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Molly Elizabeth
If I had know that I was going to write a poem about you I wouldn't have
If I known I would fall in love with you
I would have never met you
And if I had known how much I would hurt
I would have already been dead

But that's not the way that it works, is it?
We are to find love
Find pain
And everything that goes with
But I never wanted this I never wanted to feel
I hated it so much
You hated me so much
But I can't do much about it now,
Can I?

If I had know
I would never had felt this way
I would have never had my heart leap
And jump out of my chest
If I had known
So much would be different
And you would be long gone
Second place
Always seemed so nice
Second best
Never hurt so much
Lili Gudewicz
Foot Tapping
Hand Shaking
Mind Racing
Walls Breaking
Strength Taking
Nail Biting
Head Throbbing
Knees Clattering
Teeth Chattering
Life Shattering
every time you cross my mind
fog fills my skull and clouds my thoughts
each time I say your  name
my tongue curls up and green travels through my lungs
any moment I see you close
turquoise trickles and travels onto my lips
such salty emotions I savor
you are the badtaste but I’m obsessed with the flavor
When you find
Your other half
Always remember
The day that
Changed your life forever
your name is
forbidden in
my mouth
or in my heart
because when
i think about

i'll cry a little more,
hurt a little stronger
love a little softer
because you no longer
make me feel sober

i'm drunk on the
memory of you
if only i could chase you with pizza but shots don't work like that
Don't you dare mourn for me,
I know you never cared,
You left me hanging on a tree,
Say "I love you" You never dared.

Don't you dare mourn for me,
You never loved me anyway,
I loved you and that's the "tea",
These words I needed to say.

Don't you dare mourn for me,
All I was, was loyal,
I wish you could've finally seen,
Now I'm six feet under soil.

Please don't mourn,
I sometimes wish I were never born.
reigning cereal
i'm so tired.

but it's that kind of tired
that is spent
in a warm orange haze
like candlelight

and i can't help but remember
our late night messages
the smile refuses
to be wiped off my face
S H Violet
I try to be the best I can-
Accepting change
and letting go.

I try to be the best I can-
By not picking flowers
to let them grow.

I try to be the best I can-
And that’s why when someone
says to walk away from you,

It seems so easy-
Because it’s the right thing
and my mind knows it too.

It seems so easy-
But the pain immobilizes me
into the same **** cycle.

-I deserve better
life lines window sills
listener of whispered words
light lays on the leaves
When I speak in heaving sobs who listens?
Poorvi Chauhan
he threw
the ankle
gifted by me
it reminds him
about me
Oh..! God you're full of love,
give him some,
because he's gone,
would never come.
Sleep is for the
and merely
the leery.
So sleep dearly.
Aquila Venatici
I cannot quite articulate
the inescapable frustration
that you are to me.
i adore you.
i adore you-
i will cry
my stupid
eyes out.
this is just so much frustration put into words. I AM TOO MUCH ALL THE TIME! I AM TOO MUCH !
With your words
The Knife.

Knowing and not knowing,
Afraid and clueless.

A thing that used to be,
The dust on the mantle.

Will never be the same
The blood that was spilled across the floor.

This crime scene filled with pain and sorrow and regret.  The murderer and the victim one in the same—but also separate.  Two hearts that both dance to the same miserable song.
Oof...  I wrote this one a while ago...

(Also this poem is dedicated to my father, like a like a lot of my poems)
I build rules in my mind,
Fasten a chain around my
heart to stop it from beating
when I see you,
I will myself to stop,
tell myself to stop thinking,
But the mere sound of your name
breaks chains, and I stop
thinking, I break my rules,
I do it all for only a glance of you
See how it rolls off my tongue?
So easily,
I wonder whether
your chains will break too.
New Genesis
Blood pumping through us,
Can you feel it?
My heart’s been broken,
Can you heal it?
If I asked you
To prove yourself

Would you?
Not that I’d ever ask cuz I’m scared I know the answer.
Harald Pfeffer
My anger

My anger has faded
A shadow that no longer is
It was old and bible black
Like a starless sky
I felt wronged and it rose
From my heart, acid and vile
Into my throat like bile
Twisted my tongue
I spat it out. It became a cloud,
Smoke stinging my eyes
It lingered as a shadow
Swallowed me like a night
Without end, but my mind
Twisted free, returned to light

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 27-2-2020
Alex Mars
Sparking fires of others' interests
Doing a puzzle with changing artists
Finding personalities of a falling forest
Knowing what stands above and before us
We don't know
We can only assume
A stigma surrounding
My heart is pounding
In fear of being judged for sounding
Crazy or irrational
I'm going to tell you all
No matter where or why you fall
I'll wait and help you crawl
Back to your success
This is my first poem published, so it's not very good. I write A LOT of poetry (like 60 pages on an online document) and I'm going to post a quite few.
do not be afraid
to imagine happiness
after you wake up
Martin Mikelberg
walking clockwise around a Buddhist shrine
I thought I heard a voice
it was mine

- a modern haiku
Shadow Dragon
Get a job,
a husband or wife.
Make yourself comfortable
in your own life.
So they tell me
or would have told me
if they were still alive.
But they are dying slowly
by the magic pills.
They are no longer there
to protect and care.
I no longer have devils
that whisper and scream.
They can do both
but now they are doing non.
And I can see myself having fun,
not caring or staring
into nothingness.
Yet it leaves me in mourning
to know they are about to die.
Maybe if I hold on a little longer
I won't be lonely and then find myself
a job, husband or wife.
Maria Etre
You kept misguiding me
till I changed maps
For her—
the one who's left me wondering
how a name I hardly knew
can remain forever on the lips of a heart
frozen in the moment
it was uttered for the very first time.
poetry is stupid
oh so dumb
I like to finger cats with my thumb
once i did it after  I played my drums

pleas do call me Shane
I just like to finger its plane
I was all consensual
I also did it with a pencil

but the court date is soon
I not  really over the moon
Caron  I'm pleading let  me see my son
I  only finger my cat with my thumb

I have not seen him in years
but  yet I am not in tears
because  I have  my cat
and I wish I could see my son Matt
I'm  sorry Caron but  it fet  so good
    ­         p

    or wine
      you chose
Your feelings are like the flowers that you gave me. Fragrant and ethereal,

But wilts, but wilted.

And just like your love, it was only momentary.
if they say a one-word poem,
i'll write your name...
Shannon Perry
You're the lighter that ignites my spark
and causes my inner gunpowder to mark
the darkened sky with an explosion of coloured lights;
I'm a firework landmark of the nights.
come on and share your story for everyone has one that should be told this is why i love to  write so others can see the real me for i would love to hear your story so don't be shy
michael cera
i am a man.

i didn't make that post.

i didn't sing that song.

i didn't write that poem.

i didn't make that video.

then who am i?
tears glisten in the moonlight,
but it shines too bright.
blocking out reality,
and the sad fatality.
of my heart,
and it's broken parts.
Irish guys
Will have the most beautiful blue eyes
Long eyelashes
Charming uneven smile
Deep strong accent
Fair skin that goes red in the sun
They aren't perfect looking
And yet
Here i am
Weak for every irish guy
I come across with
Falling in love with every
Single bit of them
i met you
as the leaves fell
and the sky turned grey

the world grew cold
as my heart turned warm

i missed you
as the leaves grew back
and the sky turned blue

the world grew warm
as my heart turned cold
Donall Dempsey

I like to say
your name

when you're
not here

turn you
into sound

conjure you out of
thin air

so that you appear
before me

dressed in sound

memory sketching in
the rest of you

as if sound
was just an outline

and love
colours you in

adding the voice last
so I can hear you say.

"Hello you..!"
and there you are

as present
as present

can be.

I like to say
your name

when you're
not there.
Running running
So hard to keep  up
With life
Ever going
Always doing
This way and that
Filling in gaps
Busy schedule
Have to go
Have to do
Have to
And smell
The roses
Love's only weakness
Is also its greatest strength:
It defies reason

My thoughts on Valentine’s Day
Kaitlyn Marie
You sit on a chance until the non compostable breaks and sinks into the earth
the moon is closer than it appears and if dandelions don’t have a place than most people don’t

They will tell you
All poetry has been written
There is nothing new
Under the moon
But let me tell you
They don’t know you
You are as unique
As the DNA that exists
Within your frame
The ripples on your thumbprint
No one ever had the same.


You have something to say
Say it proudly
Say it boldly
Never let them scold you.

Never let them make you go away.
I love it when someone tells me to keep writing. You should keep writing too!
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