English Teeth, English Teeth!
Shining in the sun
A part of British heritage
Aye, each and every one.

English Teeth, Happy Teeth!
Always having fun
Clamping down on bits of fish
And sausages half done.

English Teeth, HEROES' Teeth!
Hear them click! and clack!
Let's sing a song of praise to them -
Three Cheers for the Brown Grey and Black.
Liam C Calhoun Aug 2015
Her teeth rotted tea,
But root and leaf tell tall tales
Where silence now sips.
For Li Kai Xuan - my brilliant source for both tea and wisdom; I'll be visiting Fangcun soon my friend.
SAM Sep 2014
They are strange little things
Always biting
Leaving their crescent, jagged mark
Tough bone, made to last
They say a smile on your face
Is the most beautiful accessory
A person can have
But no perfect smiles are without
patty m Aug 2014
The red moon looks down

upon cemetery plots

while grave robbers gamble

casting their lots

They steal golden teeth

from the mouths of the dead

and though they grow prosperous

their souls fill with dread

Revenge is sweet said the corpse

sitting upright

wrestling them down

in the darkness of night

You know what happens

if your don't behave,

you're sentenced to life

in the depths of this grave.

The robbers were ashen

their eyes popping out

but the air was so thin

that they couldn't shout.

Repentant at last for

the evil they'd done

they begged and they pleaded

with the corpse with a gun

You've given the dead

nothing but grief,

we demand retribution

and return of our teeth.  

The robbers returned all the treasures obtained

with the promise from crime

they would truly abstain.  

The corpse pulled the lid of his coffin

in place

with a warning sign posted

to stay far from his space. .

The confines were small

and the sod a bit damp  

if he moved very quickly

his legs would cramp.

No visitors were welcome

nor robbers or crows,

if they bothered him again

they'd be buried in rows

numbered even or odd

and no one would hear them

should they holler out loud.

Beware the corpse with no marker or stone

no angels or demons can make him atone

he's not welcome in heaven nor

shall he see hell.

yet some leave him flowers

and some wish him well.
r0b0t Jun 2014
a trail of teeth
leading into a bedroom
where a ghost awaits
your arrival
upon this horrible
nothing but
an infant
nothing but a filthy infant
that can't hurt anyone
if we say we hate feeling useless
why do we still live
Sam Hain Aug 2015
You know you've got a problem
    When candy is more than dandy—
When all you want is sugar,
    And start trading teeth for candy.

Egalad Apr 2014
They say you bite when lost in beauty
So do I

Bite my fingers that is
Till they fray and gulf

The difference is I bite like a displaced animal
Trying to avoid an uncomfortable truth and you

Bite because you enjoy holding on.
Pearson Bolt Nov 2017
i want my poems to have teeth.  
i want my words to cut,
to maim, to bleed.
with verses, i will raze
empires. with stanzas,
i will turn thrones to dust.
with nothing but a bit
of silver on my tongue,
i will take the life of god.

i’ll ply that same organ
like honey, taste the sweet
nothings dripping
between knocking knees.
quake and quiver for me,
let me slip, furtive
as nightshade
to sate your curiosity.

feel the weight of veracity
in these fingers patiently
transcribing forgotten melodies,
compressing ivory keys
to sing of all that was lost
and what was gained
from the process.
An ode to words given form.
Peeka Aug 2014
Wisdom teeth- you're out.
Sneaking four, about to commit a heist- no doubt!
Fuzzy and tingly- then darkness consumed the high.
Awoke, the sting of absence felt.
I've taken my drugs- cried and iced.
I caught ya. Wisdom teeth.
I will plead for sleep.
Gone now, but if I ever lose my molars?
How wicked would that be?
My wisdoms couldn't aid me!
I'll accept the philosophy of Candide.
For "all is for the best" arguably,
In "the best of all possibly worlds" supposedly.
Wisdom teeth out today! Finally feeling better. By the way, all should consider reading Candide. :)
stank man Feb 2017
raggid sharp points
cutting skin and flesh
graising what you once held
soft nimble fingers, which now tightly grip my neck
life leaving my eyes as i see the passion burn in yours
heart racing
your silohette leaving distant memorys of which i wont live to remember
your hands look so much bigger in fists
but i guess it just goes to show
everything is bigger in texas
Mariah Dec 2014
i hope i left a gap in your life
the way losing a tooth leaves a hole in your mouth
and you keep running your tounge over
where it used to be
Danielle Waters Sep 2014
I glide my tongue along the edges
of your teeth
noting tiny details of each
wanting to fill the spaces between
settling into grooves and crooks
memorizing arcs and angles
the circumference of that dimple
the break in your clavicle
You are filling my thoughts and palms
with elements and idea(l)s
oceans and orbs
I collect them carefully
press them to my lips
like (your)
fingertips and wrists
and squeeze them
to my chest
where breath and words swell
feelings stir
PJ Poesy Nov 2015
Goth Child nursed his mother's tattooed bosom

Snapped teat with teeth

Then grizzled grin at me and spit up

I poked at my chile relleno

Twisting hot cheesy sludge off prongs

Tour jete with fork finishes in arabesque

Between my own fangs

I spit back scalding gook

Goth Child points, says, "Pawpee, that man is scarewee"

Pawpee turns his tattoo tears to see

Flashes his gleaming grill

I sink in my seat behind sightline of salsa squeeze bottle

Chattering ivories
Life in the neighborhood.
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