Nothing I can say to motivate
someone, who isn't me

Remember self motivation?
Seems like the younger generations don't know it at all. :/
Botan Dec 2016

Don't give up
On your dreams

Set your focuse
laser beams

Work very hard
To the extream.

Till the sweats
Gone like steams

Heart and mind
Can be your team

Don't give up
On your dreams

Serena martius Oct 2014

Snail trails of a cloud, bleeding life into a dying sky,
As feet drum out a rhythm for wounded thoughts to dance to:
pirouetting voices shout to keep a smile on that face,
And anxiety tripping in a failed twirl, trampled by pointed toes of glee.

This makes very little sense, I don't really know what I'm trying to achieve here. Oh well.
Nameless Wonder Apr 2016

I'm going bowling with some friends,
I'm hoping to score 3 strikes -
I'm only there,
To spot potential prey...
I mean,
Girls... to look for girls.

It's not going to be easy,
But I'm going to do it.
Once I spot,
A pretty lady,
I'm so gonna get her number:
I have no plans though...
And a terrible fear of girls,
Conversations and
Eye contact
To deal with.
I've got two things,
In my arsenal folks,
A couple of dry jokes,
And a hopefully
Contagious laugh.

And if that doesn't work,
I'll recite a quatrain,
About how lovely she looks,
And how she and I
Should get to know one another,
A lovely girl
Deserves a slick boy

Lol, that's a load of bs I wrote before I went out - yeah, this is a big deal to me, I'm trying to kill that regret I have, when my eyes tell me to approach a girl, and I don't...
caron Nov 2015

I am a compound of knowledge
I accumulate stories of redemption to serve privilege.
My existence is portioned for a little while.
But i shall remain a kingdom not for this little while.
All my reign I've always became ones rebound; elevator. Their legs knowth no grounds.

I kept fearlessly hoping for much less
Ain't lesser than a new day.
And that was being brave anyway.
Clear blue eyes of my inhabitants statued high at me.
How courage and passion never stopped to be.
The storyline I had is still now a motif of endurance.
I gave up not, and show offered my perseverance.

Away, from my bitter overwhelming insight.
Wisdom is one great amigo, less than him I'm wiped.
Done so good to every heart, though I remained a bad part.
I opened all my doors to welcome each, keep my composure and listen to their preach.
My grounds grew a seed out of that;  everyday.  Their eyes tortured me to believe in what they say.
Direction sometimes looked clear on their paths,
Never knew success starts on a dark start.
I kept this in my sanctified upper room.
The future is bright,  all flowers can bloom. And this is who I am; I'm a compound of knowledge.  I accumulate stories of redemption to serve privilege.

your body is a legend.

it turns all the scratches
the wounds and scars
the bruises and cuts
the fractures and slaps
into markings that map the road
for your destined legacy.

66% is the Devil Point...
I have 6 courses abandoned at 66%..
The greatest power Devil has is not temptation,
It is boredom and procrastination
It is the mid-point sway...

It is the collapse of the pre-frontal cortex,
when we reach half-way through our goal,
when we are too far from our starting point,
and too far from our ending point,
We don't know why we began,
We don't know where we will end.

So the Devil point kicks in at 66% completion,
And makes us procrastinate, makes us feel "meh"
Brave thru it, ye fellow warrior,
Just do the tiniest bit needed in a day,
Just tie your shoes laces and half the race is won
Make a cup of tea.. and the article is written
Clear some clog in the room, and the painting is done..

So, to bump over that comfortable resting point...
that lethargic 66% mid-way stop,
pamper yourself with something momentarily
and just do ONE small thing every day

'Cause I promise you this, when you have inched to 80%
you will be fuelled again with images of victory
all doubt and disbelief and lethargy will be thwarted
You will forget pain and other creature comforts
You will cruise through the finish line..

self-motivation for me, hope it works!
HYA Jul 16

Ang aking pinakamatalik na kaibigan noo'y gustong bumalik
Ngumiti lang ako sa kanya at binigyan siya ng halik
Gustong bumawi ng unang lalaking nang-iwan sa akin
Niyakap ko nalang siya sapagkat ayoko na kahit na pilitin
Makikipag-ayos sana sa'kin ang aking kaaway
Pero hindi ko na kayang maubusan pa ng laway

Ito ay dahil... ayoko na.
Tapos na ang pakikipagplastikan ko sa madla
Ayoko ng sabihin na okay lang ang lahat kahit na hindi
Tapos na ang aking pag-iyak nang sobra katindi
Kung sana, sila'y nanatili at hindi bumitaw,
Hindi na sana napilitan ang panahon na pumataw
Tama na, tapos na dahil nangyari na
Ang utak at puso'y sabay sa pagsabi ng 'hindi na kaya.'

Panahon ko na upang intindihin ang aking sarili
Panahon ko na upang bumitaw sa 'di mabitawan na tali
Panahon ko na upang magkaroon ng sarili kong panahon
Panahon ko na upang sa kalungkutan, ako'y makaahon

Ayoko ng makipaghalubilo sa mga tao sa paligid
Sapagkat alam kong buhay ko'y magsisimula nanamang tumagilid
Uunahin ko na naman sila kesa sa aking sarili
At kapag ako ang mangangailangan, sila'y mag-iinarte
Ano nga ba ang silbi sa aking pagtulong
Kung sila mismo sa'kin ang magpapakulong?
Oo, alam ko. Wala naman akong ginawang mali
Sapagkat kahit anong gawin ko, para sa lahat, wala naman akong silbi

Kaya, kaya. Kaya uunahin ko ang aking sarili kesa iba
Mamahalin ko ang sarili kagaya ng pagmahal ko sa mga tala
Aking papatunayan sa lahat na kahit ako'y ganito
Kaya kong makipaglaban gamit ang utak ko
Isasara ko muna ang aking nakabukas na pinto
Upang mas mabuti kong mapagmasdan ang aking anyo
Tatanggapin ko ang mali sa'kin na hindi na pwedeng baguhin
Alam kong ito ay makakaya kahit na hindi pilitin

Huwag mag-alala sapagkat babalik din naman ako
At 'pag nangyarin 'yon, mas malakas na ang damdamin ko
Magiging marunong na sa mga bagay na dapat gawin
Kung ano ang nararapat at anong kailangan panatilihin
Ngunit, sa ngayon, alam kong hindi iyon magagawa
Hanggat hindi ko maibalik ang dati kong saya
Babalik ako, tandaan ninyo iyan
Hindi naman pwedeng aawat ako magpakailanman


— The End —