Eleanor Rigby Feb 2015
You looked me in the eye
With the same smile you gave me
A long time ago.
You let me order your coffee for you
I knew which one
It's still the same
From a long time ago.

I laughed about the jokes you told me
You laughed at how unfunny
Mine were
And you playfully hit me
I frowned, you laughed,
I laughed, you laughed again
And said sorry
Just like you did
A long time ago.

The worst of it all
Was that when your hand
Accidentally brushed mine
I shivered
Just like I did
A long long time ago.

-- Eleanor
Ana Sophia Jul 26
you don't have to fear life and people so much. it'll be alright. you have to let go more in order to enjoy things.
- you don't have to be ashamed of yourself. don't live life up to people's expectations. everybody has flaws, you know? so it's okay to be weird.
- you have to take your chances. be bold. you'll be much happier when you do.
- try to talk more with people. surprise them. be spontaneous.
- don't take so long overthinking. just live, just feel.
- remember that you do not need anyone who doesn't need you.
- treat yourself with respect and demand that from others as well.
- don't be afraid to speak up.
- don't be so judgemental, ok? people are so much more than what they appear.
- value your family. they're the only thing you truly have.
- go out of your comfort zone. it'll make you grow.
- take your time to grow
- do not let fear stop you from doing what you want.
not rly a poem though
mia Apr 25
You almost left me here all alone
Then you thought and relized
That i was a reson to  stay...
Then you tried again
Told me before hand got me worried
I told people that could help you
Now your mad
So i live with the fact we can never
truly be who we were again
this all happened about a year ago
although i help you threw a lot you
of witch you might ignore
but me i still remember and i don't think i can forget
like you did just because you shut me out but that is all in the past they all say they say that it is all okay now but if only they new the point of what you were going though that you just decided that you would just leave me pretending that you are okay but i know that deep down inside that you are not quite where you say you are i know this because i know you
Why is everything so co.mpli.cated.
        Why is nothing how it should be

Nothing good lasts for ever
well it seems to me like nothing good lasts a fucking second

Everything is
         Everything was good a week ago
    A month ago
Ok maybe not good but better

         Because this fucking life has
        given me the shittiest lemons
And although I'm used to dirty lemonade
it's like life still enjoys pelting me with the leftover ones
        I want
    To disappear
Go away
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