Heather Feb 2012
A year ago today...you took my heart, you took my soul, you took everything I had and created love.
Nights so magical, no one could ever forget.

Kisses so sweet it's unexplainable.

Every broken piece I had, you made whole again and I cannot look down on you.
When I thought I was lost, you pulled me back and showed me great things I cannot even begin to fathom.

A year ago today...I fell in love so madly, so deeply, so unforgettable

You make me laugh, you make me cry, you make me things I cannot write.

A year ago today...a year ago today...those four words make so much come to mind:

Love, hate, happiness, loneliness, clearness, confusion, anger, wonder.....hate?

A year ago today...and I have not stopped falling...and I don't think I ever will

A year ago today...I can't stop writing it...

Come back to me...come back
and make it just today

Today...the day
I fall in love again
A year and a half ago I was good a year and a half ago I was fine a year and a half ago I was in my prime a year and a half ago I was not thinking about dying but I guess everything change when a disease barge threw the door of your life and you start thinking will I live or die but I hiding the pain in my eyes as I look back at my life before all this I can just sit back and cry before the needle before the pain shit I guess after dialysis nothing will be the same
Just want it to release my stress about my kidney disease
The time in which we gathered together,
Lost in our arms and eyes,
Correctly begins with "Once upon a time..."
And does now beguile my sunrise.
A wasteland is wont for many explorers,
In its greed though, it keeps them forever,
But the paradise I found with you
Would light my every endeavor.
Were each freckle a map of stars upon,
The shining blue sky this morn,
They"d allow me to navigate your sea of soft skin,
And mend a heart, forlorn.
An anchor that kept my vessel afloat
While Poseidon's depression near' took me with him,
I held the key to your heart, fabled Atlantis,
In love as I could ever have been, by an Angel, smitten.
The tender kashmir lips,
That promised and fulfilled me to sleep,
Have dispersed long ago,
And have tempted me to weep.
Complex reflections of my own inner self,
Revealed the catastrophe in full,
Though you had my heart for yourself,
I couldn't find where it leisurely lulled.
Young and daft, I took my own risks,
Risks that transformed into sorrow,
Shielded at last, that upon my cask'
Shall be writ' "perhaps joy comes on the morrow"
The serene, subcontious Siren
Knows not even of her own beauty,
With eyes that could stop time and planes
Of space, she can, so truly.
I beg to be rid of the memories,
I ask for constant euthanasia,
I consume to forget entirely
And regret my own mistakes here.
Let all good men see
the small dogs they used to be
' Sea swallow them up

' Clouds come together.
Great gray lightening strikes down
' ungrateful vessels.

Creaking though young and,
before the voyage of time
'moves the painted hulls

Leaves only nailed boards.
The sketch'ed skeleton of,
my nagging damsel.

My dear dreaded storm;
My pride, my bride, my dog died.
Thank you Heaven... This time

Calm makes us forget.
Laughter makes us enjoy it.
' Good men miss their dogs.
Let all good men see
the small dogs they used to be
'Before the' Sea swallow them up

'The' Clouds come together.
Great gray lightening strikes down
'On our' ungrateful vessels.

Creaking though young and,
before the voyage of time
're'moves the painted hulls

Leaves only nailed boards.
The sketch'ed skeleton of,
my nagging damsel.

My dear dreaded storm;
My pride, my bride, my dog died.
Thank you Heaven... This time

Calm makes us forget.
Laughter makes us enjoy it.
'Only' Good men miss their dogs.
Lily Gabrielle Jun 2013
May the branches of your cherry tree
Blossom fruitful and ripen beneath a kind,
Soft sun.
May the sky remind you it's okay to cry
Even if there is gold upon the loom
And green in the field.
May your mind be full of skepticism
Never criticism.
May you remain pure and strive to
Avoid ignorance.
Bliss is achieved upon crossing troubled water
Aim to avoid the security of a bridge.
Ignore cold shoulders:
Bathe in the sun.
Remember wind pulls petals from the strongest flowers.
Weeping willows sway in the wind like waves.
May it swallow your spine
Permeate vertebrae
And pull you deeper into blue until lungs beg to brake.
I will sleep beside you until the rain comes.
Onoma Sep 2012
By a day's difference, and a night's
indifference...angelic flight looses
evasion what was embrace.
The repose of memory blighted by
forgetfulness...seven constitutions
ago that personified the goodly
week of creation.
Incontinent, now...to All Things
small that were big.
Admonished whole by the changeable--
thou fairest...unwell.
Supping thy chinny chin chin--with
world-wearied, and wearying palms...
overgrow The Garden in hopes it may
obscure The Fall.
insomniatrical May 2017
I was

Keeled over
In the garage.

I laid in there

I wished that
There was some way
You could feel
My pain,
My sorrow.

I remember thinking that

Every second
That goes by
Is another reminder
Of what I lost.

I had to

Be quiet
Because they were
In the other room.

I could feel my

Heart breaking
As I studied
Your face
Like I would never
See it again.

Because I knew,

Yes I knew,

That I wouldn't.
My childhood bicycle
was like a Cadillac
with fins and gizmos
but my brother suggested
we strip it down.
My brother tried
to fix a red corvette
in our family's garage.
The computer has replaced
my childhood bicycle
with its journeys
to cyberspace.
The 5 year old car
of my mother's
which I drive
is orange and waits
in our family's garage.
KA Nov 2014
...and I am to blame?

your affair with David?

and John?

and Mike?

don't accuse me of the sins that you committed.

you left me long ago.
Andre Baez Nov 2013
The successes of others who've long since forgotten me are overjoying
You were my dream, but I preferred my nightmares
The ability to remain scared of what's possible, yet you cared
You would coo in my ear as your fingers flowed through my hair
My lost ones are successes yet I'm trapped in the recesses
Of my memory soliloquies the harmonies of being tortured mentally
Constructs of what's dressed up as angels yet hell struck
You fled from the inferno to an apple of grandeur and banter and slander
If anyone were to stand tall through cancer it would be you, its truth
You're the beautiful black angel, from a black heaven, with red and black shoes
I only wish I could've bought them and put them on to you
Before that though I would soak a towel in soapy water to clean each foot
Then we could've had mixed little kids like we planned through our youth
Although you were older you treated me like a nurse treats a soldier
You catered to my whims even when the lights got dim
And through the thick of moans and groans your light always shined
You were home; a light house, a star which tore through the night sky
You were Michael Jackson's Thriller and you had no filter
You were Naomi Campbell even when life was in shambles
You were a beacon of hope I had so long searched for in dirt
You, firefly, were born not to cry or to be trampled by hurt
Yet you did as a result of me, sweet serenity, due to my lines traced with lies
I was your love, the heavens above, in human form, to adore
You were rich in soul and mind although I was poor
You would still give me passwords to your front door
Even if I wouldn't let you touch my cell phone
Funny how things have changed now that I've grown
After you found out I was in a tryst with another lover you suffered
You screamed and tears fell as you told me to…
“Go to Hell, how could you do all this shit to me Gabriel?!"
I have the name of an angel and a voice to lend charm
But I'm nothing but a hoofed devil walking slowly to cause harm
You were never armed our prepared for what was in my heart
The darkness was never going to let you become apart
I had a void that couldn't be filled with your love
Your tears grew heavier and landed to the ground as blood
I know you're better than Eve because you'll bite that apple and win
And I still think of you every time the light dims
Although I know you have a new him
One day I hope I get famous so you'll have to hear my hymns
To make you witness my lack of self-forgiveness
To, for the first time in my life, lend you full attention
This is what I say to justify my intentions, when in fact I'm being selfish
I'm selfish because I want you still
I want to feel your lips and give you the same love that you felt
To adore you and hold you the same way you held me and told me everything
On your mind at the time, I wish to rewind and give you my life
I had some semblance of unconscious hope when I reached out to you once more
Though last time we spoke you said “I don’t hate you,” still
You said “I want to forget you,” and my little light was killed
You'll never want to measure my soul’s difference and my heart’s repentance
You are a permanent tenant as part of my penance
I must sit here and bear witness to your happiness
Yet not be a part of it, I simply smile for the entirety of your being is wondrous
Tarnished are my veins for the liquid which flows through them
Beg ownership to a person destined to such consequence
I am the unspoken memory, the dusk on the horizon
I am the melancholy symphony, a misery cypher
You are the art piece which overshadows Mona Lisa,
You are flowery fields of grace; you are the colors in bloom
The shadows of the sun and the heartbeat of the moon.
Mikitara Jul 2013
a twenty-six year old woman sits alone outside a coffee shop, waiting
she plays Snake on an old Nokia that was discontinued long ago
her red dread locks are tucked neatly under a worn beanie
that she stole from the boy that she gave her virginity away to
in a skate park when she was nineteen

a twenty-six year old woman sits alone at her desk, writing
she has a one night stand whose name she doesn't remember sleeping in her bed
her mascara is running and her lips are dyed black from henna
that she stole from the girl who offered her shelter when she ran away to live
in her car and dingy motel rooms after college

a twenty-six year old woman sits outside a Stop and Shop, drinking Shasta
she recently tried to publish her book of poems , but it was rejected so:
her shorts barely covered her backside and she wore the bralette
that she stole from her brother's girlfriend while she was visiting
in the false hopes that he would register how badly she needed him (or anyone)

a twenty-six year old woman sits in a little blue rowboat, drilling holes into the bottom
she skims Red Kayak before she leaves home and ties rocks around her ankles
her thoughts are set on mentally regressing the pain of her teenage years
that she wishes she could steal back to at least put some emotion back
into her heart

it'd been better than feeling nothing at all
much later, her ghost watches on quietly:
"Ten years ago, it was today
I never imagined
giving up this way."
create a message
and receive it the same
Jess t Jun 2010
Twinkle in my eye.
Run. Skip. jump.
Little firefly
Watching the clouds
Wind through your hair
Toes in the grass
Balloon in the air
Water spraying on the face,
Hide and seek, the little space.
Bouncing up
And falling down.
Plastic food on the ground.
Silly songs,
Puppet shows,
Messy hair, button nose.
Big bright innocent eyes,
Slip in shoes 3 times your size.
Looking through the rear view mirror,
Naïve young hearts see it clearer.
Copyright Jess tallini, 2010.
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