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He was an artist
I wanted so badly to be his canvas
For him to fill my mind
With vibrant yellow's, orange's, green's...

But he filled me with the blues instead.
Ethan R Mingay
It was a cold winters night,
we both adored so much.
We sat in and watched the rain
absorbed by each other’s touch.

Your hand runs across my face
with such hope, your words outdone.
Your eyes filled with rivers,
but that smile could’ve warmed the sun.

As the telephone fell fast to silence,
the distance became ever so great.
All this time of hearing nothing
has brought an unbearable weight.

So here it is, I guess,
my final words to tell.
For now, and forever,
I wish you farewell.
A relationship coming to an end. Another poem I wrote a while back, but recently touched up.
You are the oxygen that keeps me alive.
You are my heart that beats inside.
You are the blood that flows through me.
You are the only guy I can see.
You have the voice of when a mockingbird sings.
You are my everything.

You are my one and only.
You stop me from being so lonely.
We plan our future as if we have a clue.
I never want to lose you.
I want you to be my husband, and I want to be your wife.
I want to be with you for the rest of my life.
Dedicated to colten sorrells
Lahkeesha Ghastin
Conscious or not, my will had a way
feet tend to limp along
dragging a shuffled sound

If power comes from within
where is it hiding
perhaps hanging by the bay
waiting for a ship to carry her
wave by wave
Sophia Li
be her
be him
be you
why not be me
Jan Small
My dreams flow like a clear stream
Colors of blues, browns, silver, and orange
The sun glistens on the water running
Trees blowing in the wind
A rainbow sprouting over the horizon
Dreaming of running along the River with the wildlife
I wanna be the faux conductor
The flailing arms
The dance of lying prose

Ahead the stage
Of your glowing eyes
The internal mess
Of simple lies

I wanna dance
And make you watch
I wanna dance to make you smile
And I don't care if it's all a lie
Cause yesterday I tried to die

And today I want to love
It's very much about yin and yang
And being something I'm not
Everything I am
Is the sum of this ****** up mess I've got
And I know it's all a lie

And I know it's all a lie
And I know it's all a lie
And I know
And I know
I know
I know
This won't ever be real
I wish I was dead
I don’t want to breath
I guess I can’t stand
The responsibilities
You have to do this
You have to do that
All I’ve ever wanted
Is to not feel so bad
I just shut down
I don’t need you in my life
I miss when we used to hug and say goodnight
Now I just fall into this dreamless sleep
I miss you so much I don’t want to breathe
Poetic T
We where never a masterpiece,
              more like a jigsaw piece
                                           missing parts..

But we spent that time not worrying
                        whether we would

find them.

We knew that every part
would connect,
               sooner or later.

And if it didn't,
It just added to the mystery
              of what our finished picture
would be.

It takes a life time
                        to find where we connect,
never let that burden you.
                        Its all part of the fun.
I run to the woods
Looking for my soul,
Trying to find a reason
to keep me in this world.
I searched for hope
I searched for love
But I only could find
Darkness and hurt.
At the end
When the sun as gone
I became stone
and nothing more.
Bridget Kellum
I want to write
About suns and moons
Being strong
Of rising above it all


It always comes back
To you
And you
And sometimes you

Rage and grief


I'll start there
Just a nameless voice on a busy line,
but what makes me worth your time?
Karin Roos
Arrow straight, solid and true
Lies before me my destiny.
Stable, predictable and secure
Happiness and love I can foresee.

The cobbled rock strong walk,
Lays before me and I know,
Off it I will not fall.
Success is guaranteed and love will flow.

But dare I glimpse to the left or right,
To the unpredictability and insecurity I might sight?
The unknown adventure, crazy freedom roads
Colours, flavours so rich there are loads.

Daily between these paths I am pulled.
By the hidden paths I may be fooled,
Into thinking this is where I should remain.
Will my joy be fulfilling or a vacant drain?

Every now and then to other paths I will flee,
But to my security and love I will always retreat.
Esther Krenzin
Remember that have to nurture your own light
before it can shine
Even if you are empty
even if there is no one to hold your hand
You'll find that a different kind of strength
comes from what you go through
You are strong. You are brave. You are here. It will be over soon.
Hold yourself until the tears dry.
Hold yourself until you feel your soul gain some of the weight
it lost.
I'm attached to you
while you fall
for someone new.

no texts, nor calls,
just left in the midst
of blues.

and I'll be here,
if you've ever liked me
Did you, at least?
I hope one day it’s just a memory and not an activity.
Just pick the right song,
Stream it on repeat no matter how long,
Life's as it is, what could go wrong?
Hit it, let's sing along!
I try to leave pieces of proses and poetry whenever I can wherever I go written in uppercase, pink letters. This is the sixth one I left on my seat on the last place I've been to on 01-18-19.

This time I'm trying to be positive about my 'life' that's not on reigns.

Song: We Can Do Better by Matt Simons :)

PS. I changed the last line from "And as they say, it's on like Donkey Kong" to the present line now.
Tom Dodd
Strolling through a field
In a Victorian gown
As if she were the model
For an painting well-known
As she spins a green parasol
In the Spring sun
Her hair breaking free
From the shape of a bun
Her little boy marvels
At the kaleidoscope sky
Basking in the presence
Of time floating by
There is peace in the world
On this blessed day
It blows through their souls
Pushing all clouds away
Dylan McFadden
I take no comfort
In anything apart from
My rest in Your arms
Claire Montgomery
Good morning honey!
...Good morning.
I love you!
....Have a great day.
I miss you!
...Are you going to dinner?
Yes but I miss you!
...Enjoy dinner.
I want you, handsome!
[Crying inside]
I had a dream about a memory
So vivid I recall conversations
My subconscious made up a story
And turned it into nightmarish creations
Mimicking the past, I got lost for too long
Paralyzed, I'm captured and no longer strong
Ramana Tandra
Love or Hate
Great Illusions
Don't hug them strong
The stronger you hug
The more pitiless they become
They crush you
They burn you
Rose Brown
there isn't enough to say to you.
i've had a life for the last little while,
a life spurred by a small dopamine rush
when i see your name appear to my eyes.
there's a pint of blood i let you drink
still staining your teeth with a strange hue.
i will watch my memories die within the tears falling from your eyes.
the smell of that room will forever linger in my shirts.
even if i wanted to,
i could never erase your imprints.

so lover,
while we dance around the questions,
and lose all sense under fluorescent lights,
i will love you like you claim to love me.

sincerely, yours.
i think i fell.
Kristina Tan
He was a stranger,
a man unknown.

He became a companion,
turned into lover.

His only failure came unexpected,
a secret discovered.

He was a stranger,
a man uncovered.
Robin Lemmen
There is art
In your heart
Painting pictures
When I lay
My head down on your chest

There are songs in your eyes
Singing lullabies
When you hover
Pin me down
With your stare

There is a poem
On the tip
Of your tongue
I taste it
When I kiss you

You are tortured
My jaded lover
I hear it
When you won't talk
Jade Welch
And you cannot really give your heart away,
until you know how to protect it.
Luz Hanaii
In pain and suffering, we feel the lash of correction
At times we don't understand why?
We see others laugh and carry on.
Yet we only see outwardly, what they wish us to see,
but they too have gone,
or will eventually go through the refining fires.
None of us can escape the molding hands.

The more we go through the easier one
-can relate to other's suffering and pain.
Pain educates the spirit if open to change,
conserves us humble and compassionate.

It is such a gift to be able to express your deepest feelings.
This is a special world of poetry with many dear hearts,
it's an oasis that keeps us sane.  To be part of those who have
loving hearts unspoiled by the harshness of the world and those
who dwell in it,  it's truly a blessing from above.

For those of us who are constantly challenged in many ways,
I send you my sincere prayers and love.
May you always be at peace, no matter the storms.
That no illness, person, situation or abuse
-can ever separate us from His loving and saving grace.

i write everyone
i love
into poetry
how telling it is
that i do not
do the same
for myself
True love is not about what someone says
or tells you in great sentences,
but what they do for you and what they feel for you,
Tell me about happiness...
To extinction
Anything that feeds
From your peace
You miss a meal,
Then it turns to two,
A day passes,
And no one notices you.

Craving nutrition,
There goes a week,
Those many hours,
Longing for something to eat.

Using the same excuse,
"I'm not hungry, I just ate,"
The numbers keep dropping,
Was sixty-three, now fifty-eight.

You can't go back,
People are noticing you,
They say you should eat, and you say,
"You have something better to do."

It's harder than you think,
Just leave me alone!
Stop telling me to eat and drink!
If I need you, I can find my phone.
This poem is about an eating disorder, it’s dangerous and those that have it can be greatly effected. Not only them, but those around them as well.
he has redefined love for me
that's why when i think of love
i can only think of him
and everyone else seems foreign
Marcella Kay
He took
My heart,
And as it bleeds
Into the palm
Of his hands.

He took the knife
And plunged the blade
Right to the core,
As it shattered into millions
Of pieces like glass.
I'm so cold, warm me up?
feeling lonely
Wynter Simion
No one gets that I am lonely,
and stuck in my own despair.
All they do is forget that you're a person
and not a thing.
Jon York
Inside you

is where I want to



within the folds

of your mind


the sweet softness

of your soul,


as I release my love

deep within you.
                                     Jon York   2019.
Pagan Paul
Midnight sees a chain
of lights,
heading into the forest
so dark.

Follow the Will-O the Wisp
at night,
walk with the lone wolf
that barks.

Take that step into the unknown, the path that leads to me,
and I'll be waiting there somewhere, deep within the trees.

So walk that long path
in peace,
follow your dream as
it winds.

Keep purpose in plain sight
to release,
love that is not left

© Pagan Paul (13/01/19)
I watched you water my petals
Soaking my roots with your love
But then the drought came
And you left me thirsty.

My petals wilting away
From your abandonment.
And I watched as my soul died
In the lonely drought.
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