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When effulgent sun scattered his splendors in the firmament
And charming flowers shed their pure, sweet bewitching fragrance
Then I whispered an adoring adieu to my loneliness
And cherished the blossoming muses of stoup in ecstasy.
David Hutton
You were overzealous, had me concealed.
You tried to care, you thought you were my shield.
You created this storm-cloud,
Always angry and loud.
You were hazardous, too weak to be healed.
Kurt Philip Behm
This morning,
my body stopped in
to say goodbye

Thanking me  
for the joy

Forgiving me
for the pain

Fading into
—one last time

(Las Vegas Nevada: January, 2020)
I was broken until I met you
I never feel chipped or cracked when you're near
You put me back on my two feet
And it feels like I could fly

I thought I could feel nothing
But you proved me wrong with your honey-sweet words
You keep pulling me up from the abyss
As you radiate your warmth to me

I feel sad and lonely when you're away
My heart feels like it's gonna crack
You are the only thing that matters
And I would die for you
Hippie heights
Mile high
Everyone a little high
Smoke a little
**** a lot
Just hit up a parking lot

Find your friends,
They're everywhere
Just look here and there
Inspired by Ian Robinson
The one soul I can’t live without
and makes me smile endlessly
Grace Butler
Everytime I look in the mirror, I wonder what you see in me.
I see all my flaws, you see my beauty.
I see scars, you see my survival.
I see all the acne and bags under my eyes, you see my struggle to sleep with understanding. You see that I try to take care of myself but it’s hard sometimes.
In comparison to others I feel immensely inferior.
So I ask myself what do you see in me?
Why can’t I see what you see?

Why does the mirror deceive me?
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”
Why do I see me the way I do?
You will never be the thing that hurt you
You dangled the words
right above my head
like a dream,
too high up for me to reach.

How cruel.

For you to say you love me
when you barely mean it.
looked for you
for 21 years,
what you were
up to when some
nights felt lonely,
saw you in
every person
I came across
thought about
your existence
way too many times,
and many times
more I taught
myself not to,
and here you are,
a call away,
your touch;
a hug away,
your presence;
a heart beat away.
Michael Smit
I always overthink
Leaving permanent ink
One thought
Next another
Each and every other
The constant annoying utter
joe machetto
less is
or less
Terry Collett
I see you,
but I don't see you;
I hear you,
but I don't hear you.

I extend your hand
and touch it,
but it is not
your hand,
but pieces of dreams.

I often feel your hand
in mine, but then I feel
no hand at all,
but mine and
my shadow.

Mother remember me
in this other realm;
touch my hand
through the shadows of sleep.
words and rhythm
her weapons

her art

seeking chaos
where there was none

making stories
where there were none

just so she can tell them
i feel a sort of
internal obligation
to live an absurd life
because people love
well-told stories

and that's my art
she is a happy ending,
not everyone can wait for.
Grey skies , leafless trees
A moment of quietness
Remembering Spring

Loving Nature As Always x
It happens.
Sometimes it feels so good, the adrenaline rush for the adrenaline ******.
Sometimes you hate yourself more than you did before.
The sweet yet incriminating taste of relapse.
It happens.
heart is                                                  
A LANTERN                                              
Inside, lives a                                              
♡         ­                                       
e                   ­                 
t                       ­                       
  ­   n                                
      d                        ­                  
      ♡                                       ­             
s                                                  ­  
e                     ­             

                   bright wings
                     G L I T T E R I N G
                     with love, life and

I grow,                
S H E  R E M A I N S              
youthful, timid,              
d       ­     


                   ­                     spent days
                                          JUST  CRYING
     ­                                     feeling so lost
             ­                             ♡
                                  ­        I
       ­                                             s
                  ­                             o
                     ­          s
                    ­                              y
                                 ­                   ♡

                                           ­                             The
                                ­                                         summer
                                                          ­                OF HER HEART
                                                           ­                  became winter
                                                          ­                bleak
                                           ­                            ♡
                                                               ­                 a
                                                                ­                     n
                                                               ­                   d
                                            ­                            ♡
                                   ­                            c
                                                               ­   l
                                                            ­                d
                                                                ­                   ♡

                       with time
                          SHE MANAGED
                        to pick herself
                  ­ n
                           ­               h
      ­                           r

the help                        
O F  O T H E R                        
fellow Kings and                        
k         ­                         
♡                                      ­    
♡  ­        

                   You                                                              ­    
all have                                              
A D D E D   TO                                            
my heart's inner                                              
flame        ­                                        
n   ­                                                       
♡       ­                               
o  ­                      
e                               ­       
♡                     ­           

       Winds                                                            ­              
blow, wings                                                            ­      
NOW FLUTTER                                                          ­        
I'm ready to                                                               ­   
fly                                                              ­  
♡                                                                ­
b                                                               ­ 
y                                                              ­  
s    ­                                            
d            ­                                              
e                 ­                                                   ♡
I'm back!
So sorry everyone, the last few weeks have been... a strain on me.
I am still doing my media course and all, but mentally and emotionally,
I was slipping down into a dark place. My sleeping patterns have been messed up, my nerves have been completely out of control, my self-doubt, anxiety and depression drained me so much that I found it really hard to write, so I needed time to gather myself. It was so hard for me to pick up a pen. To do anything. My smiles were hollow and I just felt so lost.

I just wanted to apologise, I didn't mean to worry anyone. I'm truly touched by the out-pour of support for me. I got so many messages asking if I was alright. I can't express how much that warmed my heart. I'm so used to people being angry at me for my silence that it usually scares me to come back. By nature, with everything I've experienced, it's made me more and more of an isolationist. To all of those people, truly, thank you so so much for staying and just being kind to me...
Really. Thank you T-T
And thank you to all my followers, old and new.
245 followers... I can't even... T-T
I'm sorry if I sound like a broken record but thank you.
I'm back now, and I'm feeling better.
It's easier to hold my pen so I will resume spilling my ink.

I'll continue the Masked Bard on Thursday, I'm free the whole day.
I have no idea of my schedule the coming week.
Again, I appreciate everyone one of you.
Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts.
Thank you for staying with someone like me.
With much love,
Lyn ***
Lamar Cole
Kobe Bryant is with us no more.
The good do die young sometimes, that's for sure.
He was a basketball hero in LA.
He always played the game hard, that was his way.
An NBA legend he will forever be.
Always an inspiration to people like you and me.
They say,
if you throw a frog
in boiling water
it will hop right out.

But, if you turn
up the heat
it will boil to death. 

I did not realize
that the heat
was inching
and upwards.

I was swimming
in burning water,
in blissful ignorance
of when
it would all come
crash down.

I did not know
that I was boiling.
I'm not staying,
it's my blame.
I'll leave the innocent;
I'm not the same.
I've got blood on my hands.
Pressure to understand.
You're right.
You've always been.
I tend to forget.
I won't bother you,
still my existence bothers me.
My mind smothers me.
The nights scare me;
comfort is scarce.
The dark makes things worse,
and this silence hurts.
It can be so loud,
the noise of nothing.
The sounds of your thoughts,
utterly isolated.
I love y'all;
but I don't love me.
I can't live up to what you all think of me-
all feedback is welcome and appreciated!
when a heart broken
pours out all
her feelings and
translates them onto
words. something
beautiful gets created.
appreciated by many but
never the one
she's always written her
heart out for.
I’ve learned more in the dark
Than I ever did in the light
Here in the depths of my being
I’ve felt things that border on the supernatural
I’ve had epiphanies that have blinded the corridors of my mind
Making everything clear

I swim in these waters of despair
With the most gruesome manifestations of my pain
And yet
I still feel a ferocious heartbeat
With an undying love
An immortal flame
Keeping me alive
tina kimi
if I speak I always fail
to truly express what
I actually think

I wish you could read my
mind or there exists a place
to establish a link

sometimes I'm frustrated
because what I say did not
hit the brink

so I apology in writing
because its hard to speak
Chuck Kean
Just Walk Away

   For most of us we’re taught to do
Unto others as we wish they do unto us
It’s better to be nice and
Not give cause for a fuss

For others it’s do unto others
Before others do unto them
It’s a dog eat dog world, When we’re
thrown into the water it’s sink or swim

When someone treats us badly
The first instinct is to seek revenge
This has always been human nature
Even before the age of Stonehenge

So you live for that moment and
Again you come face to face
You want so badly and with anger
To put that person in their place

But I tell you from deep in my heart
Just take heed to the words I say
Your heart and soul will be better off
If you just walk away

Written By: Charles Kean
Copyright 09/09/2019
All rights reserved
Do you ever think
of a poem
that's amazing

and you're sure you'll remember
to write it down

but you won't
This is kind of my mood right now.
how do you name
this kind of strength?

the thing she loves most
shatters her, irreparably

shards sink to the depths
drowning she dies there

then recreates herself,
returning to care for it
Ruby Nemo
Why am I angry?
(if she's good to you)
You said you'd watch over me
Now I'm watching you watch her
Pulling beauty out of the boring
I'll turn into you, babe
I'll turn into you
I think I broke God's heart
I'm sorry I'm not strong enough to mend it
Get out of your house
Fall back into my arms
I believe that you love me
Why else would you leave?
January 2020
Mario Luzi
Quando tra estreme ombre profonda
in aperti paesi l'estate
rapisce il canto agli armenti
e la memoria dei pastori e ovunque tace
la secreta alacrità delle specie,
i nascituri avvallano
nella dolce volontà delle madri
e preme i rami dei colli e le pianure
aride il progressivo esser dei frutti.
Sulla terra accadono senza luogo,
senza perché le indelebili
verità, in quel soffio ove affondan
leggere il peso le fronde
le navi inclinano il fianco
e l'ansia dè naviganti a strane coste,
il suono d'ogni voce
perde sé nel suo grembo, al mare al vento.
he once used to say that he had no future without me nd now calls me his
even mirror cried n asked itself that when did this girl smiled last !
Trial by fire in freezing
Fear is denial in grieving
A picturesque portrait but the painter is sleepy
and he’s painting his nightmares instead of his daydreams
Maria Etre
I write
because I stutter
when I talk
with emotions
Its the days when you don’t cry,
But you don’t smile either.

It’s the days when you’re quieter than usual,
And people notice.

It’s the days when you aren’t quite thinking about anything.

But if someone asked you what was wrong,
You wouldn’t know where to start.
you get one day to cry
but tomorrow
it’s time to fix your crown
Kafka Joint
In my nightmares,
Oh my, oh my,
I see huge trees,
Touching the sky.
I wonder what it feels like
To hold the world in your hands
And let it slip from your grasp

Suppose I'll never know
Sea's End
When two poets love,
Words start to hang in the air
And lose their meaning.
Another haiku? Wow! I'm only so good with words until I actually need to use them. Just ask my girl. (Spoiler alert: I'm really bad at articulating my thoughts in the heat of the moment. That's why I'm here.)
saying I'm ok
walking thru life in a haze
sleep is my band-aid
How can I get past this depression when I know tomorrow will be exactly the same?
Colette Alexia
I never thought it would be me
Stuck in a hurricane unable to breathe
Lost in the lies he had convinced me to believe
Till I remembered I was a daughter of the King
She is a mess
But she is
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