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I wished
I could look into your mesmerizing eyes
and see your bright warm smile in person
instead of interpreting it in a text message.
To hear the words uttered from your soft lips, unfiltered.
And not as a digital voice through my phone that I'm trying to listen to with my headphones to intensify the sound.
To feel your presence, to touch your body with my own hands
Instead of plainly touching you with my words.
To smell your perfume on you
Instead of keeping a bottle with the liquid in my closet.
I wished my senses were attuned to you in distance...

Laurel Leaves

Blurry city streets seem to call your name
I forgot how to exist when I no longer love you

As years weigh tightly on my spine
I creep through the monotonous state
no longer hungry
slurring speech
Towards the impending luxury
Where he keeps my arms pinned down
On the dying grass
People watching
The adrenaline never seems to last

Their eyes gaze in our direction
As I bite into his shoulder
As I squirm
Friday night’s celebrations
wrap tightly
I can taste the whiskey
But it doesn’t bubble inside me
It lures him towards the smoky bars
Where I cower above him

I ache
My anger bubbles in moments where
I’m screaming as the
Car window opens
As I drive away from the emergency room
Soap still slipping through my wet hair
Could I find meaning in this existence
Where you don’t reside alongside me
Whispering in my ear
I used to count on my subconscious
your voice of reason

Outgrowing the state of being
My veins exacerbate the tight
Need to fight
To stand up straighter
Hold it all together
I let him wrap his fingers where
He wants
I let them gasp
wake the neighborhood up
To sounds of me howling
Begging for
An escape where
They no longer ask from me
Where the pain no longer pools
Like the storm clouds
Above the dry valley
One strike of lightning
Suddenly it’s a fight for our lives

Hit me so I can take my mental state
Throw it into a definition
Look through the stars
the colors blend together in gaseous realities  

I can find the one strand where I used
moments of joy
the orange duvet, window open
Boiling tea kettles,

I used to just stand in the grass and not think about the
The crawling underworld
Soil seeping through,
Induce me
I’ll sink past the dirt, the sand
And let go of your hand.


those three words came to my mind
when i saw your red but beautiful eyes
i felt i was blind this whole time
but you were nothing but a devil in desguise

i really hated you for a long time
because you made me fall from the enormous climb
the only times when my will to live was near
it was because you had spoken to me, my dear.

my titles are so cheesy
DaSH of YesterYear

Dragging my knuckles on the sidewalk
      I find myself hoping for a spark
     that would confirm my mechanical makeup
        Titanium and servos buried mere inches beneath faux flesh
        Scraping concrete

         Friction, it would seem,
           is the only force powerful enough to reveal me to myself

Rebecca Kinga

Behind that shiny thing on your head
There's a blood lust, why they are dead

Behind that cape that touches the ground
Lots of voices had lost and drowned

Behind that pictures you smile for fake
Maybe you do not even worth it to take

Listen castel with ones that you have

We are the same except the crown
You touch the clouds, we're on the ground

You own the cape, you whisper loud
We scream & shout, you hear no sound

You do want you need even with fierce
We rebuild the piers for flood of the tears


You think you're the victim,.
Such a fantasy, please make a schism,.
Match by match,.
You found a way to detach,.
Drip by vapory drip,.
The gasoline that drops from your lip,.
As you speak your words for hire,.
Your volatile saliva splashes onto the pyre,.
Where you tied me down when four words were shared,.
This seems to be the only way to show you care,.
I plea to you, I question you why,.
Do you feel the necessity to let us die,.
You tell me to be patient as my soul burns,.
Preparing a feast out of me for the worms,.
Every excuse you can make,.
For me to bleed fire on the stake..,.,.,


Because I love you I’ll hold your hand while we walk past your friends
But they won't see my grip, how white i'm growing at the fingertips
Because I love you, I’ll trust you with his number in your phone
Only till we get home, because then baby, his numbers gone
Because I love you I’ll hold your phone for you babe
And crush it beneath my feet when I even get the creeping feeling that you think of another girl
Because I love you, I’ll make your eye black and blue and show you this is what love is
I’ll set your house on fire baby. Is that girl pretty now?
Because I love you, I’m going to break your legs so you can't run away from my love
Why won't you let me love you baby?
Isn’t every bruise a reminder?
Isn’t every broken bone a kiss?
I love you baby
I won't do it again I promise


15 | 31 Poems for August 2017

Listen, if I’m willing to talk to you, will you listen like you always do?
It has been quite hard for me to acknowledge the fact that we’re through.
Saw a few of your pictures on Instagram and Facebook, I’m glad to see that you’ve finally found someone new.
I wish nothing but love and happiness for the both of you, I really do.
At the end of the day, I’m so glad that I got the chance to have met you.
There’s this girl who has made me realise that maybe I don’t have to die to get to heaven.
Her beautiful cocoa butter skin proves that her complexion is truly a blessing.
It doesn’t matter which book I’m reading; her love is the scripture that my heart believes in.
She is simply a poem with feet, her soul is well-versed in love so eventually I asked her to walk with me.
It has been quite hard for you to acknowledge the fact that we’re through.
You’ve commented on my pictures on Instagram and Facebook, you’re glad to see that I’ve finally found someone new.
I’d tell you more about her and maybe show you what she means to me, but that’s a poem for another day.
I hope the person that you’re currently with has made you believe in the essence of true love again.
Because you deserve something better than lonely nights saturated with pain.
I’m happy for the both us, glad that we’ve managed to find happiness again.
We can’t change what happened in the past, we were teenagers back then.

Nat Lipstadt

so many reasons,
so many stones
yet unturned,
for each poem
a season,
for every season,
a given reason

eyes, dimmer,
hearing, harder,
memories, ha,
disappear as fast as
footsteps upon
my island beach

this then
my log,
of places momentarily visited,
capturing the of,
of me,
the exactitude of
where, when and what
I felt

what felled me,
the long and lat,
of the attitudes of
breeze and currents,
the happenstance that carries
a desperate soul
eager and afraid
to remember

"how fragile we are"

so memorized records here,
for his storage and his places,
both filled and unfulfilled,

poems, nothing more,
flawed each,
product of a flawed man,

here, for all to see,
most of all,
for the man,
to see himself
when the eyes of his mind
at last be shuttered

4/11/16 8:04am nyc

When people tell you that they understand what you're going through: They don't. They have no idea how you feel about anything. If you tell them that you had a sleepless night because of the test tomorrow morning, and they tell you that they understand: They don't. They're trying to calm you, trying to show you that you're not alone.

And maybe it's wrong to say, but for me it is the truth. The way I see it is that no one ever understands how you felt that night. That no one ever understands how much it killed you inside when your mom got angry, or when your cat died. No one knows how you felt when you got your heart broken for the first time, or when you broke your favorite mug. No one understands what you thought when you lost your best friend, or friends.

So if someone ever tells you that they understand, you know they don't. And you know that they can say whatever they want, but it won't change anything about you, because they do not understand.

Hashim ZK

The sweltering heat
of a burning desire
the memory
of the long forgotten

The whispers of time
flows like a wind
raging the fire
of remorse.
of hope.

The undulating smoke
of clueless dreams
leaving behind
the void
of colossal emptiness.


Moon is flirting with
the sky. The night gets darker,
Their love is on fire.


To be loved

To be loved is the feeling of a warmth inside of you
The feeling of a flame burning so strong that your whole body becomes warm
A warmth that warms your body and soul
A fire you think never will go out
Until you get to the moment where you realize that the warmth only was a match and that all love burns to its end just like a match does.

Cafiifa Jeylani

Do you have time to live?
Do you have time to laugh?
Do you have time to love?
Do you have time to cry?

Time passes you by.
People move on and get on with their lives.
Please don't let this be goodbye.

Cafiifa Jeylani ©


Sabay nating isinulat
ang ating kwento.
Ngunit 'di mo sinabi
na lapis lang pala ang iyong gagamitin
Habang naisulat ko na ang panimula sa matingkad na tinta.

Nang dumating na
ang inasahan kong wakas
ng ating istorya,
Madali mong binura
ang lahat ng ala-ala

Sa akin lamang ang natira
ang sira-sirang pahina
na may tagpi-tagping parirala
at kulang kulang ng salita.

Nang subukan burahin
ang kwentong alanganin
mas mabuti na lang sana
na ito'y gusutin
At nang ito'y nauwi sa gupitin,
ako'y humiling sa mga bituin
na sana'y may panibagong kwentong
kinabukasang bubuuin.

forced out some new words out of dormant emotions. Hello another Filipino poem.
Book Thief

It was a graveyard and overcast sky
and I sat with book and accordian in hand,
hearing the world with its screams
swallow up around me.
The people whom I had loved and lost,
Papa with his silver eyes
Mama her sharp tongue and tough love
Rudy whose hair the colour of lemons
and questioned why, the living and dead,
worlds apart, yet both did not have a choice.
I stood and screamed so that everything shook
the burning rubble and ash and dust
willing my words to bring it all back
but it did not come, and my breath rose in gasps.
Death had looked me in the eye and said,
“It’s not time yet.”
I would shut my eyes to the world
only decades later.
I will understand that there was hate and pain
there was sadness
but even more so, there was love and joy.
I will know that the people I loved had reason
to kiss goodbye
whether it was their own hurt
or saw it as a necessity,
but they were never truly gone from me
always somewhere nearby,
in the thick and thin
frail and worn
of times.
I would learn
to forgive Death that day.
I will understand that
and I will be hurt,
but I will be okay.


Not all deaths are sad.
Some, meant to ease their own pain,
Are called freedom.
While some,
Meant to ease the pain of others,
Are called love.


My first poem on HP.. Thank you all for reading

Edit: Words can't describe how grateful I am to be part of this wonderful community. I'm so blown away by your support, it makes my day! You all are truly awesome, and I cannot thank you enough <3

BT x
Stu Harley

Origami clouds
Paper moon

Melissa S

We are members of a poetic society
A unique learning class
We may or not be good at other things
But mentally we kick ass

We value all our words
Cherish our thoughts not heard
We are on the road to self discovery
Choose only words that we feel tell our story

We see the world differently than most
The world makes us.... then breaks us
So we write for survival and to give hope

Some say our heads are in the clouds
It is safer there in our own creative playground
We are miles up and never want to come down

No use for conformity
We escape the constraints of uniformity
We break out from the box ~ find new ground
And Seize the day ~ Unbound

iain mackenzie

The old king sitting on his throne,
Chills running through his bone,
sits in shadow, not alone,
those that would be king.

Daggers creep on quiet feet,
Snakes all whisper something sweet,
the wolves all watch his golden seat,
Those that would be king.

They all want his crown and key,
but none of them can ever see,
the sword that’s hanging, Damocles,
Those that would be king.

Men with daggers in their cloak,
promise, oath, and friendship broke,
sing his praises, try not to choke,
those that would be king.

They watch his sword with wary eyes,
afraid he can see through their lies,
praying that tonight he dies,
those that would be king.

The king stands bleeding, all alone,
don't call out, there’s no one home,
soon he’s buried under stone,
By those that would be king

Abhay David

I stand there, staring at a shop window,
A hoodie behind it, wondered high or low,
Enough to mask myself; not wanting to show,
My soul to the world, or my folks would go!
Have had people in life with traits the same,
Science says DNA doesn’t vary much, big game!
Then how come we looking at, is different?
How come I can’t stay a friend?
We decide for ourselves, but the society,
Does it better, or so it is said,
It’s what they perceive that our kin care,
Not what we feel, so we shouldn’t dare.
Hence, I keep staring at the hoodie,
The dark one, I see how my life would be,
Better! The dark can take in all colours,
And keep them, never emitting back any.
That’s how I wish I were- reserved!
One who wouldn’t open up, they would say-
The kid is a weirdo. And that’s the only way,
They’d stop peeping into personal space.
I believe that I’ve let y’all down,
Yes, your love and care is now a frown,
Why expect too much if I don’t desire?
I err too! I’m human not divine.
And if divinity is a root for us to riot,
What point do you make clear, having faith?
I’d rather blame myself for my plight,
Than a “creator” whose existence is under fight.
And then there’s dissipated sympathy,
For others’ grief, you take a semblance,
That you’re limpid enough to feel their sorrow
And fool them ingenuous lot, bating them freedom.
Now, do you feel no joy waking up in this world?
That all you thought was warm turned cold,
Like all you’ve done, you let down whom you care for,
You got to stop doing what you’ve done,
You can build up hope and do massive action,
In these limited hours, you can be a stun-gun,
Be the glare in your rival’s eyes, shine with perfection,
Throw all masks away; believe what you believe in,
Critics might hunt you down, but arrows prove weak,
You’re far stronger, you’ll rise up, won’t give in,
Only if you’ll do; coz you have to, today, starting now!

Life can be tough and in fact it is. At times,we lose hope and wish if it could get better. We think if we had less people interfere with our personal life,life would be so much better. This poem is based on that particular feeling.

Yellow leaves scattered,
under the star apple tree.
Birds picking on twigs,
To repair the damage nest
On another small fruit tree.


5-7-5-7-7 syllables
Nat Lipstadt

for Alyssa Underwood

my poems do not trend, go viral,
Fast and Furious!

yet, they do not die

they lay in plain sight pebbles scattered,
smoothed by time,
upon the surface of the
green earth waiting patient, virtuous,
purposed for itinerants bards
to trip over one
one some someday

somehow they accrete a readership,
slow stepping and steady from,
|the seekers and the stumblers,
the droplet drinkers,
meanderers of the tomes and tombs of prior years,
miners for nuggets in the poem pools that form
beneath the alluvial streaming
of the waterfall crescendo
of words

I like this

when another traveler sends me a like,
a petite amuse-bouche bite of appreciation,
for a long ago, barely recalled, writ,
allowing them to carve their initials upon the
external, visible roots of my tree trunk,
invading me, by darkening a prior tree internal ring,
forcing me to look down,
look back,
take measure of myself,
accepting myself as not wanting,
nor lacking in other's acceptance

these statements are neither  boastful or illusory,
yet still joyous, like caramel pleasures,
slow to chew, fast to the taste,

reminding me of old friendships,
well valued,
though no longer fully employed,
their uncovering is my own refreshed exposure,
their discovery is my own re-discovery,
exposing flaws and fallacies,
even fallow,
mostly shallow facts
about me

all of them,
a sundae of truths and lies, sharing a happy laugh
with and at
when I think to myself,

"damn, did I write that?"

copyright 2015 by Nat Lipstadt

all true.
sometimes I type in the search mode a word unusual, offbeat,
of my own choosing,
and let it lead me to the older nuggets of others,
familiar and unfamiliar,
from under the trees of their forest...

Oct. 7, 2015
Manhattan Island

Colour the skies maroon
with that angry red streak
that you always have,
and the way your blood boils,
scarlet rage that brings rain so cold,
hail pelting down from the heavens
making me question religion;
making me question myself

My skies used to be blue
with clouds painted, floating in grace,
a yellow sun in the corner of my page
back when I was younger than youth.

Though my skies are fading to grey,
I see the colours of your rage
so I'm making history for myself
this here, this now, these words,
writing until I break.

Writing to escape.

Alexa Sangren

can't fight
your only
is your
and you
have no
for your


If Love is a disease
then I'm very sick
but incredibly happy....

Anna Bella

I spotted you, your silhouette
in my hopes for something more
you faded against the viridescent velvet
that trailed flowers and pressed lips to shadowy dandelions
now I sleep with lullabies and promises
morning breaks through the illusion

Farah Hanani

As if you know
My heart aches whenever I thought about you
As if you know
I have been longing about you since the first I met you
As if you know
My heart blends part of your soul that youre not given to me
As if you know
I just really seems cant move on about you
As if you know
Those little onions made me cried just like you did to me
As if you know
You did nothing to me---

As if you know stands for, my crush wouldn't know about my feelings at all..

its only temporary.
it's just two weeks.
you'll     be    home
s        o        o       n.
but  even  a   single
night    w i t h o u t
you,  my   l  o  v  e,
makes   my    heart
ache,  ache,   a c h e
like  ha  lf  of me is
.m   i   s   s   i   n   g.*

the first night is always
the most difficult, right?
Journey of Days

spent so long
finding quiet
those moments between thoughts
calm the mind
still the pulse
craved it forever
the quiet
it has arrived
all I want is to hear your voice


be careful what you wish for
quiet can last a long time

Her chariot
glimmering off
feint blue dust.
Lighting up
dwarfish torches
in the night sky.
Selene rests above
in her crescendo;
shrouded by
a gentle
spectral shawl.

She watches me,
as my weary back
relaxes on
a lonesome headstone.
They keep me company.
a silver flask,
and my revolver.

"What could I have done
to change this fate?"
Selene remained quiet,
and stared back at me.
"What is life's essence?"
In which, still,
she replied
with silence.

The bitter
winter zephyr
rustles against
my flowing locks.
She smiles at me.
She's beaming.
She basks me
with her radiant presence.

"How did you get up there?"
Her eyebrows
arched at me.
"How did you folks
become haughty
and powerful?"
In which, still,
she replied
with silence.

The gentle winds
turns into
a roaring behemoth.
Vehemently howling
amidst pine trees
which surrounds me.
I took the last sip
of bourbon
from the ol' tin.

"How could man
swim against
Chronos' current?
How could man
muster strength
against the Fates?"
For the nth time,
she replied
with silence.

The frigid muzzle
nips my forehead.
Sweat trickles
down my temples.
I could hear
my own heart
My hands
are shaking---
almost vibrating.
My breath
sullen spirits
from this
broken vessel.

Before I closed my eyes,
Selene gleamed at me,
before hiding behind
her faint shroud.

I bowed down,
said my final prayers,
and concentrated
on my friend's
farewell kiss.

"So, long, Selene.
When, I, wake, up,
I, wish, I, would,
reek, of, sunflowers."

w y n n e

is it okay to miss him the moment he looked away?

Silver Dye

You are the love that came without warning.
It was almost pure
the way you unfolded my mind,
an origami flower
frozen in winter.

You left wrinkles
in my paper heart.
And I am softer from having loved you.


mirror, mirror,
on the wall,
can i be pretty
like them all?

look at me
and you'll see
a pretty human being
like the rest
of all

stare at me
and you'll see
the ugliest,
most unpleasant
you thought
you'd be

decide which,
and you'll get it every day.
decide which,
and it will change yourself

mirror, mirror,
on the wall,
why can't i be pretty
as myself
like them all?

Paul Donnell

I lost my only pen and consequently lost my head
Sell my psyche .99 only once a month take me away burn everything leave me in the little box you made I'm here I'm here tell me what are my fears slowly dying of irony in a living room with prepackaged food if living is four walls well haha I'm living it up
The crescendo sounds like hey you wanna beer don't think about your fears fortisimo bounce legs grit teeth grip chair turn on the tv live bicariously try to get the experience through fire wire liars
My eyes are melting the chicken is burning  smoke alarm living spontaus combust (ie watch porn smoke weed ride the bus)
I am the walking dead the champion of keeping it down when all I want is to scream and run around

Free floyd bullshit because right now writing is all I can do to not loose my shit

Sitting silently
by the
old willow tree,
I heard a knocking
through the thick,
rustic bark.

My thoughts drifted,
thawing the frigid
quiet in my mind.
For there was naught behind,
nor in front,
of the old willow tree.

"What could it be,"
my mind asked me.
"And from where is it coming from?"
And then, from above,
there was a deep, low hum.
A light flashed, and I was


your touch drips like liquid laughter
soothing, seeping over sutured wounds

each course of lips on skin
and scars
a string of unsaid words
that sting and etch onto my being

a litany of swears
and unanswered cries

the next morning we forget all about them
and presume our day with bright smiles
and little winks

the bitter coffee on our tongues
never tasting sweeter

im sad but writing happy poems helps a bit

Pack light
Don't add
Take off
In life
It's about
Working out
What needs
To stay
Not arrive

Lora Lee

sitting here but not
my insides
       in a twist
my organs blooming,
their flower landscapes
rising in my solar plexus
like poetry expanding
its cellular shapes
        light frequencies
I need way more.
I need the pulling off
      and stripping down
of souls
I need to meet in
a depth of falling
I need to be pushed off
the silent gates of madness
into endless sea
no looking back
senses piqued
from slightest brush
of oral butter pouring
on hot cream
my mouth, a searing
crimson wound
oscillates in
contraction radar pulses
ripe for intense
tongue exploration
         aching to be filled up with
your distinct flavor
My essence molecular is
overflowing with fluid
giving me life
in throbbing, raw
electric vibes
whipped organic, in
                 rolling tides
Somewhere, out there
                  our volcanic impulses
                          meet in steamy ebbs
                     and send energyflow
to a new and ancient universe,
and I am
a raging heaven's child
      wrapped in
           a tight little
     blood pumping
through these veins
             my longing for
                 dark stretches
   of intimate caresses
to soothe
  the spikes
      of snaking pain
Give me
those airwaves that
let me breathe freedom
into the fields of our skin
Let me run like wild herds
of the animal within

and as I find myself
hanging off
my many-braided loops
         in zigzag split,
my skin rips open,
parting fibers
that expose my
helix swivel
hips grinding into
reaching in to
pull out
fresh rebirth
from between my folds
O help me to allay
this tender affliction
undo me, already
so I lose control
one little shove
and I am over the cliff
deep into ocean
clit over spliff
I am beyond ready
so grind it to the hilt
Give me your
tender-ripped heart,
spill your honeycomb milk

I am here, ravenous
in the pan
uncooked yet ripe
saliva and breath
steaming my own innards
flushing out strife
I am piquant hot pepper
ready to be broiled
my blood is already
my tender meat oiled
mull me over
in your oral cavity
like sacred wine
until I drip
through your bones
and down your spine
Just meld with me
                        and flow
into that light tunnel
of dark time and space
so I can stake out
my rhythms
and claim


'It's dark in here'
'Its sacred there'
'I ain't stopping'
'Turn back'
"I have no intention to'
'Don't come any closer'
'I'll come'
'Its a warning'
'I heard it'
'I'm dangerous'
'I know it'
'Aren't you scared?'
'My shaking won't stop'
'I'll ruin you'
'Ruin me then'
'I'll break you'
'Break me then'
'I'll tear you to shreds'
'I'm all ready'
'Leave me be'
'I can't, I won't'
'Why are you stubborn?'
'Let me come over'
'I don't wanna hurt you'
'Take my hand and pull me'
'I don't have a heart'
'Have mine'
"My soul's rotten too'
'Mine is here for you'
'Why are you doing this?'
'I have been there, long ago"
'Were you?'
'But not as deep as you'

When you fall, you don't need someone to give you a hand from outside. You don't need comforting words or idealistic thoughts. You don't need to be told to stay strong.
George Salazar

A lot of girls say
They like us
Weird little boys.
But when I get down
On my knees
To eat out her asshole
I immediately
Get thrown out of the room.

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