Fon Mar 2014
People eventually leave
Previously, I used to grieve
Wonder how people just
Enter and exist
Like they never cherish
The time we spent

Now I realize
It's the way of life
The moment that comes
and goes
And nothing stays
the same
Lunar Jan 2015
Today my relatives went back to their country.
They said "we'll miss you" and "see you soon".
Those words-- typical words you say to someone before you 'leave'.

When in reality, when you leave,
You don't say anything at all.
Keah Jones Nov 2015
Delilah baby I can feel the weight of you in my arms.

I can feel my k to z love for you and see how that laugh of yours makes people cry
and how that smile pierces my heart because it looks just like his did.

I can feel the sun kissing each one of our toes as we sit overlooking the grand canyon in the kaleidoscope sunset.
your spider fingers are wrapped in my hair like a plea to never be left alone
your spindle legs are all knobby kneed and pale entwined with mine.

baby he left me not you.

I was a hurricane and he loved you too much to look

afraid that one glance and he'd be head over heels reeling out of control
like you were the drug and he was the addict.

they say everything happens for a reason and you are my reason.

Delilah baby you are the here and the now of forever.
the stop sign on the corner is an obstacle for street racers but its a godsend because its just enough of a pause for me to kiss you between the eyes.

and I can't ever finish anything so this story isn't complete

and at the top of the pass where the air is clear enough if we sing loud enough maybe he will hear us and remember who he left behind.
all by leigh Mar 2015
And I had to walk away
I was just hoping at least he noticed I didn't run
the title is a thought for after the poem
Caitlin Jun 2014
It seems like a lot of key people in my life are leaving
Or are in the process of leaving
Or already gone.

I often wonder why?
Why leave? Why now?

My grandfather passed away..
My band director quit..
My youth pastor is transferring..

Many influentual people have left.
I don't know what I'm gonna do…..
Margo Polo May 2014
Last night I
had a dream that
you died.
Everyone we knew
came, said their I’m-so-sorry’s,
left, filtering out the front door
like sand through a sideways sifter,
leaving behind pieces,
words and memories
and casseroles I
could not taste.

And the whole time
everyone was here,
you were here, too.
I could hear
you, smell
you, feel
I could feel you
surrounding me like the ghost of the baby blanket
I once had and could never leave at home.
I loved you here and here you would stay, with me,
and now you would never leave.
I could keep you.
You were bound to me.

But the ties that bind are tight and you did not like me leaving.
You could not go with me and
and without words
by holding, enveloping,
you told me
that you did not want me to ever leave again.
So I stopped.
I stopped leaving.
And the calls stopped, too.
The invites. The lunches. The impromptu trips to town.
All unnecessary noise.
The people left. And then it was just you and me.

Until one day I saw what you had done.
I glanced in the mirror and saw.
You had etched yourself into my face.
Dug with your nails
terrifying ravines
escaping the corners
of my eyes. Pulled down
my mouth and every
shallow natural valley turned to
deep empty bowl, hungry and wanting.
My eyes no longer held light.
I saw this, all evidence against you,
and I still loved you.
You had hurt me in ways you never had
while you were here – here – and I knew.
And I still loved you.

Slinking up the stairs
I called you to me. I felt you surround
faster than before and
closer, tighter, colder.
Suffocating, stifling and
so destructive in how you loved me.

Slowly but faster
I grew to know
I would not become you and
you would not become me.
We were stuck on other sides of the mirror.
I was so angry
at what you had allowed me
made me
begged me to become.
I gasped and put
hand to heart
it hurt so.
I stood upright
how long have I been bent
took in one long deep breath of stuffy air
how long since I opened the windows
and called you to me
when have I last heard a voice not my own
called you to listen.

I felt the loss of everything else
Nothing was left of that here
and I was so angry
and I am so sorry
and I yelled
      I screamed
      I roared
why are you still here
why are you making me like you
why did you come here and
hold me
and keep me here with you
I am not the one who is dead
and I said
and I regret
and I am so sorry
I can’t have you here
go away
leave me alone

and you did.
You left me
all alone.

Why would you leave me?
Tori Hayes Sep 2014
I'm afraid of what's coming
And it's approaching so fast
I don't have time to decide
And I don't have time to look back
I'm leaving soon
And hope it's not too late
To look around and say goodbye
Before I leave this state
Of being so dependent
Of wanting to be free
Of never realizing my freedom was only restrained by me
Change is in the air
And it's scattered on the ground
It whistles through the wind and tugs our happy smiles down
All the people I knew
Will no longer be the ones I know
I'll have to start again
When it's time for me to go
Dreams of Sepia Jun 2015
It's not what you said
it's what the rain meant
it's not what you did
it's how the stars didn't shine
when you left
Sarah M Gillihan Dec 2014
The pain

Inside my brain

Is slowly driving

Me insane

I still can’t see

What leads

The way

I might be leaving you


Although I might be gone

Please know I won’t be long

We’ll meet again one day
My-broken-heart Jan 2016
I'm not leaving because I don’t love you,
I’m leaving because I need to love me too.
C S Mar 2014
"Wonderer, worshipper, lover of leaving -
It does not matter.
Ours is not a caravan of despair.
Even if you have broken your vow a thousand times.
Come, yet again, come."

Lover of Leaving.
I wonder where that comes from.
Abandoning ideas,
or the idea of abandoning people.
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