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Poetic Eagle
It's the silence of the night that makes the thoughts of you so loud
Close in distance
Chani Goldstein
Rain drops feeding leaves
Deserts growing cold at night
Spiders spinning homes
Kelli Ferrante
The day is long and hard.
And I barely slip through it alive.
I call to my Lord but he does not answer.
And I am left wondering why.
With tears in my eyes, I write this now,
Wondering still when I can come home.
Forgive me, God, I cannot lie;
I do not trust The Great Unknown.
esther zoe
can you breathe when you're around me
because i cant breathe when im with you.

my lungs ignite into flames.
and my heart beats with a ferocity like never before.
my stomach explodes with butterflies.

i feel like im dying,
but ive never been more alive.
Jonghwan Jeong
Be foolish!
in front of Love
Love shall give you
victorious days
your enemies.
Anna Josephine
I feel everything bubble up through my soul like carbon dioxide, filling up all the empty holes to the outside, and then I bleed, I bleed dramatically, I bleed emotionally, seeping emotions pour out of me. I am not normal I am a little more porous.
Ashly Kocher
One drop
Of your love
Into the
Ocean waters
Will spread
Across the
Chocolate cakes from Cocoa beans
Vanilla cream from vanilla beans
Strawberries and small berries
Blueberries and raspberries
Juice made in squeeze machines
Put into pretty canteens
Sugary frosting and treats
Made into lovely sweets
Lemon cakes with lemon flakes
Powdered sugar sift on cakes
Apple and berry pies
A feast for the eyes
In the oven, they all rise
I'm hungry
Dear Reader,
if you're reading this
it means
I'm dead
as a paper


to be etched
with the poem
I tried to write
so many times
when I was m-
Julia Supernault
I miss you already and you’ve only left my life since yesterday
Racheal Rodriguez
If a woman not beautiful
And not a knock out either
Just Average
Never go for a good looking man
Sweet pie
They are not for you
Get you Average one
Just like you
Because they will love you
More than a good looking guy
Average guy
Has more respect for a woman
They know how to treat a
Woman good.
Being with a good looking guy
He loves to compare
Himself with others
They always use there looks
To get whatever
They want
David Lessard
I used to read your poems
but lately you don't write
you're silent and aloof
you know that isn't right.
You can't close a door once opened
you can't abolish all your dreams
you're a poet of the heart
mustn't fall apart at the seams.
Say what you can in words
they speak the message true
spoken from the heart
the poems will see you through.
A hermit's not your style
a recluse, you are not
never give up writing
of things that you've been taught.
I used to read your poems
I'd read them once again
if you would send them out
(this one's from a poet friend)
Seven Nielsen
        a poem
                  have to be
                                 to be on Front page ?                       
                                                                ­    ?
                                                           ­          ?
                                                               ­       ?
                                                               ­         ?
                                                             ­             ?
                                                             ­                ?
                                                               ­                 ?
                                              ­                                       ?
                        ­                                                                 ­  ?
                                                             ­                                   ?
                            ­                                                                 ­        ?
                                                               ­      (I'm asking for a friend)
Nathan Wilcox
to hem the hamper
then fix the canopy on the camper
I left some canvas over there
next to the napkins
make it happen
And inner joyfulness
Turn into boundless
Of any Unkindness
There will be no
Human progress.
it was the last time
you ever kissed me goodnight
the day the moon fell
Whit Howland
It's what it's not

your last nerve

or  your life like a baby tooth
hanging by a thread

or the train wreck or
the accident on the highway

you cannot
look away from

and it is not and never will be
staring into the abyss

with no light
at the end of the tunnel

whit howland © 2021
For everyone. Love all of you.
"Every Day Is A New Chance To Make A Change".
You made me fall again,
I try to stop but can’t.

My hearts decided,
My mind even more.

If it breaks me,
Leaves me dead and cold,
So mote it be.

I love you.
That’s my casualty
In the elements of the bound,
Comes a stifling air in parts
With screams of the broken heart
And wails of the left behind
Tales of the falling ground
And heaps of coals in tarts
Saying .....
The priceless unfree gems...
The day came when my pen no longer
Wrote your name
Comes in many forms
When I was younger, I was told not to feel
"You'll just get hurt"
I listened

But then I see these people
Laughing and living

I disobeyed and felt
I was alive

But I should have listened
Now I'm hurt
Now I'm broken
Now I'm -
She said "I'm falling in love."

I said "I'm falling apart."
What's the difference?
Moving from mere observation and listening
sliding into silence, all separation evaporates
and you become one with your surroundings
so much so that you feel you have disappeared.
i still
do not know
the poem i've been trying to write
and maybe
that's because
i haven't been
writing one at all
or maybe it's because
the poem i've been trying to write
is not ready for paper
and maybe
i'm the paper
that's not ready for it
You were teaching me
for years
how worthless
I were

Now I walk around the world
my own lessons
of love
and forgiveness

Yesterday I cried to the moon
as she wiped my tears away
made my worries disappear
so I could sleep again.

Today I smile at the sun
and it shines back on me,
what a wonderful world
to be alive;
to be me.
Caitlyn Fletcher
I spend too many nights thinking
Wondering, writing, dreaming
Of someone who doesn't even think of me
there is no room
on the moon
when you're floundering
in doom.

there is no reason
for the season
to stay
for your treason.

there is no way
I'd deny
I'm in love
when you cry.
i hate that you hurt though dear
i spend my days
pouring myself into the cups of others

only to find that
when it’s time for myself
to take a sip

all that’s left
in my cup
is the remainder of a girl
who gave too much
self care is extremely important. most days I fight my depression by putting smiles onto others faces, but forgetting about my once bright smile.
Akta Agarwal
Your smile became my life
Its hard to live without your vibe
I feel all complete when you are near
And I do feel loss when you are gone
I don't know if am going mad
But am not sad
I guess you are my strength
If you are with me
I have nothing to fear
You have became my life line dear
So I guess it's the time to finally confession my love for
I love you my darling
Love confession
Kitten Yvad
I was made to habitate
a climate where it is always sticky
frustrated curls soothed because
it is always wet

bathed in citronella so that
only my love
is drawn to my sweat

verdant dense green tropical clime
God please watch over my people
as the earth acts as though
she is angry with them

and Volcanic Ash rains from their
tropical skies
St. Vincent in the Grenadines is in Crisis at 20,000 flee their homes. Many more attempt to stay behind though La Soufière isn't done
taylor styles
you told me i was pretty,
but you said i looked prettier on my knees.
Whether a comma, or colon:
Punctuation slows my rolling
I need no period. When I end
no Capitalization when I begin
Rulelessly I flow my art
  Not a single!
Exclamation mark
Are you not the one
Who'll know?
Where a question mark
No longer goes

Warp the structure
Bend the lines
Put in repeat
Let emotion unwind
Make yourself
Your poetry's the best
Be your own ruler
Pass your own test

Take your own road
Where ever it leads
Lover or hater
It's all poetry!
Traveler Tim

No matter who you are
You have my deepest respect!

All is vanity
The meanings of passion
The aesthetic expression
The lines we draw and stay within
Even love is beyond intent
Vanity transcends
Flowing from our pens
And so we breathe again

A day to capture and reflect
A day to reminisce
A day to look ahead
A day to feel at bliss.

A day to feel thankful
A day for appreciation
A day for love
A day for initiation.

A day of belonging
A day to unwind
A day to be with family and friends
A day to find.

A day just for you
A day to celebrate your journey, and success
A day for a drink or two
A day to dress at your best.

A day to do something you really want to do
A day for fun
A day to just take time for you
A day to celebrate with all your loved ones.

Happy Born day
To you

© By HF-Whisper
2/12/2020 17:42PM
Grace E
I traced the texture of your words
Like my heart was blind
And your voice was braille
She was a thrifted sweater and denim and jersey knit sheets
Pizza breath and red wine and toothpaste
Alabaster skin and knotted hair and freckled shoulders
A tangible dream and my favorite good morning
She agreed to let me kiss her and I agreed to let her slip my shirt over my head before she became
Blood and tears
"I trusted you" and "I’m sorry"
Midnight poems and a drunk "I need you"
I’m afraid I loved you like the way I wrote
she accepted people’s bad behavior,
because she thought,
they went through  difficult things.
yet, she invalidated her own feelings,
even if she knew what she went through.
My entire life,
I have been waiting.
For years,
Almost two decades now
I have been waiting.
For the better parts.
For the “soon”.
For my life to begin.
I don’t feel like I have lived.
In the nearly twenty years
I have been alive
And breathing
I do not feel
In any of those years
That I have been alive.
I don’t feel like a single breath
That I have taken
Has been real.
I feel as if
All these years
I’ve been stuck
Behind a window
Watching as my life unfolds
Before me.
I feel that
I have had
Zero control.
That I am in the backseat
Letting someone else drive.
That someone else,
Is writing on the pages
Of MY life.
But no more.
I will break that window,
I will take that wheel,
And I will write
My own pages.
My life has begun,
And now -
I’m in control.
Yesterday, April 8th, was my birthday. I wrote this poem two years ago, when I was 19 almost 20, and on my 22nd birthday I find that the website selected it as a daily and I have all these wonderful people saying wonderful things about my poetry. Thank you Hello Poetry, and thank you everyone else. This was the best birthday present I could have even gotten. (04/09/2021)
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nice to know you-
imagine this as the punch line to your crush
We've been together for a really long time
You are the only person that is by my side
Every time I look you in the eyes
I always melt inside

They say that love loses over time
But with you, I feel
that my love grows stronger each time
You're the one that made my heart heal

I can't believe that after all this time
You are still mine
I always wish that we are together
Because you always make my world better

You always cast away the doubts over my head
You are like a *** of gold that never ends
Always positive and cheerful
Always clingy and playful

After all this time
I always feel nervous inside
I still love you all this time
I still want you to be mine
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