"Cries silently in the night when she's at home,"

The girl standing in the corner, all alone,
Wearing the face kept in a jar by the door,
Cries silently in the night when she's at home,
And nobody's there to see her fall to the floor.

Do you see the pink lines peeking out,
Under thick layers of cotton, in the hot summer day?
Do you hear the sound of her heart,
Cracking, shattering, with every insult she takes?

I don't think you do, I honestly don't,
From the way you stare with scornful eyes,
To the acid that drips from you lips,
I can tell that you don't know what your words can do.

"Promise, she's not telling a lie"

Walk with a mountaineer
She will always be near
When feeling fear,
She will comfort you dear

Fly with a mountaineer
She will catch you when you fall,
She will give you all
She will take you high
She will give you the sky

Fall with a mountaineer
She will not let you cry
Promise, she's not telling a lie
Fall in love with a mountaineer

Fall in love with me. <3

"*It's because she's more confident.*"

I can't sleep without you.
My dreams are filled with pain.
I remember too much of what I've seen and felt,
And in the morning all I remember is pain and fear.

On bad days,
I can't stand to see
You giving more of your attention
To someone else.

And even though I know it's a fallacy
Created by my mind's illnesses,
My brain immediately jumps to
It's because they're prettier than you.
It's because she's more confident.
It's because you're not making the same kind of progress as she would be.

And on good days, and then out of spite on bad days,
I want to tell you, softly,
"Please stop trying to fix me.
I'm not broken."

But the sad truth is,
I am.
But you still can't fix me.
I don't want you to.
That's my job.

I used to think I was a bad person.
Because I am jealous.
And I am insecure,
And spiteful
And snarky
And cold.

But I am not bad.
Yes, I am jealous.
I am insecure.
I am spiteful.
I am sarcastic.
And I am withdrawn.

But I'm also warm to those you need it,
And I have compassion that goes on for days.
I'm good at holding my tongue,
And I would never actually hurt someone,
Unless it was somehow to protect them.

There's not much to like about me.
But I've found some of it.

But after all these revelations and epiphanies,

I still can't sleep
Without you.

"She's slowly come to understand"
Cari Jane Leemaster 

She's slowly come to understand
She's not the type of girl he needs;
The type of girl who doesn't heal--
The type of girl who bleeds and bleeds.

The type of girl 'can't feed a man--
The type of girl who waters weeds.
The type of girl who tries to sow
Her garden with ill-gotten seeds.

She understands just thorns will grow,
But prunes each futile plant she sees.
He tells her that he's off to wed
A woman 'can fulfill his needs.

And now she is a barren girl,
The type of girl who's on her knees.
The type of girl who doesn't heal--
The type of girl who bleeds and bleeds.

Tyler Loeslein Nov 2012

Click, Click, flip the switch.
Cut away the awful itch.
Scratch until you go insane.
Laughing voices plague your brain.
Decaying carcass in the ditch.
Look, she’s different; burn the witch.
Waxing moon begins to wane.
Mirrors broken by the vain.
Needles threading make a stitch.
Never knowing which is which.
From everything you want, abstain.
Hopeless dreams washed down the drain.
Freedom always has a hitch.
Kill the poor to feed the rich.
Innocence you try to feign.
Give up and let the voices reign.

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