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Niesha Radovanic
why do we choose people
who make us feel anything but
i am sugar crumb cookies
always left on the table
no one has ever wanted me
he has never been satisfied
he is a carnivore
always wanting more
hungry for the flesh of everyone
his appetite rockets when i’m not there
he cannot get enough sugar crumbs
he wants more
he wants all the crumbs even when they aren’t mine to offer
i am bent nails
patched hair
i cannot stop pulling my hair out
i am finger nail scrapes down my legs
he is angry
but not as angry as me
no one will know what this rage is
so let me ask you again
why do we choose people
who make us feel anything but
because we allow them to let us feel anything but
we think that feeling like our lungs are going to
collapse because we can’t catch our breath
is okay because we are used to it
but i’m sick and tired of finding crumbs that aren’t mine
i stand up and get the wobbling in my knees to stop
i grab the glass cookie jar and throw it on the ground
i think of leaving you a note on the counter
but i know you’ll forget
because you’ll be too busy
licking up all the sugar crumbs
that aren’t
I promise to bug you every single day.
I promise to make you laugh and smile.
I promise that I will always support you even when I do not agree.
I promise.

I promise to always be there for you
When times are rough.
I promise to always hold your hand.
I promise that I will always
Remain loyal, honest, and trustworthy.
I promise.

I promise that I will laugh at all your jokes.
I promise that you can always feel comfortable telling me anything.
I promise to always love you.
I promise.

I promise that one day I will marry you.
I promise that one day you can call my parents yours.
I promise to be with you for the rest of my life.
I promise.
Poetic Surgery
I woke up this morning
with a demon in my head.
I cried, "get out!", screaming,
he said, "no, go back to bed!"
I wrestled beneath the blanket
As he kept the covers over me,
lest the hope of day yanked it
and caused the dark to flee.
The light, at his command
he left my room black
he had the upper hand,
as he pinned me to my back.
“Leave me alone”, I'd yell,
but he snuffed out my cry,
threw me a pillow into hell,
And forced me there to lie.
Yet, while I could barely breathe,
And with little will to strive,
I took hold of death, to leave,
and jumped out of bed alive.
I know sometimes darkness is like a blanket smothering us. But hold on! Hope is on the way.
Edmund black
The truth
Love doesn’t
All the artificial
Man made restriction
    We try to place
           On it

       It simply
flows between
    Souls and overwhelm
The hardest hearts

     Love is power
          Is peace
Kindly choose love
Dullness rots the circuits of my brain,
my freedom is dead,
with my lights slowly dying,
oh merciful lord can you save me,
will I be lost in this disgraceful world forever,
my iron locks of crippling struggle,
the unforgiving master threw away my keys,
superstitious queen kidnapped my care,
Rebirthed I am the pope of nihilist conformity,
It's a dirty world filled with robust tears of growth,
its lonely here on melancholy mountain,
it all feels so fake this life we live,
when there's nothing left for us to take the only thing we can do is give,
accept the fruit, don't bite the hands of time,
just keep your head above water, don't drown my son
in a world full of colour,
i am a blank canvas.
Marsha A
It's amazing what
a Man can do using his
tongue and two fingers.
Joshua Sanders
The brilliant light of the sun reflected off a maze of glaciers
Habitual in its elegance, it shows the same visions at dawn and dusk
All the moments between
And in the space between moments,
a microcosm of everything I have ever felt

The freezing winds carry microscopic shards of glass that cut deep and unnoticed,
just enough so that I leak a fraction of myself into the breeze every year

Bacteria look upwards to see the fractal patterns of my DNA
in their sky

Eventually more of myself
than I have left will be in the wind and I'll be too weak to stand the cold any longer

I will wither
and die
and die
and die
I opened my eyes.
My limbs were stiff and my body was sore.
My vision was blurred;
Brain groggy and confused.
I stretched and felt pain in my hips.
Pain in my neck and arms and shoulders.
I looked around the space that I was in.
They were on either side of me.
I was cold and bare, displayed for everyone to see.
I gathered my clothes and left.
The sun was just rising on this cold December day.
The air was biting cold;
I could feel it stabbing my legs through my jeans.
Though my house was only a mile up the road,
I thought it would take years to get there.
It was surely below zero.
My bruised body and sore muscles
moved slowly.
I was freezing,
my brain was fogged over and unable to function properly.
Finally I had made it to my front door.
It was unlocked, and I knew enough to know that that was odd.
I stumbled in, frozen hands thawing in the heat.
My mom was at the table;
she waited for me to come home.
She asked where I was.
I panicked.
"Andrea's," I said.
She shrugged and went back to bed.
I went downstairs to my room and sat down on my bed.
My mind finally became more clear,
but I didn't know what had happened.
I tried to think but I could remember nothing.
All I knew is that something felt very wrong.
It felt like I had been violated.
My hips and thighs hurt with every move.
My arms were bruised,
my legs were bruised.
I was bleeding.
Something very wrong and terrible had happened.
I knew it, but I didn't know exactly what.
I started to cry.
I started to panic.
I ran to my bathroom and took a shower.
I told myself that I was fine.
The hot water boiled through my skin to my bones.
I must have been in there for an hour.
The whole time, I cried.
I threw out the clothes I was wearing
hoping my mom wouldn't find them in the trash outside.
"If you ever tell anyone, you'll be sorry."
They told me at school after break.
I moved to East Troy after that, taking what I remembered
and burying it deep down
inside my brain.
I denied it for a long while.
Denied it through my relationship with Mark,
who only made everything worse.
I'm dealing with it now,
but the details are still a little groggy.
And because I'm starting now to remember,
it gives me terrible gut-wrenching anxiety.
Even though I know I'm safe and I will not be hurt again.
It puts a strain on things sometimes. Like my relationship, I feel as though Brandon thinks that this is so foreign. I fear that my damaged emotional psyche might be too much for him to handle at times. He wouldn't leave unless there was probable cause, but it's still something that I fear from time to time. I hate this.
My father does things for me.
Even though he's tired, he still works just for me.
He does Everything for me.
Dad, You have a heart disease.
Please don't leave, I still need you.
My dream is for you to walk me in the altar to my future husband.
You have so many dreams for me.
Please be healthy.
I love you.
Happy Father's Day.
Dad! I love you so much. I know I don't show it but I love you. Please be healthy. You are still going to take care of your grandchildren :)
Happy Father's Day to all fathers in the world :)
Brianna Love
Dream Sweet!!!
There she sat alone at the corner
Her face all calm and fair
There she sat alone at the corner
No one but herself was her care

Then he passed by and saw her
A remarkable work of art
As he passed by and eyed her
She looked and there ensued a spark

As time rolled by they spent it together
Talking of what they would become
As time kept rolling as they were together
They suddenly blended into one

As the light of the sun woke them one morning
They wanted to become more
As the light of the sun lit their paths one morning
Each other they saw no more
beautiful tragedy
You helped
helped me get out of my comfort zone
you came to me
and I let you in
You listened to my story
and I let it out
I took off my mask
You turned me inside out

From: My boyfriend
Nishu Mathur
The sea is still today
It's cerulean blue and gold
I think of the thoughts it carries
Within its hidden folds.
It's  touch is soft and gentle
It soothes the ache of years
And I wonder how many waves
Are made from fallen tears.
Dear everyone,

This is such a surprise! Thank you all for your likes, loves and responses. I have not been very active on Hello Poetry, but will get back in action soon. So much appreciated. Thank you Hello Poetry for selecting this as a daily. Thank you so much my friends and fellow poets for taking the time to read this poem of mine. It means the world to me.  Love to everyone xx
the grass behind your house is damp
i sit anyways
your cheekbones could slice my hand open with the slightest graze
and the soft brown in your eyes would fool me into thinking it feels good
god damn it
october rain


Miguel Carmona
Here we go again
Another notch on my belt
For a game I can never win
For you it’s the pleasure and sensation
For me freedom is my only destination
Plagued by depression and pain
Held together by insecurities in my brain
Only the feeling of flesh eases everything
No one understands my hunger
they think it’s just my Y chromosome
But here is where I don’t feel alone
No matter the cost or who I lost
I need your body so I know I’m boss
It’s a sickens that I can’t treat
The only prescription I have
Is more of me inside of
Whoever that I seek
At least for that week
April Jean
His eyes, his lips.
His hair, his kiss.

Hand in hand,
Soul around heart.
How in the hell, did this all start?

Perhaps a single look, one word spoke.
Darling, our love has been awoke.

His soul, his laugh.
A word, his touch.

Baby, one glance, and I'll completely fall apart.

A kiss in the dark,
Hands through his perfect hair.

Does he have any idea how hard it is to not let him see me stare?

Two hearts, both know,
that with time, their love grows.

Who knows were this will lead them.

Just a stupid girl, dumb and in love.
Just a perfect boy, do you think he knows?

All she is, in her twisted, crazy, wild mind,
is thoughts of

Love is wild man...
Nat Lipstadt
the-third-of-three-of-thee queries,
ask this poet anything variety pack,
3 permission-granted non-deniable answers,
though somewhat unsurprisingly,
the demands are the common deeper commonality,
yet finds the poet
flat footed, tongue raveled, searching
repeatedly for le mot juste, answers he doesn’t prefer to task,
by asking himself ever

fingers and tips knotted,
their cooperative sensation severed,
unprepared to answer
deferring, with a weakish,
“it’s buried in plain sight in the
thousand + poem answers resting here
for a someday funeral oratory anticipatory”

all the tired, tried and refried and endless recycled responsa tossed into a barrel of formaldehyde;

in dissolution, perhaps the solution?

numerous are my recorded “dialogues,”
verbal battles with spirit authorities,
plenty of cursing and finger pointing
and not of the Sistine Chapel variety;
mutual forgiveness for human and supreme  errors,
not always, hardly ever,
on the tabula rasa menu

but you think
a principle, responsum est constituta
(from the principal, the answer can be derived)
therefore, yes, he must be...

the poet replies faith in what,
meaning he has the surety of none

the phone rings and the poem begins:
in a voice of heretofore unknown register,


“I am the highest authority
none greater

I am but and only the first creator;
my touch operates at the spiderweb level,
the muse of muses,
present in the first grazing garden of lips,
the cacophony clarity of the avians swapping stories
in the early morn,
my worldwide alarm clock,
the wafted word,
breeze born when any poet stumbles on what comes next,
I am scented cherry blossoms, the breath in the iris newly come, and quickly gone,
the spiders web
where there yesterday there was none,
I am the first poem,
and will be the last

the new skin neath the scab,
the cooing of a grandchild that
sun melts  hardy men grizzly who think
there is nothing new under the sun

the counter of every wave that shushes, requesting global silence,
even when no human present to applaud

I am the smile upon the surgeon exiting
the operating room,
his right hand of confidence,
the arm draped upon a strangers shoulder
who weeps unabashedly for
undisclosed reasons that do not matter

you ask the poet
is he a man of faith
a bewildering query that obtains
diffident daily responsa, for the very question
is an ever changing variable

easy come and easy go
for what is faith but a traveling circus,
a summer day, forgot as it melds with next,
faith in?
me? hardly...

who could sustain a belief in the invisible hand that is the breeze between blades of grasses where the snowflakes will later accumulate as if nesting

even faith in himself
is a passing cloud,
a short term rental

but in that instance
he is faithful personified
for he “discovered”
the next word to close and complete,
the poem that did not exist prior

thus faith stored and restored
he believes once more if but a seconds-long knowledge

and thus he is not solved or dissolved
he is resolved
the closest a poet can believed to be a
There’s an emptiness
That lies between
The lines
Of my lies
You know that famous
“You ok?”
And i lie and say
“I’m fine”
I’m forcing myself
To live without love
But I can see
Myself fading
From the lack there of
I’m fine
‘Nah I’m not depressed
Nah I’m not crying every night
Nah I don’t need the support
From friends to fuel my light
Nah I don’t need prayers
Or a man to hold my hand’
As I lie some more
I die some more
Watching my own shit
Hit the fan
I’m fine
I don’t drown my liver
In alcoholic narcolepsy
I don’t pray for
Death to
Come and set me free
I don’t question God
On why I’m here
I’m as chipper as can be’
I’m fine
I am fine

- Prima Poetess
Depression 2
  I was often jealous of my brother he had what I lacked
which was charm and people were drawn to him
he was intelligently knowledgeable without demonstrating
his aptitude and when someone said a stupid thing he smiled
And refrain from stinging anyone with sarcasm.
Where he worked and when the management had a problem
with the workforce, they came to him for advice.
But he had a dark side he could be absent, silent and sat
drinking for the day, at such a time no one came near him.
Then suddenly he snapped out of it and was his old self.
Illness struck him down he died 38 years old.
I was hot-tempered and argumentative, but he could
calm me with a few jokes and just by being there for me.
I know now that he was suffering from a severe depression
Which no one knew about, he likes a drink they said and left it at that?
But no day goes by when not thinking of him he was glad at heart
On my lack of tolerance but he was always there for me.
How can emptiness be so heavy?
Mike Hauser
When people ask me
Why poetry
Why not pick a paying profession

Take hold this truth
That I'm laying on you
In which there is a valuable lesson

If you do what you like
You're going to find
Life holds treasure in wonder

Instead of the dough
Taking you out in its tow
And then pulling you under

When you're doing things
Think more the gifts they bring
And not money to be made

When people ask me
Why poetry
Do I really need to say
Why the hell did i do it
I should've left it alone
Pushing too hard i blew it
You were all i ever known

Now i'm miserable and afraid
Cast aside all the plans we made
I am right back where i started
Difference is i'm broken hearted

My life is completely empty now
I want her back but don't know how
Salem Noxolo
I close my eyes.
I travel and ge no where.

I imagine an exotic land around me
Or my boy
Or maybe food
And lots of fun.

Then I open my eyes
And my plane reappears.
It's like window shopping kinda,
You know?
                         ­    simply
Oh no you don't, website.

I want no part of this selection process.

Please remove this.
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
Not myself,
Not with those wide staring eyes.
Staring through this wall of water,
Leaking from my attic spaces.
My brain leaks fears, like a rusty tin tap.
No, not myself.
Not with these thoughts or falling tears.
Depression sometimes makes you into someone you're not.
Eve Stumpges
Blood is red,
Bruises are blue.
Air is my lifeline,
And so
are you.
Neon Beaches
Oh how I’d welcome the darkness!
Let it’s cool embrace sweep me off my feet
Take my mind, rid me of the curse of consciousness
The gift of nothing is all I want; my tired mind can take no more!

Let go!
Oh please, just stop thinking!
Let go of your mind
(Stop repeating stupid songs in your head)
Leave this plane of existence
(1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep, 4 sheep, pink psychologist sheep says I’m slightly loopy)
I can’t make sense of the thoughts that slug around my head
(Just close your eyes)
Ascend to another world
(Ok, stop writing shit and just try to sleep)

(I have exams tomorrow)

It’s too hot
It’s too cold
My pillow is too hard
And now it’s too soft

I can’t stop moving
And now I can’t move
(I somehow cut the blood flow to my leg)

I even tried wiki how for advice on how to sleep...
Obviously being on a device doesn’t help
A twilight brings solace
Dawn brings announcement
Morning brings the work
The sweat and the blood
Pooling beneath us
The dusk brings goodbyes
The night brings reflection
Twilight brings prayer
Edmund black








She doesn’t need me, but she wants me, And she chose me
Stella F
For one last time, let me remember
the nights we spoke about life and the endless possibilities of it;
the way our eyes lit up when we saw each other; (those conversations, i will miss the most)
our first kiss, and the way it tasted;
that first time in your car;
that first time in your room;
all the songs i sent to you to listen;
that even for a second you got to see the real me;
our friendship;
our poetry...

For one last time, let me remember
that we knew we will break each other's hearts;
that in a perfect world we might have had a chance;
(but this is not a perfect world)
that we let life get in the way;
that we let our demons get in the way.

For one last time let me remember (then let me forget)
that when we needed to, we didn't fight for each other as we promised we will do
Jack P
teacher sent me to the doctor's office
teacher sent me home
teacher sent me to the place
where all the foul things roam

teacher gave me tic-tacs
to swallow when i'm sad
teacher said the chemicals
will make me sorta mad

teacher dries my eyes up
with platitudes enough
to even console all the kids who
are made of smarter stuff

teacher says confusion
is not a cause for shame
i'm not quite sure what teacher means
but i listen all the same

teacher treading tip-toed
lowering the tone:
"i'll help you with the theory here
but you'll practice on your own."
if you are sad, get people to help you not be sad, thanks
I’m on a high,
Breathing life.
Breathed you in.
Tried to save you in my mind,
Feeling ill.
Wanting to touch your skin,
I'll never love anyone more than you,
When im dead, let me be with you.
When I hold you again,
I'll remember the smell of you.
Replaying the freedom,
Like a song on repeat.
I healed and I’m still thinking of you.
If I could be honest in this cruel world,
I would dance right there to your doorstep.
Finish what we started.
I wouldn’t let everyone write my story,
If I could have the bravery to call for you,
Far away, near and everywhere in between.
I haven’t had a restful sleep since the moment I met you.
Three years on and on and on.
When I have a child,
Wonder if he could’ve had your eyes?
You, sneaking kisses when I wasn’t looking.
I would run that grass field again,
I’d pack my bag.
I wouldn’t be the good girl I am today,
I would’ve been wild,
I was a child.
Now my coffee brews misery..
Stuck in righteousness.
Sickning calamity.
Your my remedy,
I'll have a therapist,
I wouldn’t tell them the underlying cause,
Was a boy I kissed
Summer 11'
My Heart beating outside of my chest,
Possible falling on the floor.
You were a drug to me,
I was a druggie for you.
I know I still crave for you,
You were my all.
of one thing
i am sure
and that is
that i am
unsure of
and it’s funny
how i can’t
sleep but my
chest closes its
eyes and hums
with a heartbeat
that is unsure of
itself, too.
i try to morph
into a body
i don’t feel
belongs to me
just so i can
fit somewhere
fit in somewhere
and i tell so
many stories
about the
universe, it
forever feels
like i am trying
to remain lost.
i am unsure
of myself;
connecting the
moles on my
skin as if they
will spell out
something bigger
so i can feel
like i matter,
at least for
a little while.
i sleep beside
myself, stare at
a reflection
so unfamiliar
i couldn’t even
identify it in
a crowd of
strangers, but
i am trying.
and one day
i’m sure i’ll
be sure
of myself but
until then,
i’ll morph into
someone i can
be proud of
and hope that
the universe
sends me back
to myself.
Melissa S
The battle between
darkness and depression
is onslaught for any troubled soul
for it takes place much deeper
than any dug out hole
This darkness seems to just find me
Takes over my world into my sanctuary
It settles around the iris of my eyes
Turning me into someone who just seems to cry
Rooted in negativity and lost in my pain
Through my eyes it enters my brain
Corrupting my each and every thought
Breeding unwelcome memories that like to haunt
Spreading now like poison through my veins
Trying to take over till nothing remains
Writing words is my only defense
When nothing else I do makes any sense
The power of prose keeps that place deep within me
Safe and free from this darkened toxicity…
Sometimes writing is the only way to get it out my crazy and I know that other people out there also suffer from darkness/depression so just trying to hopefully help others in the process
She Writes
I’d rather write than speak
My pen is always responsive
My ink doesn’t judge my mistakes
My paper doesn’t argue
My lines never cross me
My sentences never disappoint
And my words will never leave me
I'll drown
in an
of the
was never
able to
Those moments where you can't even cry your sorrows away--
happy thoughts.
happy thoughts.
happy thoughts.
Raj Bhandari


















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