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Leone Lamp May 15
I was up to my shoulders
Down in the hole
uncovering waste pipes
Outside your home

I said please don't flush!
Stop up all your drains
I told you I'd know
I thought you were sane

The pipe was wide open
Some water came down
A few little turds
And some paper came round

I asked you twice more
One time per occurrence
Each time it was gross
But I got your assurance

We got the job done
But it sure was a ******
The moral of this poem:
Don't **** on your plumber!
Seriously though.

It’s not what you deserve
Hardly even anything at all
But I can’t bear to look at another missed day
3 lines, 257 days left.
Wilkes Arnold Mar 26
Your eyes met mine and I knew right then
That this was the start of something when
A fire began to blaze within
And my heart beat skipped at the thought of sin,

I leapt from my seat with passions flared
But you mistook the moment we shared
I walked right by, I hate to admit
That I was racing to take a ****
I look forward to your analysis of this deep meaning behind this masterpiece
yann Mar 1
and everytime i come to you,
everytime i listen to your hurt or your joy,
to your brightest ideas or your worsts,
and everytime i let you bring me closer and make me small in your arms,
every single time,
it's because i chose
to keep on loving you.
Man Jan 13
it's definitely my fault
the doubt of that is none

next time, i'll obviously act on them differently
next time though, i'll feel different

you have layers unending
so for you to not feel this as i do
is understandable
but for you to not try and understand
is regrettable
because i'm trying
admittedly, harder than anything else
guess that's why i'm struggling
6 feet and 4 inches of man
and, oh boy, is he a man
perfectly cut between soft and strong
with just enough hair on his chest
and a little hair on his face too

he's an amazing kisser
and great with his hands
somehow gentle
and so powerful
at the same time

he's just
so very, very good.
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