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Lawrence Hall
A Saint Jude Prayer Card

I thought to pray for a serious need, you see


Saint Jude seems a little annoyed with me
St. Jude really does appear to be annoyed, not unlike my high school principal.

Your ‘umble scrivener’s site is:

It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.

Flower C
Charming lucent glow,
Burnt my skin as I take hold,
Solace when let go.
it may seem hurtful, but letting go sometimes helps, no matter how big of a deal it was for you.
I wanted to learn

so last night my fourth grade teacher
tore my eyelids off

and sat me near a television screen
that showed my mother dying
over and over
and over again.

I left as a cavity
of a boy,

collapsing at the sound of passing cars

as I searched for a payphone where
I could speak to the static about Gabriel.

(where is he?)

When I look at my brother and father

I beg for my eyes to be caressed until they’re scarred

with every daytime matinee
and curtsy on the train platform

that built me into this mosaic
of a “man”.
deeply personal. would appreciate kind words and condolences. my mother is alive but a part of me has died.
you’re gonna wish for the days
you never woke up for
it’s all downhill from here
John Dewberry
Blue sphere spins
Fully with or without us
Time preserves mistakes
For descendants to forgive
When knowledge is lost
Or when the remedy of hindsight
Becomes to great to stomach
I'm grateful for the air that I breathe
I'm thankful for the soil on which I stand
Blessed are the foods that I eat
I'm immensely grateful for my health
Thankful for the lessons I was privileged
to learn from my past
I'm full of gratitude seeing the beauty of this present moment
I'm thankful for my five senses (and the sixth)
I'm grateful for the manifested and
the yet to manifest blessings
I'm thankful for the blessings hidden in challenges
I'm thankful for life in its fullness
Jacob Lyons
Skipping beats like rain in July
It was unexpected, but here it is
Still my arms are burning inside
As the heat punches and kicks
Why did I put a heavy coat on?
Just to prove that I was strong?
Strength should be knowing best
And getting this out of my head
So I'll cut off my hair and then
Put sunglasses on instead
Watching the waves of fire
From a distance I can desire
The day has ended once again
But we both know it's not the end

Are we even meant to be?
We can't be our enemies
But I'd really hate to see
You with someone that isn't me
Quit saying you're sorry
We both know what you mean
That the grass could be green
But right now it's all dying
You always get my attention
And my heart, not to mention
I smile when I see your name
I smile when I see your face
The day has ended one more time
But we both know we have the night
Nolan Bucsis
It's a.
Cold hard.
World out there.

Stay safe won't you.
Stay sane must you.
Stay normal lest you stand out.

And become.

Oh kiddies.
I know.

For I'm as cold as frozen nitrogen.
Hard as an isolated diamond.

Looking for my rough.

And it's always a dob story they're singing.
Always a love song they're writing.

And there's no better torch song than an epitath.

i can feel you
slipping from my fingers

the harder i try
the faster you fall from my hands

no matter what i do
you return to the sand

where i’m losing you forever
Do not take things
too literal, my love
see all the other levels
so that you are
allowed to move beneath
the stuff
and break free
Stephen S
In a world
that grows more
black and white
with each passing day.

I am simply not content
staring at endless
shades of grey.

So please forgive me
If I take this opportunity
to go in search of rainbows.
Tonight was only a matter of time.

I just wish you weren’t there to see it.
The steel will always be a reminder of our past,
As will the buildings broken burned,
Radiation penetrates even the thickest of walls,
So society moves on.
South by Southwest
You on the bridge
don't have to feed me
YOU tugging on my sleeve
don't have to grieve for me

Let it go
You heard me
I am not your sympathy
So let it go !


Don't come over here
Keep it out of my way
Your cheer is leer
So go make you dark energy lay

Go away !
Logorrhea - uncontrollable talkativeness . A tendency toward overly complex wordiness in speech or writing .
Laura Labno
The Seine enchanted me

I almost allowed myself to
believe that my eyes

were caressing magic.

But my eyes still worked well.
Well enough to see

the cancerous
cells growing

in the idea of


Being a romantic I breathed in
the charm

Being a realist I understood
the trap.
Hannah Lanayru
No one knows
No one sees
The ghostly faded parts of me

I smile, laugh, and put on a mask
A simple facade
But will it last?

You say you love me
I say I do too
But is any of this really even true?
Joyce Sayson
the wind goes wild,
silence kills me.
let me know,
if you'll come back.
i'm watching myself
i try to stuff
what's falling out
maybe i
can go for
one more week
maybe then
i'll feel i earned
a sigh
Her hair ran like a river down her
An ocean of infinite curls
Or shall I dare say,
The enchantment would make of him a slave,
As soon as crave gave in to cave.
He saw her, and gasped:
the Altantic had never before looked so much
like a woman.
Francie Lynch
Only Albinos
Can be  mimes,
Or Johnny or Edgar Winter
For Hallowe'en.
As for trick or treating,
There's enough Al Jolson masks
Out there to ***** us all.
Someone once said, "A mime is a terrible thing to waste."  :)
It was 4 am,
The world was asleep,
The stars were awake,
And just like every other night,
I thought of you,
Are you on the other side thinking of me too?
Caleb John
There's rest

When every ounce of my strength doesn't come from me

It's peaceful in these storms

I'm not anxious anymore

I just want to seek your face

I just want to know you

I want to see you

I love this peace you give

Thank you
I still remember the last time I saw you
and I remember the day I realized
it was really over

but life goes on, as things do
however, I still find myself
thinking about you

I’ve seen other people,
I’m sure you have too
but still, I really, truly do
myss you
Dr Peter Lim
I'm not even a single motion
how could I think of evolution or revolution?
John Glenn
When they told me
your eyes are a window
to the soul
who wouldve guessed that
it was a fifty-foot drop
and i've fallen flat
to the sorrow of my soul
Paper faces and silicone smiles-
Where’d you get that mask, little girl?
Looks an awful lot like

If there’s always a you they will be us ,
In a world that is fogged with darkness,
Will burn a  little ,
Will shine a little  ,
As we braze our destiny, for its only you , that I see in us
Renn Powell
maybe the hesitation that ached below my skin
when i met you, was something i shouldn't have ignored.
Weary winds seek solace
in the arms of conifer giants,
having not yet discovered that
even mountain pines shiver
when winter is at its darkest.
An illusion of perfection.
with my head on your chest
i listen to your heartbeat
and i know i've promised
i would never get addicted

but please tell me
how i'm supposed to stop
falling for you
loneliness, an old friend
is knocking on my door again
and I’m trying so hard not to let him in
The flower in the garden
will one day be gone
it may be beautiful now
but it wont last that long
So like a flower one day we will see
In the end, How broken we would be
I love when colored salmon spawn
And leap with ease over towns on high
With rippling waves and glistening sheen
How they bound between these rocky outcrop clouds
And spread their whispy tendril fins
Across the cascading pinkish sky
I love the night just before it breathes
Quiet as waivering gills unseen
When the salmon color seeps into the sky
Ms L
Today, I saw you smiling.
Your eyes were filled of stars.
Your lips were full of flowers.
You own the night like a moon shining,
And that's enough to for me to keep living.
Evie Carroll
Since then I feel smaller,
Like half a person,
There’s a reason people call people their other halves.
The tears rock me like an earthquake and it physically hurts.
Everywhere I go it’s music, and food and terms of phrase,
Screaming your name.
Like the world wants me to be in pain.
My bed is way too big just for me but I don’t want it full unless it’s full of you.
I think I took for granted the beauty of normal life with you in it.
The worst part is I can’t even tell you how much I miss you,
Because you’re healing too.
That’s okay.
Everyone says times a healer, how much time?
He loves me
But he’s not in love with me
And it’s breaking my heart
But how can I explain?
You don’t look at me the same anymore
Junior McIntyre
Sometimes I feel like walking aimlessly
Into the sun into the wind
Away from all, I have become
And all I hold my kin
Stare at the sun till I go blind
Run in the wind till I get flight
Will, I ever fit in a world so cold
Doomed to dream like them only at night
What if
You have been fighting
A losing battle
All along
What if
The silence
Within you
Is only
The calm
Before the strom
It is going to be a fight
You just cannot

my biggest fear.
Van Xuan
The only word I hate
Because it is always said
When a person leaves me behind
And never return.
Neon lights
Bleed my eyes
I've lost sight
I can only rhyme
Whispering voices
Long day gone
Residue of life
Where did we go wrong
Giving we gave
Taken we took
Sinners and savior
All in one book
And so we read on
There's no end
To our songs!
Traveler Tim
...I have left this ****** nightmare
In my wake but out of sight
All I want is deviation by design

Out of all the past confusion
Out of all the common spite
Just tell me I am yours 'cause you are mine

Song #3
Chase Pamplin
Day dream day dream take me away. No gossip please! I don’t care for the he say she say. People make life look surreal, playing fake roles like campaign numbers we are creating pros that shake hands for a better deal. I’m on the coast line with the ocean water hitting my toes. Salty air makes a fresh appearance in my lungs, while sounds of fu-gee-la plays in the background. Miss Lauren Hill; her lyrics must be sung, the vibe makes my eyes close. Im at peace when I’m alone, forever in my zone.

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