I do this once
every decade or so
god, he isn't here
no, I have no idea
where the hell
he'd go

I find it simple
to postulate his needs
where or why he's gone
leaving us
no leads

Think about the scriptures
from fire and brimstone writs
a mere few thousands years
too love
from a pissed off fit

So no, I think he's gone
not for good
but way too long
returning maybe soon
pontificating crap

And better known

as shit
Not so much irreverent, as blasphemous :|

Don't hand me that he sees
or watches over us
that's a wishful dream
run over by
a bus

Don't get me wrong
god is strong
he's just not constantly aware
of troubles for each of us
anyplace, and anywhere

Man would have total control
of all places in our lives
not real or what god would want
just bees within
the hive
My happy shoes shined on him
The ladies "Joy" locked
The grand one
And the only rare one
Orient Express me
diamond locket (Moon Wee)
The constellation all he

Inside escapades
starry eye clues
In the wax of the candle
  Taking a tour
Madame Tussauds
His beat thousand times
of her hourglass
crystalline sand

Stepping up engraved words
"I Love You" grand slam home run
my freedom to love him back
So I will be (Dawn) set me Grand-don't
slam my door the most expensive

You got to be like a quicksand
Like the good-luck
Lotto-La La land
((Cinderella)) her Grand
Godmothers washing her floor
Her Grand finale Bella- Bella
Grand Meatballs vacation

High figuration the divination
The grand valuation of my cash diet?

Aim for the sky awe-inspiring
Cry Baby grand piano lordly concession
That's a riot comedy club of Moms
The milky monumental complexions
Robin flies  the Grand Marnier
we are family all International
Take all my ancestors
and first class kins
wipe my business
shoes give me__?

The whole works
"The Shoe Shiner"

The grandest times of sins
But we tweet in other
languages baronial
The grand thousands of human
mind like snowbirds sensational

Beach-homes waterfronts especial
All in variation harmonious
vacationers with their
Blue sky fancy poodles
Eating like birds chow- fun noodles
The Grand Hotel nest or maybe give
peace a chance John at a glance

We love the Floridian Fort Myers
The birds of 'Paradise"
 The flow of our pulse
lovebirds -R- something else
She thinks she is a step up price
Queen of Gracy Kelly

Oh! the hummingbird made
a grand slam harmonious
Go, Mustang Sally, the grand tally
That Grandeur "Red Riding Hood'
The goods her diction lucky night wolf
..... flight taking off pompadour "Rose"

Stepping up with the computer clicker
My mouse students theology
The goals phycology exceptionally grand
Like the statuettes to be kissed the Godly sand

How do we milk the whole cow?
Everything got sacred somehow
Where is our justice we need it now
Throwing white rice "Carolina" is ever finer
at traditional wedding turns dark matter  
How much more to sacrifice?

Oh! fiddlesticks, Christian Louboutin
Oh! Christ or her Manolo Blahnik
designer shoes she is as grand as a beatnik
((Faith)) taking one step passionately
The two terror twins think divinely
Taking the grand finale spiral staircase

Stepping on someone's toes or the
saying anything goes
Are butterflies they really free?
How much time do we have when
we cannot see any more beauty

Or catching fireflies Queen bees honey
Uncle Sam has our money this is the
'United States'.

Oh! No Webmaster, the romance booster
What a grand resister the greatest temptation the lover.

More hugs I will always love my Mother
she brought me into this world I felt grand
we only get one to observe another gifted hand
To be served engaged with each other
Picturesque goldmine
Valentine the plateau
A+ binge that cute chocolate
brown pups living
in the Chateau
The New Jersey ((Coolest Diners))
White china or Wedgewood or Crystals
Is always a grand invitation
Exchanges superb catnaps
you took a bite poison Apple
Meet the new modern
(Snow White) on the website
could see through her sumptuous clicks
Apple of first-class grandest school books

 She got an F for failure
I rather have the totally cool grand lecture

Stepping on someone's lap-(top) by the nook
What a damn "Hell-(Bottom)" he's super grand
but overcooked did we not see to look?
Having the grand finale snow wonderland
of  penguins
  (The North Pole) her gift that's another story
her nails the grand castle like no heaven
on earth glory

Old Meiser's square dancing pole  
How the world treats us and don't you dare
cross me my journey begins

((It's Totally Grand))
"Thousand Islands" with one step pickup your dog litter!!
The  waves so grand on the shiny white pearl sand
The purple rain Prince your divine love for
Passionate purple Irises tall and lean asters.

Oh! Jack in the slot Vegas box
the Philippine dictators' wife, 3,000
shoes embezzled
Whoa Oh! No 10 billion
the women that live in her shoes.
The Sex in the City Carrie designer shoes.
The New York state of mind and Rome
3.5 million what a riot?

Her lips will chew to travel like the looper
So clean as mint lotto gum when the
dictators' wife bought 2,000 chewing gum
That is something to be grand about
(UFO) understatement- frilly- outstanding
in her "RV' Robin vitality stepping on victory
Her home the ATM my lordly place
The galloping gourmet in the
Galley the kitchen
The grand trophy ((Hollywood)) wife loves
chef knives LOL
This is a comedy did you ever accidentally step in shit not realizing it in the grass people need to clean up their act we need to know all the stories so many facts  get your coffee how do you like it hot boiling or scorching like mud stop being so comical Road runner how he shines in his Beamer. That Oh! Sit color hummer lets just get our frustrated our on the New hot drummer with the College girl what a stunner
Matia James Jun 21
I’m that chick from the block. Had to do a lot to keep my shit on lock. I keep it 100. I kept it 100. But you, you a bitch. You couldn’t keep it a buck with me. I thought you were something I could mess with for a bit. Here I am waiting for a reply and then wet emojis hit. You’re reading messages and leaving me on seen. Bruhh, we’re not teens anymore we’re grown so wassup? Let me know when you ready to fuck.
I’m that chick from the block that has no shame in her game. I’ll fuck a nigga then leave as soon as I made him came. I ain’t gonna lie on my pussy or tell you to lie on your dick. I keep it 100 and will always admit to the shit I did. If it’s wack I’m gonna say that and if it’s A1 then I might come back around. So wassup nigga? You still playing these games? Wanna keep it on the low and let nobody know? That’s cool with me. Just trying to see what that mouth do and if that dick will make a bitch scream.
We can link up late night on some TLC creep shit. Seen me pictures of that dick so I know what I’m up against. You finally starting to reply because I said we can keep it on the low but it’s cool because everyone is fucking you like you some hoe. That’s why I slid in the DM. I had to see what the fuss was about. Especially once I heard you love to eat pussy with ice in your mouth. Bruhh stop playing and meet at the spot. I’m already here waiting to get all sweaty and hot.
Come into my room. Lock the door behind you. I’m already undressed waiting for you. I don’t like to beat around the bush or waste valuable time. Just drop your boxers and fuck me like you’re all mine. You begin your tricks and I start to moan but when I got on top you begin to explode. I looked down and made a face before I smiled. You was like “damn I ain’t know that’s how you get down”. Boy I told you I’m grown and wanted to fuck on some creep shit.
I’m that chick from the block. The one you can take home to meet your moms but I rather just be on some freak shit. Don’t want a relationship just want you to be 100 with me and fuck me when I need the dick. We grown so ain’t nothing to be ashamed of or to fear. It’s just me and you in this room so bring that ass here.
This is for women who have no shame in telling a man what she wants. It doesn't mean she's a hoe it just means she's not looking for something serious and wants to enjoy life just as men do.
Louis Archer Jun 12
When I use words profane
I lose everything I obtain
From swearing to swearing off
     I can’t abstain  
From beginning to end
     Friends start to wane

In and out of my hands
     I cannot hold onto a bit
     For I treat them like shit
Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer... just don’t lose your friends.
She knows caring is not an advantage
But she thinks now she's at a disadvantage
Still thinking but lost for words
Seemingly on two distant worlds
Holy crap, what is this? What is this?
A bit of a bleak, a bit of a bliss
Like double shot of caffeinated happy
And laced with sparkles of unhappy
An emotional entanglement, she'd suppose
Is this something she should oppose?
Her figurative walls all rocking down
Conflicted thoughts making her drown
Her heart's been compromised
As what her head thinks as its demise
All of her head is in feud
All of her heart has been screwed.
gab 吉 May 25

A word.

A feeling.

An emotion.

What makes the world go round.


I fucking love you.

And it hurts me, everytime that I feel like you're ignoring me.

It hurts me.

Knowing the fact, that you can't reciprocate my love for you.


I still want to,

Thank you,

For all the shits.

You've caused a lot of chaos in me.

Inside of me.

I'm broken.

Because, once again, I became fragile.

And that shit happens,

Everytime I fall.

And when fragile thing falls,

They get broken.

So am I.
TheGrimRaven May 18
everything in life is changing
so how could we find
a stable answer
to a changing thing

there's so many layers of uncertainty
but what we can do
for sure
is live the best lives
we can
within our means
and be fearless
and loving
because we will be back
after all the chaos and darkness
we will be back
a 27 year old stranger's wisdom
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