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As the day turns to night
I fall asleep
I dream of things
Like angels with wings
Of innocent beauty
Doing their tireless duty
Our Guardian  Angels
Keeping us safe
I do believe
I do have faith
It’s A Guardian  Angels duty
Along with their beauty
caring for us Whenever they can!
Aslam M
Some write to be heard
Some write to just vent out
Some write to be appreciated
Some write to share experiences.
Some write to just write.
Traci Sims
I celebrate myself
"Cause I'm all I really got
No man's hard chest to rest on
No children to make adults.

My head might be full of worries
But I keep a smile on my full red lips
Nothing's ever going to get me down
I've got a lot of things to do.

I'll dance when no one's looking
And gaze up at the stars at night
My Life's road might be long and hard
But I know Peace will guide me home.
ever rushing past
an unknown destination
leaving memories
Brengshak Steve
She has FAITH
She says my FATE
will not FADE
Emmanuel Davies
Time tells lately
Of #friendship so close
Hyenas in the hides
And quite disturbingly close
Upon your fat they feed and reside
Consuming mutely from the inside
Until you have been drained
Of your useful essence and soul
Timmy Shanti
El aire huele a otoño,
Las nubes grises me saludan hoy.
Estoy rodando junto a mi retoño,
Me preguntando: donde, donde voy...

Y no encuentro la respuesta.
Sólo me gusta el calor
Que resplandece en nosotros
Viviendo dentro el olor.
15 Aug 2020
Just a touch sad and nostalgic, but mostly uplifting, wrote this having come across the opening line used as a caption. It stuck in my mind and basically made me sit down and write something. Only then was I delivered.
A country in turmoil and change;
A change that has been reverently waiting.
A quiet loud that has been crying,
Patiently waiting to unfurl their black wings.
For allies to hear, really hear:
Cries of decades of oppression.
It is time to break the chains,
Stand tall together,
And tell stories that need to be told.
Raise up, condemn this racist past and demand equality;
Real equality.
Because black lives matter.
John Prophet
Eyes opened.
Look around.
First day
on the
Mind clear.
pumped in
through the
Birth location
colors the
Future beliefs
planted by
beliefs molded,
Conflict built in.
Passing on
ancient beliefs.
Beliefs built
from the
built from
built from
Modernity planted
on weak
to overcome.
Global conflict.
Conflict of
ideas, beliefs.
Path forward.
Searching for
truths path.
A path into
the future.
A path
all can
peacefully walk.
Derrick Jones
Inside of every line there is a meaning hard to find
A moment of the mind
A breath of sacred life
A body not to bind
A sharpness like a knife
Pure attention
Not a weapon, but slicing through each second
Severing summoned notions
With smooth motions
Leaving only seamless being
Flowing like an ocean
Coming and going
The ebb and flow
Of life under the light
No longer lost in night
Now caught in perfect sight
For but a moment
Where the flow went
Before returning to the sea
To effervescent infinity
With equanimity
You are here with me
Like the ocean
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Give me your words
Sounds of comfort in need
I’m running as I heard
My name whispering through the trees
Miserable sorrowful song bird
Singing of undesirable seeds and deeds
I’m taking a wrong turn
I’m lost within these streets

Is my name drowning
For air I pray and grave
My heart is aching and pounding
To time I am a slave
I must of been unbelievably mistaken
For this path I wish not to pave
My mind has been awaken
Form the past to this present day

Give me your words
Give me your words
Ana Ehlana
some days i worry
that the person i said i won’t be
will eventually end up to be the future me
in ways that i never could dream

what if i never get out of this mess
worse, what if this is my best
what if i fail all of life’s tests
& what if the problems never get less
he looked at her with those eyes
drooping under the weight of
the pain of the past
and the fear of the future

she knew that look
he battled his rock
never learned to push it

she took his hand
dropped soft kisses on his knuckles
so he may remember softness
when he’s punching walls

“sometimes,” she whispered
“you run so fast you forget
to see the paths
that could’ve been”

“you are what you’ve allowed yourself
to be, lovely
so look down my path
and you may finally find what you seek”
A poetic flight on great white wings
or a tub of salted caramel ice cream?
George Raitt
New gravel pathway,
Softened by rain drops, etched
By flowing water.
A Mess of Words
In pursuit

          of perfection,

Seldom have I

          also seen success.
striving for perfection 10w
Elana Galen
Your eyes are too bright to be
crying every night

Your smile is too sweet to be
turned upside down after a fight

Your mind is too smart to be
putting up with his lies

Your laugh is too charming to be
rained down by dark skies

Your worth is not defined by every
mistake you make

Your feelings will always be valid
whatever anyone may say

You are far stronger than what your
mind claims you to be

You are a secret garden with an
undeniable beauty
Don't stay in a situation where you aren't being treated according to your worth, learn to let go and let yourself bloom :)
the day a poet  
falls in love with you
is the day
you know you will live
not in life
but in the love
that your poet
could never seem to
but will
give you
all of

Freedom is a gift
For you and I
From somewhere
Not, from masters
A slavery masters

and freedom
is a Devine

Hurry up!🔁
Build your present
Let you future sleep
In a solid comfort

Aajaadee kee shubhakaamanaen
Happy Independence Day india
is wondering how the world works
does not know what to do
is abandoned in the universe full of meaningless
blames herself
is beautiful
A beautiful, frightened mess
is desperately searching for love and a purpose in life
we are all in this together. I don't know what I am saying though
Surkhab kaur
My mother is the aid to all my aches
I can feel her warm hand on my head
when I sleep with a cold heart.
Even though she strokes my head for minutes
It keeps me warm for days.
I am sorry Mama! I know you deserve
a daughter much better.
Not someone like me...a girl fighting with her
own mind day and night.
I am sorry Mama! I am sorry...
All I can promise is to make you proud one day.
She is an excellent lady I live with.
Spread your wings and fly
Fulfil your duties with a smile
Use your rights prudently
'Cause on this day you were freed,

Learn about your golden history
Pledge to make this a better country
Remember the men of past gratefully
'Cause on this day you were freed,

Spread love beyond national border
Befriend people all round the world
Know what freedom truly means
'Cause on this day you were freed.

~ S.G
15th August, 2020
Happy Independence Day!
Alicia Moore
Most depths have yet to be explored.
The ocean,
the mind,
the wider universe.

Your deepest desires may reside
in the unexposed depths...
Find comfort in the unknown;
Find comfort in the darkness.
so badly I wish to be poetic
I drink my tea in the moonlight
take evening strolls in the rain

I bring a tattered notepad with me
to the café
to the museums
I choose my words so carefully

But I'm sitting alone,
at three in the morning
writing this "poem"

and I don't feel poetic at all
it all feels like a lie
Mark Toney
A chance encounter
a snapshot in time
life's random moments
are simply sublime

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
8/14/2020 - Poetry form: Rhyme - © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
Jumping in the snow,

dancing under the pine-trees –

snowdance, pinetree jumps.
Collection "Without reserve"
Fine, I'll go get my own shrine
I'll set my own sun
I don't want to cross the line
Nobody's purely kind

I'll go where I have to go
To the place where losers go
Why would I want you for?
When everybody you know says no

Fine, I'll rock my own wave
I'll fill my own sea
There, would I be safe?
Or would I'll be down on my knee

Even Iris pity me
I don't want to be here anymore
Find me a place where I meant to be
Where no one's bored
The stars perhaps?

See me there?
Or don't
'Cause I'm difficult
If you falling for me...
#27 this month
Afeksi cita
It's okay, you don't always have to smile
It's okay to cry for a little while
Sometimes life can be hard
But it's okay, you don't have to play all of it's parts

It's okay, don't be scared to let it go
Cause soon you'll find your own glow
Yes, there will come the time when you'll find it
And soon all your tears and fears will be wort it.
your name is
forbidden in
my mouth
or in my heart
because when
i think about

i'll cry a little more,
hurt a little stronger
love a little softer
because you no longer
make me feel sober

i'm drunk on the
memory of you
if only i could chase you with pizza but shots don't work like that
Nimisha Rana
I saw you standing there
I know you cannot bear
With weary eyes and skin so dry
You looked down wanting to cry

You want to hide in unknown places
Kept running away from your fears
Covering up your ears
To the words you don't want to hear

Storming days suddenly passed
You didn't moved until the sunlight flashed
You looked up and surveyed the sky
Finally found a reason to smile
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A red rose bloom on a winter night,
Grow from the frozen ground,
Covered in snow,
No one seems to believe it,
Even her and the impossibilities,
She refused to believe in,
She couldn't care a less,
Cause she knew winter let it all died,
And blizzard came in,
She doubts it will last,
And part of her wanting it will stay,
After the blizzard has gone,
The rose stays on icy mud,
Along with the new ones,
That had just risen from the ground,
Now she tries to see,
That life,
Is like a Red Rose On Winter,
I want to save this Princess from Zimbabwe --
because she tells me it is my destiny,
and it is all in the email she sent me.

I want to save this Princess from Zimbabwe --
because she possesses many Riches,
and she has promised me all of them.

I want to save this Princess from Zimbabwe --
from her wretched uncle,
who will steal her wealth and lock her away.

I would save this Princess from Zimbabwe --
but she only needs my Government ID,
Bank Account and Social Security.
I don't care what I am to you
Just use me all you like
Until you get bored of me
Then throw me away
Just like trash
I'll be okay
Forget about the
tarnished pages, tingy blues,
tattered memories, ties severed, a love that died long ago.

Papers stained of sweaty inks, tear scented poetry,
someone lives
between the lines-
Don't let a poet fall for you if you don't want to hear yourself in every scribbled notes she writes.
Mrs Anybody
dear diary,

today i
fell in love
a stranger
also check out my other poems!  :)
and me,
we are,
unified souls,
simply, united,
an unbreakable set,
underway, sailing,
like ship and sea,
this two-way street,
and me,
we are,
us. [one].
XVI. Committed
My best poems sprout
on the edge of sleep
every morning
I awaken

to find the verses
lost to my dreams
Rupert Pip
Break my bones;
cut my throat.
Pull me open,
learn the ropes.

Breath me in;
taste the fear.
Shank my skin;
stand and cheer.

Kick my head;
let me bleed.
Unbolt my veins;
enjoy the read.

Gouge my eyes;
punch my face.
Wrap me up
in your embrace.
Get to know me like I do you; inside and out.
Traci Sims
Faith--no longer believes.
Charity--is stingy.
Prudence--is reckless.

And Genevieve--
Has no business being in this poem.
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