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Grace E
He and I
Had the same heart
Beating in two separate chests
Arthur Blank
To the humble ant,
A blade of grass is a tree,
In a vast forest.
A Haiku.
Lisa Madina
Has never looked so good
or tasted so sweet
I just wish I knew her name
Jennifer Beetz
I take small bites like
a stomach locked in
      a corset
my heart, too
is trapped under
a vice
I do not make
a pig of myself
I give my eyes
a sense but not
a solid reality
why linger in this
tomb (you see
the moment we met
he was already dead
to me)
Love my dear is
a eulogy
Buy the cheapest
box and move on
The last of that
model and would
      it be pretentious
to have my stone
The wallpaper was
killing me
Dada Olowo Eyo
You walked on my love,
And left a your magic print,
Buy nothing has been right,
Since I was broken into pieces.
They are not "aliens"
They are the Nephilim

Interdimensional creatures
The fallen ones

The mark of the beast
Will contain Nephilim DNA

Most people of the world
Have no understanding
Regarding spiritual matters

The worldwide disinformation program
Nears its completion

Don't open up your homes
To the Nephilim
They will claim to be the saviors of mankind
They are filthy liars
And they will burn in the lake of fire
With their father, satan

Jesus of Nazareth Is Lord
I still am walking this road
which seems to go on and on
sooner or later I'll be bored
alas its the way we are born
The dissatisfaction bought forth by the routine of doing the same thing over and over again
Elle Clohessy
It's poetry
When you look at me
and I can't help but wish
forever I can stay

When time stands still
maybe I'll find peace
But tomorrow has no patience for today
my hate for you
turns into hate for me
so when u ask me if I love myself
I want to scream no
but I smile, instead.
There is peace to find
In this world so wide.
Where is it, you ask?
Intimacy with the Creator.
Written 22 September 2019
Lara Volkova
Hazel eyes, mine to dream
Yours on television and magazines
Found in a collection of forgotten pieces. Don't know when this was written
Babu kandula
Given a situation

Let's forget about trust

People find it very hard to

Understand they are taking
Things granted

Results are part of hard work

Failure is a different thing

But, just delay in success

They expect your head on a spike

This is a modern crucifixion

And victims are mostly innocents
19 and still
hating myself
over the actions
of other people

feeling stupid
for failing
the person
i love the most
Seeking fame
In the wrong lane
Results in shame
Making you insane
I grew a flower
It sits on the table
In a vase with water

It took so much time to grow
To watch it wither so slow

Each petal fallen
Watches my wrinkled skin

Which one of us will fight
To the end
Garrett Johnson
Lovely Ruins.

Tossed through ash.
Sail to me for conversation.
Not A lover to one.
Not one for another.
Covered by lips.
The old teachings.
Learned to be alone.
Take up enchantments of touch.
Tremolos in the fingers.
Grip on nothing.
All to be nothing but the trees in Fall.

Garrett Johnson.
Late . . .
Nik Bland
Machiavellian in the way you step
Sultry temptations
Slow drag on the coffin nail called life
Slight correlation
How sweet for the world to bend for you
Scuffed to the knees
With a smile reminiscent of crocodile
She walks dangerously
At threat in every sense of the word
Fluent in her wiles
Innovation in internal investigation
Transcends the mile
Deliberate in the introspective
Oil and grease the machine
Poised and confident to represent her perspective
I want to drown in sleep
Hold me down under a sea of dreams
I’m tired of this insomniaic mess
The Vault
I'm depressed
And need a hug
If love is a battlefield
Then I must have forgotten all of my armor at home,
Its a war I never agreed to fight
The Awkward Bard
A secret buried
Blooms lies, and in time, they turn
Themselves, to secrets.
Rizna M Rameez
It's your decision
whether to make your mind
A prison
A stepping stone
Fall, and you shall wither, winter and you shall fall, spring you shall regrow, summer you stand tall.
Poetic T
Collect my words,

     There worth is useless.

But your smile

         Is priceless..

Words have value

     As long as they make
                         Someone smile.
The veggie burger of dismay
Long may it be there
Where it lay
At the bottom
It’s just for fun :D
Missing everything
Yes I am nothing
Hate this living
No hope for smiling
But still smiling
To make other's smiling
Missing my everything
After a storm comes a rainbow they say
But the storm ripped the roof off my house
The storm drowned my entire family
The storm left me with nothing
And so now
The rainbow dosent mean that much
Poetry sits like a cat on my chest
It purrs at me,
Licking the tips of my fingers
Pressing its soft beating belly to mine
I used to have to cajole it up here

But I'm so mean to it tonight  

I do not tap its ears or rub its back
Too tired now to plait its fur
And call its affection pretty
But I lie quite still and I try to forget
I'd rather shove it off and have a cigarette.
Not in the mood
Jenni Littzi
I  don’t always have all of the answers
And I must take a chance here and there
In fact, more questions may arise
Than would I could handle at a time

A flower blooms, a petal falls
The wind picks up and swirls it all
Where it ends up, is anyone’s call
That is life, you’re taking a draw

A flower is picked, used for its beauty
The prettiness fades, it’s no longer newly
We get our time to shine on this planet
Like a flower grows when it’s planted

Good times come, bad times go
It is like playing a game of tug-a-war
Wake me up before it’s time to die
Let realize what I have in life

A flower blooms, a petal falls
The wind picks up and swirls it all
Where it ends up, is anyone’s call
That is life, you’re taking a draw

A flower is picked, used for its beauty
The prettiness fades, it’s no longer newly
We get our time to shine on this planet
Like a flower grows when it’s planted

Changing seasons, changes reasons
It is the stroll of life we’re in

A flower blooms, a petal falls
The wind picks up and swirls it all
Where it ends up, is anyone’s call
That is life, you’re taking a draw

A flower is picked, used for its beauty
The prettiness fades, it’s no longer newly
We get our time to shine on this planet
Like a flower grows when it’s planted
e reed
We count the same stars

We whisper to the same moon
    each night.

That is enough,
just knowing we’re in the same universe.
I deleted all my poems. So if you're wondering where they went, you know now. I deleted them. Wanted a fresh start.
My wings were clipped the day I was born
I was put under the pressure of a billion eyes
My dreams ripped my skies torn
My life was built on a faithful lie

The shadows of my imagination
feared the glare of their expectations
My broken bones, My shattered heart
Sang the stories of me being torn apart
Golden, radiant
That's why it's named after the Sun
Standing tall, with purpose

Never alone
It's joined by the others
Together they grow

Sometimes it seems sad
Looking down in sorrow
At times it forgets
That it's still radiant and golden,
Never alone

I think I'm a sunflower
we bled into each other
so naturally
as if our love was birthed
from the earth itself,
yet i seen constellations
each time our eyes met
as if the universe had planned us
this whole time,
willing us to make it.
what a beautiful thing
it could've been
if we had.
I still remember the last time I saw you
and I remember the day I realized
it was really over

but life goes on, as things do
however, I still find myself
thinking about you

I’ve seen other people,
I’m sure you have too
but still, I really, truly do
myss you
I think Jealousy is a shameful feeling

A sacred pact made with
an unknown demon

A bitter resentment of a past

A mirrored messiah judging
all your thinking

Tuberculosis fit in the modern human


and body stained with a dark

Jealousy is a monsters making

Yet, perhaps,
the most Human of feelings

I’m not scared to say I love you
With you, I’m safe
Safe from being shattered
Safe from being hurt
Safe from pain I’ve already felt
Please don’t ever let this end
I don’t think I could bear it
although it doesn’t hurt quite like it used to,
i still feel u when i close my eyes.
sandra wyllie
this runs out he asks. I’ll reinvent
myself! What happens when a model
loses her figure? What happens
when an actress ages? What happens when

the sky turns to ice? When you lose your
love, your paradise? When everything you
believe in turns to rust. What happens when

it rains dust? I thought about the
question. And I came up with this –
what happens when it ends?
A new beginning somewhere still exists!
Pineapple palms
And their flailing arms
Wafting the day
As if to say
Let your troubles
And your cares
Be swept away.
Blue sky, gentle breeze, swaying palm, life’s a charm.
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