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There's a hole in heart

A void in my mind

A deep desire for nothing but want

A need for something like fun

Adventure and thrills

Seekers and pills

Falling into a blackness

So dark I'm turning blue

Such stark it's only true

Helpless and innocent

Forgiving and iridescent

I bond with strangers

Act bold, I'm not the tamest

I am stuck, so stuck

I don't know how to get out of here

This place, this room, this hide

This mask, this facade,

This glass, this wall, this broken bridge

It is all burning up into flames

Watch it, sink

Down it goes deep into

Black Waters

- soulwriterj
Written in a state of fragility and lostness.
IG: @soulwriterj
Madelynn Nieves
The days turn a bitter cold
Empty silence fills the air
Numbness envelops me
Lost in thought
Unable to inhale
Watching my last breath escape me
Lost in the fable
Of how we used to be
Untouchable force
Expelling a light
Bright enough
to blind the world around us
Framed by a glass bubble
No one could *******
Besides you—-
You seeped through my skin
Found your home within my veins
Only to feel your demons
Sneak from beneath yours
Infiltrating us both
And the glass shattered
In perfect tune with my heart
The noise
A harmony of despair
As I realized I was no competition
I’d lost the battle before it had ever begun
Of the choices laid before you
I came second to only one
The dark mistress of your poison
The bottles on the bar
The call of the ice in the glass
The lure of a maniacal life
It’s all the same thing
At the end of the day I’m never enough
To keep you you coming back to me
Consumed by a world of fantasy
Where someday you’ll be royalty
And I am but a peasant
Worshipping at your feet
I am dismissed
In favor of illusions
I hope your illusions keep you warm
Star BG
I look to the East and with deepen breath,
free my soul inside love.
I look to the West and with dancing steps,
free my soul inside dreams.
I look to the South and with open eyes,
free my soul inside visions.
I look to the North and with hearts song,
free my soul as my mind follows.
Free Mind thank you for inspiring me
Whipping through life on a path?
Some peaceful, some a wreck
Is your direction an intention
As the word, “destiny,” would imply?

Or is that notion just a lie?
To admit destiny
Means there’s One that destines
But is it so?

Is there a long hand of providence?
To push us to and fro?
Destiny wrecks atheism
Destiny destroys randomness

Destiny means direction
Destiny implies purpose
Here for a short while
Then gone...?  Where?

Does what makes a person
Disappear into netherworlds?
Or does it deposit
Into the hands of destiny?

The voice, the face, the presence
Each a piece unique
Never two the same
Was that the aim of destiny?

Or am I wrong?
Are we just random cells?
With no meaning
As we travel through this world

A clump of accidental cells
Headed straight to ****
But forgive me
That implies...destiny of these shells

Do you have control
Of your pitiful soul?
Or do you just pass through
With no destiny attached to you?
The longing runs like river wide
Which flows to meet the boundless sea
It is not false, won't prove belied
It ever flows 'tween you and me

In downpour fragrant rains of grace
The longing runs like river wide
White foams and spins with rapid pace
Its current will not be denied

When freezing waters ice outside
Still undercurrent steady strong
The longing runs like river wide
So soft, but still it sings its song

And when the heats of summer bake
Mountain streams in time have died
Its goal the waters won't forsake
The longing runs like river wide
Quatern form
Whenever I cry it isn’t obvious.
I’m not loud and I don’t get ****
I just sit quietly, breathing, my eyes slowly dripping, as I’m thinking
About the things and the people that got me to this point
But most of all, myself.
Mark S
do not judge
another's tears,
try to help them
calm their fears

for some day
you never know,
it may be your
tears that flow

Sometimes peaceful
Sometimes loud
Sometimes sad
Sometimes good
Lonely is different
Lonely is bad
And scary
Can’t see, can’t hear, can’t breath,
Loneliness suffocates
Evan Palmer
a velvet purse
to match her words
rose water drips
onto her lips
a rusty nail - it wouldn't fail
a voyage I could never sail
Frank Emmanuel
you are my adorable pearl, the one i long for every blessed day and night.
your love lightens my soul and kindles it with melody for your sweetness in excess.
and just like the night stars catches the attention of every eyes, you became the cynosure of my hopeful eyes.
it is as apparet as the breaking of a new dawn that i'm profoundly lost in the paradise of your unshakable and unatainted love.
Omo baba Medubi, only in the hearty glow of your soulful eyes, i findeth solace and tranquility
galaxy of myths
11:12 I wished for you.
I wished you the best.
But I'm a minute too
late. What a waste.

ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew
Chris Letford
I was always told when I was younger,
that sticks and stones may break my bones,
but names would never hurt me.

Bones will heal,
bruises will subside
and cuts will mend.

They never told me that the names would stay with me.
I've lost a piece of myself today
I've left pieces of me here and there
and maybe everywhere.
Can I rebuild myself?

A jagged piece is all that's left of me
It has sharp edges and cuts deeply
Don't mean for it to happen
Just trying to guard this last piece of me.

If I collect all the pieces I've lost of mine
Can I rebuild this broken heart in time?
Or I could leave every ripped off piece of me
and just guard the last, sharp, jagged piece and fly free?
Today is a bad day. Get up again and try tomorrow. It might be better then
her eyes sparkle from tears she cried,
her layers of makeup for the bruises she hides,
her soft lips that utters all of her lies,
her beautiful figure thats been touched too many times,
drop dead gorgeous she tries to hide,
thoughts of dropping dead behind that smile.
I kinda just...wrote it. Yeah.
Vanessa Gatley
Path Humble
the count starts now (tired of tired)

I read your outcry at 3:00am
posted on Facebook

you are
tired of tired
sick of sick
the only question, will it ever end...

rise this day,  start another way...

count your blessing
count against all odds
for there are more than merely one

use both hands
both hands chested to feel the heart thrusting,
for living is a wondrous blessing unique
an unbelievable to believe than so many beats,
born and borne,
by you, a strength unequaled,
you a richness possessed

count that one first.
count my hands holding your shoulders.
count that as two, one for me, one for you.

more? more.  

mirror.  find the tiny light in each eye against a yellow backdrop.

add two more. for they are a sparking confidence of confirming.

you felt the heart thrumming
go back, feel the breathing warmth breaching forth.
add another. for now known you can never ever be cold.

wash the face, wash away the caution that sleep leaves,
the coverlet of fear that fears you not to dare,
amazing that tap water plain is sacred when it
miracle breaks you out and anoints thy forehead with pure oil like the kings of yore, be a kingly human being.

go out. do not return
until one act of kind is performed and
count that as a thousand blessed, a sum recurring recounted

walk humble and the path will always appear.
walk contented for you can be both king and servant,
there is no difference - you must be both to be the other

and if you still cannot raise the head,
call me.
that would be a blessing for me
and I will hear your blessings sounds mine merge,
dear friend and no more stranger,
that is the simplest definition of our learning to count to
4:00am I read your cry on facebook
Daniel Ruiz
I'm here sitting
the smell of coffee runs through
my veins,
some music i probably will forget
in a few years arguing with
the thought of you,

But I'm here,
I'm here,
writing about what's happening

pretty boring huh?

i call myself a poet
but i can't use high metaphors,

i call myself a poet
but i can't describe fully
how you make me feel

i call myself a poet

but what am i?

I'm just a kid
scared of life
finding new ways to cope
searching for someone to love,
not holding unto my dreams
how can i choose with my mind
what's right for the heart to choose.

and you see?
don't you see?

don't worry i can't either

i can't see how great i am
i can't see how other people see me
i wish i could.

i want to believe this was a dream
a nightmare at that.

But at last.
I'm here wishing that in another life
i could be with you,
maybe in other deaths,

i crave your touch,
i crave you..
with coffee waking up my senses
like a kid in summer waking up early
to go play with his friends.

i wish things were different,
so i wouldn't have to wish.
Daniel Ruiz
Love, just love,
love poems that fall from my reach just to be read by you,
making butterflies appear in your stomach every little word,
my fingers tend to type,
and your existence, as beautiful...
no, more beautiful than the best love poem ever written,

existence that falling feet first fell into my life,
hitting my head with confidence and for the first time in a
while, sparks.

You being there ignited my will to live,
made me feel a better man,
you reading this poem
makes my heart beat faster
than my reckless driving.

Your smile and charismatic
soul gravitates happiness upon my life.

You existence is more beautiful than anything i could ever write,
That's why i love you so much.
For you.
Love Addict
You were a
child, and I was so young too.
Still scared of shadows and monsters. The world was a canvas
for me and you. And then you left and I was scared and alone. But now that your back I just wish that you would go.
elle jaxsun
i always have
the urge to run.

but what is it like
to be a tree?

to be confident enough
to root yourself
and grow with
wild abandonment,
being unapologetically

i'm still running,
but i wish i knew.
last rainy night
i was always behind you
and somehow it was enough;
loving you from afar
In a world of wonder
Wishing for an ending
An unthinkable possibility
Stumbling to an unimaginable place

Each day brought torment
A commute of tears
Barely able to see
But no reason to care

Not able to function
Thoughts consumed with grief
Seeking a way out
The unimaginable, possible?

The long straight road ahead
Brings no relief
Pressing the pedal
May release the grief

In the darkness
There is a torch
To guide you along the road
Recalling the sadness
The unimaginable
you gave me a word to hold onto
it got me through the night
felt nice for a while
but we both know this isn't right
keeping your distance is a crime
I know this by the hurt in my chest
someone's placed you here in front of
me as a torturing test
you've put a gun to my head and I'm asking to die
for the sake of being dead
what I would do for you to crawl out of her
and into my bed
Im so sorry
         I didnt mean
To fall in love with you
        No Words
Can describe you
           The feelings
     I got for you
Jordan Ray
It's your birthday and I wanted to send you flowers.
But I didn't want to intrude on your little patch of glory.
The soul has
its own weight
and I felt lighter
when you went away
not knowing if mine
was gone for good
or gone with you.
Johnny Noiπ
In lieu of abortion,
why don't women sell
the babies to the
church to auction off
at fundraisers..?
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
There are
things I
have suffered
will never
be a story
from my lips,
nor will
ever be
words to a paper.
To you,
I am nothing
And that is okay
Calypso Zephania
I can hear you,
You are there.
I can see you,
You were here.
I can feel you,
You are there.
I am with you,
You are not here.

You are here,
With him.
I am here,
With me.

I am alone
With you.
You are not alone
With me
How am I so alone living with you
Ray Ross
Until I look in a mirror, I forget that I have a physical form beyond these arms and feet and hands, outstretched into a world I do not like or understand.
I am a cherry cordial of mismatched matches that have all been doused in a liquid, I cannot tell if I am covered in gasoline or water.
I lose myself when you look at me with those cursed eyes,
I don’t know why I become hypnotised by your pretty lies,
I realise but still deny that you make me cry,
Id rather die than leave this lie,
But why,
Because I love you.
they met
he was
so fine
his words
were sweet
she wished
they'd meet
he was
on guard
she still
fell hard
and then
one day
he did
not stay
he led
her on
just to
be gone
she had
a cry
but now
with time
she is
just fine
his messages
have been erased
his memory
has been replaced.
I've reached the edge and now it's time to say goodbye
but it's not really goodbye it's just another start
another reality in time
I love you darling
something i came up with a while ago
Rəhman JA
Clouds dancing in the sky,
Birds singing songs,
Kids laughing from heart,
For our love darling.
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