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Priya Patel
I accept, I'm in denial,
head over heels, madly in love
with living each day in the dark
The bite of truth is so much harder
then the occasional sudden bark
It's easier this way
It hurts less, makes the truth
seem so much less important;
until it's not
Denial felt safe
but never truly real,
and now the bite
I can finally feel;
the ripping of flesh
bit by bit with subtle nips
of truth
Dark was good, but grey ...
this frightens me
I have too many questions
that I'm too scared
to find answers to,
too many clues
that leaves me asking,
What do I do?
So yes, I'm living in no
Let fate question the answers ...

~ Priya 🕉️ Feb 19, 2020
Hiding from the truth makes being found, that much harder to accept.   Denial is just a temporary fix.
Love is love here
But in some parallel universe
Hate is love
For instance 2+1=3
And then 4-1=2+1
Similarly if
love is love here
And hate is also love there
Hate=love in some parallel universe
Love=love here
Then Hate is love
So maybe the answer is yeah
Hate is love
And love is hate
your name is
forbidden in
my mouth
or in my heart
because when
i think about

i'll cry a little more,
hurt a little stronger
love a little softer
because you no longer
make me feel sober

i'm drunk on the
memory of you
if only i could chase you with pizza but shots don't work like that
don't leave me alone

even if I begged you so

trying so hard to let go

I'll hold on tighter

don't leave me alone

even if I said so

I'm desperately screaming inside my head

no I'm not okay

the voices say I'm a burden

so I shut my mouth and forget I'm broken

I can feel it

every inch of my skin

I'm sorry I can't say it

please just leave me alone
Kirui Frank Junior
A drank man who is sane,
Like insane talks,
Truth as bitter herbs...
More when the concerned cries,
In all futile efforts,
Can't stop him ,but in appreciation,
Better bitter truth!
Saw it happen....
sehnaz khan
Every story has
two sides
Therefore choose
Reem Sabaa
Your eyes are like a garden of words.
A sea of mystery, a world I got lost in.

Your eyes are my escape from reality.
I need to know who do I write for.
its about life
to learn
and i dont need your warmth
i can stay cold
or burn
and i already have my fur
its rough
it wasnt made for your love
which is nothing
but hurt
it be good enough for me
to die alone.
with snow covered bones
All those days I wasted crying over you.
the rest of my life is a tidal wave of a thought,
that type of idea that coils around your lungs,
steals your breath, inch by inch.

but life with you
helps me breathe easy.
This disease struck me
Like a brick on pavement

Everything was
Then that brick came along
And with the slightest movement
Destroyed everything

“Count it
Perfect it
Measure it
Clean it”
The voices say

Why can’t I let them go?
They keep repeating:

“Count it
Perfect it
Measure it
Clean it”
Why won’t they stop

“Count it
Perfect it
Measure it
Clean it”
I don’t understand

“Count it
Perfect it
Measure it
Clean it”
Someone just HELP me understand

This disease is about
But it's the biggest
Imperfection about me
Oh God, you keep my tiny heart beating
Attention always given to my bleating
Your breath keeps my lungs from collapsing
Your Grace keeps my sins from relapsing
You keep firm the Earth beneath my feet
Your ears hear my prayers to help me sleep
Your clean water flows freely within my sink
Your gift of consciousness allows me think
Your love and grace forgive when I disobey
Without you I would not have the words to say
Oh God, you keep my tiny heart beating
Poverty breeds poetry.
Night Sky
I want to write you
I want to put your smile into epics
Your eyes into ballads
Your kisses into rhymes
I want your hands as a free verse
Your smell a pastoral poem
Every word you speak is like a love song
And I want it
“Tattooed on my soul”
I want to write everything about you
And fill a thousand books with you
My muse
My love
I want it to well up in my ink
To overflow
Spill off every page
Like I feel your love spill
Onto me
I want to write your every detail
As only a lovesick poet could
My boyfriend makes music, and one of my friends heard his song and said she wanted it "tattooed on her soul". I wrote this poem for him
Donall Dempsey

I like to say
your name

when you're
not here

turn you
into sound

conjure you out of
thin air

so that you appear
before me

dressed in sound

memory sketching in
the rest of you

as if sound
was just an outline

and love
colours you in

adding the voice last
so I can hear you say.

"Hello you..!"
and there you are

as present
as present

can be.

I like to say
your name

when you're
not there.
thank you
for the
that no
are they**
than my voice.
**anything/anyone trying to tear me down, whether mentally or situational

!!Don't forget to get out to those polls!!
Change is coming.
ok okay
So many people focus on finding love
I'm too busy finding myself
moon child
"I'm an open book"
She says

Written in
Tim Kitchen
Little girl, trying to sleep in your bed
don’t listen to the sound of the bombs nearby
just close your eyes and try not to cry
and let your brother sing you a lullaby.

And don’t listen to the noise of the guns
as the bullets flash by your door, don’t cry
just think of the peace found in sleep
while your brother sings you a lullaby.

Little girl, as you sleep in your bed
when you dream, try not to dream of the day
when soldiers came with their guns
and took your father away.

And when you wake up to a new day
looking for the sun, through the dust and smoke
try to find some hope in that terrible place
as you and your brother strive to cope.

Little girl, war is the world of grown ups
and there is nothing you can do
even if you tell them of your fear and sorrow
no one will listen to you.

But when the war is over and done
and you no longer hear an exploding shell
maybe your young life will be a better place
more like Heaven and less like Hell.
like the beauty of the sunset,
your love leaves me
and in
And when you left
I overwatered all your flowers
You don't know
why the dog is
afraid of you:
I do.
You don't like the fear? Do something about it.
Shi Em
but you see -
she has
a tendency
to be silent
when it gets
real loud
inside her head.
she is a happy ending,
not everyone can wait for.
kailee cardinal
I'VE been crying

JUST quit hurting

TRIED to live on

TO you

FORGET the hurt

i've just tried to forget
Heavy Hearted
look like the flower
but be the serpent beneath
Teach for the hour
But speak only for minuets
Love for the Passion  
But subdue- to gain control.
Climb for the high
And always suffer as you plummet
Remember the happiness
And weep, when you feel its echo

A unique love owns
Both me and my Father (and brother)
As it's special homes
Found within one another
So be what you are.. dare and think and move free
But humor always
the lover
your dad raised you to be.
I know I know I know
Human emotions are simply complex
I understand but can’t control them
Every second is different
I’m in the middle of polar opposite
thoughts and emotions
I’m happy
I want to be dead.
Bipolar milliseconds
are draining my core.
Ugo Victor
Dear HP,

This is not a poem
But a question
The answer to which
I do hope you have

Why does my lover claim to love me
But still looks for every opportunity
To let me go?

Is it that she loves me so much
But doesn't think she's worthy of me

Or she doesn't love me enough
To think I'm worthy of her?

i made out with my girlfriend
Azumi Rabulan
I found you

when I wasn't even looking

You left me

When I wasn't even asking
I find beauty in dark places
Love in mysterious ways
Comfort in unbelievable happenings
I'm not weird
I just pay attention to things others neglect.
Life isn't worth living if it's viewed in one perspective
heart made of glass
my mind of stone -
a soul made of fire
eyes burn alone
raising my voice and
walls of fear
someday i'll make it
out of here -
Poems aren't written,
they're found,
Somewhere in your head the words are waiting,
They're sprawled across the floor,
You just need to pick them up,
Make a path with them,
Let your path guide observers,
And if you can't write,
Walk down somebody's else's path first,
First poem I've written, to anybody who reads this is hope you enjoyed it and it made you day a little better
Ryan Joseph
She was like a black rose,
such a beauty in a sadness.
by: S.M. Pastore
A Poet's Voice
And so it is that,
after twilight,
the soul seems
to best wander
i’ve wanted to be a mystery for as long as I can remember. my whole life, i ached for someone to wonder about me, to need to know more, to write pages of poetry about me, to feel love songs in their body when they saw me. i desired words of love and lust and wonder to describe me. i never understood what i was doing wrong, why i wasn't receiving bundles of pink, heart-shaped valentines full of adoration for me, why i couldn't seem to make anyone curious about who i was. i'd watch others only share small pieces of themselves to capture the hearts of random lovers, and i so wished to do the same. i know that, deep in my core, that's not who i am. my heart is tattooed on my sleeve, and every emotion that goes through my mind appears right across my face. i feel too much, there's no way around it. no one will ever wonder about a girl if you can easily see what she's feeling. i've tried to crush that part of myself, tried to drain my body of all the excess feelings. it refills though, like a river after a drought. the water always returns, most often in storms. the feelings rush into me and make it impossible to mute them. i've come to the conclusion that i will never be a person that a stranger on the bus sees from across the aisles and thinks about for the rest of the day. that those who want to be wanted rarely get that. that i will forever be the one who writes poetry about someone, and it will never be the other way around. it hurts, but i've realized now that no blurry, rushed words about a love for me will ever grace a page in a diary, even if that's the only thing i need.
Mark Parker
In the beginning, there is love

Love at birth, a mother's love

The love of life, fascination

Love between friends, paws or hands

Love in marriage, through Eros

Love of family, until the end.
Thinking about the concept of love
i dreamt of you once again-
i wish i had not woken up.
I'm happy for you,
Since you're happier now.
I hope she'll make you happy every day.
You deserve that.
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