"You used to love me."

Who are you?
You used to love me.
Loved the way I loved you.

Who are you?
You used to make me smile.
Now all you do is make me cringe.

Who are you?
A sorry excuse for a life.
Controlled by your sickness.

Who are you?
And what have you done with my love?
Who are you and why do I still love you?

"I've used up all my favors and tricked my last wi"
Elizabeth mikol 

At almost 18 I'm alone and it's shone in the empty rooms now taunting me.
There is no one left to help me through.
I've used up all my favors and tricked my last with no treat in sight.
Now I stand no one in hand, loosing grip and forgetting the tip of every thought ever shared with me.
I'm forced to fight without a friend in sight , but if I lose just remember you knew this war was winning and I was sinking and did nothing but egg it on.

Sick, goodbye, friends, birthday, thoughts,
"I'm used to more options"
rachel g 

I don't know what to say
right now.
The simplicity of this page haunts me
It's too easy
I'm used to more options
Endless confusion
Charts spotted with lines and dots and angles
and rights and wrongs and yes's and no's
Mazes with corners and rigid edges
like life is allowed to be put into boxes
like breaths and thoughts and the surface of tears
dripping like melting glass from an eyelash
are meant to be stuffed into sharpness
without the blessing of shadows
not gradual
the snap of electricity through an outlet
frying all the atoms in its path.
I'm cold, it's dark,
I whisper.

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