Evan E Sep 2017

I guarantee that before we're done, I will make you scream,
Hit he gas, doggy pound your ass, and fill your pussy with cream.
I'll lay on my back, you'll sit on my cock, yeah I'll give you a whirl,
I'll pull you in tight, pound with all my might, and whisper "you're my dirty girl"
I'll have you kneel and Grab your face, you will be sucking my dick,
My homemade mace, I'll cum on your face, and you'll give it a cleaning lick.
I have to admit, it feels so great, when you play with my dick,
Your tits have major mass, my dicks back in your ass, because it's so goddamn thick.
And when we're done, we've had our fun, and now it's time to rest,
We'll slow down the pace, you'll sit on my face, and I'll show you who's the best <3

— The End —