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sandra wyllie
of you second-guessing me
he said. He sounded perturbed
on ever word.

I’m sick
of your rage
he told me before. But if he
lived the violent life I had
he’d have some rage for sure.

I’m sick
of being lovesick
over you. Sick of you making
promises that you never kept. Always
saying that you’d be there –
then left
fighting to get back
a semblance that was

I’m sick
because I relied on you
and then
you broke my heart

I’m sick
of being sick
and never
getting fixed!!

And I'm too sick to start!
There are many things I find beautiful:

Boys who love flowers,

children laughing,

flower crowns.

Drawings on wrists,

shimmery eyeshadow,

dainty jewelry,

worn pictures,

hands covered in acrylic paint,

but all the while,
nothing can compare to you, love.
For you, are the greatest beauty of all.
When I try to understand,
The knots in my brain tighten just that little bit more.

I'm sorry we failed you.
Time is always ticking.
It's what you do with it that matters.
Are you building yourself up or tearing yourself down?
Are you working on yourself or working on other people?

Focus on yourself.
You are your own person
and at the end of the day you are all you have.

Love yourself when no one else does.
Forgive yourself for your own faults.
Accept yourself when you feel unwanted.

You're not perfect and no one expects you to be.

You are me and I love you.
You are beautiful, intelligent, kind and you have a beautiful heart.
You are you
and the best version there could ever be :)
From the day I told her I was crazy about her,
She did all to hurt
Fell in love with a mutual friend
To keep me at bay
If only I had my way
I would make it end
Not their relationship which is hot,
But my love for her
Cos I'm I bleeding for nothing
Bleedingfornothing Lovehurts
I am a nameless dew drop
On a scent less flower
Longing for my Beloved
To dissolve me in His arms

Fly away oh clouds!
Of dense and dark illusion
Let me cast my eyes just once
Upon the one I love

Before I die
For His radiant Being.
There are four kinds of men in life.
I have called them Winter,
Autumn and Summer.
Summer being my least favorite
Winter being men of snow who melt
And Autumn the perfect cast of shade.
I am Spring as I am always awakening
And they have forever changing.
But there is only one called Love.
And he is calling to me.
Doors give me closure.
Just a super short line that popped into my head.
When I turn to look at you and see you looking at me,
It makes me feel lighter than air.
When I'm in pain and your the first one to see,
It gives me hope that life is fair.
When I have bad days and only you can tell,
I believe that your a blessing.
When we're both sad and going through hell,
I believe that your the only thing I'm missing.

Broken hearts, shattered dreams,
Daily glances, perfect schemes.
Your someone I'll never forget, but...
Why haven't you left me yet?
Sorry if there's any bad grammar. I have been having to use voice type because I have a mild concussion but I really wanted to write my poems. Enjoy!
They will tell you
All poetry has been written
There is nothing new
Under the moon
But let me tell you
They don’t know you
You are as unique
As the DNA that exists
Within your frame
The ripples on your thumbprint
No one ever had the same.


You have something to say
Say it proudly
Say it boldly
Never let them scold you.

Never let them make you go away.
I love it when someone tells me to keep writing. You should keep writing too!
Violet Bliss
20 Years I gave to you
But I can’t take all the credit
Your gifts of betrayal, lies and deceit
The vacant womb and bare ring finger
I don’t think I ever thanked you
So, wherever you are
With my 20 years
Thank you
Love's only weakness
Is also its greatest strength:
It defies reason

My thoughts on Valentine’s Day
I use a new kind of kindness
your name is
forbidden in
my mouth
or in my heart
because when
i think about

i'll cry a little more,
hurt a little stronger
love a little softer
because you no longer
make me feel sober

i'm drunk on the
memory of you
if only i could chase you with pizza but shots don't work like that
Brian Johnson
I bought a ticket to cruelty only to find out it had no redeeming value.
Michaela Ferris
I'm lost inside a labyrinth,
With its ever changing paths.
One minute you're near escaping,
The next it's altered all again.
A never ending nightmare
Thinking it knows what's best for you,
But it's lies are imbedded deep within
And there's nothing more that you can do.

My mind is like a tornado,
Destroying everything in its path.
One day I'm simply surviving
The next, I wish I was dying.
I'm terrified of my mind
For I fear it can make me do.
Self-destructive, hypocrite of pain and love
Beckoning me to hurt once more because that's all I deserve.
Words roll off,
My sweetened lips.
Like water off,
My finger tips.

Tears roll off,
My pale cheeks.
Like memories off,
My troubled mind.
I wonder,
when you look at her
do you still wish it was me?

I wonder,
when you talk about your dreams
do you still hear me cheering?

I wonder,
whenever you hear a giggle
is mine still an echo in your head?

I wonder,
whenever you have a bad day
Do you still want to hear my voice?

I wonder,
if this season
reminds you of me
letting go is hard.
Ashly Kocher
A playground swing set
Setting you free as can be
Reverting you back to your childhood
Wild, innocent and free
It's just one bad desicion and a realization to the right, you can't miss it
Get well soon :)
Donall Dempsey

I like to say
your name

when you're
not here

turn you
into sound

conjure you out of
thin air

so that you appear
before me

dressed in sound

memory sketching in
the rest of you

as if sound
was just an outline

and love
colours you in

adding the voice last
so I can hear you say.

"Hello you..!"
and there you are

as present
as present

can be.

I like to say
your name

when you're
not there.
This disease struck me
Like a brick on pavement

Everything was
Then that brick came along
And with the slightest movement
Destroyed everything

“Count it
Perfect it
Measure it
Clean it”
The voices say

Why can’t I let them go?
They keep repeating:

“Count it
Perfect it
Measure it
Clean it”
Why won’t they stop

“Count it
Perfect it
Measure it
Clean it”
I don’t understand

“Count it
Perfect it
Measure it
Clean it”
Someone just HELP me understand

This disease is about
But it's the biggest
Imperfection about me
Its not so much
in Theory
to pay the Rent
not to borrow much
to avoid Red Ink
back to the basics
what do people want
give the people what they need
Some good responsible
not a blank check
carte Blanche
to run amok
run ruin
at our doorsteps
just prosperity
for us
ive cried endless nights over you
I woke up with swollen red eyes the mornings after
I got sick to to my stomach by the thought of you
I was in pain when you left.

so forgive me if i no longer tear up to the sound of your name  
I did my time already ….
moon child
"I'm an open book"
She says

Written in
The world is a plain sheet
That needs to be arrayed
With morphemes, words, sentences and languages.

The world is a war field
Where we do not array bullets in riffles
But inks triggered by our heart
Through a ball point pen.

The world is a market place
Where we batter calligraphy for bread and wine;
Like trading kola-nut for cowries.

The world is a grave a tomb, an open sepulcher
Where the flesh and souls of man is laid;
Doctors, Philosophers, Engineers, even I, a literatis
But I have aforetime immortalized myself. I am a literati.
thank you
for the
that no
are they**
than my voice.
**anything/anyone trying to tear me down, whether mentally or situational

!!Don't forget to get out to those polls!!
Change is coming.
ok okay
So many people focus on finding love
I'm too busy finding myself
Elizabeth Meza
and for a second i remembered why i fell in love with you all those years ago
it wasn’t just the laugh or the way your eyes lingered for a half a second too long but the way you made me feel in your presence,
like there was nothing else in the world that could draw your attention from my words.
but then i remembered, the temper, the walls, the vast insecurities that strangled you at night, and i remembered why i moved on,
you could never love me the way you loved being lost and i knew
i could never find you.
As evidenced
In thine soft eyes
There lay a hardness of obsidian and darkness
Darkest night and ocular sheen
Hypnotize such lasers that shine from her hair
Red and purple with black
The leaves would compliment her head of roses
That leaves crackle under her footstep
If she walks in autumn, then she wanders in summer
If her hair meant to slip through the rug of nature
It would
As her beauty lies in her demeanour
She is a beauty of many seasons
Meet men of many reasons
Chandler M
Can't get over you


I'll forgive myself

For thirsting over you
Shes like a sunflower!
He exclaimed
Then his eyes darkened
"wanna see me rot her roots?"
thats when i knew he never loved me, he loved the power over me.
All we said at 1 am
We wake up and it’s not the same
All those moonlight thieves take us away from sleep
Your words I wish to keep
Lies, Lies that’s all we are baby
The rest of the world would judge us crazy
If only you could be mine for more than a night
I don’t know what’s right so I write
The sky light danced in your deep blue eyes
It’s 1 am let’s stay till sunrise
If I fall asleep you'll haunt my dreams        
You and I could make a good team
Even if we're not good company
Being alone is way to scary
And when you left
I overwatered all your flowers
I could be looking at you
and not utter a single word
but in my mind
I have already put together
a hundred words
that would later on
become my poetry.
You don't know
why the dog is
afraid of you:
I do.
You don't like the fear? Do something about it.
she is a happy ending,
not everyone can wait for.
Henry Onwordi
The clouds darken the sky  and the sun may appear blocked from view  

You long for the rays of comfort but feel the rain of confusion pelting on your face  

Regardless of your fears and sorrow  

Trust the lord  

Remember his goodness to you in time gone by and hope in it for today and tomorrow  

Your still alive, breathing air through the lungs and exhaling out all the bad stuff  

Its all by design, the trials are by the design of God's hands  

He promises to never give us more than what we can handle  

Never more than what we can bear  

So believe in him  

Trust his kindness and grace  

The days are better spent walking by his side
God hope Faith grace love Belief
kailee cardinal
I'VE been crying

JUST quit hurting

TRIED to live on

TO you

FORGET the hurt

i've just tried to forget
Ugo Victor
Dear HP,

This is not a poem
But a question
The answer to which
I do hope you have

Why does my lover claim to love me
But still looks for every opportunity
To let me go?

Is it that she loves me so much
But doesn't think she's worthy of me

Or she doesn't love me enough
To think I'm worthy of her?
I find beauty in dark places
Love in mysterious ways
Comfort in unbelievable happenings
I'm not weird
I just pay attention to things others neglect.
Life isn't worth living if it's viewed in one perspective
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