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The stars donโ€™t feel
They just exist
without regard for you
or your perception of them
They are raw energy
explosive chaos
bound only to the cold grip of
Free of their shackles
they unleash hell
ancient flames
devouring worlds
that you will never know
or care

Beyond your sight
the apocalypse means
From a distance
the universe is pretty
And our little star
shines on
a beacon of safety
warm and comfortable
until one day
it isnโ€™t
Jason James
I feel helpless
I've hurt myself and I don't know when the injury will heal
But of all these things I feel
I don't feel alone.
That will come when the doctors send me back home.
Suzy Berlinsky
WIKI: In the Christian era, mistletoe in the Western world became associated with Christmas as a decoration under which lovers are expected to kiss, as well as with protection from witches and demons.
december descends
and brings with it
a lonesome air in the night

in ink dripped mornings
and hasty afternoons
the moon rises in early daylight
Maria Mitea
I will worship you
with a smile
humble and bright
pure spell
without words

I will worship you
with deep eyes
in fruitful awareness

The eyes see,
but no eye
can touch
the fruit of the tree

I will worship you
when on the eyelids
flows quietly
the beauty beyond
A Freedom
' soaked by the lake,
of mind's whispering willow,
as Silence,
I hear its core,
whipping the current of tears.'  
Goodbye to the tears rolling down my cheeks
Goodbye to the bleeding through my sheets
Goodbye to fighting a battle I'll never win.
Goodbye to a world full of sin.
Goodbye to a hopeless night.
Goodbye...I lost my fight.
Yeah idk This just kind of came out of my brain. I hope you guys like it!
itโ€™s been so long
3 years maybe
since iโ€™ve loved you
Whether a comma, or colon:
Punctuation slows my rolling
I need no period. When I end
no Capitalization when I begin
Rulelessly I flow my art
ย ย Not a single!
Exclamationย mark
Are you not the one
Who'll know?
Where a question mark
No longer goes

Warp the structure
Bend the lines
Put in repeat
Let emotion unwind
Make yourself
Your poetry's the best
Be your own ruler
Pass your own test

Take your own road
Where ever it leads
Lover or hater
It's all poetry!
Traveler Tim

No matter who you are
You have my deepest respect!

All is vanity
The meanings of passion
The aesthetic expression
The lines we draw and stay within
Even love is beyond intent
Vanity transcends
Flowing from our pens
And so we breathe again
Highlight my bruises.
Illuminate Hidden confessions;

Like petals;
I roam from wonder to another
Yet Swiftly
I vanish.
Crystal Fang
I woke up this morning,
and found tears rolling down my cheek.
Like the rain on a sunny day
I wondered why they fell.
Were they of joy at seeing you once more
or sorrow that you will be gone again tomorrow.

Is it your absence or your presence
that causes me such heartache
Would I be happier if you left or stayed?
Love dies
Just like a flower wilts
๐”พ๐•Ÿ๐•’๐•ฃ๐•๐•ช ๐•’๐•Ÿ๐••
๐•„๐•š๐•ค๐•ค๐•™๐•’๐•ก๐•–๐•Ÿ, ๐•ฅ๐•™๐•– ๐•’๐•ก๐•ก๐•๐•– ๐•ฅ๐•ฃ๐•–๐•–
๐•Š๐•ฅ๐•š๐•๐• ๐•“๐•–๐•’๐•ฃ๐•ค ๐•ฅ๐•™๐•– ๐•ฅ๐•™๐•– ๐•ค๐•จ๐•–๐•–๐•ฅ๐•–๐•ค๐•ฅ ๐•—๐•ฃ๐•ฆ๐•š๐•ฅ.
๐•‹๐•™๐•– ๐•ฆ๐•˜๐•๐•š๐•–๐•ฃ ๐•ค๐•™๐•– ๐•š๐•ค, ๐•ฅ๐•™๐•– ๐•ž๐• ๐•ฃ๐•– ๐•’๐••๐•ž๐•š๐•ฃ๐•–๐••.
โ„™๐•–๐•ฃ๐•—๐•–๐•”๐•ฅ ๐•“๐•–๐•’๐•ฆ๐•ฅ๐•ช ๐•š๐•ค ๐•Ÿ๐•’๐•ฅ๐•ฆ๐•ฃ๐•–'๐•ค ๐• ๐•ฉ๐•ช๐•ž๐• ๐•ฃ๐• ๐•Ÿ,
๐”ธ๐•ค ๐•ฅ๐•™๐•– ๐•๐•–๐•ค๐•ค ๐•ก๐•–๐•ฃ๐•—๐•–๐•”๐•ฅ ๐•š๐•ค ๐• ๐•—๐•ฅ๐•–๐•Ÿ ๐•ž๐• ๐•ฃ๐•–
๐•ƒ๐• ๐•ง๐•–๐•๐•ช. ๐”น๐•ฆ๐•ฅ ๐•š๐•— ๐•ฅ๐•™๐•– ๐•™๐•–๐•’๐•ฃ๐•ฅ๐•จ๐• ๐• ๐•• ๐•š๐•ค
๐•†๐•Ÿ๐•๐•ช ๐•™๐• ๐•ž๐•– ๐•ฅ๐•  ๐•ฃ๐• ๐•ฅ ๐•’๐•Ÿ๐••
Dแตคng, แตขt
Wแตขll nโ‚’t
Lโ‚st lโ‚’ng
Cแตคt dโ‚’wn.
Aฬธฬ‹อƒฬ”อ‡nฬธอŠฬฟอ‘ฬพฬ‡ฬ…อ—ฬคอ”ฬžฬœอ“dฬตฬ“ฬ’อŒฬ…อŠอ™ฬฅฬป ฬดฬ‚อ„อŠฬ’ฬ„ฬŸฬกฬอŽฬžฬบอ”ฬŸsฬดอ˜ฬณฬขฬ—อ‡อ“ฬฐฬฐอ•ฬฃoฬทฬฝฬ‚ออ‚อˆฬขอ…ฬžฬญ ฬตฬ‰ฬ‡อ€ฬ‚อ’ฬ‰อ’อ ฬ’อ€ฬจฬฆฬผฬซอŽฬงฬจIฬดฬŠฬ†ฬŽฬ‹ฬ„อ„อ†อ›อ’ฬฉฬ˜ฬญอšฬ– ฬดฬšฬšฬฬพฬ’อŒฬ†ฬˆอ€อ‹ฬผฬฎฬงฬฐtฬตอ€อŠฬ“อฬผฬฒอˆฬ—ฬฉฬญฬกฬชฬฐฬฎhฬตอฬ‘ออ—ฬฝฬออ›ฬšฬชอ™iฬตอ‹ฬ‘ฬŒอฬ€ฬฝฬฝฬ„ฬนฬฒฬฅฬชฬปฬฅฬ—nฬทฬฬพ­อฬŽอŠฬšอ™ฬฉkฬถฬ•อ‹ฬ’ฬ€อŠอ„อŠฬป ฬตฬ›ฬ™ฬฆอ™ฬงฬœอšฬ–ฬ–ฬฒฬ—yฬทฬพอฬ…ฬอ€อ—อ†อ„อ‹ฬฒอ•ฬฬบoฬธฬŽฬขฬฅฬนฬบuฬตฬ›ฬ“ฬ‡อ„อ€ฬ†ฬƒฬƒฬ‹อ“ฬฑอ™ฬ—อ™ฬซอ“อŽ ฬธฬ…อ„ฬฆฬ˜ฬฑอ™ฬฑอ•ฬกฬคฬžaฬดฬ…ฬ˜ฬฒrฬทฬฝอฬอ„อฬฏeฬดฬšฬ›ฬžฬ™ ฬตออ‘อŒฬ‘ฬƒอ‹ฬ„อ—อˆฬ–อ™ฬนฬกฬบbฬถอ€อ†ฬ‡อ˜ฬฉฬงฬžฬ˜อˆeฬถออ›ฬอ“ฬฌaฬธฬ…อ„ฬฟฬฬคฬฉฬปอˆฬŸอ•ฬฉuฬธอ’ฬ„ฬ„ฬจฬนฬฉอˆฬ–ฬ ฬฏฬฆtฬธฬ•ฬŽฬ›อƒ­ฬ“อ’ฬฬšอœฬ อŽiฬทอ˜ฬ‘ฬ”ฬ ฬฑฬฉฬคอ”ฬฐfฬถอ˜อ‘อ„ฬŽอˆฬœฬ–uฬถอ€ฬอฬฟอ›ฬ‡ฬŽอœฬฌฬฉฬชฬงฬžฬจlฬดฬ‰ออ ฬ”อ‚ฬกอ…ฬฃฬปฬ ฬœฬป.ฬตฬฝอออ›อ„ฬŒ­อˆฬ—ฬณฬ–
Commuter Poet
Every moment
Is more precious
Than a shining jewel

The play of afternoon sunlight
On high tide water

The gathering of birds
Perched atop a weather vane

The embrace of a loved one
After a shared struggle

The multi-coloured setting of the sun
Over silhouettes of winter trees

Steam rising
From a freshly made cup of tea

The swelling of hearts and dropping of tears
In recognition of a shared emotional experience

This world is full of more beauty
Than I could ever put into words

All that is required
Is surrender to oneโ€™s senses

A willingness to see all things
With wonder

The courage to open oneโ€™s heart
To the workings of the universe
2nd December 2020
Brian Turner
Goodbye 2020
You've given us pain, plenty plenty
Time to forget you even exist
Time for your pain to desist

******* to your cruelty
Now replaced with some congruity
Forget you n' your death
Forget evil 'theft of breath'

Farewell messed up leap year
Farewell year of fear
Twenty one is coming
Vials of vaccine running

You're now history to me
We've done it, set us free
No virus going to stop
The progress of man, man now on top
Bravo for an approved UK vaccine and goodbye messed up year, you're history.
Jonas ernest
I get dumber by the day
Pretty soon I'll be too dumb to understand
Drooling in the wind with my
Eyes wide open
Karly Codr
why is it so hard
pretending to be happy
all the time
no one notices
i feel like no one cares
well anyway
My eyes

have dried

with the tears

I've cried.

And now

I'm hollow,

I've got nothing to give

And now

I'm done,

I've got nothing to live.
I'm fine. Okay, if not completely at the moment, I will be, sometime later.
i wanna be the only star in your night sky,
but im just not
When we run away together
we can lie under the
beautiful sky
and hold each other
for as long as we can
until there is no night left

I'll wake up in the morning
and look over
to admire my love
but you won't be there
and I'll realize
I'm alone
and it was all in my head
a figment of pure
i love you,
and to prove it,
i need to end myself?
it's not  that I'm scared,
but i would die,
not knowing,
if you smiled,
when you knew,
i loved you more than myself
a lot of people **** themselves to show someone how they love them, but if you did you will never be able to know if your love for them, made them smile
im ready to let you love me on my darkest days
just promise you wont shut the door on me too.
Harley Hucof
Awake i found the languages have changed in my sleep
The sequence of words is lost and so is my power to will

People talk strange but sill imitate their creator
Behaviour is predictable when you're attached to a prayer

Obey my ageless tongue

I dare question my presence in this dimension
With one intention
An ancient practice and an encounter
The timelessness of magic shall bring back my willpower

The symbols are drawn
The words are assembled
At the crack of dawn
I shall have my answers

Words Of Harfouchism
Ariana Solo
My little smartphone became my own small personal galaxy

It witnessed big bangs and supernovas of multiple relationships

It was the dawn and also twilight of my poetic creations

Is it a coincidence that its cover is a map of unkown constellations?

๐Ÿ“ฑ๐ŸŒŒ ๐Ÿ“ฑ๐ŸŒŒ๐Ÿ“ฑ๐ŸŒŒ
An ode to my "galaxy"

My beautiful sunflower,
of warm, yellow joy -
infectious - as sunshine
beams across our faces.

An abundance of petals,
golden in the light.
Growing toward the sun,
striving for perfection.

Our beautiful sunflower,
nurtured and thriving,
growing through my heart, warm
with happiness and love.
happiness of being in love? feels gross to read it now haha
we walk around with lips pulled tight
because we are living in darker light
we press our bodies, dying and thin
into fear and sadness, let it come in
Sidharth Suraj
I adore your wrinkles
more than your salt trails.
I want to see your smile,
they are the bandage to soul.
Spread your blessing through
your joy.
smile often, life is too small for the frowns
with rain kissed plumage
cold in the moonlit expanse
over the evergreens i see below
- - -
i am free
as far as these shackles
will let me be
make it stop
these awful thoughts
when i think i can
they say you better not
when i feel safe
they ask are you sure
until i find
i'm not anymore
when i trust myself
they wait for me
to fall back into my
many insecurities
they want me to fail
because they feed on my fear
they like when i fall
love the taste of my tears
Are you craving of sweet words...
And dreams?..
Are you willing to let your smile conquer the universe?..
And a beautiful rose merge with your hair?....
If so...
Close your eyes....
And smile.
Let yourself loose...
And you will be transported to wonderland...
The land where your laughter can be heard when it rains...
And where the wind sings poetry to you...
Bea Autumn
Time flies by so fast then its past

Remember special moments always last

So make some memories to treasure

Each day have and give some pleasure

So when second chances do come by

To love again say yes reach for the sky

Because I love the moments in time

When you're with me and you are mine

Cherish and relish everyday while you can

Precious are the moments when love is the plan
make every moment count
allowed to admit
these letters
are losing meaning
some days
i don't want to be me

some days i don't want
to be a person
your name is
forbidden in
my mouth
or in my heart
because when
i think about

i'll cry a little more,
hurt a little stronger
love a little softer
because you no longer
make me feel sober

i'm drunk on the
memory of you
if only i could chase you with pizza but shots don't work like that
Stu Harley
what is night
a lark descending
from flight
sacred moon
she dip both her wings
curious night
living water
His face
The sight brings a smile to yours
His eyes
You can stare into them forever
His lips
You wish you can kiss them
His hands
You wish you can intertwine them with yours
His mind
It intrigues you
His soul
You can love it for eternity
His heart
It doesn't belong to you
Umwari uwera




Love โค๏ธ

If you could read my mind,
Youโ€™d see a thousand papers
Filled with broken poetries
And deadbeat proses
Full of woeful verses
With mournful pieces
Of unfinished stories
That are yet to be written
And failed to be spoken;
If you could read my mind,
Youโ€™d hear horrible screams
And earsplitting weeps
From shattered dreams,
Kept in a nasty notepad,
Scribbled on a bed
Of bloodstained words,
Ringing in my head.
If you could read my mind,
Youโ€™d see the shadows
That lurk within me;
Youโ€™d hear the bellows,
Screeching the words
โ€œIโ€™m tired,โ€
โ€œIโ€™m a failure,โ€
โ€œIโ€™m stupid โ€“โ€
I know it sounds stupid,
Itโ€™s pathetically foolish
And seems like *******.
If you could read my mind,
Youโ€™d feel the tears
I had ever failed to cry;
Youโ€™d see the people
That make the weak weaker;
Youโ€™d see the monsters
That consume my head;
Youโ€™d hear the hollers
That failed to be freed;
Youโ€™d see the heart
That still bleeds and bleeds.
If you could read my mind,
Youโ€™d see the face
Iโ€™ve failed to show back then,
The face Iโ€™ve faked back then.
If you could read my mind,
Youโ€™d see a character
I had ever failed to become
If you could read my mind,
Youโ€™d be able to read
A book you never wished
To touch and read,
But sometimes I still wish
Someone could read my mind.
Jeremy Stacy
Weโ€™ve been here before havenโ€™t we?
Two strangers could never love so passionately
I stare adamantly at your anatomy while you throw your debonair back at me
you never asked to read my poetry
maybe that was the sign.
i told you i wrote for fun,
you shrugged and moved on.
red flags went up everywhere, but i didnโ€™t bother looking
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