JJ Hutton Sep 2012

She, a cavernous champagne glass,
he, a weary pony, who ate the neighbor's grass--
her name Ms. Wesson,
his name Mr. Smith,
they died on a slow Tuesday--
and stop looking Wesson clan,
if looking for a lesson.

midst a love bent 69
Mr. Smith and Ms. Wesson
committed murder-suicide--
Mr. Smith turned from a man
back into a stain,
Ms. Wesson turned from a woman
back into a chain.

And the artist-in-neighborhood did rejoice,
subject matter for a painting to hang above
his licorice-colored memorial of a prisoner dove.

And the police did gossip,
was it love? was it pornography?
What a fine piece of ass that could be living.

And it took the families two weeks to find out,
they wiped their feet on dead leaves,
daydreamt open caskets and planted juniper seeds.

Talk of another woman, talk of another man,
but God himself would tell you,
they were simply bored of each other's drugs,
they were simply bored of each other's barrels,
so, they barred each other from being,
and headed west on erosion's dime.

Victoria Jennings May 2013

I'm wearing a skirt on purpose
I lift my legs to rest on a pole
So that it rides up
And you touch me
You do that so well
The switch was turned on
And for me there is no off
Only completion
You rub me
Your turned on too
I can tell
My hand slips back and grazes
The graze becomes a rub
And before we know it we are bare
Our souls shown in the vulnerablity of this nudeness
Our bodies collide
I'm louder than I have been
The pounding is what I needed after all the riding I've done
I just can't help but moan
You say you love me
I love you too
I try to scratch because you like it
And I can't help myself
We're done
And I feel closer to my soul mate than ever.

"You want X-rated well here I cum"
Poetry by MAN 

You want X-rated well here I cum
I'll be the trigger to make those pussy juices run
Sexy with your lips I wanna eat you like a peach
Take you to Hawaii and fuck you on the beach
Friction from my licking up and down your clit
Hand full of tits as you grab my dick
My cock starts leaking lusting for your pussy fire
Sixty nine every time let me lick your desire
Exploring every inch of your body and skin
Oops I missed a spot let me do it again
Juices are a flowing I love how you taste
Suction sporadic as my cock enters your face
Bodies in sync I'm feeling all your lust
Making you cum with my tongue is always a must
Your pussy my playground watch me swing
You can play too, here play on my ding a ling
Pulling your hair while I nibble on your neck
As I position your pussy umm so wet
My dick on your clit up and down sideways rubbing you
Begging to be entered, so I do, now I'm fucking you
Pussy gripping my dick doesn't want to let it go
As we play tug of war in and out your pussy hole
Deep inside you I'm feeling your pussy walls
As I thrust in and out you feel my flapping balls
Finding your G spot oh there it is
Your pussy bubbles up and begins to fizz
Pounding on your pussy turn you around like a dog
Ass up in the air fucking you into a fog
My poking keeps stroking as you cum on my dick
Writhing up and down bouncing on my stick
Intertwined in our minds cumming at the same time
Staring in each others eyes while our pleasure climbs
Taboo sextasy with you I'll commit every sin
When we are done turn around and do it again..

M.A.N 2-1-14
Hank Helman Sep 2015

Sasha wakes me with a soft and slender touch.
Five long, black, fingernails,
Move sly and slow as sleepy snails,
Carving curvy pink ski-trails,
Down the middle of my back.

I want you…
She whispers lip to lip,
… to wake up and fuck me right now,
And she tickles my ear with the tip of her tongue.

It’s these dreams, she murmurs,
Last night I was locked in a small room,
One window,
Distant noise from a street,
A king size bed with a clean red sheet,
Five men, alpha males of every age,
Soft talkers with rough hands,
Each had their way with me,
In every position, every act imaginable,
Sometimes two and three at a time,
My ecstasy was paced and deliberate
And seemed to go on for hours,
Despite every satisfaction,
I begged them to continue,
Insisted they use their mouths, hands, words,
My orgasm was perpetual,
An endless spring tide,
Each swell higher than the last,
There was a moment I was sure
I would suffocate from pleasure.

Was I one of them, I asked, hoping I wasn't.

No but I felt you somewhere, watching, she sighed.

You need to take me now and quick, she said,
This is a rare opportunity,
A celestial arousal
Jesus, this orgasm is from God, she said,
Bend me anyway you wish.
Recall every fantasy you have ever had.
Now is your time.

Lay on the mattress, I ordered,
Stomach down flat
Spread your legs,
Arms up above your head,
As if you are about to dive into the sea.

Grasp the sheet with your fingers.
I will enter you in one motion
You will feel only the penetration and my body weight
We will rut.
My knees will push you open,
My hands will find the center of you,
You will barely have to move.

I will come if you touch me
With any bare skin, she said,
And pushed the blankets to the floor.

I am possessed she confessed,
Turn me into anything you wish.

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