Tiny Tim with droopy eye went out
with corpse-woman (she’d heard
he’d died)

Had a cigarette between two finger’d
bones called life and when living
ladies heard he’d died the world
began its wailing from the other side.

LAPD roped off the scene but the
ribbons were too low for ghosts and
all his demons.  Detective Mister
found his ****** revolver and no cell
block too secured assured for dead
men so police officer said, “Tiny Tim
was too beautiful but he died today;
the judge had verdict match the
coroner;  misadventure in love case
closed casket so move along move
along my fiends.

:: 03212016 ::
Copyright © Ernest Robles
I woke you this morning
And felt i don’t know yet
But the first thing to pop in my head
Was Love

Last night I walked in my room to go to bed
It smelt like mint, like freshness
Which is wired because my room is a mess

I went to the bathroom and looked at my feet
I searched up why my toes hurt so much when I stand for long periods of time
Not my whole foot but just my last two toes

I wish I would have saw my sister yesterday
Sister meaning my other personality
I have a lot of sisters
None of them know

I’m hungry, but I feel fat
Well because I am fat
My body can wait
8th grade I starved myself so much I lost 40 pounds
I ate like twice a day, very small meals
High school came and I gained it back plus more because **** happened, a lot of ****
I’m surprised I haven’t gone crazy yet
None of them know

Is it bad that I can only remember the bad of my childhood and not the good
My mom tells me all these stories of when I was a kid
When she gets done she looks at me and says
“Do you even remember?”
I say no
She say
“ I’m sorry you can’t remember anything”
I reply with ..... nothing
I change the subject
It’s gotten to the point when she’ll ask me about something that just happened and I can’t remember
Yes I know everyone doesn’t remember their baby moments
But I’d rather remember nothing then just the bad
It makes me sad
None of them know

I have someone in my life named Blake and he’s amazing
Sweet, nerdy, comforting, he’s doesn’t *******, he can put up with my *******  
He means a lot to me
He’s like no one I’ve ever meet before
We can talk for hours at a time
When we don’t have to work
I need him, I want him in my life right now
And not just for right now but
For a very very long time
He’s not only my best friend but
He’s more, like a lot more
I’m bisexual and into girls more then guys
For some reason when he asked me I said yes
And I’m glad I did
Because I hate, crying, and laughing
Going through the ups and downs alone of life
He was brought to me when I was heart broken and felt alone
We talked for a while before he asked
When he asked me, now I thought I just said yes because I needed to cope
Later I realized he is nothing like her
Totally different
Which is good
Everyday I falling more and more I love with him
I thank you *** for bringing him in my life
None of them know

None of my friends read the “poems” that write
I don’t know if it’s because I’m bad at them or because .......
Or because
Does it hurt
Does it tell me that none of them know what’s going on in my life

You know what
Let’s keep this one short ...
For now
Cryptic Nov 4
I made a mistake
No words to say
I made your heart ache
with your love that I can't pay

Now that you're gone
You leave because you're done
I need to go away
and find my own way

Yes I became dumb
at the same time I get numb
Too insensitive with your feelings
Not blind but not seeing

I do conceal
for me not to reveal
and now that you know
You're now cold as a snow
To someone I caused too much pain
Julian Delia Nov 3
Is there anything left? Body heat, perhaps?
Is there a pulse or a deft heartbeat?
Any rough oceans of emotions?
You sit there, phone to your right,
Laptop in front of you, adjusted to the adequate height.

You’re motionless for most of the day,
Inebriated or mindless for most of the night.
Your only movements change channels,
You’re lonely, for your soul never travels.
You remain in the same place,
Occupy the same space, the same nook;
The only humanity you see, you don’t touch or feel, you simply look –
No interaction, only to laugh and mock like a rogue crook.

Your friends and loved ones are images on your phone,
It feels like solitude is all you’ve ever known.
You pose for the camera, but only fool yourself;
You close yourself off, you scoff at those who show emotions.
When was the last time you let yourself be vulnerable?
When was the last time you didn’t pretend you’re unstoppable?

Have you ever breached the barriers of your blindsides?
Have you ever gleaned beyond those white lines?
Please, take off those *****-forged shoes,
Run freely in the soil, you have nothing to lose.
Switch off your mobile prison cell,
Don’t let yourself drift back into this iniquitous ****.
Embrace your soul, peer inside;
Be alive, don’t cower and hide.
Well, are you?
they call me greedy,
taciturn. . .

That I've learned
from my disease
--chronic listening--
which voices
I'd rather not hear.

Most of these sing song smiley faces
beat you to the punch as if they're racing
past you after a ******* badge.

You want a badge?
Well good for you.
Go online and buy one.
They said "spill your guts"
And So you spill out *******.
Thinking that you're making friends,
while I'm hard pressed to believe you
would be believed by anyone worth friending.
You want a badge? Good for you!
I'll make you a deal if you decide to buy one.
I'll pay the cost for the custom laser engraving:
"Sheriff Big ****" in the land
of      "No      One      Gives      A      ****"
Iska Oct 28
what a **** show
Julian Delia Oct 26
Starving, bones poking out;
Unraveling, loans choking you out.
Carving a niche, trying to survive,
Struggling to find a meaning to being alive.

You lie in bed,
Thinking about the tears you’ve shed,
The sweat, the blood you’ve bled –
The tough times scraping by,
The close calls you’ve had.

Hunger, a nauseating pain;
What would you give up for a single grain?
You strain your brain,
Rack it trying to find a way –
Trying to find a way out of this life,
A life that is dull and grey.

Your soul does not see the light of day;
Your faith starts to shake,
You manage no more than a mumble,
Your beliefs start to crumble.
Concerned, disturbed,
Angry at the world, constantly hurt;
Cornered, perturbed,
Life is but a whirl, with death we flirt.

Cursed, deserted,
We thirst for that which we will not quench;
Dispersed, disconcerted,
The sewers of poverty air their stench.
You pull the covers up to your nose,
You shudder like a victim from an attacker’s blows.
I will devour your soul if it means I sleep with a full stomach tonight,
Erica C Oct 21
eyes are the pathway to ones soul
eyes show the truth
look into my eyes when i say i'm fine
you'll know how i feel
it depends on the person i'm around
i feel truly happy around my good friends
and i hate being around the ones who hurt me, and the one who assaulted me
eyes show feelings
never pay attention to my eyes
for they hold what i fail to say
the hold my pain and anger and sorrows and guilt
no one should see that
you'd cry if you knew the real me
the raw me
the feelings i have buried down
the secrets i have
the lies
the things i've done
the things i've said
the people i've hurt
the guilt and pain
im a child i shouldn't have all of this
but i do, because life just decides to throw **** at me
but i can handle it
i'll be fine
but please...look into my eyes if i say im fine
you can tell when im lying
i really don't know what this is not gonna lie
it's kinda a whole mess of things
i didn't know what to really write but thanks for reading it
Your stream of thought pleases naught,
And swirls your mouth in toilet style,
In twisted humors,
It spouts your bile through your smile,
Where we all wish it would not
Jake A Smith Oct 19
I thought that once you lose someone, it’s always instant, but it’s not.

I lose you in the morning, when I wake up, and remember you’re gone

I lose you every time that I remember the many times that I saw your name on my phone

I lose you when I’m hungry and decide to go out to eat rather than stay home and cook

I lose you every time that I play a video game instead of reading a book

I lose you when I’m off work and want to text, but it’s not the same.

I lose you every night, before bed, when I wonder how you’re doing, what you ate, and if you’re laying in bed the same way I am.

Losing someone has never been instant, I’ve lost you every day with every thing that reminds me of you.
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