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So, it's time for you to leave, again...
We have to wait in silence for your return, I guess;
but every time you fall in this electric sleep, my friend,
we count wolves instead of sheep and it's so difficult to see
an end...

Let it be not with a whimper but with a bang!
I live in split reality
unreconciled duality
And wait with anxious, twisting hands
For someone to say they understand.
Straddling two worlds is exhausting. "Sick me" wants compassion and flexibility, "healthy me" wants independence and the same high standards from others. Juggling both identities is a daily challenge.
i want to cry
Jaee Derbéssy
Even after
she has experienced
many heartaches
in the past,
what made her
she understood
with love
comes risk,
but even so,
she was
willing to risk it all
she knew
she could take it
if in the end
didn't work out.
She knew
in the end
she would
never really lose
everything she did:
a kiss, a laugh,
a look, an embrace,
it all comes from
the very same place.
A pure heart.
Purple Haze
It's the emptiness that's eating you inside
Keeping you awake
Staring at the dark

Looking back,
You're stuck here again'
In this blackhole that never ends

Nothing's getting better
Are we stuck here forever?
kevin wright
We are born to our world
Evolving to talk and think

When our time is spent
Silence and amnesia prevail

Buried or cremated choices
Use our time and make that call.
Use our time on this world fruitfully.
That Random Guy
I am not all that
but I am enough
Diana Garza
I wonder
Was it a spell I was under?
I am awake,
And the world seems duller
It was better in my mind
untouchable lips
but she sins through her limbs
and soul became stronger
as she grows into a woman
that came from her mother.
Happy International Women's Day!
Anitha Panicker
IWD, Alas!
Gender Parity, Alas!
Pandemic Alas!
You might ask why, I would say why not??
South by Southwest
Sometimes . . .

broken bones


broken hearts

don't grow

back straight
I disrespected myself by adoring you,

especially after what you put me through...

There was no respect,

I was treated in a way

that made me feel inferior and insane...

Love was one-sided and that's okay,

I was young in a search for my other piece...

It never had anything to do with you...

at least I've learned my worth,

I deserve better than you...
My eyes have changed color…
To a lonely blue hue.
I wish I could wash away all the blues,
So my eyes could return to their cheerful, warm brown.

But the tears don’t feel like slipping out.

My heart feels heavy,
Just weighted down with strong emotions.
I feel as if my chest wants
To eject my heart for being so hard to carry.

This heart is so broken it hurts.

Oh, sadness...
How I hate you sometimes.
plastic capsules
plastic manuals
plastic life

my tongue shifts,
words once said

thoughts once uttered
head in the

I am an anomaly

bone teeth barren grin
paper spiders
paper skin

open window
open kin

Let them out,
see them in.
Elizabeth Zenk
If I was supposed to
be defined by grades on
a paper, or by words in
a dictionary

I wouldn’t have
been born human.

If I was supposed to
be confined by margins
on an essay, or by stars
on a flag.

I wouldn’t have
the ability to create.

If I was supposed to
be defined by hatred
to my name or by my
disgraceful past.

I wouldn’t have
been born me.
Lauren Johnson
I will spread dirt into every crevice of my broken heart and plant flowers so big and beautiful, that their roots will mend all the shattered pieces back together, and you’ll never be able to see the mess I used to be.
She said "I'm falling in love."

I said "I'm falling apart."
What's the difference?
Rachel Rae
Whistle once on the mountaintop
Hear nothing
Whistle twice, inhale
See something
Breathed of wine and birthed from sky
It was the hand, stretched out
And I, could barely contain
The tear, a sigh
If you wonder about truth you realize a singular thing doesn’t have one truth but many, from many different angles reflected in a million mirrors.
I don't need adornment;
I don't wear a ring.
I sing in the forest;  no one
need hear my sorrow sung.
I am my own audience;
I lament the dying limbs.
My discernments are sufficient.
I see the world as most others don't.
The squirrels that scamper underfoot
keep me company;  bluebirds offer
the recitative. From a distance, I
descry an old farmhouse where a
family long departed once raised
corn and three sons. Cows and
chickens milled about. An old
pick-up took the family where it
needed to go. Now it sits abandoned,
paint chipping, rust increasing with
every rain. Barber's "Adagio for Strings"
wafts through my mind;  tears slowly
slide down my cheeks. There is a
creek nearby that tries to console me.
The yellow sun meanders through
white clouds and blue sky. I cry more.

Goddess of USR
That is ALL ❤️
For CBM of Dublin
Donall Dempsey

tips the candle
slowly slowly

until the pain is bearable
our fingers scream
wax stealing our fingerprints

we laugh in the dark
peel off each other's fingerprints
they lie there

alien animals
cooling on a saucer
sleep finds us

wearing each other's fingerprints
( you me
I you )

years later
not even Death
can steal you from me
Isn’t it funny,
The happiness we pretend to have
Is the very thing
Holding us back from living.
I repeated things so many times,
they've become lies,
and I can't breathe thinking about
the number of times I wished I could
just be alright and yelled why?!
I yell in my head,
why why why
listen to me this once,
I just want to die.
Tanisha Jackland
These days are dark days
filled with the empty
promise of light
somewhere the Sun
is unemcumbered
and it is clear as crystal sheets
but over here the Sun
dodges in and out
of the clouds even
the sky worries
will these slick movements
rest or will they
get the best of us
I scream out loud
No one hears
it leaves my mouth
light as a whisper
I’m angry
but mostly depressed
no longer able to breathe

Feeling used and abused
I open my mouth again
But nothing comes out
I try again
Coughing up words
As sharp as an arrow
blunt as a pickaxe handle

Blood red as a dying rose
escapes my mouth now
It runs down my throat
next to my beating heart
That no longer
can dance for you
#heart #love #missyou #muststop #cantstop #mustmoveon #movingon #keeptrying #beatingheart #depression #sad #breakup  #thinkingofyou #latenightwrites
To master my reality
I give it my all
To be one with nature
I obey natural laws
To experience this life
Of such pleasures and pain
To run in this race
Where winning is vain
To live like a fool
So eternally wise
To be loved unconditionally
Beyond my demise
All of these things
I hold in my heart
Creatively shaping
My collection of art
Traveler 🧳
Go to your happy place
Says the cold white wind

I look around
White space stairs back at me
And then I see the box of lost and found

Beaten and battered
I look inside the dusty box of lost
And wonder if my found is inside

Turns out
The box is empty
“Falling in love” is a contradiction in itself, because in love there is only the rising, the ascending, not the falling.
You can not fall in love, but rather, rise.
shianne rose
there are two types of sadness

there’s the kind of sadness
we ignore and
try to get rid of it
by finding new things to do
or we find someone to talk to
by blatantly avoiding any type of conversation
about feeling sad
about having any feelings at all
and then there’s that kind of sadness
that takes over
and it consumes any activity we do
we know it’s there
and there’s no possible way to avoid it
so we feed it exactly what it wants
it craves the sad music
it craves the isolation
it craves the anxiousness
and the sadness comes storming in
it has no manners
here we are calling sadness, an “it”
when all it is
is a feeling
that most people
call home
they have yet to crack and bleed,
they have begun to sting with lotion.
I need me that lubriderm.
The stars stopped shining
I don't hear the birds anymore
The wolves no longer howl
I'm cold sitting here
your warmth has left me
my tears froze in time
my heart rots now
you left
not even
a goodbye
I kinda hate you now
but why do I miss you
After all this
I want to be done
done with these feelings
I want to hate you
but maybe I don't
at all
why did you abandon me?
in times where i was in need
where all but my liberty
was taken indeed

why must you abandon?
as you left all the worries
now im all alone
hoping for the apologies
Never shall I wade,
Never shall I slip.
Into the depths,
Into the ooze.

Into the warm anesthetic flow of self ingratiation,
of fetid tumescent narcissism.

Nor shall I venture into the arenas;
Into those meat-rending chambers of razor- tongued, blunt- brained image brokers.
Rather that the screeching, grunting warthogs and  jackals of the underworld
should feast upon my stinking flesh.
Whether a comma, or colon:
Punctuation slows my rolling
I need no period. When I end
no Capitalization when I begin
Rulelessly I flow my art
  Not a single!
Exclamation mark
Are you not the one
Who'll know?
Where a question mark
No longer goes

Warp the structure
Bend the lines
Put in repeat
Let emotion unwind
Make yourself
Your poetry's the best
Be your own ruler
Pass your own test

Take your own road
Where ever it leads
Lover or hater
It's all poetry!
Traveler Tim

No matter who you are
You have my deepest respect!

All is vanity
The meanings of passion
The aesthetic expression
The lines we draw and stay within
Even love is beyond intent
Vanity transcends
Flowing from our pens
And so we breathe again
I need to forgive myself,
Then only I can forgive you.
I need to love myself,
Then only I can love you.

If I could,
I would take myself far.
Far from me,
And close to you.

If I could,
I would erase myself,
And become you,
All of you.

But for now,
The need for I is greater than the need for than us,
The need for skin greater than the need for love.

If you could, would you wait?
I wish I could tell you when.

If I knew my body,
You would know mine.
If I knew my mind,
You would know mine.

But for now, let me dwell,
In this realm of unknown.
If I settle down somewhere,
I will let you know
it wasn't love
but a facade
beyond open doors
Alicia Moore
Her tongue was slick with grime as she lied
to the doe eyed boy who held her gaze.
you confirmed all of my horrors
when you said you can't touch me sober
march 2017
Kim Denise
It's 11:11
and for the first time
after a very long time
I'm wishing for myself
and not for you
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