Paulina Jan 2014

On a journey down to nowhere
I have realized many things.
Dwelling on the subject; friendship
And what once a stranger said to me
“You’re not a no-man
Neither am I”
He continued with a sigh.
The stranger gazed high above the tree tops
We heard the sirens of the cops
As little raindrops gently landed on our faces.
There were no traces of violence just serenity.
“You can feel and so can I
We could perish in a blink of an eye.
We can withstand the strongest storm
Yet we are torn from a cunning plan.
We are strong when we’re united yet
How weak we are alone.
Then why do we insist to consist in groups
Exclusion is not the solution to our society
The variety of us is overwhelming
Compelling us to accept
So why do we resist?”
He preached
Continued to persist for his message was vital.
Accept and you will be accepted, you will be loved, free.
On a journey down to nowhere
I have realized…
Unity is vital.

"Now we're stuck together"
Dennis Bielanski 

When You begin to read this
Feel my gentle soul
Wrap my arms around you
Please don't lose control

Feel my energy around you
I want to make you feel complete
Feel the intensity surround you
From your head down to your feet

Feel my hands upon you
Electric on your skin
My passion from inside your heart
Feel it deep within

Feel the perspiration
Coming from inside
Our spirits wrapped together
There is nothing we should hide

Now we're stuck together
How it feels Devine
Two body's pulled together
Angel Face and Sunshine

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