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Your words glide
Over my
Heart like a
Skater skates
On ice lakes.

Slowly you
Wear me down;
Carve your words
Onto my
Heart with blades.

One time you
Will cut through
And fall in
Through the crack
That you made.

You will try
To climb out,
But you are
Stuck in the
Void with me.

Now you'll know
Just the harm
That a few
Words can cause.
Can't you tell?
Shi Em
and even if this is
the calm before the storm,
i'd still be glad and grateful,
because i had a day like this,
a day like this.
this little hot spark
ready to ignite the world
fell in its cold sea
We aren't,
after all,
you fit into
the shape of your
wants and needs or
whatever kind of life
you lead us
and you turn me
like a marvel
like a caveman
this light
and then you switch

I am not the type
I am not the end of the game
I am not the comfort

You seek.
dream a struggle in reality
rise above the scuffles
live the dream.

Scribbled thoughts
Just dazed to think!
All of us are
which means there's no such thing as
which means there's no such thing as
which makes us all

But if all of us are
and there's no such thing as
theres no such thing as

which means we don't exist!
Philosophy is a fun little toy!
The sun comes up each morning
Every time the same
Yet it is so beautiful

Waves roar almost on repeat
Only subtle are the differences
Though it easily draws me in

Clouds drift in the sky at such a slow pace
Having little care for shape or form
But can entertain humans for generations

Why am I so worried?
I love love
I love being in love
I love being loved
I love love
Gray Ndiaye
died a million times
before i surrendered
being born again
looks nothing
like i imagined
Sitting there
Embraced in all the noise
My heart was sinking


Don't you know
Don't you know the power you have over me

A word can make me drown
A look can make me lost
A touch can leave me breathless

And I dare to chase you
Your Local Cryptid
If it wasn't for them, I would be gone
But I just cannot leave them alone
They are too young, they are too small
And I don't want them having to deal with this all
I don't know how I would be still doing this if it wasn't for them
Underline me in that little black book
of your mind’s eye,
tapping a pencil on your teeth
and remember when
last time I saw your face
was the last time
was the last time.

And there can be no desire
hotter, brighter, fitter
than obsession in miniature.
She should have known not to trust the sparkling summer snow;
For it hardened into the ice that extinguished her fiery glow.
The sun is drowning
The moon is MOURNING
The next day without YOU
Lemme cry for a day
Logan Paul
Hazy forest
A huge, solid snake slithers
betrayed by the grass
Roger Pierce
Beautiful Voice, sing to me once more
in this exquisite morning.
Slender leaves of the tall oleander rest
motionless, unable to follow the wind's demands
because of your song's enchantment.
Birds hang still in the air, wings extended
as if in flight, but halted in time by the
melody rising higher and higher into
the cloudless sky.
The echo of your song flows down from the
mountain, washing the valley in
joy and wonder.  Deer and bear pause their
foraging, stand motionless in awe while
forests of pine and clusters of aspen
bow to the grandeur of this magical moment.
O, Beautiful Voice, your song embraces the
depths of all being and we are breathless,
stunned into an astonishment of the sacred.
Sing!  Beautiful Voice
Mike Hauser
Poetry pulls me over
With screaming siren and blue lights
Knocks me to my knees slaps the cuffs on me
Forcing me into rhyme

Why can't it mind its own business
And stop giving me such a hard time
Leave me alone to do other things that I want
I ask you, is that really a crime

Behind bars, hard labor forced
Pen and paper in hand
Writing off my time in this do it or die
All at the judges demand

Guess they have me a poetry thief with a need
Serving time between the lines
Of this poetry that has control over me
With its insatiable need to rhyme

Here in this life doing hard time...
Poetry at times truly wears me out.
Always with pen and paper in hand it's hard to enjoy normalcy...
You’re the kind of person
they write

I hope that makes me the villain.
Non Pescador
I write here because im lonely
And i have no one to talk to
About my feelings and staff

I write here because I don’t trust people
People can hurt you, can disappoint you
But in here
No one knows me and I don’t know you all
So there’s no room for disappointments.

I just want to lessen the baggage in my chest
Emeka Mokeme
I became an
electrician in order
to fix the light
inside your smile.
I became a driver
in order to
take you to exotic
and beautiful places.
I became a physician
in order to be
a balm of Gilead
to heal your
deepest wounds.
I became a chef
in order to take
care of your well-being.  
As an alchemist
i will transform
all the past hurts,
shame and mistakes
into gold.
I became a gardener,
so i can plant
beautiful flowers to
bring succor and
comfort to sooth
your soul.
I became a priest
in order to
draw out your
inner spiritual essence.  
I became a king
so you can
become an asset
to rule in my castle.
I became all things
in order to
win your heart.
I am so in love
with your essence.
®2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Leo Montgomery
Love excites the mind
It opens a door
To unknown feelings
We never knew we had before
Death is not pretty.
Death is not brave,
Death is not freedom
Or grace
Or clarity
Or glorious.
Death is lonely,
And vastly disappointing.
I do not recommend you try it.
I wrote you a poem
That you asked to read,
And I said
Maybe Someday
But i never let you
Anywhere near it.

I wrote you 37 poems.
And You only ever
Knew of one.
And You forgot
I even wrote it.
And I have forgotten what it said.
But five months later
I still fear it.

Crunchy, Bitter, sour, sharp, simmering.

Luminescent, iridescent,
Shiny, sparkling, shimmering,
Glitzy, glimmering, glittering

lost in a dark place
trapped in a crawl space
in my mind I get lost in
I wake up in a coffin
they tell me they care they’re just in love with the idea of me
so they’ll never know about the pain I go through
It’s like a chain of reaction
all the demons attack from all the drugs that I’m taking
It’s like I’m losing my traction
kiss death on the lips I have a fatal attraction
this is my heart
watch as my problems inspire me
tear me apart
won’t let the demons take over me
they took it too far I don’t wanna fall apart
It's like I'm lost in the motions
use this rhyme as a rope
to wrap around the commotion
tie the knot at my throat
I look at death as a notion
I don't want it no more
but it's too late to reverse it
as I fall on the floor
Tanisha Parekh
your melodies and harmonies,
float me through tranquillity,
your remedies develop me,
i'm in my solidarity,
serenity, i feel at peace
clarity, in one piece
humming, gentle tunes
singing, till the day is through
Tempted to pull the trigger
To the figure
In the mirror
Because the earth’s round
Doesn’t mean it’s  having a ball.

Because waves crash
Doesn’t mean that they aren’t in control.

Because the sea is deep
Doesn’t mean that it’s thoughtful

Because land meets the sea
Doesn’t mean that they agree

Because you float my boat
Doesn’t make me the captain.
Five little ten worders to ponder.
"Dead people receive more flowers
than the living ones
because regret is stronger
than gratitude."

-Anne Frank
It makes you cry and leaves you sad
But you like the salt and you love the mad
allison fl
please take my bones and press them to dust. take my heart and crush it in a fist. wrap a cord around my neck and tie me to my grave. give me something to feel that isn't just the  longing  and  waiting  and  fearing . rename me insolence, save i die gentility; as quiet as the almost we shared.
These words are for me,
For I'm the one who's hurting,
I'm just healing myself.
I often wonder why we can't understand other's poems sometimes, but deep down it is the one who writes it knows the value of it.
She loved and valued others
as exactly as they are.
Then proudly watched them as they changed to the truest and best versions of themselves.
Here we go again
Playing my heart with these words
That even so wouldn't be said

I have been saving you
Since the day I heard you weep
Nonetheless, you knew nothing

Through poems and proses
I told the moon to save you,
I begged for the stars to shine for you,
I cried for the sky to heal you,
I sent my shadows to hug you every night

Wordless, I fend you
A mute persona I am,
I whispered to my angels to look for you

All because I care for you
Call this an obsession,
But I care for you more than I care for anyone

And if this letter will be read by you,
I want to reach for your soul
And heal them
In my own recreant ways
we try so hard
to follow a timeline
someone else
has decided on

-em vidar
हर घर में एक शेफ है
शेफ ही घर की सेहत है
जिस घर की शेफ संजीदा है
वह घर सबसे अलहदा है।
A chef
You meet the right people
At the wrong times.

That thing could’ve worked
If it was a bit later,
Or maybe a bit sooner.

We would’ve worked
If it was at a different time
In a different place.
With different people

We could’ve lasted.

You were the right person
At the wrong time.
Because sometimes,
paper is the only one
who listens.
Love me
naked beyond
flesh or bone,

trace your
fairytale dreams
to memory upon
my lips,

runaway your
passion and lust
across my eyes,

and never
let the sun
run to retire.

and deep inside
our eyes
we will define
our destiny,

and we you
will never
let each other go.

and as all
of your love
falls out
of time..

nothing will
be left
but you and I.

so let me
be your

and never
be satisfied
with less.

to be young
to die old
inside  your
angel eyes

and sing.
Can’t see beyond ten paces...
mist lit up by noonday sun

Light refracted by a million microscopic
a dulling blanket of peacefully sleeping

Desert clouds, like wisps of an ancient
man’s uncut hair, hanging over the
edge of far-off mountains to whisper
that not everything dies under the
noonday sun - for some things
are taken by time.

Stone doesn’t wrinkle, but sand driven
by wind will burst its fellow free,
and bit by grit the splendor
of yesterday is smoothed away.
Soft lines, vague shapes -
time and sand perform a dance upon
memory that reminds me
of the mist I see.
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