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Nov 2019 · 44
Bloody Porcelain
Kathleen M Nov 2019
The cup crashes to the floor, it shatters spitting it's contents out. The man smiles, he squats. He carefully scoops the broken porcelain into his left hand. He squeezes tight. Blood drips from his clenched fist and hits the cool tile mixing with the spilt tea. The florescent lighting swings overhead. His smile is now just clenched teeth. The only thing in his life that he has any kind of a grip on are the sharp peices cutting into his hand. The ground lurches up at him quickly. His head bounces off the floor and his hand unclenches releasing ****** peices of porcelain. Hes having a hard time remembering, what's his name? what's his name? Did he drink out of the broken cup? what was in it? Where is he? His head jerks up off the floor face wet with tea and blood.

The floor is hardwood, it needs to be refinished badly. The light flickers and switches off. He struggles to his knees and hears a shuffling in the shadows. He freezes and a dim blue light fills the room. He flexes his hand and the remaining peices of porcelain fall off and hit the ground, they make such a satisfying sound. He turns scanning the room unable to decipher the shadows.
Nov 2019 · 146
medication induced bipolar
Kathleen M Nov 2019
Have you ever heard of medication induced bipolar.
Three years of complete insanity.
None of it was me. It wasnt me. It never came from me.
I sit on the same couch hallucination free. Such ******* clarity. It all makes sense. I was never paranoid, the medication was paranoid. I could scream till my lungs collapse "IT WASNT ME. NONE OF IT WAS MY FAULT. I WASNT MYSELF"
I was loaded with antipsychotics that made me psychotic.
The second I made my environment safe and came off the prescriptions it all went away.
It was never me.
I wasnt myself.
It wasnt my fault.
I dont have to blame me.
All of it was drugs and environment.
I was grieving the death of my first love and I was ***** in my own home where I thought I was safe. I snapped and I thought it was my fault. It wasnt insanity it was a normal human response to trauma and grief. I was just a person hit with some painful events. I was just a human brain trying desperately to cope with my reality. I didnt **** my relationship, I wasnt crazy, it wasnt me, I didn't do it. It was never me.
Trigger warning
Nov 2019 · 77
Kathleen M Nov 2019
The light's different
I'm heavy with thought
It pours out of my ears
Could this have been in there the whole time
Under my nose
Under the surface
Like poisonous gas in the lakebed
Kathleen M Dec 2018
You're a dumb dude
Secretly filming the ****
You do shady *** **** and write poems about it
35 and writing like your 15
With poems like yours it's not hard to be mean 
Your just a man out of his prime bent on the obsene
The cops coming to your house clearly didn't freak you out
So maybe I'll tell your mom what your all about.

You **** and I hate everything about you. Stop writing poems about me.
A ****** little poem about a creepy guy I was seeing, he did some shady **** and I had to get the cop's involved. I found out the other day that he has been writing poems about me and posting them to social media. So this is my response. I may post this series to his social media depending on how I feel about it, I probably won't but I might.
Mar 2018 · 247
Kathleen M Mar 2018
The man behind the curtain returns to the unseen after an extended factory tour.
No guests linger.
Mar 2018 · 370
The experience
Kathleen M Mar 2018
There is a light, it's flickering a pale white blue.
The carpet is rough on my face, silence permeates the house. I should get up.
I should pull myself into personhood. My hands tremor, I let my finger tips find the end of the carpet. Skimming the floor boards shaking fingers beginning to tap tap tap out the only sound.
I used to drink the restlessness away, now I am left a craving in its place. Tap tap tap say the fingers.

Violent imagery flashes across my mind, car crashes,  rending metal, glass breaking, bones snapping there are sharp falls and hit and runs and stabbing on the sidewalk,  knife sliding into my flesh. Leaping into oncoming traffic, my heart skipping beats and laughter always my laughter. The final moment of freedom replayed over an over.  I can't tell you why it makes me smile, I don't know why myself.
Tap tap tap tap tap irrattic finger tips might be getting angry. Have your limbs been angry at you before?

Rolling over the popcorn ceiling swirls,
I realized a while back if I pay attention to the patterns they shift, I hallucinate mildly on most days. I think I might miss it if I were being honest. I focus on my skin, the way the air touches it, the way cold feels, if I savour this enough I almost feel high, high is almost always on the other side of sensation.
I might always be a touch high compared to how the average Joe feels. This is not a desirable state, but if you talk to me tomorrow I might say it's a gift.

I slowly stand, my knees cracking fingertips tap tap tapping up the wall. Giving up drinking was like giving up one of my last connections to my dearly  departed. Gin and alcoholism kept a part of him close to me. Medication and therapy take me further and further away from the person who knew him.

I walk barefoot, the texture of the floor boards underfoot, stepping into the kitchen I pull a wine glass from the cupboard. I want to hear it sing, I flick the glass, I hold the opening of the glass near my ear. I can feel the sound touching my ear. Soft ringing until it's quiet again, I've tried to savour the experience by listening in to the sounds of my world.
Listening to the slow crunch of a crisp apple, the sound of the city, the bubbling of the fish tank. Perfect beautiful sounds ripe with happening.
You can hear the happening of what is at all times if you choose to.

There are other ways to savour, I think it helps to be here and now, the savouring it I mean. By "it" I mean everything your senses allow you to perceive, the everything that is your sensory image of the world around you. Your brain built the image of the world, it's a reflection of you. The world is a mirror to your mind.
Often the reflection is not something I'm proud of, other times I'm exploding with pride.

I wish I could share what I've found with him, but I wasn't fast enough, I wasn't paying attention.

Attention to here and now has been the key I keep dropping and picking up.
Mar 2018 · 313
After Death
Kathleen M Mar 2018
So it's been been a few years now
Your memories still scream from underground
Ya mamma tells the world about your sister talking to your ashes
Posts a picture talking your ashes

See me and your sister got something the same
Oh we talk to your ashes
And we cry your name

See I got to know your brothers
and we are the same
We are talking to your ashes
Oh we cry your name

You left to early
gave up on the game
Cut it all too short
I'll never be the same

See I see people like you and I hold on too hard
I'm afraid they'll do like you
And dearly depart
After death
Mar 2018 · 457
Oct 2017
Kathleen M Mar 2018
I am a lake
I am full of turmoil and water
There is thick mud at the bottom
All kinds of things get stuck
There are bodies buried inside me
My chest is full of corpses
I ripple with every disturance
Surface tension broken by those who do not lightly tread
I tend to overflow I tend to spread the bog
Mar 2018 · 319
The shape
Kathleen M Mar 2018
Do you know
The shape of the my mind
The glimpses I catch
Give me a fright
Pretty please tell me
What do you see?
Are the images less frightening
Than I've known them to be

How do I put it together
How does the baggage become the feather
The philosophy tells me
What Will be will be
And acceptance of the facts is the way to be free
Free of expectations
And the following disappointment
An accidental acquisition easily defeated by intention
Feb 2018 · 384
Bipolar nose dive
Kathleen M Feb 2018
My bipolar will make sure I'm alone
It will take all the fun parts of my relationship
It will take the playfulness
It will take away kisses in the kitchen
Stealing the tickles and wrestling
Killing the early morning giggles
It's eating my relationship from the inside out
Its going to eat all the things I loved about being in love
He's gonna hate me
I will be alone before he leaves
I will make him hate me
And I can't turn it off
It's a bad day
Oct 2017 · 370
Kathleen M Oct 2017
Manic intensity manic elation so high sunshine is melting my wings so ******* hope filled songsinging research doing life clinginging savour filled so proud and grateful I cry compulsively uncontrollably restless tight skin playing caught up the righteous anger and the swift guilt
Deep ocean crushing eternally sleeping everything is awful I'm a failure sloth in the pit depression in the earth I am the pit and the lead and my only purpose is discomfort to the flat empty that void the void in my chest that swallows it all Swallows me down so uncontrollably to the darkest places I sedate and prevent the scars but that abyss in my body threatens to become implosion.

I'm so drained, so worn through with feeling, the inbetween place eludes me continuously
I don't know what shape the middle mild propotunate feelings have.
Sep 2017 · 337
I am a cup
Kathleen M Sep 2017
I've got lead bones and not enough muscle to lift them
The blanket of bipolar depression
Is heavy
I'm crushed in the grinding teeth of paranoia and anxiety
They like to hold hands and jump around together
Stomping me down
Until I am a depression in the earth
Until I fill with rainwater
I am a cup continually filled and emptied
Running between the drought and the flood
The inbetween doesn't exist here
Just valleys and hills
High cliffs and sharp drop offs
Sep 2017 · 440
I dont know
Kathleen M Sep 2017
Do I take a clonazepam
Do I take a seroquel
Do I take the new antipsychotic
Tight skin
Tight skin
Tight skin
If i smoke **** do I long term fertilize my paranoia
Is there a way to live without sedation
Tight skin
Tight skin
Tight skin
The collective static of the tension spots

Internal screaming
Waiting for the clonazepam to kick in
Mar 2017 · 704
Kathleen M Mar 2017
There is a reckless tenancy to leave the door of my life wide open "come in come in its cold out there" I realize I've only welcomed the cold in.
Mar 2017 · 377
Kathleen M Mar 2017
I am the last grain of sand in the hour glass. I await the fall.
Feb 2017 · 625
Hope and Science
Kathleen M Feb 2017
So I woke up feeling crushed and sad, my anxiety and my depression were screaming. My intrusive thoughts woke before I did.
So I fight back with hope.
Science and hope until my negativity feels so small in a universe so vast.
So small against the wonder of the universe, how small my hurt is amongst the vast light of countless suns. How insignificant in comparison to the depths of the oceans and the power of storms and solar flares. I am small, so is my hurt, I am strong enough to shoulder and carry it long enough to feel the wonder overtake me.
Jul 2016 · 940
Garbage Guthrie
Kathleen M Jul 2016
Guthrie is a man made of garbage
His dreams they rot and leak
He has banana peel hair
Hes got old martini olive eyes
But did you see him before the light died
Years ago
Way back to a time when charm and wit flowed freely from his mouth
His tongue a silver spoon
His dealing hand like a golden talon
Tryna ***** the light out
His feet the vehicle taking him to paradise
He says "you only live once, better live the burning life."
Jul 2016 · 1.0k
Jane's Brain
Kathleen M Jul 2016
Jane holds the pencil in her hand
She uses it to get the thoughts out of her head
Now they won't come out
Time for a new tactic
She swings her clenched fist at her ear
The squelch is felt more than heard
Again and again she gouges the thoughts from her brain
Thoughts pool dark red in her lap
She finally shut them up
Eyes closed
Relaxed sigh
Alone in her head again
Jane fades out
Jul 2016 · 812
High Fiving Death
Kathleen M Jul 2016
Twisted brain shiver spine tickle
Morbid curiosity has the wheel and lead feet
The torch is melting your face
Death beats you with a fire extinguisher
Death keeps screaming "it's for the irony"
You high five with exuberance.
May 2016 · 509
Kathleen M May 2016
He's got those lingering lips
Tripping over my prercipis
Tell you hes jack o forest
Tell you he's running for it

She's got wild eyes
She swallowed  bee hive
Much stinging inside
Believes she can't die

Juggles knives with steel finger tips
Says your gonna pay for this
I've died nine times
I've lived many lives
Apr 2016 · 1.1k
Deadly Muse
Kathleen M Apr 2016
You've infected my head.
Even in death I write of you.
My muse.
Stomping my head into the earth with every word.
A deadly gangrene.
A poison in my tea.
I lay my head against the curb bracing for the next crushing blow.
I let the infection spread.
I drink the poison down.
Kathleen M Apr 2016
I used to dream about running away with you
Your gone now
I'm still running
Your shadow nipping at my heels
If I could wash my brain
I would choose this pain instead
The sharp reminder has always been more comfort than silence
No one fills the shoes you left
No one fills your mold
No one fits quite like you did
And you blew it all away
Brain washed by bullet
If I could conjure you as a saint in a higher place this could be easy
I can't
Bones burned
Belongings dispersed
Sharp reminder and silence echoing in your wake
Years will pass and I will hear that shot echo loud and clear
Apr 2016 · 532
Kathleen M Apr 2016
Butterflies drink from pools of blood collecting near my feet
Eyes wide open
Like a fish mouth gaping and gasping
The blood looks black in the moonlight
Sidewalk pavement hums with hesitant rain drops
Clouds block the moon above
The blood shimmers black
My hands are dry and so is my mouth
My teeth are chalk
There are things creeping in the lawn
They have seen the unseen
Maybe I'm one of them
The blood thins with rain water
Only my mouth is dry now
My hands drip with rain and parts of me
I am watered down, I am the blood, I am the rain
I run off the sidewalk and am swept down the street
The lawn and the unseen but a forgotten dream
Apr 2016 · 1.2k
Welcome Home
Kathleen M Apr 2016
Say 'hello' to the Earth when they bury you
Say 'how do you do' to the Worms and Ants
They're here to spread your Atoms
They're here to make you new
Matter cannot be created or destroyed
Your Atoms have always been here and they always will be
Welcome home
Apr 2016 · 1.4k
Inhale Smoke
Kathleen M Apr 2016
Shadows slash across the field as smoke and saxophone lull the tense muscles of my back.
Inhale smoke.
Exhale soul.
Streetlights paint the road orange and pollute the night above.
Sirens and hum of the city permiate the air.
Inhale smoke.
Exhale mind.
Doors locked to keep out strangers sweating with desperation.
Lights off to hide from supposed watching eyes.
Inhale smoke.
Exhale self.
Apr 2016 · 765
I love you
Kathleen M Apr 2016
I love you
For all the times I didn't say it
For all the times you didn't know it
I love you
For every breath you questioned it
For every bit of hurt
I love you
For every time I cut you off
For everything I do wrong
I love you
For the lines crossed
For the tears lost
I love you
Apr 2016 · 1.2k
Victim Show
Kathleen M Apr 2016
The dead trespass through my mind
They cave in skulls through forced lobotomy
They strap the population for lethal injection
They take lead fists to soft flesh
Claws to clean eyes
Stealing voices
Cutting out pink tongues
Cramming microphone down your throat
Can you hear me now
Hammers and clubs slam death home with every blow
Tonight we let the victims show
Mar 2016 · 1.1k
Kathleen M Mar 2016
I wear long coats and leather boots
I wear long billowing skirts
My hair dark and curly
I sing the blues
I drink gin and smoke ****
I put the joint out with my finger tips
I hike and make music with strangers
I read poetry and politics
I am friendly and confident
I go to sunshine and music
I dance bare foot
I walk with beasts
I tread lightly over the dead
I see birds gather and hear my name called
I look down
I see dirt
I see myself
I see growing and potential
I am not done growing yet
I have not reached the canopy
I have not caressed the sun
I wait, biding my time
I collect pieces of the dead
I remember and take heed
Dec 2015 · 365
Kathleen M Dec 2015
It's killing my mind to watch him die. I'm barley alive and he's suicide.
I just keep crawling bakwards
Never gonna get you back
I can't handle the absence
I take the silence
I can't handle the absence
I can't take the silence
Oh the empty space you oocuppied
Is eating holes in my mind
Can't pick up the pieces you left behind
Oh my god I wish I could die
Nov 2015 · 1.9k
Ashes are left
Kathleen M Nov 2015
Ashes are left
Ashes and gin soaked pages
Ashes and shaking hands at breakfast
Ashes and bruised knuckles
Ashes and losing him
Ashes and the absence
Ashes and memories
Me hitting the floor vision clouded over with black
His hand on the back of my head lifting me out of shock and back into the world
His ashes and absence wears my mind thin
His arm draped around me, drunken stumble up the steps
His ashes and my flesh won't mix
His ashes and my heart won't mix
His ashes blow away in the wind every time
Aug 2015 · 803
Dance With Suicide
Kathleen M Aug 2015
She talks to me
Her voice is saccharine poison

"Picture it
Those last seconds
Those beautiful seconds
When you will finally know with all of your being there will be no more pain
You will not be plagued by memories
They eat you like cancer
You're soul is riddled with it
The scars on your skin my have healed
Such trespassing leaves more permanent brands on the inside
Wounds that don't quite heal
Imagine knowing you'll never feel it again
Imagine how free of it you can be"

I want it
I want it
I want it
I sit wrapping myself into a knot
No moving until her song is done
Dancing in my head
Unwelcome and uninvited
Inviting my hands to take action
Follow her sweet instruction

I made it through this spinning round
Until the next serenade
Aug 2015 · 455
Gone (rough draft)
Kathleen M Aug 2015
I wake up alone
It's a cold shock
Hands clutching the sheets where a few minutes ago I imagined that familiar warmth
His hands scarred from fights and glass
Wrists bruised from cuffs
"Sorry I didn't get back to you, I was arrested then hospitalized"
My hands ache
My chest aches
"You deserve sweet things"
He was wrong
Aug 2015 · 791
No Answer
Kathleen M Aug 2015
I hear that bitter sweet voice
Sharp and cloying
She's so beautiful
But cold and spiteful
Leaving traces of her touch
"I'll take you away from this"
I won't listen to her
I reach out to something safe
No answer
She gains confidence with every ring
No anwer
"Remember my sweet release"
I try again stretching up clawing out of the pit
No answer
I stop reaching
She has my attention
Aug 2015 · 2.5k
No Applause
Kathleen M Aug 2015
He sprints across the field
Navigating obstacle after obstacle
Addiction, illness, depression
Bits of him flying off into the distance
His hope, dreams, will
He's falling apart, getting smaller
Propelling himself forward regardless of his destruction
The finish line is a bullet
There is no applause
Aug 2015 · 713
Rough draft
Kathleen M Aug 2015
Tight frayed nerves
Agitation lives in my veins
The pain in my hands keeps me awake
Begging the dark to put me at ease
Pushing consciousness away
Please make it go away
Relieve my tight skin and stifled breath
Panic clenching my lungs in its fist
Aug 2015 · 1.3k
Kathleen M Aug 2015
My skull echos loudly
Inside are roaring thoughts
Pounding like waves crashing into ships
I need quiet, I need tranquility
Perhaps if I opened the lid of my scalp
I could spill out all the excess noise
As I sew my scalp in place Clarity would whisper in my ear "peace is yours dear"
Clarity sweeping her delacate fingers across my restless bones
The rattling would stop
The roaring would silence
At the touch of Clarity 's shimmering skin
Jul 2015 · 642
Dead Men Dance
Kathleen M Jul 2015
Dead men dance through my dreams
Singing a sickly song
Telling me that the light is gone
I want to drink down his favorite poison
Help me hold on to those tiny shards left behind
Let the taste of liquor remind me of his intoxicating presence
Dead men with silver tongues singing and screaming in my head
Was the bullet enough
Did it ease his pain
Jun 2015 · 726
Kathleen M Jun 2015
I've got a craving
A craving to feel the ground beneath my feet
To cover as many miles as I can
I've got to get out
get away
Distance the only measure of progress
Detach and disappear
Clean break
Amputation without a phantom itch
So tired of this steel and glass cage
City structures and the suffocating stench of decline
I feel it in every pore and cell
I feel the decay devouring me
Get out of this poisonous atmosphere
Before it kills you
May 2015 · 1.4k
Transit Man
Kathleen M May 2015
The man across from me shoves hot dog buns into his gullet rapid fire
The world speeds by and light streaks across the window
It smells like kindergarten children and popcorn
His pants are rolled up high
Sure signs that the flood will be rising soon
Shuffling his feet towards me brushing my foot
This physical contact appears to be entirely intentional
He holds his bag like there's something secret inside
He shifts uneasy
Hands fumbling to stow away the hot dog buns
Siffling slightly
He has long well manicured nails
He looks out the window to avoid eye contact
My stop arrives and I leave taking his impression with me
Apr 2015 · 1.1k
Kathleen M Apr 2015
Bits of me unlock and let go
Floating past what remains of my eyes
I am made of so many colourful peices
I exhale the last of my lungs
A pink cloud shimmers in front of my face
Lighter and lighter as my body departs
Floating upwards where the air is thin
Raindrops falling between the flecks of me
My being stretched just as thin as the air I travel through
Apr 2015 · 1.5k
Tiger Lilly's
Kathleen M Apr 2015
Orange and yellow
Exploding with memories like pinpricks and broken glass
"Tiger Lilly's, that's your flower"
"Why tiger Lilly's?"
"Bright and lovely, they suit you. You know you deserve better than what you give yourself. You're more than this drug fiend you say you are"
He drank seven beers at breakfast, the waitress looks over disapprovingly
"Talk to me tell me how you have been, I worry about you."
I eye the empty beers and say nothing
Worried about me while his own addiction flourishes in front of me
His worry for me was a distraction from his own crumbling
"You taste like ashes, everything tastes like ashes"
"I trust you"
Letting go of you with every breath
Goodbye friend
I miss you
Apr 2015 · 857
I Am
Kathleen M Apr 2015
It trembles on a pedestal of glass and sand
A single beam of light pierces through the emptiness to illuminate its shaking
Its face of silver mirror reflecting light that disappears into the void
Frost coats the edges in the most delicate web, it shimmers with every angle
What odd eyes scan the depths of this isolation
Endlessly black bottomless pupils searching tirelessly
Eyelashes echoing arachnid origins flutter, meet and part
Sharp angled cheeks cut through the stillness with ease
A stillness of the mouth makes a parting of lips rare and foreign

The eyes flutter closed
Arachnid lashes meeting and locking
The lips part
Soft sighing escapes
The lips craddling its birth
Apr 2015 · 1.9k
Kathleen M Apr 2015
I am unfathomably heavy
Pinned down by the lead filling my body
Numbness seeps into my skin
My vision clouds over and sounds become muffled
My lungs are full of lead
I cease to breathe
It tastes lonely and complete
I am immovable
Dirt cascades across my face
Buried deep where I belong
Down in the burial grounds
Where my crushing weight goes unnoticed
Apr 2015 · 1.3k
In The Trees
Kathleen M Apr 2015
In the trees
It is cold now
The wind creeps up and a chill trickles down my spin
The trees moan with the wind
I sink down to the soil
Laying down and shoving my fingers into the earth
They stretch and twist, flesh become plant
Not fingers but roots
Green shoots growing out of my body
Eyes turned towards the sky
Moon painting my face with pale light
A stunning realisation as I hear without ears
The trees do not moan, they sing
The wind sings
The earth hums with life
This is what I dreamed of
This is all I could ever need
Apr 2015 · 2.0k
I am Poison
Kathleen M Apr 2015
I am a tight knot of chaos and impulse
I am erratic, spinning in a wild off kilter dance
I am poison to the beautiful things I love
I turn them sour with my touch
Apr 2015 · 2.8k
Thin Skin
Kathleen M Apr 2015
Skin is far too tight and thin.
It can not possibly contain the soul of me.
I hope I don't make a mess when it all gives way.
Apr 2015 · 697
Left Behind
Kathleen M Apr 2015
We carried his body back to shore. There was nothing we could do to stop this man hellbent on self destruction. He planned it out and wanted it more than anything. Here we are left to clean up, left to drag his corpse back to shore. His old weathered skin still holding that final smirk of satisfaction. I hope the water brought him peace, I hope the water calmed the war in his head.
Everything else is best left unsaid.
Goodbye old friend.
Apr 2015 · 956
Stay Underneath
Kathleen M Apr 2015
It is dark here
The folds of cloth sheltering
Smoke drifts by lazy in the air
The fear is present
Stay here
Stay underneath
It is safe here
My head rings loudly inside
Like a branding iron in my brain
Don't get up
The light makes it worse
Underneath is safe
Shut your eyelids
Let unconsciousness sweep the pain away
Mar 2015 · 1.1k
Dark Water
Kathleen M Mar 2015
Chunks of brain litter the ground
Thoughts and dreams settle on the water like oil
Swirling and colliding in the night air
The sky breathes a great sigh
The land shivers cold
I stand where the sand meets the sea
A creature perched on my tongue
Side to side leaning preparing to soar out across the endless black above and below
I step into the inky waters, my legs disappearing beneath the surface
Wading out into calm waters that drop off to unknown depths
What swims below
Would they turn me away if I went sinking down
If I tried to become part of that dark world, untouched by human hands
Would I glow from the inside
If I sank down would my internal smouldering light the way
Would I be welcome with the squid and the murk
Would those quiet unmarred creatures sorround and keep me
Would the large eyes and many limbs understand the depths I must reach
Would they bring me down and help bury me in the silt at the bottom
Would they sweep the fine particles across me
Covering and comforting my restless skin
Would the dark and the stillness there bring the calm I crave
Would I be put to rest
Would I find peace
Kathleen M Mar 2015
darling they've found the body
curled up among the leaves
echoing the quiet decay
savoring the dying day

darling they've found the body
crying under the porch
choking on the insects
still she swallows more

pull out the nails
unwrap the barbed wire
cut the noose
pull out the nails
unwrap the barbed wire
cut the noose

darling they've found the body
on you're side on the bed
shes wearing white sheets
there are no eyes in her head

darling they've found the body
sitting in your place
talking with your voice
wearing half your face

pull out the nails
unwrap the barbed wire
cut the noose
pull out the nails
unwrap the barbed wire
cut the noose

darling they've found the body
her hands are around your throat
settling into indents
she put there long ago

darling they've found the body
they dig her up
wherever we go
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