Mark Parker Nov 2014
Naughty words.
Big, bad, naughty words.
They feel like ice,
please give me summer.
To feel the warmth of your embrace...
Ah yes, back to the beginning.
Alice May 2014
Glitter and gold is the man in the chair
with rings on his fingers
and the hardened harsh stare
blinded by ugliness
wrists chained down by no use
a man with much money
he spends on abuse

the term known as trafficking
familiar I’m sure
he’s never been one for
doing what’s pure
so he lays down his money
flings out his cash
says he’ll pay the full price
for the girl with the mask

just to touch her to feel her
pet her cold body with his
run clammy hands up her scarred legs
clamp her in his ashen fist

little boys too he will willingly harm
because trafficking to him is a sport
no need for alarm
Just cows in the system
of making ends meat.

The poor solemn dancer
the poor saddened soul
the poor battered spirit
angry that they’ve been sold

with dirty feet and scabby legs
they work to feed the king
the end from him they can only beg
And freedom will never ring.
Her lips may drip honey
But her teeth drip blood
She'll spend all your money
She'll squander your love

She's got no good intentions
She's got no noble cause
And all her inventions
Are deadly as claws

Beware the Bad Woman
She's pretty as a follower
She's bad things a-comin'
She'll leave you sad and sour
The blues baby. I'm talkin' about the blues
trash bag Feb 2015
you told me you were leaving
because i smoke cigarettes
i stopped smoking in fear
of losing you forever
i went by your place to tell you
that i broke my bad habit
i saw you pressing your lips
against someone new
my walk home was lonely
and the only thing pressed to my lips
was a cigarette
i guess it's time to quit my bad habit:
Raven Oct 2015
I am in love with the big bad wolf that prowls my neck and howls between my legs.

He has big eyes made to see my reaction as those teeth bite into the tender flesh of my throat and my, if you knew what he did with those claws of his…
A Thomas Hawkins Apr 2010
Time for some originality methinks
this copy paste world of ours, well it stinks
sincerity became a thing of the past
as people got lazy and obsessed with fast

No time for honesty bout the way that you feel
originality gone at the turn of a wheel
a right click here and a left click there
and we use others words to show that we care

Well enough of being lazy and thoughtless I say
Lets go back and do things the old fashioned way
Where you said what you meant
and you meant what you said
And took time to write words
you knew would be read

Its hard to wrap emails in ribbons and bows
As for Facebook and messenger
who knows where that goes
So give me some paper and a pen every time
And I will sit down and think,
and then write you a line

My words may make you smile
and they may make you weep
But I choose them with care
to build something you'll keep.
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Styles May 2014
Never let someone else decide how good you are. And never make an exception to that rule.

Your words, and your unique we of expressing them, are a gift given to you. If someone else doesn't appreciate them, then good for them. It's not their gift, so it has nothing to do with them. Its your responsibility to respect your gifts and to protect them from negativity; typical of these lower life forms, called Haters; annoying little creatures that feed off of other people's energy and hard work - they spawn fairly quickly and dewl in the depths of social media, hidden behind computer and smartphone screens. Usually over-weight, bad breath, single and filthy broke. Hindered by limited hand-eye coordination; they simply suck at every thing. They are pretty pathetic, in person. I mean they look human, but have no spinal cord, so they don't stand up straight. Their habitats similar to that of a large roach, just messier with and more filth. I hear they are contagious, so be careful. Don't let their negativity rub off on you, or you will end up like one of them. A soulless zombie, paroling posts looking for a something stupid to say.
Emily Tyler Apr 2013
"That's so gay!"
A use of
Slang and slander

If they use
Gay as in
It would be a good expression.

But if they use it
As a reference to

You can't be more gay
Than someone else.
There's no scale
To measure

And it's a bad expression
So gay is


Gay is not bad.

People who say "That's so gay."

They are bad
Oh, venting.
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
There are many faces of                                                                                          That is called poverty ...                                                                                           All poverty's faces are ugly                                                                                      Simply because that's the way with it ...                                                                No one likes poverty ,but                                                                                         It's over there ...                                                                                                        As long as poverty prevails,then                                                                             There are poor people                                                                                               Anywhere and everywhere ...                                                                               _____________________
Andy Cave Jun 2012
The sadness slowly tears him apart,
it drives him insane, it shatters his heart.
He just wants so bad to forget his past,
but he cannot forget so forever it lasts.
He wishes so badly that the memories would end,
and that he had chosen much better friends.
Carmen Thompson May 2015
You said you were not "amused"
A clown I am, for the words I choose.
You rip me apart and throw me down, even when you said you'll be around.
You picked me up and treated me right.
Then it just got worse. So now we fight.
You said you were leaving out of my sight.
I hurt so much, I didn't say goodnight.
I didn't say goodnight...
Hummingbird Mar 2017
I can't sleep without you.
My dreams are filled with pain.
I remember too much of what I've seen and felt,
And in the morning all I remember is pain and fear.

On bad days,
I can't stand to see
You giving more of your attention
To someone else.

And even though I know it's a fallacy
Created by my mind's illnesses,
My brain immediately jumps to
It's because they're prettier than you.
It's because she's more confident.
It's because you're not making the same kind of progress as she would be.

And on good days, and then out of spite on bad days,
I want to tell you, softly,
"Please stop trying to fix me.
I'm not broken."

But the sad truth is,
I am.
But you still can't fix me.
I don't want you to.
That's my job.

I used to think I was a bad person.
Because I am jealous.
And I am insecure,
And spiteful
And snarky
And cold.

But I am not bad.
Yes, I am jealous.
I am insecure.
I am spiteful.
I am sarcastic.
And I am withdrawn.

But I'm also warm to those you need it,
And I have compassion that goes on for days.
I'm good at holding my tongue,
And I would never actually hurt someone,
Unless it was somehow to protect them.

There's not much to like about me.
But I've found some of it.

But after all these revelations and epiphanies,

I still can't sleep
Without you.
Nicole Mann Apr 2014
I've done bad,
Haven't we all?

At first it's a good idea,
But then it starts to fall.

You realise your mistake
But it's already too late.

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