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The poet lives two lives.
One on the outside,
And one in their mind.

When you look in their eyes
You could see an abyss.

If you looked long enough
You could sink into it.

But most people don’t see it.

Take the time to read the words, though,
And you would know for sure.

The poet lives in two different worlds.
A little escape from the madness.
Or maybe, into.
We cannot write silence.
The beats.
The pause.
The breath.
The way it aches
and persists

and begs that,

if only for a moment,

our consciousness is only a whisper.
our bodies,
our lips,
the air that passes through falling chests
and stillness.

A melody of emotion.
Sleeping in the quiet of a heartbeat skipped
a word lost to the wind.

The wickedness of reticence
Encapsulated in air and time.

The moment stretched too long.
Hesitation perpetuated in the grip of fingernails
pressed into palms.

We cannot write silence,
but we can try.

to find a way to immortalize emotion
to create space
in the ceaseless drone of words that speak and spin.

I cannot write silence. But I can write
tears and years
and the burn of long-stretched lies.

I can write goodbyes and hellos
And dozen ways to say
I love to hate you
I hate to love you
and sometimes
I cannot tell the difference.
The space I have upheld for myself.

I love to hate you

I hate to love you too.

I cannot write silence.
But I know it.
and I have held it in my hand.
Inspired by the Vanity Fair article of André Aciman's reaction to his book *Call Me By Your Name* being made into a movie. Specifically the quote, "I couldn't write silence."
I''ll keep this short and brief.
Like Sue, I am being trolled.
I just want to let those who
take the time to leave kind
comments and support, I
am very grateful for all you
have given me here.

Please don't think that I am
the one giving your comments
any thumbs down. On my heart
and everything that I have, I am
not. I value anyone and everyone
who is positive, and that is what
makes you true Kings and Queens
in my eyes.

This will not stop my ink flowing,
on that I promise.
This page has given me so much
and I want to give much love and
light back in return. I just wanted
to clear the air.

Thank you.
Lyn xxx
I pay no mind nor heed to trolls.
My eyes is on my quill, my craft and my true supporters always.
Elan Bonde Gregory
portray permanence
resist impermanence
all they see are patterns
patterns you are not
patterns they will enforce
you to become
patterns of impermanence
portray permanence
definitely find
in the ruins of thought
Allee Barker
rainbow buttons trickle down your back,
perfectly aligned along your spine,
and you darken as I go deeper

you fade from bright yellow,
bright orange, florescent green
to deep, burning red as you
move closer to me

everything more numb than it's ever been,
but amplified as hot and cold take turns
washing over my arms and eyelids

I don't recall where our clothes went or when they did,
or what day of the week it is,
but I do know what happens when I run
my finger tips up your back and back down

you melt into my arms and then between
my thighs and I
want you to leave

and for a moment I understand addiction,
for two moments I dwell on it as I watch the
ceiling fold into itself over and over, infinitely
and then it's back to your eyes

reminding myself not to apologize
for the seeming eternity I wasn't looking at you
because it was only a second or two
... only a second or two, right?

sure, move on
move to your hand all of a sudden around my throat
I fly further into space the tighter your grip becomes
and next thing I know I'm sternly being reminded
to breathe
because surely, I would have forgotten
Thy dimpled simper, ah such blissful beauty.
Every time it arrives, I fall, fall so hard still.
The imprints in thy cheeks, puts me under captivity.
The upward curling of thine lip, holds me fast, unwavering.
The way your eyes extend its gaze, surpasses my comprehension of how such virture willingly gazes upon mine own soul.
I cannot swim.
With rejoice I jump, jump right in. Into the depths of thy gaze. Stormy, frightening, an abundance of love. Its everything I want to give.
Such heartache can I afford? To gain such love but lose my soul? I asked then answered,
Of course I will pay the price, she deserves all and so much more.
If mine own soul is not satisfactory, I will merrily consume any and every soul her love demands.
For it. Her love. Commands me.
Little famished people left after they were born
A tiny old place can no longer be their home
Little acquisitive people travel to the cities
Soon their greed seize their courtesy
Little naive people disguise so well.
“Let us add a white shade to our scarlet blood.”
Little grey people complain about the world
A tear or two should ‘justify' their ‘love'
Little learned people fight for human rights
Dazzling crystal goblets clink on every ‘I'
Little erudite people cherish old tombs
But they forget the life spent in the womb
Little fading people live no life
Hence they regret as they retire
Little us. Little world. Little life.
Drifton A Way
I’m driven from and addicted to the Open road
That pungent smell of wild oats freshly sewed

I’m finally home,
So worn down
I put up my tired feet

I Close my eyes,
But can still feel
Vibrations of the street

The lights are out, but I hear the sirens calling
The rights of doubt, are really quite appalling

The Heights are met, as I dream of ever falling
My sights are set, shouldn’t life be enthralling?

The lies men live when their home feels foreign
My eyes are merely wings, of an eagle soaring

A misfit Nomadic heart yearns the unknown
So quit the affliction and put away the phone
I admit I’m an addict, don’t mind being alone
A spirit in the attic, the ghost of being grown
No matter where you go, A nomadic ghost will know
I used to say I wanted friends
To have a person to the end

I got my wish, just this past year
But now that wish has changed, I fear

For in my life these people came
And then they left me still the same

So now my wish has changed, you see
I still want friends, but I want them near to me
Alarm didn't ring
It's started to rain
Car wouldn't start
I was late for the train

Overloaded at work
And all I can say
Is, I should have stayed home
I'm having a day

I'm having a day
Best stay out of my way
Nothing's gone right
And I'm having a day

Meeting at two
I'm nowhere near set
All that I've got
Is all that they'll get

Train delayed home
But I'm on my way
Dinner's on late
I'm having a day

I'm having a day
Best stay out of my way
Nothing's gone right
And I'm having a day

Looked at the bills
Needed a drink
Sent the kids off to bed
Dropped my glass in the sink

Wish I could run
But, I can't so I stay
I'm thinking of a way out
Cause' I'm having a day

I'm having a day
Best stay out of my way
Nothing's gone right
And I'm having a day
I don’t feel close
to poetry.

It feels elusive.
Once it spoke to me.
But now it’s mute.

It sits back
and doesn’t look
at me.

If I call out
it doesn’t hear.

Lately poetry is
like that demon
I used to want
to reappear.
I saw him in a dream and hugged him, I felt light enough to leave the floor, beams of love surrounded us, spiraling upwards, swaying like a candle's flame, I pulled away, now one hand on his shoulder, looked in his eyes and said, that one was from your mother, you could see the fight in his eyes, but he was strong, and in an instance he understood, and peace filled his heart, in my mind he said to me, thank you, I will see you later, then he left, and shortly after I did too
Elisa Holly
I'm okay.
You don't need to call today.
I licked my wounds.
It didn't matter anyway.

You told me to find some self respect,
as I cried from your neglect.
And you were right.
Oh, you were right.

I didn't need to put up a fight.
I was gonna be just fine.

So Im fine.
Ya just fine.
Weathered your hurricane and came out the other side.
Trust me, Im fine.

You don't need to call today.
It didn't matter anyway.
You asked me why I didn't let it go,
told me I was a fool and now everybody knows.
And you were right.
Oh, you were so right.

I didn't need to put up a fight.
I was gonna be just fine.

So, don't call today.
We both know it didn't matter anyway.
You asked me to find some self respect.
Now I realize, I have no regrets.
And you were right.
So right.

I didn't need to put up a fight.
I am just fine.
when I was 18 I went to a funeral for a man I didn't know with the guy I was living with at the time
the body wasn't there
it was supposed to be a celebration of life
this man had no kids
no wife
but he had a brother and a sister left behind
his siblings both went up and made a speech about him
and as tears rolled down their faces and photos flashed behind them on the screen
I lost it
I could imagine what it would be like to be at my own siblings funeral
up at the podium trying to make jokes about their younger years
I sat in this chair trying so hard not to make any noise
choking back tears that I had no idea where they were coming from
I guess I just felt so much empathy for these people that it made me cry with them
I got up quickly and went into the bathroom and let myself cry really hard for 30 seconds and then washed my hands and wiped my eyes and went back out to sit down
everyone knew I had been crying and no one said anything to me about it except my boyfriend at the time who asked
"Why are you crying, you didn't even know him?"
I shook my head and replied
"because they're so sad. I don't know. It made me sad too."
Olivia Ventura
I clumsily I tripped on my shoelace
I fell and broke my little glass vase
It was always too transparent for my taste
But its beauty was inexplicable
So I felt empty without its presence.
I bought this gorgeous crystal one
And placed it in the same spot
I put flowers in, and I tended to them
But they still wilted...
As it turns out, it was the crystal
Because even though it was better quality
The flowers only bloomed in the glass
They liked the vase’s vulnerability to the sunlight
Aretha Louise Franklin
Labeled "The Queen Of Soul"
She was expressive in her music
There was a story waiting to be told
Her voice was fierce and powerful
The sound was succinct and sharp
She was one to open up your mind
And give light to those stuck in the dark
Uplifting and exhilarating
Willing to enhance one's vision
Embracing love, life, freedom, and happiness
And carrying out her mission
When in a state of sorrow and pain
She still found a way to persevere
Her inner strength was profound
The messages in her songs were clear
At the age of 76
She has sadly passed on
The legacy of Aretha Franklin
Will continue to be heartstrong
A caw-
ing of birds
with blunt
-ed beaks
and clip-
ped wings
that can’t fly
or sing
worth a lick
-ety split
ing and peck
-ing a-way
at the best
ing inside
a chest
-full of
ing Blue
felt art
songs in-
of sing
-ing along
ing they
know better
-   the rest?
This in response to the deletion of a great and true HP Poet’s account tonight as a result of constant harassment by at last count 13 dumbass, iealous, couldn’t write a decent poem if the male har-ass-ers tripped over their stupid pricks and the idiotic wagging female tongues who all took part in this. You know who you are. This harassment was reported to HP and to Eliot directly without the courtesy of a reaponse, and without action to curb it. The creation of monitors was a total waste of time. Many of you know her as Vicki. I’m sick of this kind of shit done by supposed adults, and sickened most of all by HP’s allowing this to continue even after multiple messages. As far as I’m concerned, the Guidelines and the so-called monitors aren’t worth a fucking dime. Which is exactly 10 cents more than I’ll ever again contribute to HP.  Go ahead and lock me ip, put me in the corner for awhile, or expel me. I don’t care. Maybe  we will see if the monitors are paying attention at all, or just another silly myth. If you’re a monitor and reading this, I would like to hear your thoughts after you wake the fuck up.
Most Sincerely,
Orange Rose
I wrote a poem when I died...
Another at my birth.
A brand-new sonnet when I cried.
And again when there was mirth.

A song for my confession...
A story for my pain...
A painting for depression...
And nursery rhymes for rain.

My creations live inside my heart.
I keep them there in shame.
Yet you looked around and saw my art,
And smiled all the same.
I see you.
With your heart of stone
I see you
With your gilded mask
I see you
With your diamond tears
I see you
With your blazing tongue
I see you
With your glass smiles
I see you
With your empty eyes
I see you
With your fragile hands
I see you
With your broken lies
I see you
With your stooped shoulders
I see you.
Everything you are,
Everything you are not.
I see you
And I care.
I see you, because you are like me.
shanika yrs
Traversing in between that few sweet hangouts
One to another in greater distance
Inside the empty universe

Having shedded ocean of tears
For Keep the moist of life
What life may feel

Starting stagnated beyond horizon
Earnestly towards a vision which can not be seen
For knowing the ingredients of life

The eye has being :

Chelsea Rae
I get this feeling where eyes have come to focus on me, they keep popping up in the dark like on cartoons.
Then the questions begin.
"What are you doing?"
"What are your goals?"
"What is your purpose?"

The list goes on and on
Repeating in my head.

And all I do is shut down
From fake expectations
I made up in my mind.

I just wish I knew why.
I feel worthless at this point.
i was born with a scent
of wild flowers in the air,
the smell of wood-fires,
and the cooking pot
I was born to be proud
of the blacked badge
of my skin.

my first tears flowed
from the sting of smoke
from the pain of the thorns
in my naked small feet.

How i hated , at first
the long hours, herding cattles
Shift_But i loved the hills
And the river-when it gave me  fish!

i learned to listen
To the song of birds
To watch the colours
of down and sunset
I learn to love
The land that gave me
my own black badge
The badge of Africa
Desmond the poet
It’s a good day the lord granted.
Everything seems so perfect.
Weather is sweet.
Sun’s shining.
What could go wrong?


I felt you coming.
Like a hijacker through a rear view mirror.
How I wish for a false alarm.
Dear lord may this cup pass.
A moment to accept the inevitable has arrived.

Oh my God! you seized me once again.
You came like a thief at midnight.
You hijacked my mind.
You exposed me to wrath of migraines.
Horrible 30 seconds in a 24hour day.
It's like a small stain on a white garment.

The cruelty of an epileptic seizure is inevitable.
This an expression of how a 30seconds encounter with with an epileptic seizure can ruined the whole 24hour day.
grumpy thumb
Dainty hours
spent with her petal soft smile
lush exchanges
how her mouth makes words warm
delicate  moments
when our eyes held each other
little desolate
when hands separated
and time disconnected us
as it blindly does
without so much as an apology
Melissa S
Dream of me
I am real...
I am where smiles are made
and tears fade away
Where hope springs forth
Away from the darkness
of the earth

I am the glow of the moon
and all the stars in the sky
those who seek the light
shall have me as their guide

I am the red bird or butterfly you see
Just keep your eyes open... to find me
I am where tomorrow is coming
and hope always holds on
My darling
I am never truly gone....❤
I have been dreaming of my mother lately and do not want to wake up because it feels so real and I miss her so. I wrote this from her perspective writing to me
you said
you were afraid
to lose me
and then you
faced your fears
and left
The beauty of a poem
Lies between the words
Which captured the poet's soul.
Formerly CeriseRed
Marcella Kay
You can't comprehend
How much I loathe myself
To the extreme of reality,
Guilt structuring to extremity
Within the walls
Of my lungs and it pains my heart.

Demons haunts among the shadows,
Monsters lives inside my head,
They never tend to sleep
Until scars forms and covers my flesh,
Turning them into wounds
But it is imperceptible.

Broken and shattered
Into bits of myself,
Hoping for a better day
But only to cycle
In turn of pessimistic minds
And dreadful bearings.

Suffocation and agony
That meets no end,
Conveying in self-hatred
When it's hard to flee within my thoughts,
But ends up in culpability among situations
And faults to myself.

Every word that's devoured
But seems like deception,
Darkness shackled onto whole
Only to destroy from within,
Crumble and wasted
That might be the end.
In the process of trying to fix something you didn't break,you end up cutting yourself,hurting yourself.
Maybe 10 years from today,
Maybe only 1 year away,
Or even just 1 day,
I will be able to say...
Words that should be said
Vivek Raj
You ask me,
Why I'm angry all the time?

It’s no simple task,
To put on,
A straight face,
When I’ve been,
By the people I hold close,
To my heart.

The biggest deathblow,
To me unknowingly,
Was you,
When you decided,
To leave me "angry".
The Writer
Honey drips from my mouth,
an endless cascade of gold
sickly sweet and clingy viscous,
gluing my lips together in a
delicious wall of sugary words

and silence.

Pry it free from sticky amber,
let the bitterness flow instead
like angry bees exiting their hive.
Stingers made not of poison nor
vicious intent meant to harm,

but of brutal honesty.
Can you tell me
which way now is home
I used to know, my dear
The way was clear
There was no fear

Tying my walking shoes
I knew I needed to get clear of here
thought I'd find
all that was dear

The road though, it is narrow
The cliff it is shear
My balance is

Can you tell me my dear

which way is home
which way do I go from here,
I think I oughta know
But the hills they are wavering
The ocean is in turmoil
The mountains are slick
far too dangerous

The desert has no mercy

I know something and with this knowledge
I think I must be cursed
I think I have it
Peace & Home
goes and comes
and comes and goes.
Araoluwa Jacob
LOOK look!
It's not like I like you,
I feel moved when I see you.
Maybe it's because you're cute.....
But it's cool cause I don't have any intentions of getting close to you.
We are not meant to be so I'll just take my leave.
Our path in this world is different.
That's just how it's meant to be.
Even though you didn't pay me no mind, I acted like I didn't feel down.
I cried but not when you were there.
It felt good acting perfectly fine around you thinking your feelings will one day change.
It hurts that you are happy without me even though I crave for your attention badly.
I envy the way you are happy without me...
I try to be unresisting .
You passed me by and gave me chills but you didn't feel anything.
I feel so bad for my foolish heart that won't wish you the best because I don't want to let you go.
It's not like I like you.
I'm just move by your groove....
In Reality, I actually do..
Liyah Bella
Yes I will admit I started using with him
we influenced each other to start
but i left him behind to chase being sober
and he stayed behind to drown in drugs and harm
I couldn't save everyone from my old life
Depression shall not get the best of you
Between all of the colors, you chose blue
Tell me what makes you happy if I couldn’t do
All of the books and paper, i wish I could listen to you
You are cutting your wings and I am gluing  them on
With me or with out me, you are going to be strong
If my poems and I didn’t stand tall
We’ll fall with you but, surely later we will catch on
We will crush all of your sad feelings,
We will crush them all
Only sunshine baby, even if your sky was blue
And I am here for you!
I didn't choose it
I didn't wake up one day and tell myself
let's be anxious
let's be depressed
let's want to die
let's start self harming
I didn't choose to be like this

slowly my problems
my monsters
became visible
they started small
skipping lunch
making a cut or two on my hand
shaking for a while in school
but I fell

I didn't choose to be this person.
We just get handed who we are.
I didn't choose this.
I never wanted to be that

I didn't want to be riddled with anxiety and insecurities,
to wallow in self-pity and sleep for hours everyday
to stay up all night with anxiety
to steal razors
to eat one-hundred calories and then barf it back up
but that's what happened.

I didn't choose this
I didn't choose
I didn't choose to tear apart my life.
it just
I'm really good right now but in a reflective state currently oof
she gave me her nudes
she was bare
and naked
and so out
and open
and i willingly
accepted it
because it wasnt the nudes
that showed her body
the physical aspects
that made her beautiful
it was the words
she didnt choose
and the spontaneity
that left her
either from her lips
or her fingers
or ink

she was as bare
as her nudes
and i accepted
her for her.
10:02 PM 5/1/2018
Steve Page
I got places I need to go
I got people I need to see
I got plans to change the world,
but first I need to pee.
I'm in my 50s. My bladder ain't what it used to be.
All lies diminish me ---

As a card carrying member of the human race,
I consider it a disgrace,
when truth is subverted,
truth is diverted,
puts a frown on my face,
puts me in a bad place,
when truth is perverted in any way.

Lies weaken the laws of modern man--

If it's a shell game of opinion while avoiding fact,
modern society might as well take a giant step back.
To the plague days,
to the guillotine ways,
when might was right,
carry a big stick.
I dont want to go back to that.

Each lie told damages the soul ---

Are we here on earth to be false to each other,
to con with words or sister and brother? 
 To smother or dignity,  
break it and fake it,
knowing wrong from right but go ahead and forsake it?
I think no.

And the outcome of lying---

When those you trusted lie,
but don't  get busted - cry.  
Consider it the day truth died. 
 And down with the ship of truth goes honesty
                    civilization will fall.  
Tears to lend, prayers to send, 
lies will be the beginning, the middle, the end.
  Lies will be the death of us all.
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