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you gave me a word to hold onto
it got me through the night
felt nice for a while
but we both know this isn't right
keeping your distance is a crime
I know this by the hurt in my chest
someone's placed you here in front of
me as a torturing test
you've put a gun to my head and I'm asking to die
for the sake of being dead
what I would do for you to crawl out of her
and into my bed
I want to help you
forget that you have scars
Issabella Hokason
The sky is my witness
She sees all that I do
She hears all that I say
She watches as I stare into the endless blue of her eyes
The sky knows why I am sad
She clouds over and weeps with me today
She sets a grey outlook on the world around me
Perhaps trying to mirror my mood
She sighs, the wind brushing my tear stained cheeks
“You’ll be okay,” she whispers
“You’ll be alright, as will the person you are crying for”
do regular maintenance
on your soul
clean out the blemish
and the soot
soak it in solution

dust out the corners
of your mind
handle it with care
and buff the edges
caulk the cracks

polish the windows
of your heart
throw out the excess
and leave only the joy
furbish the frayed fringe
Jan 2, 2019, 11:27 PM
Jordan Ray
It's your birthday and I wanted to send you flowers.
But I didn't want to intrude on your little patch of glory.
Eleanor Sinclair
You act so kind and caring
But you’re really quite cruel and daring
You push the limits of life
And play with the edge of the knife
I was merely a **** in your game
You made me fall for your name
But were you the man I grew to know?
Looking now at your face, I don’t think so
She was a puzzle that wasn’t meant to be solved by anyone
Not letting someone build her up or figure her out
She liked the feeling of being undone
And loved the fact shes unsolvable

Or maybe she just didn’t want you.
I've reached the edge and now it's time to say goodbye
but it's not really goodbye it's just another start
another reality in time
I love you darling
something i came up with a while ago
ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew
I just want to scream and cry and scream and cry
Into your arms
but I can't
and I guess that wouldn't make a very good poem.
Junior Semil
You toying with it(my heart)
A Happy Meal.
Johnny Noiπ
In lieu of abortion,
why don't women sell
the babies to the
church to auction off
at fundraisers..?
Path Humble
the count starts now (tired of tired)

I read your outcry at 3:00am
posted on Facebook

you are
tired of tired
sick of sick
the only question, will it ever end...

rise this day,  start another way...

count your blessing
count against all odds
for there are more than merely one

use both hands
both hands chested to feel the heart thrusting,
for living is a wondrous blessing unique
an unbelievable to believe than so many beats,
born and borne,
by you, a strength unequaled,
you a richness possessed

count that one first.
count my hands holding your shoulders.
count that as two, one for me, one for you.

more? more.  

mirror.  find the tiny light in each eye against a yellow backdrop.

add two more. for they are a sparking confidence of confirming.

you felt the heart thrumming
go back, feel the breathing warmth breaching forth.
add another. for now known you can never ever be cold.

wash the face, wash away the caution that sleep leaves,
the coverlet of fear that fears you not to dare,
amazing that tap water plain is sacred when it
miracle breaks you out and anoints thy forehead with pure oil like the kings of yore, be a kingly human being.

go out. do not return
until one act of kind is performed and
count that as a thousand blessed, a sum recurring recounted

walk humble and the path will always appear.
walk contented for you can be both king and servant,
there is no difference - you must be both to be the other

and if you still cannot raise the head,
call me.
that would be a blessing for me
and I will hear your blessings sounds mine merge,
dear friend and no more stranger,
that is the simplest definition of our learning to count to
4:00am I read your cry on facebook
For you.
Alex B
I want to drink your breath
And smell you on me
Hear your angel voice
Taste your insides
Feel you tremble
From my fingers
Or my words
My tongue
Or me
Islam Marzouk
She gives me that feeling …
That goes beyond my ceiling …
Yeah, she’s so appealing …
And totally endearing …
Can’t help it but to admire …
Her gorgeous smile …
She’s always in style …
Combining purity of white Lily …
And a scented Tulip …
Plus an artistic pink Rose …
With the elegance of Saffron …
And the modesty and grace of Jasmine …
The gentleness and innocence of Daisy …
With the beauty of a million Alyssum …
Having the simplicity of a dark purple Violet …
I am not even sure If I said anything from what she is, yet …
But she lives in every happy thought I get …
last rainy night
i was always behind you
and somehow it was enough;
loving you from afar
Daniel Ruiz
I'm here sitting
the smell of coffee runs through
my veins,
some music i probably will forget
in a few years arguing with
the thought of you,

But I'm here,
I'm here,
writing about what's happening

pretty boring huh?

i call myself a poet
but i can't use high metaphors,

i call myself a poet
but i can't describe fully
how you make me feel

i call myself a poet

but what am i?

I'm just a kid
scared of life
finding new ways to cope
searching for someone to love,
not holding unto my dreams
how can i choose with my mind
what's right for the heart to choose.

and you see?
don't you see?

don't worry i can't either

i can't see how great i am
i can't see how other people see me
i wish i could.

i want to believe this was a dream
a nightmare at that.

But at last.
I'm here wishing that in another life
i could be with you,
maybe in other deaths,

i crave your touch,
i crave you..
with coffee waking up my senses
like a kid in summer waking up early
to go play with his friends.

i wish things were different,
so i wouldn't have to wish.
What is life
If not a conglomerate
Of differences of being
What is life
If not a place of chaos
Where mind reigns
What is life
If not
A hurry scurry
Of useless endeavors
What is life
If not
A gathering
Of ignominious experiences
Meant to teach us
Francie Lynch
He promised happiness, but we got strife.
He promised eternal paradise, but we got life.
He promised the chosen, but they got fire.
He promised redemption, but he's a liar.
elle jaxsun
i always have
the urge to run.

but what is it like
to be a tree?

to be confident enough
to root yourself
and grow with
wild abandonment,
being unapologetically

i'm still running,
but i wish i knew.
To you,
I am nothing
And that is okay
1/30th of a second
Is where i have been
Exploring the limits
Of our fellow man

To experiment with
The twitches and jerks
Go inside minds
To see what works

To see this mush
Tick like a clock
But just like a clock
The mind must stop
i am willing to listen
but i can't read your mind
tell me what you want
so i can make it right
if you bite your tongue
you're gaming for a fight
i am willing to listen
but first you need to try
to communicate
exactly what you need
to state your expectations
directly to me
i keep listening
but you fail to speak
don't you say i'm not trying
when you just keep ignoring
every sign and every attempt
so you can have "your" way
can't listen to you
when you think but you don't say
keep on pushing pushing pushing
and i will walk away
gave you my patience
you give me pain
The poor stay poor
The rich get richer.
The story goes on
Even when the teller is long gone.
I am quiet, still
A body of water at rest
Waiting to be disturbed
i always believe in love
it's like I'm dancing with the stars above.
to love and be loved.
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
I guess I was well taught,
But I strived for more,
Now, I have got the only perfect thing,
A dilemma, Dilemma, and Dilemma

Silence is sometimes the answer,
Sometimes the fear,
Sometimes the anger,
Sometimes dilemma.

Knowing actual thing has been the solution,
But I can only see things that are meant to,
I can only hear things that are meant to,
Where is the originality?

The invisible power we are controlled by,
But here includes no heaven,
Fearful for the invisible power,
here includes no ****.
The dollar coin
Rolls and falls
Only to land
Upon the edge
Of nothing
All by design
All for the mind
Round and round
Like a globe
The rats race
In their wheels

And they say the moon is made of cheese
It was blue and I knew it could not be a sea
and the waves that I saw were not people
waving to me
drowned in it anyway.

Seeing things in colour when the colour's not there
and it's all in the mind which is slightly unfair,
but definitely blue

and no plastic bags.

If I could swim on a whim or
a wing and a prayer and the
colour imagined
was the colour of your hair
and the waves were just curls
when you crinkle your eyes,
I'd be happier.

Making sense of some nonsense
and much of Nonsuch
touching all of the bases
the one-legged man
and his crutch,

they say,
'he's as mad as a hatter'
and that a' can believe.

it's bedtime and book to
be read time,
sleepy head's having some
me time,
some time later I'll sleep.
if ever

you don’t


like you have a home,

pull me close,

wrap your arms around me,

rest your head on my chest,

close your eyes,

and feel the warmth of the fireplace

resonating from within my heart.
Victor D López
Through you my love,
I know there is a heaven.
Posted earlier today on AllPoetry in response to a 10-word love poem challenge.
They said,
"The most beautiful art is
looking into someone's eyes
when they talk about the
things they love.
And I said,
"Or looking at someone you love.
Or maybe, just maybe,
by looking at the mirror
is the most beautiful art
anyone should appreciate."
Appreciation post for myself; for you and for everyone as well. You deserve more than the world has to offer.
Tanay Sengupta
Rain on me,
For I have been longing to be free.
Lost in my world, needlessly.

Rain on me,
For I am too tired and I need sleep.
This world is a herd and I cannot be its sheep.

Rain on me,
And show me the way.
This place is empty and I cannot stay.

Rain on me,
It has been too long.
I am sick and tired of pretending to be strong.

Rain on me,
I want to see the lightning pierce the sky.
As the thunder roars and the clouds fly.

Rain on me,
Let the winds take my mind to another land.
No one needs to know and no one needs to understand.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved.
I came up with this while I was watching the rain from my window, a few days back. I hope you like it.
Broken Cardinal
You lit up my world like a
Quick strike of a match,
Illuminating everything yet
Fast consuming anything.
I can't believe I fell so fast
Again and so I
Watch from afar
The still singeing debris.
At the core of it
Lies your crumpled blackened body,
Poised perfectly to a
Tempting degree.
I don't think you quite get how much I
Smile when I see your face, and so
It broke me when I saw you with his.
Little did she know,
I love her
and the chaos
in her heart.
"How are you?"

"I’m fine."

fine, fine like mother’s china,
breaking with a touch.
fine, fine like a fair maiden,
for whom only tragedy awaits.
fine, like the thread of life,
flimsy and anxious.
I’m fine,
Understanding you was like
Understanding what a bird chirps
Like understanding why
The universe is infinite
Understanding you was like
Figuring out how someone can be
Everything and nothing
All at once
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