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You would stand in front of the window, naked and raw,
Black tears still stained down your face.
The moon's light doesn't quite frame you the same as it used to.

You think of the days of being illuminated and bright.
Of sunlight dripping off of you as your hands touched
Someone new, someone deserving, someone else.

Nothing since has ever felt as real, as true.
This light has traveled from a quarter-million miles away
To accuse you, cold and pale, cloying to your skin.
I can recall the dates
I can recall the events
I can recall the kisses

Before we went

I remembered nothing.
I was born with an exceptional memory but I had no identity of myself, until I met the love of my life
Stop penning love poems

I loathe all of those

because once I read

I get erratic


from where are these tears
and feelings belonging
into a hole so deep
the dirt
began to surface

Victoria Jennings
I think I've realized the more poems I write about someone the more toxic they are to me

Here's number 25 for you

I suppose that pales in comparison to the thousands I wrote for my first love but I've known you a lot less time

And you've never even been mine

And that's okay

Because at this rate

You never will be.
Andrew Gomez
“Are you okay?”
“No, but I have to be someone’s smile today.”
shianne rose
there are two types of sadness

there’s the kind of sadness
we ignore and
try to get rid of it
by finding new things to do
or we find someone to talk to
by blatantly avoiding any type of conversation
about feeling sad
about having any feelings at all
and then there’s that kind of sadness
that takes over
and it consumes any activity we do
we know it’s there
and there’s no possible way to avoid it
so we feed it exactly what it wants
it craves the sad music
it craves the isolation
it craves the anxiousness
and the sadness comes storming in
it has no manners
here we are calling sadness, an “it”
when all it is
is a feeling
that most people
call home
Drinking coffee when i'ts raining
Drinking coffee when it's hot
Drinking coffee when I'm happy
But would still drink coffee when days are bad.
Thomas P Owens Sr
in the masterplan of God's creation
the place where ocean touches land
is where we say hello
Samriddhi sharma
Once it was where it meant to be,
now it needs to be set free;

The universe made it happen,
and then our bond slacken;

Light struggled with 'her' shadows...out there!
and then this eternal darkness appeared.
Ada Negri
Sole di mezzogiorno, nel luglio felice, sulla piazza deserta:
piazza lontana di città lontana, tu ed il tuo uomo,
e quello era il mondo.
Bianca nella tua veste, bianca vibratile fiamma tu pure,
nell'abbaglio d'incendio dell'aria.
Bianco il tuo riso perduto nel riso di lui, fresco di polla il
tuo riso d'amore tra il vasto fulgere ed ardere.
Non sarebbe discesa la notte, non sarebbe venuto il domani,
tua la luce, tuo l'uomo, tuo il tempo.
Fermasti il tempo in pieno sull'ora solare per cui in terra
tu fosti divina:
il resto è ombra e polvere d'ombra.
it’s so quick and easy to hate a person than it is to take your time to TRY to understand them
Trying is a matter of will
it does NOT just happen,
turn that potential energy into kinetic
take a step, each day, soaking under the rain, until you reach the top of the mountain

I know You know they know WE don’t.
As the text says, but I’m sure you know though self awareness is the ability to actually impart change, within, without, without, within
She said "I'm falling in love."

I said "I'm falling apart."
What's the difference?
I would call this poem bright if there would be daylight

You don't deserve the scratch of my pencil to give you highlights

The role you have been acting made a great success

I fall for you....

It has taken too long,
That pink fog to become see through..

I did not know you were just a clown
Searching for new scene for the score

And I find myself wondering
next to my window...

Chasing the darkest night
without stars

Don't seem to find the " Why"
Paul Hobson
Id cry too,
Cry for me,
Cry for you,
Cry every time you see the color blue.
Cry alone in bed,
Cry each night after the prayers that are said.
Fill a bucket full of tears,
Those aren’t yours anymore,
Give them here.
Mitch Prax
Has it been too long
since the last time you truly
felt you were wanted?

8:28 PM
Eshwara Prasad
Knowledge borrowed from others need not be returned.
Abbie Victoria
Wait for me in twenty thirty three,
Where we first arranged to meet.
When the children are grown,
Our seeds set and sown.
Again we could be,
You and me,
It will always be you.
i think that the most damaged people in the world
are the kindest
and the softest

because they know
that scabs can be picked
and you can bleed
Josh H
"The worst battle is between what you know, and what you feel"
Jessica B
You are not the love of my life,
You are the life of my love ❤️
Kim Denise
It's 11:11
and for the first time
after a very long time
I'm wishing for myself
and not for you
moon child
Jeremy Stacy
I felt alive all misty eyed that night I cried,
tears that would slide
all wispy and wide
down cheeks by a bedside that for two weeks had denied you left justified
it’s just a fight I replied but you were right and I lied
alongside actions, transactions, and reactions that tied,
my immaturity and pride,
I guess that PM really magnified how much of me I could hide
Instagram jstpoetry
Whether a comma, or colon:
Punctuation slows my rolling
I need no period. When I end
no Capitalization when I begin
Rulelessly I flow my art
  Not a single!
Exclamation mark
Are you not the one
Who'll know?
Where a question mark
No longer goes

Warp the structure
Bend the lines
Put in repeat
Let emotion unwind
Make yourself
Your poetry's the best
Be your own ruler
Pass your own test

Take your own road
Where ever it leads
Lover or hater
It's all poetry!
Traveler Tim
Strange, the Hellopoetry computer demanded I put two stars on this poem to repost it to the front page... But it was worth it, it’s been on here for over a year now, I appreciate it Elliot.

No matter who you are
You have my deepest respect!

All is vanity
The meanings of passion
The aesthetic expression
The lines we draw and stay within
Even love is beyond intent
Vanity transcends
Flowing from our pens
And so we breathe again
Tyrell Burnett
I don't burn bridges, I preserve those wonders of old. I let the waters rise, whilst I remain underneath its ridges and contours.

I don't burn bridges, not because that I am mature.

I don't burn bridges, because I am alone; and a bridge is a well travelled road.
More Love
I am human
and I have lived, and breathed, and seen...
and fallen and stood,
and loved and lost.

And I seek.
And I seek.

And I breathe, and I look, and I live.

And I live.
And I love.
And I see.
Faded Moonlight
I could have been the sun,
the light of your life.
You only wanted to know me,
In the dark of the night.
1.Writing poems for you
Written somewhere between 10 to 18 of Febuary, 2021
In the deep corners of 3am,
I find her.
Parker Vance
The word of God
Is neon now-
It screams odious
Love to the silent
Collection of limbs
Beneath it.

Falls in irradiated
Waves, reaches the
Sedate, the wanderers
Of Asphalt Nightmares,
At last.

They can hardly hear it
Over the mumble of voices.
They shift, leave by way
Of saturated, naked streets
In weariness.

The new God is
Neon- but all the same
Unheard; It's violent lights
Looking to the morally
Righteous; finds
No one.
you're a salty and sweet dream
praline and cream
Aishath Hana
A broken heart for sale
Can be mended
With a bit of Love
And affection
With some Warmth
And tender hugs.

A broken heart
Waiting and yearning

Claudia Santos
I am a poet,
or I like to call myself one.
My heartaches and heartbreaks give life to empty pages;
I rarely compose from glorious days.
I’m inspired by the world, by people around me
but mostly by my pain.
I consider myself an introvert
for you will rarely hear me speak,
but on the other hand, I have much to say
just not with my lips
but with a pen.
I hide behind ink and paper
ready to write my feelings away.

I am the poetry that I write.
It’s rare to find
people who

I tried to tell her.
I tried to warn her.
I tried to help her.
I tried to support her.
I told you not to date him.
I told you he was gonna hurt you.
I told you not to trust him.
I told you he doesn't care.
I told you he was lying.
Now I am hugging you while you sob and all I can say is
I told you so.
This is for my bestfriend.
Paras Bajaj
The emptiness in my eyes,
The truth behind my lies,
The fall before my rise,
And the goodbyes;

It scares me.

The dark beneath my skin,
The light within my sins,
The voice that loudly sings,
And my broken wings;

It scares me.

The wounds I can't heal,
The pain I can't feel,
The loss I can't deal,
And when I am real;

It scares me.

The silence in my little talks,
The stillness in my moonlit walks,
The thought of separate ways,
And my numbered days;

It scares me.

The demons under my bed,
The words spinning in my head,
The blood in my sweat,
And my cold breath;

It scares me.

-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
okay, but I don't 𝒘𝒂𝒏𝒕 to be the bigger person.
I want to be the person who looks out for their own needs.
being the bigger person for what?
the benefit of someone I hate?
the benefit of someone I avoid in the halls?
you don't 𝒅𝒆𝒔𝒆𝒓𝒗𝒆 for me to be the bigger person-
so I will throw my fits.
like what pride is there in putting yourself aside for the sake of someone who wronged you? im all good.
Ashly Kocher
The past is in the past for a reason
The present is paving the way
The future is where your heading
Just take every step
Day by day
You’ll get there eventually
If you keep your head up and pray...
your name is
forbidden in
my mouth
or in my heart
because when
i think about

i'll cry a little more,
hurt a little stronger
love a little softer
because you no longer
make me feel sober

i'm drunk on the
memory of you
if only i could chase you with pizza but shots don't work like that
Samantha Cunha
The man
who kept
his emotions
at bay
in them
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