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i miss waking up
with your heart in the
palm of my
happy monday, friends <3 i hope its a normal thing to feel like this. i know there's nothing wrong with missing her but a part of me feels just empty
Nostolgic for memories I never made
I rose tint flashbacks
I hope to make them my past
Like a moth to the flame
I am drawn to the pain
Where it goes,
I follow
Heaven knows,
                         I’m insane .
is it a dream
or a nightmare...

seeing your face
in my reverie...
Honestly, what is it to be having it... suddenly ?
break me again, my fragile shell
eternally cracked within
Nola Leech
Why be your own enemy?
When there are so many people out to get you
Om Guragai
Only when you are sick you realise how you took you health for granted
Only when you lose your job you question your chances
Live in my present moment my friend
When death come it cannot be unwinded by advances
Tom Atkins
You shift in the bed. Light comes through the windows.
There are birds singing outside,
too early for spring, but singing nonetheless.

A full night’s sleep and you are still tired.
Your bones and soul both resist inertia.
The warmth, yours and hers, comingle.

Nearly three years since you exchanged vows.
None of them easy. None of them the stuff of fairy tales.
Times of death and loss and struggle,

Constant chaos.

You prefer peace. That is the truth of it.
it has been a long journey to capture it.
an old man’s journey to rebuild himself from the rubble.

She shifts slightly and settles back into her deep sleep.
You would prefer the fairy tale, but you have lived too long
to believe in them.

In its place is what you have, a different kind of love,
soft as flesh, strong as steel, A thing you wish
you had found as a young man.

But age has its value. Age is a treasure,
Wisdom, however it comes, is treasure. You smile, fully awake,
reaching your arm over the covers

and drawing her closer still.
The woman I love and I have a third anniversary coming up in a couple of months. I still live in amazement in us.
tears glisten in the moonlight,
but it shines too bright.
blocking out reality,
and the sad fatality.
of my heart,
and it's broken parts.
you stopped the bleeding-
the pulsative nature of my heart

you cut the veins and tied them into knots
a gallon of morphine -
never enough

You made rose gardens out of marrow
and comedy shows out of love

you stopped the bleeding
I stopped the beating
we got even
and lost it all.
Ekaterina Vorona
After your spirit's flown, I'm on my knees
A cage of bones hides your still heartbeat
And by an empty throne, for centuries
I'll be dancing alone, to our memories
because human lives are so short
that you have to speak your mind
as soon as you want to.

you'll wind up losing the chance
to do it forever if you don't.
if they say a one-word poem,
i'll write your name...
Hope A
To her fragile past
Wrapped in a shaking shadow
Light fell silently
And broke on her silhouette
Fading the seams of darkness
Jason Adriel
tonight i am plagued
with self doubt
and anxiety

i want to exist
for you

with you

but love's become
an impossibility

life's become
an impossibility

because of me.

because of me.
tanvi sharma
it hurts
what if  this is just my excuse.
What equals Fear?

What equals Rejection?

What equals Love?

What equals Jealousy ?
Not love? Again fear?

Is this some paradox based on the thin line between love and hate?

I just wanna tell you I'm sorry for being envious.
I didn't want that.
I didn't even know I wanted only You.

I underestimated myself.
I can move on now.
The lesson is clear.
I just need to remove the Fear.
From You.
jia m
i’m an
ordinary person
i lie
not all the time
but when
you think
i am
i just have
a lot
of things
to say.
idk i think one of my friend thinks i always lie. nah man, i ain’t no liar, just got a lot of things to say and i’m not good at explaining ://
Glizelle Alderite
I wish I got lost in a forest
At least I could see trees
And hear birds
But I'm lost in my own thoughts
I could only see darkness
I could only hear voices I didn't ask for
i met you
as the leaves fell
and the sky turned grey

the world grew cold
as my heart turned warm

i missed you
as the leaves grew back
and the sky turned blue

the world grew warm
as my heart turned cold
Still love you
Even i know
You won't
Night Sky
i just realized
how much anxiety
the numbers on the clock
really give me
i feel like i never have enough time anymore
A blink of words
That can't be said
Or even be written
She is her own poem of thousand words

She is fierce and gentle
All at once
She's a song
An unending, Beautiful song.  

She is a sparkle
She is a shine
She is the only thing
That i want to call mine

She is my everyday
And my every night
She is every morning
And my every twilight

She is all i know
She is all i see
She is a sweet melody
She is my unmatching rhythm

She is the firefly dancing in the moonlight
Her words pour like gasoline

And my fist impacts the brick wall in the moonlight
Bone shards splinter like firework sparks
Sets her words alight, they stick to me

My life is approaching its ******

A Gunpowder Crescendo
your name is
forbidden in
my mouth
or in my heart
because when
i think about

i'll cry a little more,
hurt a little stronger
love a little softer
because you no longer
make me feel sober

i'm drunk on the
memory of you
if only i could chase you with pizza but shots don't work like that
Donall Dempsey

I like to say
your name

when you're
not here

turn you
into sound

conjure you out of
thin air

so that you appear
before me

dressed in sound

memory sketching in
the rest of you

as if sound
was just an outline

and love
colours you in

adding the voice last
so I can hear you say.

"Hello you..!"
and there you are

as present
as present

can be.

I like to say
your name

when you're
not there.
Love's only weakness
Is also its greatest strength:
It defies reason

My thoughts on Valentine’s Day
They will tell you
All poetry has been written
There is nothing new
Under the moon
But let me tell you
They don’t know you
You are as unique
As the DNA that exists
Within your frame
The ripples on your thumbprint
No one ever had the same.


You have something to say
Say it proudly
Say it boldly
Never let them scold you.

Never let them make you go away.
I love it when someone tells me to keep writing. You should keep writing too!
Love is free
take what you need
just don't
Leave me broke
You keep saying I do these things out of fear
But you are the one who's scared when I speak up,
Aren't you dear?

-You think you're the player, but you ain't even on the options, love.
Lara Volkova
I plan to see you today
I plan to bury you, my friend
A better version of an old poem I named “Tuesday”. Never published.
You know, I'm a fool for you.
It's like you know that no matter what, I'll be there for you...
Even if you ***** up!

So let me be a fool for you!

But do you know what happens to a fool when they become wise??
They stop doing a foolish things.
Things like "being there for you."
So let me be your fool!
When they take yhu for granted
The devil is dead
So heaven said
Do I believe
Outside my head

I walk around
In this world
On solid ground
Beneath my soul

The devil is dead
So heaven said
I stand at his side
I lay him to rest

He was my friend
I bless his soul
God come down
Take your brother home

The devil is dead
So heaven said
Do I believe
Well do ya, punk
moon child
"I'm an open book"
She says

Written in
Kurt Philip Behm
You’re desperately lost,
writing your way into the madness

Each word a false beacon,
your hopes to decry

You’re desperately lost,
searching the caves of your memory

Delusion the caretaker,
your verses to lie

You’re desperately lost,
as every voice now deserts you

Time running backwards,
the heat turned up high

You’re desperately lost,
as the Sirens misguide you

The torch of the demon
—burning darkly inside

(Dreamsleep: February, 2020)
Since love has us entwined, then let be three
And of the genes that spliced proportion you;
The greater half to mere a third of me
That I proclaim of beauty; now is two,
Tho' loving sin desires you for my own,
Is in that sin consideration finds:
Another be as loved as loved I've known
From beauteous of form your offspring binds.
Then if alike, she'll love a lonely man
Whose bitterness towards his mirror's self;
Be changed from bitter farce to sweetest fan:
Then darling kin be loved like you; myself.

The fate that draws us both could greater still
Live on your beauty and your loving will.
ok okay
So many people focus on finding love
I'm too busy finding myself
This disease struck me
Like a brick on pavement

Everything was
Then that brick came along
And with the slightest movement
Destroyed everything

“Count it
Perfect it
Measure it
Clean it”
The voices say

Why can’t I let them go?
They keep repeating:

“Count it
Perfect it
Measure it
Clean it”
Why won’t they stop

“Count it
Perfect it
Measure it
Clean it”
I don’t understand

“Count it
Perfect it
Measure it
Clean it”
Someone just HELP me understand

This disease is about
But it's the biggest
Imperfection about me
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