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This disease struck me
Like a brick on pavement

Everything was
Then that brick came along
And with the slightest movement
Destroyed everything

“Count it
Perfect it
Measure it
Clean it”
The voices say

Why can’t I let them go?
They keep repeating:

“Count it
Perfect it
Measure it
Clean it”
Why won’t they stop

“Count it
Perfect it
Measure it
Clean it”
I don’t understand

“Count it
Perfect it
Measure it
Clean it”
Someone just HELP me understand

This disease is about
But it's the biggest
Imperfection about me
Every time I convince myself to let you go, you smile at me~
The scattered shards of my soul and heart,
You see me try,
Trying to fix them,
But they are chipped, cracked,
A few are missing,
They're discoloured,
Stained by my trauma,
Here I am.
Junior McIntyre
Can you handle me? When my mind is racing
And I get no sleep, so my feet are pacing
When I have no fear, and I’m just too happy
When I’m wrong and strong, and my mood is ******
When I’m all drugged up, and I’m like a zombie                                                           ­                                     
When doing what you say to me, is just not easy
When I don't know right, and you look so strange
And I don't see reality, because my mind deranged.

Can you handle me? When I’m, paranoid depressed, or I sleep around
When I give away all my money, and I hear strange sounds
When I think I've got the answer, to the world's problems.
When I alienate my family and drive away my friends                                                          ­                                            can you handle me?    

Can you handle me? When I see the world, like never before
When my talents and gifts are called genius and amazing galore
When I change the world, with a single word
When my theories go worldwide, and my voice is heard
Can you handle me? When I do the impossible, and I change the game
Can you handle me?
A person with bipolar is my name.
Kurt Philip Behm
Head unbowed,
heart impaled

Memory old,
Celtic tales

Allegiance sworn,
fealty burned

Voices call
—freedom churns

(Dreamsleep: February, 2020)
maybe if you knew
all this poetry I'm writing
is only for you

maybe you'd give me a second chance
Moments of fear
Waking up in sweats
Remembering the times
I cried alone
No one was there
No one cared

Stinging my ears
Breaking my heart
I looked up to you
For so long
But no one was there
No one cared

Deep in my soul
You’ll never know
How you did me wrong
I won’t tell you
You were not there
You didn’t care
You disturbed my sleep,
I had asked you not to;
I needed a long rest,
Weary I was
After a day’s hard toil,
My limbs still ache.
Your high pitched voice
Awakened me needlessly;
You had called me a liar.
You doubt me, why?
I saw you
With your arms wide open
Staring at the blue sky
That wore a teasing smile
Looking back at you.
I said you are in love;
I could not be more exact.
Where did I lie then?
I know the truth hurts,
I know it does irritate,
But it is pleasant too.
Why hide your love?
Go away this very instance,
Let me enjoy my sleep.
Jamie Walker
I overheard some loudmouth proclaim
that you are nothing but trash
If that’s true then you could say
that I must be the refuse collector
because I looked at you
and saw something to treasure.
Philip Bryan
The time now is short.

My progress is in the way.

I'm a warrior.
Harshitha Girish
Everyone thought she was the
icing on the cake.

Little did they know
she was the sparklers you put
on the cake.
To all the fiery and dangerous women. I wouldn't mess with them if i were you!
Thought it was Friday
it could have been Friday
I opened one eye and it's
still feels like a Friday
no way is it Tuesday
want a stewards enquiry.
River Reed
Bottles like bulimia

Heartbreak like ******

And together

And alone

The Tongue Goes On Trips
The Truth Leaks From The
The Inks Got It Right
Its The Memory That
He has
Cloudy eyes
Pock-marked skin
Forgotten desires

He has
Too many
Sal AK
It’s not you I miss,
It’s the way your skin felt against mine
The way your voice soothed my anxieties
The way your kiss made me fall in love with time.

It’s not the fall I love,
It’s the beauty as the leaves become colorful
The way nature embraces change
The way letting go leads to new life.
nick armbrister
Forever high in the sky
Living up in the ether
Yearning for my freedom
Frances Pritchard
Beer matts
Stack them
Under my leg
Fix me
I’m broken
Fix me
I beg
I wobble
I tilt
Your hope in me wilts
You leave me
You’re gone
Too long
One of my many poems written from the perspective of an inanimate object. The poem is untitled as it is left to the reader to guess which inanimate object’s perspective the poem is written from.
Sean Hiroshige
He was the victim
of the highest offense:
being accused you were Six
when actually
you are Seven.
Overheard a kid tell his dad, "He said I was six!"
Donall Dempsey
( for Granny Dempsey )

And if you hear me speak
of the greenest goosegogs

then it is obviously
the summer of '63

with the sunlight of that year
trapped within them.

And if you hear me speak
of goosegogs and a certain year

then I most certainly will be
talking of my blind granny

who used her crooked hands
to sculpt my face into being

and I am here
because her blind hands

saw me so

I was made
anew each year

as if I had
never been

before but
am now.

And if you hear me speak
of goosegogs, the year of '63

and my blind
Cork granny

then you will know
that I speak of

the gentlest love
I have ever known.

Now I will speak no more
for I have said everything

that can be said and that
goes beyond all saying.
Alex V
Lure me
with your dance.
sketch out my demise
with your
Chuck Kean

   Lately I've come to a new
Kind of an understanding
I've noticed my universe
Is progressively expanding

Lately there's a change in
What my eyes are seeing
And there's a feeling my
Soul has been receiving

Lately life seems to be Something
that's worth living
I've got a heart that has
Love that's worth giving

Lately there's a voice my ears
Have been tuned to hear
And suddenly it all seems
To be all to clear

Lately I've seen a new light
Shining brighter every day
And my darkness feels
A million miles away

Lately there's a message
Powerful but sedately
And the man that I am
Has changed as of lately

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright 01/28/17
All rights reserved
heart made of glass
my mind of stone -
a soul made of fire
eyes burn alone
raising my voice and
walls of fear
someday i'll make it
out of here -
they love you like as i love you,
now, they hate you like they never loved you.
Jake Bryan
we have
all tried to
"drown our

the problem
with trying to
"drown our

our problems
are better
swimmers than
we care
to admit.

they always
float back
to the
I know I know I know
Human emotions are simply complex
I understand but can’t control them
Every second is different
I’m in the middle of polar opposite
thoughts and emotions
I’m happy
I want to be dead.
Bipolar milliseconds
are draining my core.
Rachel Rickerman
Her hair, like silk ribbon, brushed across her
porcelain bare shoulders
as she swirled her head to look back at me

With a sleek glance, through her full eye lashes,
she marked me as territory
for the next move she was about to make
Corners of his mouth
pulled up like a Bentley
blaring music:
His lips had so much to say.
If I could touch them,
I'd be lashed
brass knuckle tongue.
Blades for teeth to bite
on the lyrics of
my name.
So sweet it does sound
dripping like syrup from
his lips.
His smile as he calls my name
makes my heart
his happiness.
Fruity tang of insults
yet to be spoken
because he knows to be
sweet to me.
And his teeth remind me of the
release of sleep.

I've yet to touch them,
But plenty of his smile stays with me
far longer than skin cells of
is fine.
James Cushman
Haunting like an infestation
Lost within a barren wasteland
Who am I?
Tormented by evil within
My soul in clutch of the devil
Toxic words like poison
From a double sided dagger
Festering in our hearts
Putrefying in our minds
Noose around my neck
My words make me jump
Towards calm ends

Please save me
Donall Dempsey

I like to say
your name

when you're
not here

turn you
into sound

conjure you out of
thin air

so that you appear
before me

dressed in sound

memory sketching in
the rest of you

as if sound
was just an outline

and love
colours you in

adding the voice last
so I can hear you say.

"Hello you..!"
and there you are

as present
as present

can be.

I like to say
your name

when you're
not there.
thank you
for the
that no
are they**
than my voice.
**anything/anyone trying to tear me down, whether mentally or situational

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Change is coming.
ok okay
So many people focus on finding love
I'm too busy finding myself
moon child
"I'm an open book"
She says

Written in
Ryan Joseph
She was like a black rose,
such a beauty in a sadness.
by: S.M. Pastore
Sue Collins
I would like to live.
I wanna get you close to me
I wanna be your Annabel Lee
I wanna hear you say my name
I wanna see this burning flamme
I wanna be your every dream
I wanna you to be my king
I wanna have it all
Get to your mind and soul
Run my fingers on your skin
And taste your fever,
What do I mean ?;)
she collapsed underneath
the stars and only then
did she realize that she
was indeed exploding
So effortlessly...
you took the effort out of me
we went from all smiles,
to once in awhile,
to never again;
in a manner requiring no physical or mental exertion.
all the fireflies have gone
and I am abandoned in darkness
here, I can feel the emptiness
of where love used to live
Brie Williams
You give me things
And he's just a boy
You want a ring
He wants a toy
But when I close my eyes
At night
I love him
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