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Sit back and relax
Feel the waves wash over your back
In the melting sun
Looking at the clouds reflecting all the pinks and blues
Over the blooming hill, echoing white noise of chirps and crickets

Listen to the trickling of the slow water over the smooth rocks
Feel a warm wind brush your face
With your eyes closed
Enjoying the radiating warmth
And the soothing crackling of a log fire

Or sit and admire the shimmering spray
Of a waterfall smoothly crashing into the water of a sky kissed lake
Sunlight dancing through the ripples
Rainbows jumping through every droplet

Listen to the pitter patter of the rain, against a tin roof
Inside a warm cabin
Drifting to sleep
Soon to wake to the song birds chorus
And the blissful sun

Bask in it
And relax
Karijinbba Oct 21
I am a riddle..
can you solve me?

I stay in one corner but I get to travel all around the world!
And If you want me to I can also stay with you until you need me or give me away.

While I am with you though someone might steal me and only you will know and you can never find me nor track me down.

I am usually artistic pleasant to the eye and nobody tampers with me. my design commands respect
and I never need visas sometimes I return to you and you are never glad I do.

I seldom get burnt crashed or drowned
you know my name my job
and that my maker sells me
but only once in my lifetime

you gladly buy me because
its legal
You have touched me pressed me down and you fly me away first class in a mision across the world
or or in the same town.

I am convenient I don't drink nor eat and I don't need hotels;
I only travel un airplanes bus or delivery special transport.

If you buy me you want to lay me down in glue uncovered and I never sleep
anyone can lift me up but they have to be dishonest and can go to jail.
I bring joy and happiness and sometimes the reverse is true

What kind of amazing riddle
am I ?
Come on you know my name!! You chose me among many, You bought me you licked me, you press me down! You sent me on a mission but don't know my name!!!

Amanda Aug 17
Let go of the problem weighing your soul down
Lay your head on your pillow; rest
Listen to insightful words
Let my advice help you do what's best.

Slowly moving between dark realms
Tingling with faint apprehension
Entranced, stumbling in a clouded stupor
Ravenous greed beyond my comprehension.

What will it take to open your eyes?
Days are fading fast
Insecure about how many tomorrows you have
Or rather, how many you lack.

We have little time on Earth
I am screaming but you won't wake up
Hearing same opinions repeated
Broken spirit remains stuck.

Center of your universe
Drugs have your mind caged
I cannot tell which parts are real
Which are perfectly staged.

Your forgery is well-crafted now
The world is starting to see
The way you live not good or right
To speak then act differently.

Could I aid your hand somehow?
Each attempt met with resistance
Say the same phrases each time
From each other grow distant.

Honestly it has been over for awhile
I have given our love my all
Though I wish we could be together
It hurts too bad to sit back and watch you fall.
Its painful to watch an angel fall
Corey Oct 8
Its easy to ***** a smile
even that will go a mile
picking them off of the ground
there will be no reason to frown

Its easy to sit and stare
your judgement will go no where

its easier to love than hate
for most people that's their mistake
its time to open our hearts  
respecting everyone is a start
Once we were on fire
Young    rebeliouse   free
We stormed the castles and took to the skies we flew we dreamed
We were ablaze our light setting raging screaming fire to the world around us
When our thoughts could not sit in silence any longer
When the kids were engulfed by a wave of fury of the injustice done by this world before we were even here
We screamed and demanded
But now it rains
Now the cold heavy water blankets the restless
The fire has been drenched in worry and stress
The brutal downpour has distracted all with false life or death
The blaze once 100 feet high now nothing but a charred soul

And all the ones put out by the rain
to tired to fight again,
pray on the generation next
That their fire is enough to best the storm
Zumee Sep 27
The sparkling animations
of Man the creator:
reflecting the inner source

The forgetful animal
forever drawn to Master's light,
remains easily tamed
by a starry night sky.
As the sun slowly sets
The precursor to the week
With deadlines,
                            ­               Oh so bleak
The calm before the storm
  Too restless to enjoy
For everybody knows
     It's sunday's melancholy ploy

    Responsibilities loom overhead
     Our heart as heavy as the air
      The world has now gone silent
              We sit in subtle fear
A little box
Without a key
You hold an air
Of mystery
To sit and glare
Right up there
Flashing red in front of me

I am the one who fills it
And I fill it with myself
No one would guess what's in you
Sitting up atop my shelf

I have thought of your discovery
The pros
And all the cons
But looking at my history
All candidates are wrong

So I suppose you'll stay a secret
I'll keep you to myself
Painted red,
Flashing dread
Little box on my shelf
Please forget you saw this
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