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⚠Trigger Warning; the following poem contains subject matter pertaining to self-harm ⚠

"These violent delights have violent ends."
~William Shakespeare


When the crevices
on my wrists
solder themselves together
and the rich, crimson stanzas
become illegible,
I unsheathe my quill--

melancholy's scribe.

The ink clots,
driblets of red
bleeding through these pages

but I keep writing

this parchment lies
sweetly torn


I smile.

that's what I call


How violently delightful.
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Isaacc Davis
Knives are sharp.
Knives are dangerous.
Knives are fun.

Knives can ****.
Knives can make you feel alive.

Knives go away.
These last few weeks my knives have been my best friend. I am ashamed to say that I have given into the temtation of cutting again. (yes again) I am getting help and am doing better. I haven't cut in a week. It is kinda sad that I am happy that I have lasted for a week but sometimes that is how life works. I am so glad that I can depend on all of you for support and love even when I don't get it at home.
stop taking more than i can give
stop breaking me apart to build yourself up
ive been there you
but never for myself
you wont let me
i love you
but you keep taking
soon i will be gone
i will deteriorate
i will be gone
dont take every piece of me
if they refuse to grow with you,
you're better off moving on by yourself.
If I've learned anything in life, it's that sometimes leaving people behind is the best you can do for yourself.
The shattered gray and foamy waves take over my field of green

I see everything you want in the reflection of me
I am a monster
just like my mother
ignorant of the feelings of others
so self obsessed
hyper-focused on being more
getting more
earning more
ignoring my own feelings
my own self
I was bred to be like a racehorse
in the rat race
and I hurt the ones that love me
because of it
and it hurts
hurting her
when she has loved me
like nothing else
like no one else
I've been a monster
your name is
forbidden in
my mouth
or in my heart
because when
i think about

i'll cry a little more,
hurt a little stronger
love a little softer
because you no longer
make me feel sober

i'm drunk on the
memory of you
if only i could chase you with pizza but shots don't work like that
Tyler Matthew
Eclipse me.
Keep me from view.
The whole world wants to see you.
i’ll admit
that some days
i get lost in thought,
writing an elegy to recount
the way our friendship
used to sound

but if i silence the typewriter
for a couple of moments

i can hear you
marching in lockstep
to an aabba
our friendship is one of my
favorite parts of being a human
—because it’s easy—

we’re supposed to be
a limerick

not a sonnet
not an epic
not an elegy
“what are we?” she asked

with despair, he replied, ”we’re nothing”
under a blood red moon
the sea is calling
screaming, roaring,
for me to drown

to run into the cruel dark waves
let them overcome me
flush through my insides
and I won't fight, I'll
lose the war willingly
surrender to the deep black sea

ice-cold and merciless
a soul-crushing mistress
devastating, relentless
it almost feels like loving
Peter Balkus
are watching us
passing bye.
Thomas P Owens Sr
it's a question for you Lord
as we advance in years
why does hair fall from our heads
and grow in our ears?
why do our teeth rot
while our toenails grow faster?
will we need deodorant
in the ever-after?
why do our guts expand
while our butts retreat?
we wear the same belt size
yet we can't see our feet
we use but 10 percent of our brains
so why can't we tap into the 90 that remains
when we walk into the kitchen
and can't recall why
or remember to get the car inspected in October
when it was due in July
Perhaps I'm being fussy Lord
imperfection may be our salvation
but please just answer this final question...
who'd you put in charge
when you took a vacation?
always had the question about why hair grows in our ears as we get older
Flowers bloom
Feelings fade
Left alone.
I've been writing from the throes of Winter,
Frosty words forming from the sullen snow
With tears that freeze into harsh memories
Building ice sculptures I could have let go.
Perhaps it's time I sow the seeds of joy
In the fresh soil unveiled as the winds blow
If I tend to them with hope and sunlight
Maybe the verdant words of Spring will grow.
With your words
The Knife.

Knowing and not knowing,
Afraid and clueless.

A thing that used to be,
The dust on the mantle.

Will never be the same
The blood that was spilled across the floor.

This crime scene filled with pain and sorrow and regret.  The murderer and the victim one in the same—but also separate.  Two hearts that both dance to the same miserable song.
Oof...  I wrote this one a while ago...

(Also this poem is dedicated to my father, like a like a lot of my poems)
Bury me beneath a pile
of your empty words
So they are not too heavy
for me to rise again
Rachel Rickerman
The Soul
as the unifying presence
in the midst of our
human weakness
in the face of Spirit


Let us surrender
to the way of the Universe
C M Thomas
Decoding darkness,

That wilderness of dissonance and writhing shadows.

My heart, a whirlwind of longing,

Engine of desperation.

So, I walk the gusting balustrade,

Distant traffic below,

Empty windows beyond.

Balanced between falling and flying,

Velvet night on my scalded skin,

Every cell in my body calling me,

Ringing, ringing…
if they say a one-word poem,
i'll write your name...
Shadow Dragon
Get a job,
a husband or wife.
Make yourself comfortable
in your own life.
So they tell me
or would have told me
if they were still alive.
But they are dying slowly
by the magic pills.
They are no longer there
to protect and care.
I no longer have devils
that whisper and scream.
They can do both
but now they are doing non.
And I can see myself having fun,
not caring or staring
into nothingness.
Yet it leaves me in mourning
to know they are about to die.
Maybe if I hold on a little longer
I won't be lonely and then find myself
a job, husband or wife.
I discarded my heart in the dirt
Buried with my pain and hurt
Follow my idol the punk Kurt
A- you're adorable
B- you're the best
C- you're cute
D- you're dear to me
E- you're excellent
F- you're fine ;)
G- you're great
H- hehehe
I- I'm
J- just
k- kidding!
All this
could be


Talking about Life, not mine, but mine too
tears glisten in the moonlight,
but it shines too bright.
blocking out reality,
and the sad fatality.
of my heart,
and it's broken parts.
Donall Dempsey

I like to say
your name

when you're
not here

turn you
into sound

conjure you out of
thin air

so that you appear
before me

dressed in sound

memory sketching in
the rest of you

as if sound
was just an outline

and love
colours you in

adding the voice last
so I can hear you say.

"Hello you..!"
and there you are

as present
as present

can be.

I like to say
your name

when you're
not there.
Evan Stephens
Tuesday night and
you've accepted
the proposal, yet
under the chandelier
of mistaken fireflies
you half-smile,

a drawn curtain
that I can read
enough to worry,
to feel
the body
move away.

The rest of the night
is a sharp nerve,
& gray fingers
of a fog slip
down the street,
thin and ashamed.
Vargov Saikia
you are that moon
which no eclipse can hide...
You are beautiful ❤️🌈
i met you
as the leaves fell
and the sky turned grey

the world grew cold
as my heart turned warm

i missed you
as the leaves grew back
and the sky turned blue

the world grew warm
as my heart turned cold
jonas ernust
And the best are about sandwiches and windows. The words do not care about me and I do not own them
Molly Elizabeth
If I had know that I was going to write a poem about you I wouldn't have
If I known I would fall in love with you
I would have never met you
And if I had known how much I would hurt
I would have already been dead

But that's not the way that it works, is it?
We are to find love
Find pain
And everything that goes with
But I never wanted this I never wanted to feel
I hated it so much
You hated me so much
But I can't do much about it now,
Can I?

If I had know
I would never had felt this way
I would have never had my heart leap
And jump out of my chest
If I had known
So much would be different
And you would be long gone
It’s the deeper meaning of things
that makes them valuable
like the memories or
the feelings for someone
Jelisa Jeffery
I want to spread you on my toast,
And pour you in my coffee
Let me lick you off my lips for breakfast
And taste you on my morning breath
Love's only weakness
Is also its greatest strength:
It defies reason

My thoughts on Valentine’s Day
moon child
"I'm an open book"
She says

Written in
They will tell you
All poetry has been written
There is nothing new
Under the moon
But let me tell you
They don’t know you
You are as unique
As the DNA that exists
Within your frame
The ripples on your thumbprint
No one ever had the same.


You have something to say
Say it proudly
Say it boldly
Never let them scold you.

Never let them make you go away.
I love it when someone tells me to keep writing. You should keep writing too!
i never take advantage
of being able to
peer into your welcoming eyes because
it reminds me that in the midst
of dark
there is always light
and i feel your heavy heart
but tender hand tighten in mine
dreams and reality
we blur the lines
in actuality
yet everyone confuses
love with lust
but it's clear to see
the way you stimulate my mind
you were meant for
and there's no place we'd rather be
When are visiting hours for the timeout room? They locked my best friend in there and I just want to bring him a plate of cookies and a Bible.
and a thank you card for all of those late night trembling, shaking...

oh never mind, I'll get my *** tossed in too xoxo
ok okay
So many people focus on finding love
I'm too busy finding myself
And when you left
I overwatered all your flowers
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