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Presently, l dream of a sea
An island probably
Not lonely
But solely for the two of us...
Only an island it seems
And a dream it is
Nat Lipstadt
The Deepest Twist

for my friends who know that when HP says this my 1300th
poem, it’s off the mark by hundreds; nonetheless
1300 is worthy number to celebrate your affections

you return back my older children, fully grown,
my eldest word babies who never ever visit,
blessing them anew, lavishly, with special wishes

take them,
with both hands, a reacquainting occurs,
the old words, deep twist, now hurtful hurt because
reimagining when and how easy they came to be birthed and
how the replication of that process is now a
practiced impossibility

how they burst forth, in purple majesty, wheat waving,
wholly formed, bathed in holy water, leaving no stretch marks,
only just an empty sac inside instantly needing,
needling me into auto-refilling right away

even the twenty four hour, hard deliveries,
long and arduous, were so easy created faust-fast,
that the errors of typography contained,
became lasting hall marks, iconic nomenclatures of
passionate loving-nonpareil

now, well past point of urgent addiction,
unlike then every glance, each sidewalk cracking,
lamppost shadow casting was
a sea story for a deep dive delving asap

supplied answers for the internal badgering incessant
happy ****** need, mine, to go, spill the words,
cab or bus motion nursing them,
now they come slowly strolling,
semi-formed, needy, inconclusive, reused,
and feeling as trite as a cloth coat from an old thrift shop,
so wanting for tender loving care,
which is to provide when you are
four score

wondering how easy it was in prior times when inspiration
fell like a deciduous tree’s fall colorings gifts or
as little children’s nightly multitude variety of dream tales,
when whole worlds uncovered, nay, universes,
hidden between summers green grass blades,
or in unique snowflakes

the semi-forgot love affairs that parented poems
by the score of scarred orchestral scores,
now love circle-turn in holding patters in the
crowded skies above nyc,
awaiting for a trafficked man to give permissions
to “run-away”land that rarely is granted

once, poems in turbulent fluid born, noisy ripping of skin,
****** by the emitting of  constant calming tenderous words,
wonderful drippings, so many multiple births in a moment,
even the OBGYN is complaining,

give other poets a chance at parenthood!

the awesome anger of human tragedy is now so shopworn
from over experience,
even god visits less and less, for it is written,
nothing new under the sun

though soon his annual visitors day approaches (Day of Atonement) and god will require new
words of human comforting,
a new poem acknowledging that being godlike
is ******* hard work,
for humans are annoyingly capable of incredulous kindness

how can one justify allowing unlacing acts of insane violence to tear
the hand stitched lacing fabric that’s ever ready
to bring us together in an instant elegiac joining

the truth is every one of todays poem are clawed,
shovel dug out from cavities and crevasses,
your new words of recognition of the oldies but goodies,
iron of irony, make it hard, hard, painful to write
without an epidural to numb the painful
dumbing down

when I am breaching my waters, I am hard to spot,
we ancient humpbacks live beneath the deep distanced,
cold waters for many more minutes
than we need surface for breathing,
the show-off fluking, less and less,
and when we birth,
every two years,
must bring the calf-poem to the surface instantly,
to breath, lest it die,
all the while repeating to ourselves:

what was miraculous writing is now nearly invisible,
to blinded fingers that arrhythmically cane tap,
words difficult to recall, recalculate, recalibrate
into a wholly poem

only the **** tears,
that same shameful violin permanent-accompaniment,
they laugh at me when now, they alone
come first quickest, all too easy,

appearing nataurally,

without a formal
“He says, "Son, can you play me a memory
I'm not really sure how it goes
But it's sad and it's sweet and I knew it complete
When I wore a younger man's clothes"

Sing us a song, you're the piano man
Sing us a song tonight
Well, we're all in the mood for a melody
And you've got us feelin' alright”
vanessa ann
i am becoming the girl i've always wanted to be
sandra wyllie
I’m not satirical or political
So, I don’t belong in the New Yorker
I’m not all gossip
So, I don’t belong in the National Enquirer
I’m not famous
So, I don’t belong in People
I’m not newsworthy
So, I don’t belong in Time
I’m bare-bones
So, Set me up in *******
I promise not to disappoint you
through all my curves and lines
Wynter Simion
I woke up in thought.
Why I'm I here?
What I'm I suppose to do?

So many unanswered questions,
but I'll figure it out.
Might be tomorrow
or it could be decades.

But I'll figure it out,
so will everyone else.
Hello Daisies
Hey darling,
Not sure if I ever told you
You know I'm afriad of being bold
But you should definitely know

I've never trusted anyone fully
Never let myself go completely
I don't beleive in any of the mushy gooey

But you, I guess you got me
I'm afraid to let it take control
When I do it's never wrong
You're where I belong

From swinging at night
To playing tic tac toe
Dressing you in clothes
Telling secrets no one else knows

You're my best friend
Always have been from the beginning
It's not that I don't love others
You're just so special to me
Closer then my sister and brothers

change is inevitable,

but what if i want to change everything abiut myself

why is it such a hard task?

to change my personality would be best for everyone

my bad qualities gone,
shifted into someone others deserve to be around
ba  d
Just  take a breath, love
Fill your lungs up.

Rest your head,
there's no sense in losing sleep.

You can break down,
Let  your worst out.

Lose your temper,
but you're not losing me.
mila splawska
i saw you yesterday
you're beautiful as ever
i wanted to say
i would love you forever
(it would have been a lie)
i did not love you like you needed
it's debatable whether i loved you at all
but i still feel my skin crawl
when you tell me that
you stand with someone else

you've got a special place in my heart
- im not sure you want to be there
My mental health is like a rubber band.
If you pull it too far, it will get tight.
Until you pull it to hard.
definitely not one of my best
The Lone Rager
Traditional educators  
taught their students
how to think. Modern
"progressive" instructors  
tell young victims
what to think.
Carl D'Souza
tastes nice:
with tiny nourishing pips
which squish on my tongue
as I swallow.
atticus wilson
I’m glad you’re still here
That my words have brought you back
Brought the knife from your wrist
That my words kept you alive
You say that you don’t want to jeopardize this
By telling me everything
And I understand
We’ve both been through ****
But I’ve had to be talked through the same thing
I’ve had that hurt before
And I don’t want the people I care about
To be in the place I was
So tell me everything
Tell me why you hurt
So that I can help make it better
I’m here for you
Until you tell me to leave
Did you know that the Challenger Deep
Goes 35,814 feet down?
It's the deepest part of the ocean.
My heart from top to bottom,
Is a mere five inches…
But I swear my love for you
Is 35,814 feet
And infinitely deeper.
A little moment, that lasts forever,
To glance at you, as the whole world stops,
A second that lasts for an eternity,
Adrenaline for nothing,
Heart jumping out of your mouth
And warmth, even on the coldest night.
You're my favorite kind of thief,
stealing my heart,
but letting me be.
Zoe Grace
Thank you for trusting me enough
To tell me
Who you truly are
On the inside.

I love you,
No matter what your name is
If you're my sister or my brother
You'll always have a place in my heart
I love you so much. You're my best friend and my favourite.
I feel so touched that you trust me enough to tell me.
I would do anything for you, A. I want you to know that.
Giuliana Modugno
You can meet a GIRL that’s 35
and a WOMAN that’s 21
WL Schuett
She is a hive full of
But , never far from
the sting .

“I see you “ she smiles
as she touches my face .

Upstairs she lies
with coverlets and curtains.

I am searching
and searching.
But , for what
I’m not sure .

Maybe diamonds
but probably
Fireflies and Lace .

Working towards not
losing my shadow.

My inertia’s held
to her beauty
my moral vision
called and questioned.
The death of leaves ,
stranded on the high wire
in the back of beyond.
I don't believe in soul mates
What I do believe in
Is people that connect
On some deeper level
Immediately upon acquaintance
And not meaning you agree
On where to eat for dinner
But the connection where your heart
Seems to slip out
Of your rib cage
Because it's found a home
Outside of your chest.
Grace E
You had a cold, sturdy hardness
Of a mountain.
You were filled with caves of wisdom and gold to glean
So call me a gold digger
Because I want to dig into you
I'll go outside
Plato's cave
and shoot my head
with Chekhov's gun.
Away; I went off.
Agreed to wait for our love.
I came back, you're gone.
What the fck happened?
Rachel Rickerman
A decided mind projects shadows of perception
Lizzie Matthias
messy room = cluttered brain
empty room = empty heart
Jeg kan høre det i krogene
Det hvisker
Det er ikke, hvad hjertet ønsker sig
Men det er indkodet i min sjæl
Duk, duk, duk
Et ekko i mit blod
Det slår i hovedet hver eneste dag
Det larmer, brager
Og det skælder ud, så jeg skælder ud
Og jeg mister
Så nu sidder jeg i krogene alene
Og mister
My pain, my misery, they fall from the sky
I try to ignore it, but it still gets by.
memories of what could have been,
The hatred screams under my skin.
pulsing through my veins is the anger I feel.
Wounds break open as soon as they seal.
Darkness surrounds me with every step I take.
I manage a smile that i wish wasn't fake
I laugh when people talk to me,
but alone i wonder what they see...?
i promise i'm fine, i am the same
Cuz i know they all have me to blame.
I know the truth, but it's locked in my heart,
And now it's slowly tearing me apart.
walking alone, roaming the halls.
laughing girls, suffocating walls
pierced through my skin, the terror of home
i guess that i'm finally...all alone.
if you dont get the last two lines its fine...but please dont ask.
Joseph Sinclair
I am the difference that
shelters the difference;
I am the hope to
nourish the heart;
I am the truth that
lights up the darkness,
And causes all fear to depart.
Leo Janowick
If a writer
Falls in love with you
       you can never
F A Pacelli
if you don’t play
by their rules
you can’t lose
at their game
keep your eyes closed love.

           e     t      
       m           i
    o                 m
s                        e  
                            s     all you have to
                                                                ­ l                  is to what the sound
                                                           ­      i            n
                                                  ­                s           e
                                                               ­          t

                                                              ­                               v
                                                               ­                         a        e
                             ­                                          of the  w               s
                         ­                                                                 ­            tells  you
                                                                ­                                        to do.
"keep your eyes closed love. sometimes all you have to listen is to what the sound of the waves tells you to do"

When I was much younger, beaches were my second favorite places. I still love watching waves as they go by, crashing against each other and the whole process repeating all over again.
Sadness. Anxiety. Anger
A flurry of emotions crosses your mind
You brick up a wall
You feint surprise
Your smile is fake
But one day
It will all come crashing down
Water floods
The dam breaks
And your heartthrobs
By the sound of an arrow puncturing the skin
The feeling of your mother's hand losing warmth
The sight of a cat bleeding out on the street
The memory of your dad calling your name
Slowly, one by one they go
Until you're finally left
With the words "I have something to tell you."
If you could read my mind,
You’d see a thousand papers
Filled with broken poetries
And deadbeat proses
Full of woeful verses
With mournful pieces
Of unfinished stories
That are yet to be written
And failed to be spoken;
If you could read my mind,
You’d hear horrible screams
And earsplitting weeps
From shattered dreams,
Kept in a nasty notepad,
Scribbled on a bed
Of bloodstained words,
Ringing in my head.
If you could read my mind,
You’d see the shadows
That lurk within me;
You’d hear the bellows,
Screeching the words
“I’m tired,”
“I’m a failure,”
“I’m stupid –”
I know it sounds stupid,
It’s pathetically foolish
And seems too *******.
If you could read my mind,
You’d feel the tears
I had ever failed to cry;
You’d see the people
That make the weak weaker;
You’d see the monsters
That consume my head;
You’d hear the hollers
That failed to be freed;
You’d see the heart
That still bleeds and bleeds.
If you could read my mind,
You’d see the face
I’ve failed to show back then,
The face I’ve faked back then.
If you could read my mind,
You’d see a character
I had ever failed to become
If you could read my mind,
You’d be able to read
A book you never wished
To touch and read,
But sometimes I still wish
Someone could read my mind.
her heart was filled with rocks
stones of many kinds
a heart so very heavy
she was running out of time
she needed his love
she needed it now
her heart was so heavy
it weighed her down
it hurt to walk
it hurt to breathe
she still had
things to see
she loved his eyes
and his lovely dark hair
whenever she saw him
she couldn't help but stare
her lips ached
they ached for him
a taste of his love
a taste of his skin
she was so weighed down
she knew she'd drown
in pretty blue eyes
and locks of dark brown
she couldn't help
but obsess over him
such little time
lights growing dim
i need you
he means too much to me
I've tried to write
So many poems about you
But you're beauty is copyrighted
And I don't believe
In plagiarism
Sad poet
you are everything i want
but really
i must not lie
you are nothing of what
i need.
the cherry blossom accord/equation

”perfumers use aromachemicals to recreate a cherry blossom accord...(an accord is a scent made up of individual aromachemicals, that when combined, create a harmonious blend where none of the individual ingredients are able to be detected on their own).”

the odor of our lustful eyes,

the sweat, a unique commingling,
a sheen of salted oils body bathing,

crushed green petals of peaches,
crumbling together of the softy fuzz,
the sediment of aromatic fruit juices drippings

our blending bottled in our brains,
none other would recognize but we,
to too two smell each other through and over
floors, concourses, cities, disparate distances

our ingredients secreted (secret),
our flavors cell secreted (secreting)
the world’s tittering aroma inserted,
our sparking fingertips touching
add a bush burning burnt odiferous

we seat across from each other in an airport
plastic restaraunt and everyone asks out loudly,
what is that smell, feed me that, taste me that,
as we are irradiating the atmosphere,
as we renegotiate our cherry blossom accord,
fresh signatures, updated, harmony of harmonies

she smiles, I joke, winking,
we must continue to meet like this,
the fireworks of we, us to-gather to-gether,
a getting of giving, and she answers:

take me home and bathe me in love,
give our bodies shelter from the world outside,
beside a new spice have I uncovered,
this will require some discussion+exploration,
the quantity to be added, the when, and the how!

what is this new ingredient?
asking puzzled and aroused,
she laughs (a spice already included),
why it’s called only love poetry

8/23/19 4:55pm
आज फिर उसने अपने
हृदय को कफन बताया
प्यार उसमे सारा
सबके लिए दफन बताया
प्यार कभी ना दफन होता
अगर उदास भाव से करो याद
तो यह चिंगारी बनता
अगर मंद मुस्कान से करो याद
तो यह फुलवारी बनता
चारों तरफ हैं ऐसे मंजर
बस थोड़ी लंबी तू पसार नजर
दिनों का क्या है
बीती हैं यहां पीढ़ियां हजार
मुश्किल फिर भी यदि सफर लगे
खुले दिल से करो पुकार।।
Mike Hauser
If wrong was right
Then I'd be right
Mostly every time

If do or die
Was the way to live
Then I'd be doing fine

If problems would
All disappear
Blink and they go missing

If answers came
In sheets of gold
I could not afford to listen

If what I said
And what I did
Were one and the same

Who am I
Trying to kid
It'll never go down that way

Because right is right
And wrong is wrong
Proudly on display

So get a clue
Not as I do
And certainly not as I say
Slightly Lovely
I know i liked too many of your poems.
I know I'm being clingy.
Ignore me.
Pretend I didn't almost reach out.
please. i dont want to bother you.
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

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