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she said she was born on the edges
of paintings someone had always forgotten to finish
she said she lived on the banks of rivers that never reach the sea
her voice trailed off at every juncture
giving the afternoon a song
that only the heart could hear
“and do you feel this as I do?”
gazing softly into nowhere

She paused
and let a sigh that vaulted a chorus to her presence
it heralded above all the things we could never see
it wrapped it’s arms around the world
and gave birth
to what she had always yearned to say
but language had always failed

from the fragrance of the river
she shed her outer most layer of mistrust
“we are”, she said “incapable of deserting ourselves here"
“it is this naked hollow that
bestows the paths
from which we will approach"

“by looking
into you I have already been laid bare,
let us reach under this skin,
touch the untouchable
and finish the edges of a painting
long forgotten
and stained with the graffiti
of your past”
For woman
ive come back
the doors in brain
had been locked
I had forgotten
I’m the girl with the all Keys
In a world with all the Locks
31 days have been
31 days of sorrow each
Sorry I couldn't make you happy
But at least I made you feel an emotion
Any present moment

It's not high standards
it's not to look better than other people

it's the insanity of wondering if what you did was enough for approval of others
the dirty poet
i look in the mirror
and see myself at 25
why don’t photos
work the same way?
May god have mercy on my soul.
Unraveled, I battle my shadows, but I'm fragile to the bone, marrow.
I channeled peril through my code, It's too late to be careful.
And your guilt won't spare us, In this world we're we live so baron.
No marriage or parents I'm just waiting for a caravan
The oceans whispers
My ear adhere
Near the river

As I seek peace in silence
Rthymes of soft music comfort me
in its peaceful hands

As rose petals emittes sweet smell,
My nose bow as it inhale
To seek solace peace
I can't seem to find the proper stream
The correct level of flow for emotions
Enough to make it known I care
But limited enough to be palatable
Autumn is approaching I can tell
When all the leaves fell
The weather smells like rain but it's not cold
So don't you worry it will be like the old
days. And as always
Our usual ways
I will not be cold but hazy
This time dull and lazy
Bored I will be and my eyes will glaze over
As I will only be surrounded by three leaved clover
Only salt and pepper, frequently common
Rotten souls all around are the omen
And I will only wish for a reason
For all the treason
Dried out flowers of fall are fragile
But my dreams are full of you and all agile
Delicate and vulnerable
Not all words are utter-able
Stars appear to be drifting
I am the late summer sun resisting
Still warm like a bracing and fragrant breeze
But my brain is buzzing like bees
As I lose my grip
Feeling unusual and unsafe I slip
Carl D'Souza
I am
on Hello-Poetry
and I am
when I get
a Bell.
As my eyes skim over you
Your lips
Your curves
My memories
They burn
To be kept away from you is my punishment
Burning fingertips
Reaching for bare skin
Pulling away
From fear of lighting a flame
The taste of blood
From my biting my lip
Metallic ruby
I've almost forgotten my name
Replacing it with yours
The only one I'll ever need to know
A longing forbidden
By no one other than you and I
Keeping secrets
Just between us
Leaking from my lips
Tearing little rips
In what could have been
Each drop of rain carries life
each life has purpose
not all purposes are good
but goodness will draw out good
even from the bad.
She wanted the stars
I offered her the moon
She wanted words
I sang her songs
She wanted time
I gave her mine
She wanted love
So I offered her my heart,
I gave her something,
Not even money can buy,
I gave her a piece of me,
Which took me years to complete,
Yet in the end,
My existence still wasn’t enough.
i can see light beyond the clouds
the waves have ceased their swells
and so I can now see and breathe all the same.
I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar II, after being misdiagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder for fifteen years. I'm on new medication, and now I can feel again.
I can't
the weight
all the
upon my
it was
of our
so you've
got to
it with
Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers
dorian green
is it too much to ask
for someone to look for me
when i run and hide?
but what i think of as love
would probably be
better phrased as hunting.
so, please, pursue,
rifle in hand,
pull me from my burrow;
at least i'd know you want me.
pretty as a picture -
strung up, throat slit -
anything's better than hiding,
better than a fear
best described as paralyzing.
Her eyes were fiery
While her lips peeled away
Her sun was setting
But her colors never fade
When she bites she is bitter
But when she smiles she is sweet
Like a nectarine emblem
She’s the fruit of life’s tree.
Chris Chronister
When at once in the dark I was alone
Lost I was and unable to find me
Loneliness is what my heart had been shown
And desolation my two eyes did see

The sorrow that was building became rage
And fire within me surely did grow
I imprisoned myself inside this cage
Making my tears evermore slowly flow

The pain you bestowed upon me with lies
Has been reborn and now it is named hate
For everything about you I despise
An end is what I patiently await

I will rubricate this last song of mine
And know, an encore I will disincline

©  Christopher Chronister
Zoe Mae
Imagine being a poet with nothing to say.
Vacant eyes fixed on your screen all day.
If a lost soul reaches out, you slap them away.
You pretend to be a poet, but you've got nothing to say.
Poets are more than words.
Sean Hastings
Or back of my mind depending on
How you perceive it
It's taking a back seat for now
There's a new personality coming out

Call it confidence, call it anger
Call it the realest Sean out there
There's a new one fronting, putting
The heartbreak and sad stories away

Letting everything out now, whether you like it or not but let's see
You wanted a peak into this mind
Now you get to see everything in it

There's going to be a lot more anger
Frustrations and yelling at the world
That need to be expressed in my mind
So buckle up and enjoy the ride

Call it whatever you want but I'm here to stay regardless
Anna Adamu
In an abusive relationship?
You got legs?
You got no legs?
W Winchester
I'm so tired. But I'm still here.
David Lessard
I used to read your poems
but lately you don't write
you're silent and aloof
you know that isn't right.
You can't close a door once opened
you can't abolish all your dreams
you're a poet of the heart
mustn't fall apart at the seams.
Say what you can in words
they speak the message true
spoken from the heart
the poems will see you through.
A hermit's not your style
a recluse, you are not
never give up writing
of things that you've been taught.
I used to read your poems
I'd read them once again
if you would send them out
(this one's from a poet friend)
Brain, brain go away
Don't want to listen one more day
Already lonely and afraid
Feel insecure and full of shame

Brain, brain don't act this way
You're always angry; Filled with hate
You know we're joined; Can't separate
Yourself your punching in the face

Brain, brain what can I say
To make it so you see things straight
Don't know how much more I can take
Of constant warring and debate

Brain, brain it's getting late
This journey's not some endless race
Life's flying by and at this pace
Forget a win; Not gonna place

Brain, brain let's medicate
I'll feed you drugs and we'll sedate
The only way to mitigate
Discrepancies we generate

Brain, brain we sadly waste
This outcome feels like it was fate
But never was there a sealed date
Fulfilling what we self-create

Brain, brain so much we faced
Success so close could almost taste
Instead our tail we always chased
We'll die alone sad and disgraced
Written: March 6, 2019

All rights reserved.
[Iambic Tetrameter format]
Jeremiah Mhlongo
27 summers old,
One winter short
Of  bright sunlights.
I haven't been here before,
Now I am of age,
Soon another summer,
Or not, its all chance.
Every one is our first,
And fadingly a last.
27 summers old,
Am blessed evenly,
Of a dark right hand,
And light in the other,
To keep my heart in order.
Life in it's seasons,
Curse death, every fig has to dry,
Dry into its death.
Aw beautiful summers,
Cold winters harsh,
That is the harmony of life.
We should value each season as it is for it can never be seen in equality. Lets us all grow in all ways ❤ Color Pop
He asked her what it's like living with anxiety.

She smiled sadly, "It's a never-ending pulse-race. Like knowing you don't want to jump off a cliff but not being able to talk yourself down from it.

Your fears take on a nebulous, unidentifiable form that tightens around your throat and incapacitates you.

There is no calm. No peace. Only the edge of a very strained thread."
I woke up from a nightmare
I could not stand to keep
to myself

you were stretched across the couch
coffee going cold on the table
a half finished cigarette
still burning

you wrapped me up
in kind words that
I could not bare
to hear

whispered into my ear
"one day we will go wandering
and this tiny house will overspill
with dreams'

you are not your memories, darling
you are not the bad things
that have been done to you
you are a fierce flame
that warms my heart

forget them, my love
they are nothing
and you, and you
are everything
And with a sincere smile,
she looked to the stars
knowing the future was worthwhile,
even, with a thousand scars.
Hank Love
Some times it's better to be someone's second choice rather than someone's first mistake.
I wonder if I really am kind hearted.
Most people think it’s true,
But maybe I’m just afraid of being mean-
Maybe I’m afraid of being you.
Dear self,
In losing you

Days seem blurry
Nights seem scary

Heart grows weary
Eyes turn teary

I lost the merry
I lost the power to write my story
Daisy Darling
Unloving you
is the hardest thing
that I can do in life.

I hope you're well
because you deserve all
the good in this blue world.

Unknowing you
is what I must do
to stay sane in this life.
I make you blue 👤
no one loves me
but they claim they care
if they really did wouldn't they see

i am falling apart
fragile to the touch
yet they keep on pushing me

closer to the edge
and they think i can take more
so they push farther till i'm at the brink

it's like they know i can't swim
but they are going overboard
and they'll be suprised when i sink
Draginja Knezi
in the lust of the dust
past the lust and the just
past the fast and the last
the remorse the of course
past the cast
in the break
in mistake
is the trust
Carlo C Gomez
Money may not
grow on trees
But far too many people
are willing to go
out on a limb for it
They said,
"The most beautiful art is
looking into someone's eyes
when they talk about the
things they love.
And I said,
"Or looking at someone you love.
Or maybe, just maybe,
by looking at the mirror
is the most beautiful art
anyone should appreciate."
Appreciation post for myself; for you and for everyone as well. You deserve more than the world has to offer.
your eyes are full of galaxies and i just want to sit and stargaze until i discover every last one.
Hussein Dekmak
Sweet thoughts, a loving heart, and kind deeds radiate happiness like the scent of a flower.

Hussein Dekmak
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