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i said i don't know if i believe in soulmates
and you told me that you believed in me and you.
TearDrop Girl
The pretty perfect girl
Appealing see
Funny personality
A+ Grades to boot
Smiling from eye to eye
Stands out in every crowd
If she is the light
I am the shadow
Follows, the silent
Avoids, the cowardly
Invisible, the lonely
Forget, the bland
Quiet, the ignored
If there is a light
A shadow will follow
Someone show me the
Light, please.
I'm that waitress
Every guy wants to be served by
Wants to talk to
Wants to bring out on a date
I'm that waitress
Guys would want to hit on
Want to bring back home
Want to take advantage of
Sadly that's all I'll ever be
A waitress they want to get laid by

Maybe someday
One day
There will be a guy
That will say
She's that waitress
I would want to marry
And have my future with
Maybe one day
I'd be a waitress
That people would view with good intentions
I once was
in a hospital for depressed people
and I have never seen a place where roles
were switched
in such a paradoxal way.
Also the doc's final statement to me was: Well we think something must have just really made you insecure. Next time that happens, just do anything to distract yourself - clean the windows if necessary, just anything really!
This was such a symbolical statement. I think the doctors were much more scared inside than I was. I just stirred them up.
Don't ever hand over your own healing powers. You always have them.
Ana Coman
Joiana's getting married
She's carried down the aisle
The Preacher rough and stern
Smiles coyly at the wine.
The guests have lined the wall
The air heavy, scented with mothball
Hat in hand they stand
Trying to recall
With their suited smiles
and their crooked grins
The beauty of Joiana
Misted in sloe gin.
As the Preacher sings
They turn... face the groom
Resting on his cross
Near the upright broom
Forgotten there by Ross
When he last swept the room.
Resplendent all in white
Joiana lays in lace
her hearth still, no flap no flutter
Her soul has left no trace..
She's waiting for her cue
To guide her through the light
Into the arms of angels
Where she'll float like a kite.
rachel kirkpatrick
i never believed
i could become
consumed entirely
by another person,
but this rabbit heart
aches for you
and without any doubt,
i would follow you
to any ruin.
her hands fall onto him
as darkness smothers them
existential, then inward
what am i doing here?

sirens lull to a hum
water drips from the table
picturesque, nature's splendor
save the foliage
he fumbles with her hair
he's had one too many

she can't placate the night
despite the times she's tried
she tries to place a face
in the cracks in the paint

existential, then inward
what am i doing here?
He tells me I'm his sunflower.
And he's always liked roses,
but he'd walk through a field of thorns just to find me.
hannah westfallen
and that’s when I realized it was true.  I think I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to make up for who I used to be.
Joseph Rice
The you and I
In my future bides time
For my dreams to combine
And put you before my gray eyes.

Beautiful light clashes with my ugly darkness
Eradicating the masticating thoughts of rejection

Smile at me please
Maybe my frozen stone heart will unfreeze
Fire, fire, grant us life
through an ascent
ever so agonizing,
ever so patronizing.
Fire, fire, purify us.
Fire, fire, liberate us.
Fire, fire, extinguish
the foul demon within.
Lauren Butler
Anger bubbling under the surface of skin, rage seething from every pore, in blistering explosions of energy scalding the clothes touching.

Revelling in the scorched dust beyond the plastic walls of self control, grit buried his eyes, a mad dog can feel the call rippling through his flesh.

White pain spat from snapping teeth, animal unhinged, sinking faster into the uncontrollable, instinct thrashing to be ripped from its bindings.
I wore this a few years ago now so it’s a bit unrefined, but still one of my favourites.
So cathartic to read.
Lily Barrett
Waking up to nothing
But there was once something
You can feel it
It was there and now it's not
What was it you wonder
As the dark pulls you under
What did I miss
And what did I lose
That made my heart bruise
You wander in and out
Of yourself and other things
And you don’t know
Where exactly to go
You had a purpose
you know that for sure
But why suddenly
Is it there no more
Someone grabbed you
And pulled you apart
And now you’re left
With a broken heart
A poet is no more than a person
A mother
A daughter
A lover  
Someone needing release
Or someone needing to recover

It’s the art they create when that ball of ink or stick of led dances on the canvas they so perfectly prepared.
And when the end result and their purpose become perfectly paired.
the world keeps turning,
you fall down but please get up,
take another step.
Harry Edmondson
Her personality - fearsomely magnetic
His mind - distinctly ferrous
They met with a comforting clang
Mikey Kania
your warm heart
is the pulse of my life

the sweetest speech is when
i speak to you anna

my salvation
my destiny

the sweetest blood is
your blood anna

your warm heart
is the pulse of my life

the pulse of my life
is your warm heart

my savior
my salvation

the pulse of our lifes
are our hearts

travel with me
i will take you away

forever anna
anna forever

a: absolute love
n: neverlanddreams
n: no other woman
a: absolute love

your name is a

your reflection a


and this white page has become a bole
our lovenames are engraved in wood

and wood never sinks in water
nothing more to add, baby
i laugh at the irony
that love broke my heart.
Burning Lilacs

i mean,

  let's be frank

you haven't
from me
  in a lifetime.

nor have
  i wanted
or wasted
   my moments
    in you!

i know
   what we are
and what
   we should do

  just put
more makeup
   on that pig...

but eventually,

  you too
will realize that
  no amount
of makeup
  can pretty
what is ugly.

'Yours and everyone's concrete-poet'
Hello Moon,
Where are you tonight?
Are you busy stealing
Someone else's starlight?
I miss your cold hue
Draped in aquamarine dreams,
Now filled with empty bedtimes
And thoughts of you.

Midnights come and go.
I lie lifeless and alone
Forever searching windows
For your eyes dipped in stone.
Do your cold hands reach for another,
Across new sands, in silhouettes together?

Tell me Moon,
Why did you leave me,
With this constant hopeless
Shimmering black sea?
With each passing tide
I see your reflections,
A sparkling mirage
Of lights long died.

Still Moon,
You remain a silent black.
An abyss of endless memories,
Broken chances and cracks.
But Moon, don't worry
Through them I see
A life once hidden,
Now finally freed.
Your forever night is done.
Goodbye Moon,
Hello sun.
Moon....let me sleep. I've let you go. So Goooo.
I see you
I see me
Not being chosen
I see you having more fun
I see you walk by casuallly dismissing me
I see your lips with a dark shade of  maroon moving and not a single moment of silence
I see your  brown eyes not even glancing  towards me
I see the red-brown of your hair but they face me
I see your long silver earings dangling and shaking as you laugh
I see the golden bracelets in your hand  slide back as you tie your hair
I see you
I see me
                             All alone
When you are nothing more than a second choice
he called me by my middle name
“i love you liz”
that’s what he said
“i’m so lucky to have you liz”
i’m sorry liz
i’m sorry i’ve treated you so horribly
liz, liz, liz, liz, liz
now i hate my middle name
Close your eyes
Count to ten
Take a breath
Find a pen
Write it out
Let it loose
Don't get lost
In these woods
For one day
You might get stuck
Way too far
In the muck
Noni Winters
I stumbled upon you
Like a child
that finds a pretty stone

Bewildered by your presence
I sat and admired
Counting your cracks
Caressing what makes you glitter

You stood infront of me
Bold and beautiful
Like nothing I'd ever seen

And as you gave me your attention
I think I misconstrued your intentions

I wanted to put you in my pocket
But you said no

So there you sit
Perfectly unpolished
A love

I can only visit
She takes the stand
With the voice of millions on her back
And speaks the fact that we all know,
far too well to be true -                  
                                           Me too.

She is heard but not believed,
She is heard with faith deceived .

When will it be enough -
Is one in six not enough ?
Is one sister, one friend
still - not enough?

one colleague, one mother, one wife, one lover -
one teacher, one doctor, one preacher, one author -
one husband, one son, one brother.
Which one will it take, to stop
the non-consensual clock
and make us realise that -

Time. Is. Up.
Caela Bay
Seven years is long enough
    to change everything about one's self.

New hair,
   New clothes,
   New friends.

Your favorite movie probably isn't even the same.
But I remember what it was half a decade ago,
               and it's still my favorite.

Your voice is deeper now,
your words arent as sweet.
I have no clue what has happened to you
in the past seven years.

But I won't get over the fact
that your eyes are still kind,
and I imagined marrying you one day.
We are the sun and moon
Created as a pairs
But never really be together
We can only greeting each other at the dusk
Too busy filling the beauty of the horizon
Pain is the only healer I can befriend
Her unconventionality is my only sin
The bait and bleed
Then relief
She helped me when you only knew how to hurt
We made them
nurture them during the day
fist punch full of glitter
mesmerizing the night
a sky full of glittering stars
I'm jealous of the rain
It gets close to you
Closer than I ever will
It touches your skin
It combs your hair
It comes when you're sad
It stays when you're happy
I love you but you don't love me
So I say
I'm jealous of the rain
Sorry I haven't written anything as of late. I have been really busy with school. I really hope you enjoy.
Edit: thanks for the comments the original song is Jealous by Labirinth
Katerina Landon
I have got a burning desire
To look at the world's greatest sins
To cleanse all of them by the fire
Find the courage to see what it means

To be close and be vunerable, human
Open up and not shut people off
To enjoy when the flowers are blooming
And find out what it means to be loved.
I live my days with you on my mind
Looking for happiness but it’s so hard to find
Wishing someone would take away the pain
I know I’m not crazy and I know I’m not sane

I close my eyes and there you are
Even though the past is kind of far
It feels like it was yesterday
When you almost took my life away
i wish we were close
but your so far away
just trust me while im gone
“You’re not good enough”
Is the one sentence you should
Never tell yourself.
Hi. I’ve been struggling with this my whole life. It’s like I’ll never be able to convince myself. I feel like my poetry is at a decline. I feel as if nothing I write is good. I couldn’t tell you the amount of “drafts” &  private poems I have on here just because I’m afraid.
Afraid of ridicule.
Afraid of hating myself more.
Afraid of everything.
It’s all worth it
even if lately it hasn’t been easy;
when he reaches for my hand and says,
“Thank you for helping me peach.”
Although he doesn’t need to thank me.
I would do anything for him.
Marrianna Flores
Shackled, and chained.
I’ve never felt so free.
You’ve awakened this primal instinct in me.

Burned, and bruised.
Tormented, and used.
I'm yours to abuse.

I kneel,
At your feet,
Waiting for command.
Waiting for the slightest gesture granted from your hand.

I look down.
My hands in lap.
l am at your will,
Waiting for your finger’s snap.

With hair pulled back--
Gathered in your hands.

And cheeks warm--
Caressed by your voice.

Lips are wet--
Touched by yours.

Cleaning, and cooking.
Almost every day.
Folding, and preparing.
Doing whatever you say.

I'm yours;
I'm branded with your name.
I'm bonded to you,
No matter what,
And I stand unashamed.
If you could read my mind,
You’d see a thousand papers
Filled with broken poetries
And deadbeat proses
Full of woeful verses
With mournful pieces
Of unfinished stories
That are yet to be written
And failed to be spoken;
If you could read my mind,
You’d hear horrible screams
And earsplitting weeps
From shattered dreams,
Kept in a nasty notepad,
Scribbled on a bed
Of bloodstained words,
Ringing in my head.
If you could read my mind,
You’d see the shadows
That lurk within me;
You’d hear the bellows,
Screeching the words
“I’m tired,”
“I’m a failure,”
“I’m stupid –”
I know it sounds stupid,
It’s pathetically foolish
And seems too *******.
If you could read my mind,
You’d feel the tears
I had ever failed to cry;
You’d see the people
That make the weak weaker;
You’d see the monsters
That consume my head;
You’d hear the hollers
That failed to be freed;
You’d see the heart
That still bleeds and bleeds.
If you could read my mind,
You’d see the face
I’ve failed to show back then,
The face I’ve faked back then.
If you could read my mind,
You’d see a character
I had ever failed to become
If you could read my mind,
You’d be able to read
A book you never wished
To touch and read,
But sometimes I still wish
Someone could read my mind.
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