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i am still learning the language of the universe,
yet i am fluent in your presence.
slivers of silver run across my spine to yours –
and oddly, we connect.

our pinky fingers intertwine as whispers float above our heads,
telling of lost love and one that is to come.
and as we suspend in the middle of nowhere,
the words come to me in waves,
you catch them with your hands
and let them rest under your curled fingers.

to others we speak gibberish; not to us.
the language of the universe:
celestial and unnerving
a language we speak as one.
Raul S
Her eyes are an ocean
in which I would gladly drown
Luna Kruel
There is turmoil rising inside my head
Voices trying to upstage me again

No agreement, no peace
What will it be?

The selfless helper
The evil witch?
she is a happy ending,
not everyone can wait for.
I can't pretend I don't love you
I can't pretend I don't want you
I can't pretend anymore
But I can't have you
So I have to leave
I can't pretend I don't love you
I can pretend I don't want you
I can't pretend anymore
That we had it
and did it
I can't pretend anymore
Because I can't have you
It's not a secret that I hide
It's not a secret that you love her
More than me
I see you flirting
And touching her like you touched me
I can't pretend anymore
Jamie Walker
We have an unspoken agreement;
I write poems and you give me
self-doubt and indecision
I take you a walk to my favourite quiet place
And you talk the whole time
Because that’s just what you do.

We have a secret pact;
when I play my favourite songs
you say “what is this trash?”
When I play my guitar
You say “what is that noise?”
And tell me to stop.

We have a unique union;
You are I and I am you
But you still say I’m bound to fail
Whenever I try to better myself
Why don’t you shut up
And let me try?
Mara W Kayh
(for loved ones lost over Tehran)

The sound of shovel against snow
in a distant Canadian town

Same here as there.

Knee deep in the harsh clarity of
stark white,
thoughts turn to lost life
over Tehran.

Same here as there.

Above us Moon, veiled in winter's cloak, muted and blind to our divisions,
wears a mournful glow

Same here as there.

Screaming in my ear the sound of a mother’s panicked cries clutching her child
in those terrifying last moments
over Tehran

Same here as there.

The howl of a father’s anguish oceans away,
beloved wife and son lost over Tehran,
Rings helpless

Same here as there.

Another father in despair,
with shaking voice
confesses his pain is as big as the sky his son loved to fly

Same here as there.

the sound of recklessness and twisted minds in high places targeting nations, peoples and someone's hero

Same here as there

the sound of innocent blood on ***** hands

Same here as there

the muzzling, the blame game, the smoke and mirrors

Same here as there

the agony of he who pulled the trigger

Same here as there

the tragic moment the mistake was made
Same here as there

Despair in light of truth

Same here as there

the wailing sounds of a nation grieving


Dedicated to those aboard the tragic flight of Ukranian Airlines 752 -  and to their loved ones
January 2020.
The unforgettable tragedy that has left hearts bleeding and lives forever damaged.. all because of a reckless move by reckless so called leadership. Thank you Michael McCain all who dared to speak up
Madilyn Cook
I'm afraid I'm broken
but in the same way that shattered glass
catches the light
Its the days when you don’t cry,
But you don’t smile either.

It’s the days when you’re quieter than usual,
And people notice.

It’s the days when you aren’t quite thinking about anything.

But if someone asked you what was wrong,
You wouldn’t know where to start.
it'll happen someday, and it will be beautiful.

i forget where i lost the girl that just loved and loved and loved, but i do miss her.

i'll see her again someday, and it will be beautiful.
everyone around me
seems to fall in love
at the drop of a hat
can't i see the magic in people?
Cynthia Jean
Healed by the tsunami of Your Love

Let it flow through us all

That we might touch everyone around us.


Cynthia Jean January 2020
the King’s fool
never gains wealth
for everything he earns
he promptly spends
on better jokes
and checkered cloaks
for brighter bells
to golden gleam
upon the float of his laughing dream
his joy is to build
what is only remembered
with gilded fondness
I love to spend all my extra money and often extra time  on temporary pleasure for others
the first
i met
Ian Fineman
The warmth of your skin,
Of your breath, of your lips
The curve of your shoulders
Your waist and your hips,

The memories we make,
All set in the stone
And now as I wake
I feel not alone
A M Ryder
Do you think god
Hides in heaven
Because he too
Lives in fear
Of what he's created?
if death's an exit
it explains the red carpet
on the bathroom floor
credits written without ink
paper slipped under the door
Andrew Guzaldo c
"Every Poet dips their pen in an inkwell,
They pour out his or her heart soul,
Their soul that tell a story of fervor,
Of love passion and loss in a canticle or sonnet,
that one will never FORGET"
By Andrew Guzaldo © 1/20/2020
By Andrew Guzaldo © 1/20/2020 #181
Sea's End
When two poets love,
Words start to hang in the air
And lose their meaning.
Another haiku? Wow! I'm only so good with words until I actually need to use them. Just ask my girl. (Spoiler alert: I'm really bad at articulating my thoughts in the heat of the moment. That's why I'm here.)
Everything then is Nothing now
Happiness then is Agony now
Love then is Attention now
'I Want You' then is 'Go Away' now

You were my Poetry then
and still my Poetry now
Renee Danes
If you are my light,

Then why do I want to stay in the darkness?
you get one day to cry
but tomorrow
it’s time to fix your crown
Samantha Cunha
I'm on my seventh life, darling
one more time around
the sun
maybe in
the next life,
ill get it right
Anna Bell
“i love you”
those words
                                      from his lips
i believed his deceitful manner
his charisma, it was alluring
I think most people take this as an s.o. but it could be anyone who stopped loving you a friend, a parent to just deceive you to get what they want from you. I also thought of the devil as I wrote this, he deceives you and feeds you with lies to follow him.
I wonder what it feels like
To hold the world in your hands
And let it slip from your grasp

Suppose I'll never know
Rickie Louis
Do night skys not liken to the shimmer of her eyes?

Do the gardens of Eden not bloom in the presence of her beauty?

Do heavens angels not fall
just to hear her sweet goodbye?

Yet her lips press softly upon mine.
Chandler M

If only the stars
Could communicate
Maybe then I'd hear
What the universe means
To something
That's a part of it

Goodbye, old friend.
I'll remember you,
And if the years allow you to,
Come back and spend
An hour with me, just one or two.
"Clinging to not getting sentimental
Said she wasn't going but she went still"
-Alex Turner
Mrs Anybody
you're narrower & taller
you're smile's not smaller
part 32
reading the words
between your stanzas,
it’s like i know what it is
to miss someone
i’ve never met
i’d recognize you
A glimpse of
absolute un-tarnished
I fell spiraling
in a dream

blue eyes of certainty
and truth
it was I
that sent me
into oblivion
julia angle
redemptive reprise
gently barreling
the fog rolls fold
and no one cries
Dada Olowo Eyo
In the darkness there's a weakness,
Terrifying shadows that feed on fear,
But in the light, it is very clear,
That with brightness comes immense greatness.
Not many are friend with the light.
heart is                                                  
A LANTERN                                              
Inside, lives a                                              
♡         ­                                       
e                   ­                 
t                       ­                       
  ­   n                                
      d                        ­                  
      ♡                                       ­             
s                                                  ­  
e                     ­             

                   bright wings
                     G L I T T E R I N G
                     with love, life and

I grow,                
S H E  R E M A I N S              
youthful, timid,              
d       ­     


                   ­                     spent days
                                          JUST  CRYING
     ­                                     feeling so lost
             ­                             ♡
                                  ­        I
       ­                                             s
                  ­                             o
                     ­          s
                    ­                              y
                                 ­                   ♡

                                           ­                             The
                                ­                                         summer
                                                          ­                OF HER HEART
                                                           ­                  became winter
                                                          ­                bleak
                                           ­                            ♡
                                                               ­                 a
                                                                ­                     n
                                                               ­                   d
                                            ­                            ♡
                                   ­                            c
                                                               ­   l
                                                            ­                d
                                                                ­                   ♡

                       with time
                          SHE MANAGED
                        to pick herself
                  ­ n
                           ­               h
      ­                           r

the help                        
O F  O T H E R                        
fellow Kings and                        
k         ­                         
♡                                      ­    
♡  ­        

                   You                                                              ­    
all have                                              
A D D E D   TO                                            
my heart's inner                                              
flame        ­                                        
n   ­                                                       
♡       ­                               
o  ­                      
e                               ­       
♡                     ­           

       Winds                                                            ­              
blow, wings                                                            ­      
NOW FLUTTER                                                          ­        
I'm ready to                                                               ­   
fly                                                              ­  
♡                                                                ­
b                                                               ­ 
y                                                              ­  
s    ­                                            
d            ­                                              
e                 ­                                                   ♡
I'm back!
So sorry everyone, the last few weeks have been... a strain on me.
I am still doing my media course and all, but mentally and emotionally,
I was slipping down into a dark place. My sleeping patterns have been messed up, my nerves have been completely out of control, my self-doubt, anxiety and depression drained me so much that I found it really hard to write, so I needed time to gather myself. It was so hard for me to pick up a pen. To do anything. My smiles were hollow and I just felt so lost.

I just wanted to apologise, I didn't mean to worry anyone. I'm truly touched by the out-pour of support for me. I got so many messages asking if I was alright. I can't express how much that warmed my heart. I'm so used to people being angry at me for my silence that it usually scares me to come back. By nature, with everything I've experienced, it's made me more and more of an isolationist. To all of those people, truly, thank you so so much for staying and just being kind to me...
Really. Thank you T-T
And thank you to all my followers, old and new.
245 followers... I can't even... T-T
I'm sorry if I sound like a broken record but thank you.
I'm back now, and I'm feeling better.
It's easier to hold my pen so I will resume spilling my ink.

I'll continue the Masked Bard on Thursday, I'm free the whole day.
I have no idea of my schedule the coming week.
Again, I appreciate everyone one of you.
Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts.
Thank you for staying with someone like me.
With much love,
Lyn ***
once upon a time
long ago
there was a you and me

i knew you once
and it was nice
silence was comfy
and we didnt have to try

i knew you once
long ago
you shared your secrets
and i shared mine

i knew you once
long ago
but where did you go...?
argh, i miss you.
Travis Green
I could write about you all night
under the stars and never get tired,
breathe in the sultry air, let it sway
in my hair as I stare at the moonlight,
envisioning you in my sight, statuesque,
strong, handsomeness, sensuous, heavenly
man, a blazing slow jam in my throat
making my body long to flow in his oceans.
how do you name
this kind of strength?

the thing she loves most
shatters her, irreparably

shards sink to the depths
drowning she dies there

then recreates herself,
returning to care for it
The day  has now gone here is the night
It's twelve o'clock all lights gone out
Not a single soul no one insight
We look out the window no one about.

Eyes are weary we are fighting sleep
Time to clime up that wooden hill
Waiting for us is the bed and sheets
Tired and drowsy sleep we will.

The evenings are colder
The frost here again
But we are much older
And our health's not the same

So as we head to that slumber land
And we dream our cares away
We pull up the blankets with our hands
And say goodnight to the day.
These cold nights a nice warm bed is welcoming.
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