"rticle flown into my imagination from a world so oh very different than ours."

Is that what we wake up to every day?

Fast food and gas stations are forever stamped in the corners of my eyes as they are looking through the glass of minimum wage to the red flashing lights of a man hoping to get back to his children safely.

Is life is a pointed dagger then my blade is rusted and dull when I wonder why I even try some days.

Do I dare defend my pride and still demand something more than this? Is this a call for engines in the air or wings made of wax? Death would be more alive than waking up to another day of shampoo commercials and microwave dinners.

You are always whispering in my ear though dear and telling me that you're more than just a particle flown into my imagination from a world so oh very different than ours.

Are your eyes as bright as I imagine? Will the glare from them blind me from the tax collectors whip and will your laughter drown out the screams of onlookers who are throwing peanuts through the bars at my feet?

Will your kiss melt me and cause me to fall into wind like leaves in a storm, a tornado of color and beauty..?

I lay in bed and my eyes close tightly, my breathing slows and thoughts drip into pits men drown themselves in, the murky waters of nihilistic cynicism...

Though my hand will still not be closed around yours when the sun rises, the whisper lets me know you are still awake and searching for me too...

"this unfolding world before me -"
Melody W 

It is with child’s eyes that I peer at
this unfolding world before me -
these hidden revelations
trace concrete patterns
into the abstract

In the cool of the day, we resort
to formal names;
brevity in jest eludes us

(How quiet this amorphous state
between the awakening
and the deadened!)

January winds conjure up a cloud
of rare, lenticular nature -
while your eyes remain closed,
my eyes become accustomed
to unforgiving truths.

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