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I spend too long
Staring into the sun
The flicking tongues
Of radiation
Spilling into space
Arcassin B Oct 6
By Arcassin Burnham

This pretty bond that we have , this lovely venue we set,
colorful flowers i gave you in this exchange,
i hope this doesn't cope from less hatred i have to pay,
In the morning grateful , next to me is where you lay,
i hope you are not mad that I forgot your birthday,
crossing fingers hoping you would not mind,
pacing as this line collapses in my eyes,
i hope you don't think i'm selfish,
while i dabble in anguish,
Lets me somewhere and have a talk.
Tabitha Lee Oct 5
A Profane word
Crude it is, too

Is what it causes
From lower self-esteem to suicide

Our inaccurate fact calculator
****** numbers that don't mean anything

The new F-word
Let it not be used
Maybe you can be a good friend too
Nina Sep 28
I am afraid of never being
More than a body to someone
To keep being noone
For nobody
In the end
Venus of the drains,
Children of the sum,
Have been taking,
Your **** for far too long.

Venus' once bridal dress,
Has been stained brown,
Tainted by all the,
**** and **** you flushed down.

This is how it all ends,
Engulfed by your tithes and offerings.
The prisoner of Cloaca Maxima,
Is sending every prayer back to its sender!

We are the **** and **** you flushed away!
We are coming back up to drown you today!
Out of all the ways to go this had to be it!
Drowned in your **** and ****!

Venus gave us a consiousness,
Venus gave life to us.
You thought you had won when you pulled the handle down,
But we are coming back up to stain your whole world brown.

Like the bud of a tossed away cigarette,
You didn't think a lot about us then.
The bud hatched open a forest fire,
You are thinking a lot about us now.

Fools the lot of you,
Trying to build the ark,
When the flood has already come!
You never quite learned how to swim,
So you are going to drown!

Flush this **** all away!
The only way to get rid of ****,
Is to flush it all away!

Flush away the paedophiles and rapists.
Flush away the ****** and politicians.
Flush away the abusers of animals.
Flush away the deceivers and murders.
Flush away the dictators and tyrants.

Pull the handle down!
Flush this **** all away!
You have been taking it for far too long!
Flush this **** all away!

We are coming out of every faucet,
Pipe, plughole, showerhead and toilet!
Swimming in a flooded landscape,
Eyes, nose and lips just above it!

You knew that it would amount to this,
You chose to live like this,
Now you are going to die like this.

**** rises back up,
It all comes back up.
Out of all the ways to go this had to be it.
Drowned in your own **** and ****!
Warning, This poem is vile and intense, had to go this most insane place to conjure this. It is a **** poem, and you are going to love it ;)
Onomatopiyya Sep 22
Just because of that one
One simple question

Everything became upside down
You're leaving her again

Because she was being direct
zane b Sep 2
eyes strained wide with wonder tilted up at the new moss stripes appearing in the sky
the streetlamps have never looked as angelic as they do tonight.
as i walk to the metronomic beat of the song inside my headphones
heart's struggling with its size and beat of the flames blazing within
my head feels busy with a buzz of racing thoughts-

but i am the holy one tonight.

aches and pains feel light as i step forth
there is no past there is no future there is only me
me: the one who purges the devil prodding the inside of my skull
through quick taps on a keyboard
typing out what cannot be spoken chugging back what cannot be spilled puffing in what cannot be let out
i am no longer the curse i swore i put upon my loved ones
hope leaves a rash on my forearm and the scratching proceeds

for i am the holy one
but, only for tonight.
sara Sep 1
I hated most moments with you,
so glad you're boring someone new
It's always the people with little to offer who are the most conceited???
Oh ****,
no teacher in the classroom
A "poem" every day.
Should have I finished school?
That'd be cool.
Bringing me back to feeling like a fool.
Standards are discarded when you show them you don't need those rules.

Stand up.
Be free.
Life is once.
You can't believe
That what you think you see
Is nothing more
Than the pain beneath.

I just wish I could breathe
At least I could find the peace to finally sleep.
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