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Okay challenge the gifts, don't leave me to look.
The balance is shifted, and the evil is goodness.
A madness of wicked and the demons are wooden.
This labryinth so intricate even the fiends get tooken.
Cars too fast, you don't see the footage.
Whippin on my path, like easy does it.
No strings on me, but all I see is puppets.
See my nervous system don't seem to function.
Because you dont see the punches,
They started kickin the can, now they kickin a bucket.
Fry all these MC's to a state of kentucky.

You think you got it, but got it just don't get it.
WhyWould YouGiveUp
Screaming and crying
Its funny because
I'm always lying
Words like "i'm fine"
Cant change the truth
But can hide it.

And when there's no more tears
Not even fears or feelings seem to be around
Not a sound comes out
So you just kinda look around
Feeling your heart break

It's a funny thing, really
You felt so much pain
But at some point
You changed
And now you feel nothing
a soulmate who never was meant to be
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The biggest compliment a woman can pay a man, is to release this sweet nectar before, during, and after the art that is love making..
You're welcome guys....

(C) [email protected]  2019
What a beautiful compliment a woman can give a guy
I remember when you were my distraction,
Your eyes,
Your smile,
I need to find a new distraction,
To get you off my mind.
Jay M
Take me away
Far away
To a land of wonder

Soon, I beg,
Soon, I plea,
Lift me up
Dear family...

Hated by the blood,
I know,
But family of soul
Please don't let me go...

- Jay M
October 21st, 2019
It's terrible to think
that our ship could sink
before it reaches

And our words don't
have to work too hard
to dig our grave
in water.

But it's not time yet
to send an SOS.
Because our ship still
floats on.
I've got 2 more poems for the full story. I'm posting them separately though because it would be too much to look at once.
Tori Schall
In a mysterious new world
she wanders, confused.
Not yet understanding
all the fine print.

She speaks in a foreign tongue
but smiles brightly
as if nothing could ever
take her from the stars.
For my adorable friend Nahir.
Love me
naked beyond
flesh or bone,

trace your
fairytale dreams
to memory upon
my lips,

runaway your
passion and lust
across my eyes,

and never
let the sun
run to retire.

and deep inside
our eyes
we will define
our destiny,

and we you
will never
let each other go.

and as all
of your love
falls out
of time..

nothing will
be left
but you and I.

so let me
be your

and never
be satisfied
with less.

to be young
to die old
inside  your
angel eyes

and sing.
It was so overwhelming
the swirls of orange around me
A subtle dreamy orange like the sunset
So safe
So light
I waved my finger for more swirls of orange
my fingers wiping the sky as the night turns bluer
the sky became this deep ocean blue
My fingers drew points on the sky where I want to go
with each point a sparkle
then the lit up for me.
Renee Danes
Sometimes we need to watch
Where our feet our going
So that we don't fall down the stairs of life
And end up with broken bones
And tears that last eternally...
Because I feel.
Betty H
I like you, but not the way you think
my friendship though, is soft as mink
you shall find your own
or you will indeed be alone
do not fret
as you are one's best bet
The night is daughter to the moon

The sun her father

Wilful and wild


So unlike her serene and graceful mother

Or her bold papa

She hides where they shine

Unseen and often unheard

Keeper of secrets

Dark eyed girl of mystery and magic

Singular blue child

Of many questions

And few answers
Sofia Hinojosa
its hard to smile when really all you want to do is cry.
Prerna Padlikar
With their freckles and flaws,
Their lips and love.

Your fingers and fights,
Heavy breathing and bites.

Beautiful Stories and ***,
The emotions and Ex.

Colors and Cuddles,
Raw coffee and riddles.

Partially finished, futile departures.
Some unfinished, untold closures.
And even though I, who has never been in love, I feel like I understand it, because you paint them and their stories, prettier than they could be.
Take my joy.
I don't care.
I'm broken and hopelessly drained.
I don't wanna get up.
There's no point.
Beauty of autumn
   As I watch the sunset fades
    Yellow, mellow, gold
You're not mine to keep
But that won't stop me from loving you
So I'll keep on loving you
From a distance
Watching you
From afar
And hoping
For the best that you'll do
In life
And your future
I love you
Jenny Ochoa
La Mirada mas intensa, rosando me la piel....
ojitos tan hermosos, sus labios dulces con sabor a miel...
Su voz, su sonrisa , su sentido del humor...
suavecito y dulcesito mi mielesito encantador....
I dreamt of a house on a hill.

A gentle gaze looked through the window

And a sound of the sweetest tune filled

The scenery from a flute’s blow.

The image of an aged adventurer fulfilled

With his journey ends as the dreamer grows.
A short story
exposed bones

Poetry in motion
skeletal songs
A pain so strong can cause our mind to snap
Change the reality in front of you,
To see what you want,
Instead of what you need to see.
This is for those whose heart is broken or has lost someone. Losing someone to whether it be death or drifting apart can make your mind create a reality that isn't true so the pain can hurt a little less.
Because the earth’s round
Doesn’t mean it’s  having a ball.

Because waves crash
Doesn’t mean that they aren’t in control.

Because the sea is deep
Doesn’t mean that it’s thoughtful

Because land meets the sea
Doesn’t mean that they agree

Because you float my boat
Doesn’t make me the captain.
Five little ten worders to ponder.
Grace E
Only a truly weak man would try to prove his strength by hurting a woman.
Men that hurt women need some real men to show up and beat the sh*t out of him :)
Mystic Ink Plus
She gets time
To face a mirror
And admit
She is beautiful

So here
I remind her

Every day
Every time
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Eyes Talk
my mind is empty of words
I have nothing to write about
I sit and I ponder
on what I wish to express
but whatever I do
they always end up as
works in progress
no matter
what i do
can't stop
loving you
These words are for me,
For I'm the one who's hurting,
I'm just healing myself.
I often wonder why we can't understand other's poems sometimes, but deep down it is the one who writes it knows the value of it.
Quinn Adaire
I am sunshine
I am rain

I am heart
And I am brain

Contradictions are my essence
I can assure you
None of them make sense.
On the edge of sleep you are the moon
suspended in a midnight sky
shining among all the stars in heaven
A ’twinkling in your eyes

You are my Sunday morning
sharing skin between the sheets
And lazy afternoons
That leave me full, complete

You are a life long journey
A path that leads me home
A fire to stir my passion
The only one I’ve known

You’re whispers in my coffee
Sweet echoes are my cream
You‘re the rage of lustful yearnings
In my silent movie screams

Just like a speckled puppy
You bring me youthful joy
Like a candy coated confection
That leaves me wanting more

You burn with fire and flame
That robs me of my sight
You’re everything I long for
An ageless guiding light

You are a timeless vessel, dear
The maker of my sighs
A keeper of my secrets
The flame I can’t deny

You are that haunting melody
Rewinding in my head
A bold and tasty morsel
That keeps my hunger fed

In dreams…you are the moon, love
Sweet whispers in the night
You settle on my pillowslip
To make all my wrongs seem right

Because sometimes,
paper is the only one
who listens.
My heart aches
for you
but you are
nowhere to be found
So I will put pen to paper
and write of my love
if you return too late
you can read my last words
Peter Garrett
I wrote this a million times
But I could never really find
Proper words to fill your lines
There's just too many curves in them
Kelly McManus
We're all approaching
other people's misfortune
unless we say no

                  Kelly McManus
Janal Rajput
Be the gusty wind
Screaming against confinement
To roam the skies free
Whether a comma, or colon:
Punctuation slows my rolling
I need no period. When I end
no Capitalization when I begin
Rulelessly I flow my art
  Not a single!
Explanation mark
Are you not the one
Who'll know?
Where a question mark
No longer goes

Warp the structure
Bend the lines
Put in repeat
Let emotion unwind
Make yourself
Your poetry's the best
Be your own ruler
Pass your own test

Take your own road
Where ever it leads
Lover or hater
It's all poetry!
Traveler Tim
No matter who you are
You have my deepest respect
I love you all!!
Love shouldn't hurt,
Love shouldn't feel insecure,
Love shouldn't be breakin' my heart,
Loving you is a constant war,
Heck, what am I even fighting for?
Note: this is a work in progress.
I wore it again
and people complimented me
they say red is my color
and it suits me.

it's too thick and dark
did I overapply
no, it's the right amount
just enough
to make them think
I'm fine.

I look at myself
in the mirror,
and they're right
red shines on me,
so I applied
another layer,
and another
until my lips felt too thick,
but my eyes still see
the scars beneath it.
The Vault
In my eyes
The light seems so much brighter
And colors
So much deeper
Your beauty
So much bigger
In my eyes
I can not deny
That you
In this light
Are so much more pretty
Than any sunset
Any night.
Dedicated to my love.
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