Steve Raishbrook May 2014
In the wee hours knocking at your door
Wondering what it was all for
I full to my knees
Put my hands together beg you baby please
For just one more...
Sombro Jan 2015
Give me one chance
To tell you why you don't deserve another.
I called this 15w because apparently I can't tell the difference between syllables and words :)
Ashen Complexion May 2015
What are the chances that you are reading my poem right now

What are the chances that reading this could affect your life somehow

I mean I could've changed your life and nor you or anyone else would realize it
Jamie Jun 2013
One more I wanted
It is what I have

'All or Nothing'

Everything is on
This final time
Ashley Nicole Feb 2015
A lump of coal
Tossed into the fire
Before it even stood a chance
Of becoming a diamond

And all it needed was time
Deepening Wells May 2014
One more day
One more chance
Say the word and we'll have this dance
Not my best....
Ceramic white, wood richly brown
Smooth liquid....touching buds of taste
Lips chasing chatter, slithering slogan sentences
Arm reaching, lift off, exposing the pit, selecting
Combination to the gestured shape, proposing
Enlivening, trickling conversation tripping
To my left.  A phone, pressing snugly, ear
Tuned up, alerted, filtering the microwave
Throng.  With welcome warmth, thaw began
Icy film packaging a heart temporarily beat
Free, playing, fraternising.....roulette with Russia
Ann M Johnson Jul 2014
I think  it is time to take a chance
I will reach out and touch my dream
even though impossible  it may seem
It is up to me to strive and try
I want to see what i can achieve if i believe and take
one step at a time, i won't lie at times it might be tough
In the end i hope to accomplish much, i need to trust
and use my talents and ablities
I am planning to take a chance and go back to school .
Rebekah James Sep 2014
Shove them down
Shoot them up
As long as there's a chance
They could kill me
As long as there's no chance
You still love me
Sean Critchfield Dec 2014

Settle yourself.

Try to understand.

We were meant to love.

And if we can not love, then we were meant to try to love.

And failing that we were made to breathe.

And try again.

-Sean Critchfield
This is the product of an exercise. I was instructed to grab the 7th book on my shelf, turn to page 7, and use the 7th line as my first line. The poem was restricted to seven lines.
Sean G Jun 2014
If you would see me,

You'd notice me looking at you at any chance I get.

If you would hear me,

You'd notice me talking to you at any chance I get.

If you would smell me,

You'd notice me staying my best for you at any chance I get.

If you would feel me,

You'd notice me shaking over being with you at any chance I get.

If you would kiss me,

You'd notice that I'd been waiting to do this at every chance I get.
Stacy Renee Jun 2014
I want to know what this is.
Explore each dimple on your face
and each sentence that you speak.
I want to know what makes you tick
and what lightens your world.
I want to be everything you want
and everything you have been looking for
so I can know you out and flip you inside-out.
Let me wonder your world and become part of it.
If you take a chance on me...
maybe I can love you.
Mike Essig Apr 2015
the dice
simply cry out
to be rolled:
pass them bones
over, God;
baby needs
a new pair
of shoes.

_ mce
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