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If this poem trends
I just want to say to all
Hi nice to meet you


Oops my humour gets the better of me :-)))))) xxxxxxxxxxx
Have a lovely Sunday xxxxx
Dennis Willis
I am exhausted
with your

The chattering muons
rain upon my

this crushing

of everything
to fill

Copyright@2019 Dennis Willis
I need a dopamine hit
to remind me I’m the ****

I need that serotonin flow
when I’m lonely and low

I need an oxytocin touch
when life gets too much

I need a sweet endorphin
to numb me like morphine

When my disordered brain
causes chemical pain
feverly searching
for that toxic taste
of gasoline

light my match
on your air
conscious clean

all i am
are explosions
and the time between them
on the floor

gathering my parts enough
to set myself
on fire
once more
Jamison Bell
you don’t matter
never have, never will
you don’t even matter to me
and I’m you
I want to go
where the sun is clear
and the air is fresh-
somewhere I can be at peace
© KMH 2019
this is the second of my "Things My Heart Tells Me" series; a bunch of single verse poems that are unnamed
I was once faced down
locked down in the crowd
overwhelmed with the dust
lost, no one to feel proud.

I too Neva cried
Neva got tired
Neva Eva felt denied
keeping myself up i made myself tight

finding hope in green
i smoked that shesh every time
going up i changed my life.
what did i get myself into
to fall for someone like you
you can’t do that to a person
alive and living are two different things.
living is watching the sunrise,
alive is wishing it was your last.
living is dancing under the stars and wanting time to stop,
alive is sitting under the stars waiting until you will become one.
living is taking a risk to receive the reward,
alive is taking the risk because anything could be better.
living is letting joy overcome you,
alive is letting joy pass you by.
living is wanting to be alive,
alive is not wanting to live.
sometimes you feel as though the days are just passing by with nothing important happening to you. you need to see if you are living or just being alive and waiting for the good to come.
Pleasure seeps through the sheets
Gasps left soft lips
Bodies pressed together
Stuck in rhythm
Spilling my truth as if it were my own blood
It drains me as I search myself
For what sleeps inside
Sums it up.
hammad niaz
I am scared does my fear mean anything
Life is now a toy to play with because harmony means nothing

The children are frightened the people are bound
Because in this world no peace is found

I wish I could flee to a parallel world
Where the people are free and justice is spurred

Stop this madness stop this terror
This is enough we can't go any further

O God listen to my plea I shall be grateful forever
For life is short and will soon be over
Sometimes I am lonely
Sometimes it gets so bad
That my teeth ache
In my jaw
And my legs won’t stop shaking

My mind is a mirror
My mind is a hammer
I’ll break myself apart
Because there is no one here
To stop me
This poem is made 0.00002% less depressing by the depressingly unfunny title.
Madisen Kuhn
i am waiting for my coffee
i am the old couple eating pastries
with their chairs turned towards to window
i am the wafting scent of musk and amber
i am the bright magenta trees lining route 240
blooming in april while it rains
i am the veiny hands i know nothing about
except that i wish they would touch me
i am gulping down the foam
tasting the bittersweet memories on my tongue
the ones that have yet to happen
i am remembering what it means to have teeth
to feel so different, so distant
but entirely the same
brenda c
i am the strongest
of the strongers


i am weaker
than the weakest
just having a bad day and it ***** huft
I Felt you growing inside me
Changing my outlook on life
I Remember when I first heard
I was so scared yet so happy at the same time
Despite all of the challenges I knew were coming my way I still couldn’t help but to just love you and be happy about creating my own little part of me
You were my child, you are my child
And there won’t ever come a day where I don’t think about you.
I know I have to let go of all of the pain, but the love I feel for you will always remain.
You will always be in my heart.
I love you forever
Mary Gay Kearns
Few people can be beleived
The lips are packed with lies
Words fall as if manœuvred
To benefit selfishness’s world.

I carry the dust of deceitful
tongues, swollen, diseased
Where is cleanliness left?
‘The dog’s bowl at the door’.

Love Mary ***
Winter springs
into summer,
as the setting sun.
Summer falls
into winter
and then all at once.
Nicole Nory
I scaled the wall of
Your maze - to **** with your cheese
I will churn my own
a whole new world indeed
Thomas Wan
Love is like taxis
They're everywhere when you don't need it
But nowhere to be found when you do

Your soul is the moon after dawn
A vapour who sings of love as well as pain
A delicate blossom that twirls with zephyrs
Fragrant and enriched by the snow's kiss
The geese have fled from iced lakes
long preserved with whispers of old
In the shade of bamboo, my flute is heard,
carried to you by the frost-kissed air
Your soul, a vapour, the moon after dawn
Hear my hymn of peace,
till winters turn to fawn

My head's still in the clouds! ^-^
I'm trying SO HARD not to freak out about my media course interview...
Lyn ***
Jaspal Kaur
Whenever I am sick at heart,
a river of never ending thoughts
flows inside me.
A state of utter confusion besieges me.
Tears are at the brink of falling.
My heart at the verge of collapsing.
Sense of completely helplessness surrounds me.
This in when words come for my rescue
"Writing is real healer"
Deanna Dellia
I don’t want to be your
I want to be your
I don’t want to spit morning in your face
and remind you that it’s time to go to work
I want to be that spirit
that lets you know that it’s time to relax
I don’t want to burn your eyes or your skin
I never want to be capable of hurting you
I want to illuminate your soul
I may be under appreciated
eclipsed in the shadows
but I accept that
because I know that I’ll always be that small
guiding you in all of the

- Moonlight
Peter Gareth
My father taught me how to be a man:
Male is the strong gender
Boys and girls can't be friends
And feminists are crazy hairy chicks
Solving their daddy issues
By fighting over an empty cause

Still, my heart screamed rebellion
How can male be the strong gender
When mom is the strongest person I know?
How can't boys and girls be friends
When my deepest connections are with them?
And how can feminism be an empty cause
When women are beaten, ***** and decreased everyday?

He couldn't bend my spirit
Nevertheless, I've learned so much
With all of his wrong examples of manhood
Which helped me to be twice the man he ever was
And yet not even half as brave as those insane ladies
Standing their ground and clamoring their rights
esther fraser
i fell for you and you only watched.
C l e o
the clavicle is my favorite bone
the clavicle is the greatest bone
turn off the tv // get off your phone
the clavicle is my favorite bone
femurs & fibulas // forget the rest
the clavicle is above your chest
the clavicle really is the best
the clavicle is my favorite bone
ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew
I'm stuck between the
past and the future.
memories and dreams
life and death.
someday it will
come again.
someday someone
will come in.

a star
with the deepest depths in the eyes
with the gentlest of breaths
and endless soul in the smile

one day
i'll forgive this pain
not forget -
we are all destined to love again, i am sure
Hands around my neck
You're holding me from my back.
I think I love you most like that,..
or i did, last time i checked.
As long as you stay
I promise to be happy every single day.
And, if you ever begin to fade,
I won't be far away.
To walk by each other's sides on our way
We have to stay awake,
But it's a dark world out there.
Let us be brave.
Laura Duran
I wish I were made of stone
So your words would never hurt me
I wish I were cold as ice
Then maybe I wouldn't be lonely

I wish I were made of steel
So my strength would never waver
If only I could turn back the clock
To a time when I felt safer

But I'm only flesh and bone
And your words have left me bleeding
My heart is torn apart
It's a wonder it's still beating

You made up your mind
Given me your final answer
What we shared is in the past
Time to write a brand new chapter

I will fix my broken heart
Some how glue it back together
It may never be the same
It'll bare this scar forever

But I'll be strong, I'll be alright
Though I'm not as hard as steel
And I can't turn back the clock
In heart will heal
‪my heart lacks love, my sky lacks stars‬
come here, fill my dark voids
and throw me between your bars
Your actions and words can be manipulated by others
Your body can be told to do things you'd never wish it to
Souls can be corrupted and minds can be harshly invaded
Memories can be twisted and forgotten, faded and changed
Even our emotions can be controlled by another living being

The only thing in the world you truly own is the truth
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
Grace Spellman
hey you
we haven't really talked
in a while
which is funny because
i've memorized every inch of your profile
the softness of your deep eyes
that you hate so much
that i sometimes hate too
lately i just feel so far away from you
pull and tug
tug and pull
why won't you just let me
make your heart full?

on and off as we are, you're the only one i'll ever want. ****** loyal for you bby.
Raygan Emma Jane
I have been finding so much beauty in falling out of love with you
And the more I find this budding strength beneath my soft layers
The more I am thankful for your sins
Grateful for your hate you hand me
I accept your challenges with open arms
I’m afraid to love you forever
But I’d be glad to do it
you dont like poetry
especially mine
why cant you understand
that every word is not exaggerated
but it is exactly what I think
just covered in silk robes
and crowned with flower petals
why can't you understand
that I dream of
green forest
and crystal clear oceans
that I am not trying to be edgy
I'm just trying to understand
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