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One day I know that things will change
But until the darkest begins to fade
I guess I’ll just sit
Pondering over why the sun never stays around long enough to greet the moon.
Staring up at the nights cold black sky
Wondering why something so cold and dark
Cold bring so much peace
To and empty heart
biting down
The words taste better
biting down
The heart's less fragile
biting down
Start a fire with your candle
biting down
It is easier to handle
all the things that
cast a shadow
on your life
when biting down.
Hunter Taylor
I. Just. Can't. Think.
I'm on the brink
As I blink
I  let her go and I sink

As I put up my guard
I'll rust like the bars on my heart
Let them tear me apart
Just leave me in the yard

I never knew your love was fake
So today I shake
You've shown me the strength that it takes
To cause an earthquake
Reverse poem
The girl I love  ......she ran away from me......far away so the world couldn't see
The girl I love took my heart.....right now we are miles apart
The girl I love she didn't understand........all the fantasy's I had planned
the girl I love left me with tears in my eyes........but she will return before her spirit flies
The girl I love I forgot to tell you one thing..........I will love you till that last cardinal sings.
#for my love is true
elle jaxsun
i always have
the urge to run.

but what is it like
to be a tree?

to be confident enough
to root yourself
and grow with
wild abandonment,
being unapologetically

i'm still running,
but i wish i knew.
ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew
Jolan Lade
I've found you, runnning everywhere in my bloodstream
I've found you, to be the power source for my heartbeat
I've found you, to be the essential part in a perfect dream
Yes I do feel very attracted to her
I must admit
The sun is so beautiful
And so are you
Smile and I'll take you
To the stars and beyond
For Liezel Pajares
The black ink spilt into my soul  
It seeped into every corner
Every *****
The black stains run so deep
They’ll never fade
I feel like my mind is racing.
Seeing all of these nostalgic faces.
Wondering why people hurt each other,
or leave one another.
Just can hug this pillow tight.
As what I care about goes out of sight.
Owl screaming in the night
Bears looking for a fight
At the end of the path
Near the lake, a cottage

There I will rest
Healing my feet
In the chimney
Fire burning bright

When morning comes
With no danger in sight
Then, I will carry on
Building my own freedom
i crave surface level people,
and surface level conversations.
for once,
i'm so sick and tired of complexity.
give me simplicity
i do not believe in god
but i do believe in poetry
and for me
maybe poetry is prayer
and the universe
is an unwavering ear
in the shape of a god
the broken, ask God
not for forever.
but for another chance at love.
I think we get hurt to learn and grow. Not to run away from love.
There he goes again
Wearing that fancy mask
Never gets tired
Of this everyday task
Convincing everyone
That everything's okay
But deep within his soul
All's in shade of gray...
I miss you most when you're right next to me
because it becomes more painfully clear
that I love you more than you love me
but still I love

An odd place that's grown familiar
like a second home
that much like my own
I long to leave
but still I stay

because I'd rather pretend to have you close
then watch you walk away
Breanna Stockham
I always search, strive and change
Looking for progress, I rearrange
I try to make where I am special
But I can’t seem to settle.

I don’t want to be hard to please
I just want to find my peace
If I dont feel it when I try what I can
I look elsewhere, and gone I am.
Maybe its the sleep - dep-
rivation - getting in my head, but
I can feel every pain, man-
ifest - all my worst fears -
I've had - a few - years.
Can't leave it - 'lasts
Too long to leave my bed.
Sophia Li
one day
if I cannot recognize myself
that will be the time-
I shall hate myself
Our cupped whispers
Our blanket fort
Our candy bracelets
Our secret shh
Our tiny giggles
Our childish valentine
Time agnostic
Glen Castillo
Sabi nila,kapag nahanap mo na daw ang tunay na pag-ibig ay nahanap mo na rin ang iyong langit dito sa lupa. Kaya't naniniwala akong langit din ang maghahatid sa'yo patungo sa akin. Pero naiinip na akong maghintay,at nanghihinayang sa bawat sandaling lumilipas na hindi ko man lang magawang hawakan ang iyong mga kamay sa mga panahong kailangan mo ng karamay.Na hindi ko man lang magawang damayan ka kung dumadanas ka ng lumbay.Alam kong katulad ko,pakiramdam mo minsan ay binitawan ka na din ng mundo.Kaya't patawarin mo ako kung sa mga pagkakataong nararanasan mo yan ay wala ako d'yan para ikaw ay aking ma-salo. Kung totoong ang pag-ibig at ang langit ay may malalim na kaugnayan sa isa-t isa,malakas ang kutob ko na tayo din ay iginuhit na katulad nila. Minsan na din akong nagtanong,saang sulok ng langit ka kaya naroroon? Malapit ka kaya sa araw? O marahil nasa tabi ka lang ng buwan,na sa tuwing sasapit ang dilim ako ay binabantayan.Kaya pala kahit saan ako magpunta ako'y lagi niyang sinusundan. Pero maaari din na ika'y kapiling ng mga bituin na kay daming nais mag angkin. Kay palad kong pagdating ng araw ikaw ay napa sa-akin. Kaya habang wala ka pa,ako muna ay magiging kaisa ng mga mabubuting kawal ng ating bayan. Makikidigma kung kinakailangan,ipaglalaban kung ano ang makat'wiran. Upang sa iyong pagdating ay malaya nating tatamasahin ang payapang buhay. Kaya habang wala ka pa ako'y taos puso kung manalangin sa ating may likha. Na paghariin niya nawa ang kabutihan sa aking puso bilang isang tao at higit sa lahat ay bilang kanyang anak , upang sa sandaling tayo'y pagtagpuin ako rin sa iyo ay magiging isang mabuting kabiyak. Hindi pa man tayo nagtatagpo,nais kung malaman mo na laman kang palagi ng aking panalangin. At habambuhay kong itatangi ang iyong pag-ibig na siyang dahilan kung bakit maka ilang ulit kong nanaising mabuhay. Nais kong ipagsigawan sa mundo na iniibig kitang wagas,ngunit mas mamatamisin kong hintayin ka at kapag naglapat na ang ating mga dibdib,ibubulong ko sa'yo na ikaw ang aking daigdig. Maghihintay lang ako,habang wala ka pa.

© 2018 Glen Castillo
All Rights Reserved.
Pag-ibig sa tatlong salita (IKAW,BAYAN at DIYOS)
Callie Richter
i wanna cut
my chest open
just to make sure
my hearts still
beating inside
Eva Aloezos
He was beautiful at my piano,
he dripped onto the keys
and it pains me to say I was in love

yet I came full circle
facing the realization
he did not love me

his wild curls
pale skin
long musician’s hands

he was glorious at my piano,
later he took me to the apex

tears flowed in my warped bathroom,
and of this I am deeply ashamed

I kissed him goodbye,
because from that day on
I would never again act as a child
The problem with protecting yourself with barbed wire is
people try to get close and end up wounded.
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
Kim Essary
Shhhhhh Listen closely as you can hear the sound of silence screaming through the air.
Why must it sound haunted and be filled with pain , and not the muse of laughter singing silently in the rain .
The sound of silence rings like a bell , one of screaching one of yell.
It doesn't twinkle oh so bright , tis the sound of silence we fear at night.
Not the sounds we may hear nor the sights we can see,
Not even the brushing limbs up in the tree
Just the sound of silence screaming loud and clear   this sound brings lonely silence oh so near.
Lonely can be your best friend as well as your worst enemy don't let the sound of silence consume you.
The Lenora
As I lay carelessly on my bed
Thinking of the times
Triggering my dread

The moonlight shines
It shines through and through my window
Dripping it’s light upon the mantel and pillows

This is the time I deserve to enjoy the dark
When I know the moon is there with me
Not a camera could capture this moment
But my eyes and record can

There’s no one I’d rather be with
At the midnight hour
Then the glorious moon
And her beautiful light
written 16 February 2019.

by The Lenora.

All rights reserved.
Piyush Gahlot
That pure innocent smile,
Your childish face and that side profile,
Your silky hair and that perfect hairstyle,
Would never forget you.
**** I miss you!

The touch of your smooth skin,
That beautiful little chin,
Your blushy cheeks and that grin,
Still I adore you.
**** I miss you!

Those big dope eyes,
That ****** nose ,
Those size 7 feet and pinky toes.
Your medications and Ayurvedic dose.
Wish again to feel you.
**** I miss you!

Baby I still remember,
that freezy December,
The day we fell off the scooter,
Your ****** buggy computer.
Our first date and the perfect kiss,
That raining night we spent in balcony
When you burnt the toast and macrony,
That birthday card you made me,
Helping in projects and assignments,
You taking care when I got sick,
I recall all those perfect memories of you,
still there's a place for you,
**** I miss you!

I wish you would have waited,
I would have come back,
But I can't blame you,
It was me who needed the space,
The fault is my OWN!
So I am the one left ALONE! :'(
I miss every cell of your body,
every second spent with you,
every moment in your arms,
Every bite I had with you.
I ******* miss the whole of YOU.
Love is fake
Romance is a lie
I will be alone
Until the day I die
I'm always going to be alone.
Janet Aitch
A lovely sunny day
shows up dust
wherever you look
They said,
"The most beautiful art is
looking into someone's eyes
when they talk about the
things they love.
And I said,
"Or looking at someone you love.
Or maybe, just maybe,
by looking at the mirror
is the most beautiful art
anyone should appreciate."
Appreciation post for myself; for you and for everyone as well. You deserve more than the world has to offer.
Tanay Sengupta
Rain on me,
For I have been longing to be free.
Lost in my world, needlessly.

Rain on me,
For I am too tired and I need sleep.
This world is a herd and I cannot be its sheep.

Rain on me,
And show me the way.
This place is empty and I cannot stay.

Rain on me,
It has been too long.
I am sick and tired of pretending to be strong.

Rain on me,
I want to see the lightning pierce the sky.
As the thunder roars and the clouds fly.

Rain on me,
Let the winds take my mind to another land.
No one needs to know and no one needs to understand.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved.
I came up with this while I was watching the rain from my window, a few days back. I hope you like it.
One flake of snow on a well-perched mountaintop,
Can make the entire moutain Drop
Lee Aaun
My heart whispers
in a tune,
which only
you can
We took different paths and
I’m exhausted from trying to find
Some trace of you
In my thoughts
And in my dreams
But at least
I’m not running from myself
i continue to rattle and shake
one day i'll just fall apart
"How are you?"

"I’m fine."

fine, fine like mother’s china,
breaking with a touch.
fine, fine like a fair maiden,
for whom only tragedy awaits.
fine, like the thread of life,
flimsy and anxious.
I’m fine,
Can we talk?
Sure, whatever.
I’m self conscious.
I’ve stopped eating.
Are you listening?
I’m sad.
I’m depressed.
I want to die.
I am going to **** my self!
What!? Why!?
People don’t pay attention until you flat out say it. Nobody sees the small stuff until it actually happens. This is in no shape a way to make you feel bad just pay attention to the people around you, even if they say they don’t want to be around you, unless they’re angry. That’s all and if you need someone to talk to, I’m always here for advice and ect.
Jennifer West
Please don't take another
Bite of my tortured soul
I don't think I can take
Another second more

Please don't look through me
When I'm right here
I know I'm not much to you
But I don't want to disappear

Please don't leave me withered
And out here alone to die
I've had enough of love
So just hold my hand one last time
Lost Soul
RIP to the little girl that i let die
you left me so quickly
i never got the chance to say
i'm sorry i didn't fight for you more
i wanted to protect you
so i lock us behind my bedroom door
but as the days went by
i looked in the mirror
and saw you die a little more inside
the sobs grew louder
your voice grew harsh
leaving your throat as dry as powder
.....then you stopped talking at all
the world would disappear
through your tears
as you stare at the wall
one day i woke up and you were no more
i screamed your name
but you never came
you died in the middle of this mental war
i'm sorry little girl i let die
you left so quickly
i'm sorry i never said
RIP to the little girl that lived inside me
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