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Elué R G
I'm afraid to see your eyes change;
I'm afraid to see them rage.
I'm afraid to see a tear rolling down your cheek
when I tell you what I did.

I deserve  slap;
I deserve to feel the stinging pain.
I deserve to hear you snap
to keep your voice inside my brain

Attach your words around my neck;
Attatch them with a burning chain.
Just so I can feel the pain
I swear I won't complain

I regret every single moment I've spent away,
for I did an stupidity.
I'm stuck inside an ocean coloured of gray.
For me there is no more reality.

It looks like this is a sad romantc story
Left Foot Poet
a thousand brilliant lies
(Hafez, Iran 1320-1389);      (L.F.P., USA 20~21st century)

- Hafez -                                 - Left Foot Poet-

“I have a                                  if only, in my meager posses,
thousand brilliant lies,          but one lie when easy asked
For the question:                    the simplest damning of,
How are you?                          are you generally happy?

I have a                                    what is *** you ask,
thousand brilliant lies.          no lies required,
For the question:                    many answers upon my face visible,
What is ***?                          unsure if any worthy of believing

If you think that the               8 centuries separate us, yet
Truth can be known,              you lie; we poets - you, I, all believe

From words                             in the divinity of words

If you think that the                a thousand brilliant sparkles
Sun and the Ocean,                 when Sun loves the Ocean,
Can pass through that            each one a poem passing,
tiny opening Called                my mouth, my wide eyes,
the mouth,                                uttering a Cohen's hallelujah

O someone should                 So we gleam, mirthing in glorious
start laughing!                         and gleeful delight at ourselves
Someone should start             for your brilliant happy lies easily
wildly Laughing Now!"         unravel into a thousand laughs
Rafael Melendez
Can you hate me now, and forever more?
Will you let me be, in agony. Without you?
I say no, never now, nor ever.
The moon does not veil herself in the cloak of the night sky,
And whispers of no apologies for her flaws:
The craters, scars, and all else that manifests her.
In spite of her imperfections,
She shines with a light brighter than that of the seven heavens.
Raj Gomes
I'm fine,
I'm just not fine at all.
I'm happy,
I just can't feel it.
How weird my emotions are,
messy and unapologetic.
Maybe that's the beauty of my soul.
It shines like anything,
but is dark as coal.

Anne In Wanderlust
Curious, oh so curious
Like a new born canvas
Eyes with the blankest slate
Ready to be coloured in
Born with the adventurous thirst
Of finding the perfect medium
Wander and wonder, my child
Try different shades and textures
Learn to speak a thousand words
To build your own picture
BJ Donovan
James and Hannah

    The party's long over and I lie long forgotten
    in the backyard tree house looking at the stars
    and crying. I think of you inside the party
    saying pretty things to pretty boys. I'm always
    long forgotten. Our gravity lost its attraction.
    I lost my way long ago. We withered on the vine.
the sun always sets.
it always leaves me.
Autmn T
I was always more scared of being abandoned than I was of being destroyed.
my friend once told me
“most people cannot sleep
because sleep requires peace”
and to this day
i still cannot meet his eyes
i don’t know if i want to know, either.
Do you remember the night the moon dropped from the sky?
And we ran through the forest to find where it lie,
I was tripping on tree roots,
and slipping on snow,
you were holing my hand saying not to let go,
when we found it at last,
there were twigs in our hair,
a rose on our cheeks,
and our breath in the air,
and the words to describe it got caught in our throats,
as the silver light danced,
through the threads of our coats,
we knew that our eyes have not seen such a view,
you were looking at it,
I was looking at you.

I write..To forget and move on.
To make up the fact that I have no one to talk too about my struggles.
Because I know that my problems are nothing compared to what others are going through.
Because i'd rather feel your pain then mine.

There have been people who have heard me out, then screamed my insecurities out for everyone to hear.
I cant trust anyone with my mind.

non of this even matters.
Forget and move on.
Because eventually everyone leaves.
I write because; this is my escape, this is my therapy.
Why do you write?
" That's just me "

You’ll hear her say

" I am lesser than beautiful "
I refuse to believe that
I am of worth
What exactly am I?

A courageous soul who is unapologetically herself

Well, the truth is
I look in the mirror to only see
My reflections disappoint
No longer can I say that
My beauty radiates from within

now read from bottom to top
Kevon Gayle
A total fool
When I was younger
Though he’s was cool
Resentment he created
Anger despise hate
For years I wait
For him to hit me
That’s the bait
I don’t know if this is fate
To hate him and my ex mate
Bad emotions he paint
So much that love faint
Whenever I think about him
My blood boil
To plunge this world under turmoil
Where I conquer every soil
lost in the music
lost in the sky                    
lost in the ocean          
that lives in your eyes
Dennis Willis
I believe my muse
Is of A different race
And ****** orientation

That has nothing to do with
My intent
To do violence

That reason is
I've read
Other poets

On this site
and I like them
way better

I'm going to offer
their muse

If I could
just get mine
to go

So I'm ok
with whatever
a muse is

A muse
Am open
to odious

If the lines
Make you go



Copyright@2018 Dennis Willis
s t i l l
want to
***** you open.
Keith Faherty
I was her boredom
As the monster cut up the city

We ordered food. and sat to wait out our imminent destruction

Disassembling  art installations that had grown out of my hair

Going to and from.

There will be no Magical  girl transformation sequence .
There will be no battle. And triumph

I was the summer.
Burning other people. while we stayed inside
For most of it
Shi Em
the hardest part about meeting you was saying goodbye,
but i promise you that these tears will soon dry;
because i know someday we'll meet again,
when the spring breeze blows;
when the winter wind comes to an end.
Thank you for the 1.5 years of music, laughter, comfort and joy. Even when the petals are scattered, in my heart you are still whole.
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
Tears streaming
I'm screaming
Nonstop flashes littering
My brain
The ground
Remind me why you think I'm fine?
Once upon,
A darkened night,
My life lost all its light.  

The prince had come,
And stole me away,
And brought down all the pain.  

Nights and nights,
I survived all alone,
Until I found a girl.

Her hair was the color an oak tree,
And her eyes were the crystally,
Ocean and jade.

She offered a release,
A fairy tale,
The thickened plot.

I joined her,
And told her my life,
She left me alone,
All to cry.

I've grown now,
And I won't let her down.

I will fight,
Until the light,
Fades out of my life.
If I sit in a corner, they all think I'm sad
Fine, whatever
If I'd rather stay in my room, they all think I'm moody
I'm growing sick of this
If I don't feel like talking, they say "Oh, she's a teen"
Can you please stop?
Maybe I actually don't like it when you make assumptions about me
So as much as I love you,
Leave me be
Can't I just sit around and... normal?
I have no reason to be sad.
I have food on my table,
I live in a luxurious stable,
I’m not disabled nor financially unstable.
Everything I want, I had.
So please explain to me how I went all bad?
Vhien Miguel
I went out today because I carry a cross,
I went out yesterday because I wanted to,
Each and every day, I come to think of you
Can you at least come to think of me too?
This is a distorted poem,
Nothing like the usual,
but worth reading like the pain worth feeling,
Endure so much, that's what makes us.
I let different boys touch me
Because I wanted to know
Even for a second
What it felt like to be loved
Even if that love was cheap
And it tasted like ***
Like the punchline to a joke
I never got because it was me

I let different boys have different parts of me
Parts that they didn't deserve
But I offered up willingly because I couldn't give anything else
Because you broke me
And I was looking for different fingers
To place different pieces and hoping
That the outcome would be a masterpiece
That maybe one of them would find a way
To cover up the handprints you left all over me

I let different boys touch me because I had to prove to myself that you wouldn't be the only one
That the scars that mark my body wouldn't define my worth to be loved
I am still not entirely sure that you aren't the only one
Who could ever touch me

I let different boys touch me because that is all I have been taught
To be a joke
To be silent
To be ready to give until you have nothing left
- I am hoping one of them will show me
- they keep leaving me and I am to scared to offer up anything more than my body to get them to stay
Veins crawled up her arms like vines,
leafy green eyes lit up the night.
Brown bark hair collided with nature.

Freckles danced like sparks from a fire across her face,
the warmth of the hearth kept nurtured in her soul.
The pale complexion was her own form of camouflage.

She was the beauty of the Earth intensified,
ten fold.
She was the sky, the heaven's birth,
and yet her beauty remained untold.
Bella R
An owl
Told me
Once upon many times,
That I must
Love valiantly,
Toss fear to the wind.

But when I'm alone
Stuck in a limbo;
Infinite possibilities await,
Sir Owl, I pray thee
Teach me:
How do I love
When I'm afraid
             L ?
He writes poetry
But no one knows

He writes poetry
He writes about love
And loss

He writes about smiles
And frowns

He writes about sorrow
And forgotten towns

He writes about how lost he gets
Caught up in his own mind

He writes poetry to
And about others

But no one knows

Know one knows the depth of his soul
Because they all choose to see the exterior
And that exterior screams

And preppy
Don't have souls

Or so they thought
Until the day he was consumed
By his own poetry
I'm a shameless liar
lost in translation
consumed by the fire
Trying to see through the haze
exhaling is dire
I was counting on you to find
My Telephone wire

But don't worry, love
Any words I could have said have been said (before)
So sorry if I seem quiet tonight, love
the trembling in my voice
Shaking lips and broken words
Are worth the itching in my tongue
She seemed undecided but little did he know
She was never this sure,  not until he showed.
I close my eyes and sing
With my heart;
I don't move my lips.
No sound escapes
But it rings in my ears
Taking away
From all my fears.
In this moment I am free
In this moment I can sing
In this moment all I feel,
Is this embracing me.
Deadwood Jawn
R        e           s            o           n              a               t           e

R                                                             ­ e
            e           s                                     t
                                    o                  a
      ­                                         n
                    s  ­                                    a
        e                  ­                                              t       e

V i b r a t e. .e t a r b i V    
i                                     i
b                                   b
R                                   R
A                                   A
t                                     t
e t a r b i V   V i b r a t e

The music surges through me!
                ­                                                  Superfluous excitement!

I love it.
I love it.


The song.
                                                           ­        The song.


A pleasure to my tongue.
                                                                ­Riveting for the dopamine!

Move with me!
Move with me!

               ­  Move

With me!
                 With me!
With me!


Goodness, me...
If I just

Surge that
Surge that
Surge that
                  Push back
                  Push back
                  Push back
                                      Slam, tap
                                      Slam, tap
                                      Slam, tap

HEART ATTACK.                                                   C         K
E   E                                                                ­  A  
A                                                          ­       T
R              A                                        T
T    ­                         R T              A                                  C
T                                                        A      ­        
T                         T
A      T    
Written during a time of frantic, hyper, positive thoughts and ideas. Please give me your interpretations! Anything at all! <3
I am forgetting about you..
Your smile has gone away..
No longer written on your face for me to see everyday..
Its getting easier for me day to day..

I am forgetting about you..
Saved memories emerge from time to time..
They are full of colors of you and are easy to find..
But are fading away to darkness as if I were blind..

I am forgetting about you..
No more haunting smiles in dreams..
No more deep brown angelic eyes that made my soul scream..
Because I couldn't have you in my arms under the sunbeams..

I am forgetting about you..
That part of me is dying..
That part of me walked under the moonlight and was crying..
But there you were in the clear night sky simply shining..

I wonder if I will forget about you..
I think that part of me will not die..
I think that part of me will stay alive..
Nothing left for me but endless goodbyes..
I promised myself I would
Not break my own heart again.

I never keep any promises.
Stars only reflect
the inner most desires
burning to escape.
How can emptiness be so heavy?

three empty words
i want to fill

three empty words
i want to feel
you really took the bait
thinking you’re better than me
you did to me what I did to you
bitter and sweet what you did to me
before you pray,
think it through
give thanks
for the damage
the storm
did not do

Of course, if you don't pray...just look away.
Hannah thomas
No, we are not in love
Anyone can see
Truthfully I have never told him
Even on the rare occasions I have

Convinced myself
Of the possibility of
Reciprocated emotions
Not for anything he has done
Always from my own delusions
I have convinced myself could be real
Running around in circles chasing an
Ever present daydream

- Silence is agony
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