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she is a happy ending,
not everyone can wait for.
tina kimi
impulsive decisions at present
are wobbling regrets of the past
and double trouble-tracks in the future
heart is                                                  
A LANTERN                                              
Inside, lives a                                              
♡         ­                                       
e                   ­                 
t                       ­                       
  ­   n                                
      d                        ­                  
      ♡                                       ­             
s                                                  ­  
e                     ­             

                   bright wings
                     G L I T T E R I N G
                     with love, life and

I grow,                
S H E  R E M A I N S              
youthful, timid,              
d       ­     


                   ­                     spent days
                                          JUST  CRYING
     ­                                     feeling so lost
             ­                             ♡
                                  ­        I
       ­                                             s
                  ­                             o
                     ­          s
                    ­                              y
                                 ­                   ♡

                                           ­                             The
                                ­                                         summer
                                                          ­                OF HER HEART
                                                           ­                  became winter
                                                          ­                bleak
                                           ­                            ♡
                                                               ­                 a
                                                                ­                     n
                                                               ­                   d
                                            ­                            ♡
                                   ­                            c
                                                               ­   l
                                                            ­                d
                                                                ­                   ♡

                       with time
                          SHE MANAGED
                        to pick herself
                  ­ n
                           ­               h
      ­                           r

the help                        
O F  O T H E R                        
fellow Kings and                        
k         ­                         
♡                                      ­    
♡  ­        

                   You                                                              ­    
all have                                              
A D D E D   TO                                            
my heart's inner                                              
flame        ­                                        
n   ­                                                       
♡       ­                               
o  ­                      
e                               ­       
♡                     ­           

       Winds                                                            ­              
blow, wings                                                            ­      
NOW FLUTTER                                                          ­        
I'm ready to                                                               ­   
fly                                                              ­  
♡                                                                ­
b                                                               ­ 
y                                                              ­  
s    ­                                            
d            ­                                              
e                 ­                                                   ♡
I'm back!
So sorry everyone, the last few weeks have been... a strain on me.
I am still doing my media course and all, but mentally and emotionally,
I was slipping down into a dark place. My sleeping patterns have been messed up, my nerves have been completely out of control, my self-doubt, anxiety and depression drained me so much that I found it really hard to write, so I needed time to gather myself. It was so hard for me to pick up a pen. To do anything. My smiles were hollow and I just felt so lost.

I just wanted to apologise, I didn't mean to worry anyone. I'm truly touched by the out-pour of support for me. I got so many messages asking if I was alright. I can't express how much that warmed my heart. I'm so used to people being angry at me for my silence that it usually scares me to come back. By nature, with everything I've experienced, it's made me more and more of an isolationist. To all of those people, truly, thank you so so much for staying and just being kind to me...
Really. Thank you T-T
And thank you to all my followers, old and new.
245 followers... I can't even... T-T
I'm sorry if I sound like a broken record but thank you.
I'm back now, and I'm feeling better.
It's easier to hold my pen so I will resume spilling my ink.

I'll continue the Masked Bard on Thursday, I'm free the whole day.
I have no idea of my schedule the coming week.
Again, I appreciate everyone one of you.
Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts.
Thank you for staying with someone like me.
With much love,
Lyn ***
Em Elane
Another day, another piece of my heartbroken
The more people you meet the more your heart is broken
The more I try the more I mess up
Why bother?
Scarlet McCall
My latest poem was deleted from my profile, although it's still in my published poems list. I got 21 "bell rings" but actually only two new comments/likes. What is going on???
Stu Harley
men of glory
will of God
iron hearts
Robin Lemmen
I hear all the things you don't say. Feel the weight of words you left unspoken, leaving them for me to mold into anxious minded conclusions. I see it in your eyes, all the ways you don't want me anymore. All the ways I'll never match up to your fantasy, the dream of a woman created by a lonely 16-year-old boy for none of us to ever resemble. I feel it when you touch me, the lack of certainty. You tell me half-hearted secrets but leave out just enough details to make me question every broken sentence. It becomes most apparent in your silence, with every minute creating unthinkable distances. I read it in the eyes that no longer hold mine. But most of all, I hear it in all the things that you don't say when I know, goodbye lies so heavy on your tongue.
Alvin Agnani
I saw the sky today at 6:34 am.
Blue and endearing.
Begging me to smile.
So how could I not?
Spring is returning.
Put in an extra effort and smile at everyone you meet today.
For we all know, a simple smile can do so very much for a person.
Tom Atkins
The house sits at the edge of the woods.
Long abandoned the forest has taken over.
Vines tendril through nooks and crannies.
The door hangs on one hinge.
In the center of it all, a tree has grown,
pushing its way through the roof,
The ironwork has rusted.
The floor has collapsed.
And the mortar between the bricks has fallen out.
Bricks litter the floor,

of what happens, slowly,
from the first moment of surrender
to the last.
About buildings. About our own lives, on so many fronts.
how do you name
this kind of strength?

the thing she loves most
shatters her, irreparably

shards sink to the depths
drowning she dies there

then recreates herself,
returning to care for it
Hannah Marie
i can't tell
if i want to see you

whether i see you

or we plan it
and i know you'll be there

i can't tell
if it will be helpful

or detrimental
to my getting over you

we'll have to see
i guess

i wonder
what it'll be like
Maggie Sorbie
Twelve o'clock midday
the workmen are downing tools
Oh what a relief!
It's not my fault
that you've stolen my heart.
if awkward ever had to live a life.

it would always have that unsure half a grin.

it would have hands that perspire.

two left feet and mumbled unrecognizable words.

eyes that almost always look down towards the floor.

shoulders that are slouched, seem deflated.

if it had a twin it would be 'silence'.

together they would be 'awkard silence'.
I think it's going to rain
when I die
my life doesn't even feel
like its mine
there's a crossed line
and it's fine
if I've already crossed it
I know that I've lost it
inspired by Alice in Chains "Rain When I Die"
Truth always comes to light
Just give it a minute
No one is faithful
Loyalty drought
You need to understand what I
Am about
I will flip that switch
That’s it
I’m a bad *****
You are gone now
Never get it back
Block and delete
And I look good doing it
And I feel good doing it
They always try to come back to a good thing
You know I am just gonna let it ring
when a heart broken
pours out all
her feelings and
translates them onto
words. something
beautiful gets created.
appreciated by many but
never the one
she's always written her
heart out for.
you have been giving me
a look
that so deeply
and tells me
i don't know you
Ashly Kocher
Strength inside of me
Comes from the passion and drive
Flowing through my veins
Pumping the blood
Keeping me alive
Keeping me
#alive #pumping #heart #poems #writing #poetry #strength
stands in front
to lover
stands next
to wife...
Rajie Medina
feels like you're a moon
guiding me everywhere I go, sometimes new moon,
you're not existing,
waxing crescent denial stage
doesn't want to exist totally,
waning gibbous partially existing,
and sometimes full moon.
One of the letter I love the most. Thank you so much I love you
Carlo C Gomez
Can't be sodium-free, baby
Not when life is in hyperdrive
And microwave is king
Mrs Anybody
i shouldn't be jealous
i really shouldn't

but there
seems to be
a tiny part
in me
that just won't
understand that
also check out the other parts!  :)
Do you ever think
of a poem
that's amazing

and you're sure you'll remember
to write it down

but you won't
This is kind of my mood right now.
the type of love that gives you lungs in place of a heart that
gives you aches and pains in places you've never thought before
the type of love that we're all tired of talking about
some more than others
the floor is a maze, it's a tricky walk to the door but i
love you
enough to dig these nails right into
my skin, and tear open everything enough to dive six feet into the watery grave of an old wanderer, who's seen more than one could ever want to confess
i am a mess but i
i love you
Chris Saitta
Keep your trees, keep them for your heaven of ashen dusk
And night like the pale-faced deathmask of emperors,
No reason that the commoner to oblivion is hushed,
These old-wise woods and leaves, peopled without us.

Keep Macedonian dust lightly conquered over the breeze,
So that it shoots its tail like the centuries-sole comet,
The scorched earth left by Alexander’s mapmaker eyes,
Swung wide like his Sarissophoroi over Persian might.

Remember the lesser grove of his teacher Aristotle’s tribe,
They have only slipped their sandals off, to bare themselves
Of sound and the concourse of the foot’s impulse,
Caught the lithesome wind, to flow outside our hearing,
And muse as empire of air and loss and forgotten walks.

Keep your trees and the darkening sky through them
That remind me of the passing into the past.
Never is the poem from tongue of ***** or plow.
Sarissophoroi were Macedonian light cavalry under Alexander, so named for the pikes they carried (sarissa).

Aristotle taught Alexander until his mid-teens.
she kept her death
within her breath,
she joined the destruction
with its half seduction.
until she fell in love with
its obstruction.

Shinko Pan-ya
a flash of light
blinding sun
Im falling
into the endless abyss
the light is gone
darkness has risen
I cannot wake from this endless slumber
I fall into the waves of darkness
trees are changing their robes;
on misty mornings
I am sitting on my porch.
a book  
I've found in a vintage bookstore
at the corner of my street
is lying in my lap

drinking a tea
wrapped into my favorite blanket
and watching my neighbors
carving their pumpkins

smelling the scent
of firewood
while also listening to
Frank Sinatra

autumn, oh autumn
where have you been?
Star BG

FEAR is a species of poisonous snake
One bite and you lose connection to trust.

Antidote:  Deep breath to connect to heart.

DOUBT it is like a venomous snake.
its poison spreads quickly.

Antidote: Affirmations of self love everyday.

EGO is a snake that lies deep within
One bite and you spiral into endless chatter.

Antidote:  connecting to move inside heart.

HATE is a deadly snake that bites with fake news rhetoric
One bite and one is left with separation of fellow man

Antidote: spread the love in deeds and voice.


JUDGEMENT is a snake virulent with venom that burns.
One bite and it travels deep attacking good thoughts.

Antidote  Reprograming of mind to connect to God within.

inspired by Aprillia Many thanks
And with your read you get one free Haiku. To be read at your convenience

Venomous snake is
fear, doubt, Ego, Hate, judgments,
Antidote...the heart
Its the days when you don’t cry,
But you don’t smile either.

It’s the days when you’re quieter than usual,
And people notice.

It’s the days when you aren’t quite thinking about anything.

But if someone asked you what was wrong,
You wouldn’t know where to start.
he wrote that:

when she write her poems
she published the fire within my bones

she killed me, with her thrones
when she was fighting the life, with her tones

I lived there, between the groans
when she knew, how to bloom the stones

when she write her poems
I have to try to withheld my moans
Is it a burden or blessing, our love
Often, we find its blessing,
Sometimes, we know,
So, what do we think of it?
Maybe, we don't think, we just into it,
As legends say, "It is meant to do, not to think".

We do not need to vow, we just need solid action,
We need not lies albeit it is penetrating truth,
We just, will go along and fulfill what dreamt,
We will be there and we will share it as us.

So, are we crazy or it made us crazy?
After all, does it really matter?
After all, we feel, we meant to be together.
After all, we are rising and tough together.
My lord
Show me the real love
And if you don’t mind
Send it to me
with an angelic dove.
I read Your poetry again
last night and all I could do
was stare at the wide sky
which bridge the distance
between us
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