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feels like putting my hand
on something sharp kinda day
invincible temporary, of course
fight the system on a february dawn

where the lamp's lambent spheres
bob in and out of existence
as the sunshine overcomes their presence

first kiss with you, like hands
dancing in the fires
trying to stay warm in the winter light
an ogre of a dream, a curse to be this shadow

compared to the glow of an angel like you
Firzaana Mohamed
You know
I've always heard
People saying and ranting
About going home
Home home home

I don't know why
My home is a place
A place where i never want to be
I hate it there

It's so suffocating
The minds there are ignorant
And and stifling
I hate it there

It's where my eyelids
Are pasted together
And where my lips
Are stapled together
I hate it there

It's where my thoughts
Are are vile
And my heart is
Just an organ
I hate it there

It's where there's always
A preach about god
But what god would
Allow stifle
Allow suffocation
Allow ignorance

It's a place that i hate
I hate
I hate

i wake up at 5 am every day, on the dot. i don’t use the alarm clock you gave me anymore, though. the heavy feeling in my chest is just enough to pull me from my dreams. it always takes a while before i finally start to move. strange, isn’t it… it’s almost like i don’t want to get out of bed.

after dragging myself across the hall and into the bathroom, i start my daily staring contest with my own reflection in the little mirror above the sink. i wonder if it knows how empty the real me is feeling. i always have long repetitive conversations with my shower head about you. it tells me to move on. i tell it to go fuck itself. we’ve become very good friends.

it’s almost 6:30 am at this point. after getting dressed, i start a quiet discussion with myself about what kind of alcohol would serve as the best substitute for your lips that day. the answer is rum. it’s always rum. i’m actually allergic and get really bad stomach aches. but hey, i might as well feel something, right?

i watch the sunrise from my living room couch and wonder if you’re doing the same. a half-eaten sandwich in one hand and my heart in the other. i can never bring myself to put it back between my ribs, because i’m afraid i might start to move on.

as i leave the house, i hear my bed calling my name. i do my best to ignore it and lock the door behind me. still, i can’t stop myself from wishing this voice belonged to you. i take a moment to listen to the sound of the wind rushing through the leaves, as if to convince myself that there is more to life than this pain. i know though, that when i come back home tonight, it will still hurt just the same.
Vivian Zems
“stay low, go fast,

kill first, die last,

one shot, one kill,

no luck, all skill”

(Unofficial Navy Seal Slogan)

I stand at the graveside watching
as each person steps forward
to throw dirt on the coffin

I study each face closely
and marvel at all humanity
What is it about funerals
that causes all to attend?

And yet in a life well spent
not a visit, not even a scent
I laid down my life, as you see
laid it so they could be free

It must be a sense of duty
now they come to visit me
Oh- the hypocrisy of humanity!
And now another journey awaits me

I soar to meet passing clouds
caught in the upstream of wind
a final glance, and just by chance
I catch your eyes following me

©Vivian Zems
José Ángel Buesa
Yo la amé, y era de otro, que también la quería.
Perdónala Señor, porque la culpa es mía.

Después de haber besado sus cabellos de trigo,
nada importa la culpa, pues no importa el castigo.

Fue un pecado quererla, Señor, y, sin embargo
mis labios están dulces por ese amor amargo.

Ella fue como un agua callada que corría...
Si es culpa tener sed, toda la culpa es mía.
Perdónala Señor, tú que le diste a ella
su frescura de lluvia y esplendor de estrella.

Su alma era transparente como un vaso vacío.
Yo lo llené de amor. Todo el pecado es mío.

Pero, ¿cómo no amarla, si tú hiciste que fuera
turbadora y fragante como la primavera?

¿Cómo no haberla amado, si era como el rocío
sobre la yerba seca y ávida del estío?

Traté de rechazarla, Señor, inútilmente,
como un surco que intenta rechazar la simiente.

Era de otro. Era de otro, que no la merecía,
y por eso, en sus brazos, seguía siendo mía.

Era de otro, Señor. Pero hay cosas sin dueño:
Las rosas y los ríos, y el amor y el ensueño.

Y ella me dio su amor como se da una rosa,
como quien lo da todo, dando tan poca cosa...

Una embriaguez extraña nos venció poco a poco:
ella no fue culpable, Señor... ¡ni yo tampoco!

La culpa es toda tuya, porque la hiciste bella
y me diste los ojos para mirarla a ella.

Toda la culpa es tuya, pues me hiciste cobarde 1
para matar un sueño porque llegaba tarde. 1

Sí. Nuestra culpa es tuya, si es una culpa amar 2
y si es culpable un río cuando corre hacia el mar.

Es tan bella, Señor, y es tan suave, y tan clara,
que sería un pecado mayor si no la amara. 3

Y, por eso, perdóname, Señor, porque es tan bella,
que tú que hiciste el agua, y la flor, y la estrella,

tú, que oyes el lamento de este dolor sin nombre,
¡tú también la amarías, si pudieras ser hombre!
Tony Cortez
let me tell you a secret
that emotion that often comes up as your facing a dangerous situation, you know the one I speak of
It leaps after the jumpscare of a scary movie like a tiger with freshly caught prey
Oh yes it has a name
Most people fear death
Most people have trivial fears, spiders, snakes, heights, each to their own phobias
I am not like most people, you see my fear stems from the very pits of black where no light exists.
A place so formidable and menacing that a whole generation seems to suffer from it
Being forgotten
Alone, this plagues many yet it often invokes silence up until it is too late.
Catching on? I hope you are
I suffer from this and it pains me every day having to watch people move on and I seem to have fallen into a rut
But, that's ok because I'm expendable, forgettable, erasable, and then ill just fade into the nothingness of Oblivion
So many people walking by,
So dead,  but still alive.
They're all in a rush to
Get in line.
Familiar faces,  with their smiles
As blank as mine,
Open eyes and empty minds...

Stuck in their patterns,  day and night,
With no release in sight,
They live and die inside their hives...
From nine to five they keep their
Masters satisfied;
White collared slaves who don't realize...

They drown their pain in
Beer and wine,
Illusions of good times.
Just leave your hopes and dreams

Check your emotions,
Leave your happy at the door.
Drowning depressions while they're lying on the floor.

I see the sadness in their eyes,
The truth behind their lies.
See, they can't laugh,  and i
Can't cry...

They form the pieces of the same machine,  and I?
I'm standing by,  

Watching your world through heroin eyes...
A poem I wrote during my worst of times. I spent 3 years during college as a daily heroin addict.  Now I'm clean except for my pills and pot
the one that caught your look
the one that heard the roses like you
the one that smelt like a antique book
the one that pissed you right off
the one that made you want to take your clothes off
the one that made your nerves feel electric

the one that tasted like love,
but was never fully digested.

the heartbreakers
and the still waiters.

for hope is still about,
waiting while they have some doubt.
Neha'S Notebook
When nobody loves me,
I find peace with singing birds.
When I don’t have words to write,
I steal other authors’ words.
Victoria Gaffney
I want to be your topography;
*the only map you'll ever read
Logan L
Deafening silence
Infinitely more powerful
Than a thousand words

A limitless source
Of potential energy
Stemming from lack
Of sound

Silence, can be many things
Alone, scared, deep and thoughtful
Together, peace unlike any other

Silence is many things
Even so, it is anything
But quiet
Tim wallace
I think of the way I love you
My love for you is stronger than anything on this planet this much is true
I love your smile when u come through the door
I love the hugs in the middle of the kitchen floor
I love the sparkle in your eyes when you see my face
I love that look in your eyes when I invade your space
Most of all I love the way you make me feel
My heart starts pounding my smile grows wider my whole body starts floating and it's all real
I will spend the rest of my life in your arms
The way that I love you is so real
And when your around I love the way I feel
For in a lifetime no one could be more lucky to find such a mate
Forever and a day together that is my fate.
#for my T.with love
Jewel Vanilli
Losing hope, losing faith
I think it’s because I hate to wait
I hate to wait to be better
so I just cower
in my own pitiful  silence
I just let myself get eaten by despondence
Get numbed by insecurities
Get beaten by realities
of the illusion I’m in
of how I’m consumed by sin
and I don’t know how
How to get out now.

People are trying to pull me
But it seems that my body
my mind, my soul, my entire being
no matter how they want
to go back to the light
go back to His light;
they just can’t.
They can’t because it is the unity
of myself that don’t agree
It is within me that they choose to not flee
It is within me and the evil
the devil inside that puts me in peril.

I’m losing hope and I’m losing my faith
I know how to wait
It’s just that I don’t know
If I’m still waiting
For something
Some sort of miracle that will save me
Bring me to pinnacle and tame me
then cleanse me and make me worthy
of His love again
even if it’s the last thing I’d do before my end.

Lifeless and lost
And it’s all because
I don’t know what to do
My mind is chaotic
My heart is confused
My spirit sympathetic
My soul is chagrined
My body all drained.
How to redeem myself?
Looking at the bible sitting in my shelf
All dusty and torn
Like my loss, it mourns.

Is it still possible
Will I still be able
to just come back
even if I lack
the passion and the fire
that once ignited my love
and the music of the lyre
of my heart and my faith
or will I just be a wraith
to a stranger soon
like a silhouette on the moon
waiting for my end
to where I’ll be sent
accepting my fate
without any hate
just ready to take my flight
and end me being lost in the light.
Ciel Noir
We are such            clever creatures to divide
Most everything             into its different sides
With chaos versus             order, dark and light
The stark duality of         wrong and right
We even split the very        world in two
With human versus human,       we and you
But still no matter how much      we divide
Each thing has infinitely many      sides
Boy just take it easy
Boy just take it slow
Please don't give up now
You have so much further to go

Put that gun down boy
Step away from the ledge
All the demons your fighting
Don't have to stay in your head

Let me help you boy
Let me be your light
You and I together boy
We'll give 'em a hell of a fight

This is it boy
It's time for war
With me by your side
It'll be easier than before

We got this boy
We won't back down
We'll take 'em all on
We'll knock 'em to the ground

Boy let's take it easy
Boy let's take it slow
All the demons you fight
Will no longer call you home
your face seems so calm
as if
you know
whats going to happen next
"i dare you"
i say and smile
"what else"
you ask
as you put the little figure down
and suddenly

i am aware of the loss
i am still hoping
"i won"
"i know"
i say
"what are you waiting for then"
"i dont know"
i say
my eyes burn
i try to fight back those tears
"i won"
you say
"i won"

i shake my head
"i dont care"
"but i won"
"lets play one more time"
i beg

i never beg

you look confused but do not refuse
"another one"
i position my king
you position yours
"what if you lose"
you look at me
"then i lost"
i position my queen
you position yours
"the queen is indeed the mightiest of all"
i say
as i do the opening move

you put on your pokerface
i dont bother putting mine on
"your turn"
"this leads to nothing"
you say
you see it
dont you


the game goes on
"this leads to nothing"
you say
I crack a smile
my fingers set the next move
this is your end

you stare at me
i grin
your face filled with

you say

maybe you really suffered more
even when you won
the crack running round my heart is far too big to even exist
a tiny stab of you and i am left in pieces

perhaps i’m just too weak for love
why am i still not over her
mari jagt
there is so much left to explore.
there are so many maps that you
have not even opened.

so many
roads that you do not
know the names of. do not
know the taste of their asphalt.

so many late night gas stations
open roads truck stops static-y radios.
there are so many miles on my body
your mouth has yet to kiss.

there are so many mountains i know
that your shaky knees shall conquer,
so much music i am waiting to hear
from your lips.

what do you think
of overthrowing the oceans,
what do you think of jawline kisses
and driving past graveyards ghost towns
and where your grandparents used to live.
there is so much left to see.

you have so many lovers that
you have yet to meet their skin.
hold on a little longer, my darling,
we can take our time. we could take
all the time in the world.
we could have had it.
(but, we didn't.)
She stands where the river blows her hair wild

no youth and no favor for her
no hands to clean the salt licks on her skin
her palms are dreams wrinkled dry
yet craving an offer.

You come from a distant land, she says,
heavens bless you.

I got no small change, I respond,
my mind drifts to ponder,

a small change, I need that too,
always hungered for
and faltered through
like I missed the vessel narrowly
to be on the river's other side.

Maybe when I come back,
I turn toward her.

She was gone.
Harwood Point, Dec 5, 2017
An abortive river trip, a chance encounter
Amer Pelides
As morning breaks and moonlight sleeps,
My ever-changing moods awaken
The light shines through the darkest slits,
And fills the conscience with all things good
The weariness of yesterday is no more,
The restlessness of the busy day
In the sweet quietness of night,
Comes forth the noiseful chaos of the day
All is forgotten in the clamour and clutter,
Perhaps this is the way life was always meant to be.
I hear the electricity humming above me as I make my way back on the long dark road. Lampposts scarce, my way is illuminated by the irregular volumes of light pouring from the cars that pass me by. I catch glimpses of roadside carcasses  in the abstract light, and through my open mouth.

The path is clear but it is jagged. My canvas shoes have gotten wet from the shallow puddles I couldn’t see.

Sometimes it is dark. It is lonely. There are no cars, carcasses, or other urban romantic ideas to keep me company in my travels.

Sometimes I get so focused, furiously typing. I end up in the middle of the street. A horn blares. My heart catches in my stomach and I correct my failed trajectory.

It is 7:43 pm on a Saturday night at the end of February and I wish you were here to walk me home.
I miss you so much without you here my heart is in two and i am hurting inside for you
My heart found its true love
My eyes are full of tears
I am truly different without you by my side
I look so sad people are asking what happened to me
That sadness that is in my eyes goes deeper then that all the way to my heart and through my body
I love you
And i know i will feel like this until you come back
So i will be here waiting for you
Two days was my happiness days of my life and now you go back to your town to University, i know you will come back but still it hurts
Misty Meadows
I see no evil, but I speak it and I
Heard it.
When you're friendly with the devil,
Things can kind of get disturbing.

He told me earth is not the place I
Wanna be.
I should reside in the minds
Of those who practice perjury.


I was feasting on them lies
And I was dying for them recipes.

Dining in the darkness
With them demons sitting next to me.

Feeding me my hatred.
Sipping goblets of promethazine.

Then suddenly, they're sinking their
Sharp teeth into the flesh of me.

Now I'm hoping and I'm praying
That someone comes to
Rescue me.
But I know that it's my fault.
I should've dabbled in some
Better things.

Now, I'm feeling so embarrassed.
And now, I'm a disaster.
After one small mistake, another
Tumbles right after.

And I'm a writer, so I know
I could've made a different chapter.
But I let the devil sway me
To this tragically ever after.
The most basic things
the more struggling
for me.

Never quite followed
what was told and
what they mean.

my thoughts lost
on the words used most
to describe it.

Severe to trivial
in all too minimal

my imagination thrown
as the theories storm

their jiggle, all that pertains
half baked explanation
all sink.

no conviction on my part
I am still at the start
Nora R
No I won’t compare the rain to the tears of sad lovers
And I won’t compare it to the pain of so many others
For the rain is the most comforting sound in my mind
As it lets go of the clouds, leaving the grey sky behind
No I’ve never yelled at the rain, not once, not since birth
As it beautifully drips, drops, and drizzles while it pounds on the earth

-Nora R
I think of him too often
I don't think he ever leaves my mind
I find myself dreaming of him
Or listening to the music he's shown me
Maybe it's cause he makes them go away
The voices in the back of my head
Telling me to do awful things to myself
But I usually don't listen anyway
It's just better when I can't hear them at all
I turn his music up all the way so I can't think
Well, so they can't talk to me
Even thinking of him makes them go away
I guess I just need my weekly shot of him
More than just weekly...
Every night I see him.
Well. I Skype him.
But if it's all I get then I'll take it.
To me, he once was this shy kid
Hardly talked
He was really cute
I asked for a hug and his number
He smiled and gave me both
I texted him
We joked
We became close
I now get a nightly shot of him.
But even that's not enough.
I want to wake up beside him
With him holding me in my arms
I want to always be with him
He is mine
He takes care of me when I'm sad
He holds me close
I thought he’d never let me go.
Until he did…
Melodie Fowles
If I gave you my smile
Would you give me yours
Run your finger along it
Touch your forehead to mine

If I gave you my hands
Would you give me yours
Hold them gently
Our fingers entwined

If I gave you my body
Would you give me yours
Wrap yourself around me
Till we can no longer be defined

If I gave you my heart
Would you give me yours
Love me with a passion
Of our own design

If I gave you my soul
Would you give me yours
Merge the light and dark of them
So we can't be confined

If I gave you my demons
Would you give me yours
Let them play together
In our strange minds

These are the Ifs that I ask of you...
I only hope you will answer me true.
the moment a poet
falls in love with you

is the moment
you live

f o r e v e r
Kartikeya Jain
Do not wait
for someone
to offer you
their world.
you have your own.
some nights
your soul will be on fire
and you will feel alive
and you will fall into your bed at 3am
and wake up in the morning with a new story to tell
and some nights
your soul will be crumpled
and your heart torn into millions of pieces
and you will crawl into bed at 3am
and think about everything that could have gone differently
and on those nights
its important to remember
the nights when your soul was on fire
Mystic Ink
You give a try
Honesty got a way

Decently, she stayed

Put her in your eyes

Close it

Only then,
She will never go away.
Genre: Love
Theme: When, small things matter. Customize your way.
where is my indian
is it in the way i don't use my palms as a medium to transport rice into the back of my mouth
is it in the way my face turns gloomy at the sight of spice and curry
is it in my skin color that isn't as brown as you need it to be
is it in my eyebrows which aren't as bushy as per your requirements

is it in the way my tongue twists awkwardly as i say happy diwali
is it in the way amma is the most fluent piece of tamil i speak
is it in the way i didn't know how to recite the words at my grandpas funeral
is it in the way i cannot, for the life of me, name you another tamil movie besides chandramukhi?


is it in the religious classes i took up until age 12
is it in the ramayana epic that i learnt, age 8
is it in the sanskrit bhajans i was made to sing, not knowing what they meant, age 10
is it in knowing that ganesh is the remover of obstacles,
brahma, vishnu, shiva - the creator, the preserver, the destroyer

is it in the eyeliner drawing a bindi in between my eyes when i
head to the temple, to present myself as indian

where is my indian
is it on a checklist, is there a passing mark?
where is my indian
please tell me,
because i am tired of feeling like a foreigner in my own skin
Anmol Rathore
You don't forget certain people
Just that their memories
don't haunt you anymore
or maybe you learn to live with that stabbing pain
that was unbearable when it first started
and is comforting now
You don't forget certain people
Just that they become your poems
and unheard playlists
they don't wake you up at two am
nor keep you awake till four
but they stay
You can't forget certain people
you can only get used to the feeling
of the void that is created
by their leaving that wasn't under your control
and trying to  forget them
isn't under your control as well.
you will never be forgotten.
your name twisted into metaphors and colors and distractions will forever
be painted across pages and pages of her favorite brand of notebook,
no matter how many she burns
there will always be one she forgot,
and she will only find it once she had almost forgotten you.
she will find the one Papyrus notebook
and all of your metaphors and colors and disractions will come flooding back,
just like how the ocean in your eyes
flooded her heart all those years ago.
love doesn't cost anything
but a penny, a nickel, and a quarter.

a lucky penny, breaking the odds of rigid reality.

the nickel i found near your bed, after making love to you.

and a quarter, because all it took to fall in love with you was the first fourth of a second you held my hand.
for my baby
When you were a young child,
you wore your naive head in the clouds.
The vastness of space was your limit,
there were no social norms to worry about.

Growing up they told you,
you should pretend that you don't care,
so when your hopes would get devastated,
disappointment could give you a spare.

And now you find yourself wondering:
when did I stop following my ambition?
The thing you regret most when you die,
is your passions creeping omission.

Besides, how can you ever win a game,
that out of fear you did not participate in?
Without your dreams you're a soulless ghost,
like a concaved snake's skin.

If only you're bold enough to walk your own path,
alienated and without an established map.
You will soon realize that your passion's just waiting,
for your courage to close the gap.
I came to realize that in our society less people are brave enough to dream and follow their passions. No one should be judged by his ability to dream of what he/she can be. No one should have to feel ashamed to openly express what you are passionate about. It is courageous and commendable to pursue your goals.
Never forget you can be whatever you want if only you believe in yourself!
I love the way your hips move when I push up against you
But I like the way he whispers into my ear, "I love you"
I like the way you attack me with hugs
But I adore the way he talks about love
I can't choose between the refrain and the melody
Something so loud and something so sweet
And both are written beautifully just for me
Jack Bennett
Heaven only knows
The lengths I'd go to hold you
Chasing the moons face
Vale Luna
(read forward, then backward, line by line)

I ran.
Not knowing what else to do
There was so much blood on my hands
It was mine
The kitchen knife
Caught in my chest
Consumed by
I was heightened by
But running on
Wasn’t enough
While trying to stay calm,
Losing control
It was me that would end up
Dead. Because
He was
In front of me
The whole time
It was too late
I found myself
Locked in chains
My fate was
Forward: from the victims perspective.
Backward: from the murderers perspective.

Luis Mdáhuar
ifnthere is anything that can give me
my heart laid bare and a thin
hair of your sex
but better yet it is to try
try never minding reasons
that is the prize
I despise myself for not being someone you could love.
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