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patty m
Reading a book in the morning breeze,
the trees call to me, their rapturous whoosh
in feathered  breeze
teases my cheek
as I breathe in the scattered scent
that folds over pages gently turned
allowing me touch the meaning of the words

Then it comes again, the whispering
of  ancient conversations
rustling as the book falls from my hands
dreams spring like seeds of destiny
creating riddles, the secrets of life.

Little known tales borrow time winging to
streak the sky;
fluttering flags, the delicate song of the windchime,
sums of numbers lay themes unseen,
fields of imagination flower.

I breathe cloud leaving my footsteps skyward
sweet spring verse, the tickle of alliteration,
spills giggling into endless rhyme
blue hyacinths and tiny white snowballs meld
with rose in rainbow sash
Small enticements, create special magic,
a fine lace filigree penned across
a ****** page
Indigo Morrison
What does love look like today?

love today looks like mountains that I can’t make move or see over
like breaking and no space to sit down and put the pieces back together
love today looks like rain w/ no peace to lie down and enjoy the falling
like the sun building up its walls in reaction to me
like myself building up walls in reaction to me...
esther fraser
loving someone can come with complications.

sometimes you might get sick of that person,
or you might get afraid of the amount of commitment needed to make the relationship thrive.

but the thing is hard times come,
you just can't give up on them if they don't give up on you.
lost and found
the waves, i hear them

my name on your lips
the sand is wet under my hands

your hands, the wetness of dried pain
grains between my fingers

your lingering touch
the white trails of the waves

hot on my cold lips
the riptide of our love

hit me
with the force of our kisses

sweet and salt
have you found your home?
Ghost of Jupiter
cover my mouth with yours
and let me taste
the poetry dripping from your lips

write me a kiss that
will be remembered
through the length of time

and I will fall
from the pages of your fantasy
straight into your arms

I find validation in soulful eyes.
Ella Downing

Grow your leaves and colours and fruits
Breathe your sunlight, swallow your water. Kick off your old shells like too-tight-shoes at the door
shutting on another strung out day.
Except you have no further use for them
You won't be wearing them tomorrow.

A little piece of
my soul comes out.
Everytime I see you.
with your golden locks.
those beautiful eyes
lighted up by the sun.
I could talk about you all day.
Mitch Prax
Tbilisi held up more
than just our broken heart.
They held our hopes and dreams,
at least until we were apart.
When the moment we cross our path
No one can explain the pleasure I feel
My world stop, when I heard you laugh
My heart beat as fast as it capture well

Your like a rose bloom in the garden
Where your beauty can be seen
Your like an angel in heaven
That guide me now and then

Yesterday, I don't believe in destiny
But in the morning gentle as dew
That perspective in my mind faded away
'Cause you just came in a blew

Oh my lovely and dearest treasure!
I'll keep you and love you forever
As your love to me, gives me courage
To dwell all the life challenge.
Charlotte Ahern
I romanticised that you would become
the potential that I saw in you
but when the dust settled
the truth unveiled  
that all I really loved was my fantasy
and none of you exists in him
In this life or the next,
nothing is promised
In those moral lapses,
we must seize expiation
In our web of bleak moments,
we learn that diamonds are not forever
In one hand, I held my doubts
In the other, my regrets
and I declared the daunting vow
that I would break them just the same
Have you ever felt
you loved someone that
you hated the person?

Have you ever felt
you knew everything that
you knew nothing?

Have you ever felt
the overwhelming happiness and grace that
you manifested signs of sadness?

Have you ever felt
the burning heart inside
though you are soaked outside?

Feeling feelings,
i do not fully understand
what they are
but they color the blank sheet of life –
Not all depressed cut,
Not all sad shed tears,
Not all strong fight,
Not all monsters roar,
Not all young are innocent.
Some just work harder to maintain a mask.
We are here,
And you have reason to fear,
We are the best liars,
We can manipulate the greatest con artist without batting a single eyelash.
Watch out we are coming.
This is a dark and serious prom but that didn't change the fact that In was tempted to put "and we're *****" instead of " And you have reason to fear" ****
Alexa Sangren
Why am I always
Silver to her gold
The subtle, not the bold
Second in your heart
you don't trust me
you think i am weak
since you don't understand
you shut me down before i speak

you think i am evil
you think i'm gonna fail when i'm alone
bu you don't understand
that i'm better off on my own

you think i am emotional
you think i cry too much
but i'd like to inform you
i express myself just enough
If you never try at all,
it does no one any good.

If you try just once,
you’ll probably fail.

If you try 100 times,
    you might see victory just once.

Its not about the amount of failed attempts or victories,
Its about your willingness to do [obey] and participate,
every single time…
ever so softly
the thought of you haunts me
you and your caramel skin
the taste of toffee
and your touch, so godly
beyond all comparison
John Destalo
I was falling
for you

the feeling of
being weightless

the sky and
the ocean are

like your eyes

your eyes and
Einstein’s brain

are the depths
I can never reach

but I will drown trying
to reach either or both
Zack Ripley
Today, the sky was sunny and bright. Like ice cream, cold but light. Then, the sky turned gray as the wind and snow welcomed the night. I look up, down and around and wish I didn't feel so helpless here on the ground. I can't control the weather. This is true. But there are things I can control and so can you. We can control what we learn. We control what we write. We control whether we run or stand up and fight. We control all these things and so much more. But you never know what life has in store. One more thing to think about. If we could control everything, life would be so much duller. Maybe that's why my favorite thing I control is how much of the world I see in color.
u see the knife
you watch the glow
u see me smile
but can't hear me cry
u think i'm happy
but inside i'm breaking
u see the blood
then u realize
that i wasn't
when i said
i'm depressed!
u wish u gave me the
support i needed
but now it's too late.
I'm dying inside...
Dennis Meeker
It's easier to be angry
I don't need to try
I feel the fire all around me
Burning through everything

The world is a wasteland
The water rises
The wind roars
The air is cold

Trees are falling
Buildings crumble
Everything falls apart
Unitl nothing is left

Remembering what everything was
Watching as it dies
Seeing the nightmare
Waiting to be taken
Stained Glass
She wore her heart on her sleeves,
unaware that he had scissors.
I can see a word

Or phrase

And conjure up hundreds of stories


And yet

I can't find the words

To place these same images

Into other's heads
Ilunga Mutombo
I write poetry
To make sure I still have feelings
Living in a numb world
where all of our emotions are hidden
While being force fed other people’s insecurity
No matter why normal feels like insanity
I pray that my words save me
ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew
Your cruel comments  inflict much pain
It cuts so deep
my veins can't handle the poison
It  leaks  out  a foul  smell.
Pigs  in pens
Nothing you say will  do.
The damage has been done.
I feel all alone.
Won't I ever be free.
Of accusers
I don't feel special,
I'm not unique.
I want to cry
but I can't even speak.
My hands reach out,
but they cannot hold
a single thing
but the bitter cold.
Everything's frozen,
I feel lost.
Even my tears
have turned to frost.
When I cut my waist
it bleeds black.
I'm so deeply gone
there's no way back.
This is goodbye
camilla love
it will forever be our day.

we might drift,
we might not talk,
we might not be friends.

but it will forever be our special day.
i will think of you on that day,
and forever thank the stars that they led me to you.

i am forever thankful for you.
every part.

you are my forever.
Sunset reflects
on what dawn never knew...
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
The tragedy is
there's a prison in my mind
all the thoughts that lurk there
are ones I wish were never mine
they etch into my heart
the scars I wear so bright

They whisper wicked stories
of things that never happened
or maybe things that did
things that shouldn't create ripples
in the current in my life
but here I lay in bed
stuck awake at night
eyes cutting blankly
through the nothingness of my cold and dark bedroom

You're more beautiful
And more outstanding and bright
Than you'll ever know.

You're worth more than you'll know. Just a reminder.
Caitlin Ellis
I dreamt of silk sheets
and the feeling
of being wrapped in them with you
it’s a beautiful thing
this day and age
with bubbling permafrost
with drug-resistance
with obesity treatments
with technological advancements
with scientific discoveries
with silent wars
with blue lava
with bleeding glaciers
with divorce
with sensitivity
with my generation
of people believing
this new generation
is completely and
utterly clueless as a
common occurrence

but let’s think about
what these kids are
into nowadays.

let’s think about who
invented these inane
things for the kids.

my generation of people.

so the kids of today are
the ones who are ******
for liking the things
that we’ve created?

I’m sorry but we have to
be the ones who are obtuse
for believing such things,
oblivious for not
realizing them and
showing the world
we have
little or no imagination

the generation before us
has lied to us and
thought us to lie
to the generation

whether it’s the gods
or holidays
or what not.

the youth of the today
are autonomous.
they can not take
responsibility for
their actions nor do
they understand and
just go along
with the trends,
much like,
all the generations
before them
but we need a scapegoat
to cover up our own
farce implementations.

the truth of the matter is..
we’re all a little vacuous
in our own way
especially the ones with
an answer for everything.
living in an imperfect world
where there’s always room
for improvement
nothing for us
or against us
wrapped up in our
and illogical theories
and as useless as
exploding appendix.

the lost generation
the interbellum generation
the silent generation
the baby boomers
generation x
the millennials

a strong admixture
of imbecility and
filled with belief
and unawareness
to a senseless world

like hate
like blame
like gossip
like jealousy
like being offended
like being impressive
like the punk rock dream
like hospital waiting rooms
like fundraisers and charity events
like your co-worker to the right and
the left of you
and their families
and their families before

our greatest creation
our strongest aide

to deconstruct
Lick my lips
Cradle my face
Gaze into my eyes
And tell me I'm safe
Your eyes,
So familiar
Looked like a window
Felt like a mirror
So I avoided your gaze
If i stared for long enough
I would start to see
everything I
In human form
Your eyes,
Like a mirror
Confronting the deepest
Giving them a voice
To speak
To exist
Anywhere other than
the poisoning smoke
Of a fire
Your eyes,
Like a mirror
Knew where to look
Like cleared throats
Masking swallowed words,
Collapsing lungs,
But they were silent
for a reason
I didn’t want you to reach
that far back
Or come this close
To the truth,
Your eyes,
Like a mirror
I shall shatter
Like I do
To everything that makes me see.
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