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Love blossoms hanging on a Heaven tree,
pearls of light praying on the vine,
shy are the lips of God,
sweet apple wine,
kissing his bride so deep in the sea of gold skies,
pink shades of vulnerability,
shivers moan in plain delight,
angel choirs slice the lifespan of my hopes,
a dream infused in the eclipse of their love lights,
both stifled in the heat horizons,
clouds witness their marriage birth,
cross of effulgent lightning pouring down the neck,
God, do you take this bride with you in Heaven?
a bride like me, so meek in trembles?
tremulous and tender, the crook'd finger
neither timid or tentative,*
yet trembles,
though it be from
care, not fear, consideration, not trepidation

the renegade finger strokes her sleeping cheek,
tender the tip to each cell beloved, as if sealing a bond
there is no more to say

when awakening comes, one will be gone,
with no note, thus this last soft stoking, outline stroking
tremulous and tender, his finger, U shaped-crook'd,
but he is no longer is her

he leaves, departing, yet lightly shaking,
no longer can he be her prized and proud claiming show-horse,
gone, that man she loved, for he cannot abide his being
called a former, dark glory, a bent cane spirit,
his body, its entirety,  
crooked by weight of an improvident provision,
not just his finger, this, his, 
a greater intolerable,
his pain of failure unacceptable
and shame searing,
his woe bends his love acrooked
Rohan Press Aug 2018
the body turns
and trembles
and opens

you didn't tell
me that the green
was closing in

but the fence nailed
and turns
and trembles.
Celeste Briefs Dec 2017
something trembles
within my bones
something crumbles
under stone
reaching further
than I've gone before
seeing clearer
than I've seen before
want to see more

something summons
a fiery breath
something calling
from the other side of death
touching skin
that I've never felt before
feeling whispers
I've never heard before
want to hear more
need to feel more
feel more
Kathleen M Apr 2015
It trembles on a pedestal of glass and sand
A single beam of light pierces through the emptiness to illuminate its shaking
Its face of silver mirror reflecting light that disappears into the void
Frost coats the edges in the most delicate web, it shimmers with every angle
What odd eyes scan the depths of this isolation
Endlessly black bottomless pupils searching tirelessly
Eyelashes echoing arachnid origins flutter, meet and part
Sharp angled cheeks cut through the stillness with ease
A stillness of the mouth makes a parting of lips rare and foreign

The eyes flutter closed
Arachnid lashes meeting and locking
The lips part
Soft sighing escapes
The lips craddling its birth

— The End —