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I've been trying
to figure out myself
figuring out you.

It's not working.

Neither has.
Neither will.
Why am I like this?
The crack of a coke can
Takes me back
To summer days
We woke up
You came over
I made some sandwiches
We shared the same plate
McKenna Rich
I think it's time to be honest
With him I'm not the happiest
But feeling you on my lips
Was the best day dream I feel like I could never get
We agreed one day
But for once I'm praying
I just want you for my own
To call you mine
We compliment each other
We understand what each other couldn't speak
And with you I'm happy
That smile on my cheeks is real for once
Yes maybe I'm intoxicated
But the feelings I feel are real
And now I feel intoxicated from your lips
We could go bonnie and clyde
For you I'd be your ride or die
Whatever makes you the happiest
But for me
It would just be being next to you.
I've been on a relationship for 4 years now. But it's been honestly abusive. And now I've found someone who really really understands me. But he has **** going on too. And I'm honestly praying that we could work. It would be the greatest dream for me. I'm falling head over heels for him.
I will live on
And find myself
Buried underneath
All the things happened before you
So I'll dig my way through
Till my heart is clear and true
I'll be ready to love
To say each and every day
So that you know
I've always felt this way
No one else even comes close
They aren't the same
Every word, kiss, and love you
Was never so strong
You weren't wrong
We were ment to be
side by side all along
So I'll love you from afar
Till the time comes and well never part
The muscles in my cheeks ache,
from holding this pointless smile.
My eyes are darkened and empty,
yet I'm grinning all the while!
and I realised
everything I missed
like feeling her lips curl
into a smile or a kiss

I look into her eyes
while she stares into the abyss
her fingers uncurl just a little bit
and we fall asleep like this
Wondering alone
Youth gone
Evening moan
Changed tone
Grey hairs
Pale skin
Lights dim
Traffic thin
Changed inner voice
Travels taken
Roles done
Old tools
Recalled Conscience
That is Eccence
Rupert Pippingford
Break my bones;
cut my throat.
Pull me open,
learn the ropes.

Breath me in;
taste the fear.
Shank my skin;
stand and cheer.

Kick my head;
let me bleed.
Unbolt my veins;
enjoy the read.

Gouge my eyes;
punch my face.
Wrap me up
in your embrace.
Get to know me like I do you; inside and out.
I've drank the finest of wine
Down to the bottom of the bottle
Only to witness an ocean alone
Barely surviving my own hands

A fire burned through my viens
That was blew out by the wind
Breezing through the leaves
A calmness that sits with me
Before calmness dismisses me

I walked across the tallest blue sky
Where wide winged birds soar high
Til promises of white clouds turn grey
And so there I fell with the rain
Dripping through the lowest gutter

Many times I was buried, lying in dirt
Like a grave, needing no help
Finding the dark inside of myself
But I always rise with the blades
Of the greenest fresh spring grass

No matter what feeling I catch
None of them seem to everlast
Francisco A Ojeda
Dreams are my enemy
Lying like alchemy
Promising hope and gold
While interrupting reality
There I stand and there it was
Broken to more
Pieces beating still
No heart to pound
Gave all i had
Returned with these broken bits
Everything around collapsed
My mind completely froze
I know he hates me
I know i love him
Maybe this is what love is
Pain mixed up with happiness
At the end nothing turned out to be well
My then whispered to me!!
"Its okay of being brave!..
Don't worry!!
Equally it's okay to leave!!"
Thank you for making me strong!!
I am an artist
I draw my life.
I am a teacher
I teach my steps.
I am a doctor
I treat my destiny.
I am a lawyer
I judge my actions.
I am a builder
I build my success.
I am a translator
I translate my opinion.
I am a  photographer
I take  my memories.
I am a writer
I write my future.
I am a chef
I cook my mood.
I am a businesswoman
I manage myself.
I would never admit it
But I do think it
I know you will always be in my life
Because I worry
With all the pills you pop
That one day you won't talk to me
Not because I'm blocked
But because you won't be alive to talk
our heartbeats
can never be in sync;
for I know mine
will always be beating
faster than yours
I’m leaving,
I mean, what did you expect?

To hit me, time and time again,
then for me to feel respect?

That’s just stupid,
as am I

for not realizing you were sooner,
only now, saying goodbye.

But it’s okay,
because I’ve learnt from my mistake

and you were my biggest one,
and the only I will ever make
I've had enough.
stories are made for enchantment
our hearts are even meant
we hold hands
staring at each others eyes
and there's a spark
the hints of lies
David Lessard
I used to read your poems
but lately you don't write
you're silent and aloof
you know that isn't right.
You can't close a door once opened
you can't abolish all your dreams
you're a poet of the heart
mustn't fall apart at the seams.
Say what you can in words
they speak the message true
spoken from the heart
the poems will see you through.
A hermit's not your style
a recluse, you are not
never give up writing
of things that you've been taught.
I used to read your poems
I'd read them once again
if you would send them out
(this one's from a poet friend)
Ann Taylor
I think God
spent extra time on you
and the way you look at me
makes me feel like
that applies to me too
When butterflies fall in love, do they feel humans in their stomach?
Demons are just FALLEN ANGELS.
They fell
And unlike angels,
DEMONS have a STORY to tell.
Good and evil.
It's just two sides of the same coin.
your name is
forbidden in
my mouth
or in my heart
because when
i think about

i'll cry a little more,
hurt a little stronger
love a little softer
because you no longer
make me feel sober

i'm drunk on the
memory of you
if only i could chase you with pizza but shots don't work like that
Micah G
Can I give a girl anything  
Except what she wants
Stained Glass
The version of me you created in your mind is not my responsibility.
in a world of fear, Gods, and gurus
how are we to find truth first-hand
and walk the pathless land?
Misty hues surround us
As the sound of silence envelopes us.

Tear-dried faces greet us
Bodies soaked in sorrow and pain meet us.

Relinquished human spirit opens the door
Unburdened souls walk in on that floor.

Indefatigable were we
Surrendered now we lie.

All covered in the mist
Of the uncertain tryst.
Still Mulling.
Vargov Saikia
and must
not in agony
in realisation
"we poets are liars"

whilst we sing,
"I Carry Your Heart With Me (I Carry It In)",

love came in at the eye
through the body
and left . . .


Or shall I say they bent the truth to lie...
Mia Pratt
Lord, lead me
to the quiet seas of your peace
camoflage me in the waves and currents
of the undying love you possess for me
quench my thirst with more
of your splendor and righcheousness
to heal the brokeness of my body and soul
and to restore me back into your image
and i said goodbye
through filtered glass
my hand
a shadow
my voice
a blur
i chased you
and you met my gaze
until you were gone, completely
a quarter-past three
the end of
you and me
to me,
you are
an art

                              to you,
                              I was
                              a tragedy
you still remain, and will always be
a fine piece of art
to me.
// edit: thank you for having this in the daily. ♡
Ronza Jairy
Confront our past
this time it’s just natures way
of telling us to
Mrs Anybody
i should
move on
i kinda
already have

but there
seems to be
a tiny part
in my heart
that belongs
to him
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Shadows dance...
Until they stop.
And they continue
To frolic before
Darkness strikes and
Suddenly they disappear
One, two, three
I've lost count
All at once,
Night falls and
Come dawn
Light shines on
The missing shadows...
Masha Yurkevich

If they shut
schools for
too long,

moms will
find a solution
to the virus

faster than

The last memory I have of you
You were sitting in your car

With pleading eyes that said,
“Please don't go”
Although moments earlier
Your words said different.

I had kissed your cheek
And said one last

I waved as I drove away
With a heavy heart and a
Soul that did not want to
People are staring

I'm not moving

Maybe that's why

I'm not moving

Cause they're staring

And they're staring

Cause I'm not moving

And I don't know why

We're stuck in this loop

No difference

With eyes that stare

All around me

People are pushing

Too much pressure

I'm still not moving

The loop continues

But now, I'm alone.
I don't know. I was already messed up. Quarantine's making it worse.
after Bukowski's "The Laughing Heart"

my life is your life
it was never mine.
omission of submission
leaves no way out.
what's an offer of forgiveness
to a promise of betrayal?
a lost shepherd leading the blind.
under a loaded sky
someone sang
"there is a light and it never goes out"
a marvellous truth that
has taken my heart.
there is light somewhere
but not in my eyes.
heaven can wait.
the gods will have to delight in themselves
a little longer.
when ever i hear your name
my heart instantly
to the bottom of a
Love didn't end wars
It started them
Sameera Krishna
When i first saw you,
I captured my soul with your gaze.
How beautiful that moment was.
Words' Worth
The panic
Is more dangerous
Than the pandemic
A Ray of hope
Flickers in the sky.
A small robin cheeps between the leaves.
Sound of rippling waters
Close to my heart .
A moment in time
The world stood still .
No busy streets
No traffic
But eree
What happened
God silenced the noise
And the busy streets
He shut down economy
To get our attention.
You don't hear me in the busyness
Or the crowded streets.
You have ingored my voice
Time to think about death and life .
I  need you to want me .
But from your own accord.
Not mine .
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