariness,

And I
Began to live

Once more.
I wasn't able to share
To share what I had during those days
I wasn't able to tell
To tell what I felt after you left
I wasn't able to see
To see what we could have in the future
I'm stuck between the
past and the future.
memories and dreams
life and death.
Под куполами храма
кремовый цвет посажен
в ночи у фонарей час пик
я с нетерпеньем жду
у алтаря я пал планетой
под долы важных стражей
и что-то хрустнул позвоночник
в прижатье двух скульптур

Я не почувствовал ступень
вмиг на которую взобрался
и вмиг мне показались страны
и тот, ручей, что близко тёк
к твоим стопам в нищий апрель
проворным малым мне казался
он в кожух ландышей окутан
что вырваны с корнем и брошены вбок

Друг, как мне опомниться, вновь
мой кадык уже врядли на месте
Друг, ты меня слышишь, ты существуешь, вдруг?
Будь, между нами говоря, впервые честен
если ты еще есть здесь

В гранном прозрачном октагоне
я заполнил пробел суматохой
Уж не думал, что предстанут скотобойней
комнаты тех, кто беcпробудно охал
там, где я боялся удержать тебя за рукав

Где-то в боку захрустело опять
это подошва кроссовок на опрятном снегу
ох, треск льдинок все вел меня напопят
я скользил, а ты ускользнул

Это мольба не вслух
я сам себе уполномочен
клянусь кому-то, что есть мочи
тому, кого мне навязала матерь
и чьи портреты до сих пор висят
на той захламленной квартире
где мое мнение в сортире
и слышен был тот голос шепелявый

Смыкаюсь в дрожащее кольцо
насколько дряблы мои плечи
ими себя в ночи увечил
прославив того, кто никогда не поверит,
но не забудет
я не Венера
но эти волосы мои обданы
грибными ливнями и серной кислотой

Пару кадров не вспомнил нарочно
янтарный браслет на руке девушки
и каждое ее фото
в увековеченной коллекции,
надеюсь она тоже не вспомнит

С карниза твоего подъезда, парень
я наблюдал парковку и две
фигуры в унисоне талий
то девушка и парень,
заядлый презиратель геев
я пожелаю тебе счастья с нею
и вернусь в подземелье,
где тебя мне никто не заменит

Сплющили глотку.

Ты слышишь толпу колючей лести?
Ту я видел, в миг мы еще знакомы.
Открыв глаза, я оказался под арестом
и вспышка камеры казалась мне
лишь искаженьем глазной глаукомой

Свяжи ветвями проводов
и разожги костер у босых стоп
если тебе так станет легче я готов
уйти в пеклеванный ров
но сохрани тот снимок с ареста
у стрелок моих часов
и стану появляться я у храма,
под куполами городов
Laura Duran
I wish I were made of stone
So your words would never hurt me
I wish I were cold as ice
Then maybe I wouldn't be lonely

I wish I were made of steel
So my strength would never waver
If only I could turn back the clock
To a time when I felt safer

But I'm only flesh and bone
And your words have left me bleeding
My heart is torn apart
It's a wonder it's still beating

You made up your mind
Given me your final answer
What we shared is in the past
Time to write a brand new chapter

I will fix my broken heart
Some how glue it back together
It may never be the same
It'll bare this scar forever

But I'll be strong, I'll be alright
Though I'm not as hard as steel
And I can't turn back the clock
In heart will heal
someday it will
come again.
someday someone
will come in.

a star
with the deepest depths in the eyes
with the gentlest of breaths
and endless soul in the smile

one day
i'll forgive this pain
not forget -
we are all destined to love again, i am sure
Bhanavi Kumar
Don't speak harshly,
Your words will form swords in me

Touch my cheek; speak gently,
And they will form worlds in me
Each night since he left
I trace your words on my skin
I memorize the curve of the L
And try to imagine what you would say

But the truth is I haven’t the slightest clue
You never worried about men, so it seemed.
I wish you had taught me how.
Grandma- love you always
ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew
Robin Carretti
Here comes the sun little darling's
We all get burned
In the red sunburn
 Is it your turn
Oh! Where I thou
"Green light Diner"
It's telling us to Go
    *       *       *
The Earth beauty faces
I will be your direct sunlight
How it  hit her blossom tree
All I ask come for me

Her face could eat the
Divine flower laced French brie
Tie a yellow ribbon on me
We have so much to see
Let it be sun-face Moms
apple pies
The Sun  "Watchtower"
Someone knocks you off
Your "Bill" on the Ice Queen
The Goddess rodeo waitress
She got you roped in between
The cigarette 1940 case hostess "Rose"
I suppose the sunflowers every booth
her smile sets in place

The stain-glass window Notre Dame
Rock and roll hall of fame
The earth kids rainbow chalk
Sun-fun treetops like a beanstalk
Napoleon Elementary Watson
New Jersey Diner capital admission
The Peking duck *** luck
European beauty hunter's menu
Any luck this will be awhile sip "Starbucks"

1-Antipasti cute Shiba Uni
2-Consomme Chicken soup
3-Sun-face to the soul fruit loop
4-Chicken pepper Salsa
Sun-face lights up Visa
5-Hearts of Artichokes Mona Lisa
6-Soy ****** salmon
My sun worshiper man

Fish tacos hummus
St Thomas
Rome was not build
In one day
The windpipes and
the tablecloths Oh! yikes
Full of dream pipes

Sun tan stripes and zebras
Couscous salad big star dipper
Egyptian Gods camels back
Sun-face diner no time
for the sun-chip snack
Diners from 1920-1940
Sun-face air force dresses

Medieval times two swords
Holy lords Easter parades
" Ice-cream Spumoni"
Dinner in the sky
Robin red breast fly
Italian artwork Coliseum
Look up in the sky
It's a bird the diner shaped

Paper plane bad romance
going insane
Waffle House  jukebox rock and roll
Hall of fame whats in a food name
Cowboy steaks American Flags
Cajun chicken legs fruits and figs
At the caboose Ladybird jet lag

Valentine Diner chairs
got footloose homemade goose
Purple rain Prince maple pancakes
Bananas and strawberry fields
lake sun in shape of a snowflake
Forest Gump changes to
Presidential Trump

Vitamin C  honey bunches of Oats
Yummy floats of egg cream
Open table Sun-face dream
Eggs light she's not finished
over easy
Pristine of carrots with
artful daisies

Thanksgiving turkey
with giblets
Rings of napkins holding
A time well-bred marriage
Well known landmarks of
Long ago time she saw the light
Daylight Knight like a scale to weight

Whispers of wine and grapes
Sun face courtesan love escape
Sun Faces trillion times mansion
Sun-faces never go out of fashion
Sun faces and dinner places the best in the world eat heartily Drive in and Diners all over the world have a medieval touch with the Vikings and melodies from the heart  of the surface  her smile will always be there everywhere she goes the Diners place her with Rose
Those sweet small words
Warm my blood to ink
Yours are like cold fingertips
Underneath my sheets

Daring maze
Your pretty face
Impressions of beauty
Tender gender Grace
Poetically positioned
Upon the vague venue
Of your HP page

Short burst
Of Interrupted trust
We built our walls
As it must

Before you leave
If I could kindly insist
I would beg the words
That describe your kiss
That fills my heart
With silent moans
Sweet lovely creature
Where do you roam
Traveler Tim
You know I wrote this about you
Poetess... (-;
Marcella Faye
Seems to be
Burning down
And swallowed
By the night.

Within your head
And spins
With inceptions
Of grey.

Webbing them
Together in
Such grace,
But in a mass
Of lies.

It digs you up
From the inside
And exploding
Into the surface
That's left behind.
Jon York
It beats,
It breaks,
It loves,
It aches,
for you.
Only you.


I'm  lost
in a  sea
of   you
know I'd
drown in
swim in
                                                                                     Jon York   2019
I can’t feel the tears rolling down my face but I know they’re there
I can’t feel the blade slitting my wrist but I know it is
I can’t feel anything anymore
I can’t feel happy nor sad
I can’t feel the love you show me, I cant even feel the hate I want you to give me
It doesn’t make any sense
I’m broken...
I’m numb..
I’m gone.
I was so ****** for believing that my problems could be understood by someone else
Sometimes, I still see you.
And no matter where I am,
I will always cry.
I saw you today, or atleast I thought I did.
‘are you lonely?’
my reflection asks,
her fingertips touching mine.
‘no,’ i smile

‘i have you.’
maybe my own company isn’t so bad after all.
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
Sean Fitzpatrick
the lost conspire
for some oblong heresy:
the earth says must,
yet the heavens desist.

so long to hope,
or so they say,
that which leaves the soul
for better judgement.

or heaven yet
might visit your doorstep
and send you a sign
in the shape of a smile.
Bus Poet Stop
~for those who will read this and weep~

the quiet ones,
the silent Job ones,
who quote not from the
Book of Lamentations,
but author their own,
based on-the-Job experience

localized versions of cryptic elegiacs
accepting the wooden crosses borne,
stepping up to the
unrequested unforeseen,
then buried under, burnt alive,
yet never relieved by dying,
nailed by words, stronger than iron,
promises sworn, promises kept
with no ending date relief,
promises by and to themselves,
but not for themselves!

the wearers of crystal glass shackles,
adorned with decorative locks for which
no key did the maker make,
nor any divine creator
dare conceive an early release,
never no escape contemplated,
for the lock human, unrepentant unbreakable,
a decorative useless metaphor gesture,
a blunt “life *****” advertisement

I compose amidst a
bus pond of mismatched city folk,
a tapestry of ages colors and differing views on god/no god,
none would believe that as the bus sways me,
it’s in rhythm to holy choral music,
hundreds year old,
divinity masses and motets worships,
where one human can hide temporarily
a safe house,
to calm his questioning relentless
from the horrors of no answers,
for when the mind has no solution
to the rough and tumbling lives,
lived in glass shackled confinement,
the poets desperation equals theirs

summon eagles to transport these imprisoned,
but the shackled refuse,
I come to them but they wave me off,
I go crazy for once I was enslaved,
thirty years war that left devastation,
from which so many poems created

so I speak with heightened regard
of one who planned futures for others where his
non-existence was a founding father (ha!)

but the day came and
I was released by my own inactions,
but means nothing until a way to
away found
to release the yet bound early

got a couch, airline miles, hundred dollars
in my pocket and an unrelenting need
to save them, a consumption disease,
the glass shackled, at ease,
won’t rest till all are freed
this my creed
no one left behind

these cyber words do not mock
for they are unbounded, set free,
the flesh connects and the needs of the flesh
are stronger for they are in heart conceived
Katja Pullinen
I won't to steal someone dream.
I won't to take away someone luck.
I didn't have the right for that.
Like someone else cannot take mine.
If your heart isn't mine.
I don't need it.
I don't need a foreign.
Everything is mine.
Will stay with me forever!!!
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