Alexa Dark Nov 2014
Today I finally felt equal to you
When we were standing in front of the class
Talking about History
Side by side
I have never felt like this. Even though I was terribly nervous it was the best moment in my life. It was so amazing...
A D Jul 2014
your smile,
it makes me sad
like the eiffel tower alone in stand
your laugh,
it makes me gloom
like a flower that never bloom
your voice,
it makes me seethe
like an angry man that can't breathe
your face,
it makes me brood
like a woman that's never been wooed
for i have fallen in love
with a man my existence will never know
for all the fangirls
Revan Thrashin Oct 2014
Star light shall burn out
Darkness is everlasting
We know who will win
My one and only Haiku so far.
MsAmendable Jul 2015
Craggy rocks gasping silently
Thrusting up small trees
With fluttering leaves,
And dust rising violently
Studded with dry bugs
Gabriela V May 2014
I'm fed up.
I'm hidden.
I flirt all way too much.
He's taken we don't kiss but we flirt way too much.
There's no shame yet I feel so much pain deep inside.
Pretty girl handsome guy petty chick on the side.
Why not me?
I'm too far distance kills all the vibes.
I like you,
you liked me now I'm all torn inside.
Set me free let me be,
this is just way too much.
Seeing you next to her on my screen makes me scream.
I'll see you, you'll see me and it'll all be so sweet.
Once I go we'll say bye then we'll wait for next time.
Two new worlds can it be that we make them unite?
It's your choice I say yes but you'd have to agree.
Maybe yes maybe no i will just wait and see.
Cheers to you and to me and to all we have seen.
So here's a good night till next time hope it's as soon as can be.
heidi May 2011
A barraster at law no less
I wouldnt trust I must confess
Looking down your pointed nose
seductively holding pose
Your linkedIn profile
who could see
just how you get your
filthy fee

Perverted farming
Filthy creeps
In Hi ace vans
and blacked out jeeps
Gratefully they pay their fee
In return for an STD

Heres the justice overflow
For Nank and wank and gigolo
I'm returning him to you
When I scrape him from my shoe
For you my dear a final fact
His STD is still intact!
Micaiah Jul 2016
This is America for Petes sake

Black lives don’t matter here

They say they’re being treated unfair

But they’re the one’s drinking up all the welfare

And we even pay for their health care

Poor black folk shouting black lives matter

But they don’t matter

The only thing that matters is the fat cats getting fatter

Build a school or a jail?

In a place like Baltimore, those black kids are already bound to fail

Let’s not forget from whence we hail

We came from abroad to build this house

This was never meant to be a game of cat and mouse

They don’t know their power, so they will never see their hour

Cause you see white people are only safe when those animals scared

White people are only safe when white people are feared

When black people are teared, and on their face is smeared the blood of their ancestors, on the altar that is prepared

The altar that was broken down when we ended Jim Crow

Since then look how low our country did go

But at last at last now again we can make America great

Now again we can end any debate , about what it means to be free

Cause when Trump is in charge I’ll tell you, you won’t tell me

When Trump is President you'll put your hand over your heart for the anthem, not take a knee

When Trump is President, You’ll be satisfied , you’ll lower your fist and you’ll be

You’ll be gratified, you’ll shut your mouth and watch your people die

You’ll watch them bleed like Alton Sterling,

You’ll stand there you’ll cry

And then you’ll wonder why,

why does the color of your skin decide whether or not you win

As you kneel before me thinking about your next of kin,

ready to feel these bullets in your body as your reality sets in

This country was never your own

We brought you here as slaves, you call out for a savior but

Abraham Lincoln is dead so you can put down the phone

Martin Luther King is dead so you can put down the phone

Malcom X is dead, you see,now you’re all alone

We’ve infiltrated your culture and now that seed has grown

As we watch you destroy each other and continue to postpone anything that looks like freedom

Cause you see freedom isnt free

We gained ours in 1776

Your ancestors were still in chains but here today you celebrate with me

Thinking that you’re free

But you will never be free

Harriet Tubman freed a thousand slaves

And she could've freed a thousand more but they were cheering for Trump in his rallies

Because they can’t grasp what it means to be free

And that mere truth is the key

So we won’t say their names

We won’t feel their pains

Cause this is the United States of America , and white is right, we still hold the reigns
The sad views of some Americans. The reality that some face every day. The Hurtful ideals that make some view black people as Animals. American culture to some can be something to be proud about. But to some, it is full of hurt and pain. This piece is written to express some things I've heard from white people whether on the news or to my face at my college in Southern Maryland. I hope it makes you uncomfortable. One can not grow in a comfortable place. Enjoy
Mimi V Apr 2016
Alam kong mali ito
Kahit ang nasa itaas di sasang-ayon
Pero ano nga bang magagawa ko?
Pakiramdam ko’y lalong nahuhulog sayo.

Nung una at pangalawa di ako sigurado
Ngunit sa pangatlong beses?
Di ko na mawari ang nadarama
Pag-ibig ko sayo’y lalong lumalalim

Ang hirap! mali kasi talaga to,
minsan iniiwasan kitang kausapin, dumidistansya
Hindi dahil sa maygalit ako
Subalit yun lang ang paraan ko,

Paraan na mabawasan ang pagkahulog sayo
Minabuti kong di magpakita ng ilang araw’
“And it’s been weeks”
Subalit, lalo lang kitang namimiss.

Pag ika’y aking kaharap
Hindi ko alam ang sasabihin
Hindi ko alam saan ako mag uumpisa
Ni hindi nga makatingin ng deretso sayo

Oo! Single naman tayong pareho
Ngunit sa kabila ng lahat
Alam kong hindi pwedeng pilitin
Alam kong hindi ka itinadhana sa akin

Kung hindi lang ito mali
Bakit pa kita pakakawalan?
Bakit pa kita iiwasan?
Bakit ko pa patatagalin?

Ngunit may dahilan ang lahat
May ibang plano ang Diyos
Plano niya'y ikakabuti nating dalawa
Kaya di ako manghihinayang!

Dalangin ko sa maykapal
Maibsan ang aking nadarama
Pagkat tanging ito lamang ang solusyon,
Sa puso kong di na dapat  umaasa sayo.
Yes! be moving on #SlowlyMovingOn #NotAPoem #ItsHugot Teeeheee ^.^
By your side I shall forever walk.
We shall forever walk together as one.
By my side we will journey this world.
We shall journey hand and hand
We will be side by side.
I will be your partner
And you shall be mine.
Together will discover the joys of life
I as your husband
You as my wife.
By my side we will cross every barrier
That may show up in our path.
By your side we will endure the hardships
And smile in the face of trials.
Side by side we shall stand
When doubt show its ugly face.
We will continuing hold each other up
Until doubt has left no trace.
We will walk
We will journey
And stand
Side by side
As husband
As wife
As woman
As man.
Solaces Mar 2016
On starlight road.
Blue neon star sign blinks.
On my way out of this world.
Off a cliff and slingshot past the moon.

On the other side of the twilight.
I meet with you.
We walk the bridge of shadows.
Over the river of light.

Tomorrow songs.
Played on yesterday's light strings.
Lyrics of time.
And melodies of dreams.
Beyond this world and the next.
apintofwords Sep 2012
She was an afterthought,
Like salad,on the side
Like a footnote to a long letter,
Like curry leaves to gravy,
Like the dregs at the bottom of a cup of tea,
Like the second man on the moon,
She was an afterthought,
Always a step behind,
Always a second choice,
Never sought after or valued,
Neither loved nor cherished,
Like a faded old photograph,
Like an out of tune guitar gathering dust in the attic,
She was an afterthought,
Quickly replaced,easily forgotten and never remembered
Nina JC Dec 2013
You say, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”
but I say surely something

must taste nicer than the burning acid
being forced back up your throat.

Why not hug people instead of
toilet bowls? At least they’ll hug back.

Except Mia is your only friend now.
And her cousin, Ana, of course.

And I understand that you never
wanted to die, but this is a thousand ton truck

hurtling towards the edge of a cliff and
Ana took the wheel a long time ago.

There is no strength in this: in you, in a
fear of calories. Even your bones creak

as your muscles sigh with exhaustion -
for this, is not a war you're winning.

This is a battle with only one contender
and I will not be the one to disarm you.

That's your job and it always has been. I know
you only wanted to be beautiful

like all those stars in the magazines
you saved under a file titled ‘thinspo’

but the only stars you ever saw were in
your eyes from the dizziness

and to tell you the truth, you are not pretty.
For there is nothing “pretty”

about the layer of fuzz your body grew
to protect itself from the big bad wolf

when really, the only growl was coming
from inside your stomach.

Or how your little sister is afraid to touch,
let alone hug you, in fear of snapping you in two.

For there is no glamour in having to
remove clumps of hair out of the plughole

at least six times whilst having a shower,
just to let the water run down.

Or that one time you "accidentally”
took too many laxatives. Messy.

There is nothing admirable about the way
you sat shivering on your bed

at night instead of kissing boys,
or dancing, or eating ice cream.

There is nothing to be marvelled at
in dying.

This, is not a life to be lived.
God, this isn't even a life.

This is being a slave to your own body,

a walking zombie, a ghost stuck
between two sides.

You are not alive.

But it was all still worth it, right?
Slowly killing yourself from the inside out.

A small price to pay for perfection,
a bargain for a broken mirror;

for a half-written book
with 97 blank pages,

a camera
that only captures in black and white,

a clock
with frozen hands.

And most importantly, for a peace of mind
you never received.

No refunds.
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