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...Also seen great men
Walk down the wrong path of life
Never to return
Your shadow
behind you like
a prisoner
of your

your eyes
have become
roses that
are slowly

and all
of my words
cannot help
her in
these nights,

where she
hides behind
these empty

at first light
of marriage
she was
ready to
set the
world on

put now
her fortunes
are just
empty pockets
of fate
buried deep in
her old
favorite jeans.

too young
too stupid,

in love
or whatever
you call
it at eighteen
years of age.

and I
send her
kisses and
quiet whispers,

that at twenty-eight
she might
grow to

that at
thirty eight
might cover
her heart
like a

and then she
will realize
that "yes,

I loved her
Puck Everlasting
Slithering on the ground,
Confined to Earth’s grip.

God’s hand took from me
My freedom,
my will,
my legs.

It is not my fault.
It is human curiosity,
And now I pay for it.

It is not my fault.
It was the devil inside me,
And now my children pay for it.

Salvation is not meant for serpents,
And so I am trapped.
Slinking and sneaking,
Stuck in this legless body.
Peter J
Sitting watching the world burn
Man doesn’t have an answer
Books don’t have an answer
Religion doesn’t have an answer
They won’t let you in

Sat here watching it happening
We’ll be safe some one must know
We’ll be ok the politicians will know
We can prey, that’ll work
They won’t let you in.

Sat here watching this madness
Smoke over America and Saudi
People walking forever and ever
To be saved from the smoke
They won’t let you in.

It’s still happening when I awake
I can’t find my way,
why is everyone laughing
Please hold my hand
They won’t let us in.
#you live in a house-go to school-live in a house.
Nettles on moss
She rules
He’s a succubus
Authorities of none and all
Animals play
Then naught
Diction annunciating “void”
Vamped value glows red
Dried skin turns to ash
Marshmallow madness sticks
That tune in your head
Maestro’s Fever sings
Sweating for a minute
You’re on parade
Have a drink
Here then gone.
Everyday is an adventure
As we live our life
Some days are sadly filled with darkness
And others, we find the light
We learn, grow, build and shape our character
We rise up through it all
One never knows what will happen
Life is totally unpredictable
Light seeps through the
Window cadences of rhythm
Like a heartbeat
Of true intentions
Misconceptions dodge the soul
Dust particles pass my face
Proving I’m still alive
Somewhere inside
This shell

At night my astrolabe
Can not contain the measures
Of uneasiness and skepticism arising
In this government induced anxiety
take me back with you
so we can gaze at the stars
one sin at a time.
a haiku
Another “shitpost”
I have no words to speak
You took them from me
like a rose I am red and rouge
cut me open
I belong to you
i've never had anyone kiss me the way you did

i've never fallen in love and fallen asleep

but you're one in a million and i wanna stay a while
but you just
had to look at me
and i'm falling

What to say,
What to do,
All I think about
Is you
Will there ever be another like her.
I dare say it
You are the moon
And no need for the upper moon
As long as you exist
You are the light of every lover
Your smile is my daily prayer
You are the earth's moon
That shines my heart
And makes me look smart.
I want to strum to the beat
Of your heart,
Dance with your soul.

I want to pretend
Your name wont leave me
With sorrows
As soon as you go.

I want to make our last night
One you fight
To leave your memory

I want to watch as
Our last embers
Fade out of control
From the black coal
That turned to ashes.
friendships are gardens and i make bouquets
Be careful

That care
Does not Become Control


as love
Grace E
She's not the damsel.

She's the dragon.
And she knows who she is.
just let me inside please
all i want is to see
your china cabinet of my memories

im bigger than i was before
none of you can hurt me
Ray Dunn
so much wonder
sleeping through your eyes
some genius buried under
the blue that shines like skies
If Romeo waited, he will see
that his true love Juliet was not dead but asleep.
If Cinderella waited at the bottom of the stairs,
her prince charming would never have left her foot bare.
If the young mermaid waited patiently,
perhaps the man will visit and avoid this tragedy.
If Snow White waited till the animals say
the apple was poisoned and turning gray.
If I keep on waiting for you,
will you, one day, love me too?
it isn't that she didn't care
it's that she was tired of investing all of herself
into people who ripped her heart to pieces

her soul craved connection
and her mind was expelling the toxins
that disguised themselves as love
Ty Katsarelis
Walking backwards
Admiring the things behind me
After I’ve passed them by
It took me a while to realize this but I loved you more than I loved myself
I prayed for you more than I did for myself
And it's for this reason that I have decided to let you go.
I have come to a point where I need to give you up in order to regain myself.
Austin Hunt
you ever feel like your head’s in the dirt?
and everything is
blurry? and every
word you hear sounds too
slurred to even stand
a chance of hurting?

and yet the worst
things fly high in your mind
like birds of worry? and
you hurriedly
misinterpret, the world is
and the only thing
you’re sure of is
that uncertainty is certainly
the only purpose
you’re serving

but on the surface,
you stay working,
and learning, and
let the bourbon wash away
that lurking serpent of
nervousness that
snuck in through
a curtain that’s flirting
with closure,
undeterred by
the purple you’ve been
turning ever since you
realized you’ve submerged
yourself into Earth and its
I am as fit as a fractured fiddle,
with my wooden cords galore
that don’t make a sound anymore,
and a neck like wet cardboard
that is ready to fold and fall
on the bathroom floor.
The C8H10N4O2 is calling
I feel my energy level falling
As it whispers my name
Now I'm just stalling
Can't break myself free
"How bout some tea?"
Your suggestion's appalling
But coffee? I'm keen
Seeking my daily hit of caffeine
Inspiration found in a local cafe with the molecular formula of caffeine (C8H10N4O2) painted on the wall.
I'll wait for you like she could have

I'll protect you like she should have.

I'll fix that heart of yours that she shattered.

I'll love you.

Just let me treat you like you deserve,
and i'll love you as long as you let me.
you’re not


of love.

they weren’t

just worthy

of yours.
phil roberts
So many human beings
Falling through the cracks of society
Parts of every generation
Simply lost
And as the cracks grow wider
More and more fall through
Falling into despair
They exist
Lost from the rest

And within their lives
They have little of anything
As others seem to have it all
Naturally they grow restless
Believing nothing will change
And the younger angrier ones
Become faithless and lawless
Becoming darkly feral
So many human beings

                          By Phil Roberts
It is too late to ask me why,
It is too late to say I lied,
It is too late for me to run,
It is too late to blame my mum.

It is too early to say goodbye,
It is too early for me to die,
It is too early in the day,
It is too early for me to say.

It is too hard to explain,
It is too hard to take the blame,
It is too hard for me to cry,
It is too hard for me to try.

It is too easy to run away,
It is too easy for you to stay,
It is too easy to point at me,
It is too easy for me to see.

It is too late,
It is too early,
It is too hard,
It is too easy.

Two toos are two not four,
Four toos are four not eight,
You see, it’s not easy,
It’s just too late.
Farheen Khan
Just not for me or just not for you
Light is for everyone
Life is for everyone
Let it be for a day or a month or decade
But true sense of life is living it with light
And I hope this light reaches you all
Hope this light reaches you all ^_^
O Lord search me, inside and out then heal me.

I beg thee , O Lord to search me and to heal me.

Not only I, heal but everyone that reads this too.

For this world is hurting and needs your Healing.

Heal our lands, heal our bodies, heal our children.

Then all shall see you O Lord and let a revival begin.

Thus then bring all nations unto your throne room.

Repenting of their sins, asking you to come into their hearts.

Thus many more including world leaders as well God.
Joe Allay
If i die tomorrow
Do remember me not
Shed no tear for a broken soul
I wish to be apart of you
I gave you my all
But i die alone
Please don't step on my grave
I don't deserve your shadow
Not in my lifetime
Not in afterlife
My spirit will carry on
But will not hunt you down
Live your life forgetting i ever exist
Thats the last thing i have for you.
Bruce Demos
Laying under the feather tree,
Breathing scents of serenity,
Soft down feathers come falling down
And swaddle me on fuzzy ground.
I'm fast asleep in memories
Of all the things I haven't seen,
As I stay by the feather tree.
Robert Ippaso
My head’s in a swirl
So much on my plate
But I’ll give this a whirl,
To prove I’m so great.

No need to read up
On subjects galore,
Like tea from a cup
I can always drink more.

The world’s not so hard
To figure it out,
I keep up my guard
And my character flout.

Kim’s just a breeze,
Putin’s quite tough,
The former I squeeze,
The latter I bluff.

The Saudi’s are great
I know all their tricks,
To them I just state:
You break it, you fix.

Iran is a pain,
A hard one to solve,
It’s me that they blame,
Their sins to absolve.

But China’s the key,
The bane of my life
And just like a flea,
It’s nothing but strife.

When all’s said and done
I’m good at this game,
There isn’t a one
I can’t fully tame.

This all goes to show
I’m the man for the job,
While democrats crow
The election I rob.
she's been made fond

of saying: I'm not surprised.

life on impact.

watching stuff move when

absolutely no one's looking--

in the dead of, in the life of.

she leaves her eyes where

they are.

then picks them up with the

most compassionate seeing.

she wants to run, because it's

hard to see.

I moisten her eyes with my first

kiss ever.
Megan Joseph
love is a drug;
once you have a taste
you can't get enough.
maybe that's why I am afraid,
afraid to take a sip,
a bite,
a whiff,
of love,
i might overdose.
I drank you deeply at dusk,
and that,
is where I'll wait-
-for you,
drunk on your magic
grasping at your ether.
sandra wyllie
can give life
and one person
and take life away

One Person
can create
a beautiful masterpiece
or destroy the hope and joy
in a child’s loving, trusting face

One Person
can build this country up
or tear this country down
One vote
can make the difference
as to our future
if that vote is sound

One Person
can change your life
forever –
if given the permission to

One Person
can do many things

One Person
is you
I clung contemptuously
to summerborne auburn misgivings
I sung a tempt to you thusly
but truth overshadowed forgivings
Lean heavier... Let me be yhur stepping stong to yhur elavated height.
But please, if yhu get to the top.
Do not forget me.
when yhu help someone out of despair, but they forget yhur good deeds.
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