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I can but dream of yester-year,
Thy voice a song-bird singing;
With every morn I woke to thee,
And true-love just beginning.

ღ ღ ღ

Crept up upon, and stole away,
Love claimed me when I found thee;
Thy dawn, thy noon, thy evening's set,
Thy pitch-black locks around me.

ღ ღ ღ

Please fare thee well my song-bird,
Though I know I shan't be near thee;
Thy melody still somewhere sings,
Though I shan't ever hear thee.
ღ ღ ღ
christy moore - black is the colour
Ugo Victor
I'm a bit tired of dreaming, can I sleep now?

Will the world change for the better?

Or worse,

Would it have been worth anything?

And most importantly, do you know?

Will I wake up in a better place?

Don't panic, I'm just tired of trying so hard.

But I'm still here.
until the day we meet, i'll write your name onto the sun, where the gilded lilies glow. besides the golden sea of stars, an amber river flows—as though sending words of my heart for you to read while we're apart.
If only i could say,
that i could love you in a very special way.
I can do nothing but keep it this way,
So I could make you stay.

For you I am nothing,
For me you became my everything.
Your beauty keeps on shining,
and keeps my heart beating.

Like a horizon I tried reaching,
Even with the storm, I'll keep sailing.
Because you are the one I am seeking,
a treasure that is worth keeping.

I may be hidden,
in this feeling that is written.
Someday I'll be sayn',
that I am here waitn'.
When I say I love you, I'm sincere.
i am reclusive
you are elusive
i step away
you slip away

maybe it is best
that you are so fleeting
you pass by
your shadow lingers
for a moment
and in that instant
i feel my chest collapse
Hannah Field
Sitting all alone with a broken heart
broken hopes broken spirits
everything is broken
why did you ruin everything?
what did I do wrong
I wanted to give my love
But all I did was lose my best- friend
and everything I love
i am lacking the ability to be happy alone.
surrounded by my thoughts that i cannot control.
my words do not make sounds; they make poems.
compiled of emotions that i do not know.
strings tied to the corners of my mouth.
i tend to forget that i am bound.
hidden my inner demons, let my angels run around,
but what i want to say is not said
out loud.

i feel trapped in an open room.
lost with an empty soul.
we rolled our joints with rose petals
and thought we were poets
we felt like poets
Anna Bell
“i love you”
those words
                                      from his lips
i believed his deceitful manner
his charisma, it was alluring
Dennis Willis
Amongst the silly humans
fumbling about
these parts

this heap
this leap
this unfairly fashioned
female sweet

who's presence
Burns like the
certain sun

Copyright@2018 Dennis Willis
Ilunga Mutombo
If you love her fight for her

If not, then please leave her

For she deserves a better lover

One that can truly adore her
"But what if we're wrong?"
It was silent
But her thoughts echoed around in my head as we laid on top of her pickup truck
I swatted at the eighteenth mosquito chewing on my leg
I don't want this to be love

We were tangled up in the acoustic music they play on the radio on Sunday mornings
She was trying to dream up something clever to write about
And I was pretending I could learn to play guitar through osmosis,
As if blending myself in with the harmonies, finding her in every lyric, and sheer willpower would give me wings or at least magic guitar hands

She set the alarm, checked it over and over
She was not going to be late for her first day
I told her I'd be asleep when she got home, she told me she knew
I told her to wake me up

I wasn't looking for perfect
Perfect really only applies in first year physics courses
After that, we learn to fall in love with "rough around the edges" or "unique" or "unfinished"
As if their life is a puzzle that we need to complete
Just so you know, it isn't

She bought me breakfast and dropped me off
She used to tell me she loved me, but I know she didn't
She does now, so she doesn't have to say it anymore
When I said, "love," before, I didn't really mean it
Not like I mean loving the garden on the balcony of her apartment or thunderstorms in May
Even if I was a puzzle that she completed (and I'm not saying that I am), we didn't need any glue to fit perfectly
The support on this poem has been unbelievably incredible. I am so grateful for this community with all of these lovely people :)

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Last week

seven of my

children were

all together for

the first time

in a long time.

and as each one

came into the room

to greet me.

I felt my roots


deeper and

deeper to

the center

of the universe.

and in their smile

I saw the smile of

my father,

the smile

of my mother.,

and as I drank

in their laughter

I became

drunk with


and when night


I looked up to

the heavens

took a deep

breath into

my soul.

then I


the exact place

of every star

and shimmer.

and I knew

I had finally

found my

place in

the universe.
D William L
We spent today singing of tomorrow,
but tomorrow never came.
With naive hearts we wrote undying love songs
to transient deciduous souls.
We mockingly sat deaf at the foot of wise men's lectures
while we barked mute revolutions.
Brains thrashed in dormant bodies,
celebrating enlightened states of nothingness.
We played with our lives
the way a child plays with a gun,
and we spent today singing of tomorrow,
but tomorrow never came.
There's nothing more beautiful
than a woman showing love to everyone
          But I curse thy self for believing
       I was special

As a man like me hated the world while my fist are the keys to my door and everything that is locked

I loved you
    Darling I loveD you ...
3 am thoughts
the words spilled from her mouth

here i sit,
as my best friend,
tells me
you have another.

i shouldn’t care.
but i do.

no matter how hard i try,
the poetry for you in which i write,
never ceases.
it just keeps pouring out of my soul.
it sometimes seems as if,
the poetry i write for you is what keeps my heart beating.
what keeps me breathing.

but now, what am i supposed to do?
do you think she will love you?
do you really think she will love you?
please tell me.

it’s hard to think of you with another
because we used to be so in love with each other.

it’s been a long time since we last spoke,
but it feels as if all the memories of us i have were just made yesterday.

you have another.
who will never,
love you in the way i could.

but my question for you is,
will you love her in the way you could towards me?
michael cera
like the feather in flight,
the whitest of lies,
a second in time,
a bell and its chime,
as quick as the word,
at the end of this rhyme,
the feeling of happiness,
sure takes its time.
I heard you thinking on the other side.  And the flashes of neurons left me thunderstruck when your words boomed.
Time doesn't heal.
And the wound knows it.
Layers gather on the ****
but the damage remains,
hiding itself deep inside
the secret scar
time healing wound layers damage hidden secret scar
she is a happy ending,
not everyone can wait for.
Maida Rasool
each day i ask myself
is there ever going to be more?
more than this life that i'm forcing myself to live
i need to know that this all ends well
that my fairy tale ending will happen
that i matter to someone
that i will find my one true love
and we will live happily ever after
that maybe my parents will finally accept me for me
maybe there will come a time when
i stop hiding from myself
when i stop being so afraid of rejection
but then i think what if?
what if there isn't anything more?
what if nothing ever changes?
what if i can't stop hating the person i am?
and i hate thinking like this but i can't stop it
why can't i stop it?
why won't it just stop?
please. make it stop!
lo que necesito
es alguien
quien me apoya y me consola
quien no me condena
quien me da confianza
donde no tengo que pretender
donde puedo estar mi misma
en tiempos buenos y malos
Deniz Eilmore
I write so that
I may map all the places i have been lost
And hope that one day
I will be found
it hurts when the guy doesn't want me
i want me.
Tila tayo'y hindi nagtatagpo
Kahit anong pilit ipagdikit.
Minsan, kailangan lumayo
Para lang mapalapit.
Ika-23 ng Oktubre, taong 2018 - 00:40

Isang tula mula noong araw pagtapos ng kahapon.
im logging off and deleting hello poetry  no more poems im sorry
           I could be an athlete
           I'd win the marathon with
           Running away
                     - from all of my problems.
Cat Lynn


Fake Smiles...
Haiku Donna
I walked in autumn
leaves this morning and they sang
a song to my feet
:) la de daaaaa :-))
Silly one x
Esther Ye
I have 2 questions:
One, will the scars fade?
Two, when they do
Will i forget about you?
I disappoint everyone anyway. Why try?
Have you ever looked evil in the eye?

        I have

And he winked.

A tone as smooth as velvet.
A grin of a boy.

His lips parted seas,

of churning lava.

              But I saw a pool,

                 to dip my toes.

He splashed playful twists and turns.

              Till I was soaked.

And drops trickled down my skin,

scathed by sin.

That murky tank of burns.
girl friend
girl                   friend
girl                                                 friend
girl                                                      ­                         friend
girl                                                      ­                                                       friend
she's not bashful
she's not shy
she'll Turn the heads
On most all guys
it's not what she wears
or what she's said
she's Not peddling
from her bed
she's not Looking
for what you've got
she's pretty sure
it's Not a lot
she's not waiting
dusk to dawn
she's not Here

in fact, she's gone

Ruby Patrick
My best friend is just like me
We're both dead and cold as the sea
We both don't have a key to happiness
But that doesn't matter when it's him and me
Thanks, Kevon
C l e o
I was born
they didn't care
I cut myself at the park
they didn't care
I starved myself for them
they didn't care
I became an angel

Now, do they care?
today, i bleached my hair
the color brighter than the sun
i will color it soon.
red was your favorite color
that's why my hair will be blue.
you dont control me anymore

you wouldn't recognize me, i dont want you to
She wakes me up deep in the night.

I understand you, she smiles
snuggling into me, her nose,
pressed cotton soft on my cheek

I have no strength, I cry
not one, for you

I love your weakness
love you for your weakness
her breath wafts into mine

and the boy stuck in his age
floats in the web
of the girl forever
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