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Tommy Le
Listen to the creak.
I heard the wind calling me.
What is it I seek?
are like
an hourglass.

the weeds...

like a
pat of butter
in a
cast iron skillet.

they are
as the
i am
this in,

minutes that i
no longer
live in again!

just like
in the wind'.

just like
ex wife's love.

a lap dance
at the
gentlemen's club.

won't forget
the waves
knocked me down.

the roses
kissed me
and left
a garden
surrounding me.

the faces
are already
long forgotten...

they are
'dust in
my wind'.


going to die,

with your
boots on'
being you.

2/18 ¡
little baby girl or boy
you already bring me so much joy
I can't wait for you to get here
I'm waiting patiently my dear
I'm anxious to see your smile
yet I still have to wait a while
I'm excited to see who you'll be
I hope you're a little like me
my sweet niece or nephew
what will you grow up to do?
I pray that you will be strong
and know that sometimes you will be wrong
understand I'll always be here for you
you can talk to me whenever you want to
I'll give you unconditional love
like the kind you receive from above
right now, you're just a little baby
from now on, I'll love you daily
your mom and dad
are bound to make you mad
just know I'll be here
a phone call away when I'm not near
you can call me Aunt Boo
if that's what you want to do
call me that and I'll do the same
I promise to give you a silly nickname
"oh, the places you'll go"
I'll see you soon mi sobrino
my future niece or nephew, I will see you in July
Elora Rose
i can only take
so much.

oh, how it makes me ache,
your touch.
this is the shortest poem i have probably ever written, and one that can be interpreted in so many different ways. i'll leave this here, so perceive it as you will.
Michael LoMonaco
When the pain magnifies,
Unhealthy habits can grow,
Adding fuel to the misery.

Instead, I become lost,
But I lose myself by involvement,
Getting active by being energetic.

Exercising the mind and body,
Whether I am reading a book,
Or working out my muscles.

Numbing myself through activity,
You can say being busy is a bad habit,
But it’s better that the demons of drugs.
You never listen
Thru one ear
out the other

You did nothing wrong
You're nothing but perfect
He did you wrong
Blatant disrespect

You never learn
Fool you once
It's not on you
Fooled twice
That's askew
Y Rada
​I was young and full of dreams
Wanting to be with you always
So I let my black hair grow long
'Til it would reach your heart​

You glanced at me many times
And I was too shy to confess
I looked at the skies everyday
As I brushed my cascading mane

I imagined your hands on me
Your fingers were so soft
Telling me that you adore me
As you tied up my long hair

The sun gave way to the moon
Silky black turned to gray
But still my hair is flowing
Past my untamed bitter heart

I look sadly at the starlit skies
When I alone brush my long tresses
Remembering regrets of the past
And knowing you bind up her hair.
This is my first poem in 2018. I got inspired with the Beautiful Chinese Music - Binding Up My Hair. The melody is so beautiful and melancholic.
Temporal Fugue
You really won't see me, exactly as I am
blinded by my cloak, no one gives a damn

Talking to myself in corners, a shadow in the dark
walking the corridors of shame, a stroll within my park

It might be, you catch a glimpse, of an edge or curve
but seeing me clearly, forever held in my reserve

I bind myself to pillars, built within my mind
no delusions, or misconceptions, however misaligned

When seeing my shell, the exterior that I display
remember it's not me, just a false, communique
Fixed some wording in this one, brought back from the archives.
Wandering hell, has it's rewards. :D
Love something I cherish to the end of my days
Keeps me happy and sane
In particular
He keeps me happy and sane
Through the good and bad
Through the happy and sad
We do have ‘fights’
But good fights like whose cuter
Whose more perfect
Who can send the most emojis
Love Cana make you do stupid things
Such as staying up past 1am
And knowing you have a test the next day
Or going out too late with that person
But something that is sad about love is
When they’re 1,000 miles away
You miss them
You long for their touch
You lust for just one night
But it still keeps you happy
It makes that whole in your heart filled
Filled with joy and delight
When they call,
When they text,
Your stomach gets butterflies
Because love is perfect
Love is life
Love is knowing your with the right person
And Love
Is beautiful.
Jack Jenkins
Turn the page,
Words of rage;
I'm on the wrong
side of broken,
and you put me here,
but I chose to stay.

I want to blame you,
Hate you, but I can't shame you;
There's something in the mirror,
it's slowly becoming clearer,
you're my highest low, my trigger.

I wish we'd never met,
You're my living hell;
torturing my heart now a shell,
harsh words from the man that
once loved you without fail.

You're a seven year wound,
I can't figure out how to forgive,
this bitterness is a wickedness
brought to the surface by wordless rage.
I hate you.

Yet I still love you,
at least the memory of you;
before you changed,
personality rearranged,
I loved you as you were.

The ones hardest to love
Are the ones that need it most;
you rejected mine and buried your own,
carried us to the gravestone,
are you alone tonight?

The love turned to ache,
when you chose to forsake
me to my demons within;
do you think of me still,
or am I just a speck of your past?

I loved you.
I hate you.
And I don't know how to let go.
but she who cools off so quickly
can never see the light
of you, my ever-burning desire,
god, you shine so bright
Francis Dongelewic
Dark clouds broke sending
hard slanting rain to slice up
the thick atmosphere.
Allie Sherman
I used to fear the fire,
Now I’ve become it.
She stands where the river blows her hair wild

no youth and no favor for her
no hands to clean the salt licks on her skin
her palms are dreams wrinkled dry
yet craving an offer.

You come from a distant land, she says,
heavens bless you.

I got no small change, I respond,
my mind drifts to ponder,

a small change, I need that too,
always hungered for
and faltered through
like I missed the vessel narrowly
to be on the river's other side.

Maybe when I come back,
I turn toward her.

She was gone.
Harwood Point, Dec 5, 2017
An abortive river trip, a chance encounter
Fritzi Melendez
I bite my cheeks down until my mouth foams with blood and saliva.
Intentionally or not, I love the copper taste.
My eyes can only see the normality of it all.
But to others, I look like I need help.

I grit my teeth until they crack and fall out of my lips.
The blood gushes out, fuck I can't get enough of this.
This pain that my body seeks to self destruct.
It's harmful pleasure that emits from my nerves.

I chew at the sides of my mouth as it leaks out with blood.
So bittersweet, I can't believe my body produces this.
I guess it's just me trying to calm my nerves.
I can't stop shaking while I type these words.

I scratch my left hand until I peel off the skin.
Through my muscle tissues and my leaking red veins, I can see the end.
I feel my eyes go wide and turn crazed.
I'm not suicidal, I'm just a mess, okay?

I dig my finger nails deep into my palms.
Little crescent like shapes of a blood red moon.
I feel like I have the world in my hands.
But is it dangerous to give that power to an insane man?

I punch erratically until my knuckles turn blue and red.
Licking off the residue of blood stained cement.
I feel the adrenaline rushing through me.
Punching the ground until my skeleton gets a taste to.

I slit my arms to perfect red dotted lines of 11.
There's a specific reason for that number.
But it's a secret you'll never find, so I just laugh.
While you watch me split my skin in half.

I bite my lips until they to begin to bleed.
If I do this enough, maybe I won't have to ever speak.
I suck until my lips turn dry.
And I penetrate through my skin with my teeth once again.

I chew my nails down to the core.
Watching the red water bleed through the cracks of my fingers.
The stinging sensation that makes my chest tense.
But floods my face with a warm, bright red.

The demons have already chewed down to my bones.
It's slow, but painful, but I love their tongue sliding on my flesh.
Sinking their teeth to rip me to shreds.
And so I bite down more and savor the taste.
I am self-destructing.
slow burn
oft was the night as a child that i did dream
of such eyes that would captivate
and stop the earth's rotation

and in adolescence i found so many reasons
to think that i might have found those eyes
only to find that they did pale in the comparison
so i found myself dreaming again

though i did not want to wake
as the dreams held more promise
the hope in me did not cede

now as a man i had lost the dream
until i saw yours in the dimly lit cabin
of my pale green 2003 nissan altima
and that every day since
has been but a dream come true
Stop playing with my feelings
And getting my hopes oh so high
That I'll think you're still liking
And I'll just be too shy.

I question the universe's decision,
I have made fantasies and renditions,
But nothing compares to those small sparks
Whenever I talk with you during the day's dark.

And whenever we hear teases
Of all the jokes and praises
To the times you actually cared
Also, to when you were unfair.

I wouldn't admit I still wish
Granting me the want I crave.
And with one swish,
He is all I have....

To take.

But you wouldn't know why
Mr. He of all high
And I just want you to know
That even if we're not alone
I'd still know whenever you're not okay
And I'll always be there anyway.

Thanks for being a friend for more than a year
Even if I wish we could be more than just cheers.
The tolls of my unrequited affections
Wear heavy on the armor of my heart
Eroding the enamel I've so carefully crafted
Breaking my ability to be detached
To be utterly numb and empty as I please
A hole's been chiseled in my soul
Illustrious sorrows I must now behold
They capsize me in their wake
Again, my heart has come to resemble me
Again, I am... Broken
Poetry is the rhythm of her soul
flows through her veins
dances in her mind
swirls throughout her days

She speaks stories of solitude
with her shining dark brown eyes
She meets life at the edge of wonders
Unravelling stories yet to ponder

She looks upon to the stars
forgetting darkness behind it
She seeks solace in rapt of silence
Poetry becomes her
bluebird days in Moonstruck
I might misplace my keys from time to time,
I'll forget to buy milk and do the laundry,
my mother calls me irresponsible
cannot blame her, she doesn't understand;
my mind is busy
analyzing peoples lips when they talk, the way they smile
or when they walk
observe their fingers as they hold on to something
do they hold it tightly? does the way they hold it influence their need for it?
I like to study peoples eyes the most
when they laugh
when they cry
when they talk or just listen
the glory is each individual eye and the way the color changes in sunlight
I'm sorry I forgot your birthday
the names of the movies we watched
I didn't mean to ignore your calls, i promised I'd call back
I will
You and I
we have always knew
this is not gonna end well
if i speak my mind this dies
if i stay silent i die
6 months
and we died

I’m begging right know
Tell me what to do?

should I walk away
or try harder ?
Will you ever be able to love me?
Will I be able to tell you I love you?

The clock won’t stop for us
Not even you stop for us
Tik tok
Heavy pouring rain
That almost drowned me inside
Did not seem too bad when you first said

The next few days went fast and taunting,
Who was that man that left me hoping?

Strong destructive winds
That almost blew me away
Did not seem too bad when you stopped by again
And thats how I got to know your name.

The next few days had left me dreaming,
When will I see him once again?

No longer grey
The clouds made the sky look calming
And life was kind to me
And so was he.

The next few days went slow and gentle,
How did I not know I needed him before?

Sun is shining bright
We are sitting, leaving no space apart
Our hands are locked together
We hope that this will last forever.

The next few days have been so strange,
Whats wrong with him? Are things not going well?

The rain and wind have all came back
But this time not for me.
He let them take him far away
And did not stop to say

The next few days left me confused,
Why didn't he tell me? I thought things were good...

As it turns out he needed help
But I was preoccupied with my life at hand.
I sat in silence waiting,
For him to come home to me.
But days went by and he stayed gone.

And I could not stop thinking of that first "Hello".
the moment a poet
falls in love with you

is the moment
you live

f o r e v e r
We have families.
People that care for us
They love you and support you through tough times
Some people don’t have these kinds of families.
They’re…different. Dysfunctional, even.
They can hurt you and abuse you in so many different ways…
If you have one of these families.
There are ways to break free.
Even though it may not look like it.
You will find a way to get out.
And people are willing to help you.
Movement of time collides
with tear drop melody
darkened angel
to final day symphony:

gun blasts in homeland
enter familiar flesh-
different tongues conceal
common threads that makes us

wounded souls call for God
in bomb dimpled lands-
far from American eyed reach
and inside

amidst spiritual sands

Treading with foot print patterns
around rock’s pure holiness
meditating in temples
laden in gold tributes

seeking truth’s distant comfort

guns blast in homelands
families wonder why-

pain embraces consciousness
dripping hints of salvation
into thick Iron pools
of Christ’s calling

red horse not so distant
seven seals awakening
run back to one
it’s time to find love
The tragic happenings of todays time.
Katherine Storm
There's a lone, dark place
Deep inside my heart.
A place where none has been
Not you, Not him.
Just me.
When the world turns away,
I dwell far into that place.
It gives me the chills
More than the cold places I've been.
I tried to open the doors to you
But you said it's too dark and scary.
For you, who have stood in the light
This place is damp and rotten.
For me, who has lived within the darkness
It is like coming back home.
you will never be forgotten.
your name twisted into metaphors and colors and distractions will forever
be painted across pages and pages of her favorite brand of notebook,
no matter how many she burns
there will always be one she forgot,
and she will only find it once she had almost forgotten you.
she will find the one Papyrus notebook
and all of your metaphors and colors and disractions will come flooding back,
just like how the ocean in your eyes
flooded her heart all those years ago.
I despise myself for not being someone you could love.
The Willow
(There are two characters in this particular story:
Him and You.)

He never thought of me as a poet, though I have written more poetry about Him than anyone else before.
I wrote a poem about him, spent hours on it, hummed it on a stage,
I got so close to the mic for comfort
I felt I was supporting myself on His secondhand drunken breath.
I once read it out loud to him, and it got lost in His head,
and I am unsure if He was ever aware of poetry He dismissed.

But You. You considered me a poet almost from the start,
I could see it in the way Your eyes were trying to tell Your mouth the words it needed to adore me, but Your mouth fell blank,
and so chose into kissing instead.
At least, that's how it went in my head.
You were upset with me at how little poetry I had written about You,
and even to this day, though we are apart for three years,
You still read my words.

Why do you still read?
Is it to make up for the words You skipped over in my eyes when You were close enough to read my irises?
You transformed my darkness
Into light

You taught me
The meaning of life

You accepted me
When I could not

You listened
When I forgot
Coraline Hatter
when I die

turn my body into ashes


spread it over the ocean

so I can go home

after a lifetime of feeling

Inspired by Amanda Lovelace's book "the princess saves herself in this one"
- a mermaid escapist
Vale Luna
(read forward, then backward, line by line)

I ran.
Not knowing what else to do
There was so much blood on my hands
It was mine
The kitchen knife
Caught in my chest
Consumed by
I was heightened by
But running on
Wasn’t enough
While trying to stay calm,
Losing control
It was me that would end up
Dead. Because
He was
In front of me
The whole time
It was too late
I found myself
Locked in chains
My fate was
Forward: from the victims perspective.
Backward: from the murderers perspective.

Eric the Red
The truth about poets
They’re not all alike
Some are derelicts
Some say they’re writers
Instead of Poet
For they know what that puts
Into the minds of others
Some will never write novels
Poems are their Ulysses
Their ‘Love in the Time Of Cholera
Some are sad
Choose to live there
While some poets
Use their words
To claw their way out
Some have fallen out of love
Want someone
to listen
While some have fallen in
the deepest ocean
Want to tell the world
What this man
This woman
Means to them

Most write their verses
Some at midnight
Some at sunrise
Some with coffee
Most with bottles

Most will never see the reaction
Of many
Will never hear
‘I like that...’

And most don’t want to be famous
Or sometimes heard
Just want to be
sitting underneath the stairs, i realized suddenly:
i could die here.

i could die here,
and would anyone know?
i could die here, under the dirty staircase,
and nothing would change.

a friend of mine came for me eventually;

someone i don't know too well,
but well enough.

and she squeezed my hand and told me,
"you're not alone."

as my breathing grew ragged and my chest constricted and my eyes ached, i belatedly realized that was the most terrifying prospect of all.
only thing worse than feeling alone is knowing that so many others feel alone... hope everyone out there is feeling loved
don’t be cruel, my love.
this world is painting
you gray
where the colors once shone
the brightest.

let’s not let this wicked
system overtake your kind soul.

you painted me when i was black and white,
so take my hand
while i restore your
lilacs, blues, and reds.

my dear, let the light
shine through.

{d.f. | 09/28/17}
i hope you have the loveliest weekend. -love always, d.f. {p.s. instagram.com/inafieldofchaos}
Oupa Gedion
She was standing at the edge of the abyss looking down at endless darkness beneath her feet, cold air kissing her cheeks,  she took a step back and looked at the sky to see  his face smiling back at her,

"Why am I here? "

she asked gently but‎ the face faded revealing a clear sky and a voice softly replied "take the leap" she had goosebumps feeling how close to her ear the voice was,

"I'm scared "

she said "I don't know what's down there, who's going to catch me?" the air calmed and there was silence, she looked around and saw nothing but never ending rocky plains  and the dark abyss in front of her, "that's where you're wrong " the voice startled her "with falling in love you don't  need someone to catch you, you simply keep falling deeper and deeper it's only when you can see the ground that you need to worry, but should you find someone whose heart and soul is one never ending free fall into the unknown, I suggest you jump" she frowned

"but it's dark down there"

the air around her was getting warmer, her skin now back to its natural smoothness "I can't show you love but I can make you feel it, by letting go of your fears and letting Hope, Faith and Courage fill your heart you will find tranquility the deeper you go but should you carry on being fearful of what could go wrong and making up scenarios you will create your own heartbreak, remember you're falling in the deep dark, you can be friends with the darkness or it could be your worst enemy but it will be your own doing because the dark does nothing but show you what you think for yourself" she stepped forward and looked down again, then she closed her eyes and......

"I'm still kinda waiting for an answer" he said with an engagement ring in his hands while down on one knee  his words returned her from her divination and she realised she her boyfriend of three years is on his knee waiting for her response, she looked him in the eyes and said

"Let's jump together"
I wonder what will go through her mind when I propose
i often think,
of empty grocery store aisles,
dusk in summer,
the home i grew up in,
tea leaves,
and sugar,
and cigarettes,
and you –
forever an anomaly,
a notion at best.

I keep throwing gasoline on my already burning problems.

I'm addicted to the pain.
Tonight is one that makes a flower reach out in the frost of winter
So warm inside it blooms as if the moon were the sun
Grow with me, That our fruit will seed Love and Peace
Perhaps love is just a small raft keeping us from drowning in the waters of life.

I am exhausted, weak. I cling to you.

The waves push me around, sometimes crash over me.

But my head is above water.

And I can breathe.

For now, that is enough.
as a child i believed in monsters
and innocence
but i have learnt
over my years
that life isn't all sunshine and rainbows
we are canvases marked in colour
from our experiences
some darker than others
some lighter
but all of those brush strokes  
are a picture of beauty
our highs
and lows
acrylic on graphite
soft pastel hues
on angry slashes of colour
water colour wishes and charcoal sorrows
To the Grocery Store Boy,

your smile was seen all the way from the fruit section.
You walked with a hop of joy in your step, making you even more admirable.
I went into this emotion of "love at first sight" as you took the lemons off the cart, and put them into the lemon display.
You held each one with a tight grip,
but not tight enough to where you disturbed the lemon.
Each one was placed with careful fingertips,
showing the tenderness of you.

Suddenly, my heart was playing soccer within my chest.
My mom, she started walking over to where you were standing,
and although my smile was breaking down of happiness,
my heart couldn't handle you.

I was within inches from you.
I was standing right beside you.

My mom, she had bumped into the lemon display.
You smiled, oh boy did you smile.
Sudden eye contact was made with me, and I couldn't help but smile at the grace of your smile,
then words fell from your lips.
"I saw that",
and that was all it took.
For me to suddenly fall in love with the boy at the grocery store.
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