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she’s everything i am,
and everything i could be
she gets tired and lonesome,
and she’s suffered for me

she’s strong and capable,
and someone i look up to
her unconditional love is powerful,
and she’s lessened every pain i’ve gone through

time after time again,
she’s forgiven my selfish ways
because she has always been a part of me,
and she’s always here to stay
a letter to myself
michael cera
coldest winter,
wrapped in your clothing.
my arms are sore,
my eyes are wet.

each mile taken,
her smile beckons,
but i can never see her cry,
over losing me.
Aleta Marshall
If bullets bounce off Superman's chest, why does he duck when the bad guy runs out of bullets and throws the gun at him?
Michael Edwards
She had a seductive pout
Which excited me - I admit it
I thought I might take her out
And just one bullet did it.
I wish I was a fairytale
Of another different realm.
To leave my life I peace
Ask sadness to cease
In the never-ending portal.
Be written down immortal.

Deaf to anxious woe
And misery to tow.
'round, 'round, the praise following
The only rule: no wallowing
In the never-ending portal.

A princess to be queen
Has no reason to be mean.
Her people love and sing to her
Up until she finds her sir
In the never-ending portal.

Her children will be kind.
Her, they will mind.
She, the ruler of the kingdom
If happiness there is no sum.
In the never-ending portal.

Here, I wish twas true,
I stand in morning dew.
Picturing that far 'way land
But, in reality, I stand
With the never-ending portal of poems.

don’t worry,
i’m okay.
i just have to
be sad
to let myself
back into my head
and make sure
everything’s working correctly.
a simple one i wrote in my journal yesterday
mary liles

If I'm the moon
Will you be stars
And keep me company
Even when I am dark

     If I'm the moon
     Will you be stars
     That let me stay
     Even if I'm different

          If I'm the moon
          Will you be stars
          Buring bright
          While I just reflect

               If I'm the moon
               Will you be stars
               Hues of gold, blue, red
               With my life black and white

          If I'm the moon
          Will you be stars
          Falling and shooting
          As I endlessly spin

     If I'm the moon
     Will you be stars
     That they wish upon
    When I make them loons

If I'm the moon
Will you be stars
When I rise in blackness
Will you stay beside me
If I'm the moon, will you be stars?
annie rose
im over it.
please stop haunting my mind.

when im happy.
when im sad.
when im angry.
when im feeling.

please stop.
when im trying to sleep
after a long day, week, month.

you appear yet arent here.
so please go away.
and stay away.

- i miss you and i hate it
Mystic Ink Plus
And when it's cold
Keeps you warm
Stay close

Like sun
Like fire
Like love
Like home
And anything
In between
That warms
A different way
All the same

Stay close
Genre: Observational
Theme: Winter blues
Author's note: I think I should not omit..... like coffee as well.
I don’t know and nothing is all I feel;
it’s all I think. My muscles aren’t responding or maybe my brain just didn’t tell them to do anything
I don’t know.
My eyes however haven’t stopped flowing. Other than my heart, which I feel being behind my eyes, seems to be working
Dad's whiskey spirit

comes inside me, it's a dream –

but not the first time.
Divorce, Thy Name Is Woman (1976, Anne Sexton)

Collection "May the Might"
Peter J
But I danced for you
When the air was salty still
I turned to hear you sing
As the wind rose above the waves
And of  all the people I used to be,
I miss the one that you loved the most.
#sorry but I couldn’t love you more.
It's time
The clock is ticking
I've never worried before
It's ticking backwards
It's here
Time gives birth to  time
Can time be forgiven

Brian Hill - 2019 # 310
Do you TIME?
love always had four letters
until i heard your name
and suddenly it became five
Kyle Edward Wood
Help me find harmony
Bring me back to life
Too many wasted moments
Too long I’ve fought this fight
Caste out into darkness
Longing for the light
Trapped by a system
Perverting our way of life
Oppressed by our rulers
Who turn our lives into there prize
The powerful grow desperate
As we illuminate there lies
The machine they hide behind
Will bring about the end of time
They keep me suppressed
I fear soon I may die
My only wish is this
that you never forget my eyes.
Sarah Spencer
You see the slump in my shoulders
the way I carry myself
the burdens of boulders
that threaten my health.

When you ask what's wrong
I pull up my guard
don't want your pity or sad song
won't tell you why life's hard.

So if you want to know
I'll bottle it inside
wrap up all remains in a black bow
and tell you I'm fine.
That day,
we were riding
in the same old wreckage of a car
that you wouldn't change
because it reminded you of some actress you used to like.
you told me I look like her.
I never liked to be compared to, you knew that
you knew so much about me
that you could shatter
my existence,
but you never did that,
instead, you loved me.
And the next time we met
you came in a new car.
We went to the same places
talked about the same things
but today, you didn't compare me to anyone.
today you accepted me
as I am.
Reignier Lauridsen
darling, don’t bother buying roses
uprooted, torn from the fertile, nourishing earth
they only wither away, glazed with the mourning dew
another bus-ride write. again, not my best... i’ll prolly post again in a couple of weeks, midterms are coming up. it always made me sad when my dad bought my mom flowers. once, they were alight with life, the truest beauty. now confined to a clear water-filled vase, on display for the world, only to die days later. ty for reading. im going to try and stay away from  angsty love poems for my next couple of poems, maybe something happier ;)

^^quick note: mourning refers to tears and is a play on the word morning~
You held my hand
laughed at the danger
you stretched across
I blushed
at the sight of you
doing this simply to please me
You haven’t seen me in years, but I still meet you in dreams
Someone asked me to draw
Draw what heartbreak looks like
I finally got tired of drawing a broken heart
And I started drawing you
Chalti hu, par kahan jaa rahi hu pata nahin
Roti hu, par kya wajah hai pata nahin
Saas toh le rahi hu, par maksad kya hai pata nahin
Sab paas toh hai, par akeli kyu hu pata nahin
Thak gayi hu khud se khud ki jung mei,
Aisa kyu hogyi hu main pata nahin

You let your hands rush by the ivy,
ripping off every leaf you could get them on.
Only to drop them when no longer desired,
broken women, scattered across the lawn.
- N.N.
Anna Josephine
Let me live love like the counting crows.
I don't have to pretend you don't know.
I want to live love.
Let me live love with you.
the beat of my music
reminds my heart of its job
and keeps me alive.
this is almost too cliche for me
you are
a flake
of snow

a feathery
ice crystal

a delicate
of beauty

a winter
is what
you are
Caroline Shank
clouds form  cold north winds
roll in  we run toward spring
slide  you warm in me
Amanda Jane
mental illness is the
most expensive thing
i've ever owned but
never wanted
mal frost
make dusty cries
as the sweet winter winds f l o a t
through the tropical waters
mingling with the pina colada
and the warm sands
shaking the coconuts from the trees
Do you think a girl could love a boy who writes for her a million poems?  That's what I plan to do.
Today my friend told me
I was acting strange
I gave her the
of a sugar high
But really,
I was just being
i laugh at the irony
that love broke my heart.

as she trudged up the mountain
      / \
    /     \
  /         \
/             \
victory pulsing through her veins

badum badum badum badum

her eyes set intently on the peak

a deathly stare

she knew she could do anything

anything at all

she was anything but meek

this world is not for the meek
The line “this world is not from the meek” I took from a poem I wrote last school year called “Story of a Lonely Bird”.
sandra wyllie
when thoughts no longer sung
If time were but a prelude
I’d say the prelude done

Distance is a gated community
And every path toward it
gives no man immunity
I feel so ridiculously shamefully in love
and so rejected and sad
that I cry before I sleep

I can't even have a painless sleep
as he's going to be the recipe of my dreams which
makes me cry even more after I sleep
A poet is no more than a person
A mother
A daughter
A lover  
Someone needing release
Or someone needing to recover

It’s the art they create when that ball of ink or stick of led dances on the canvas they so perfectly prepared.
And when the end result and their purpose become perfectly paired.
a time
are too
and you
have to
'  '  '  '

'  '  '  '
on the
they can reach you
( ˶˘ ³˘(˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)♡
love yall
yall love yourself too

on another note i tried to make fingers but that was hard
so that's why it looks all wonky
Ashly Kocher
The fear of getting old
The feeling of your world closing in
But there is so much more life for you to live
Just because your “older”
Doesn’t mean it’s close to the end
Keep living your life as if you are a child again
Many possibilities are timeless and endless
Stop living in fear, my friend...
#old #fear #life # live #friend
Noni Winters
I stumbled upon you
Like a child
that finds a pretty stone

Bewildered by your presence
I sat and admired
Counting your cracks
Caressing what makes you glitter

You stood infront of me
Bold and beautiful
Like nothing I'd ever seen

And as you gave me your attention
I think I misconstrued your intentions

I wanted to put you in my pocket
But you said no

So there you sit
Perfectly unpolished
A love

I can only visit
Akhil Bhadwal
I don't lie,
I only avoid telling the truth
Some things are better,
When you let them the way they were

While some others are,
In need of adjustment, or fine-tuning, must I say
To keep everything in place,
Like it is meant to be, preservation of the world

I don't lie, I've confessed,
Make peace with all my sins at last
Like I said, I don't lie, but hey,
Maybe, this time, who knows, I just did
No particular rhyme scheme. Everybody tells lies, either to please others or for self-benefit or both or whatever...
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