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Felicity Paris
I will say
I do not love you
until my mouth forgets your taste

I will write
I do not love you
until my fingers forget
how your hands feel, wrapped in mine
and my poems no longer
reek of sadness and desperation

I will believe
I do not love you
until it becomes impossible
or until I begin
to love someone new
Dr Peter Lim
I scarcely know
what to believe
either way offers
me no relief.
Kelsey McIntyre
For there are no words
That can describe you

You love so deep
And so pure

You make things so simple
Yet so beautifully complicated


Behind your shine  is a world full of dark

Long nights of you crying
Longing for a purpose

But, even though your broken
and cracked
The light still shines through the pain
From your beautiful soul
Sometimes the happiest and purest people are the most broken
When the days bleed together and the night feels wrong,
When an infant cries his own lullaby song;
When you swear your hair shouldn't be this long,
That's when you'll know it's time.
When nothing changes but the moon is bright,
And you can't sleep through the entire night;
Not due to peace, but neither to fright,
That's when you'll know it's time.
day two of my poem a day challenge
Regan Wylde
I’m so tired, exhausted I’m fact.
Tired of waiting.
Tired of feeling.
Tired of believing.

I wish I could sleep through it all.
Dream through the hurt.
Dream through the time.
Dream through the numbness.

But I can’t sleep.
Even if I could, I’d still be tired of living.
libertti horner
She is fire and ice
           Her heart is a raging fire you will fear the burn
But crave the heat
Her eyes are pure ice so cold and beautiful
You won’t ever wanna look away
Ammar Younas
Night sits on my chest
Squeezes poems out of me
And grinds my poor soul
Noting changes.
Nothing grows.

Empty highs.
Empty lows.

I can't feel the warm,
And I can't feel the cold.

You try to make me happy,
And I try just for you.
But other than our trying,
Nothing else is new.

I worry I'll upset you,
If I can't make a change.
It's not fair of me,
To make you stay the same.
Don't let me drag you down with me.
waving fern
no fruit
no vegetables
no bread
but we still have air

no milk
no avocados
no oil
but well water runs

no meat
no baking powder
no flour
there's still something left

this list.
it is worth remembering that which we have in copious supply (air we can breathe, water we can drink...) when we are b*tchin' about not being able to grocery shop the same way we used to
Aryan Sam
Years ago
We stayed up till
3 am talking,
And today
I don’t even know
How to say hi,
Rupert Pippingford
Break my bones;
cut my throat.
Pull me open,
learn the ropes.

Breath me in;
taste the fear.
Shank my skin;
stand and cheer.

Kick my head;
let me bleed.
Unbolt my veins;
enjoy the read.

Gouge my eyes;
punch my face.
Wrap me up
in your embrace.
Get to know me like I do you; inside and out.
I feel like writing and so I must,
I will write this poem at any cost,
Be it from my final breath,
before the moment I'll kiss death,

I will utter these very words,
Oh my lonely little bird,
you're finally free to fly away,
now that I am old and grey,

my final breath shall give you life,
a life free of all strife,
so spread your wings and fly away,
and begin life in on a day.
that day my soul shall be free
I never thought I'd matter
To anyone

Until you
Came along

And changed my perspective
Of the universe

You made me feel
Like I matter

And I'm grateful
For you.
I could do it.

I have no concern for myself anymore
The only thing that keeps my heart beating
Is knowing that if it stopped
It would break yours
Monsters don’t exist
Still, we are very afraid
Because we made them
Monsters. A concept so often used to represent anything dislikable to society, which we are afraid of. Yet literal monsters don’t exist.
ethan gaskill
i keep waking up
with you on my lips
but it's only your name
and not your kiss
screaming your name at night in my sleep
David Lessard
I used to read your poems
but lately you don't write
you're silent and aloof
you know that isn't right.
You can't close a door once opened
you can't abolish all your dreams
you're a poet of the heart
mustn't fall apart at the seams.
Say what you can in words
they speak the message true
spoken from the heart
the poems will see you through.
A hermit's not your style
a recluse, you are not
never give up writing
of things that you've been taught.
I used to read your poems
I'd read them once again
if you would send them out
(this one's from a poet friend)
Jack R Fehlmann
1.  You are the one that I love wholeheartedly.
2.  I struggle knowing that you are lonely.
3.  I know that when I look at you, I forget to breathe.
4.  If only I could mirror such beauty.

Too late.
your name is
forbidden in
my mouth
or in my heart
because when
i think about

i'll cry a little more,
hurt a little stronger
love a little softer
because you no longer
make me feel sober

i'm drunk on the
memory of you
if only i could chase you with pizza but shots don't work like that
translucent paint flakes off
porcelain skin,
her transcendent eyes
illuminated by old light.
cobwebs sparkle on her gown;
floating with the draft of the night
and soaking up the sun's
tangible rays of dust.
i've been looking through my attic and i found one of my old dolls and gosh, the memories!
Play her
They said
It’ll be fun
They said

Now they are dead
And you’ll live with the pain
When butterflies fall in love, do they feel humans in their stomach?
I am an artist
I draw my life.
I am a teacher
I teach my steps.
I am a doctor
I treat my destiny.
I am a lawyer
I judge my actions.
I am a builder
I build my success.
I am a translator
I translate my opinion.
I am a  photographer
I take  my memories.
I am a writer
I write my future.
I am a chef
I cook my mood.
I am a businesswoman
I manage myself.
soft cheeks
radiant smile
a love unlike any i've ever known
Micah G
Can I give a girl anything  
Except what she wants
to me,
you are
an art

                              to you,
                              I was
                              a tragedy
you still remain, and will always be
a fine piece of art
to me.
// edit: thank you for having this in the daily. ♡
Maria Etre
stay close but far
A moment
If I could ask for one thing
It would be a moment
To go back to a brief moment
A time where it was simple
Not a thought
Only a feeling
Not a consequence
Only the present

I wish I could go back
And stay there.
Where once
There was laughter
Silence is deafening
Writing poems
With the ink of my tears
🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

In a world

that falls

for looks,


go for the soul.

🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

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Thank you!
when ever i hear your name
my heart instantly
to the bottom of a
i don’t care to find love.
not in this world.
not where promises are b o r n to die.
guess who's back? jk, i don't know what's going on upstairs (my brain). this site seems different? my buddies are also not active anymore so... hope you're staying safe, staying home, staying hydrated. I've started writing again, I know I can't believe it either. if you want to check it out go on over to and tell me you came from hellopoetry!
Words' Worth
They sent a man
On the moon
During quarantine
He never came down
Love didn't end wars
It started them
Jeongbeen Lee
A dream is not a noun which stays in our mind.
It is a verb to think and move our hands.
Donall Dempsey

I like to say
your name

when you're
not here

turn you
into sound

conjure you out of
thin air

so that you appear
before me

dressed in sound

memory sketching in
the rest of you

as if sound
was just an outline

and love
colours you in

adding the voice last
so I can hear you say.

"Hello you..!"
and there you are

as present
as present

can be.

I like to say
your name

when you're
not there.
I've lost innocence.

I've lost faith.

I've lost my soul to this dreary place.

It's so cold, it's so very dark.

My lonely heart has lost it's spark.

I beg for a little mercy.

I cry for some kind of grace.

There's nothing, not even a trace.

The hellish demons in my mind elope with the ever lasting darkness I've came to find.

The clock has chimed...

I'm out of time.
This is a poem I wrote about the hopelessness I felt while suicidal.
Keara Marie
why the mind dreams is a mystery
but all life falls under that heading
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