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Jamison Bell
I drag it behind me
Lifting it up over the days
And tossing it into the corner of my room at night
Like my boots
Muddied and worn
Then I pour a drink look at it one last time
This soul of mine
moon child
I don't want to spend my youth
In order to spend my future

I am willing to throw my tomorrow
Into the wind
As payment for a better

I will risk what lies ahead
To ensure peace where I am

The future is not guaranteed.
The future is not a given right.
The future is not fair.

Today is sure.
Today is a gift.
Today is what I wake up to every morning.

So I will not stop living
For the future.
I will live on
For today.
You will get what’s coming to you
When? I don’t know
What I do know is that it’s coming.

You’ve stabbed me in the back,
You’ll soon pay.
What makes you think that the world is on your side?

The world always find justice
And justice will side against you.
Mark my words.
You’ll pay.
I could never try
To **** myself
Not because you’ll miss me
I know you would but
That’s what it would take
For you to notice and see
That I’m afraid to even
Take my life
In case it doesn’t work
And then I’ll be trapped
In shame and on Earth
Ah, you must be Alice, call me old hatter
My ears have been ablaze with implicated chatter
I just can't seem to ration out my rationale in a rational manner
And secondly I've lost all the firsts that I had gathered

There's the door
Please do come in
I won't let you
leave again
this door won't shut
the way winds through my head
I'm growing so tired.
we are not going to bed

Ah goodnight, Alice, you're back
I left you a note and it came out so flat
I put the wrong end in front
so only you may see
I tried to be blunt but it just isn't me
Alice comes from the ancient greek for truth, 'alethéia'
I can't actually read ancient greek
Aaliyah Houvener
I hate the way I love you
but all this pain pulls the sweetest poetry out
For nine months straight
You carried my weight

You’ve delt with my flaws
I’m forever in awe

I love you mom
Forever and on
When you told me I was selfish, did you mean it?

What about the time you said I was using him for attention?
Did that stem from your own jealousy?

The day you looked me in the eye and told me,
"You're super annoying sometimes,"  
was the same day I stopped talking.
That time you confessed,
"I'm sorry, I just don't care,"
was the last time I confided in you.
When you snapped at me out of anger,
did you realize part of me coiled away from you?

When you told me,
"Wow, you've changed a lot."
Did you stop and ask yourself,
it’s a beautiful thing
this day and age
with bubbling permafrost
with drug-resistance
with obesity treatments
with technological advancements
with scientific discoveries
with silent wars
with blue lava
with bleeding glaciers
with divorce
with sensitivity
with my generation
of people believing
this new generation
is completely and
utterly clueless as a
common occurrence

but let’s think about
what these kids are
into nowadays.

let’s think about who
invented these inane
things for the kids.

my generation of people.

so the kids of today are
the ones who are ******
for liking the things
that we’ve created?

I’m sorry but we have to
be the ones who are obtuse
for believing such things,
oblivious for not
realizing them and
showing the world
we have
little or no imagination

the generation before us
has lied to us and
thought us to lie
to the generation

whether it’s the gods
or holidays
or what not.

the youth of the today
are autonomous.
they can not take
responsibility for
their actions nor do
they understand and
just go along
with the trends,
much like,
all the generations
before them
but we need a scapegoat
to cover up our own
farce implementations.

the truth of the matter is..
we’re all a little vacuous
in our own way
especially the ones with
an answer for everything.
living in an imperfect world
where there’s always room
for improvement
nothing for us
or against us
wrapped up in our
and illogical theories
and as useless as
exploding appendix.

the lost generation
the interbellum generation
the silent generation
the baby boomers
generation x
the millennials

a strong admixture
of imbecility and
filled with belief
and unawareness
to a senseless world

like hate
like blame
like gossip
like jealousy
like being offended
like being impressive
like the punk rock dream
like hospital waiting rooms
like fundraisers and charity events
like your co-worker to the right and
the left of you
and their families
and their families before

our greatest creation
our strongest aide

to deconstruct
Masha Yurkevich
There's nothing better
in the evening,
thinking about you.
At night,
dreaming about you.
In the morning,
waking up
remembering you.
Jennifer West
The days are long and dark.
Nights blur into one.
I need you more than ever.
Please just come.

Dusk and dawn alike.
Skylines as grey as a dreamless sleep.
I need you more than you know.
Please just come.

The world is falling.
Fading beneath my feet.
I need you so much right now.
Please just come.

My tired eyes can barely open.
I am lost more than you could imagine.
I need you.
Greg Jones
She logs on to see if she's been trending,
Do anything to make it to the top.
Addicted to the glamour and attention,
Can’t imagine why she'd ever stop.

The reflection in the mirror is confusing
‘Cause she can barely recognize herself.
She needs the perfect lighting and a filter.
She wants to live the life of someone else.

She just changed her hair and it looks perfect.
Upload with a caption for her fans.
Gotta take a picture of her dinner
‘Cause she knows she’s gotta feed the ‘gram.

She’ll never be sober, long after it’s over.
The feeling she gets, it gets her so high.
The love that she’s chasing will never embrace her.
Even if it’s not there, she’s still gotta try.
And she’ll never face it, she’ll want to replace it.
But every night when she sleeps, she’ll ask herself why.
Like a drug,
You seep out of my skin;
The withdrawal makes me feel dizzy,
Unable to stand or support myself.
My mind craves of nothing but you,
I hate being sober.
I have to keep taking steps forward,
  for if I don't,
    I will surely fall backward.

If I take a step back,
  I will shatter,
    from the weight of expectations,
      of judging eyes
        and of false pretenses.

If I take too many steps forward,
  I might just fall into a chaotic beauty
    of problematic situations.

I must not take a single wrong step.
  Not one backward.
    Not one too many forward.
      Not the wrong step, just the absolute right step.

Mara Clark
Don't worry love...
This Sadness...
It won't last forever.
I hear the phrase everywhere
"Dead Inside"
Which inside is dead?
My brain is inside my skull
Obviously it is still alive
Jury's out on my mind
Sometimes thriving, sometimes dying
Thinking, creating, and wishing not to
My spirit...
It's not doing well these days
It wants to wallow in self pity
My soul is so alive
It forces me to move ahead
When everything else wants to quit
Dragging me on
My life support
ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew
My giant, my giant, close your tired eyes.
Dance in your dream world, until the sunrise.
My giant, my giant, soften your breath.
Let the calm night fill your body with strength.

Even the ants, now lay in their beds.
Queen seals all gates, while slumber slowly spreads.
Watch falling leaf, dew droplet descend.
Hugging the meadow, as today comes to end.

Deep in your head, there's a lake full of tears.
From all joy, all sorrow, from all of your years.
But deep in your mind, there's a fortress of strafe.
That keeps the lake still, that keeps the lake safe.

Deep in your chest, is a prison of past.
Made out of promises, you couldn’t make last.
But deep in your heart, are gemstones and coal.
There all of your sinners, will go for parole.

My giant, my giant, the river still flows.
Bud wind that brings worries - no longer blows.
My giant, my giant, moonflowers bloom.
They'll watch over giants, here inside your room.

Birds do not bicker; the hill is at peace.
Willows are drowsy, all stars in one piece.
Fireflies flicker, like your tired eyes.
So let it all free - just until the sunrise.
Temporal Fugue
I know I won't get to all
but ******, I'm gonna try
thumb up to every comment
up until the day I die

I can't react to every line and word
but ****** I can try
thumbs up to ever poet/poetess
maybe no one has, to cry

I'm just a singularity
but ****** all too ****
we, as a community
stand up, and hear the yell

I'm not you, and you're not me
but when you see thumbs down
chime in with words and thumbs
chase the trolls, outta HP town
Thumbs down has no other purpose that to provide trolls with a mechanism to pester and put forth their hate. REMOVE it! You can't control how many accounts people have here (it's not realistic to assume you can) so remove their reason for creating them!
Nothing really left to say :(

Thank you my friends for the daily, I feel undeserving, but extremely, appreciative! :) (bow)
we do not write poetry
we write mirrors
which are held up
to curious faces
who read
looking for their
own reflections
Cyprian Van Dyke
He pulls her over.
Blue and red lights spinning
Like a helicopter’s rotor.
Stepping out of her car
Per his instructions,
He gives her a rose
And she sees it’s her ex lover.
They both kiss.
Her lips sticking to his
In the cold night air.
Then he looks at her and says,
“You’re under arrest.”
He cuffs her finger
With a gold ring,
And then does his.
“You have the right to remain silent,
But I prefer that you’d speak… to me.”
She smiles and looks sweet.
She nods and hugs him tightly.
“But,” she says,
“Where'd you get the cop car?”
March 20, 2019
don't ask
Broken heart, broken dreams
Broke everything except me
I wasn't born
With this hole in my heart
But it developed gradually
When pain drilled my chest to cling it's art.
Oh! I was smiling radiating the usual rainbow colours!
But just then, I was grayed and torn
Just like  withered flowers!
The pain! Yes the pain
Is unbearable
My tears all are in vain
They are just emotional fool , being unstoppable!
I am fed up of emotional breakdown
My soul became mournful, being lost in the ghost town!
I know, sorrows are part of life
But how can I frequently bear the pain that cut deeper than the knife!
I try my best to just forget and move on
But what shall I do when I am trapped in the useless emotion?
Just in a process of getting relieve from the feeling of being hurt! It's really difficult...
Sorry,my poem sounded somewhat boring but I really meant what I said .
Poetry is a
good way of helping you get
to a lovely place
it sure as helped me x
b e mccomb
i dread the day you learn
for the first time that
you can't just love all
the darkness in me away

and no matter how much
you care i will still toss
and turn at night and scars
might still appear on my skin

i dread the day you realize
that you can't cure me
and sometimes all you can do
is stand next to me and
hold my hand through fog
pouring out of my ears so black
and thick we can't even see
each other's faces

i dread the days i can't
get out of bed
the days you want to
take me out and all
i can manage is a prettified
shell of myself

i dread the day you learn
that sometimes no matter
how hard i try i still can't
pull myself together

the day you learn that
there isn't an answer
you can give that will
save me from my fears

you aren't the first person
who has tried to love the
darkness inside away
my family and friends
have given it their all
but someday you too will learn
that if love could
cure mental illness
the world would be
a much better place
copyright 8/6/18 b. e. mccomb
Paint me a picture
Of your skin
Does it bronze beneath the sun?
Or sizzle and blush
Like your cheeks
When you’re in love?
Is it soft to the touch
Like when your palms graze
The smooth surface of water?
Or rough around the edges
Like your favorite book
And its lovingly worn corners?
Does it melt in the heat
Like sweet syrupy treats
Dripping through your fingers?
Or does it welcome the winter
With wide open arms
As if greeting a lover?
Paint me a picture
Of your skin
Some poems create
a resonating chamber
deep inside my heart.
I bow to Life

I prostrate full body at the sacred feet of Nature

Willowy branches of trees swaying, bending
in the spring breeze
their hearts overflowing with sweet sap
I am so grateful
You gladly share the boughs of fruit
abounding on my oak wood kitchen table

Wild forest daisies don their
vivacious, yellow Easter bonnets
dancing with rays of sunlight
nod Namaste
Salaam, Salaam, Salaam

I bow to my furry friend Rama,
to the red and black poka dot lady bug
seated by happenchance
on my folded palms

I bow to you dear reader and lover of poetry

I bow to the Light within You
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
Lick my lips
Cradle my face
Gaze into my eyes
And tell me I'm safe
Justyn Huang
What was it like falling for her?
Idk, how do you know when
You've stopped falling?
lmaooo.... XD
Sunny breeze
Almost free
To run around
And be me
The thin red layers
Laid on her pale white skin
Black waves rested on her shoulders
Paint stuck to her gentle features
Sapphires ran through her tired eyes
The orange embers burned through her
Like a candle left out in the cold
Esther Krenzin
Why is it so hard to breathe
with feet planted on dry land?
What chains itself tight in
our throats?
Can you flee until your limbs
Can you run from the raindrops
before they fall?
Maybe one day the sun will shine
on a candid smile
Maybe on day we won't feel as if we
are tossed about in dark waters
And maybe, one day, we will feel at home
on dry land.
This earth is such a foreign yet familiar place.
Robert C Ellis
Unfold the universe
listen to it sing
moist with molds
turning it green.  
It breathes with oxygen
and lights with a spark.  
Far be it for God
to live in the dark.
Her smile captivates me.
It draws me in.
Her smile lights up my world.
And with her there's never a dim moment.
She brightens my day.
She makes the fog fade and turn to sunshine.
She is my everything.
And her smile is my favorite part.
Tylese Bennett
I love you,
I know we've been together in the past,
I know.

I know that I have hurt you,
I know.

You know you've hurt me.
You know.

But if we are putting all this behind us,
and still falling in love with eachother everyday,
we were meant to last.
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