I met a genius on the train
about 6 years old,
he sat beside me
and as the train
ran down along the coast
we came to the ocean
and then he looked at me
and said,
it's not pretty.

it was the first time I'd
Eleanor Rigby Jan 2015
When I met you the soil was wet
Underneath cloudy skies
And so were your eyes.

Now it's the summer,
everything is dry
You must say goodbye.

Raj Oct 2014
Before I first met u, I was really fine, For the world was still bearable, though not often really nice.
Encompassing new experiences
Though seldom they were mine, the fate so ingenious, in it's mysterious design.

Before I first met u, I was still just fine.
In truth, it was lonely, though I didn't mind.
had taught myself to be reserved,
And not think of anything as mine. Why bother, I reasoned, when it's just a matter of time.

Before I first met u, I was almost fine.
Searching for little happiness, Knowing it ain't easy to find.
Wondering where things went wrong, Or when it would ever be right?
It's destiny, I told, and slept long & scary nights.

But then I first met you, I wasn't nearly fine.
My heart it skipped a beat, though not because of any reason right.
Not knowing what was in store for me, I wondered way ahead,
Not bound by any reasons, coz where would our worlds collide?

And yet when I first met you, there you sat in front.
Infecting all those around you, with your cheerful mirth.
Your smile so heavenly beautiful, my words would not suffice.
A form so serenely peaceful, that the days not quite as bright.

But when can I meet you again, my mind would often dream.
To touch ur beautiful lips, life's not long it seems.
And yet there are boundaries mortal, those don't easily break,
But moments when we hold together, by far the best till date.

when I meet you again, my heart would always seek.
To hold u in my arms so, the world not in our midst.
Our destiny though undecided by what we may think,
Yet if it's at all possible,  you are all i ever need.
Israel Caudillo Mar 2014
Thousands lightyears away
the mind, the conciousness
remains from each one of us
sometimes a glimpse
a far away lighting or a shadow
we could see
have you ever really met someone?

...................... once I believed so.
sexsea Jul 2014
He was the only boy to care for me more than I could ever care about him.  He came into my life when I needed a shoulder to cry on the most. He believed I deserved more than I was ever given. He fell for me but I could never love him back.
2. He was the first guy to break my heart. He had a way with words and he was dangerous with them. The words from his lips came out in the most beautiful of ways with the deceiving smile to make you lose your breath. But his lips could never just land on me. After all, him and I were never a we.
3. He is the one I want but the one impossible to attain. His heart is shielded by a million brick walls and to break them down is the impossible. He makes me feel countless explainable feelings for him but he runs from any sense of affection. He's not simple and he is deep and it makes him better than any other.
4. He was my distraction. He is around to take me out when I need him. He knows how to make me feel a little better and gives good laughs. He developed feelings along the way of our countless dinners and nights spent talking about life. But I would never be his.
5. He was the one I loved. I believed he was the best thing in the world for the while we were a thing. I was only 15 and he was 18. I was too dumb to realize that an 18 year would ever want a girl my age for anything more than his brain could think of.
AA Mar 2014
There’s a girl I met,
She’s just my friend
Every time we meet,
I take a deep breath

When she look at me like that,
I felt like I’m on the spot.
I think she likes me too,
And I really like to

I caught her eyes sometimes,
Believing on my own lies.
That she feels something,
When there’s nothing.

I know she have someone new
The most hurtful truths I’ve ever knew
I  can’t keep sane,
Can she feel my pain?

I just want to grab this chance,
To take a quick glance.
Coz it’s the least I can do,
Instead of having her.
Revised Poem  
(c) Leslie Catayoc
All Right Reserved @2014
Vicson Speirs Dec 2014
Years ago I met you and we fell in love
We made a promise because we were so young
Because of that we get into our deepest wound
We both know that we have hurt each other

From a short period of time I've been bitter
Overtime I realized that you were big part of my life
You were a blessing in disguise
I was hurt because of you but you've taught me so much
And for that I have learned so much

We both know we made a wrong choice
We've chose the wrong time to fall in love
And didn't realized we were so immature
But we have learned in this nature

I thank you because I met you
Because I met the wrong one
For I know the second time I'd be in love
It will the last and the right one.

March 24, 2014

Vicson Villadares' notes
Infamous one Feb 2013
I remember the 1st time I seen her
A breath taking smile and short
Hair full of curls
I didn't what to say
Only if I wasn't shy
I'd do my best to say hi
My friend knew her so we were introduced
After that hurtle everything felt easy
She asked me my name I found out hers
She asked about my piercings and if they hurt
I asked about her she played sports
We talked and learned about one another
Close for a while but we grew apart
She's no longer around
Take certain moments to the heart
Like the day we met I'll always treasure
ZinaLisha Apr 2014
Boy blue
I couldn’t love you.
I apologize,
See the dark
Sincerity in my eyes.

Red drowned my heart
You knew saving me
Would be dangerous
From the very start.

You took no caution
Refused to yield to yellow
Off on green you went
Bull headed fellow.

Don’t dwell on us
You always did think too much
Tell my memories to relax at night
Mistakes always did keep me up
Our eyes met
Then our smiles greeted soon after.
Butterflies came fluttering along
And all that sang from our mouths was laughter.
We became friends but a kiss was exchanged -
What a lovable and awkward disaster.
My innocence can be to blame.
I'm attached to you now.
So please pull the thread
To keep us sewn together.
I need you in my life like infinity craves forever.
Ayu Prameswari May 2016
If I met you
Twelve years from past
You might in school
With your first crush

If I met you
Nine years back then
You might in prom
With your first dance

If I met you
Six year 'fore now
You might have found
Partner in life

If I met you
Three years at once
You might be the one
Always broke me down

If I met you*
Not by this time
You wouldn't realise
You had me as your one

(May 2016)
Chris D Aechtner Sep 2011
Harry Heironymous Huffenhoffer
was leading a lonely life working nights
at the fukfoorfiffenfimmer factory
where he was in charge of loading crates
full of fukfoorfiffenfimmers, onto cargo cars destined for the city of Cincinnati.

There was such a huge demand for fukfoorfiffenfimmers in the city of Cincinnati,
poor Harry Heironymous Huffenhoffer worked his hunnyhush to the bone.

On one of his few holiday weekends,
Harry Heironymous Huffenhoffer went to a hair salon for a trim.
Here he was attended by a hairdresser named, Henrietta Huckhellopolis.
Harry Heironymous Huffenhoffer instantly fell for the husky-voiced hairdresser.

Gaining enough gumption and gallasisgoppingguff needed to bypass beating around the bush of courteous courtship,
Harry Heironymous Huffenhoffer asked Henrietta Huckhellopolis if she wanted to leerlumpaloomp later that evening.

"I would love to leerlumpaloomp later this evening," she replied, batting her long lashes lustily.

And how those two leerlumpaloomped!

They leerlumpaloomped long through the night.
They leerlumpaloomped so loudly,
the neighbours ended up sticking stuffystoils
into their sensilivities, in hopes of drowning out the noise.

Nine months later,
the lovers were blessed with a litter of lullaloonillies—wot with the loud leerlumpaloomping and all.
But, of the seven lullaloonillies, four of them had two lumpalots instead of one.

Bolstering himself against drowning in despair at the prospect of having sired freak lullaloonillies,
Harry Heironymous Huffenhoffer helped design fukfoorfiffenfimmers especially meant for lullaloonillies who have two lumpalots instead of one.

As the double-lumpalot fukfoorfiffenfimmers
were Harry Heironymous Huffenhoffer's idea, the owner of the fukfoorfiffenfimmer factory gave Harry Heironymous Huffenhoffer
a forty percent cut of the royalties.

*Fortunately some fairy tales come with a happy ending, because the city of Cincinnati was hit with a record number of lullaloonillies
born with two lumpalots instead of just the one.
The high sales of double-lumpalot fukfoorfiffenfimmers,
enabled Harry Heironymous Huffenhoffer and Henrietta Huckhellopolis
to quit their jobs and buy into the fukfoorfiffenfimmer factory.

Yes, after getting married,
Harry Heironymous and Henrietta Huckhellopolis-Huffenhoffer
lived happily hever hafter.
So did the lullaloonillies....

including those with two lumpalots instead of one.
September 6th, 2011
Little Azaleah Feb 2015
I fell in love with you before I met you.

{ E.I }
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