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Paper faces and silicone smiles-
Where’d you get that mask, little girl?
Looks an awful lot like

The flower in the garden
will one day be gone
it may be beautiful now
but it wont last that long
So like a flower one day we will see
In the end, How broken we would be
He loves me
But he’s not in love with me
And it’s breaking my heart
But how can I explain?
You don’t look at me the same anymore
loneliness, an old friend
is knocking on my door again
and I’m trying so hard not to let him in
tangled up on a hammock
beach hair, golden skin.
a haiku
The Masked Sleepyz
Sympathetic empathas saying words,
That are read from a script,
No one knew how to write,
It's early and cars,
Driving to,
Another paid bill,
Or whatever Thomas said,
Expierences fulfilled by fuel,
Maybe they aren't driving,
Or drinking,
might just be,
making babies in the,
Or whatever Keats said,
Distantly dancing,
To kindergarteners and,
cancer patients,
Just another Thursday,
With mystic music,
Lofting around,
The empty dance halls,
Falling up,
With Christopher Robbins,
To the stars,
The bus is on time
Or whatever Dylan said.
"Yes!" Some teardrop moon reminds me,
"Summer's always on her way."
I have this one playlist
It contains all the music
That reminds me of good memories

So that whenever I feel alone
I play it

I don’t feel alone anymore
I wonder..
am I too soft?
or is the world too hard
Is there no greed in Heaven?
Like the greed we have here on Earth.
Is there no lust in Heaven ?
Like the **** case we have on Earth.
Is there no strength differences  in Heaven?
Like the gender inequality we have on Earth?
Is there no violence in Heaven?
Like the manslaughters we have on Earth?

Is there no sins in Heaven?
Or is there no Heaven?
Yet i do believe in God
Never seen God
But i put my faith into God.
If God lives in Heaven
And God created us
I believe we all are from Heaven.
So ,
Is there no sins in Heaven?
Gone Lifting
I read someone on here just a minute ago
He brought back some strong memories
I feel compelled to write this

Jesus is Lord and God is Almighty
Two different times in my life
God spared me from being killed by men
Once he gave me victory over them
Not because I was better than them
But, because I trusted in Him
He made a way for me
the other time when I was in the Marines

This can be a dangerous and nasty world
And you can be gone this
I wanted to write this to remind people
To trust in Jesus, you may not wake
up tomorrow.
We are not guaranteed another day
It is very frightening when someone is in front of you with the intent to **** you right then and there. I hope I never experience that ever again. The Good Lord willing.
Today I recall every time we spoke
and every time we didn't
and I tell myself I knew you
but I didn't

what I knew is that you were unstoppable
a force of integrity and passion
golden and swift
and I wish I knew you
when I had the chance to.
I don't know what happened
Until you and I talk like
We were just neighbours
Saying 'hey' and just normal Conversations.

One answer per one question.
That's all it is.
I miss the way you smile at me
Like I am the only joke
You have ever seen
And now all of that has changed,
No more 'goodnight' and not even a Goodbye at the ending scene.

Just so you know,
Even if your life turn out to be hard,
I will always stay there,
Right there deep in your heart.
At last,
I feel at ease
There goes the leash

I am far too young to be bound,
far too old to stay around
Clueless of what there'll be
outside, I might as well feel lonely
I need no freedom
For in this cage,
I feel free

And at last,
I feel at ease
I made this poem half asleep
That's why it makes no sense hahaha
Sona Lachina
A single birch leaf
Floated to my sill

It made my summer
Knees wobble as it sang
September's denouement --

It laughed at me so
Mired in time and

Don't worry
Little one,
You will know
My secret
One day --
They prayed to porcelain gods
In pursuit of imitation beauty;
Blithely sacrificing their youth
At the altar of fraudulent immortality

On hardened knees, they offered pleas
And the remains of their unconstraint;
They worshipped at magazines,
The gospel of each shiny, shallow saint

They believed in their inadequacy,
Failing scales, they purged their dreams;
Feeding hollows with empty fantasies;
Less is more is not always as it seems
To all the lost girls, I hope you've found your way
Enigma GD
My smiles not real
Don't be fooled
Not like my heart was
Kurt Philip Behm
Gripping the meteor,
both hands for dear life

Expelling, compelling,
less heat and more light

Afraid to let go,
knowing what it will mean

My pen to go dry
—my heart not to bleed

(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2017)
Ashlee Reyes
last night your kisses
made the moon brighter
we'd smoked before
but inhaling you
made me higher.

i went back to my empty apartment
dreamed of you real sweet

but i know better
than to text you
and wish you the
most decent day

i wanna believe in the concept
"ask and it is given"
but i know better
than to expect you to stay
The way of the world is odd in extremes

And no one cares about your dreams
The Awkward Bard
Golden is silence
For words coarse and fine, still bear
Hard truths, or sweet lies.
we could crash
we would burn
shaking wings
slight turbulence
metal monster
flying above
jittering nerves
gnawing anxiety
Time for me to head out to Washington! I've never flown before and I am downright terrified. Hopefully I won't die tragically today.
Kelly McManus
Your gadgets control
your heart and soul until you
become a machine

                Kelly McManus
As the Earth rotates
We all live on this planet
Our Earth needs some help

Change things that make a difference
Changes that change opinions
Change that can be successful

We can all help out
Help others to encourage
Stimulate the change

Brian Hill - # 235
Are you concerned with our mother?
Neon lights
Bleed my eyes
I've lost sight
I can only rhyme
Whispering voices
Long day gone
Residue of life
Where did we go wrong
Giving we gave
Taken we took
Sinners and savior
All in one book
And so we read on
There's no end
To our songs!
Traveler Tim
...I have left this ****** nightmare
In my wake but out of sight
All I want is deviation by design

Out of all the past confusion
Out of all the common spite
Just tell me I am yours 'cause you are mine

Song #3
Did the self-encasing ice
Ever melt enough
To reach beyond,
So you
Stretch your tired fingers
In the cool spring air,
And flicker your eyes open
To the mid-morning mist,

Breathed in just shallow enough
To soothe that rain-like pit-pattering heart
And coo the aches of chilly soul,
Hushing the wisps of winter wither
Beyond the mind and somewhere thither.
I still remember the last time I saw you
and I remember the day I realized
it was really over

but life goes on, as things do
however, I still find myself
thinking about you

I’ve seen other people,
I’m sure you have too
but still, I really, truly do
myss you
Ashly Kocher
Growing her wings as she makes mistakes and learns that failure is as beautiful as the day she was brought into this world..
Irina BBota
Next to your footsteps
I feel like an outsider
An unwanted guest
Shofi Ahmed
Terra is prolific
                   is never a world
                                 this is it!

            Numerically perfect
                            is scientific
            painstakingly poetic.

           Walk along the beach
                             never think
                   you are alone see
the clouds fly in sheer bliss
     The ocean of the rivers is
                      forever flowing.

                           It's mundane
                  yet hallowed holy.
      The artists' kaleidoscopic
                       the pious men's
         immanent metaphysics!
that relation
can be grown
through love
and emotion
they govern
and depends upon
individuals intention

©deovrat 19.09.2019
What is a promise worth when it means nothing at all to a broken person?
An excuse to make people happy?
To make someone believe lies even more?
What is it?
The four walls that surround me
Once freeing now trap me
Nowhere to go
Nothing to do
In this jail that I outgrew

Im banging on the walls
Smashing chairs and dreams
Tearing them at the seams
Trying to see a crack of light
Behind the walls
In this jail that I outgrew

Alas I give in
No matter what I cannot win
My knuckles are bloodied
My chest heaving
I've given it all I've got
And I'm trapped again
In this jail that I outgrew
I don't Drink
Not because I don't want to
I don't Drink
Not because I don't need to

I don't drink because of you
because of what you did
because I swore that I would never be like you
because you were the monster I feared

I don't drink, because I fear
The monster in you, will become the monster in me
and that monster is something I never want to be.
Niesha Radovanic
when i met you
clocks stopped.
infinity relapsed
like dragon tales in 2002.
wave caps bury blurry nights.
we resurrected with the tide.
mother nature created two constellations
that puzzled,
purposefully together.
i always felt like a choice.
i never felt like an option.
isn't it strange,
that the most
things in this world
are not what we do not understand,
but the things that we do?
What if
You have been fighting
A losing battle
All along
What if
The silence
Within you
Is only
The calm
Before the strom
It is going to be a fight
You just cannot

my biggest fear.
Erin Reed
a fool
i am
  to convince myself
  that the words that flowed
  like the sound of a perfect melody
  from your lips,
  were the words
  of an honest man.
O, elegant sandwich, set me free!
With your layers of meat and cheese
spread over bread made of glee.
Smother me between your buns
and take the life out of my mouth.
Let your sauce drip down my chin
as you exorcise this soul from the south.
No, I don't **** my sandwiches.
I know the taste of rain
and how bitter herbs cut
in my tongue – everything edible
tasted and destructively processed
into a garden of memories

with paths of love to beds
of friendship and borders of vice
stakes of anger, ponds of sadness
and a smelly compost heap
of failures and wilted ideals

it sounds more orderly than the maze
it is, the web in which I got lost
of which the threads have become thin
and matte, breaking easily
in the merciless sun

that has evaporated
the glittering drops of dew
of the sky-blue illusions from my youth
and everyone calls it wisdom
that comes with age

to detach people
from their desires and last
physical discomforts
but I discovered
it's a secret
Collection “Webgarden”
So am I loyal

for still loving you
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