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Tears streaming
I'm screaming
Nonstop flashes littering
My brain
The ground
Remind me why you think I'm fine?
I promised myself I would
Not break my own heart again.

I never keep any promises.
Bella R
An owl
Told me
Once upon many times,
That I must
Love valiantly,
Toss fear to the wind.

But when I'm alone
Stuck in a limbo;
Infinite possibilities await,
Sir Owl, I pray thee
Teach me:
How do I love
When I'm afraid
             L ?
Banele Msimango
Young lady gave me the look, the same one the mother gave me the previous day I walked by, I guess the hate is genetically motivated. They looked at me until I became what they were looking for. A giant being full of the melanin. I won't let my tears drop for this, am a being, I'll keep walking till I become one of them.
I close my eyes and sing
With my heart;
I don't move my lips.
No sound escapes
But it rings in my ears
Taking away
From all my fears.
In this moment I am free
In this moment I can sing
In this moment all I feel,
Is this embracing me.
on a rainy day
you're the sun
when it gets dark
you're the light
I've heard them say
we were
never meant to last
but look
how far we've come
Embrace rejection for it's only a step
to finding your TRUE LOVE
Keith Mitchell
the breath
so beautiful
that moment you don’t even know
how’s that
deep ****
are you proficient
maybe the moment you accept
my heart accepted
what will be
Tired eyes,
Half smile,
Sly confidence.

Not trickery,
But captivation.
Enveloped in the warmth of wet skin
Salty fingertips grasping onto sticky arms, legs
Hair hot with amber and vanilla
Cheeks pink, lips pinker
Stolen air is sweeter
Sweeter breath is stolen
Part, slide, gasp and shudder
Breathe, breathe, breathe,
They threw me in and now I’m drowning in the deep end
If I’m religious, you’re the one that I believe in
You’ve been here with me to help me fight all my demons
On our way through the sky
We’re gon’ look down tonight
When we die, you and I
Two heartbreak soldiers
When you lay by my side
I see the world through your eyes
Ride or die, you and I
To live or die, what’s the price on a life?
Deadwood Jawn
R        e           s            o           n              a               t           e

R                                                             ­ e
            e           s                                     t
                                    o                  a
      ­                                         n
                    s  ­                                    a
        e                  ­                                              t       e

V i b r a t e. .e t a r b i V    
i                                     i
b                                   b
R                                   R
A                                   A
t                                     t
e t a r b i V   V i b r a t e

The music surges through me!
                ­                                                  Superfluous excitement!

I love it.
I love it.


The song.
                                                           ­        The song.


A pleasure to my tongue.
                                                                ­Riveting for the dopamine!

Move with me!
Move with me!

               ­  Move

With me!
                 With me!
With me!


Goodness, me...
If I just

Surge that
Surge that
Surge that
                  Push back
                  Push back
                  Push back
                                      Slam, tap
                                      Slam, tap
                                      Slam, tap

HEART ATTACK.                                                   C         K
E   E                                                                ­  A  
A                                                          ­       T
R              A                                        T
T    ­                         R T              A                                  C
T                                                        A      ­        
T                         T
A      T    
Written during a time of frantic, hyper, positive thoughts and ideas. Please give me your interpretations! Anything at all! <3
Sean Fitzpatrick
By the grace of Neptune, and the humor of heaven,
We are free to carry on erroneously.
To the unsounding ailing, time has no meaning,
And in reality, indeed, presence is fleeting.
" That's just me "

You’ll hear her say

" I am lesser than beautiful "
I refuse to believe that
I am of worth
What exactly am I?

A courageous soul who is unapologetically herself

Well, the truth is
I look in the mirror to only see
My reflections disappoint
No longer can I say that
My beauty radiates from within

now read from bottom to top
i wish there was a way
to rewrite a song
that's already been written by someone else

i wish there was a way
to make right what was wrong
and forget about what happened then

i wish there was a way
to find out where you are
so i could fall in love again.
beautiful feeling + i need somebody + i would. day6, look it up.
moon child
Traced on a
Your photo is a
Reminder not everything
Is as it appears
So many things in life are not what they seem on the surface at all
I find myself craving you
You're the thing I want most
That I know I can't have
For it is the forbidden fruit
That tastes all the more sweeter
Spencer Arndt
enjoy these words
in silence
value every line
you might try
to look right through me
in an attempt
to dampen the shine
I have no reason to be sad.
I have food on my table,
I live in a luxurious stable,
I’m not disabled nor financially unstable.
Everything I want, I had.
So please explain to me how I went all bad?
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
before you pray,
think it through
give thanks
for the damage
the storm
did not do

Of course, if you don't pray...just look away.
                                                            ­                                                I
                                                                ­                      C
                                         ­                A
Everything begins with I,
Impulsivity and Indecisiveness.
These two words go together, my
Impulsivity and Indecisiveness.
They make me say or not be able to,
Impulsivity and Indecisiveness.
They usually come in a pair, the two,
Impulsivity and Indecisiveness.
I know that they will go away,
Impulsivity and Indecisiveness.
But some days they just flood my brain,
Impulsivity and Indecisiveness.
Don’t believe his words
Tryna cut your heart w a sword
Tho he says he’s genuine
You don’t know enough to know if it’s really him
He says he’s telling the truth
But I bet there’s a longer root
Don’t believe his words
Don’t you dare ever fold
Don’t lose a piece of you
Falling for this tool
Don’t believe his words
Don’t believe his words
I let different boys touch me
Because I wanted to know
Even for a second
What it felt like to be loved
Even if that love was cheap
And it tasted like ***
Like the punchline to a joke
I never got because it was me

I let different boys have different parts of me
Parts that they didn't deserve
But I offered up willingly because I couldn't give anything else
Because you broke me
And I was looking for different fingers
To place different pieces and hoping
That the outcome would be a masterpiece
That maybe one of them would find a way
To cover up the handprints you left all over me

I let different boys touch me because I had to prove to myself that you wouldn't be the only one
That the scars that mark my body wouldn't define my worth to be loved
I am still not entirely sure that you aren't the only one
Who could ever touch me

I let different boys touch me because that is all I have been taught
To be a joke
To be silent
To be ready to give until you have nothing left
- I am hoping one of them will show me
- they keep leaving me and I am to scared to offer up anything more than my body to get them to stay
Stars only reflect
the inner most desires
burning to escape.

three empty words
i want to fill

three empty words
i want to feel
Kaylah S
I love her
she yells because you make her mad
I love her not
you keep your arms by your sides, don't yell back
I love her
let her fists hit your chest, physically it doesn't hurt, so it doesn't matter
I love her not
your tears make you a *****, real men don't cry
I love her
the police will laugh if you call
I love her not
you're not a victim, be a man
I love her
I just feel as though men aren't as represented when it comes to domestic violence. The male is always painted as the perpetrator, and while the reported cases do ring true, there are so many unreported cases of female on male domestic violence. Domestic violence needs to stop in all genders.
I hope this made sense.
comment some opinions or questions ;)
He writes poetry
But no one knows

He writes poetry
He writes about love
And loss

He writes about smiles
And frowns

He writes about sorrow
And forgotten towns

He writes about how lost he gets
Caught up in his own mind

He writes poetry to
And about others

But no one knows

Know one knows the depth of his soul
Because they all choose to see the exterior
And that exterior screams

And preppy
Don't have souls

Or so they thought
Until the day he was consumed
By his own poetry
maybe we aren't fundamentally weak
but we just have a small fraction of a moment when we're weak
and in that moment, we lay in bed too sad to move a limb or we simply do not want to see the world beyond our front door
this is ok
we are not weak to the core we are weak in the moment
we are not fundamentally weak we are fundamentally human
Mom says
I should call it what it is.
A scarf, cologne,
A movie ticket.
But instead
I boxed up our first date.
And burned it.
How can emptiness be so heavy?
There are worse things
than a broken heart
but to a romantic
to a poet soul
it's fuel, it's fodder
we keep scratching the scab off
and fingerpainting in the pool of our own blood
still working on closing the wound..
As humans,

you take
the love,

her eyes looked liked oceans were trapped there:
stormy and tortured
beautiful and captivating.

her was like ribbons running down her face:
smooth and flowing
stunning and graceful.

her smile was like flowers blooming in the Spring:
sweet and adorable
amazing and loved.

everything about her was lightning:
scary and sharp
intriguing and electric.
inspired by my bestfriend, who's been through o much that she deserves a poem about her.
Evert night at 2 AM
Different poems are written
Different words are scribbled
Different papers are crumpled
But only one thought she had
Yet, word can't help her convey the feelings
"Empty" has much more than herself
"Sad" is not sadder than she thought
"Broken" is more whole than her
"Hurting" ain't just bleeding just like her
And when words can't take the role
It's the blade that play with her
Every cuts has meaning
Everything is her unreleased feeling
Sometimes, words are not enough to tell what we really feel and most words doesn't fit to the emotions we are holding.
we are the sun and moon never destined to meet

but rare times we did

felt like fate.

-the sun called it love while the world shielded their eyes from the damage  

*      ·   
   ✦                      . ˚   
                                                          ✦      · .
  ·     . .   *    *  . * .         ·
·           ·✷ *              +     ·   ⊹  . ˚  ˚    ˚     * . who will mourn the world ˚
+   ·  when there is nothing left?+                ˚
+   ·        *   ✺ ˚ ⊹           ✵      ˚ +    . .          ˚    ✷ ·  .   .       · *      ⊹   . ⋆ ˚
*       *      ·   
   ✦                      . ˚
·           ·✷ *                  +     · ✵           ✫    * .      * .  .
I felt like space
so so alone
Alex B
Someone stole my color
And threw it to the wind
Scattered like ashes
I don’t know if I’ll ever find it

Someone stole my color
From the face I know so well
I saw it in the cotton candy clouds
And the teal ocean swell

Someone stole my color
I guess that’s where it went
The world looks so much brighter
Like something heaven-sent

Someone stole my color
And that’s what no one knows
Depression isn’t black
It’s the color of a rose

It’s the light orange in a sunset
And the yellow of a peach
Light blue, my favorite color
So simply out of reach

Purple like my favorite eyeshadow
No, lavender, I’d guess you’d say
And my favorite music artist
Although he has passed away

Someone stole my color
Now everything’s too bright
I suppose sometimes darkness
Isn’t the opposite of light

Someone stole my color
So I’ll wear grey and black
As if in mourning
Until I get it back
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